Perfection, Jennifer thought, as the statuesque brunette admired her tanned body in the mirror. She softly pinched her pink nipples, and watched in delight as they stiffen, and grew in size. Proudly massaging her large, firm breasts, Jennifer recollected the feeling of crushing her breasts against her arch-nemesis’s larger orbs. The beautiful brunette licked her glossy, lipsticked lips in anticipation. Her beautiful silky brown hair was done stylishly and expertly, as any respectable sex queen’s should be. The glorious brunette was completely naked, safe for a silver toe ring, her white nylon stockings, and the silver necklace she wore last time she fought the redhead. Jennifer painted her long fingernails a blood-like dark red. Jennifer’s dark eyes looked as incredible as ever, as carefully applied mascara and make-up helped enhance the exquisiteness of her exotic features.

Opening her room-size closet, Jennifer noticed her favorite robe, hanging in the middle of the closet like a trophy. The exquisite silk robe was unearthly both in beauty and composition. She felt unworthy of wearing it, and knew what she had to do with it. Jennifer had obtained this fur-laced robe after defeating her step mother in a sexfight. The sight of the robe brought back painful memories of the brunette’s life. Jennifer shuddered at the thought of her broken family. The brunette despised her parents, who never loved her. Jennifer’s father, Daniel Tamerlane, trained her to be a cold hearted, cunning businessman, much like himself. Jennifer’s mother, Bridget, trained her to become a vicious sexfighter. Ironically, her decision to exploit her daughter’s unique sexual prowess was her own downfall. The brunette’s mother had married for money; after Daniel’s sudden death, Bridget claimed the man’s fortune for herself. Jennifer painfully recollected how she had challenged her mother to an all out sex war to obtain her fair share of the money, and succeeded. They fought one on one for hours with such intensity that was matched only by Jennifer’s recent fight with Alyson. Her mother was incredible – one of the most skillful sexfighters Jennifer knew. Bridget brought Jennifer to devastating orgasms one after another. Somehow, with the help of her inhumanly large sexual reserves, Jennifer managed to defeat her mother. Jennifer proudly recalled how beautiful her mother looked when Jennifer brought her to a final, catastrophic orgasm. Bridget’s face was contorted in pain and pleasure, yet in her dark eyes Jennifer saw a glimpse of pride – something Jennifer never thought her mother would feel. After her defeat, the Bridget, the then current clit queen, passed the robe onto Jennifer, like an empress handing over a crown. Before disappearing from Jennifer’s life, Bridget had sworn that she would reclaim her robe one-day and that promise still haunts Jennifer to this day. Despite the little threat, after her mother’s disappearance, Jennifer was a whole new person. More confident than ever, she challenged the cheerleading squad to a sexfight orgy by herself, and emerged victorious. The astonished group of girls then crowned her the clit queen. It was a hard earned title that brought the brunette much satisfaction and pride, and the fact that she had lost it all to a sexfight virgin had devastating effects on the brunette.

Refocusing on the present, Jennifer finally decided that her bedroom should be their final battlefield – it was only fitting. Not only did she suffer her first defeat there; her bedroom was also the largest room in the house. Jennifer had carefully decorated the place with rose pallets and sensual candles. Jennifer intended to defeat her rival on her large, silk-covered waterbed, just as the redhead had once defeated her there. She decided their combat should initiate in her living room, just like last time. Jennifer shuddered with excitement and fear as thought about confronting the redhead, and fighting her to the finish. In truth, Jennifer wasn’t so sure she will be able to beat the majestic fiery-haired sex goddess, but she knew she had to try. There were times when Alyson seemed unbeatable. However, there is always one last resort, Jennifer suddenly reminded herself.

Reaching into her cabinets, Jennifer searched for what she would need to gain the ultimate advantage in their final, epic duel. She would use this weapon to give her what she needed to defeat the glorious redhead. Jennifer smiled with renew confidence as she realized that with the help of this weapon, there was no way she could lose. Wrapping herself in a blue silk robe, Jennifer prepared herself for their final conflict.

“My, my, aren’t we exquisite tonight?” Jennifer complimented mockingly as she greeted and observed her red-haired opponent. Alyson was dressed in a beautiful white fur-coat – the mere sight of redhead screamed sexy. Her simple outfit managed to show off the red-haired siren’s perfect body. Jennifer couldn’t help but feel the tingling sensation of lust in her belly, as she admired her nemesis’s smooth, tanned skin, large, full breasts, and thick, red mane. The sexual hatred in the air was thick, as they glared intensely at each other. Their emotions flowed through the cool autumn night winds as they sized each other up. Finally, Jennifer offered Alyson her hand, and the redhead took it without hesitation.

