By AngelDawn30

Previously on Tuesday (highlights)

Sara had an encounter with Olivia at the fitness center
Angel called Jane to enlist her help in hiring a new receptionist
Jane called Paula who works for an employment service
Wendy discovered that her seven carat diamond ring is missing and calls Angel, but remains anonymous
Charles visited Angel
Ashley visited her sister Amber
Paula from the employment service called Jennifer and told her about a job as a receptionist working for Angel
Jennifer called Angel and made an appointment for an interview next Tuesday
Jane called Joy to schedule a meeting to settle an estate
Emily secretly caught her sister Lisa having sex with Amanda
Rick met Emily at Hooters and arranged for her to have a titfight with Joy
Jane and Joy met at Jane's office


Angel's Wednesday began at 9 in the morning. There was still no word from her informants about Kiera and the missing ring that belonged to Ms. Anonymous. Perhaps something would break today... besides Angel had other cases that she was working on. She had been spying on a man who was cheating on his wife. Today she was going to provide proof. Her name was Amber and the no-good lying cheating dirty bastard's name was Rick. Although Angel and Amber had talked on the phone several times, they had never met. She seemed very nice and really needed Angel to catch the bastard. Now, it is true that in Texas, you do not need a reason for divorce.... simply being 'incompatible' is sufficient cause to get a divorce.. However, if you have proof... proof that you could show to his family... proof that you could show to his employer... it might be enough for him to 'settle out of court'. … which means that Amber would most likely end up with the home and her car.. in addition to at least half of all their estate. This would be a much better deal for Amber... which is why she hired Angel. Her 'eyes' on the ground had told her that the son-of-a-bitch would be having lunch with his new fling at LaPaloma Park about noon. Angel would be there, with her camera and a microphone that might be able to pick up some of the conversation. Angel loved this part of her job... catching the cheating husband.. and being totally unnoticed.

She made a few more phone calls about the ring... but nothing... then she had a thought. What if the husband of Ms. Anonymous was someone important.. perhaps an important figure in the community... what if he was a congressman... or a city councilman. Perhaps he was the CEO of a large billion dollar corporation.. There were many multi-million dollar companies in Dallas. And quite a few billion dollar companies.. Maybe that is why she did not want the police involved... and if it were someone at or near the top in any of those companies, it would explain the fact that the missing ring was seven carats... Angel had already checked the price for such a ring... as much as a million dollars or more. It had to be someone with big money. But who? ….. She called her computer geek.

“Hey Angel.”

“Hey Jack. Any luck with the phone number?”

“Not yet. I think I may be able to trace it if she makes a phone call.... but I am not 100 percent certain.. why not just take a chance and call the number and see who answers?”

“Can't do that... what if she is a hooker with a burner phone?”

“Then make a date with her.” Jack laughed.

“I actually thought of that... but then she might ask how I got her number... If I stumble with that.. and it is a burner phone... then we have lost her. She will just get another phone.... too risky to call the number until we have some info about Kiera. ..check as far back as you can on Craigslist, and some of the other sites that might have escort services or girls who are free-lancing.... . we have to find some information about that number somewhere.. then we can make the phone call.”

“I'm on it.”

“Thanks Jack.”

Over the next couple of hours, she followed a few leads from her informants about Kiera,.. they were all dead-ends. She understood the process... you try to get info on the street, and end up with a lot of empty leads.. some people will tell you anything for a twenty dollar bill... it happens. Sometimes you get lucky and get some good intel. It was a little after eleven.. Angel had to do some Private Eye work. She had to catch Amber's husband in the act of cheating.

Angel thought for a few minutes about how she was going to catch Amber's husband in the act of cheating. The first thing she had to do was disguise herself. She changed into a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt, then a large white button up blouse over her t-shirt. The blouse was not tight as she did not want to draw attention to her bust. She put her hair up into a pony tail and put on a ball cap, got her binoculars, digital camera, a couple of zoom lenses, and her long range recorder.. She tested the microphone to make sure it was working correctly. Everything was in order. Slipping on her sunglasses, she locked up her office and walked over to her silver Kia Sedona. It was time to be a 'soccer mom' … No one takes a second look at a Kia mini-van. ..but a white Vette always draws a few second looks. She arrived at LaPaloma park early, found a parking space with a good view and began to look around. She was looking for a black Ford F-150 pickup. Now you would think that would be an easy vehicle to spot.. but not so much in Dallas, Texas. There are pickups everywhere. .. Thousands of them.. and black is a popular color. It was a 2013... but the year models all looked the same to Angel. There it was... pulling into a parking space not far from where she was parked... then two young men got out... wrong truck. She was looking for someone in his early forties. She soon spotted another black pickup parking.. it was on the other side of the park from where she was... she picked up her binoculars.. it was a GMC... wrong truck again. A minute later a black pickup pulled up in the parking space right next to her.. Angel peeked through her window... It was a Ford. Angel picked up her I-phone and pretended to be texting as a man fitting the right description got out of the pickup and walked around to the front of his truck. It was Rick, Amber's husband and he was obviously waiting for someone. Angel snapped several photos with her phone. Rick then walked past Angel's mini-van... right in front of her... Angel snapping a few more pictures... He stopped at the empty parking space on the other side of Angel's Kia... motioning to someone... a few seconds later a red Camaro pulled into the empty parking space. There was a young woman driving. … a few more pictures …. Angel gasped as the woman got out of her car. She looked young.. very young... and was hotter than hell with long blonde hair and huge tits. Angel had to act fast, she got out of her mini-van and walked over to the couple hoping to get close enough to one of their cell phones so she could lock into it and monitor all the phone calls and texts. “Excuse me, I'm lost. Do y'all know where Washington Park is?”

