Bianca and her willing student, Mariko, had locked their pelvises in a mutually satisfying rotation. Groans of deep pleasure came from each woman as they fucked. But the distilled essence came down to Bianca giving and Mariko gladly receiving, in what she knew would be a one time only, satisfaction guaranteed private lesson.

“The wisdom of the ages is in your pussy Bianca. Not to mention an extraordinary clitoris..”
“Why thank you, Mariko. And may I state for the record that your pussy is quite impressive too. And our clits seem to be very well matched. Indeed, they seem to be enjoying each other’s company.” Bianca replied with a wink and a smile. Mariko sighed. Bianca knew what was coming.

“I have some questions, Lady Bianca.”
“I understand. Ask whatever it is that you want to know, sensei.”
“First of all, I’m honored to hear you would call me that. Indeed, I’m the one who should be calling you sensei.” Mariko said.
“You are wiser than you know, Mariko.”
“Still, you’re the one who transcended time and space in order to share with me the ages of wisdom contained in your extraordinary female genitalia. In doing so, you have honored me.”
“I’m willing to teach you what I know, Mariko. But make no mistake about it, June and I were drawn to the amazing sexual energy the four of you have been giving off. The longer we observed, the hotter we both became. We just couldn’t resist. Like you say, I’m here to teach. But you know, us girls just wanna have fun.”
“Oh, that’s cute.” a twinge of sarcasm dripped from Mariko’s response.
Then Bianca’s eyes gave her permission. Mariko opened the question and answer session.

“First of all, I know that we’re not entirely in the earthly realm because I sense a shift from physical to the metaphysical. Am I right?”
“That’s correct. I told you, you were wise.”
“So then, where are we?”
“Well, we’re kind of at a nice in between point.”
“Since we’re shifting back and forth, I don’t understand how I can feel you so well. These three beautiful women notwithstanding, Bianca, I’ve never felt anything as pure sex as your body. This is a conundrum, because I know that you’re not entirely here.”
“Well, I’m not. But I am.”
“Then, do you feel my body?” Mariko wondered.
“Oh my, yes! I can definitely feel your hot body against mine. You don’t think I’d cross time barriers if I wasn’t going to derive some pleasure from the work involved, do you?”
“And Ruby? Can she feel June? And what will she feel, sense and learn from all this?”
“Your girl is about to be taken on the ride of her life. She’ll be fucked good and proper for sure, but she’ll be fine. Your lady’s a lot stronger than you know. And she’ll emerge from this experience a wiser, more sensual woman. As will you.”

Mariko thrilled at this revelation.
“That’s good. Because I love fucking Ruby. It’s nice to know that the physical part of our relationship is only going to get sexier.”

Mariko knew then, that she and Ruby would always be connected to these enigmatic goddesses. It was a comforting thing to know.

“And speaking of lovely June, how did you know, Bianca?”

Bianca shook her head for a moment as she reflected on June, then answered Mariko’s question.
“The first time that our eyes met, the first time our lips met, the first time our breasts and bodies came together…I knew.”

Mariko smiled at her lovingly, then quipped.
“Ah! So, it was love at first fuck. They said that doesn’t happen anymore.”
“Ha! Even in this day and age, it still happens. It happened between Brenda and Antoinette. It happened between you and Ruby.”

Mariko nodded in agreement, then waxed philosophic.
“I believe you’re right. You know Bianca, through martial arts and meditation and good natured living, I’ve been on a quest to find my place in the universe.”
“You’re well on you way. You are already an enlightened spirit, Mariko. As far as your place in the universe, well, I can’t help you with that. It’s your own personal journey. But, may I add that Ruby will be an immense help to you.”
“And by that you mean, after she gets an intense pussy to pussy lesson from lovely June.”
“Of course!” Bianca teased.
“Then all that remains, Bianca, is for you to impart the wisdom and skill of your magnificent cunt fully to my cunt.”
“It’s going to be redhead to redhead and brunette to brunette.” Bianca pointed out.
“I absolutely love it! Let’s fuck, bitch!”
“As you wish, bitch, so shall it be, bitch.” Bianca responded with a touch of poetry.

Mariko rotated her pelvis, deepening the connection between her cunt and the lady’s otherworldly womanhood. Bianca grunted in pleasure. Then, with her hands flat against Mariko’s shoulder blades, she slowly ran her pressed palms down Mariko’s back. As her hands made the trip back up. Bianca used a skillful application of both finger tips and finger nails across each of Mariko’s vertebrae, from lumbar through thoracic, ending up between the 5th and 6th cervical vertebrae. This seemingly simple action caused Mariko’s chest to heave uncontrollably into Bianca’s and sent shocking chills down her spine. Bianca’s breath felt like liquid silk on her neck and her cheeks and her tongue felt like dense liquid as it flicked Mariko’s earlobe. It seemed as though Bianca could administer intense pleasure with any part of her body. The next thing that Mariko felt was Bianca’s strong hands as they filled up with her butt cheeks.