They glided slowly down the main hall of Jennifer’s mansion. Alyson was silent as Jennifer led her to the living room. Jennifer had moved aside the furniture, and all the remained were a wine cabinet and the fireplace. Letting go of Alyson’s hand, Jennifer turned to face her rival. Alyson seductively shrugged off her thick coat and discarded it, revealing purple bra and panties and black nylon stockings. They were only an arms-length apart, and Jennifer struggled to control her desires. Smiling confidently, the redhead cupped her breasts with her hands, mashing them deliciously together. Jennifer noticed that the redhead had painted her nails silver – the same color Jennifer used last time. Alyson wordlessly stood, and placed her hands on her hips. They remained silent for the moment, each woman sizing up the other.

“Shall we begin?” Jennifer whispered. Abruptly, the brunette took a step forward and skillfully unclipped Alyson’s bra in one swift motion. Jennifer carefully lowered her hand to the unhooked bra, and bit the laces softly, peeling it off the redhead. Alyson assisted the brunette by wiggling her bra off her chest, and letting it slide onto the floor. Returning to her original position, the beautiful brunette softly pressed her clothed breasts against Alyson’s bared pair, all the while admiring her rival’s lovely round orbs. Alyson’s nipples were proudly erected, dangerously poking the material of Jennifer’s robe, challenging the brunette’s pair to come out and fight them. Jennifer felt her own nipples stiffen, responding to the call of their rivals. The brunette allowed her silk robe to slid off her shoulders, pass her arms, and onto the fur rug. Their sultry smiles widened as the tip of their rosy nipples touched, softly brushing against each other.

“Why do you bother, Jennifer? You know how this is going to end,” Alyson breathed, smiling confidently as she placed her hands on the brunette’s sexy hips.

“Of course I know how this is going to end – I’ll be the one on top, fucking the shit out of you and your pathetic clit,” Jennifer replied, mimicking Alyson’s hands as she gripped the redhead’s hips tightly.

“We’ll see,” Alyson hissed, her breathing quickening, as she became more and more excited. For a few minutes, the beautiful competitors remained silent, gently letting their swaying breasts brush together. It was as if the pair was captured by this erotic moment, and was trying to squeeze the last drop of peaceful excitement out of it, before the long torturous duel was to commence.

“Your nipples feel like nothing against mine,” Jennifer firmly stated, her words dispelling the aura of silence.

“Really? I’m pretty sure my nipples will crush yours the same way my clit crushed your clit,” Alyson replied with a cruel smile, physically and mentally ready for the battle. “My nipples are going to milk those fat tits of yours.”

“I don’t know about that… your nipples feel awfully weak against mine,” Jennifer rasped, “besides, and if anyone’s doing any milking, it would be me, not you.”

“Then milk my fat tits, you stupid hag!” Alyson cried as she initiated first contact. Pushing forward, the redhead crushed her breasts into Jennifer’s, with a level of aggression unmatched by any of the brunette’s previous opponents. In truth, even the redhead herself was surprised by her own aggressiveness. Drawing on both her lust and hatred for her nemesis, Alyson unleashed an attack so powerful that nearly knocked the brunette over. The brunette retaliated, clenching her ass muscles as she pushed forward. They met with equal force, and their equally firmed breasts slammed deliciously into each others, causing both women to squeal in pain. Jennifer was in disbelief – Last time their breasts met, she had easily flattened Alyson’s, firmly stating her victory. Now their breasts were equals, neither pair willing to give way to the other. Impossible! Jennifer thought to herself. A new feeling tainted Jennifer’s ocean of lust and hatred – fear.

“Your tits are nothing,” Jennifer hissed as she clenched her teeth in effort. The brunette gasped as she felt the redhead’s hard nipples dug into her sot tit flesh. Gripping onto the redhead’s shoulders, the brunette spread her legs in order to maintain her balance as she fought of the aggressive redhead.

