BRING IT ON by ccfight

Amber couldn’t help but over hear a conversation going on between two other cheerleaders on her squad. Brandy, the new girl, was talking to Cindy about the best friend she had to leave behind. Brandy had moved over the summer and had to enroll in a new school at the beginning of the year. Now Amber really wasn’t one to eavesdrop, but when Brandy started to describe her friend as being “unbelievably cute”, this caught her attention. Being "unbelievably cute" is something Amber has been living with all her life. She has grown sick and tried of always being known as, or referred to as, “The Cute One”. The copper haired, hazel eyed beauty thought she would have outgrown that label years ago. But it has stuck with her. Although Amber always expresses how sick and tired she is of hearing how cute she is, deep inside she takes pleasure in hearing it.

As she continued to listen in on Brandy and Cindy’s conversation she started to feel a little disturbed by the way Brandy was describing her old friend. The way she talked about her friend’s looks and personality reminded Amber of the way people have been known to describe her. Although Amber’s cute looks have always played into fooling a lot of people. By all means her personality was far from matching her looks. As captain of the West Lake Cougar Cheerleading Squad the red-haired girl is always firm and commanding with other girls. She can get down right aggressive when things don't go her way. If she ever feels challenged, her strong personality surfaces and she never let’s up until she's had her way.

Years of cheerleading, gymnastics and even weight training has kept her body in tip top shape. She's a long legged beauty standing somewhere between 5' 8" and 5' 9". Her arms and legs regularly appear soft and smooth, but when she gets fired up, her well defined muscles ripple and swell. On occasion she even uses her strong slender frame and full 36 C cup breasts to press her point. At the drop of a hat, the look on her cute face can quickly turn into a distorted sneer that would make any girl nervous.

Suddenly she heard her name come up in Cindy and Brandy’s conversation. Amber quickly stood up and moved to the end of the lockers where she could hear a little better. “My friend Ashley is way cuter than Amber.” she heard Brandy say. This really struck a nerve, the possibility of Brandy’s friend being cuter than her started to make the red-haired girl feel angry.

“It would be pretty hard to find someone cuter than Amber.” The Redhead was glad to hear her friend Cindy say.

“Well I’m going over to her house today, maybe you’d like to come along and you can judge for yourself.” Brandy suggested as the two of them stood up, preparing to head off to their next class. Amber quickly shot back around the lockers to avoid the two girls.

“I guess I can make it,” Amber heard Cindy say as the two disappeared from the locker room.

Hearing Brandy’s words about her friend Ashley being cuter than her left Amber feeling distraught. She has always been known as being the cutest one ever and no one has ever been able to match her cute looks. The red-haired beauty had to admit that some girls have come close, but she has always proven herself to be the cutest one when put up against another cute rival in tight comparison. Even though she displays herself as being annoyed with the “cute” label, deep down she simply enjoys using her cute looks to her advantage.

The rest of the day Amber couldn’t stop thinking about Brandy’s words, “My Friend Ashley is way cuter than Amber”. That statement kept ringing in her head. She had never heard those words before and the more she thought about them the angrier she became. She thought about following Brandy and Cindy after school to get a good look at this Ashley chick with her own eyes, but her ego wouldn’t dare take her down to that level. Besides she knew she would be able to get the real scope from Cindy the next day. The only thing on Amber’s mind that night as she lay in bed was the possibility of this Ashley girl being cuter than her. This renewed some of Amber's deep private thoughts of having to prove herself against a formidable rival. Thoughts that had her tossing and turning for nearly two hours before she finally fell asleep.

When Amber arrived at school the next day the first thing she did was search out Cindy. She didn’t have to look too hard, she found her friend standing at her locker preparing for class. Shortly into their usual morning conversation, Amber sensed her friend was acting a little different towards her. Eventually she was able to pry a few details out of her friend.

After Cindy admitted to spending some time with Brandy and her friend Ashley, Amber went ahead and told Cindy she had overheard Brandy talking yesterday in the locker room.
“So is it true?” Amber finally just came out and asked, the curiosity was just becoming too much.

“Is what true? Cindy returned the question.

“Is she as cute as Brandy says she is?” replied Ashley.

There was a long pause from Cindy.

“Who are you talking about?” Cindy finally asked.

“I’m talking about Brandy’s friend Ashley.” stated Amber.

There was another long pause before Cindy replied. “Ya she’s pretty cute.”

“Is she cuter than me?” asked Amber, trying to sound as if she were making fun at the question.

The seconds ticked by as Amber stood there waiting for Cindy’s answer. Amber could feel her stomach tighten and the longer she waited, the more she feared her friends answer.

Cindy finally turned and looked Amber in the eye. “Look Amber, you are my friend so I will always think you’re the cutest.”

That really wasn’t the answer she was looking for. The “Friend” thing really blew it. Amber couldn't help but feel a little angry with Cindy’s answer. She sensed Cindy was trying not to hurt her feelings, and this just wasn't a good enough answer.

“Well what if we weren’t friends, which one of us would be cuter?” Amber asked.

“Listen Amber, I’m a little late for class. Can we talk about this later?” Cindy replied and she turned away, heading off for class.

This still wasn’t good enough for Amber. She reached out and grabbed Cindy’s arm and swung her around. “Which one of us?” Amber shouted out. Cindy couldn’t believe the look on Amber’s face. “Listen, I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but if you really want to know......., my answer would be Ashley!” Cindy shot back angrily and then pulled her arm from Amber’s tight grip.

Amber stood there in shock as she watched her friend disappear down the hall. Never in her life had she been told that someone was cuter. At first she felt hurt, but soon those hurtful feelings turned to anger. "No way is that bitch cuter than me" she thought to herself. She was in denial. Telling herself that Cindy wasn’t such a good friend to begin with and this probably had to do with the tight tussle the two of them had engaged in last year when they couldn't agree on a certain cheerleading routine. "What the fuck does Cindy know anyway?" She told herself.

The rest of the day Amber couldn’t help but think about anything else. She was becoming obsessed with proving she was cuter without even seeing Ashley.

A few of the other girls on her cheerleading squad ended up inviting Amber to the mall after school. Amber accepted the invitation hoping it would clear her mind. What she didn’t expect was for them to run into Brandy and Cindy at the food court. It seemed the two of them were quickly becoming best friends. Amber found herself sitting around a table with her entire cheerleading squad. Stephanie, Jennifer, Heidi, Brandy, and Cindy. It didn’t take long for Brandy to start in.

“My friend Ashley invited us over again after school tomorrow.” stated Brandy. Her words were directed to Cindy but were loud enough for the other girls to hear.

“You guys need to meet my friend Ashley; she’s the cutest girl you’ll ever meet.” Brandy spoke with her words now directed to all the girls, yet as she spoke her eyes were locked with Amber’s.

"What the hell is with this Bitch?" Amber was thinking to herself. "What the fuck is she trying to prove?" Amber hated to admit one thing about Brandy, and that's how pretty the girl is. Her jet black hair was long, thick, and shined lustrously. A very delicate, pretty face with crystal blue eyes, a rarity for such dark colored hair. As Amber sat across from her she found herself taking measurement of the dark haired girl. Height and weight seemed very close to her own. Well defined curves across a thin frame that might even prove shapelier than her own. The Red-haired girl started to feel a little anxiety as thoughts of her captain status felt challenged.

“You think she’s cuter than Amber?” Stephanie spoke up.

“Well I’m not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings, but I would have to say she is cuter and sexier than Amber.” Brandy stated, this time not having the courage to look the Redhead in the eye.

“I doubt it, no one is cuter and sexier than our Amber!” Jennifer shouted out to defend Amber.

Amber was happy to hear Jennifer speak out on her behalf. She has always been a better friend than Cindy, and now it was becoming obvious that Brandy was deliberately trying to undermine Amber's standing with the other girls.

“Just ask Cindy what she thinks. She met Ashley yesterday.” Brandy replied.

All eyes were now on Cindy. The seconds passed as all the girls waited anxiously for her opinion.

“Well you guys Ashley is pretty cute.” Cindy stated.

“What? I seriously doubt it.” Heidi shouted out.

"Ya, no way is your friend cuter than Amber!” shouted out Stephanie.

Amber was happy to hear her friends take her side, that is except for Cindy. At this point she just couldn't take any more of Brandy's deceiving shit. Her eyes narrowed and she locked them on Brandy. “My cute looks would crush your friend!” Amber growled at the dark-haired girl. After hearing those words come from her own mouth she couldn't believe she had just said that. This was something she had been privately thinking about ever since hearing about this Ashley chick. Something she didn't really mean to share with the other girls, but somehow felt provoked by Brandy's conversation.

“Oh,..... those almost sound like fighting words.” stated Brandy with a smirk.

Amber felt a chill run through her body after hearing Brandy speak of fighting. The first thing that popped into her head was "Ya bitch.....a nice tight girl-fight!" but instead, "Take them however you want!” came out of her mouth.

“I’d be careful if I were you......... my friend’s not afraid to fight.” Brandy shot back.

“Neither am I.” Amber snapped.

There was a long awkward moment of silence. As Amber’s eyes remained locked on Brandy’s she had to fight the urge to jump out of her chair and latch onto the bitch’s hair.

“I’m sure there’s a way we can settle this.” Jennifer finally broke the silence.

“How about we arrange a little meeting, then we can all vote on it.” Brandy suggested.

“That sounds like a good idea.” Replied Jennifer,

“Ya we can put them face-to-face and vote on which on is cuter.” Heidi stated with excitement.

“Well........., what do you say Amber? Or are you too scared to stand face-to-face with my cute friend Ashley?”

Standing face to face with Ashley is exactly what Amber couldn't get out of her mind. It was becoming an obsession to confront this so called cute girl and test their looks against one another, in a sense, make their cuteness fight each other. “I’ll stand face-to-face with her, and I will win by crushing her cute looks with mine!” stated Amber with confidence. Again she was surprised at her choice of words, but the jealous desire to prove herself against Brandy's friend was becoming beyond her control.

“Good! Then how about we make it for tomorrow night at the football game. Brandy suggested. “My old school will be playing on football field number four Rigley Park. We can all meet up with my old squad just before game time. That way we’ll have even more judges deciding which one of you is cutest.”

Amber glanced around at the approving looks on her friends faces. ‘There was no backing down now’ she thought to herself.

“Fine!” Amber shouted.

That night Amber lay awake in bed tossing and turning with thoughts of being judged against another cute girl, possible an even cuter girl. Imagines of girl-fighting kept playing into her mind. Hearing all those rumors last year about some of the dirty fights the older girls got into weren't helping. Amber wasn't at all new to girl-fighting. She has had quite a few tussles of her own. In most of the fights she would find herself up tight against her opponent, the two of them glaring into each others faces. By pure girl determination she would usually end up forcing her rival into a panic. A technique she had learned from her mentor Lexi Smith, the former Captain of the West Lake Cheerleaders and rumored to be the undisputed girl-fighter in school. She had taken Amber under her wing and had given her a few lessons on girl confrontation, as well as other unmentionables. Of all the fights Amber had been in, none of them ever escalated into using those dirty tactics. There was never a need, because Amber always found her opponent easily manipulated. As the red-haired girl laid there thinking about the possible outcomes at tomorrow’s football game she found herself slipping into a deep sleep. She was suddenly startled by the telephone ringing next to her bed. She reached over to her nightstand and fumbled with the phone until she finally managed to bring it to her ear.




“This is Brandy.”

There was a long pause

“What do you want?” Amber growled into the phone

“I just got off the phone with my friend Ashley and I told her all about what you said today.”

“Well goodie for you Bitch!”

“She told me to tell you that she will be the one crushing you, and anytime you’re ready to fight, she’ll be ready.”

“I’m really scared!” Amber shot back.

“You should be, Ashley likes to fight nice and tight!”

"So do I, a lot tighter than she'll be able to handle!” Amber's mind was only half working as she tried to be poised with her words.

“Then I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.”

Amber heard a click as the other end of the line disconnected. As she laid there staring up at the ceiling she knew the meaning of Brandy's phone call was an attempt to fuel her anxiety. And perhaps it was working. For two more hours the red-haired girl played out the many dirty tactics she would result to if needed, and the longer she played out the possibilities the dirtier her tactics became.

Usually their football games occurred on Friday nights, but due to a mix up in scheduling at Rigley field they would be playing this weeks game on Thursday night. This kind of disappointed Amber because she and all the other cheerleaders usually ended up going out to party after the game.

She showered the next morning and slipped into a matching red sports bra and panty set. It was football game day and that meant putting on her red and black cheerleading uniform. She lightly applied makeup to enhance her sparkling green eyes and put on a thick coat of her favorite cherry red lipstick to her full soft lips. She took some of her lustrously thick copper hair and created two ponytails that hung down on the sides of her face. This was something she hadn’t done for quite awhile, but she was purposely trying to look as cute as possible.

The day at school went by fairly quickly. Amber had a couple of run-ins with Brandy, one of which had the two of them standing face-to-face in front of Brandy’s locker. They glared hatefully into each others eyes for several seconds, Amber knew once this was over, her and Brandy would eventually end up going at it.

It was a half an hour before game time. Amber and the rest of the girls all met up in the parking lot. Brandy led the five girls down a path that traveled between four football fields. There was a thickly treed ravine in between all the fields which would make it difficult for anyone to spot them. She led them into a large opening that was lit up by a tall light post. A little anxiety filled the air around the girls as they waited for Brandy’s old cheerleading squad.

Two or three minutes later they heard footsteps approaching, A group of six girls dressed in blue and white cheerleading uniforms emerged from a path on the opposite side of the clearing. Amber quickly moved to the front of her friends to show everyone she was ready for the challenge and not at all afraid of this confrontation. She started walking in the direction of the approaching blue and white cheerleading team with her own team coming up behind her. It almost looked like a gang fight scene from a movie as the two cheerleading teams approached one another.

