by NylonNY

Kelly was a waitress at a local sports bar/restaurant. She was a curvy 5'9" brunette and when she changed into her work outfit in the dressing area she always smiled as she saw her curvy body in the mirror. The restaurant outfits were little more (very little) than tight yellow spandex shorts and glossy suntan colored pantyhose under them and a tight fitting black top. After pulling on a pair of white socks and some white sneakers she posed for a minute in the mirror. "Damn, I am hot" thought Kelly as she left to start her shift. Kelly always got more tips than any of the other waitresses at the restaurant, her curvy figure and the fact that she wore a uniform a bit smaller than she really needed didn't hurt either.

Midway through her shift Kelly noticed a new girl emerging from the changing room, she was a blond with enormous breasts practically ripping out of the tiny black top of her uniform, she had a tiny waist and a large curvy ass whose pantyhose covered cheeks were peeking out from under the tiny yellow shorts. The new girl's curves made Kelly's figure look downright boyish by comparison. Kelly couldn't keep her eyes from staring at the curvy blonde as she walked across the room toward her.

"Hi, I'm Amy" she said as she approached Kelly.

"I'm Kelly" the stunned brunette replied.

"What are the tips like in this place?" asked the blonde bombshell smiling.

"Tips can be good if you have what it takes to earn them" stated Kelly.

"Oh I have what it takes! " grinned Amy, posing in front of Kelly.

"We'll see" sneered Kelly.

The first day working with Amy was uneventful, Amy really pulled in a lot of money in tips, in half a shift she had collected the same tips as Kelly had for the entire day. Kelly noticed Amy really knew how to work the customers, dropping things on the floor, giving them a clear view of her rounded ass as she bent to pick items up. Leaning forward when taking orders to allow customers a fantastic view of her cleavage. She obviously was skilled at using what she had. Tired after a long shift, Kelly got changed and headed home.

A week went by and Amy was now the lead waitress in tips, every day customers asked for her when they came in to be seated. Kelly was not making anywhere near the tips she used to, and the final straw was when she was put on off-hours shifts to make more room for Amy to work the prime time hours. Kelly thought enough is enough "I need to teach this bitch whose boss around here!"

Kelly waited until she was back on a shift with Amy. Just past the lunch hour rush she noticed Amy get a run in her pantyhose and head toward the changing room to get a new pair. Kelly asked another waitress to cover her for a little while, and followed Amy into the changing room. Amy was just starting to peel off her yellow hotpants when Kelly came in.

"Hi there, you startled me" said Amy.

"We need to talk." stated Kelly.

"About?" said the blonde.

"About you leaving here and not coming back." snarled Kelly.

Amy pulled her shorts back up and walked over to stand toe to toe with Kelly. "Why would I leave? I'm making huge tips and doing really well here. You are just jealous because the customers don't find your scrawny body attractive once a real woman is around? Poor baby!" laughed Amy.

Kelly was furious "I am more woman than you, you cow!" yelled Kelly.

Amy pushed closer to Kelly pressing her giant tits into Kelly's chest. "I can see the way you stare at my body when you think I'm not looking" whispered Amy "I know I turn you on and that's why you feel threatened by me. You don't want to show the other girls that you're submissive to anyone, yet you know how you feel when you stare at me."

"That's such bullshit!" said Kelly secretly admitting Amy's huge breasts felt so good pressed against her chest. "I don't find you the least bit..."

Suddenly Amy grabbed Kelly around her waist and pulled her in and kissed her full on the mouth. Kelly struggled but couldn't break the big girl's hold on her. Amy released her hold on her stunned co-worker and said, "Listen baby lets settle this right here." Amy walked to the door and locked it. "I could feel your body tremble when I kissed you, I'll bet I can make you cum in no time at all. If you are the woman you think you are, lets see who can make who cum first. Whoever loses has to quit, sound like a deal?" smiled Amy.

Kelly was scared, she knew she felt a bit turned on looking at Amy's tits and ass, and she didn't know if she could keep it together in a sexfight with her. "Lets do it, bitch!" said Kelly.

Amy came up to Kelly and put her arms around the brunette, pulling her close once more pressing her large tits against Kelly's. "That feel good bitch?" whispered Amy.

"Doesn't bother me" muttered Kelly as Amy ground her huge breasts into hers in a slow circular motion. Kelly felt her nipples getting harder and straining against the fabric of her top as the big blonde continued her assault.

"Your nipples are telling me that you want it bad..." murmured Amy.

"Fuck you" said Kelly.

"Let me see what's going on down here..." whispered Amy, as she moved her hand down to the spandex crotch of Kelly's hotpants.

"Unghh..." grunted Kelly as Amy began to firmly rub the crotch of her tight shorts. Kelly's mind was spinning, her tits were on fire and she now found herself grinding her crotch against this blonde bitch's hand.

"There you go baby, just give in, it will be over soon and it will feel so good when I make you cum..." giggled Amy.

"Not going to happen....unghhh" stuttered Kelly as she pulled away from the blonde. Kelly felt her pussy getting wet, she pulled at her crotch to adjust her shorts and pantyhose away from her pussy they had wedged into.

"A little warm down there?" said Amy.

Kelly came towards Amy and reached for her top, grabbing it between Amy's breasts she ripped it down the middle exposing Amy's huge knockers.

"You bitch!" shouted Amy, who then ripped Kelly's top and destroyed it as well, both girls now being topless.