“You’re nothing,” Alyson spat back, and grunted in effort as she managed to force Jennifer back a step. The two began a slow dance, trying to maintain their balance as their breasts fought. Jennifer gasped as she felt the redhead’s hard nubs sink into her soft tit-flesh. Jennifer retaliated by lower her own breasts, before plunging them upwards. Her nipples dug into the softer part of the bottom part of Alyson’s melons, and the redhead hissed in lust and pain as she felt her tits nearly forced against her face. Alyson pulled back, and slammed her orbs head on against Jennifer’s. Wrapping their hands around each other, they locked into a painful hug. They felt their breasts compressed together, as they brutally crushed their breasts together.

“Ugh! Bring it!” Jennifer cried as they held each other tightly in a contest of endurance and firmness. Neither woman withdrew despite the burning pain in their chest. Both women screamed as they felt their firm breasts gave in, together. The equally firm orbs flattened against each other painfully, sending satisfying pain throughout the nerves of both women’s bodies. They held their mushroomed breasts together in agony with their nylon-covered legs entwined, daring each other to pull away first. They stubbornly kept themselves in the hug despite the overwhelming pain, which was slowly spreading to their knees. Feeling their legs weaken, their slow dance quickened as they struggled more and more to balance themselves while maintaining breast contact. Jennifer felt herself falling backwards as the redhead managed to force her back too powerfully. Skillfully, she twisted the redhead around her as they fell, to avoid being mounted. They fell onto the fur rug, lying side by side. Rolling, they tried to mount each other, struggling for the dominant position. Alyson succeeded in rolling the brunette over, but could not hold it long enough to gain an advantage. Jennifer wrapped her legs around Alyson’s thighs, and forced the redhead onto her back. To confirm of dominant position, Jennifer skillfully placed her lips on Alyson’s, trying to distract the redhead. Jennifer’s plan worked, as Alyson kissed back, seemingly forgetting about their breast duel. For a moment, the women embraced their lust, and shared a passionate kiss. Jennifer did not realize that she too was consumed by her lust, until she felt Alyson’s hand gripping her mane tightly, yanking her head back. The brunette grunted as she felt the redhead pulled her down from atop of her, but quickly recovered and rolled away, slapping Alyson’s hands away as she did. Distancing herself from her vicious redhead opponent, Jennifer stared murderously at Alyson as she softly massaged her sore breasts. Alyson cupped her large orbs and brought them to her lips. Sexily, the redhead tenderly licked her proud breasts, as her beautiful eyes returned Jennifer’s glance.

“Come back here and fight me, bitch,” Alyson growled.

“I would rather fuck you with my foot,” Jennifer said as she plunged her nylon-covered foot towards the redhead, sending it towards the redhead’s cunt. Alyson quickly intercepted with her own foot, and the two women leg wrestled, rubbing their smooth legs against each other, simultaneously defending and attacking. They panted softly as they fought, trying to pry open each other’s legs. Jennifer hissed victoriously as she managed to parry Alyson’s foot away, creating an opening. Seizing her opportunity, she plunged her foot into Alyson’s dripping cunt. Alyson moaned as she felt Jennifer’s leg softly rub her cunt lips, expertly parting them as the brunette began fucking Alyson with her foot. Jennifer spread her legs and raised an eyebrow, challenging Alyson to an all out foot war. Alyson accepted Jennifer’s challenge by spreading her legs wider for rival, and at the same time placing her foot against Jennifer’s pussy. Alyson let out moans of pleasure as she felt her opponent’s nimble foot stroke her lips dangerously. Jennifer was an expert at foot fucking – her movements were strong and precise. Alyson knew she was completely outmatched by her foe, but tried her best to keep up as she parted Jennifer’s glistening cunt.

“Ugh! God, you love fighting dirty, don’t you?” Alyson grunted as she bored the assault of Jennifer’s foot.

“God you’re so wet,” Jennifer stated, bobbing her foot in and out of Alyson’s drooling cunt. The nylon was covered in Alyson’s juices, as the redhead became more and more aroused. The brunette grunted as Alyson fought back, rubbing the sole of her foot against Jennifer’s cunt lips rapidly. Jennifer brought her foot up to Alyson’s clit, and stroked it. The redhead’s mighty sex nub stiffened from the contact, and slowly hardened.

“So are you,” the redhead retorted. Alyson decided to bring her other leg into action, and brought her other foot to Jennifer’s right breast, softly rubbing it. The brunette gasped as the smooth foot caressed her nipple softly; the double stimulation made concentrating harder for the striking dark-haired goddess. Jennifer countered by mimicking Alyson, massaging the redhead’s ample orbs with her free foot. To her dismay, the redhead took Jennifer’s foot off her breasts, and brought it to her mouth. In a matter of seconds, the redhead’s warm, glossy lips covered the brunette’s toes, and softly chewed and sucked on it.