Amber eye’s focused in on the girl leading the pack. She could now make out the girl's blonde hair that was tied in ponytails similar to her own style. As they grew closer Amber started taking in the girl's features. A round cute face, much like her own started to come into view. The closer they got the cuter this face became. Amber started to worry a little as this approaching face got cuter by the second. She held on to her confidence and kept telling herself she would win this little comparison fight.

Just before the two groups of cheerleaders collided, Amber and Ashley stopped dead in their tracks leaving a two foot space between them. Each one had their hands on their hips, left leg locked straight, and their right leg slightly bent at the knee. Their eyes were locked and their chests were thrust out at one another with confidence.

Amber started taking in the cute looks of this girl who stood before her. She started to feel her own cute looks being challenged like they never had before. This girl was the cutest girl Amber had ever seen. A very smooth soft creamy complexion and a beautiful pair of crystal blue eyes that seemed to be piercing painfully into her own sparkling green eyes. The girl had a small perfectly shaped button nose that very much resembled her own. Except for eye and hair color it almost appeared as if Amber were looking at her own reflection in a mirror. Question being, which reflection was cuter.

Brandy had come around and started to mingle and converse with some of her old cheerleading friends and started introducing some of the girls. This gave Amber and Ashley a couple of minute to absorb in each others cute looks. Amber noticed that neither of them appeared to have any height or weight advantage. In fact all the girls from the two squads didn't seem to vary much more than an half inch in height.

“OK!” Brandy shouted out. “We all know why we're here so let’s get down to business.” She moved around and stood off to the side next to the two glaring cheerleaders.

“It looks like you two may not need any introduction, but I’ll do it anyway. Ashley this is Amber, Amber this is Ashley.”

Neither girl even flinched as the looks on their faces grew even more serious. Even up till now their eyes had never parted.

“Ok you two stand side by side so we can all get a good look at you.” Brandy commanded as she took a hold of the two girls and turned them shoulder to shoulder.

Brandy then took out ten slips of paper and handed them out to all the other cheerleaders. “OK girls take a good look at them then write down who you think is cuter.” Brandy directed.

Amber felt like she was under a microscope as the ten other cheerleaders examined her. There was chit chat and giggling going on between them as they all made their comparisons. As the girls started writing down their answer, Brandy went around and started collecting them. Once all the votes were in she came around and stood in front of the small crowd.

Amber felt a nudge on her shoulder and turned to see Ashley glaring at her. “Turn and face me Bitch, I want to see the look on your face when you lose.” The Blonde stated in a whispering growl.

Amber turned and got right in the blonde’s face. “You mean when you loose Bitch!”

Ashley closed the distance causing their cheerleading uniforms to brush up against each other. They both had their hands on their hips in a classic confrontational pose. “We’ll see!” The Blonde snapped back.

“Ok one vote for Ashley.” Brandy shouted out

Upon hearing this Ashley pressed her chest into Amber. The Auburn girl stood her ground and glared into the blonde’s eye. Amber could tell this girl was quite assertive and that she was going to have to let her own aggressive personality loose.

“Another one for Ashley!” Shouted Brandy

Again Ashley pressed in forcing Amber to brace herself against the blonde.

“One more for Ashley!” Brandy yelled out.

Amber again felt the Blonde increase the pressure between them. She started to panic as she felt Ashley’s tits crushing hers flat through their cheerleading sweaters. They kept their eyes locked. Both of them had hateful looks on their faces. Somehow Amber could feel the Blonde was sensing her fear.

“One vote for Amber!” Brandy shouted.

‘Finally’ Amber thought to herself as she pressed in against the blonde to show the bitch that she wasn’t out of the contest.

“Another vote for Amber!” Shouted Brandy

‘Yes’ Amber's mind was racing as pushed in again and brought the tips of their noses into direct contact.

“A vote for Ashley!” Brandy announced.

Ashley pressed in tighter. Amber could now feel the Blonde’s hard nipples stab directly into her own through their tight sweaters and sports bras. She felt her nipples give in a little to the stiff pressure.

“Vote for Amber!”

The redhead poured it on, forcing herself in tighter against Ashley. She ever so slightly rotated her breasts and felt her nipples come alive and push back against the Blonde’s. Amber then pressed her forehead directly against Ashley’s.

“Vote for Amber!”

Amber pushed her forehead hard into the Blonde’s causing Ashley’s neck to snap back. It was a short lived victory before Blonde pushed back, causing the Auburn girl’s neck muscle to strain to keep from having her own neck snapped.

At this point the two girls were tied up at four votes a piece and their tight body press reflected exactly that. Their eyes glared hate into each other while the looks on their faces expressed nothing but anger. Neck muscles were straining as they kept their foreheads in tight contact. Breasts were crushed together; neither pair seemed to overpower the other as their stiff nipples stabbed head on in a vicious stalemate. All this time their hands never came off their hips as they stood there pressing the front of their bodies together.

Amber’s thought about the final moment after all the votes had been counted. If she were to win, she was going to crush the life out of this cute Bitch that was pressing so hotly against her. If she were to lose, she didn’t know if her ego would be strong enough to handle the loss.

“Vote for Ashley.”
Amber momentarily lost control when she felt Ashley’s pelvis slam into hers. Her neck was snapped back and she was barely able to keep her footing. The Blonde’s pelvis attack surprised her. It wasn't that she had never stood pubic bone to pubic bone with another girl before. The Redhead has had quite a few confrontations with other girls that had brought them into a tight bone-to-bone contact. Although none of them were in anything less than cheerleading uniforms or a pair of tight shorts and t-shirt. Amber had easily controlled those situations and always figured it was the fierce look in her eyes that caused her rival to quickly back down.

But as she looked into the eyes of her new enemy she saw the same determination reflecting back at her. At this point she could only hope for a tie as she felt her nipples being push back by the Blonde’s stiff rods. Although a tie could quite possibly fuel her desire to fight even more than if she were too actually win because she knew the Blonde would have the same determination to fight back and prove she was better.

“Ok last one….. Amber!” Brandy shouted out disappointedly.

As if rehearsed the two cheerleaders threw their arms around each other and locked themselves into a tight mutual hug. Amber immediately forced her pelvis and forehead into the blonde bringing them back to equal ground.

“A tie?” Shouted out one of girls.

“How does this settle anything?” Yelled out another.

“Check it out!” Stephanie suddenly shouted out. The group of ten girls had been so focused on counting the votes that they didn’t even notice Amber and Ashley locked in a crushing battle.

“Looks like their going to settle this on their own!” Stephanie stated.

The ten girls quickly circled around the two cheerleaders and started cheering on their favorite.

“That’s it….fight her Ashley!”

“Ya get right in her face Amber!”

“You can take her Ashley….crush the shit out of her!”

All the yelling and shouting seem to give Amber and Ashley extra motivation. They were wrenching their bodies tighter and tighter by the second with each encouraging shout from their friends. The circle of cheering cheerleaders started closing in around the two fighting girls.

Brandy notice one of the cheerleaders from her old squad actually cheering for Amber. 'What the fuck?' She thought to herself. She didn’t recognize her, figuring the girl was new to her old squad. In fact it became apparent that this girl filled her old position on the cheerleading squad. Brandy and the girl were elbowing each other as they pushed their way in closer to the fight. Brandy started to become angry with the girl, especially since she was cheering for Amber. The two of them ended up latching onto each others arms and pulling themselves in close. They started making threats as they glared each other down nose-to-nose.

Meanwhile on the other side of the two fighting girls, Jennifer found herself in a pushing match with another one of the girls from Brandy’s old squad. Back and forth they argued until they came forward and latched onto each other’s hair.

Stephanie, Cindy, and Heidi were also working their way into a confrontation with the remaining three girls from the opposing squad.

Suddenly a strange voice shouted out. “What’s going on down there?”

A few of the girls broke apart and noticed a bright flashlight shining its way down one of the trails.

“Shit its park security…, let’s get the hell out of here.” Stephanie whispered out loudly.

The girls quickly separated and ran out from underneath the light. Jennifer looked back over her shoulder and noticed Amber and Ashley still locked in their angry clinic. She ran back and started pulling on Amber’s shoulders. “Come on we have to get out of here now!”

The two girls finally released their tight holds. “This isn’t over Bitch!” shouted out Ashley.

“Oh you can bet on that Slut!” Replied Amber. With that the two girls gave each other a shove before scrambling up the trial to catch up with their friends.

As the girls gathered together on the sideline of the football field they started to talk about what had just happened.

"Can you believe those bitches trying to start an all out war with us!" stated Stephanie

"I know their lucky that security guy show up, I was ready to whip some serious ass!" Heidi remarked.

"Hey you guys...., aren’t we playing them in two weeks from now?" Questioned Jennifer

"Oh shit that's right...., do you think they will try to start something?" Asked Stephanie

"Well if they do we'll have to be ready for them!" stated Jennifer.

During the rest of the game the girls continued to talk about what they needed to do to prepare themselves. Halftime was definitely going to be a challenge when the two cheerleading teams come together and perform their routines to the opposing side. They knew they needed to come up with some new routines that would challenge the other squad. Something that would let the other team know they weren't at all intimated by them.

All the girls were a little disappointed that it was Thursday night. They all had school in the morning which more than likely meant they would not be partying tonight. After the game, as all the girls started making their way to their cars, Amber dismissed herself and rushed off to use the little girls room.

Amber entered the park restroom and quickly made her way into one of the stalls. Before she could even sit down to go about her business she heard someone else enter the restroom. She spotted a pair of Nike tennis shoes slip into the stall next to her. Amber did a quick double take when she spotted the little blue stripes on the girl’s tennis shoes. She also noticed the blue Panther paw stenciled on the ankles of the girls white cheerleading socks. 'Could it be?' Amber thought to herself. She started to feel excitement building deep inside herself with the thought of this girl possibly being Ashley.

The girl next to her quickly finished and came out of the stall. Amber waited a couple of seconds and listened for the girl to leave, but the room remained silent. Amber trembled as she reached behind her and flushed the toilet. She stood up, unlatched the door and swung it open. Her eyes got big when she spotted Ashley standing at one of the sinks applying a fresh coat of crimson red lipstick to her full lips. Their eyes locked through the reflection in one of the mirrors. Amber kept her cool as she moved over and stood behind another sink next to the blonde. She pulled out a tube of cherry red lipstick and started applying it to her thick lips. There was a long moment of silence as the two girls continued to apply an extra thick coat of lipstick to their pouty lips. Their eyes once again locked in the reflection of the mirror.

"I guess we still have something to settle between us." Ashley finally broke the silence.

"Well since our friends couldn’t settle the matter I guess we'll have to find another way." Stated Amber.

"You really think you’re cuter than me Bitch!" Ashley shouted out and turned to face Amber.

Amber turned to face the blonde. "Much cuter and sexier, Bitch!"

"I have to admit you are one cute bitch, but you don't even come close to being as cute and sexy as me!" Stated Ashley as she took a step forward.

"Your pretty cute yourself, but there's no way you can compare with me" Amber replied as she took a step forward.

The two cheerleaders stood less than a foot apart, hands on their hips, one leg slightly bent, glaring into each others eyes. Another long moment of silence passed as the two girls took in each other's cute looks. Each one preparing to prove themselves the cutest and sexiest bitch.

"Maybe a nice tight comparison will settle thing between us." stated Ashley "Besides, didn't you say something about your cute looks crushing mine?" The blonde took a step forward until their cheerleading uniforms lightly brushed together.

"Well aren't you the one that likes to fight close... nice and tight?" replied Amber as she pressed into Ashley.

For two full minutes the two cheerleaders stood toe to toe, nose to nose, and tit to tit just glaring into each others faces, hands still resting on hips with their right leg slightly bent at the knee.

“Still think you’re the cuter one between us?” Ashley finally broke the silence.

“Much cuter!” state Amber.

“Well maybe we need to tighten our comparison.” Ashley replied.

“You mean actually press our cuteness together like this.” Amber stated as she pressed her nose and chest more firmly against Ashley

“Exactly!” proclaimed Ashley as she pressed back with equal force against the redhead.

Hateful twisted looks appeared on two of the cutest faces ever as they glared into each others eyes.

“Think your body is sexier than mine?” growled Amber.

“Definitely Bitch!” Replied Ashley

“I guess we’ll just have to tighten up even more!” Amber snarled.

The two cheerleaders pressed against each other until their breasts were now firmly pushed together through their uniforms.

“Think your face is cuter than mine?” Ashley snarled.

“Much cuter!” replied Amber

“I guess we’ll just have to tighten the comparison between our faces too.” Replied Ashley.

“Ya Bitch, Face-to-Face. Look me right in the eye and tell me you still think you’re cuter than me.” Growled Amber.

The Redhead angled her face and pressed her right cheek against the blondes left cheek. This closed off the space between their eye sockets. Long soft eye lashes started to tangle and combed their way through each other. Their eyes were literally drilling hate directly into each other as they gave each other butterfly kisses.

The two pony tailed cheerleaders proceeded to smash their cute little faces together. With their faces angled in the same direction, the corners of their snarling mouths were just millimeters from touching, each one fully displaying her pearly white teeth. The two girls were slowly increasing the pressure between them. With their hands still glued to their hips they would occasionally stumble as they pushed into each other. They were hissing through clenched teeth and their breathing was becoming more profound.

“I need a tighter comparison bitch!” Ashley growled as she pushed forward with all her might, causing Amber to stumble back.

“So do I slut!” replied the Redhead and she too pushed back matching the Blonde with equal pressure.

The two cheerleaders went at it full force, staggering back and forth as one then the other would gain a step forward only to be pushed back a short moment later. After two full minutes neither had gained any advantage. At this point they remained equally match in strength.

“You need to be push harder!” cried out Amber.

“You do Bitch!” Ashley howled between grunts and gasps.

Their eye sockets were forced together so tight it look like the two girls were actually trying to touch eye balls. Who knows maybe they were?

“Your still not fighting hard enough Bitch!” yelled out Ashley.

