It had been a long night for Destiny, and the sight of Trisha leaning back at a single table in the smoky, dimly-lit bar, her bared, muscular legs almost straddling the pole of the little table support in front of her, was the final insult in a lousy evening. She had waited all night for the other cocktail waitress to finish her shift so she would be out of Destiny’s face, and now the short-haired bitch looked like she was going to hang around for some drinks.

It was bad enough that Destiny had to close tonight. All the waitresses at the Knockers Bar had been given new uniforms today: clingy, silver blouses that tied at the stomach and short, black leather skirts that barely reached the top of each girl’s thighs. It wasn’t that Destiny was ashamed of her body: she stripped at a local club on Saturday nights. But at least there the constant gropes led to tips. Her nickname at the strip club was Witch, because of her thick, kinky black hair and sensuous, almost gypsy-like features.

The management’s demand that the girls go braless---the better to give clients a full view of their nipples through the unforgiving silver silk---hadn’t bothered Destiny as much as some of the other girls. She had an amazingly firm pair of round boobs and at 23, she wasn’t feeling the effects of gravity yet. But getting her ass pinched every time she bent over to serve a drink had left her irritable, and the thought of having to clean up the filthy, claustrophobic bar was already weighing on her mind an hour before closing.

Then there was Trisha. She was the one other waitress who went braless well before the new wardrobe had been selected. She had a luscious dancer’s body and made much of the fact that she could have easily taken her place on the stripper’s stage alongside Destiny...but she wouldn’t lower herself to that level.

Destiny snorted angrily at the thought. Trisha might not have been a stripper, but Destiny had long ago told her what she thought she was, and right to her face:

"You don’t have to strip to be a gutter slut, Trisha, and that’s just what you are."

Their catty talks before work had become almost a ritual. Trisha was completely un-self-conscious about her body, and had stripped down to almost nonexistent panties the first day they’d been in the tiny restroom/dressing room preparing for work. Like Destiny’s, her tits were firm, high and hard, barely jiggling as she dressed.

"Well, you know how to shake your ass, doll-baby, maybe you just don’t know how to fuck?" Trisha had put that to Destiny more than once in her cool, husky voice. Each of the girls had jostled the other out of her way with a hip or shoulder as they left the tiny arena of the dressing room, but amazingly the girls had never turned their mutual hatred into violence. But they delighted in insulting each other’s body, and Trisha had been particularly smug as they’d wriggled into their silk blouses and skirts that day.

"I must be getting you hot, Destiny---those nipples of yours are practically cutting through that silk."

"At least you can SEE my tits, bitch."

"Of course I can; they’re jiggling all over the room. Better go home and get your training cups, honey."

"Cup this, bitch," Destiny growled, cupping her own left breast through her blouse and lifting it up at the other girl in a universal, bitchy gesture.

Trisha imitated her move nastily, tossing her silky, short brunette mane and twisting her cruel, wide mouth into a snarl. "You can suck on mine, baby."

Destiny stood in silence for a moment, her piercing blue eyes lasering into the dark, hypnotic pools of Trisha’s brown ones. There had been a casualness to their old sniping that had somehow been replaced by something else. For the first time Destiny didn’t snap back at the brunette on autopilot, but instead measured her words carefully and delivered them with slow, deadly accuracy.

"I could suck your sad little tits dry, you whore. But I’d probably chew your stiff little nips right off."

Trisha’s smooth, muscular thighs were spread wide---she always managed to cock a leg forward, showing off her sexy hips. Now she let her hand drift from her breast down to the meaty flare of her pelvis. For her, too, it was obvious that something had changed. When she spoke, her voice was dry, husky: "You listen to me...pussy licker...."

"What did you call me?" Destiny demanded, stepping forward until she was almost nose to nose with the brunette.

"...and listen good! Don’t you challenge me to a tit-biting contest, baby, ‘cause I’ll leave marks on those big boobs of yours you’ll never forget!"

"Oh really? I thought we were talking about a suck-off, slut," Destiny said coolly.

"I can suck you red and raw, too, honey; a lot faster than you could do me," Trisha purred.

Destiny could not believe it, but her heart was pounding. She was no prude, but she had never talked this dirty to another woman, and Trisha’s reputation as a slut, the kind of girl who was capable of anything, made the stripper wonder if she was doing something crazy. But she couldn’t stop herself now.

