by Catharsis

Part 3 - An Old-Fashioned Acrimony

The knock at Beth's door was panicked.

"Beth? Beth, are you there?" a muffled voice asked.


The handle on the door rattled, but the door remained shut. "Beth, I can't find Jim's mom anywhere. I'm worried something's happened to her!"

Beth stared hard at the door, as if doing so would give up the identity of her guest, and then strode over to it. "Hold on just a second." She inhaled a deep breath. Her hand quivered as it undid the lock.

In an instant, the door flung open. Beth darted backward, and a large white shape flew into the small room. The locked clicked as the door slammed shut once again.

Before the new arrival could get a word out of her mouth, Beth said as calmly as she could, "Hello, Phoebe."

"Hello yourself, skank," Phoebe said once she'd spun around. She stood tall. Her long, blonde hair cascaded in feathered waves down her back and was topped with a thin veil. Beth saw the family resemblance to Esther in her high cheek bones, narrow chin and slender nose. She wore a bridal gown, one not unlike Beth's, with a delicate lace-covered bodice accentuating her slim waist which widened out to accommodate her well-endowed chest and held up by a halter-style top. Her shoulders and arms were bare, showing off skin that spoke of years living on the Mediterranean. The lilywhite dress blossomed at her hips in glistening satin, trailing off behind her. "Not so surprised to see me, then?"

"I figured it was you. Natalie always calls Lois 'Mrs. Carrington'."

Phoebe raised an eyebrow. "Lois? Nobody ever calls Jim's mother 'Lois'."

Beth grinned with pride. "I do." Her hands clasped defiantly but nervously to her waist. Her breasts swelled, filling the gap in the V shape where the front of her gown displayed her gorgeous cleavage. Taffeta rustled as she planted her feet firmly, ready for anything. "You have exactly two seconds to walk back out that door and out of my life and Jim's life forever."

Phoebe seemed taken aback, and for a moment, Beth thought she might comply. The emotion was short-lived, however, and anger soon reddened Phoebe's face. "You're not going to tell me what to do. Nobody does! You have no idea what I can do to a slut like you."

"I've heard your whole sordid story from Jim. You don't frighten me."

"Oh, I should, you dumb cunt." Phoebe advanced a step, but Beth held her ground. "When I don't get my way, bad things happen." The two women stared without flinching into her other's eyes. They hovered mere inches apart from one another, and mere seconds from total mayhem.

"Then let me clue you in on something not even Jim knows," said Beth. "I've been sort of hoping we'd meet ever since I first heard about you."

"Oh, yeah?"

"Yeah." The fearsome female's faces grew nearer and nearer as they spoke.

"You think you can handle me? Then figure this: I've never been beaten. By anyone."

"Still a virgin, huh? I can change that real quick."

Phoebe shoved Beth roughly by her shoulders. The pair were back in each other's faces in a flash. Slowly they began stalking around each other in a circle. "You want humiliation? I'll give it to so bad you won't be able to walk for days."

Beth pushed Phoebe back, but the blonde barely moved. "Stick it, bitch. You came here for a piece of me, just come and get it. I'll mop the floor with you and still make it to the altar on time."

A growl entered Phoebe's voice. "Never! I'm going to be the one walking away with Jim today. I'm the one he promised himself to first. I've still got the ring to prove it!" Phoebe flashed a large gem on her left hand in front of Beth. "He doesn't deserve a weak slut like you."

"As if he needs a crazy moron like you! He's mine now, promise or no promise."

A delirious look shot through Phoebe's eyes. "He owes me and my family dearly. I will marry him and claim what's rightfully mine." She looked down on Beth disdainfully. "No pathetic bimbo's going to stop me."

Beth's arm flew fast and true. The fist that capped the end of it barreled straight at Phoebe's right cheek. With a sharp smack, Beth felt it hit and felt her knuckles ring with the impact. She paused, stunned. Phoebe stood still, her left hand enveloping Beth's fist and holding it a mere inch from her untouched face. The long-haired blonde's mouth twisted into a nasty grin, and she squeezed, crushing Beth's fingers painfully. Beth cried in alarm, but only briefly. Phoebe replied with a hard right that rang off her cheekbone and spun her around and backwards into the wall. Beth's heart pounded. Fright overtook her. She recalled Esther's strength and resilience to her attacks. Here facing her now was a younger, quicker, and more dangerous version of that monster.

Phoebe chuckled. "Pitiful." Beth, still facing the wall and bracing herself against it with one hand, shook her head to make the room stop wobbling. She heard Phoebe continue behind her. "Well, best get this over with. You know, Jim's going to enjoy hearing how I kicked your ass."

Beth started laughing. She turned around casually and stood up with a cool, confident look in her eye that Phoebe had never seen in any opponent before. "Not bad. I've never had someone daze me like that." The brunette combed her hair back into place with her fingers. "Still, there's no way you're going to keep me from marrying Jim."

"Oh? When I'm through with you, you'll be singing a different tune." Both women tensed, bringing their hands up at the ready.

"Then come on, then. It's just you and me in here. Nobody else knows where I am, and we've got over an hour and a half before the ceremony."