“You’re the one not fighting hard enough, slut!” shouted Amber. “Here, maybe I should help you out!" The Redhead growled and immediately her hands came off her hips and she wrapped her arms around the Blonde. With her left arm over the top of Ashley’s right arm and her right arm under Ashley's left, she clinched her enemy in such a tight squeeze it caused the Blonde to rise up on her toes.

As Ashley’s felt the air being squeezed from her lungs she noticed a rock hard knot pressing between their legs. The Blonde was taken by surprise and was momentarily overwhelmed by the crushing power of Amber’s squeeze. Ashley quickly came to her senses and retaliated by wrapping her arms around the Redhead.

“Oh ya Bitch.......try handling this!" Ashley grunted through clenching teeth as she put a crushing body squeeze on Amber.

At this point Amber felt she had an advantage because she still had the Blonde raised up on her toes. Ashley quickly realized that a tight squeeze alone would not get her feet flat on the floor. The Blonde knew that she would have to use leverage against Amber and that meant taking the Redhead on pelvis-to-pelvis.

With the sides of their faces still glued together, Ashley smashed her pelvis hard into Amber and squeezed the Redhead with all the strength she could muster. The Redhead was caught off guard by the strength of the Blonde and was quickly brought up on her toes. However, Amber reacted fast enough by matching the Blonde’s strength and managed to keep Ashley up on her toes as well.

The two cheerleaders pulled and smashed themselves together as each one tried to lift the other one off the ground. Rock hard Pubic bones crushed together through their short pleated skirts and became the leverage point between the two girls. They started to stumble and clumsily dance around the room while keeping each other raised up on their toes. Eventually the heels of their sock covered feet started slipping out of their tennis shoes.

“Yes Bitch! I can almost feel it!” Amber shouted out with a painful cry. "I'm winning!"

“That's me you feel winning Bitch!” Ashley growled under a shortness of breath.

As the battle continued a fight between their legs started heating up. Ashley eventually managed to get her right leg slipped around Amber’s left leg and seconds later Amber had her right leg wrapped around Ashley’s left. As they stumbled around the room they ended up peeling their tennis shoes off each others feet.

Now free from their shoes the two girls wrapped their legs together even tighter. Locking them around each one full twist until their sock covered toes came back around and smashed into each other. As they held each other in this awkward embrace they somehow managed to keep each other pulled up on their smashed together toes while they stumbled around the room.

The two girls continued to crush their bodies together. Their neck muscles were straining to keep their angry faces plastered together. Tits were smashing tits through their cheerleading uniforms while silky smooth legs were knotted together in a tight pretzel. This was exactly the kind of girl fighting urges Amber would lye awake in bed at night thinking about as a constant tingled between her legs kept her tossing and turning for hours. But there was more, much more. Hearing all the rumors of girl fights that went on when she was just a year younger had her wondering just how far this blonde bitch would take it. Then it happened.

"I suppose you think your mouth is cuter than mine too!" Ashley growled through snarling teeth as the corner of their mouths rubbed together.

A chill shot through Amber's body when she heard those words and she knew exactly what this was leading up to. The challenge had been made, and for the first time Amber was faced with taking a girl fight to the next level. This was something she had only thought about, but to think about it and actually do it were two different things. She tried not to be intimidated by the blonde and pressed forward, determined to come out on top of this Bitch no matter where their fight took them.

"Damn right I do, my mouth is much cuter and sexier than yours Bitch?" Amber growled back as she pressed the corner of her mouth in tighter against Ashley's.

"Are you willing to prove it by fighting me mouth-to-mouth?" Ashley asked angrily while bringing more of her lips into direct contact with Amber's.

That was it. A fight that Amber thought only existed in her mind. All the past rumors that kept her awake at night imagining what it would be like to take on another girl in this kind of fight was now becoming a reality for her. Now faced with the challenge she seemed a little apprehensive about it. Mainly because she was not the one to initiate it. It was now obvious that Ashley wasn't about to give into her piercing gaze and the tight squeeze she was putting on her. Amber realized she might be in for more than what she bargained for. If Ashley had done this before she might very well have the advantage. But then again what all could there be to it. It seemed common sense that which ever girl ended up overwhelming the other girl would be the winner. And that is exactly the core of Amber's secret obsession. To completely overwhelm any girl by any means that thought she was the cuter and sexier.

"I'll fight you mouth-to-mouth Bitch!" Amber snarled.

As they brought more of their full lips together, the sides of their faces finally came apart. The two girls were now nose-to-nose and chin-to-chin. Their eyes were wide open and staring directly into each other with their lips now smashing roughly together. "You want to kiss fight me bitch?" Ashley growled. Her lips massaging Amber's as she spoke.

"Fuck ya Bitch..... let’s kiss it out!" Amber stated and then started rubbing her lips across the blonde's with more aggression. Her eyes closed as she took in the ultra soft sensation of full plump girl lips gliding smoothly across girl lips.

Ashley came back and matched the redhead with her own aggressive kiss. They kissed each other nose to nose and chin to chin. It looked like the two girls were purposely trying to mix the two different shades of their lipstick together as they smeared and massaged their lips into one another. After two full minutes of kissing they succeeded in doing just that. They had created their own shade of red lipstick that was now smeared all around their lips.

Suddenly Ashley pulled her mouth back and shouted, "Tongue Fight Me Bitch!" Her wet tongue came out and slapped back and forth across the red haired girl's lips.

This caught Amber by complete surprise. 'Why didn't I see this coming?' she asked herself. She had been so caught up in the soft girl-kiss that she had completely forgotten about the need to be forceful. This was a fight and it was something she was going to have to keep in mind. She knew if she didn't treat it like one, she was going to find herself at the mercy of Ashley aggression.

After the initial shock Amber reacted quickly by sticking her tongue out and started flicking it back and forth across the Redhead's. Their wet tongues battled it out for several seconds. The space between their lips slowly closed as each one attempted to force their tongue into each other's mouth. Amber's eyes crack opened and she was surprised to see the blonde's crystal blue eyes wide open glaring into her face. At first she was taken back by the hateful look in Ashley's eyes but was immediately stimulated by the challenge. Her piercing green eyes opened wide with confidence and drilled a super charged look of hate back into the blonde's despising eyes.

Amber couldn't believe she was locked up in a tongue fight with such an aggressive bitch. At every turn Ashley seemed to be taking the lead. She struggled to keep herself from melting into the blonde's arms and somehow found the determination to step up her own aggressive attack by crushing the cheerleader into herself with all the strength she could find. At the same time she thrashed her tongue wildly across Ashley's, fiercely intent on overwhelming the blonde. For a brief second she managed to do just that. But then her enemy reacted with a stepped up attack of her own and matched the red-haired girl's unabated aggression.

The two cheerleaders remained in a tight clinic, keeping each other pulled up on their toes while they stumbled around the room in a violent tongue kissing fight. Suddenly the sound of the door opening echoed through the room. The noise startled the two girls and caused them to separate. They fumbled around for their shoes as a park security guard enter the bathroom. "You two girls need to be on your way!" He shouted out.

Ashley was the first one to get her shoes on and quickly shot out of the restroom. Amber scuffled a bit with her shoes but finally managed to get them on and made her way out just seconds behind the Blonde. The Redhead's eyes scanned the area and she suddenly heard a car engine starting up in the parking lot. She watched as the car pulled out and disappeared down the street. Amber quickly realized she was now alone at night in the park. She was determined to continue her fight with Ashley but realized two girls fighting in the park at night probably wasn't a good idea. The Redhead knew the two of them would eventually meet up again.

Amber didn't have to wait long at all. That night as she entered her bedroom the phone rang.

"Hello!" The Redhead answered

"Is this Amber?" A voice on the other line asked.

"Yes it is!"

"This is Ashley."

There was a moment of silence between the two girls.

"I guess you now realize who the cuter, sexier girl is between us!" Amber finally spoke out.

"That would be me Bitch!" shouted out Ashley

"If that's true then why did you run away with your tail between your legs!" stated the Red-haired girl.

"Listen Bitch, we're not finished. I not a gutter tramp like you who likes to fight in dirty bathrooms." replied the Blonde

"Why is that.......afraid of getting a little dirty?" Amber asked.

"I can get dirty in ways a prude little bitch like you could never even imagine.......and it's not the kind of dirty you get from rolling around on the floor of a public bathroom." Stated Ashley

"Oh I've got a pretty good imagination..........maybe we should get together and let our imagination play it out." Amber growled

"You could never handle the way I imagine us fighting!" Ashley shouted

"I could handle any kind of fight between us Bitch!"

"O.K. Bitch, then let's fight it out!" Amber challenged, "Unless you’re too sore from fighting nice and tight against my body already."

"You want a fight nice and tight Bitch?" Asked the Blonde with anger. "I can fight a hell of a lot tighter than I was earlier tonight!" she stated.

"So can I!" replied Amber. "In fact that tight little comparison was just a sample of what I have in store for you!"

"All right then, lets meet and settle this once and for all!" The Blonde challenged

"Name it Bitch!" Amber replied with anger.

"I have the house all to myself this weekend......... so let’s say tomorrow night."

"What time!"

"Let’s say 8 o'clock."

"Agreed!" Amber accepted. "But no surprises Bitch. Just you and me, one on one!"

"Agreed!" replied the Blonde. "My address is 14598 57th street."

"I'll be there!" stated Amber

"Oh by the way...I'm going to crush you Bitch!" Ashley threatened.

“No, I don't think so. I'm going to crush you Bitch!" Amber growled back and then hung up the phone.

"Even though that bitch managed to be the first one to instigate our tongue kissing fight, she's going to soon find out who's really in control." Amber thought to herself as she lay in bed that night. She tossed and turned for hours, unable to get what had happened out of her mind. All she could think about is comparing herself to the blonde and how their confrontation in the bathroom had turned dirty. How the two of them stood face to face, pressed up nice and tight against each other with all the other girls on their cheering leading squads circling around them. She finally fell asleep while playing out the dirtiest girl-fighting images imaginable.

The next day at school Amber kept her up and coming fight with Ashley to herself. The thought of having an audience appealed to her, although if she were to lose she preferred their fight be in private. Amber has never been up against a girl like Ashley before and wasn't going to risk losing in front of her friends. Especially if they end up fighting the way she imagined the night before.

The day seemed to drag along but eventually Amber found herself back at home preparing for the fight. She showered, did up her makeup and made sure to put on an extra thick coat of cherry red lipstick. She dressed in a small pair of tight fitting black jean shorts with a red t-shirt that hugged her firm C-cup breasts ultra tight. The colors purposely representing her cheerleading squad. She put her hair up in ponytails and slipped her bare feet into her tennis shoes before heading out the door.

It was a short drive and before she knew it, Amber was standing at the front door of Ashley's house. Just seconds after knocking, the door flung open with Ashley standing in the door way. Amber eyes traveled up and down her enemy’s body and noticed the girl was dressed similar. Short pair of blue jean shorts, tight fitting gold t-shirt, tennis shoes with no socks.

Ashley stood in the doorway thrusting her chest out. She moved off to the side and motioned for the Redhead to enter. Amber moved forward and just as she was about to enter she turned and went chest first into the Blonde. Ashley must have been thinking the same thing because she charged forward at the same time. The two girls bashed together tit-to-tit, hard enough to make both of them bounce off each other. Ashley quickly closed the door and the two girls glared at each other. "Upstairs Bitch!" Ashley commanded as she led the Redhead up to her bedroom.

The room was large and girlishly decorated. It reminded Amber of her own bedroom. Ashley moved deep into the room and took on a challenging pose, hands on hips, chest thrusting out. Amber stood in the door way several feet away and took on a similar stance.

"This time there won't be any interruptions!" Stated Ashley

"Then let's fight Bitch!" replied Amber

Ashley let her hands fall to her sides and slowly started walking towards the Redhead. Her chin was tucked in slightly and her hateful eyes were aimed directly at Amber. She almost looked like she was playing out some kind of walking zombie as she moved across the room towards the redhead.

Amber quickly took on the same deadly approach as her eyes locked with the Blonde's. The two girls met in the center of the room and pressed in tit against tit. Their foreheads came together and as their arms hung down at their sides; their hands searched each other out until their fingers found themselves tightly entwined. The two girls held this position for a full minute. They stood motionless and in silence as they did nothing but glare hate into each others eyes.

"Can you feel our cuteness already fighting each other?" Ashley finally broke the silence.

"I can feel them fighting.... and my cute looks are winning!" Growled Amber, as she pressed in harder against the Blonde.

"You must be mistaken....maybe you just need tighter proof." State Ashley. As she pushed in against the Redhead it caused their bodies to slip around and the two girls found themselves turning in a tight circle, bodies still pressed together.

"I can get tight Bitch!" Amber snarled as she increased the pressure.

"Not as tight as I can get Slut!" Ashley shot back.

"Think your tits can hold up to mine?" Amber asked, determined to take the lead.

"My tits will crush your tits Bitch!" replied Ashley.

The two girls looked like they were rotating on a carousel as they turned together in a tight circle.

"Then let's take off our tops and we'll see if you’re still talking shit while we're standing bra-to-bra." Challenged Amber.

"Let's do it Bitch!" Ashley replied.

With that the two girls separated and removed their tight t-shirt. They stood two feet apart and took on a challenging pose, hands on hips, chests thrusting out. Their hard nipples were poking through the lacey material of their bras. They came together and pressed in tit-to-tit with each other. They started rubbing their bras back and forth across each other as their eyes looked on in silent comparison. Amber could feel the Blonde's hard knots flicking passed hers as they grinded together. She wondered how well they would hold up against Ashley's in a nipple fight. Just like the nipple fights she always imagined being in.

The rubbing slowed and eventually stopped as the pressure between their breasts increased. For a full minute the two girls pressed and pushed against each other. Neither one was able to gain any advantage as their equally sized, equally firm breasts smashed together.

"I'll bet your not so tuff without that padded bra!" stated Ashley

"Padded bra my ass!" Amber shouted out. She pulled back and quickly removed her bra. The Redhead took on a classic pose as her bare breasts heaved out in absolute challenge for the first time. There was no doubt Amber was nervous. This was the first time she had pushed her naked tits out at another girl.