The stunning young woman answered, “It's near downtown.. I think it's on Oak Lane near Love Field.”

“Damn, I must have turned the wrong way... thank you.”

“No problem.” the young girl responded as she stared at Angels massive rack. “Sooo, tell me, who are you.?”

“Uhhh,...... I am just a lost girl.” Angel laughed as she began to turn away, but the young girl reached out and touched Angel's arm.

“It would be nice to get acquainted with you sometime.” She whispered as she inhaled deeply, thrusting her huge heavy tits toward Angel.

“Ahhh …. sure... that might be nice.” Angel replied.

“I'm a bartender at Hooters... the one on 635 near the Stemmons freeway. Drop in sometime and I'll buy you a drink.”

“Ok. I just might do that.” Angel smiled as she turned around and walked away and got back into her mini-van checking to see if she was locked on his phone... but soon discovered that she had locked on to the woman's phone instead... which would work as well. A moment later she watched the man open the passenger door and get inside the Camaro. … He and the woman sat there in the car and talked for a couple of minutes before Angel's phone buzzed... the woman was getting a text from someone named Joy.

Joy: “About to leave.”

Emily: “k Where we meeting?”

Joy: “El Rancho motel on I-35 near Royal. Know where it is?”

Emily: “Yes. Is it clean?”

Joy: “Very clean. Older motel. No cameras.”

Emily: “k normal rules?”

Joy: “Yes no hands. First one to quit is loser.”

Angel was now curious as to what they were texting about.

Emily: “K I only have 2 hours.”

Joy: “K u got baby oil?”

Emily: “Yes”

Joy: “Tit to tit only. Correct?”

Emily: “Yes with kissing.”

Joy: “K. you got money yet?”

Emily: “Yes.”

Joy: “K”

Emily: “He says more money if kissing is nasty”

Joy: “K”

Emily: “He likes lots of tongue kissing”

Joy: “No problem”

Emily: “Text me when you get the room”

Joy: “K”

As the man and woman continued talking, Angel backed out of her parking space and headed to the El Rancho Motel. When she was almost there her phone buzzed again..

Joy: “Room 121”

Emily: “K on our way.”

Angel pulled into the motel parking lot and drove around until she found room 121. Joy had just parked her car and was getting out. It was a nice car, a white Lexus sedan. She was a beautiful woman.... long black hair …. and like Emily, Joy had a pair of really huge tits. Angel began taking pictures... 'click' .. 'click' .. 'click'. Angel felt her cunt twitch as she watched Joy walk up to the door and go into the room, closing the door behind her. She waited in her car for about ten minutes until the Camaro pulled up into the parking lot and parked next to Joy's car. Rick and Emily got out of the car as Angel snapped more pictures with her phone... 'click' .. 'click.' They knocked on the door to room 121 and Joy opened the door.. Angel kept taking pictures as she noticed that Joy had taken off her blouse and was wearing a black bra as they entered the room, closing the door behind them. “Holy Shit!.. she has some huge tits! ... time for more breaking in and entering.” she whispered to herself as she grabbed her bag with all the items she had brought with her and went to the room adjacent to room 121. In a minute Angel had picked the lock... fortunately, the room was empty. Within another minute she had her listening device ready..she taped the sensitive microphone to the wall and put on a pair of headphones so she could listen. The El Rancho Motel was an older motel, built in the 1950's and the walls were far from soundproof.. she could have probably heard what was happening next door by placing her ear to the wall, but with her high end electronic surveillance equipment, the sound was as clear as if she were in the room with them...Angel pushed a button and began to record the conversation.

Joy and Emily

Joy Pin by Angel Parker on Favorite Angels | Pinterest | Alice Goodwin, Sexy and Google Search

Emily A Beautiful 'Girl Next Door' with stunningly Big Breasts!