The enigmatic lady then clamped her hands down tightly on Marikos’s muscular butt, sending a jolt of pleasure that was just this side of pain through her tight rectum. The squeeze was perfectly timed with a pelvic thrust that sent Bianca’s heat seeking missile deep into lush folds of sensei’s cunt, where it met up once again with Mariko’s now turgid girl cock. The two clits wrestled in an arena of fused cunt meat. The Japanese beauty pushed back and the sex duel was on.

Forehead to forehead, the two locked women glared at each other. Their breathing forced their breasts into a tight mash. Mariko, who felt that one of her best assets as a woman to woman lover was her skill at using her tits.

“It’s time for you to back up your challenge, Mariko-san-bitch!”
“I’ll fight you cunt to cunt and body to body for as long as I can last!” Mariko responded, feeling fire burning in her chest as her tits were being schooled by the lady’s timeless breasts. The sensations were astounding. She struggled gamely, but she feared that her tits could not stand up to Bianca’s tits. Mariko concentrated hard. Bianca advised her.

“Relax and keep your mind open. Let the energy flow from my body into yours. Open your mind to the connection of our tits. Accept what my pussy is giving to your pussy. Let them mesh deeply in sex and pleasure.”
“Let go of those learned inhibitions, Mariko. Free your beautiful mind.”

Mariko tried harder. She adjusted her breathing,, trying to achieve calm. But given the sensations that Bianca was laying on her with her tits and her thick , strong labia, it was extremely hard.

“It feels like your tits are devouring my tits! And how can I remain calm, Bianca, when my cunt is being fucked with such intensity?” Mariko’s question was legitimate.
“Stay with me. You have a wonderful cunt and you are quite skilled. Surrender and fuck me the way that you’ve been wanting to fuck me.”
“But you’re so intense! I don’t know how much longer I can last. I haven’t felt fear since I was a little girl in Japan. But I am truly fearful right now.”

Mariko thought to herself that this wasn’t how it was supposed to be between her and Bianca. The Lady comprehended what was happening in Mariko’s mind. She knew how to get her through this rough spot. Bianca sealed her mouth fully to Mariko’s mouth and her tongue met Mariko’s. She had no choice but to respond to the passionate kiss. But even Bianca’s lips and tongue seemed overwhelming in their sexual power.. At the initiation of the kiss, Mariko nearly panicked as she felt smothered. She thought that she would die right there. But in a split second, Bianca summoned the energy force from her chest and breathed it into Mariko’s chest. Mariko then felt energy slowly being given to her, easing her anxiety and revitalizing her. Her fear began to subside. She could feel Bianca’s nipples searing to her nipples and Bianca’s breasts fusing flesh on flesh with hers. The fear now mostly gone, she relaxed and continued to fuck cunt to cunt with Bianca. Both women could now surrender completely to each other and fuck the way they wanted to fuck. Mariko was catching on. Things quickly became heated. Mariko was slowly transforming into a sexual dynamo. Bianca approved.

The conjunction of their labia had become a seething flesh lock. Bianca relished the fusion that they had established and knew that Mariko was a worthy student. Indeed, this hot Asian woman was close to sucking a cunt to cunt explosion from her. She bore down and matched stroke for stroke with Mariko, who had now achieved an unmatched level of intensity.

“Come on bitch. Give it to me. If you’re woman enough.”
“Fuck you, Bianca. You’re going down!”
“Not in your lifetime, slut. But give it your best shot anyway.”

Bianca was now infuriating Mariko. But Mariko sensed that this was part of her plan to take this now furious cunt to cunt sex battle to the next level, where she would receive enlightenment. Where she would become transcendent.

The two women now locked in a tumultuous kiss, breaking it off only to breathe and to scream vituperations at each other. Mariko knew it was time for her to let go.

“Give it to me bitch. Fuck me you slut!!! Give it up!!!” Bianca screamed in her thoughts, knowing that only Mariko could hear her.

Suddenly, a soft glow encased the two women’s naked, fused bodies. Mariko understood what was happening.

“Are you taking me with you, Bianca?”
“No. You belong here, with Ruby.”
“Then let’s finish this.”
“By all means.” Bianca obliged.

To Be Continued