Ashley smirked and quickly removed her own bra. She then up the ante and pulled off her shorts and remove her tennis shoes. The Blonde now stood in nothing but a pair of white lace panties. She took on the same classic pose as she bared her breast to the Redhead. Amber eyes got wide as she examined Ashley's body. The Blonde's tits easily match her own in size and shape. Seeing the large wet spot in the crotch of Ashley's panties caused the Redhead to leak an even greater amount of fluid into the crotch of her own panties.

Not to be out done, Amber quickly stepped out of her own tennis shoes and tight shorts. She watched as Ashley eyes shot right down to the soaking wet crotch of her black lace panties.

The two girls stood two feet apart and compared bodies. Swaying back and forth the two girls studied each other tits, looking for any sagging or softness as the twisted back and forth. Both had pink dollar size areoles and appeared equal matched in nipple size.

"All right enough bullshit! Let me see you take on these babies!" Ashley shouted out and then she flexed her chest muscles which caused her tits to rise up higher on her chest. Her breasts took on the form of two steel balls. She released her muscles and then flexed again.

"Oh ya Bitch, well you'll have to smash your way through these babies!" Amber shot back and flexed her chest muscles which made her tits raise up and form two rock hard balls.

For several seconds the two girls continued to flex their tits at each other.

"All right Bitch, tit to tit!" Ashley shouted out.

So the two girls charged forward with their tit muscles flexed and bashed together. Two sets of steel balls bounced off each other only to come to rest back up against each other. With their hands on their hips the two girls proceeded to smash into each other. They started pumping their tits into one another. Each one giving the other a good feel for the power in their breasts.

"You wanna pump tits with me bitch!" Ashley growled. "My tits will break your tits!"

"Bullshit Bitch! My tits are going to bust your tits flat!" Amber growled back.

Each time they flexed their tit muscles their bodies would rock back and forth as their breast meat expanded and contracted.

"Can you feel my nipples bending the shit out of your nipples?" Ashley snarled

"It's my nipples you feel bending yours, Bitch!" replied Amber.

"Oh ya Bitch, see for yourself!" Ashley stated as she pulled back and started flicking her nipples across the Redhead's.

"All right you slut, let's put them side-by-side and see who's are longer and stronger." Amber challenged

The two girls slid their nipples in close and then leaned forward until Ashley's long nipples touched Amber's areola at exactly the same time Amber's touched Ashley's.

"This doesn't prove a thing Bitch!" Stated Amber. "Let's just see how strong your nipples really are."

With that the two girls slowly started to cross nipples. Their stiff rubbery shafts slowly started to bend with equal results. Just before they were about to slip past each other the two girls held them in that position for several seconds. Each one concentrated on the strength of her nipples. Each one physically and mentally determined to bend the others nipples back. Finally their nipples flicked past one another.

"Do it again Bitch!" commanded Amber.
The two line up again and started sliding nipples across nipples. Once again they held them equally bent across each other for several seconds. The same result occurred as they flicked past each other.

"O.K. Bitch there's only one way to settle this." Shouted out Ashley. "Straight on nipple-to-nipple!" she stated.

"You don't know what your getting yourself into Slut!" shot back Amber, "I gonna push your nipples right back into your tits!"

"Line em up Bitch." Growled Ashley

The two girls maneuvered into a head on nipple-to-nipple collision. Slowly they started pushing forward until their nipples disappeared from sight. They continued to push forward, smashing their tits together.

"My nipples are going to invert your nipples!" Amber growled and she threw her arms around Ashley in a tight squeeze.

Ashley quickly reacted and threw her arms around the Redhead. "Bullshit Bitch, my nipples are going to invert yours!" She shot back.

The two girls continued to squeeze each other tighter and tighter.

"That's it Bitch, tit fight me!" Amber yelled out and started flexing her tit muscles into the Blonde's tits.

"I'm gonna break you!" Ashley responded by pumping her tit muscle back against the Redhead's

The two girls proceeded to crush each others tits with their own. Tighter and tighter the battle went on. Their faces grimacing with pain and determination. They started to rotate their tits in small circles, drilling their nipples directly into each other. The battle went on for nearly twenty minute. Their mingling sweat now lubricating the battle.

"My nipples are winning Bitch!" Stated Ashley, "I can feel my nipples inside yours."

"Bullshit, that's my nipples you feel inside yours, you stupid slut!" shot back Amber.

"All right Bitch if you really think your nipples are winning then let's pull apart and we'll see whose nipples are wining."

As the two girls started to pull apart, their squashed breasts slowly formed back into their original shape. Finally a wet glistening pink shaft appeared between the two sets of fighting tits. They slowly back off as more and more of the pink nipple came into view. Longer and longer the pink shafts grew. Both girls eyes got wide with excitement. Well over three quarters of an inch appeared making each one of the girls think her own nipples had grown longer and harder than they ever had. They continued to back off as well over an inch now appeared. Confused looks came across their faces as the shafts between their tits grew to an inch and a half in length. As they lean back even more something strange started to happen. Their nipples were actually being pulled away from their areolas. The two girls looked down in disbelief and realized their nipples were stuck together. Their milk holes had actually sucked together. This is what was giving the two girls the erotic feeling of being inside one another.

Finally their nipples snapped apart. Amber looked over to see a clear milky fluid dripping from Ashley's nipples. She looked down and noticed the same milky fluid oozing from her own pink shafts. The two girls looked up and locked eyes. The look of rage came across their faces and they threw themselves back into a crushing bear hug. They squeezed with all their strength while spitting and cursing into each others faces.

"I'm going to break you down Bitch!" growled Amber. She was barely able to get the words out from being in such a tight crushing embrace.

"I'm going to bust you apart Slut!" Ashley growled back with the same desperate grunt.

Amber made an attempt to lift the Blonde off her feet. Ashley wasn't about to fall for that and the two girls found themselves raised up on their toes. This brought their wet panty covered pubic bones into tight contact.

"Are you trying to start a pussy fight with me Bitch?" Ashley snarled.

"I told you I can get down right dirty if I have too!" Replied Amber and she started grinding the wet crotch of the panties into the Blonde.

"We'll see who can get down right dirty!" Ashley responded and started grinding her crotch back against the Redhead's.

As the two girls battled it out the crotch of their panties started soaking up each others wetness.

"All right Bitch you want a pussy fight for real or are you too afraid to remove you panties?" Ashley growled.

"You’re the one that need to be afraid! My pussy will eat your pussy alive!" stated Amber.

"Your pussy doesn't stand a chance! My pussy will destroy your pussy!" replied Ashley.

"Well all right then bitch, let's find out!' Amber shouted out. She quickly reached down and started tugging away at the blonde's panties.

Ashley immediately retaliated and started pulling at Amber's panties. As the waistbands of their panties were pulled down their over their hips the wet crotches were clinging together as they fell down around their ankles. They stepped out of their lacy garments never once separating from their tit-to-tit embrace.

Slowly the two girls brought their hips forward until they could feel the bristly hairs of their pubic region intermingling. They started swiveling back and forth, letting the red and blonde hairs comb their way through each other. Pushing in closer they came together pubic bone to pubic bone. Their pubic hair now grinding roughly together.

"I'm going to rub your cunt bald Bitch!" Amber growled and pressed her nose against the Blonde's.

"Bitch my cunt hair is going to grind those soft little hairs of yours into dust!" Ashley stated with anger.

For a full minute the two girls proceeded to knot their cunt hairs together. Tighter and tighter their bones ground into one another.
Legs slowly started to spread causing their inner thigh to rub up against each other. Finally the soft folds of their pussies came into wet contact. The two girls took in a gasp of air and their bodies shivered. Their heads tilted back putting them nose-to-nose and chin-to-chin while their eyes remained locked in a heated glare.

As more and more contact was made between their legs, their pussies spread open and smashed together. The inner folds of their velvet soft cunt lips squished wetly together. They held each other tight, determined to work their pussies into tighter contact.

"Tongue fuck me Bitch!" Ashley growled, her words were muffled from her mouth already being smashed against Amber's.

A split second later the two girls’ tongues came out and started a wet vicious battle. Each one immediately trying to ram as much of her tongue into the others girl’s mouth as possible. Their eyes remained open and locked together. Wet tongues could be seen battling between a section of their seals mouths. The two red probes looked united. Appearing like some kind of living organism that was purposely pulling their faces into each other, smashing them together. Saliva and cunt juices were flowing like crazy, dripping off their chins and running down their legs.

The two juiced up girls continued to fight in an angry embrace for long minutes. Each one more determined than ever to completely devour the other. They stumbled back and forth as their legs fought for position. Each girl finally getting her left leg hooked all the way around her opponent’s right leg until their toes were smashing together. Each one made a quick attempt to lift the other off the ground and since neither girl was wearing any socks this time, it caused their toes to interlock. As they stumbled around and struggled to lift each other off the ground they purposely jammed their toes together.

After long minutes of dancing around the room the two girls ended up loosing their balance and fell to the floor. The impact broke the girls apart. They sat up and gave each other an evil glare. Amber looked down and noticed sprinkles of red hair mixed in with the blonde's pubic hair. She looked down at her own crotch to see some of Ashley's blonde hair entwined in her red pubic hairs.

"You are going to have to do better than that if you want to beat me Bitch!" Ashley growled

"All right then Bitch let's completely open ourselves up to each other and we'll really find out which one of us is the cuter, sexier girl!" Amber stated as she reached down between her legs and spread her wet pussy lips apart.

"Better open up wider than that Bitch because my cunt is going to swallow that weak little pussy of yours." Ashley replied as she reached down and opened her lips as wide as she could.

Amber looked over to see the Blonde's wide open cunt drooling with sex. "Bring it on Bitch, I'm going to suck you in and wring you out."

The two girls moved in, sliding their right leg over the top of each other's left leg. As they held their pussy lips wide open their asses came up off the floor. Their juicy cunts smashed together and they started rotating their hips, working their holes directly into each other. When they felt their cunts suck together they pulled their hands away and leaned back. Their eyes locked as the pressure increased. After a full minute of grinding they stopped and just held their pussy in tight contact. Amber could feel the Blonde's cunt muscles contracting and felt the juices deep inside the inner cavern of her own pussy being sucked into Ashley's hole. The Redhead quickly reacted and started squeezing her own vagina muscles which caused a slurping noise between their tightly sealed cunts. All those Keigle exercises were now paying off as she felt a warm trickle of Ashley's cunt juice being sucked into her pussy.

"Oh no you don't Bitch! My pussy is going to suck you dry." Ashley stated and she tightened her muscles pulling back the flow of juices.

"Bullshit you fucking slut, my cunt is going to eat your pussy alive." Amber growled while squeezing her muscles tighter.

As the two girls vacuumed together more and more of their soft inner cunt walls mashed together. Their goal was to keep themselves nice and wet. Even if that meant robbing the other girl of her womanly juices. They both knew that once they dried out it, it would more then likely be over for them.

Amber slowly started to grind into the Blonde. She shifted her pelvis up and felt Ashley's little sex rod slip in between her lips. The Redhead clinched her muscles and squeezed the Blonde's stiff knob tight. She was rewarded with a deep husky groan. Amber worked more of Ashley's clit into her pussy, squeezing and milking it. She felt the blonde's little nub growing inside her as her opponent gasped and convulsed, nearly exploding in orgasm.

Ashley fought off her orgasm and quickly pulled back, shifted her pussy and managed to trap the Redheads stiff nub between her own wet lips. She squeezed and worked the Redhead's sex tool deep into her pussy. Amber groaned loudly and felt her body start to quiver. Her clit started to swell as she felt the mushy lips of the Blonde's pussy wrap around it and squeeze.

Within seconds Amber found herself nearly going over the edge. She quickly pulled back causing their pussies to break contact.

"What's the matter Bitch? Can't handle it?" Ashley snarled.

"O.K Bitch stop screwing around and let's fight it out clit-to-clit!" Amber shouted out

"Bring it on Slut!" Ashley quickly replied.

They moved in slowly. The two angry pussies staring each other down with their pink fleshy clits aimed directly at one another, swelling to a full inch in length and glistening wet with each others sex juice. They were about to put their most personal parts up against one another and actually make them fight each other. Both girls shuddered as they came in and touched clit-to-clit They quickly pulled back as if an electric shock had just shot through their bodies. The two looked down and noticed a sticky string of sex juice bridged across their angry clits, linking them together.

Their eyes came up and locked. They brought their clits together again. This time holding them together, barely touching. They started to snarl at one another as they glared into each others eyes.

"My clit is going to crush that weak little piece of shit!" Ashley growled.

"We'll see who's clit get crushed Bitch!" replied Amber.

They moved in and laid their clits length to length with each other, their bodies shook as they pressed them into tighter contact. Slowly they started slashing their stiff tools back and forth across each other, They pressed in hard and brought their vagina openings together. Suddenly the two girls let loose and went at it full force. Grinding and smashing clit against clit and cunt against cunt. They were still holding their bodies up off the ground as they pushed each other around the room in the crab walk position.

This went on for sometime until Ashley's hand slipped out from underneath her. Amber quickly rose up and started grinding into the Blonde. With no leverage Ashley's shoulders were pinned to the floor. She used her feet to keep her ass raised up and continued to grind her pelvis into the Redhead.

"I've got you now Bitch!" Shouted Amber

Ashley knew she was at a disadvantage but wasn't about to give in. "All right Bitch, show me what you've got!" She yelled out and held her hands up.

"You're finished Bitch!" Amber growled and she locked hands with the Blonde.

With fingers tightly entwined the two girls continued to go at it cunt-to-cunt. Amber really poured it on grinding down hard into the Blonde. Ashley fought back and started bucking up into the Redhead. Amber found herself bouncing up and down on top of the Blonde like she was riding a wild bull. Their cunt meat slapping together as a strong upward thrust was met with a powerful downward thrust. Juices were splattered across the front of their bodies.