Joy: “How old are you?”

Emily: “Eighteen”

Joy: “It's nice to meet you Emily.”

Emily: “Nice to meet you to Joy. You are fucking hot.”

Rick: “Take your bras off. . (long pause) .. Damn those are some big tits... Emily, squirt some baby oil on Joy's tits. ..(Pause).. now rub it in.. no not with your hands.. use your tits ..(Pause) .. yes like that. ..(Pause) ...that is so fucking hot”

Joy: “That feels good.”

Emily: “Yes it does.”

Rick: “Ok slide them back and forth across each other ..(Pause) .. just like that”

Emily: “You really have nice tits.”

Joy: “You too.. they are so fucking big.”

(long pause with squishing sounds)

Rick: “Now push them together tight.”

Joy: “Ohhhh.”

(long pause with more squishing sounds)

Rick: “Harder push together harder.”

Emily: “Unnnn.”

Ten minutes went by with moans and gasps. Angel was getting wet from listening.

Rick: “Pump them ..(pause) .. yes like that. Mash and release.. yes that's it.”

“They are titfighting.” Angel quietly whispered to herself.

(very long pause with the sound of heavy breathing)

Emily: “Your tits are so fucking firm.”

Joy: “Your's are too .. soooooo fucking firm.”

Rick: “Are your nipples pushing together?”

Joy: “Oh fuck yes.”

Emily: “Un huh.”

(long pause with heavy breathing and moaning and licking and sucking sounds)

Rick: “Slap those tits together.”

There were a couple of minutes of silence.. followed by a slap then another slap then the slapping and smacking began.... about every second Angel could hear a smack as their heavy tits slapped together. Again, she whispered to herself ..“Damn I wish I was watching this.”

For the next fifteen minutes the smacking and slapping sounds were constant with no slowing down.. the two women were sighing and moaning as they gasped with each impact of their heavy tits.




“Ohh fuck!”

Emily: “Fuck.. it feels like slamming into a brick wall.”

Joy: “Holy shit your tits are so fucking hard!”

Another ten minutes went by with the constant slapping and smacking and the moaning and gasping.

Rick: “Push your nipples inside each others tits.”

Joy: “Both of us can't do that at the same time.. I'm inside her or she is inside me.”

Emily: “You want us to nipple fuck and see if we can penetrate the others tits?”

Rick: “Yessss fuck with your nipples... and lick each others tongues.”

(long pause with heavy breathing and moaning and licking and sucking sounds)

Rick: “Make each other cum.”

(another long pause with more moaning)

Emily: “I'm inside her tit with my nipple.”


Joy: “Oh fuck.. your nipple is fucking all the way inside my tit.”

Rick: “I want to see your nipples cum … (pause).. keep kissing with your tongues out.”

(another long pause with moaning and gasping)

Emily: “I am almost there Joy.”

Joy: “Me too. …. (pause) …. I want our tits to cum together.”

(Long pause with gasping and moaning)

Rick: “Want to see those tits cum.”


Emily: “Gonna cum Joy”

Joy: “Ohhhhhhhh fuck!!! yessssssssss!”

Emily: “Cummmmmmmmmming!!!”

Joy: “Cummmmmmmmming!!!”

Angel could not believe what she was hearing... Rick was not fucking them.. he was watching them titfight. Angel looked at her watch.. they had been titfighting for almost an hour. She had heard and seen enough as she packed up her gear. As she was about to leave she heard the two women cumming again.... Angel would have given just about anything to have been 'a fly on the wall'. A few minutes later she slipped out of the motel room and for the third time she heard them moaning “Cummming again.” Shit, those two bitches were hot!

She had all the evidence Amber would need. Angel smiled to herself. …. thinking back to her time in the Navy she said .. “Mission Accomplished.”

An hour later Angel called Amber. “Hi Amber.. it's Angelica Johansen. I have the proof you need.”

“You caught him?”

“Yes I did... I have photos... and audio. ... you can pick them up tomorrow morning. Anytime after 9.”

“Thank you so very much Ms. Johansen. I will see you tomorrow morning.”

“Ok... bye .. and thank you again.”

“You're welcome Amber. See you tomorrow... Bye.”

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Wendy was at the Dallas Country Club where she had just finished her golf lesson... it went ok.. she was never going to be a good golfer.. ..but it was something Carlo wanted her to do.. so she could tag along when he played golf with his buddies... it gave Carlo a chance to show off his 'trophy wife.' She usually only played the first nine holes.. and typically shot in the high 50's or low 60's... and then would jokingly tell her friends that she shot a 58 today... and then laughed as she went on to say that it was just for the first nine holes. … she would spend the last nine holes flirting with Carlo's buddies. ... just fun banter ... because no one was going to mess with Carlo's wife.

