About 15 minutes later, the rivals managed to recollect themselves. Although completely drain, neither felt satisfied at the outcome of this battle. Jennifer had come a split second before Alyson. Yet Alyson felt that her clit has been defeated, not to mention that the lovely brunette ended up on top. Finally, Jennifer managed to sit herself up, removing her sticky cunt from Alyson, and mounted the lovely redhead. Alyson made no attempts to stop her and encouraged Jennifer to fuck her by weakly humping her opponent.

“I see you haven’t had enough.” The brunette sneered.

“This war won’t be over until you finish me completely.” Alyson shot back defiantly.

Just as the pair began to continue their fuck war, they hear a distant voice.

Shit. Alyson thought to herself. The thought of getting caught had never reached her mind until now. Thinking of the same thing, Jennifer immediately stopped the pumping and proceeded to remove the garter belts. Realizing that their jobs were on the line now, both women had to control their sexual fury for now. As both women finally separated their bodies for the first time in hours, Jennifer seductively slid one finger into her own pussy and scooped out puddle of thick girl cum from it.

“Mmm… your cum tastes good.” Growled the brunette softly. Her eyes narrowed. “I want more.”

“Anytime, anywhere bitch, I’ll fight you.” Alyson replied. Putting on her skirt, Alyson was forced to remove her beautiful stocking, which were covered by girl-juice.

Even in this condition, both girls were living goddesses. Their silky hair resting on their heaving breasts, the two girls began cleaning themselves, wiping the dried girl-cum and juice off their body. Both girls were silent as they slipped on their outfit, and began fixing their hair. As Alyson was about to leave the ladies’ room, the brunette finally broke the silence.

“My place, tonight.” Jennifer said with a sneer, hands on her hips. Then with a mocking smile, she continued. “If you’re up for it.”

Alyson gave her the finger than said as she walked out of the ladies’ room. “I’ll be there.”

To be continued