Amber was desperately trying to pound Ashley's ass into the floor but the Blonde would not break. Eventually the two girls began to run out of steam as their cunt bashing slowed into a fierce wet grind. The two girls concentrated on grinding their holes into a nice tight suction. Their clits slashed and sliced across each other causing the girls to moan and growl in a mixed state of anger and pleasure.

"How’s it feel being screwed into the floor Bitch?" Amber snarled.

"How’s it feel having your pussy sucked into my cunt Slut?" Ashley snarled back.

Amber tried to focus on breaking the Blonde down but found herself in a state of arousal that she could hardly control. Ashley realized the Redhead was about to go over the edge when she started to feel Amber's pussy saliva dripping into her open cunt. The Blonde concentrated on slicing her clit across Amber's which quickly sent the Redhead into an explosive orgasm. Their rotating hips came to a stop and the two girls smashed their pussies together as tight as they could get them. Amber's head flew back and she let out a loud scream as she lost all control of her vagina. "Yeeeeeoooooo!"

Ashley bent Amber's clit back with her own stiff rod and sucked her cunt in tight against the Redhead's. The Blonde felt Amber's pussy contracting as the Redhead's hot juice started pumping into her wide open cunt hole. Ashley sucked the Redhead's juicy orgasm deep into her own uterus. The inner walls of Amber's pussy were pulled into the Blonde's cunt. Ashley squeezed and sucked on the Redhead's cunt and when she felt her orgasm subside she quickly bucked and pushed forward, causing Amber to fall back. Now in the top position Ashley took control and started drilling her cunt into Amber's.

"I'm going to finish you Bitch once and for all!" Ashley growled

Amber was barely able to keep her ass up off the floor as she tried desperately to fight back. With their hands still locked together the two girls continued to battle it out.

The feel of Amber's hot juicy orgasm escalated the Blonde's arousal and it didn't help much when she started to feel the Redhead's clit coming back to life, stiffening and slicing across her own sensitive knob. She felt the suction increase against her cunt and she knew Amber's powerful orgasm was not going to be the end of their fight.

Within seconds she felt herself going over the edge, pumping her hot juices into the Redhead's cunt. Amber regained some of her strength and lifted her hips up and sucked in the Blonde's orgasm.

Ashley became dizzy as the Redhead's cunt pulled her in. She ended up loosing her balance and fell over backwards. The two girls just laid there panting and breathing heavily for several minutes with their legs still scissored together. Their mixed sex juice was dripping off their clits and oozing out from their hot pussies that lay just inches apart.

"I guess we know who the better woman is now!" Ashley finally found the strength to talk as she propped herself up on her elbows to look over at the Redhead.

"What the fuck is that suppose to mean?" Amber shot back with the question and raised her head up.

"You went off first so that makes me the winner!" Ashley stated. She knew the chances of Amber buying this were really slim.

"It's going to take a hell of a lot more than just one orgasm to put me down Bitch!" Amber shouted out and she sat up with her chest thrusting out. "I'm going to fight you until you dry up like an old dirty dish rag!" she stated.

Hearing this angered Ashley and she sat right up and went nipple-to-nipple with the Redhead. "You think you can outlast me Bitch. I will never surrender to a skanky little slut like you!" She shouted in Amber's face.

"Neither will I Bitch!" Amber growled.

The two girls aligned their nipples and clits head on and pressed into one another. They pushed in tight, testing the stiffness of each other sex tools. Their arms came up and wrapped around each other pulling themselves together. They glared long moments into each others eyes as their clits and nipples strained to push one another back.

"If your so sure of yourself then let's have it out cunt-to-cunt, tit-to-tit, and mouth-to-mouth." Ashley challenged

"Listen bitch!" Amber growled and reached up and took a hold of the Blonde's ponytails. "I am so sure of myself, that I am willing to tie my ponytails to yours and fight you face-to-face all night if I have too!" She stated and pulled on Ashley's ponytails until their noses were pressing together.

Ashley reached up and took a hold of the Redhead's ponytails and pulled their faces in tighter." All right you Bitch, let's tie them together in a tight knot. I don't want you to try and run away until I'm finished whipping your ass." The Blonde stated.

The two girls fumble with Amber's right and Ashley's left ponytails first. They looped them around each other creating a half knot. Amber was about to loop the Blonde's ponytail back around to form a full knot when Ashley shouted out, "It needs to be tighter!" So the two girls pulled until their faces started to angle off to the side. They completed the full knot and pulled tight, creating an entwined wad of red and blonde hair.

They went to work on the other side of their faces. Once the half knot was created they pulled tight until their faces came back straight ahead and smashed together nose-to-nose and chin-to-chin. Once they completed the full knot their arms came down and wrapped around each other in a tight squeeze. The two girls held their eyes open and rammed their tongues into each others mouths.

They started wrenching each other tighter and tighter while flexing their tit and cunt muscles into one another. The two girls fought desperately to overwhelm each other with their sexual assault. Their faces smashing together while their eyes remained locked in an angry glare, hidden by a curtain of their tied-together ponytails. Tongues were jammed deep into each others mouths, twisting and corkscrewing together. The two girls were literally drooling into each others mouth as their mixed saliva started dripping from their chins. Their firm tits were crushing one another so hard it looked like two pairs of unripe grapefruits getting ready to bust each other open.

Rock hard nipples were forced to fight head on as each girl once again felt as though she were inverting the other girl with her stiff bullets. Their cunts had sucked into a vacuum so strong that their soft inner lips started to curl together. Their clits were entwined so tight that if felt like they had internally wired themselves together as they fought to strangle and crush the life from one another Even their stomachs were pressed so tight against each other that they could feel their sweaty abdomen muscles interlocking as their innie belly buttons sucked together.

Surprisingly enough this didn't appear to be tight enough for the two girls. Still scissored together they wrapped their legs up high around each others backs. Their hands latched onto their own ankles, right hand to left ankle and left hand to right ankle, and they started to use the strength in their legs as well as their arms in an attempt to crush each other into unconsciousness.

A simultaneous orgasm suddenly rocked through their bodies. Their pussy were contracting and pulsating so hard that they lost their balance and ended up falling over onto their sides. Still locked together in each others arms and legs, they rolled over and came to a stop up against Ashley's desk with the blonde slightly more on top of the Redhead. They remained in this position for an undetermined amount of time as the two girls traded and mixed several more orgasms. After what seemed like hours, Amber felt herself momentarily slip into unconsciousness. They only thing that brought her awareness back was the sound of scissors cutting through her hair. She opened her eyes to see Ashley's face still pressing in close but also noticed a large clump of her own red hair hanging freely from the right side of the Blonde's face. The Redhead looked over just in time to see the blonde getting ready to cut through her other ponytail.

"Oh you Fucking Bitch!" Amber shouted out and quickly grabbed a hold of the Blonde's hand that held the scissors. She squeezed Ashley's fingers inside the handle causing the Blonde to scream out in pain. Amber let go and the Blonde dropped the scissors. The Redhead quickly snatched them up and brought sharp end up under Ashley's chin.

"I should cut your throat for what you just did Bitch!" Amber threatened. But instead she took the scissors and quickly snapped them through the Blonde's ponytail.

The two girls rolled apart and sat up breathing and panting heavily. "You’re going to pay for that Bitch!" Ashley shouted out. She looked over and noticed Amber still holding onto the scissors. The redhead slowly stood up and looked down at the Blonde.

"I guess that's the only way you'll be able to beat me!" Ashley stated as she once again looked at the scissor in the Redhead's hand.

Amber walked over and casually threw the scissors under Ashley's bed. She moved back and stood over the Blonde once again.

"I don't need anything but my body to beat you Bitch!" Amber growled.

Ashley slowly got to her feet and stood in front of the Redhead. "If I remember correctly it was you that passed out just a few minutes ago." The Blonde stated.

"Trust me Bitch it won't happen again!" Replied Amber. "And you’re going to pay for cutting my hair!" She shouted and charged forward with her hands reaching out in an attempt to latch onto the Blonde.

Ashley reacted quickly and brought her own claws up and the two girls found their fingers tightly entwined in a test of strength. Their arms shifted straight out to their sides, forming a double cross which caused their tits to come back into tight contact. They glared nose to nose with each other and with very little strength left, fought to push one another back.

Their bodies were glistening with sweat and juice. Light traces of lipstick smeared around their mouths, most of it had been washed away from their sloppy kiss fight. Each one missing a ponytail on the left side of their head while a knotted red and blonde ponytail hung down on the right side of their face.

"I can feel you getting tired Bitch!" Ashley growled.

"I still have enough strength left to out last you Slut!" Amber replied.

"Think you have enough strength left to tongue fight me Bitch?" Ashley snarled

"I have more then enough strength to take you on tongue-to-tongue!" Amber shot back and swiped her tongue across the Blonde's lips.

Ashley quickly flicked her tongue out as far as she could and the two girls started slashing back and forth across each other. Amazingly enough, saliva still flowed from each others mouths, creating another dripping wet tongue fight. They continued to press into each other with their arms straight out to their sides. Eye brows were twisted in forming angry looks on their faces as they glared hatefully at one another. Their legs entwined and they spread, forcing their wet juicy cunts into tight contact.

After several minute of stumbling around the room the two girls slowly started to lose their strength. They had been at it for hours. Their arms had fallen down to their sides and the tight pressure between them had loosened. Even their tongue fight had slowed into a slithering corkscrew. Eventually the two girls fell to the floor where they ended up wrapping their arms and legs around each other, squeezing one another as tight as they possible could. The two rolled back and forth as their tongues, tits, pussy, and legs all battled it out. These two girls were bound and determined to out last each other.

Amber woke up to find herself fully laid out on top of the Ashley. The side of her face was plastered to the Blonde's. As she lifted her head, her cheek peeled away from its counterpart. 'The two of them must have gone out together' Amber thought to herself.

Her body was sticking to the Blonde's. Especially in the pubic region, as she painfully lifted her body.

"You Bitch." Amber heard Ashley moan as she got to her feet. She looked down and knew the Blonde was in no shape to get up and stop her. It took the Redhead ten minutes just to get dressed and make it out of Ashley's house. She didn't even know how she ever made it home, but she woke up in her own bed late on Saturday night.

It took the rest of the weekend for Amber to find the strength to make it out of bed and before she knew it, it was Monday morning. She had forgotten about their ponytails being tied together until she saw her own reflection in the mirror. The Redhead spent about 10 minutes trying to unknot the Blonde hair from her ponytail. She finally gave up and jumped in the shower hoping once her hair was wet it would untangle easily. Unfortunately she still was unable to separate the hair. Once she completed her shower she stood back in front of the mirror. Instead of fighting the knot of hair she decided to wear the Blonde's ponytail as a trophy.

When she showed up at school she was immediately swarmed by the other girls on her cheerleading squad. All of them had already found out about the fight between her and Ashley. Apparently the blonde was quick to spread rumors about how she rendered Amber unconscious. The Redhead quickly came back claiming that she was the one that left the Blonde laid out on the floor.

Amber also learned that over the weekend several phone calls were made back and forth between the girls on her squad and the girls on Ashley's squad. Apparently the cheerleaders on Ashley's squad have challenged Amber's squad to an all out girl-fight!

After school Amber made her way out to the football field for cheerleading practice. All the girls on her squad quickly swarmed around her and started digging in for details about her fight. Although still sore from the long drawn out battle, she felt a huge ego boost as the girls on her squad circled around her. Now that she had experienced one of those dirty girl-fights, like the ones she had only heard rumors about, she felt distinguished.

"So is it true you beat Ashley in a girl-fight?" Stephanie asked with excitement.

"The bitch got what she deserved!" Amber replied with confidence.

"That's not what I'm hearing!" Brandy shouted out. The dark-haired girl wasn't about to accept Amber's claim of victory over her old friend.

"What......just because you think your little girlfriend is so high and mighty doesn't mean the Bitch isn't lying!” Amber stated with aggression. "Besides doesn't this hair look a little familiar?" She giggled as she tossed the knotted ponytail back and forth in her hand.

"Well it appears that you’re also missing something! What do you have to say about that?" Brandy stated in a snotty tone.

"That doesn't prove a thing!" Amber snapped and took on a defensive stance. Her hands came up on her hips and she cocked one leg out.

"Then why the fuck is my old squad challenging us to a fight?" Brandy shot back and moved within a couple of feet from the red-haired girl. She took on a similar pose, hands on hips, chest thrusting out.

"Maybe they just don't know what the fuck their getting themselves into!" Amber replied. There was an awkward moment of silence as the two girls eyed each other.

"I think your lying about your fight with Ashley!" Brandy growled and moved in closer to the red-haired girl.

"I don't like being called a liar!" Amber stepped right into the dark-haired girls face.

"So what are you going to do about it.....Bitch?" The dark-haired girl snapped and pushed in tit-to-tit and nose-to-nose with Amber.

Jennifer quickly came forward. "Don't take that shit from her Amber!" She shouted out. That's when Cindy grabbed her by the arm and spun her around. "Wait a minute......who says Amber's right!" Jennifer's eyes got big. The two of them were always bumping heads during cheerleading practice, but for Cindy to grab onto her like that, it wasn't about to go unanswered.

Jennifer quickly latched onto Cindy's biceps. "Whose side are you on?" She snarled.

Cindy reacted and gripped Jennifer's arms. "Get real Jennifer.....we don't know a thing about what happened!"

Jennifer looked at Cindy in disbelief. "How dare you betray the squad?"

"Don't give me that shit.....I'm tried of hearing how great Amber is all the time!" Cindy stated with a snarl.

"I hope you know what you’re doing because Amber is going to kick Brandy's ass........GET HER AMBER!" Jennifer shouted off to the side.

"I think Amber is all talk and I'm sick of it.......FUCK HER UP Brandy!" Cindy shot back.

Meanwhile Amber and Brandy were doing nothing more than glaring into each others faces. Their hands were clinched in fists as they held them on their hips. "Are you looking for a girl-fight Bitch?" Amber snarled and pushed into Brandy.

