“Pick up the phone, you stupid bitch,” Elisha muttered as her call to her red-haired friend was unanswered for the fifth time. Elisha originally called the Alyson yesterday night to see if the party-loving redhead would like to do something with her. After calling her friend three times and listening to Alyson’s answering machine’s message just as many times, the cheerleader became more worried than annoyed.

Alyson had called her on Thursday seeking information on Jennifer Tamerlane, the clit queen, asking about the exotic brunette’s sexual experiences. Knowing Jennifer, Being a former victim of the exotic brunette, Elisha told her red-haired friend that Jennifer was the reigning clit queen, and probably the best sexfighter in this whole city. Unfortunately, Elisha had only told Alyson that those were only rumors. She felt that it was enough to scare the senses back into her beautiful friend, to make sure that the redhead wouldn’t do something stupid, like challenging the clit queen to a fight. Actually, you knew that wasn’t enough, you disloyal bitch. Elisha thought to herself. The real reason why she told the redhead that those were only rumors was because secretly, she didn’t want Alyson to know that Elisha herself has once been defeated and completely humiliated by Jennifer. Elisha felt ashamed of herself as she felt that she has failed at being a good friend.

The brunette hasn’t seen Jennifer or Alyson ever since Friday afternoon, when she passed by the lingerie store they worked in. Although there were no classes today, the two popular girls would usually show up anyway to meet their friends at their favorite hangouts. Maybe it’s just a coincidence, the brunette thought hopefully, besides it was Saturday morning. Nah… the poor redhead probably got herself raped last night. Elisha wanted to vomit at that thought. Guilt overwhelmed her as images of the innocent redhead’s cunt desperately slamming itself against its invincible opponent as the clit queen mounted her defeated rival and fuck her brains out. Alyson was one of the sweetest girls Elisha had ever met. The popular redhead was so innocent and clueless about the grudge-ending sexfights that girls all over the campus had to settle their feuds. Realizing that it was probably too late to help her friend, the brunette finally managed to take her mind off her friend as she prepared herself for her cheerleading practice.

Elisha was a petite woman, about 5’6 tall and weighted around 105 pounds. The slim brunette had shoulder-length brown hair that was thick, and usually wild and untamed. Most people say that Elisha is sexier than she is beautiful. The brunette had striking brown eyes, a small, sharp nose, and full lush lips. Elisha was very proud of her killer, bronzed body. All that cheerleading had toned the cheerleader’s body nicely. In fact, Elisha felt that her body could probably beat anyone else’s on campus, with the exception of Jennifer, in a sexfight. While Elisha had lost fights to girls other than Jennifer, only the exotic clit queen had truly dominated and defeated her. In her other defeats, the fight was much closer. Usually her opponent managed to hold off her orgasm for a split second longer or landed a luck stroke or two on Elisha’s clit.

The brunette slid on a form-fitting green sweater and gray sweat pants over her white, laced bra and panties. Despite such casual clothing, Elisha still looked incredibly sexy. Smiling confidently, the brunette exited her room to go to the dorm cafeteria. In the hall, Elisha was surprised to see men unpacking packages next door. She thought she would’ve noticed if someone had began moving into the empty room next to hers, but she was so caught up worrying about Alyson that she didn’t notice.

Just then, Elisha saw a stunning blonde walk out from behind the unpacking man. Elisha has never seen this girl before, and knew immediately that she must be the new girl. The blonde’s cat-like green eyes caught Elisha’s glance and stared back at the brunette for a moment, before looking away, almost as if she was disgusted by the fact that the brunette was checking her out. Elisha quickly turned away, feeling herself blush slightly as she realized that she had been caught staring. An unusual feeling rushed through the brunette’s body. Was she intimidated by this lovely new comer? No shit, look at her, she’s gorgeous! Elisha’s mind answered her question.

The lovely blonde’s nose was delicate, and that only complimented her full lips. The blonde’s form-fitting white blouse and tight jeans showed off her tanned body and its curves. Elisha couldn’t help but notice how large the blonde’s round tits were; only Alyson’s pair could compare to it. The blondes white blouse was unbuttoned and tied into a knot at chest level, exposing the blonde’s smooth, shapely belly. From her distance, Elisha could tell that the blonde was just a bit taller than she, around 5’8 to 5’9.

“Hi, my name Elisha,” said the brunette as she moved in to greet the blonde. The blonde was opening a box, busy unpacking. Elisha was sure that the blonde could hear her, but perhaps her mind was too occupied.

“Hi, I’m Elisha, the girl next door.” Repeated the brunette, giving it a second try. When the blonde remained silent for almost a full minute, Elisha started to get irritated.

Without even looking at her, the blonde finally replied, in a rather bitchy tone. “Hey?”

“What’s your name?” asked Elisha, giving it one last shot. Sometimes it sucks to try to be nice.

“Listen, I don’t really have time for this. The name’s Katherine. Please don’t bother me again.” The blonde replied in a soft bitchy tone, clearly annoyed.

Pissed off, the brunette decided to give up on this impossible blonde and continue on her way to the dorm’s cafeteria for her lunch. Her anger over that brief encounter with the girl next door was quickly forgotten, as once again, Elisha began thinking about her redhead friend. The brunette felt slightly depressed as guilt began to overwhelm her.

To be continued