She had a light lunch at the restaurant with a few of her 'high-society' friends before deciding to go for a swim in the pool. Wendy had a private locker in the ladies dressing room where she kept a couple of swimsuits. She picked out a yellow bikini.. it was fairly modest as bikini's go … covering up most of her massive tits and her lovely ass. A few minutes later she was diving into the pool... She swam the large pool length to length several times before stopping at one end... that is when she noticed the other woman.

Wendy and Jennifer

Wendy Once she removed her top she just smiled once she saw your stunned expression. 'You'd known her tits were big, but she had been hiding just how big.'

Jennifer Pin by Angel Parker on Favorite Angels | Pinterest | Sexy Curves, Faeries and Curves

Wendy had not seen her before... She was sexy... her skin was a little pale compared to Wendy's perfect tan.. She was not white-white... just not as tanned as Wendy. She was attractive... a little shorter than herself.. and she had the one thing that Wendy had a weakness for....... tits. … they were huge... practically overflowing her white bikini top. She walked toward Wendy... her big tits barely swaying... Wendy could see the two tents where her nipples were... “Is the water cold?” the girl asked. Wendy pulled herself up on the side of the pool just enough to get her tits out of the water.. her outstanding nipples clearly visible through her top...

“It's not cold.. but cool enough to do this.” Wendy spoke as she looked down at her nipples.. The lovely looked at Wendy's massive rack and those two points that threatened to break through her top.

“I see that.” She laughed... “Hi, I'm Jennifer.. and... like Wow! You are absolutely astonishing!”

“Thank you Jennifer ….Wendy .. it's nice to meet you .. You must be new,.. I have not seen you before.”

“Oh, I am not a member... I am just a guest.. here with a friend.”

“Who is your friend?”

Jennifer knelt down on her knees at the side of the pool and leaned over toward Wendy, her big tits almost falling out of her white top, and whispered.. “I don't think I should tell... his wife might find out.”

“Ohhh.. ok... I am cool with that.” Wendy remembered her gold digger days and understood.

Jennifer sat down on the edge of the pool, her feet dangling in the water.. “It is a little cool.. I think they do that to keep all the old folks out of the pool.” They both laughed. For the next few minutes they shared 'small talk', chatting about how hot it has been lately, and the construction on the LBJ freeway that had been going on for months, and their favorite places to buy shoes.... Wendy learned that Jennifer was 18 and about to begin her first year of college. Suddenly Jennifer changed the subject... and looked Wendy in the eyes... “Have you ever had a nipple orgasm?”

'Whoa!' .. Wendy thought to herself... 'Where in the hell did that come from?'... but she was curious so she responded.. “What?”

“A nipple orgasm … have you not ever heard of that?”

Wendy was the queen of nipple orgasms... and had probably had hundreds of them in her lifetime.... “I was reading something about that a few months ago. .. but I am not exactly sure... seems like that would be a difficult thing to accomplish.”

“Well... its like this...” Jennifer spoke like the typical 18 year old...”It's like... well, you know.. its like... well... I read something that described it perfectly.”

“And what was that?” Wendy asked, giving Jennifer a look that said she was very interested to learn more.

“Well, by definition...If two women are touching at the nipples and/or touching together with their tits, with their nipples hidden from view but still touching, and if one or both have an orgasm, with neither of the two women touching or stimulating their pussys in any way or, if their nipples are being touched, stroked, kissed, licked or sucked with absolutely no touching or stimulation of their pussys, in any manner whatsoever, then the aforementioned orgasm is considered a nipple orgasm and is hereby and duly noted as an official and legal nipple orgasm”. Jennifer quoted it word for word just as Wendy had memorized it years earlier... Wendy was quite surprised.

“Where did you hear that?”

“It's all over the internet... nipple orgasms are the latest rage ...girls are talking about it all the time.. it's a wonderful way to have safe sex.”

“So you have done this... this nipple orgasm thing... with other girls?”

“Yeah, lots of times.. sometimes I have an orgasm.. sometimes not.. but it's fun... wanna try it?” ... 'Damn,' Wendy thought, 'this girl is certainly brazen and to the point.' Wendy looked at her, not knowing how she should react.. Jennifer realized Wendy might be a little uncomfortable with her last question so she spoke again .. “Oh, I am sorry.. that was way to forward... I was just assuming that you had been with a woman before.. seems like most girls I know are spending more time fucking each other than they are fucking the guys.”

'My Goodness,' Wendy continued to think..'She just says what she wants to say.'.... “Well Jennifer, as a matter of fact, I have been with women.. it is something that I enjoy very much.”