"I don’t doubt it, cunt," she said, "because you are all mouth!"

"I’m warning you, girl---" Trisha started, "you better shut those collagen lips of yours before I shut them for you."

"Kiss my ass, baby!" Destiny hissed.

"Bend over and I’ll sink my teeth into that fat can of yours---"

"You bend over, bitch, and I’ll pull out some of that big bush of yours. I know you don’t wear underwear in here, slut!"

At that point someone knocked on the dressing room door, announcing that they were to be at their stations in five minutes. The girls stood in heated silence for a few moments, breathing deeply. Then Trisha made a final adjustment to her outfit and started to shove past Destiny.

"Get out of my way, bitch," she hissed roughly.

"Get out of mine, cunt," the stripper replied, holding her ground.

There was no room to maneuver in the dressing room, and Destiny refused to move aside. Staring at her keenly, Trisha slowly moved forward and pressed her braless, silk-covered boobs into Destiny’s chest. Destiny couldn’t help it: she gasped at the touch of the other girl’s firm, silk-encased breasts as they slid erotically across her own. Destiny’s nipples had hardened the minute she’d put on the silk blouse, and she felt the brunette’s stiff points prodding and raking into her soft tit flesh like hot pokers.

The second Destiny’s gasp split the silence of the room Trisha seemed to see an advantage: suddenly Destiny felt her back strike the wall as Trisha went for her full on, chest to chest: the other girl took quick, sharp breaths as she jammed her silky tits into Destiny’s in a series of tussling, fast grinds.

"Still want to suck these, baby?" Trisha demanded, her bare legs bracing against Destiny’s. Destiny grunted, struggling to extricate herself from the sudden pin. She felt the click of the other girl’s high-heeled shoes against hers and quickly slipped one foot free, digging her toes between the lining of one of Trisha’s shoes and the skin of her foot. It took a few seconds of effort to pry her way into the shoe, and she felt a satisfying shiver run through the other girl’s body as she ran her toes into the small of Trisha’s foot. Suddenly the other girl’s shoe slipped loose and Trisha stumbled back away from Destiny, giving the curly-headed vixen recovery time. In a second she was on Trisha, leading chest first just the way her rival had, eagerly slamming her jiggling boobs into the brunette’s firm pair. She had slipped her shoes off and expertly knocked Trisha’s remaining heel out from underneath her, bringing both girls down to size. She pressed her enemy’s back into the wall and forced her strong thighs apart, molding the insides of her feet against Trisha’s and forcing gasps of pleasure from the other girl as she breast-beat her and slid her bare feet deliciously against the soles of her rival’s feet.

"Now you can suck on mine, whore," Destiny hissed, digging her fingers into Trisha’s sleek, short dark hair. The girls were caught in a tense, trembling grind now, neither able to move her opponent much in the cramped space of the restroom. Trisha’s hands moved up past Destiny’s shoulders until her long fingers burrowed into the stripper’s nest of thick dark curls; both girls took firm grips of each other’s hair, tugging each other in closer, chin to chin. Destiny looked down at Trisha’s thick, wide mouth, glistening wetly with red lip gloss just like her own. Whispering, the dark-eyed girl slipped her soft lips around the word "Bitch."

"If you don’t like my tough talk you can shut my mouth like you promised you would, pussy," Destiny whispered.

"I’ll shut it good, tramp," Trisha replied, pulling Destiny closer with one hand until they were almost cheek to cheek. She felt Trisha’s breath on her mouth, girl-sweet, but with the crackle of cigarette smoke biting at her. Then the other girl’s thick, warm tongue suddenly entered her, licking past her parted lips, sliding wetly across her teeth before prying its way deep into her mouth.

Destiny stifled a groan. She placed a gentle, insistent bite on Trisha’s pink probe, holding it for a moment and delighting as her rival stiffened against her. She wrapped her own tongue around Trisha’s until the brunette squirmed her way out of the bite, and both girls’ tongues spilled out of their open, twisted mouths, licking at each other and at the red-slick lips of their opponent’s.

