June’s mind had suddenly become clouded. The line between real and sublime had become blurred. She sensed that she was uncomfortably floating and felt a queasy sensation in the pit of her stomach. Frightened, she reached for Bianca for reassurance. But Bianca wasn’t there. Every organ in her body was suddenly alive and acutely aware of Bianca’s disappearance. Her heart rate doubled and she began to shake uncontrollably. She could not tell where or when or even if she was. Her mind silently cried out for the Lady, who did not respond.

But June gradually began to regain her composure and her fear began to dissipate. So did the sensation of nausea. She still did not quite know where she was, but reasoned that she was in some light speed state on her way to the bedroom of the four beautiful earth women. Now she was getting excited. Her demeanor gradually changed from trepidation to serenity. She was not entirely certain, but it began to feel like her body was fleshing out a bit.

As physical changes slowly continued, June became aware that, somewhere in the mist, Bianca was out there looking out for her while slowly but surely mastering this transition. She wondered how much time had passed, then had to correct her thoughts. Since she and the Lady had crossed over, June still needed to occasionally remind herself of the irrelevance of time. It simply no longer mattered.

Then something truly freaky and wonderful happened. June’s sensation of free movement through time stopped and she knew immediately that Bianca had worked out the coordinates. The statuesque redhead found herself standing in front of a large, floor to ceiling mirror completely naked, almost fully in the flesh. Given her meticulous nature, she took the time to assess every feature of her anatomy. Then a twinge of sadness entered her mind as she fondly remembered the countless times her beloved Steve would patiently wait as she primped in front of a mirror and always reassure her that she was indeed the most beautiful woman who had ever graced his life…It made her sad.

Sad thoughts notwithstanding, June was very pleased with what she saw. What mere mortal wouldn’t find this body worthy of lust? Then from behind, she felt a warm naked embrace. She smiled in the mirror at Bianca’s gorgeous olive skinned face and jet black eyes, not to mention her body for the ages.

“My word! Check out the hot redhead in the mirror! I’ve never seen such a beautiful body!” Bianca teased. June leaned her head back.
“And you’re the most beautiful brunette in the room. That gorgeous Asian woman is in for a real treat tonight. ” June playfully stated.
“So is that amazing redhead.” Bianca softly kissed June’s shoulder, feeling a bit disconcerted over the fact that, at least for a short while, she was going to be giving this lush anatomy access to pleasure with bodies other than hers. But then again, June’s body wasn’t going to be the only body experiencing newness tonight. Bianca had every intention of immersing herself deep into the mix. But first, she had to ask.

“How was your trip?”
“Rather scary at first, and very disjointed and uneasy. But then, after a while, things smoothed out.” June said with a sense of relief.
“Yeah. It was a bit rough for me too, June.”
“Speaking of that, where did you go?” June wanted to know.
“Well, like I said, this is the first time that I’ve done this. I needed to figure out a few of the more abstract concepts. But, as you can see, I did it and we’re here and there were no casualties.”
“I had complete faith in you, Bianca.” June cracked wise.
“No you didn’t, you sarcastic bitch!”
“It was a little unnerving not to have you nearby.”
“Well, I learned a lot from this journey. The ride should be much more enjoyable next time.” the Lady elucidated.
“I certainly hope so.” June stated with relief. “Because I’m not especially fond of nausea.”
Then something occurred to her.
“Next time? What do you mean, ‘next time?’” June was puzzled. She turned into Bianca, meeting her breast to breast. June shivered. Meeting this olive skinned goddess in full body contact always made her shiver. She could feel her pussy becoming moist.

Bianca took in a deep sigh, knowing that her tits would crush tightly with June’s. She gave the redhead an enigmatic smile and then started to explain something that she knew would blow June’s mind.