“Really? ...Wow, that is so fucking cool, Wendy. Most of the women around here, even the pretty ones are such prudes.” Wendy laughed.... although she knew a few women at the country club who were into women as much as she was... “Sooooooooo, do you want to try it with me?”

Wendy turned and pushed herself out into the pool, swimming a few yards away before turning around.. “Tell me again how you do it?”

“We just put our nipples together and see what happens.”

“Hmmmmmmm. I don't know about this Jennifer.”... Wendy was playing hard to get.. She loved the chase... “How old are you?”


“Don't you think I am a little 'old' for you?” Wendy asked.

“God no! … You are hot!.. and you can't be that much older than me. … Please?.. you are sooooo gorgeous” Wendy had her begging and she was loving every second of it.

Wendy toyed with her ..“Well... ok. I guess so.”

“Oh goodie! .. Wow! .. that would be great!” Jennifer sounded like a typical teenager as she jumped into the pool and swam toward Wendy… “Your place or mine?”

Wendy turned and swam away.. toward the other end of the pool with Jennifer swimming after her.. Wendy raised her voice as she swam.. “Neither.” Jennifer was a pretty good swimmer but she could not keep up with Wendy as Wendy lengthened the distance between them. She may have been a few years older, but Wendy was in great physical condition. She worked out every day, played tennis a few times each week and she always ate healthy.... there was no way that the younger Jennifer was going to catch her. Wendy reached the other end of the pool and lifted herself up out of the water.. walked over to where her things were and picked up a towel and began to dry her hair.. she was barely winded... Jennifer was taking deep breaths as she reached the end of the pool and lifted herself up out of the water. “Wow, you are not only beautiful, you swim like an otter.”

Wendy smiled... she knew she was exceptional in every way... she did not brag about it, or flaunt it... it was enough that she knew she was a perfect ten. “I know a place we can go.. here at the club... very private.”

“Wow … ok .., let me slip on my clothes.”

“There is no need for that Jennifer... they are just gonna come right back off.”. Wendy picked up her tote bag and her phone... “Come with me.” She walked out of the indoor pool area and down a few hallways.. turning right, then left, then right again, Jennifer walking with her. Wendy finally stopped at a door... labeled 'Private C'. Jennifer had noticed several doors with the word “Private' but with different letters. Wendy found the key in her tote bag and unlocked the door. It was Carlo Corleone's private suite at the Country Club. There were only about twelve members who had their own private suite, and Wendy's husband was one of them. Jennifer followed her into the room.. “Wow, this is really nice.” Wendy began to wonder how many times Jennifer said the word 'wow' in a day.

“Thank you.” Wendy replied. The suite was bigger than many homes.. almost two thousand square feet, a living room, a sitting area, kitchen and dinning rooms, a sports room, as Carlo called it, where the guys would get together and watch football or horse racing, or whatever.. and two very large bedrooms. It was very nice and must have set Carlo back several hundred thousand dollars... and technically, he did not own it. It belonged to the Dallas Country Club... after his initial investment, there were still monthly dues to be paid ...several thousand dollars each month. Wendy locked the door behind them and walked to the bedroom.

“What if someone catches us?” Jennifer asked.

“That wont happen. Its my room. .. well actually it belongs to my husband.. but he is out of town for the next two weeks... so.. it's mine.”

“Wow!” Jennifer said it again... “Y'all must be rich.”

Wendy tried not to laugh as she looked Jennifer in the eyes and whispered … “Very. ….. Now lets see what you got girl... take your swimsuit off.”

Jennifer reached behind her neck and untied her halter top, letting it fall to the carpet. Her tits were magnificent.. big … round ...and they looked firm. Jennifer had nice nipples... bigger around and longer than the vast majority of women... Wendy guessed Jennifer's nipples to about an inch long... very nice.. and they were sticking straight out. A moment later Jennifer had slipped off her bottoms and was steeping out of them... ..her pussy was neatly trimmed with a little patch above her clit... her vulva was hairless. “Now it's your turn.”

Wendy reached down to the bottom of her top... and began to pull it up over her massive tits... her top catching on them.. as she had to stretch the top over her left tit then her right tit before pulling it over her head... her massive tits gently jiggling as they were freed from her bikini top. There they were … those massive tits displayed in all their glory... Huge E cup tits that refused to sag.. that defied the laws of gravity.. with those fucking huge 1 and ¼ inch nipples. Jennifer gasped at the site of Wendy's incredible rack... Wendy waited for it... waited for it .... and then she heard it... “Wow!!” Wendy giggled. She thought Jennifer was funny.. but she was hot.. and Wendy needed a good fuck... “Wow!! …. Fucking Wow!” Jennifer exclaimed. Wendy tugged her bottoms down over her lush buttocks.. and peeled them down her legs... Jennifer eyes still glued to the most perfect set of tits that she had ever seen. As Wendy stepped out of her bottoms, Jennifer got a good look at Wendy's pussy. It was naked.. completely shaved.. and looked fucking delicious.. Wendy strutted toward Jennifer, sensing that the girl in front of her did not have a great deal of experience... certainly not with anyone that could match her own sexual skills. “Wow! .. Your nipples.. Holy Shit.. I have never seen nipples like that before.”

