By HGHunt

Steaming glares revealed their mutual hatred. The two women in front of the mirror-walled lavatory inside the hotel ladies room had some history. A few years ago Luanne had made advances towards Lisa’s husband at a work-related party. Her drunkenness had initially made it easy for Lisa and her husband to ignore her aggressiveness until Luanne slapped Lisa on the way out of the party. Lisa responded in kind. The women lost their composure and lady-like behaviors were out the window as the two got in a scorching catfight with tops and bras ripped off, with Lisa eventually astride Luanne’s prone torso, slapping her face and tits. She had to be pulled off by some male spectators. Luanne had been fighting back, but from a very disadvantageous position, and quite ineffectively as the fight terminated. Lisa felt lucky to have won, knowing that it very easily could have been her on the bottom. Both women wanted to continue, even though they were exhausted. But the men kept them separated and sent them on their way. Lisa kept the dress, torn to shreds, as a libido-stoking memento of her victory.

Luanne left her job a while later, but their paths had occasionally crossed, usually in a public place, and always with wicked vibes of hatred darting between them; Lisa hating what Luanne stood for and clearly glad to have whipped her once and Luanne firmly believing that Lisa’s victory was only a fluke, aching for a chance at redemption. Luanne fumed over her defeat and silently wished for a second chance to redeem her pride and establish dominance over the woman who was once a fellow coworker.

Luanne’s dagger-eyes this afternoon left no doubt in Lisa’s mind that their mutual enmity was not the least abated since that New Year’s Eve several years before. But 58-year old Lisa displayed her own sneering, stiletto stare, and a devious mind bent on womanly devastation of her enemy, one where nobody would be there to break it up this time. However much she wished for that, the circumstances of their meeting in the hotel were such that they were in a very private setting, however temporary, but the threat of potential discovery was too severe to risk starting something right then. Both were attendees at a medical conference of professionals, learning about the newest practices in their shared career of nursing. A vicious catfight wouldn’t be very smart under the circumstances. Devious as she was, Lisa had a solution.

“Well Luanne, I think it’s time we settled things between us once and for all. But not in the same way as before. “

“What do you have in mind bitch?”

“I never did like blondes and I learned why I really hated them after our fight. You are just the most horrible example of a thieving blonde slut. I can’t wait to put your cunt in its place!”

“What of it?”

“There is no way we ought to get in a catfight during the conference. I suggest an alternative, if you think you’re woman enough to accept my challenge.”

“Spit it out quick, cunt. I’ll be happy to accept any challenge you dare to make!”

Her infectious sly grin exuded confidence as Lisa murmured, “We go to my room, strip, and match up our tits and cunts and bodies in a sexfight. Kind of like a cage fight with no time limits and the only way to lose is to submit. You went after Steve like you thought he’d want you. Well, there’s no way he’d have anything to do with your blonde cunt. He loves his brunette and I’m going to prove that I’m superior - tonight!”

“That is it! Ha! You must be dreaming if you think your skanky cunt stands a chance against my perfect pussy. I’ll not only fuck you silly tonight, I suggest we make it exciting with a visit to the shops downstairs.” Luanne had noticed a mini-mall of shops in the basement of the large hotel as she had come in from the parking garage yesterday.

“There is a lingerie shop down there. We’ll go down and pick out an outfit for each other to wear. We might as well make it as sexy as we can.”

“Glad you think like me. I can’t wait!”

With their afternoon sessions over and no agenda items for the evening the ladies had hours to themselves and now the anticipation that smoldered for so long between them was going to have an outlet, albeit of a different sort than what had transpired on the frozen lawn of a mid-town hotel on that past New Year’s Eve.

They found the lingerie store and soon were heading out the door, Luanne with a purple bra, panties, and garter belt with purple hose. Lisa was anxious to see how Luanne looked decked out like that and equally anxious to try on the scarlet outfit Luanne had picked for her. As Luanne turned left to head towards the elevators, Lisa said “Not so fast. I think we need one more prop. Come this way.” Luanne’s quizzical look soon vanished as she spied another shop, tucked away in a corner of the little mall, entitled “Sensual Gifts.” As they approached it became clear to her that the little shop was discreetly announcing adult toys and goodies to be had inside. “Must be 18 to enter,” announced the small sign on the door.

The atmosphere inside exuded eroticism and their skin tingled at the kinky thrill of escorting each other into this subterranean realm. The two angled slowly towards the display of dildos and vibrators and soon set their sights on the doubles. Lisa spotted a long and slinky double dildo over two feet long and as she held it up for Luanne’s gaze, Luanne leaned forward and pulled a monster black double dong off the rack. “I was thinking something more like this,” she purred. It wasn’t quite as long as the one Lisa held, maybe only about 16 inches, but it was much thicker and would clearly test the limits of either woman’s pussy.

“Oh, I should’ve known a slut like you might want that one,” growled Lisa. “But I’ll tell you what; that suits me just fucking fine. I can’t wait to pound it deep inside your stinky cunt.”

“I can’t wait to get it inside me either, but it will be your cunt that can’t take what I can dish out.”

A few more taunts and a quick jaunt around the store to make sure they hadn’t overlooked anything and they were on their way back to Lisa’s room.

To be continued