"Maybe so!" Brandy replied and pushed back.

Tighter and tighter the two cheerleaders pressed into each other. They started to stumble and ended up pushing one another around nose-to-nose and tit-to-tit.

"You think your one cute Bitch don't you?" Brandy sneered into Amber's face.

"A hell of a lot cuter than you Slut!" Amber replied.

"Let me tell you something bitch.........being cute will get you no where in life! You may be cute, but you're no where near as pretty as I am!" Brandy stated with a snarl.

"Oh ya....well pretty will get you no where but in the slut house, bitch! Being cute rules over pretty!" Amber growled back into Brandy's face.

"Maybe you'd like to put your cute, prissy, little looks up against me and test that theory Bitch?" Brandy snarled. "Besides.....I think we need new leadership around here anyway!"

"Well I say cute can crush pretty any day, and I know you've been thinking about taking over the cheer squad, but you'll have to push your way through me first!" Amber shot back.

"Pushing through you is exactly what I intend to do, bitch!" Brandy snarled and found the footing to force Amber back two steps.

"Ya well I can push a hell of a lot harder than you, Slut!" Amber growled and shoved Brandy back three or four steps.

Amber was surprised when Brandy stopped the redhead's forward momentum and brought them to equal footing. The two of them proceeded to pushed against each other with all their strength. Their tits were literally being crushed together through their tight cheerleading sweaters. Amber winced in pain, causing her to snarl even more viciously into Brandy's face as she took on the Blonde nose to nose. Her breasts were throbbing, still sore from being crushed together with Ashley's tits for hours on end. At this point she could tell Brandy was packing a very firm set of tits that felt equal in size against her own. This didn't at all concern Amber. With her new girl-fight experience, she felt she could wear the dark-haired girl down in no time.

Meanwhile Jennifer and Cindy were still gripping each others arms yelling out encouragement.

"Stay right in her face Amber!" Jennifer yelled out.

"Don't let her push you around Brandy!" Cindy shouted.

Stephanie stood off to the side and was gritting her teeth while watching the two cheerleaders fight. Her hands were clenched in fists as she snickered "Get her! Get her!" under her breath. She looked over at Heidi to see the same excitement in the other girl's face. Her jaw was jutting out and her teeth were grinding as she shook her fists in short throws. Heidi suddenly looked over to see Stephanie looking back at her. The two girls’ eyes narrowed with uncertainty, each one secretly wondering whose side the other was on.

The fight between Amber and Brandy started to escalate. They now had their arms wrapped around each other and were squeezing the front of their bodies together as hard as they could. Amber felt a sharp pain shoot across her breasts as Brandy tightened her embrace. It quickly became apparent that her sore breasts were giving her a slight disadvantage. She struggles to match the dark-haired girls crushing embrace and quickly wrapped her legs around Brandy's.

The dark-haired girl gladly accepted this new battle and worked her legs into a tight twisted knot with Amber's legs. As they stumbled back and forth Amber pushed her pelvis into Brandy's. The dark-haired girl's eyes got wide and quickly pushed her pelvis back into Amber's, letting the redhead know she was not afraid to fight on that level. Pubic bone met pubic bone through their short cheerleading skirts as the two girls held each other nose-to-nose.

"Is this how you and Ashley fought." Brandy gasped as she stared deeply into Amber's eyes.

" you like girl-fighting like this? Because this was just the start Bitch!" Amber grunted as she return the dark-haired girl’s intense stare.

"Fuckin-a-right bitch because I'm going to crush the shit out of you!" Brandy growled and tightened her embrace around the redhead.

"All right you fucking little like crushing? How about crushing mouth to mouth?" Amber snarled and slipped her nose past Brandy's. She jutted her jaw out, striking her chin against the dark haired girl's.

At this time Brandy suddenly found herself in a situation that Amber had been in just a few days ago. She had also heard about the dirty girl-fight rumors but never knew whether to believe them or not. Suddenly a deep hollow urge came shooting through her, just like the ones she felt whenever she heard mention of those dirty little rumors.

"O.K. want to fight me mouth to mouth?" Brandy shot back striking her jaw against Amber's.

"Ya you little pussy.........let's kiss it out!" Amber growled out.

The two girls continued crushing together in a tight embrace as they staggered back and forth. The two seemed a little reluctant to make the first move, especially knowing that the other cheerleaders were watching them.

"Come on bitch what are you waiting for?" Amber snapped.

"You come on Bitch!" Brandy snarled.

With that Amber smashed her lip-gloss coated lips roughly into Brandy's. The dark haired girl reacted quickly and mashed her full glossy lips back into Amber's.

"Oh my god they're Kiss Fighting!" Stephanie yelled out with excitement.

Jennifer and Cindy were holding one another in check in order to keep each other from interfering with the fight. They had their arms locked around each others waists and were bodied up against each other. After hearing Stephanie yell out, they both turned their heads to look at the two fighting girls.

"Holy Shit!" Jennifer yelled out.

"Come on Brandy you can take her!" Cindy shouted.

Jennifer didn't appreciate Cindy’s shouts of encouragement for Brandy. "Shut up Bitch!" She growled and tugged the red head in tighter against herself.

"You shut up slut!" Cindy snapped back and pulled Jennifer in. The two of them eyed each other with anger. Meanwhile Amber and Brandy continued to smash their wet lips together with aggression. Stephanie and Heidi had moved in for a closer look. They watched in awe as the two cheerleaders crushed and massaged their glossy lips into one another.

"Get her Brandy!" Heidi snarled under her breath.

"What did you say?" Stephanie shouted out and grabbed a hold of Heidi's arm.

"You heard me!" Heidi snapped back.

"You bitch!" Stephanie yelled and squeezed Heidi's arm.

"Oh come on don't tell me your not sick of Amber's shit too!" Heidi growled and retaliated by latching onto Stephanie's arms.

"Not even you Bitch!" Stephanie shot back. The two of them started tugging each other back and forth while yelling out encouragement for the two kiss fighting girls.

Loud smacking noises were heard along with the cheers and shouts from the other cheerleaders as Amber and Brandy kissed it out. The two of them continued to mash and grind their lips together with aggression, occasionally breaking apart with a loud smack only to stare intently into each others eyes.

Amber finally pulled back with Brandy's mouth still in pursuit. The dark haired girl's mouth chased after Amber's mouth for a few seconds. "What the matter..........had enough?" Brandy squawked.

"Not even Bitch!" Amber growled and jerked the dark haired girl around. "Think you can handle this Bitch!" She stuck her tongue out as far as she could and flicked it wildly back and forth in an attempt to frighten the dark haired girl.

Brandy realized this fight was quickly escalating into a something she had only imagined. She felt nervous and it felt awkward being challenged like this in front of the other cheerleaders. Yet the deep urges she was feeling were too strong to let her back down now. Not to a girl that she has despised since day one.

"Do you really think I'm afraid of tongue fighting you Bitch?" Brandy snarled and she snaked her tongue all the way out and started to mimic Ambers thrashing tongue. For several seconds the two girls did nothing but flick and fling there tongues wildly at one another until Amber finally pulled back. "All right you Bitch!" Her hands reached up behind the dark haired girl's back and she latched onto the hair that hung down along the sides of her face. "Let's fight each other tongue to tongue you fucking little slut!" Amber snarled while gritting her teeth.

Brandy reached up Amber's back and took hold of her tangled hair in one hand and managed to find purchase with the other hand within the short locks of her missing hair. The two of them pulled each other nose to nose and snarled in each others faces. "Tongue to tongue Bitch!" Brandy growled and flicked her tongue out wiping it across Amber's baring teeth. The red-haired girl quickly struck back by thrusting her tongue into the fight. The two girls proceeded to slash, lick, and pry their wet tongues against each other.

Jennifer and Cindy had muscled each other over until they were standing right next to the two tongue fighting girls. The astonished looks on their faces quickly turned to excitement as they shouted out encouragement for their favorite in the fight. "Get her Amber! Whip her tongue!" Jennifer shouted out. "Tie that bitches tongue in a knot Brandy!" Cindy shouted.

Heidi and Stephanie had also tugged each other in closer to the fight and were now standing on the opposite side. They too were shouting and cheering the girls on. Hearing all the encouragement from other girls had Amber and Brandy thrashing and twisting their tongues so wildly into one another that the other girls could actually hear their wet slippery tongues slapping together. The cheers from the other girls soon became more of a snarl or a growl as they moved in closer and closer. "Screw her tongue off Brandy!" "Lick her harder Amber!"

Hearing the other cheerleaders’ voices so close caused Brandy to open her eyes for the first time. She was somewhat shocked to see Amber's eyes wide open glaring hatefully at her. With her peripheral vision she could also see the other cheerleaders faces closing in from both sides, now only a foot or so away. "How in the world did she ever end up locked in a fight like this" she asked herself. But seeing the look in Amber's eyes only fuel her desires to overwhelm the redhead. She twisted her eyebrows into an evil glare and drilled hate into Amber's eyes.

The fight continued with each girl slapping and twirling their tongues together in what seemed like a never ending battle. Occasionally their tongue would catch and pry against one another, eventually slipping apart only to twist and thrash together again until Amber finally pulled back. "Let's just see how hard you can lick Bitch!" She growled and then tilted her head to one side and started to lick out into the narrow space between them. "You wanna lick? I'll lick you raw ya little Slut!" Brandy snarled and then angled her head in the opposite direction in order to match the top surface of her tongue against Amber's. The two girls started giving each other long hard licks. Each lick growing more intense until they were literally tasting the entire surface of each others tongues. Amber drove her wet probe out again but this time held it out and started to pry against Brandy's tongue. The dark haired girl pried back and the two girls proceeded to test the strength of each others licks.

Neither girl was gaining any type of advantage as the top surface of their tongues flattened out against each other. Amber sought out more leverage and leaned further into the lick. Her tongue started to enter Brandy's mouth while at the same time the dark haired girl's entered her own. Brandy suddenly started thrusting her tongue in and out of Amber's mouth causing the top surface of her tongue to glide slickly across the red haired girl's. Amber matched the motion causing more snarls and growls from the other four cheerleaders that were practically right in their faces. In fact Jennifer and Cindy were holding each other cheek to cheek in a crushing embrace as they worked their snarling faces in closer to the tongue fight. Cindy and Heidi were also closing in from the other side while working their arms and legs together in a tight knotted tussle of their own. "Tongue fuck her good Amber!" shouted one. "Lick the shit out of her Brandy!" Another one yelled,

As the two girls continued to piston fuck each others tongues, Amber started to feel her jaw ache. She could tell her fight with Ashley had taken its toll as Brandy turned up her aggression. Suddenly the dark haired girl fastened her wide open mouth to Amber's and started screwing her tongue deep into the red haired girl’s mouth with vicious determination. Amber struggle with Brandy's violent attack but managed to match the dark haired girl's tongue twisting assault. Their neck muscles kicked in as their wide open mouths sealed together.

"Ram your tongue down that Bitch's throat!" Jennifer shouted out.

"Don't listen to that cunt Brandy......drill that Bitches mouth out!" Heidi yelled back from across the two fighting girls.

"Who the fuck are you Bitch?" Jennifer shot back and all four girls started to argue back and forth with each other.

Meanwhile Amber was starting to feel her mouth being overwhelmed by Brandy's powerful tongue. She was starting to feel tremendous pain in her neck and jaw muscles. The dark haired girl sensed Amber's strength weakening so she pulled her hands down from her rival’s hair and wrapped the red haired girl up in a crushing embrace, squeezing for all she was worth. At this point Amber had no choice but to fight back and try to out-crush the dark haired girl. Her hands came down from Brandy's hair and she wrapped the girl up tight in her arms. The two girls proceeded to squeeze their bodies together with every once of strength they had. As their tits smashed together they worked their pubic bones into hard crushing contact while smooth silky legs entwined tightly.

At this point Amber started to lose her strength rather quickly. Her neck was now snapped back as Brandy's tongue raped her wide open mouth. The pain in her breasts, pelvis, and legs became too much for her to bear. She felt herself starting to lose consciousness. She ended up falling over backwards with Brandy landing on top of her, the impact knocking the breath out of her.

Brandy fell in between her legs keeping the two of them pelvis to pelvis. She momentarily lifted her body from Amber and pulled the red-haired girl's skirt up. She scissored the girl’s legs and dropped down panty to panty with her. Brandy started to vigorously grind her pussy into Amber's.

The semi-unconscious girl just laid there, barely aware of what was happening. One thing for sure was Brandy had no problem playing out some of the dirty little rumors they obviously had all heard about. "I guess we can say pretty is the queen now........can't we Bitch!" Brandy snarled as she continued her assault on Amber's pussy through their panties.

The four other cheerleaders looked on in silence as Brandy continued to grind their captain's pussy into the ground. The dark haired girl wasn't about to let up either. She just kept on grinding and grinding into the beaten girl, threatening to shred the crotch of their panties. The only thing that kept that from happening was the hot moist liquid leaking out from both their pussies. It acted like a lubricant keeping the mixed cotton-silk material gliding smoothly across each other.

Finally Brandy's body went tense. She jammed her pussy in as tight as she could get it against Amber's. Her cunt started to pulsate, pumping hot girl cum through her panties. Amber could feel Brandy's throbbing pussy and the wetness soaking the crotch of her own panties. Her own pussy too weak to even cum.

Once her orgasm subsided Brandy pulled herself up and looked down at the defeated cheerleader. "I guess there's a new captain in town now Bitch!" She spit down at Amber and turned to walk away. Before she got two steps away she turned back and said, "Oh and by the way......there will be no fight with my old cheerleading squad! I make the decision from now on!" She stated with authority and then walked away. Cindy and Heidi quickly chase after her while Jennifer and Stephanie stay behind to console Amber.