Wendy had heard that so many times that she had lost count.. but she still felt flattered. “Thank you.. you have very nice nipples too Jennifer... I have a question for you... Do your nipples cum?”

“Oh yes, I have had several nipple orgasms.” Jennifer's eyes were still gazing up and down Wendy's flawless body.

“That's not what I meant... do they cum?... do your nipples ejaculate?”

'I have read about that, but don't know anyone who has done that.. I haven't.... have you?”

“Lets find out.” Wendy purred as she stepped closer to Jennifer... her nipples twitching... Jennifer was in awe of the unbelievable woman standing in front of her. Wendy was a couple of inches taller than Jennifer so she had to adjust to carefully line their nipples up tip to tip, then closed the final gap between them. Jennifer shuddered. She had never felt nipples with so much power... she had never felt nipples that were so hot. … and certainly had never felt nipples that were so hard and big. The two big titted women stood together... nipples touching tip to tip... Wendy's were longer and bigger around.. but Jennifer's seemed to be equally hard. Wendy leaned a little closer, forcing a little of their nipples back inside their tits.. and whispered.. “I want to kiss you.” Jennifer did not answer... she only moaned as she parted her lips and extended her tongue to meet Wendy's. They tongue wrestled in the space between their lips, slowly moving closer and closer until their lips met.. as they sucked each others mouths together. Their tongues began having their own little tongue war as they pushed and licked at each others tongues with their own... Wendy's tongue eventually pushing Jennifer's tongue back into her mouth... Wendy's tongue was longer and stronger... Jennifer then closed her lips around Wendy's invading tongue and sucked it deep inside her mouth... Wendy moaned. She loved having her tongue sucked.... They continued to kiss and suck each others tongues... first Jennifer would suck Wendy's tongue, then Wendy would suck Jennifer's tongue as they deep kissed for several more minutes before Wendy whispered... “Wanna nipple fuck?”

“Oh God Yesssssssss!” Jennifer moaned as she lined up her stiff hard nipples with Wendy's hard pair. They slowly pushed them together, both of them watching as their nipples slowly disappeared back into each others areolas … until they were hidden from sight. It felt so fucking good … all of that incredible hard throbbing nipple length, still hard.. still ridged …. pushed back inside their tits.. then they pulled apart...until the tips of their nipples were barely touching,, then pushed together again,, hiding their lengthy rods inside each others tits.. then again … and again … and again... Wendy and Jennifer moaned together as they were nipple fucking each other. Jennifer lifted the top of her thigh to Wendy's wet pussy and began to hump... a moment later Wendy's thigh was humping Jennifer's wet cunt... fucking each others wetness with their smooth firm athletic thighs. .. their nipple fuck continuing... minute after minute they pushed and pulled their nipples together as they moved their thighs up and down against each others wet fuck holes. … Wendy's superior nipples began to take over, slowly pushing their way inside Jennifer's tits… and with each thrust, she began pushing more and more of her nipples into Jennifer's tits... until something happened that Jennifer had never experienced before... Wendy's nipples were completely inverting her own … each time they would pull their nipples apart, all you could see was the rock hard concrete spikes that belonged to Wendy... Jennifer's nipples remained hidden from view... over and over they fucked their nipples together ... Jennifer's big firm tits being penetrated... not just from her own hard nipples being pushed back inside of her tits.. she was feeling Wendy's nipples stabbing inside her.. “Oh Fuck!!!” Jennifer gasped as she realized that Wendy's nipples were fucking her tits... as if her tits were a pussy... as if Wendy's glorious spikes were two dicks... fucking her... in and out... in and out.. Wendy was driving her nipples in and out of Jennifer's big tits... fucking... drilling … in and out … again and again... Jennifer began to moan... she was close to cumming as Wendy continued to push her thigh against her pussy.... hot wetness running down Wendy's thigh as she fucked the young college student. “Ahhhhhhhhh.... Oh God, My God!!!!” Jennifer moaned..
“Ohh Wendy.. Fuck yesssssssss.”... Jennifer was panting... and she could not hold back the wave of pleasure that was flooding her nipples and pussy.

“Cum for me Jennifer.... cum for me.” Wendy purred as she fucked Jennifer's big tits with her powerful nipples... “Cum for me!!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …..... Cummming!!!” Jennifer was shaking... trembling.. “YESSSS CUMMMING!!”. Her body tensed as pleasure flooded through her nipples and pussy. “Oh yesssssss... yes yes yes yessssssssssss!”