Kelly got behind Amy and reached into the front of the large blonde's shorts and began to rub her pussy.

"Ugnhhh...nice try skinny...but I don't think that's going to work..." smiled Amy.

Kelly couldn't get her hand under Amy's pantyhose from behind but she continued to rub her pussy furiously. Amy was moaning a bit and starting to breathe a rapidly, whatever she said Kelly knew she was getting the blonde worked up. "Hey now!" shouted a surprised Kelly as Amy slid her hand around behind her and reached down the front of Kelly's hot pants and inside the waistband of her pantyhose.

"What's good for the goose..." sneered Amy over her shoulder. Amy worked Kelly's vulnerable pussy as Kelly was desperately trying to make progress in Amy's shorts. "You're wet already..." said Amy as she worked Kelly's pussy.

Kelly knew she was in trouble, she felt her pussy getting wetter by the minute. Amy started to use her pussy juice against her, moistening her fingers and rubbing her sensitive clit. Kelly tried to pull away but couldn't with Amy's hand stuck in her pantyhose.

"Unghnngh...stop....get.....ughhnnn...ohhh.. your hand out of my pussy..." struggled Kelly.

Amy felt Kelly pull her hand out of her shorts as she tried desperately to get the blonde's hand out of her pussy. Amy spun around to face Kelly, momentarily taking her hand out of the brunette's pants.

Kelly took the opportunity to return the favor and reached into the big blonde's tight hotpants and into her pantyhose to attack her pussy.

"I like the fight in you..." smiled Amy. "But it looks like too little too late!" Amy once more snuck her hand into Kelly's hotpants and beneath her nylons finding Kelly's well lubricated pussy beneath.

"Fuck...she is going to make me cum...I have to do something" thought Kelly.

Kelly felt a bit of moisture forming in Amy's pussy and tried to double her efforts in the big girl's pants, but she knew she wouldn't last much longer. Looking down, Kelly saw the crotch of her shorts showing the wetness leaking from her pussy through her wet pantyhose as she was getting fingerfucked into submission and knew she had to think fast. Kelly's ass and legs shook as she tried to not give in to Amy's work on her pussy.

"Almost there..."smiled Amy who was squirming a bit herself as she started to get more worked up.

Kelly was breathing hard, her breasts rubbing against Amy's huge breasts as they struggled to out fingerfuck each other. Kelly suddenly noticed how red and hard Amy's huge nipples were. Taking a gamble Kelly leaned in and put her mouth on one of Amy's huge nipples and started to suck it HARD.

" tits...." moaned Amy, suddenly pulling her hand out from Kelly's shorts and trying to push Kelly away.

Instantly Kelly felt Amy's pussy start dripping like a faucet and she knew she had found the big girl's weakness.

Amy fell onto the floor on her back. Kelly climbed on top of her and kept fingerfucking the blonde's pussy. Amy squirmed and wriggled trying to get Kelly off of her, but she couldn't get away.

"MMMMMFhhhh...ughnnnhhhh...stop...noooo...." moaned the squirming blonde.

"You're mine now, bitch, your giant tits are going to be the end of you!" laughed Kelly. Kelly moved her mouth to Amy's other tit and it caused the blonde to drench her pantyhose and shorts as her pussy caught fire. Amy's pantyhose clad legs and ass bridged up in the air to try and get Kelly off of her as she felt the end near. Kelly kept pounding her fingers into the big girl's pussy and sucked as hard as she could on each of Amy's tits.

Amy threw her head back and forth, her breasts heaving and her hips grinding into Kelly's fingers. Kelly planted a pantyhosed knee between Amy's legs forcing her fingers even deeper and giving the blonde some added friction against her crotch to grind against.

"''t....lose....!" struggled Amy.

But Kelly felt Amy grinding against her fingers and knee with the crotch of her now wet pantyhose and shorts, unable to fight her desire to cum. Kelly stopped sucking Amy's tits and kissed the moaning blonde. Amy opened her mouth and returned the kiss, their tongues tasting each other.

Amy pulled back, gasping for breath..."'re...unghhh..going to....unghhhhh...make me....cum...!" gasped Amy as she writhed beneath Kelly.

"I guess I'm the real woman after all!" smiled Kelly as she plunged 4 fingers deep into the squirming blonde's pussy.

"'m....cummming.....ughnnnnnnghnnnhhhhhhh..god....nooooo.......unghhhnnnnnn!" screamed Amy as she thrashed on the floor in a massive orgasm.

Kelly got up and, looking down at herself, saw that she would need another pair of pantyhose and shorts for the remainder of her shift. Big wet spots being visible on the crotch of her hotpants.

Amy slowly got up, her hotpants wet and her pantyhose drenched and torn. A couple of waitresses hearing the commotion had gathered outside the locked door of the changing room wondering what was going on. Spying a bowl of nacho cheese one of the girls had left in the locker room, Kelly grabbed it quickly and grabbed the teetering Amy by the back of her hotpants and poured the cheese sauce into her shorts.

"!?" stammered the dazed blonde as she felt the cheese run down her ass and into her crotch, ruining what was left of her shorts...and dignity as Kelly opened the door.

"Little Miss Accident Prone here dropped a bowl of nacho cheese on herself..." said Kelly as she spun the big blonde around, showing everyone her wet dripping shorts. "Poor baby" laughed Kelly.

Amy ran back into the changing room, took off her ruined uniform, cleaned herself as best she could, put on her street clothes and never returned.

The End