The rest of the week the redhead felt nothing but humiliation and embarrassment. Especially having to deal with Brandy every day at school and feeling even more degraded at cheerleading practice. Jennifer and Stephanie were the only ones that really gave her the strength to stay with the squad. Deep down Amber felt the need for revenge and she started planning for just that. She knew she could take Brandy down in another fight, and blamed her loss on the fight she had with Ashley. If she only would have waited a couple of weeks to take on the dark-haired girl things would be different. But now she had to contend with Brandy running the squad. And it took every bit of self-control to keep from leaving the squad, or possible even attacking the bitch as the dark-haired girl ran the girls through her own set of cheerleading routines.

The new captain pushed the redhead to the limits. Constantly being demanding and never satisfied with Amber's performance. This only added fuel for Amber's revenge. Each time she felt the urge to take on the dark-haired girl, she would breathe deeply and tell herself the time was not right. Friday came sooner than expected and they all had a football game to contend with.

The game seemed to go by rather quickly for Amber, even though she was forced to perform routines she thought were quite cheesy. She made the best of it and tried not to show her frustration in order to keep the dark-haired bitch off her back.

It was an easy defeat for the West Lake Cougars that night, but for Amber the victory didn't seem to have the same enthusiasm it did when they usually won. Most of the time all the girls would end up going out to party after the game, but the redhead just wasn't in the mood and instead invited Jennifer and Stephanie to a sleep over at her house. The three of them had to take quite a bit of shit from Brandy, Cindy and Heidi who where headed out for a long night of partying. There was no uncertainty in saying the squad was definitely divided.

As the three cheerleaders settled in for a night of movies, popcorn and several beers that they raided from the refrigerator, they eventually stripped out of their uniforms and into very short, lacy, night time camisoles that left little to the imagination. It wasn't long before Stephanie finally revealed a rumor she had heard through the grapevine. Apparently there was some mutiny going on in the Panther squad as well. Ashley had been pulled from her captain’s position, and there were certain members on the cheer squad that didn't care too much for Brandy either. Rumor had it the fight between their two squads was still on.

Not surprisingly their conversation ended up with all of them talking about Brandy. None of them were very happy with the way the dark-haired girl was running the squad, which also led them talking about Amber's fight with Brandy, and her fight with Ashley.

"So what was it like?" Stephanie asked with excitement.

"What do you mean?" Amber replied

"Being in a girl-fight!" Stephanie stated

"Ya.....were you scared?" Jennifer asked.

"You don't even think about being scared." The redhead replied. "Your thoughts are focused on proving yourself to be stronger and more confident than your opponent."

"So what should a girl do if she ever has to fight?" Stephanie asked

Amber's hand came up and brushed Ashley's still knotted hair from her face and tucked it behind her ear. "Well at first it all has to do with confrontation. You know you can actually win the fight without even laying a hand on your opponent. I know all us have gotten in other girls faces before and proven that theory."

"Ya but what happens if the other girl doesn't back down!" Stephanie asked with excitement.

"Well I've had that happen to me before!" Jennifer spoke up quickly, "We ended up pushing into each other in the girl’s bathroom until someone came in and interrupted us!"

"Maybe Amber should show us how it works!" Stephanie shouted out. "Looks like we might need the practice anyway!"

"Ya...let's see how it done!" Jennifer shot out.

Amber hesitated for a second, not knowing if she really wanted to continue with their request. Having lost to Brandy made her feel a little uneasy about the whole girl-fighting thing. But she knew she was going to have to get over it and what better way to prepare for revenge then to engage in a little practice. "OK you bitches.......which one of you wants to be first?" She shouted out.

"I do!" Both Stephanie and Jennifer yelled out simultaneously.

"Jennifer!" Amber pointed. "Ok let's stand up and face me." she directed. Once the two of them were up on their feet Amber continued to give directions. "Now let me see your best confrontational pose." So Jennifer brought her hands up on her hips as she stood about four feet away from Amber. "Thrust that chest out!" The redhead commanded. "You need to be leading chest first when the time comes! Then lock your eyes onto her's, give her a look that tells her you mean business." The redhead directed.

Amber brought her own hands up and rested them on her hips. Her eye's narrowed and locked onto Jennifer's. For several seconds the two girls just stared at one another. Amber suddenly had an idea. "How about we get Stephanie up here and the two of you face off with each other.....that way I can direct both of you into the fight!" The redhead suggested.

Jennifer looked over at Stephanie, "Ya....bring it on bitch!"

"You're on slut!" Stephanie shouted out as she jumped to her feet.

Amber took Stephanie by the arms and moved her into position. "Ok face each other just like Jennifer and I were doing and lock your eyes together. Get serious with each other." The two girls did just that as Amber moved off to the side.

"Chances are your opponent is not going to back down at this point." Amber stated. "So always try to be the first one to make the next move and approach her. If she starts to approach you first then you need to make sure you meet her halfway. This will let her know you’re not going to back down so easily." With that the two girls took two steps forward and met up face to face.

"Keep your chest out. You might see her glance down at your tits.........she's trying to size you up and it's a good idea to glance down yourself just to find out what you’re up against." As Amber was explaining she looked down to see both the girls nipples were already poking through their camisoles. She also noticed the girls were stacked up quite nicely. In fact the entire cheerleading squad has it going on upstairs.

She went back to giving directions. "Get in nice and close right from the start. Align your nipples right where her nipples are and touch them together."

When the two of them touched their nipples together they both let out a soft moan. "Big mistake........don't ever let on that she is getting to you so soon!" Amber quickly snapped at the girls. "Now really give each other a nice hard look. Stare deep into each others eyes and look for any signs of weakness." The redhead commanded as she moved to sit in the chair she placed beside them and let her two friends get to know each other.

"Look long and powerful and sexy is powerful and sexy are you? You both should be able to feel that through your locked eyes and through your touching nipples." Amber explained. She let the two girls stand nipple to nipple for close to two full minutes, letting them absorb each other. "Who's better between you two?" The Redhead finally asked. "I am!" They both replied at the same time. "Well then I guess it looks like the two of you have a girl-fight on your hands!" Amber stated.

"Be the first one to start pushing. Get your tits pressed in nice and tight against each other." Amber directed. "Slowly increase the pressure. You should be touching nose-to-nose and giving each other nasty looks. A lot of girls will back down once they feel what you’re packing." Stephanie and Jennifer were following Amber's instructions to a tee. With their hands still on their hips the two girls were pushing heavily into one another. Their eyes reflecting the seriousness of their battle. "Now is a good time to start trash talking. Starting telling the other one how weak and soft you think she is. Issue challenges and threats about what you’re going to do if the fight continues."

"Your tits feel like marsh mellows bitch!" Stephanie growled.

"Bitch I can feel my tits crushing yours flat!" Jennifer shot back.

"Maybe you'd like me to increase the pressure........that's if you think you can take it!" Stephanie snarled.

"I'll give you pressure bitch!" Jennifer shouted out and pushed as hard as she could up against the dark-haired girl.

Stephanie stumbled back before regaining her footing. She launched forward pushing Jennifer back a few steps. The two girls started pushing each other around the room nose-to-nose and tit-to-tit, their hands still placed solidly on their hips.

"I can feel my nipples drilling through yours!" Jennifer stated with a snarl.

"Your nipples are nothing compared to mine Bitch!" Stephanie shouted.

"If you really think you're so tough then let's take off our nighties and fight it out with our bare nipples!" Jennifer suggested with a hostile tone.

"Your on Bitch........I can't wait to bend the shit out of your nipples with mine!" Stephanie shouted out her reply.

The two girls quickly pulled back and had their camisoles removed in no time, leaving Stephanie in nothing but a pair of black silk panties and Jennifer in a white pair. Now bare chested they faced off with each other. Standing two feet apart the girls brought their hands up on their hips. They were thrusting their bare tits out at one another, swaying back and forth in order to give each other a thorough comparison.

Amber couldn't believe how quickly things were escalating. It was like the two girls knew exactly what to do. They must have been up on all the dirty gossip and rumors. "You two match up quite nicely!" Amber stated as she observed how equally built her friends were. "Now you two should move in closer and compare really good with each other." The two girls moved in and stopped less than a foot from one another. Amber came around and stood behind Stephanie. She reached up and took a hold of the dark-haired girl's shoulders and started to control her movements. "Thrust your tits out as far as you can!" Amber whispered in Stephanie's ear as she turned the dark-haired girl’s shoulders back and forth. "Advertise yourself to her!" Jennifer was somewhat disturbed that Amber was over there coaching Stephanie. She really brought her tits out as far as she could to let them know she wasn't about to back down.

"Compare your tits! Do you think your tits could smash her tits flat?" Amber mumbled the question in Stephanie's ear. "Yeesss........flat like pancakes!" She replied, "Now compare your nipples. Do you think your nipples could bend her nipples over?" Amber questioned the girl. "Yeesss........easily!" Stephanie replied.

Amber was taking it the comparison herself. She couldn’t believe how equally match her to friends appeared. Both had equally sized c-cup breasts with dollar size aureoles. Their nipples were a little more than a half inch in length and at least three eighths of an inch thick. The only differences was Stephanie’s aureoles and nipples appeared to be a little more red in color and Jennifer's appeared more pink. Amber also noticed the perspiration that started to appear across their chests from their previous exertion. They were both breathing heavily and their faces were flush with anticipation. "Let me see you flex your tit muscles at her!" Amber snarled into Stephanie's ear. The dark-haired girl did as she was told and the packed muscle underneath her firm globes lifted her tits up to form two tight masses of flesh.

Amber then moved from behind Stephanie and slipped around until she was behind Jennifer. Just like she had done with the dark-haired girl, she reached up and took hold of the Blonde's shoulders. Slowly turning her side to side she whispered in the cheerleader’s ear. "Wouldn't you like to feel your tits crushing her tits flat?" She asked. "Yeess........crushing her tits flat with my tits!" Jennifer snarled.

"And wouldn't you like to feel your nipples fighting with her nipples?" Amber questioned. " nipples fighting with her nipples!" Jennifer moaned. "Then let me see you flex your tit muscles at her and challenge the bitch to a nipple fight!" Amber growled into the Blonde's ear.

And with that Jennifer flexed her muscles causing her tits to rise up in clear challenge. "Are you ready to fight my nipples with your nipples Bitch?" Jennifer shouted out.

"More than ready you slut!" Stephanie replied harshly.

They slowly eased forward aligning their stiff shafts. A jolt shot through both cheerleaders as they touched nipple-to-nipple causing them to quickly pull back. Their thick stiff rods immediately swelled to three quarters of an inch. Amber had already moved to the side to get a better view of the fight. "Look how angry your nipples are with each other just by touching them together. They want to fight each other!" Amber declared with excitement. "But the two of you have got to try to keep yourselves under control." She commanded.

They moved together again, this time touching without pulling away. They both fought a nearly uncontrollable moan that desperately needed to escape their mouths. "That's it start working them together!" Amber directed.
So Stephanie and Jennifer slowly started flicking their ultra sensitive nipples together, letting their rubbery shafts glide smoothly across each other. "Come on girls pick up the pace. I don't want to see your nipples making love to each other I want to see your nipples fighting each other!" Amber shouted out.

The two girls poured it on, flicking, stabbing and twisting their stiff knobs together. The battle continues into the three minute mark. "Keep going girls.........try to break each other down!" Amber yelled out. The girls were breathing heavily as more perspiration started to develop across their chests and foreheads. Into the five minute mark and still neither girl seem to be wearing the other down. Amber finally moved over behind Jennifer and pulled her away from the fight. She leaned into her ear and started giving her instructions. "You need to tell her this is enough of this shit! Tell her you want to bend fight her by prying your nipples against hers." Amber whispered.

Jennifer did exactly as she was told, "Enough of this shit!" She glared into Stephanie's eyes. "Let's bend fight each other by prying our nipples against one another.........then we'll see who's nipples are stronger Bitch!" Stephanie shouted out.

"You want to bend fight me.......I will pry nipples with you and pin your weak little stubs!" Stephanie shot back with a snarl.

"We'll see!" Jennifer snapped back.

They came together and aligned their nipples side by side, causing the rubbery surface of their nips to scrape against each other. They slowly moved forward and the very tips of their nipples touch each others aureoles at exactly the same time. Amber came back around and took note of the nipple measurement. "Looks like your nipples are exactly the same size in length........but how about strength." She quickly added. "Ok girls now slowly flick your nipples sideways against each other!" Amber instructed.

Stephanie and Jennifer started to shift their weight causing their stiff rods to pry against one another. The two girls were gritting their teeth as they felt their nipples starting to give way. More and more pressure was added and it became clear the two cheerleaders’ nipples were bending with equal elasticity. Their weight shifted further until it became a painful battle of nipples against nipples.

Their stiff rods were now equally bent at a forty five degree angle. More weight was shifted and suddenly their nipples flicked past one another. "That was a good bend fight.........I can honestly say no clear winner on that one!" Amber stated. "Line them up the other way and try again!" she directed.

So the two girls realigned their nipples and once again started to pry them against one another, this time in the opposite direction. Right from the beginning it appeared it was going to be an exact repeat. And sure enough their nipples bent each other into a forty five degree angle and seconds later slipped off each other.

"Ok girls let's do it again, but this time I'm going to show both of you something you never thought you were capable of!" The two cheerleader came together and once again realigned their nipples. "Ok start prying!" Amber shouted out and the girls went back at it until their nipples hit the forty five degree angle. "Ok hold it right there!" Amber yelled out. "I want the two of you to concentrate on bending each others nipples with nothing more than the power of your mind!" She stated.

"You have the ability to make your nipples fight without even moving a muscle. The two of you need to lock eyes and funnel all your focus into the strength of your nipples." Amber stated as she continued to give directions. "Concentrate hard on making your nipples fight each other!"

Jennifer and Stephanie locked eyes and the battle of nipple strength commenced. Just a minute into the fight the perspiration across their foreheads started to build. They were gritting their teeth and the looks on their faces turned hateful as they glared into each others eyes. Amber stood close by and watched as their nipples bend painfully into each other. Suddenly she spotted Stephanie's nipples stiffen and it appeared that she had gained a slight advantage over Jennifer. "Come on Jennifer........concentrate. Look deep into Stephanie's eyes and see your nipples winning the fight! Are you really going to let another woman bend you?" Amber asked.