Jennifer's orgasm triggered Wendy as she felt the rush flowing from her clit all the way to her nipples.... Wendy pushed her nipples as deep as she could inside Jennifer's tits as she moaned.... “Ohhhhhhhh Jennifer... I am going to Cum!” Wendy felt her nipples weld themselves to the inside of Jennifer's tits as she jerked and quivered. “Yessss! … Cummmmmmmmming! …. I'm Cummmmmming!” Her nipples gushed inside Jennifer.. spraying their hot clear sticky cum deep inside Jennifer's tits and Jennifer felt it... hot and wet and sticky … inside her tits.

“Oh My God!!” Jennifer gasped as she realized that Wendy's nipples were cumming inside her. They rocked together for another couple of minutes.. bathing themselves with sweet pleasure. ..... As they continued to breath deeply, Wendy pulled her nipples out of Jennifer's tits... she noticed that her nipples had sucked Jennifer's to her own... as she backed away Jennifer's nipples began to stretch out.. pulling at the front of her tits... until they 'popped' apart... leaving a slender strand of Wendy's nipple cum dangling between their nipples.. connecting them like thin little wires. Jennifer's eyes were wide open..... “Wow! ..Fuck ….. how did you do that?... I felt your nipples cumming inside me and your nipples were sucking mine... Wow! Holy Shit” … Jennifer was still panting and gasping.. “How did your nipples do that?”

Wendy smiled... “I don't know... sometimes it just happens.”

“Wow!... Damn … that is so fucking cool!”

Wendy laughed a little as she placed her hands on Jennifer's shoulders.. pushing her down.. “Lay down on your back.” … Jennifer was more than willing to do anything for the beautiful fuck Goddess standing in front of her. She laid down on her back.. and spread her knees.. thinking that they were going to fuck pussy to pussy... but Wendy had other plans... She knelt down between Jennifer's thighs, then stretched out.. laying on top of Jennifer.. with her face over Jennifer's tits. Wendy opened her mouth and took Jennifer's left nipple into her mouth... licking it .. then sucking it... she sucked on Jennifer's nipple for several minutes... pausing to lick it.. then sucking it again... before dragging her long wet tongue over to Jennifer's right nipple.. and sucking it deep into her mouth. Her hands were all over Jennifer's ample tits.. squeezing and pushing them around as she sucked and sucked... until Jennifer was moaning again... finally she pulled her mouth back .. sucking hard … until Jennifer's nipple popped from her mouth.

Jennifer gasped ..“Oh .. Wow! That feels so good.”

Wendy then moved herself down.. and turned a little to her side … cupped her huge right tit.. and aimed her hard nipple toward Jennifer's vagina....then Wendy leaned into Jennifer's pussy with her tit.. her nipple pushing into the wet slit... more and more of her nipple went inside Jennifer until it was completely inside her pussy.. Then Wendy pushed her tit more... until you could not see her areola.. it was time to fuck Jennifer with her nipple. Holding her tit.... she began to slide her nipple up and down between Jennifer's wet pussy lips. .. stroking … sliding … up … down … up .. down … fucking Jennifer's pussy with her incredibly long hard thick nipple. Jennifer began to whimper as Wendy nipple fucked her... pushing her nipple in and out of Jennifer's tight vagina, then sliding her nipple up and down Jennifer's wet slit... before pushing her nipple inside Jennifer's pussy again... then she would pull her nipple out and once again slide it up and down Jennifer's pussy... over and over... in and out.. up and down.. in … out … up .. down … until Jennifer was withering … . for the last time Wendy pushed her nipple into Jennifer's hot wet fuck hole, and then pulled it back out.. sliding it up the wet slit between Jennifer's swollen sticky pussy lips.. until her nipple met Jennifer's protruding clit. It was a nice clit.. almost an inch long... throbbing for attention... “Unnnnnnn,” Jennifer purred as she felt Wendy's steel-like nipple push against her clit. Continuing to hold her tit, Wendy began to flick her nipple against Jennifer's swollen clit.. flicking it with her nipple.. up … down … left … right … faster and faster .. pushing her nipple hard against Jennifer's bud of pleasure. Flicking …. flicking... Jennifer was whimpering ... and Wendy was beginning to moan... her nipples were ultra sensitive and she was receiving as much pleasure as she was giving.

Jennifer clenched her fists as she arched her back.. her proud tits thrusting straight up into the air... her eyes rolled back …. “Shit!!!!!!!” …. Wendy !!!” GOD!!! CUMMING!! .. Oh FUCK I am CUMMMMING !!!!!!” Her hot juices gushing on Wendy's fingers and tit as she began to cum.

