Arriving at the gym late, Elisha quickly scrambled to the change room to get changed. Helena is going to kill me! Elisha thought. Helena was the leader of the squad, and once a rival of Elisha. Although the two girls have finally put aside their differences at the end of their high school days, Elisha could still remember the long, delicious sex wars the two fought. Helena was one of the few girls who have beaten Elisha more times, than losing her, and she had the brunette’s eternal respect for accomplishing such a feat. The auburn haired beauty was probably the best sexfighter on campus, next to Jennifer – who was the only woman Helena has fought many times but was never able to defeat.

Elisha was surprised to find that her usual changing spot has been taken by someone. That could only mean that there was a newcomer. Noticing the familiar white blouse and jeans that hung on the hooks where Elisha usually hangs her clothing, Elisha hastily changed into her skirt and tight sweater and rushed out to the gym to find out if her suspicions were true.

“You’re late again, Elisha,” Helena remarked with a smirk. The lovely auburn-hair girl then turned and said, “I’d like to introduce you to our newest member. Elisha, this is Katherine. Katherine, this is Elisha, one of our senior members.”

“Hello Katherine,” Elisha said with a sneer, neither forgetting nor forgiving the blonde’s behavior earlier.

“Hiya Elisha,” Katherine replied sweetly, acting as if the two have never met before.

“I met Katherine during my years as a high-school cheerleader,” Helena explained, “She was cheering for the other school. Take my word for it when I say that Katherine is extremely good. I felt that there was no need for her to try out.”

And the redhead was correct. Katherine was extremely good. The lovely blonde managed to complete the newly learnt drills with ease. Watching the blonde in short skirt, Elisha finally realized how powerful the blonde’s tanned thighs and ass looked. Katherine’s sexy legs and ass made the cute brunette feel intimidated as Elisha couldn’t stop staring at them, couldn’t stop comparing them to her own, and couldn’t stop fantasizing about competing with them. The blonde completely ignored the brunette, never sparing Elisha a glance, while the brunette couldn’t think of anything but the blonde. By the time cheerleading practice was finally finished, Elisha’s white panties were soaked with womanly juices.

“Katherine, Elisha, I need to talk to the two of you,” Helena said.

The sexy auburn-haired woman spoke to Katherine first, and congratulated the blonde on her excellent performance today for almost ten minutes. Then she told the blonde go hit the showers. Turning to brunette, smiling knowingly, Helena said. “I’ve seen the way you’ve been looking at her. I would be careful if I were you. I’ve heard that she was the one who out-fucked and completely humiliated Chloe.”

Chloe was a snotty, rich girl who was the cheerleader captain back when Helena and Elisha were only freshmen in their old high school. That bitchy brunette was the woman who handed Elisha her first sexfight defeat. To be able to completely humiliate Chloe, and gain Helena’s respect meant that the blonde must be a very powerful competitor.

“I’m not afraid of her and I’ll whip her blond cunt the same way I’ll whip yours if you continue bugging me about this.” The brunette threatened, then turned and headed towards the change room, intentionally shaking her tight ass sexily, challengingly to head cheerleader.

“I was only giving you a friendly warning, bitch.” replied Helena mockingly. Turning, she continued. “I think I’ll shower back at the dorm.”

Elisha knew what that cunning bitch was doing. Helena was setting her up to fight with Katherine! What could Helena gain from that though? Despite the fact that the two had been biter rivals since their high school days, Elisha knew that the manipulative head cheerleader would never do something like this just for the hell of it. There must be a reason. Perhaps Helena was also intimidated by Katherine, and wants to use Elisha to test the newcomer’s strength? That would explain why Helena’s been acting so respectful. The queer situation was driving the brunette crazy.

As soon as Elisha entered the crowded change room, she could see most of the girls were completely changed and ready to leave already. The only reason they remained was to admire the newcomer’s sexy tanned body and its curves, as the blonde stripped for her shower.

“God I wish I had boobs like yours!” One girl blurted out.

“Wow, nice tan!” One girl exclaimed she admired the blonde’s body and its lovely curves.

The blonde’s pussy was shaven completely, and the skin down there was just as tanned as her body. So the spoil brat likes to sunbathe naked, Elisha commented mentally as she stripped in silence preparing for her own shower. She couldn’t stand how all those girls were sucking up to Katherine. Obviously they were all intimidated by the blonde, and desperately wanted to get on Katherine’s good side. It took about 2 more minutes until all the other cheerleaders left. Since Helena went back to the dorm to shower, Elisha and Katherine were now the only ones left in the entire gym.

To be continued