Neither girl spoke now; they only shivered in each other’s icy, dominating grips, eyes squeezed shut as they silently egged each other on to new depths of dirty competition. Destiny felt one of Trisha’s hands slip out of her hair and push between their pressed bodies, finally cupping over Destiny’s crotch, squeezing her throbbing labia through the thick material of her skirt. Obligingly, she reached for Trisha’s pussy, filling her hand with the other girl’s hot, skirted bush. Somehow they slowly pulled out of the kiss, opening their eyes to glare sullenly, challengingly at each other. They both knew they could spend no more time here.

"See, baby?" Trisha whispered, cuddling her tits in against Destiny’s one more time. "You’re just as big a slut as me."

"Don’t ever touch me again, cunt," Destiny hissed back.

"What’s the matter? Afraid I’ll make you come?"

"You wouldn’t last thirty seconds if it came down to that, slut."

"Any time you want a pussy fight, Witch, just let me know," Trisha purred.

Destiny glared at her enemy hatefully. Despite her complicity in the confrontation she felt somehow manipulated and violated, and Trisha’s knowing use of her stripper nickname only inflamed the fury building within her. Abruptly she slapped the other girl sharply across the face, and Trisha immediately returned the blow. After a final, blistering stare down, Destiny turned and left the dressing room.

Destiny slipped back behind the bar, checking herself out in the mirror after she’d encountered Trisha waiting for her at one of the tables. The other girl was nursing a tall, strong-looking drink another waitress had served her. "Loosening herself up," Destiny thought. She eyed herself in the dim backroom mirror, and unconsciously undid a couple of buttons on her silvery, clingy blouse, revealing more cleavage than she had for most of the evening. She glanced out at where Trisha was seated, noting that the other girl had also loosened the top few buttons of her own blouse, letting her firm, bare boobs nestle each other in full view of most of the patrons. Men were hitting on her left and right but Trisha paid them no mind. She had obviously reapplied her lipstick, the bloody red color contrasting viciously with her naturally creamy, porcelain complexion and dark eyes, hair and eyebrows.

Destiny’s complexion was equally pale and smooth, her features a shade fuller and more sensuous than the cruel-mouthed brunette. Her slanting, sharp eyebrows and striking blue eyes were the "Witch" features that made her sizzle on the strip club stage: she looked intimidating and exotic, and her curvy, athletic body didn’t hurt either. By now only a third of the bar’s patrons remained, and the last call had been issued. Destiny knew she looked just as good as Trisha. Better, she told herself. Obviously the other girl wanted to fight. Just as obviously she knew Destiny would be closing, and she certainly didn’t plan on putting on a show for the bar’s patrons.

Coming to a decision, she put down her serving tray and walked out towards Trisha’s table. The other girl watched her approach, shifting her smooth thighs slightly---opening them, Destiny thought.

Destiny reached the table and leaned down, placing her hands on the circular surface, and stared into Trisha’s dark eyes. Her perfectly round, creamy tits practically spilled out of the open collar of her blouse as she squeezed them together with her upper arms, creating a deep valley of snow-white cleavage for Trisha’s education. Destiny glanced down at her own cleavage, then pointedly fastened her eyes on Trisha’s boobs, resting languidly on their owner’s chest as Trisha leaned back casually in her chair. As if in reply, Trisha’s eyes dipped down to study Destiny’s chest briefly. Then she leaned forward as well, thrusting her big globes over the top of the table and folding her arms beneath them, cradling them for her rival’s inspection. The sharp, cleaving line that went from the top of her two squeezed boobs to the bottom was every bit as deep and long as the one between Destiny’s breasts, and both girls knew it. They locked eyes for a moment, then Trisha picked up her drink and drained it in one long draught. Destiny stared at her for a moment and walked away.

By now the bartender had left and only a few stragglers remained. Destiny worked silently at cleaning up the bar, the vision of Trisha gulping down her drink lingering in her head. She knew the other girl could hold her liquor. For a moment she thought she had stumbled on the upper hand, that her rival’s drinking was a sign of fear. Was Trisha trying to work up the guts to confront her again?

The thought quickly evaporated and Destiny came to a more chilling conclusion. Trisha simply didn’t want any inhibitions standing in her way once she got Destiny alone again. She quickly reached a decision and poured herself her own stiff drink, pointedly catching Trisha’s eye while she drained it. She could be fired for drinking on the job, but Destiny was past caring about all that.