It was more than Wendy could stand... as a few seconds later, her cunt twitched very hard.. and her nipple spasmed... “Jennifer!!!” Wendy hissed... “Gonna cummm … YESS!!!!! CUMMMING !!!!” Wendy's whole body convulsed as her pussy gushed.. . “Yessssssssss..... Oh Yessssssssssss”

“Oh Wendy.... Wow ! …. Fucking Wow!!”

Wendy lifted Jennifer's right leg high into the air as she got on her knees, then straddled Jennifer... pulling her leg up against her chest... Jennifer's right ankle pressing against Wendy's left shoulder... Jennifer's wet juicy cunt was wide open as Wendy lowered her pussy down on top of Jennifer's and began fucking her.. rocking up and down..her huge E cup tits quivering with each thrust of her hips ... sliding all of their hot wet sticky pussy lips together... they could feel them sliding and tugging at each other as their mixed wetness coated their inner thighs... Wendy began pumping her powerful hips.. smearing her open cunt hard against Jennifer's... Wendy was fucking her hard... pumping her hips in a fucking motion as she rocked her wet cunt against Jennifer's.... their sensitive clits flicking with each forward thrust of Wendy's hips. Jennifer was thrusting her hips in rhythm with Wendy.. lifting up and pushing her hot cunt into Wendy's as hard as she could.. Their pussy lips were spread open.. their fuck juices flowing out of and into each others vaginas as they fucked and fucked and fucked.. rocking … thrusting … clits flicking together... “Oh fucking Yesssss!! Fuck me Wendy !! FUCK ME !!!!!!” Jennifer screamed at Wendy as they fucked and fucked.. minute after fucking minute... they were close to cumming... Jennifer yielded to the pleasure first … Moaning loudly, her tits quivering on her chest.. “GAWD!!!!!!!!!!” Jennifer had lost control of her body as she began to shake and spasm... FUCKKKKKK !!!! … CUMMMING !!!”

“Unnnnnnnnnn.” Wendy moaned as she felt Jennifer's cunt spasm against hers... a few more thrusts... and Wendy was gushing her hot girl cum into Jennifer's vagina... “Ohh .. Ohhhhhh …. Ahhhhhhhhhh …. Cummming !!!!! .. FUCKING CUMMMMING!!!” Wendy gasped loudly.... She immediately began fucking Jennifer again.. rocking and thrusting their sloppy wet cunts together... flicking those hard clits together.. until, in a couple of more minutes... they were cumming again... this time together... thrusting and bucking at each other wildly.... panting … gasping …. flooding each others cunts with their own hot juices..... It was more than wonderful.... it was intense... they continued fucking through their orgasm.... until Wendy slowed down to a stop.. keeping her cunt plastered to Jennifer's …. they looked at each other... smiling and purring for a few moments before Wendy moved down and laid next to Jennifer on her side.. Jennifer rolled over facing her... once again pressing their massive racks together as they hugged each other tight... sharing their after-glow as they snuggled for a few more minutes until Jennifer whispered.... “Oh Wow!!” … I have never met anyone like you.... can we do it again sometime?”

Wendy released her and rolled away... “Perhaps.”.. She then stood up and walked toward her walk in closet.

“I would love that.”

“Me too Jennifer.. you're fun.”

“So are you... Damn.. you are so......”

“So Wow?” Wendy giggled.

“Oh God yes!! you are fucking Wow!”

“Thank you Jennifer... I have to take a shower and get dressed now... I have things to do this afternoon.”

Jennifer got up and put her bikini back on... “Ok.. I will see you around?”

“I am sure you will..... oh, and Jennifer?”


Wendy smiled at Jennifer as she spoke ..“Everyone knows you are fucking Clint Thomas”

“Oh my... well.... damn.”

“It's ok Jennifer... Mr. Thomas's wife is not going to leave him.. He is worth too much... so enjoy the ride while it lasts.”

“Ok,,.. thanks.. it was nice meeting you Wendy.... I am sorry, I did not get your last name.”


Jennifer gasped.. She knew the name.. ... her eyes opened wide... “Oh no... Oh God.. you are not going to say anything about this are you?”

“Of course not... its our little secret.”

“Oh.. well.. ok.. good.. I mean … I ….well....”

“Jennifer”... Wendy put her index finger to her lips .. “shhhh.”... it's ok.. you are not going to get into any kind of trouble.”

“Whew.. well... ok... nice meeting you Mrs. Corleone.”

“You too... Bye Jennifer.”

“Bye... catch you around.” Jennifer unlocked and walked out the door. Wendy walked over and closed the door, locking it. .. then went back to her closet.. “Shoes... I need to go shopping for some new shoes today.”

To be continued