“Well, you see, June…”
“You’re hesitating, Bianca. You never hesitate. What’s going on?”
“I did something that I’m pretty sure you’ll be OK with. In fact, I’m pretty sure that you’ll love it.”
“WHAT? Spill it!” June demanded.
“I made it so that we’ll know every time two women use Lady Bianca’s Friction Lotion.”
“Or in this particular case, four women.” June countered.
“Am unexpected and pleasant turn of events, I must say.” Bianca cracked.
“So…how will we know?” The redhead’s curiosity was now in hyper drive, not to mention her never ending state of sexual heat.
“When the intimate ‘connection’ is fully realized, we will feel it.”
“So, let me see if I understand this Bianca. When their oil coated pussies meet, we’ll be able to feel it?”
“Every delicious, prurient sensation that they feel, you and I will feel. When two pussies meet, our pussies will share the pleasure of it.” Bianca said, excitedly.”
“Question: Does it work in reverse?”
“June, when they put the lotion on, they’ll not only be able to feel each other, but they will feel our pussies too.”
“But…” June was interrupted.
“The answer to your next question is simple, June. To enhance our pleasure. The lotus eating of their cunts will be manifest in ours. - and vice versa. Simple as that.”
“Oh, I doubt it’s as ‘simple as that.’”
“Well, it took some doing and required a great deal of my skill in such matters.” Bianca confessed.
“You don’t seem to be enthralled with this brilliant idea, June.” Bianca observed.
“That’s because it feels a bit like an invasion of our privacy, and theirs. Simple as that!”
“Well, I suppose it could be viewed as such. But that’s definitely not what I intended.”
June was silent.
“Look. Let’s just see how this adventure goes. If it becomes necessary, I can undo the process. It’ll take some skillful time shifting, but it can be done, or undone.”
“I’m OK with that.” June smiled.
“Besides, you want to fuck that redhead just as much as I want to see you fuck that redhead. It’s just going to be so hot to see the two of you go at it!”

“And may I say that you want to fuck the Asian girl just as much as I’d like to see you fuck the Asian girl. Hell, I’d love to fuck the Asian girl too. And I’d love to fuck both of the other brunettes too. These are four hot bitches!” June said enthusiastically.
“You’re not exactly talking like a woman who, only a second ago, had doubts, June.”
“Well, the more I see how sensuously the four of them are going at each other…and as long as we’re in the neighborhood.”
“You’re a slut., June. But you’re my slut.” Bianca mused.
“I’m infinitely your slut, Bianca.” The two women locked their tits and rolled them. It had become their private ritual - their prelude to wild and hot sex.
“This is going to be a fun night for both of us, red.” Bianca said. June smiled at her occasional nickname.
“So, what about the Asian girl?” asked June.
“What about her?”
“Well, she’s said a number of times that she wants to take you down, woman to woman.”
“Do you think I should teach her a lesson?”
“Like you said earlier, while I teach the redhead a lesson.”

“Well, we’ll see how it goes. For all I know, she could be as formidable as you are. If that’s the case, I’m the one who could be on the receiving end of the lesson.” Bianca was cautious.
“Wait. You think I’m formidable?!” June asked, excitedly. Bianca just smiled and winked at her.

“Just out of courtesy, June, here’s the rundown.”
“The rundown?” June didn’t follow.
“The redhead’s name is Ruby. I thought that you should know this for when you scream out her name in the throes of an orgasm.”
“I’ll remember that. What about the others?”
“The Asian girl is Mariko. She’s the black belt Judo instructor.”
“Even more reason for you to be careful!” June pointed out. Bianca continued.
“She’s Ruby’s girlfriend. That leaves Brenda, the one who’s currently connected with Ruby, and her girlfriend Antoinette who is, at the moment, taking on the Sensei.”
“These are four wondrous women, Bianca. I’ve never seen so many gorgeous breasts in one place at the same time.”
“They are indeed. And we’re about to match up against them.”
“Bianca. Something occurs to me. Will they be able to see us?”
“Well, you know, I’m not entirely sure. I think it will be more a matter of us fading in and out of their sub conscious minds. That’s my best guess.”
“But, they’ll know that we are here, right? Otherwise, what’s the point? I want them to know that we are with them.”

“They’ll know, June. Believe me, they will know.”
“ Now, let’s go have some fun, shall we?” Bianca said.
“Indeed!” June replied. She could feel her lush cunt lips as they tingled in anticipation.

To Be Continued