It seemed an eternity before she was able to usher the last drunken patron out of the bar and lock the doors behind her. She turned to see Trisha rising from her table, her shapely hips swaying as she walked toward the pool room at the back of the bar, turning once to lock eyes with Destiny before leaning her sexy ass against the rim of the pool table and waiting.

Destiny drank in the stench of the dark bar as she slowly walked the full length of the bar toward her rival. Part of her job was to clean the place of drowned cigarette butts and half-empty cans of beer, but right now she didn’t want the place clean. She wanted it as dark and dirty as the confrontation she was about to have was going to be. Trisha stared her down as she approached, her dark eyes boring into her, raking her curvy, sexy body. When Destiny was within six feet of her she pushed herself away from the pool table and began to walk toward her, meeting her at the center of a group of tables.

"You going to make me suck your big tits, Witch?" Trisha said grimly as the girls faced each other, breasts thrust out challengingly, hands on hips, sexy thighs spread.

"Maybe. Are you looking for a pussy fight?"

"Maybe I am," Trisha purred. "But I have to find someone with a big enough snatch to face down my meat. You know anybody with that kind of pussy power, honey?"

"Yeah, I know one hot bitch named Destiny."

"Oh really?" Trisha acted disappointed. "I heard she’s a pussy, not a pussy fighter."

"She can fight any pussy you can bring on, big bitch."

Trisha was breathing deeply now as she circled her quarry. "Don’t worry, bitch. You’ll get your chance to cunt wrestle with me. But only after I’ve stripped you nude and beaten those big boobs of yours black and blue."

"You want it rough, baby?" Destiny growled. "I’ll give you all you want."

With that, Trisha reached forward, grabbed a handful of Destiny’s thick, curly hair just at the nape of her neck. With her free hand she delivered two stinging slaps to Destiny’s face, then began to smash her fist into the stripper’s soft boobs and her firm, trim belly. Getting her own grip on Trisha’s short, silky hair, Destiny retaliated in kind, and the girls stumbled through the bar’s tables and chairs, exchanging tough breast and belly punches, grunting almost sexually at the hard impact of knuckles into silk and girl flesh. Finally staggering into a clinch, the girls fell into some chairs and onto the bar’s filthy carpet. Destiny snarled as she mounted Trisha, tearing and clawing at her enemy in a cloud of flying cigarette butts while half-drained, sour beers and sweet drinks sprayed and spilled across their legs, skirts, blouses and hair. Buried in the scent of wet cigarettes and stale alcohol was the sweet smell of girl sweat, perfume and a growing, desperate arousal as the fight both girls had always wanted was finally joined.

Shoes were immediately tossed away from the two combatants and bare legs and feet interlocked, straining muscle against muscle. Grunting, Trisha began to shred the delicate fabric of Destiny’s blouse while the stripper tore Trisha’s tiny skirt off her broad, powerful hips, leaving her naked from the waist down. With one hand buried in Trisha’s thick, short hair, Destiny slipped the fingers of her free hand into the thick, curled fur of the brunette’s bush, pulling and tearing at it while Trisha ripped her creamy bosom bare. The half naked girls thrashed and rolled around the filthy floor for several moments before Trisha threw Destiny off of her.

The stripper struggled to her feet and Trisha met her, smacking her face and then shoving her backwards until her back struck the rim of the pool table. Trisha stood and advanced on Destiny, their earlier positions now reversed. With a moment to breathe, the savagery of their initial encounter sated, the two girls stared at each other raggedly.

Taking a deep breath, Trisha placed her hands on her hips, flanking her naked, dark-furred crotch. "I thought you were looking for a pussy fight, bitch?"

Destiny nodded slowly, lifting herself away from the pool table a little. Narrowing her brilliant blue eyes, she arched her back slightly, thrusting out her slightly jiggling, naked breasts. "I thought you were going to suck my tits off, cunt?"

Trisha licked her lips, and in one smooth motion tore the blouse off her chest and let it slip to her feet. In reply, Destiny unclipped her skirt and let it fall, baring her own thick, black pubic hair and smooth belly. Trisha stepped forward slowly. "I’m going to whip every inch of that creamy body of yours, bitch."

"I’m going to fuck your cunt raw tonight, slut," Destiny answered her.