"You're so stupid. I'm going to hurt you in ways you can't even imagine."

"Try me."

Phoebe charged, a white freight train hell bent on wrecking anything in her path. Beth, anticipating the move, dodged to the side tried to shove Phoebe off balance. The blonde halted her advance suddenly, and reached out to grab Beth's dress. Beth pounded in futility on Phoebe's arms as the other woman's hands clasped firmly on the side and skirt of her gown. Frustrated, she turned her attention to Phoebe's golden tresses. The blonde grunted once as Beth yanked with both hands. At the same time, the sound of fabric ripping rent the air. The force of Phoebe's tearing pushed Beth sideways, and the tangled females stumbled as one across the room.

Beth continued her assault on Phoebe's hair as her rival's strong hands shredded more and more of her shiny dress. Staggering drunkenly, they whirled around in a chaotic frenzy. Content for the moment with the damage she'd already inflicted, Phoebe fought against Beth's arms to stand up straight. Halfway there, her fingers dove into Beth's long locks and reciprocated their owner's painful tugging. Growling like angry cats, the two buxom beauties stomped around the small room pulling and twisting. Their bodies slammed into the wall and bounced off each other as the battle carried them back and forth across the floor. Occasionally, Beth let go with one hand to slap at Phoebe's arms, head, and bare shoulders. The blonde soon retaliated with her own smacks as the two clawed at one another's hair and the clothing that protected their upper bodies.

Careening out of control, Beth's hips rammed the tiny table set in one corner of the enclosed space. Makeup, a can of beer, a brush and comb all tumbled off. Beth's foot slipped, and she soon followed he table's contents down to the ground. Phoebe landed sideways across Beth's back, and Beth bucked up hard to dislodge her. She spun facing upwards just in time to see Phoebe open the can of beer and tilt it. Phoebe's left hand grabbed her neck, holding her down, while her other hand poured the alcohol all over Beth's pure white outfit. The liquid stained the fabric in ugly tan blotches, fizzing like a laughing snake as it did so. Phoebe smiled evilly at Beth's mixture of anger and horror.

"There, your big day is ruined."

Her gloating changed to choking seconds later when Beth flung an entire tin of touchup powder in her face. Phoebe waved her hands in front of her to clear the cloud that obscured her foe. Once it dissipated, she noticed Beth begin swinging her fist side-on at her again and again, pounding her sides and legs. Phoebe wound up a punch of her own when she realized just what Beth was doing. Beth's closed hand held an open tube of lipstick. The bright red hue now streaked Phoebe's satin skirt as well as her lace bodice.

"There," growled Beth when the lipstick had crumbled into pieces. "Now yours is ruined, too."

Howling like an enraged fiend, Phoebe set upon Beth, pinning the brunette's shoulders to the floor. Beth's legs wrapped around Phoebe's, preventing her from pressing her advantage. Still, the blonde's strength bore down on her, preventing her from moving. Beth searched for another target and started to claw at Phoebe's skirt, tearing holes in it with her long fingernails. Phoebe ramped up her attack, drawing her torso closer and closer to Beth's. Beth kept shredding as best she could, but felt the tide turning against her.

Phoebe chortled. "You think I care about this dress? I've got another one just like it for when I'm through with you." The blonde's sneering face neared Beth's and her boobs came to rest on the trapped woman's chest, adding to the pressure she was under. Beth squirmed, trying to break free. All the maneuver succeeded in doing was rubbing the front of her gown against Phoebe's full, heavy breasts. Phoebe grunted, fighting to part Beth's legs and pin every inch of her figure to the ground. Beth felt her swing her covered tits teasingly from side to side atop her own firm mounds. A devious smile parted the blonde's lips as they approached Beth's panting mouth.

With a shout, Beth rammed her forehead into Phoebe's. The tanned beauty looked stunned for a moment, but otherwise unmoved. Beth repeated the head butt, even though the first had stung horribly. She wrenched her hips and flung Phoebe off to one side. Beth flailed and kicked to push her tormentor away, but Phoebe regained her senses too quickly. The blonde tore at Beth's top, ripping the material in two down to her waist. Beth's temper exploded, and she hauled Phoebe's head around using the halter of fabric that ran around her neck. Phoebe bent down, but kept her fingers raking Beth's gown into tatters. Phoebe's top popped over her head, releasing her from Beth's crazed shaking. Furious, Beth lashed out, landing a strong kick to Phoebe's midsection. Her heel struck the blonde wickedly, and Phoebe finally backed off.

Both women rose to their feet rapidly, panting hard. Their tousled hair stuck out wildly. Phoebe's crimson-streaked dress hung loosely from her waist. Her D-cup breasts wobbled as they swung freely on her bare chest. Beth noted with slight surprise that her rival's tan extended unbroken from her face all the way down to her hips. Beth herself had scant shreds covering her boobs. The frantic battle on the floor had torn her top in two, and the blonde's grasping claws had yanked the hooks apart on her full-figured brassiere. Her pink nipples jutted out firmly in the cool air of the basement room that had become her and Phoebe's private arena. She shrugged out of her bra and let the top of her dress drop to her hips, freeing her arms for the next round.