“You- you bitch!” Jennifer wailed. She tried to get a hold of the redhead’s foot, but the redhead had anticipated a counter, and brought her foot back down to the floor, safely away from the reach of the brunette. The redhead was slowly catching up with her double stimulation; soon Jennifer was nearly as wet as the redhead was. Jennifer could not believe she was being outdone by the redhead, and in desperation, decided to bring a secret weapon into play. Suddenly, Alyson felt something unusually hard rub against her clit delicious, and she squealed in delight. Strokes after strokes of delicious clit grinding, the redhead found herself involuntarily humping back, unable to control herself.

“You like my toe ring?” Jennifer mocked the redhead as Alyson’s face contorted in pleasure. Her victory was short lived as she felt Alyson’s foot against her own clit, stroking it deliciously. God that whore learns fast! Jennifer gasped to herself. The fact that the redhead was sucking her other foot off wasn’t helping either. Clenching their two perfect white pairs of teeth, the two rivals continued their circuitous journey to a mind blowing orgasmic eruption, as they fucked each other intensely with their feet.

“You dirty, kinky bitch,” Alyson moaned, as she began to come against Jennifer’s foot. The redhead struggled to fight on, but after a whole week of teasing, it was becoming too much. As her moans got stronger and stronger, Alyson stopped her sucking of Jennifer’s foot, and the brunette pulled it away in relief. The redhead caressed Jennifer’s foot softly, as if trying to ease the touch of it. Feebly, she tried to pull away from Jennifer’s deadly foot.

“Grrr… You little bitch. Ugh!” Jennifer grunted as she realized that she wasn’t doing much better herself. Unable to stop her floodgates from opening, Jennifer concentrated instead her foot assault, attacking the redhead with all she had.

“God I hate you, and your sexy body! *Gasp*! I’m – I’m coming… Shit!” Alyson whisper hotly as she felt her body gave in to the immense pleasure. The redhead screamed as she came, releasing the lust she had kept within herself for the past week. Jennifer erupted seconds later, in disbelief. They exploded violently against each other’s foot, screaming as they fell onto their backs. Jennifer felt Alyson’s cunt spout hot cum all over her nylon clad foot, as her cunt did the same to Alyson’s. Panting, both women sat up, and their eyes locked in sexual hatred. Jennifer slowly pulled her cum-soaked foot away from Alyson’s dripping cunt, like a weapon that has drawn blood. Bringing her foot to her face, she softly licked the gooey fluids off it. Alyson wiped the brunette’s come onto Jennifer’s fur rug in disgust. Smiling confidently, Jennifer brought her hand down to her cunt, and scooped cum out of her pussy. The brunette licked her fingers seductively as Alyson watched in amazement. Slowly, as if to show that she was not intimidated, Alyson brought her own hands down to her vagina, and ladled out some cum. Alyson glared murderously at the brunette as she tasted her own cum.

“Look at you, one orgasm and you already look devastated,” Jennifer whispered, “Do you like the taste of a real woman’s cum?”

“Mine tastes better than yours,” Alyson hissed. Jennifer took Alyson’s hand and brought it to her glossy lips, and sucked it softly. The redhead moaned as she felt Jennifer’s skillful tongue massaged her finger softly. “And I’m far from defeated, bitch.”

“Good. I have high expectations of you. Mmm… your cum… it’s delicious… I must have more of it…” Jennifer purred, as she finished sucking on Alyson’s beautiful fingers. Looking down at Alyson’s beautiful cunt and its erected clitoris, she promised, “and I will have more.”

“Then why don’t we fuck and see how much cum you can get out of me?” Alyson replied sexily, leaning in. Jennifer stroked the redhead’s hair softly, and kissed her rival. They shared a brief but passionate kiss for a short moment, before Jennifer softly pushed the redhead away from her.

“Then let’s finish this in bed,” Jennifer whispered. With some effort, the brunette managed to stand up. Swaying her ass seductively, she walked towards the staircase.

“Going straight to the bed room this time?” Alyson mocked, as she followed Jennifer up the stair well, secretly admiring her opponent’s perfect butt.

“You’ve earned it,” Jennifer replied emotionlessly.

To be continued