Trisha moved forward swiftly, slapping her two hard tits into Destiny’s and forcing their two bodies back onto the hard surface of the pool table. Destiny pulled the brunette into a hard, licking kiss and Trisha reciprocated for a moment before pulling free and pinning the long-haired girl back onto the table surface. "Let’s have a suck-off, baby."

She dipped her head and took Destiny’s left nipple and its soft, surrounding tit meat into her mouth, licking at the long, stiffening nipple and sucking hard on the other girl’s quivering breast. Destiny groaned, then got a grip on herself and twisted her body around, lodging a foot in Trisha’s crotch while she maneuvered herself so that she could slip her own mouth over Trisha’s left tit and suck in her rival’s lengthening, rubbery nipple.

Destiny quickly felt an answering foot probing at her bare vagina as she licked and sucked at Trisha’s soft, bare breast, each girl sending waves of pain and pleasure radiating out from their chests. She dug at Trisha’s pussy with her toes, forcing aside the other girl’s vulva and digging into her soft labia just as Trisha penetrated her with her own probing toes. The girls groaned as they rode each other’s feet and mouths;  Destiny drew more and more tit meat into her mouth, tasting and sucking at the other girl’s soft gland until she could almost swear she could taste milk on her tongue. The girls bodies twisted around one another in the awkward, back-breaking position for ten minutes until both girls were unable to stand the strain any longer and broke the hold.

"Don’t you want to suck any more of my hot milk, bitch?" Trisha demanded, her tits rising and falling with each ragged breath as she lay sprawled next to Destiny.

"Shut your mouth or I’ll shove my tits down your throat, you cunt," Destiny snarled.

"Come on and try it, pussy," Trisha replied.

Destiny growled, slowly rolling onto her side. Her breasts were red with sucking and teeth marks, but the sucking contest had stimulated her nipples to incredible length and hardness. Trisha glanced at Destiny’s tits and arched her back, thrusting out her own aroused boobs in an obvious challenge. Crawling to her, groaning at the pain in her nearly numb legs, Destiny aligned her body to her rival’s, both girls facing each other on their sides. Now it was Destiny who slowly pressed her full, hot tits into Trisha’s, eliciting a loud moan from the other girl as she was raked by Destiny’s stiff nipples. "You cunt!" Trisha snarled as she took the other girl’s tit assault. "You want a tit fight now that we’re done sucking each other?"

Destiny answered by grinding her boobs harder into Trisha’s, but she found herself squealing in her own agony of pleasure as the other girl’s equally long and hard nipples ground and cut into her own sensitized, tender-skinned breasts. Trisha pulled Destiny down on top of her, locking the stripper into a steamy, breast-crushing grind as both girls struggled to wrap their firm, tingling thighs around one another.

The stripper’s ravaged crotch slowly found its match on Trisha’s body, and cunts met in a searing tangle of knotted black pubic hair. Destiny’s firm buns tightened and flexed as she fought Trisha’s pussy, both girls clenching ass cheeks and pumping their hot pussies together roughly, each seeking to pound the sex out of her enemy. The space around the pool table rang with the dull thuds of cunt against cunt and the low, animalistic groans of the two girls’ quest for sexual dominance.

"Come on, you big-nippled bitch," Destiny growled. "Is this the best you can pussy fight?"

"You dirty slut, I’ll rub your fat hairy snatch off," Trisha replied. Slowly their open, snarling mouths found each other, lip gloss sliding slickly together as lips touched and dragged, tongues snaking around each other in a deliciously slow corkscrew. Soon Destiny felt an answering, circular pressure on the most sensitive part of her body: Trisha’s slick, hot clit engaging her own in intimate combat. She spread her legs wider, welcoming the sexual duel, drilling her tongue deeply into Trisha’s mouth. After ten minutes of thrusting, teasing clit fighting Destiny felt the brunette’s trim, muscular body begin to buck and twist beneath her in the throes of a wild climax. Nails raked her from her neck to her sweat-drenched buns, and she felt her own claws answer in kind almost unconsciously just as a tingling explosion of pleasure radiated from her superheated crotch. She rode Trisha’s body in victory, but as she convulsed in her own fitful orgasm she saw an answering look of triumph on her rival’s face.