After a short pause, the busty amazons leaped at one another, heedless of their disheveled condition. Their hands grabbed hold of their arms and shoulders, and a fearsome test of strength ensued. Rocking from side to side, Beth fought hard to keep Phoebe from pushing her over or throwing her down. She stared directly into the blonde's icy blue eyes. The mere sight of the bitch filled her enough desire to battle her mercilessly to the bitter end. Phoebe flexed her legs, driving Beth back a step. The brunette dug in her heels, arresting her retreat and groaned as her muscles strained against Phoebe's onslaught. Her face came to rest beside Phoebe's and the women entered a temporary stalemate. Struggling for control, they pushed with all their might, forcing their bodies forward as far as possible.

The sudden soft contact of Phoebe's massive boobs sent a flush to Beth's cheeks. Soldiering on, Beth tried her best to back Phoebe up, searching for purchase on the flawless bare skin of her rival's torso. The blonde stood as immovable as a statue. Between them, their breasts jostled and bumped, sending arcs of sensation tingling through their nerves. At first, the collisions were gentle and accidental. Soon, however, with their muscles deadlocked, the topless females concentrated more and more attention on their dueling tits. Phoebe's stiff nipples stabbed ruthlessly into Beth's tender flesh, and her heavy orbs pounded again and again on Beth's exposed chest.

Undeterred, Beth slammed her full, round boobs back and forth against Phoebe's, swinging them harder and harder until the sound of skin slapping skin filled the air. Phoebe began panting, and ramped up her efforts, ramming Beth's tits with greater force and pummeling them with sideways blows. Flesh slid against flesh, rough and rude. Beth exhaled stronger and stronger breaths at each impact, determined to overwhelm her foe. The women shook first one shoulder and then the other forward and back, increasing the intensity of the barrage with each passing second. Their firm, supple breasts distorted under the power of the other's assault. Sensitive nipples scored furrows in their wobbling orbs, driving both of them wild and threatening to override the anger that drove them onward. Then, like fat sumo wrestlers, the equally proportioned pairs of tits smashed together and fought a torrid contest.

Groaning and grunting with their heads on each other's shoulders, Beth and Phoebe pushed their gigantic chests into one another. Their breasts bulged up and out to either side in testament to the excruciating struggle they were engaged in. Nipples aching, pain rising, the two females locked up tighter and tighter. Their stomachs touched and flattened against one another. Phoebe's body rippled against Beth's, her tanned skin radiating heat like sizzling summer sand. Beth recalled her heady titfight in college. Phoebe was a tougher foe, for sure, but Beth knew that her resolve hadn't yet been tested.

Phoebe rotated her upper body, grinding her boobs into Beth's pair. Beth answered, thrusting back with each gorgeous boob in turn. Phoebe increased the pressure, bending Beth backward suddenly at the waist. Eager to maintain balance, Beth stuck her heels down. The move only served to help Phoebe tilt her further over. Beth disengaged her bare stomach from Phoebe and sought a firm position with her feet. Phoebe charged before she could regain her composure and sent her flying backwards into the wall.

In a rush of sensation, Beth felt Phoebe flatten herself fully against her body. Her tits compressed under the blonde's oncoming pair. Phoebe's hands pinned her wrists to the cold cinderblock and her looming figure trapped her, in tight contact from shoulder to thigh. Nose to nose, the half naked young women scowled as they wiggled back and forth in a battle for control. Beth's rigid nubs dug into Phoebe's heavy breasts. Her grunts became tinged with whimpers as she realized how faint was her chance of escape.

"You feel this, bitch?" spat Phoebe. "My tits are crushing yours. You're no match for me."

Summoning her bravest voice, Beth replied, "I've got more than enough to handle those weak boobs."

"Bullshit. I can feel them flattening out. You'd better give up before you get hurt permanently." Phoebe began grinding her breasts round and round in circles atop Beth's sensitive orbs. The brunette bit her lips and moaned under the pressure.

She thought fast. Arching her back, she pushed her body into Phoebe's in an attempt to force her to the side. The blonde stiffened and counterattacked, mashing her naked torso against Beth. Phoebe increased her assault, drawing her and Beth's thighs into close contact. Beth grunted, and shoved her right knee between Phoebe's legs. Her thigh rose up towards Phoebe's crotch, but the tanned blonde stopped her short. Beth braced her shoulders and tried to lift Phoebe up and off of her with the leg she'd inserted. Phoebe's heels rose off the floor, and Beth's last bit of strength managed to push her back a step. Beth freed her hands, jammed both palms into Phoebe's exposed tits and launched herself off the wall with her feet.

Phoebe shrieked, but fought back. With a swift slap, she dislodged one of Beth's arms. Plowing forward, she stuck her left leg between Beth's knees. The blonde once again crushed Beth against the wall. This time, though, there was an unpleasant pressure bearing down into Beth's crotch. Beth squirmed, wrapping her free leg around Phoebe's unwelcome limb. Plastered as one up against the cold cinderblock, the wriggling females panted and groaned. They locked themselves in such a strong embrace that only their legs moved, massaging their smooth thighs through the satiny fabric of their skirts.

To be continued