A few several seconds later Amber could see the Blonde's nipples come to life and fight back. They stiffened and started to pry Stephanie's nipples over. "Concentrate Stephanie.........see your nipples pinning hers!" Amber shouted out. It took every bit of focus the dark-haired girl could find to get her nipples back into an equal position. By now the two girls faces where really showing their exertion. They were snarling into each others faces, completely baring their teeth as small trickles of sweat ran down from their foreheads. Their expressions looked like they were lifting a two hundred pound object off the floor as they glared into each others eyes.

Amber closely observed the fight and her eyes got wide when she noticed their nipples actually shifting back and forth across each other in very small minute adjustments. First Stephanie and then Jennifer would have a slight advantage as the fight wore on. Amber couldn't help but feel the pain the two girls must have been experiencing in her own nipples as she watched the events unfold. Her own shafts stiffing to the point that they were actually stinging.

The two girls were pouring out every last bit of strength they could find. Hissing and snarling at one another with pure determination. Amber couldn't believe her eyes when she saw their nipples actually curling around each other like two pairs of interlocking hooks. The two girls had actually bent themselves into a stalemate. Amber studied the pink and red shafts that were now coiled together. "Unbelievable girls.........looks like the two of you are nipple locked!" Amber stated in disbelief. The pain in her own nipples was just too much to bear. She quickly pulled off her own camisole and started pinching some relief out of her own stiff bullets. For the first time since the beginning of the fight, Jennifer and Stephanie looked down and were amazed at what they saw. Their nipples looked like the center to a cinnamon roll, spiraled together in a twisted knot.

The two girls panicked and pulled away from each other. Their nipples stayed locked for a brief moment and then snapped apart, they both notice that their proud rods were now bent like little hooks. Frustration overwhelmed the two cheerleaders. "You bitch........look at what you did to my nipples!" Stephanie shouted out.

"Who you calling Bitch? You're the one that wanted Amber to show us all about girl-fighting!" Jennifer shot back.

"I didn't hear you backing down!" Stephanie yelled out as she moved back in towards the Blonde.

"That's because I never back down to slut like you!" Jennifer shouted and started to get into Stephanie's face.

Sensing the need to intervene, Amber quickly moved in between the two cheerleaders. "Now girls let's not get carried two are friends remember!"

"Not until this bitch gets down and sucks my nipples straight!" Jennifer shouted.

"Not even need to suck me first!" Stephanie growled back.

"OK girls I'm sure we can fix this!" Amber stated as she moved out from in between the two girls. "Now come together and touch your nipples together again!"

The cheerleaders eyed each other suspiciously. They moved up and brought their nipples into light contact. Their bodies shivered as they lightly scraped the rubbery flesh of their bent knobs together. The girls watched as their curved rods started to respond to each other. Slowly their nipples uncurled and were soon every bit as straight and rigid as they were when they started this battle.

" problem working out all those kinks. Amber stated. She suddenly found herself in a strange situation. She didn't want to see her friends getting out of hand, but she also had a deep secret desire to see the two of them fight it out with each other. "So how about we call it good for the night?" The two cheerleaders were stunned by Amber's suggestion as they look over at her in disbelief.

"I say we keep going.........I want to find out whose best between us!" Stephanie snarled as her eyes shot back to the Blonde.

"I agree..........let's keep fighting until I have her begging for mercy!" Jennifer glared back.

"You'll be the one begging for mercy when I get through with you, Bitch!" Stephanie snapped.

"Ok... Ok, I’ll continue my lesson but only if you two can agree to except the outcome and still be friends." Amber stated.

Stephanie and Jennifer looked hard at one another. Each one didn't know for sure how the friends’ thing would play out, especially for the loser. At this point it didn't seem to matter because each one was confident they would be the one to come out on top in the fight.

"Friends...........but right now we are enemies!" Stephanie stated with a growl

"Agreed, so let's fight to the finish!" Jennifer replied as she glared into the dark-haired girl's eyes.

Amber came up and started directing, "Ok align your nipples tip-to-tip and lock eyes with your opponent." The two cheerleaders quickly did what they were told. "If you haven't broken down your opponent by now it may be time to turn up the heat." Amber went on to explain. "As you glare into her eyes ever so slightly start rubbing the tips of your nipples into hers. If she's woman enough she won't back down and will start rubbing back." The two girls kept their eyes locked together as they worked the tips of their nipples into each other. As Amber looked on, she started to remember how she and Ashley's milk holes had actually sucked together. The thought had her breathing heavily and she secretly wondered if this was going to happen to Stephanie and Jennifer. For now the two blondes didn't seem to need any more directions as they started talking trash again.

"Bitch I'm going to push your weak little nipples back into your tits!" Stephanie shouted out.

"Your nipples aren't strong enough slut!" Jennifer shot back.

Holding onto each others arms, the two of them came up on their toes and started to dance around each other, making sure to keep the tips of their nipples glued together. Slowly they started to push in until their stiff rods completely disappeared from sight. Tighter and tighter they smashed in, now testing the firmness of each others breasts. "All right girls, can you feel that?" Amber asked, "Whose nipples are winning?"

"Mine are!" They both shouted out.

"Ok let's find out!" Amber yelled out and took hold of each girls arm. "Now slowly pull back and let's see whose nipples are winning!"

All eyes were on the two blonde’s tits as they slowly came apart, only a very quick glimpse of rosy red shaft appeared followed by the pink rods of Jennifer. "Mine are winning!" Stephanie quickly shouted out. Jennifer wasn't at all happy about Stephanie proclaiming victory, even though she could see it with her own eyes. She immediately smashed back into the blonde, "Not even bitch!" and started pushing Stephanie back. The fight started to escalate as both girls threw their arms around each other and started squeezing for all they were worth.

Amber found herself having to step back as the two girls stumbled around the room. She was a little disappointed the two girls didn't pull all the way back. She wanted to see if their milk holes had actually sucked together like hers and Ashley's had when they fought.

"You really think your hot shit don't you?" Jennifer snarled.

"A lot hotter than you bitch!" Stephanie shot back. "I've been waiting a long time to get our bodies into a nice hot fight for a long time now and now I'm winning!!"

"I've been waiting for a chance to get at your hot body for a long time too, bitch!" Jennifer hissed, "And there's no way I'm going to let a little whore like you beat this body!"

"This body can beat you and my tongue can beat you bitch!" Stephanie growled and flicked her tongue out two or three times.

"You wanna fucking tongue fight bitch!" Jennifer shouted out.

"Ya, let's fucking go tongue to tongue!" Stephanie yelled and flicked her wet tongue out.

Jennifer quickly sent her own tongue out and the two of them started twisting and grinding their slick probes together. Amber was amazed at how far things had escalated. She thought about interfering, but was starting to get worked up at the sight of the two fighting girls. Instead she started shouting out word of encouragement. "That's it girls, fight each other!" She yelled out loudly.

It wasn't long before Amber noticed the two of them bringing their crotches into nice tight contact. She could hear their lacy panties grinding together as the two girls stepped up their fight. For several minutes they stumbled around until they finally tripped over a small coffee table and went tumbling to the ground. They broke apart and sat up facing each other. Amber noticed the huge wet spots across the crotch of their panties. "All right you bitch I say we settle this cunt to cunt!" Jennifer snarled and quickly slipped out of her white panties.

"Fine by me, slut!" Stephanie shouted out and removed her black undies.

The two of them took in the sight of each other's bikini shaven snatches. Amber quickly moved over and started whispering in Jennifer's ear. Once she pulled back, Jennifer's hand shot down between her legs and started massaging her pussy. She then used her fingers in the shape of a V to spread her cunt lips apart. "Are you ready to open yourself up to me, or are you afraid my stronger cunt is going to swallow up that weak little pussy of yours?" Jennifer sneered.

Stephanie's hand came down and she started working away at her own pussy. "Your pussy won't stand a chance against mine. Once I suck you in and squeeze the juice right out of you, you'll be begging for mercy!" Stephanie shot back and spread her own pussy lips wide open.

"Let's cunt fight, bitch!" Jennifer growled and started scooting forward on her ass. The two of them came together like interlocking pairs of scissors. The two of them stopped with just two or three inches between their dripping wet snatches. Amber quickly moved over to watch the sealing of their cunts. "Come on bitch, fight me!" Jennifer yelled out. With that Stephanie slammed forward and their pussies came together with a wet smack. They gasped and grunted as they started to grind into each other. Their asses came up off the floor and they started pushing each other around the room in the crab walk position.

Stephanie hand ended up slipping out from under her, and her ass hit the floor. She quickly reached up and pulled Jennifer down into a tongue raping kiss. The two cheerleaders coiled themselves together, mouth to mouth, tit to tit, and cunt to cunt. Amber fingered herself as she watched the two girls sucking the life out of each other.

As soon as the three cheerleaders jumped into Brandy's car after the football game they started making plans. They had reason to celebration. Especially Brandy for taking over the role of captain, winning tonight’s football game, and especially for putting an end to the fight that was brewing between her old squad and her new squad. Cindy and Heidi even felt they were better off with Brandy leading the group. The two pretty girls were both tired of Amber's authoritative personality, always having to hear how cute she is and having to stand in her shadow.

"I think we should all go back to my place, dress up like sluts and head on over to Maggie’s!" Brandy made the suggestion of hitting the hottest hip-hop club in town. Although it has had a reputation for some gang activity, it was still the hottest club around and was bound to be packed due to it being Friday night. "What about our clothes, we'll need to stop off at my house so I can get changed." Cindy stated. "Me too!" Heidi shouted out. "Don't worry girls have I a wardrobe at home that will surely meet your needs!" Brandy reassured them.

Heidi and Cindy were amazed at the size of Brandy's house as they pulled into the long driveway. There was no doubt there was wealth in her Family. The dark-haired girl had always been spoiled since day one of her life. Once the girls arrived at the front door they ran up to her bedroom and started browsing through a closet bigger than most girls bedrooms.

Skirts, blouses, and dresses were all pulled from their hangers as the three girls tried on a large variety of outfits. Cindy and Heidi noticed how nice all Brandy's clothes fit them as they tried on several articles of clothing. "It's nice to have friends the same size." Cindy stated as she modeled a tight pink and black skirt with a sleazy silk top. "I would say exactly the same size.............right down to our shoe size!" Heidi replied as she stood in front of a full length mirror wearing a black pair of Brandy's high heel shoes along with a short black mini skirt and sleeveless satin top. "You can't wear that bra with that top!" Brandy shouted out, referring to the red sports bra Cindy was still wearing that was sticking out from the top of her cleavage. "Well then I need my black bra!" She stated with a whine. Brandy walked over to a very large dresser and pulled open the top two drawers. "I'm sure both of you will find all the undergarments you need in here!" She stated.

Heidi and Cindy moved over to the dresser and started going through a large selection of bras, panties, and nylons. "I like this one!" Cindy said as she pulled out a very sexy black lace bra. "It might be a little big on you. I'm a very large c-cup" Brandy stated. Cindy went ahead and removed the shear blouse and her own red bra, then proceeded to put on Brandy's lacy garment. She reached behind herself and hooked the clasp, brought her hands around and adjusted her tits inside the bra cups. "A little tight." she stated. Brandy felt a little irate hearing Cindy's comment. She quickly moved over and started to examine Cindy's breast inside her bra. She quickly shed her own red sports bra and picked up the bra Cindy's had just been wearing. The cheerleader slipped her arms into the bra and hooked the clasp. "Your bra seems even smaller on me!" Brandy stated as she adjusted her breasts. Cindy moved in close until the two of them were tit-to-tit, just inches from touching. They eyes shot down and started making the comparison. It seemed like there was a silent challenge being waged when the two of them looked up and locked eyes.

Suddenly their thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Heidi's voice, “I guess we all have the same problem...........because your bra seems pretty small too!" Brandy and Cindy looked over to see Heidi now wearing the red sports bra that Brandy had just been wearing. She walked over and forced the other two girls into a three-way circle. Three pairs of eyes looked upon three pairs of equally sized, equally firm breasts. "Well......I guess we're going to find out what three heavy pairs of c-cups can get us tonight!" Brandy stated as she fought the urge to take the competition farther. In fact all three of them had the impulse to keep up the comparison but club time was wasting away.

"O.K girls.......we can stand here all night or hit the club. It's getting late so we better get rolling!" Brandy finally broke the ice. The girls reluctantly pulled away and went back to picking out their attire. Brandy ended up putting on a simple black satin mini skirt with her favorite see-through blouse. The long sleeve burgundy colored garment was made of silky nylon and was designed to purposely show what was on underneath, which just happened to be nothing but a matching lace bra.

After finding her strappy high heel shoes Brandy started going through her drawers looking for one last item. "Ok girls once you feel these on your crotch there will be no need for panties." She stated as she held up three pairs of nude silky pantyhose. The panties quickly came off and the three girls slipped into the silkiest nylons they had ever felt. The thought of going out with no panties on really added to the thrill of the evening. They spent another half hour working on their hair and makeup before they finally packed themselves into Brandy's car and headed out for a night of excitement.

It was not a surprise to find the club packed wall to wall when the three cheerleaders arrived. The music was pumping as they pried their way thought the crowd in order to reach the center of the dance floor. The girls found themselves having to fight to make any room to dance as they started shaking and bouncing to the beat of the music. For nearly an hour they danced together seductively as they strived to steal all the attention away from all the other bar sluts.

Finally Cindy suggested they take a break and use the restroom to freshen up a bit, and then maybe grab a quick drink. Once the girls made their way through the packed crowd and into one of the ladies rooms, they found themselves waiting in line just to get in front of the mirrors. Eventually some space freed up and the three of them were able to squeeze together to refresh up their hair and makeup. That's when Brandy suddenly noticed a friend from her old school standing just a few mirrors away from them. Her name was Chelsea. She was a cheerleader from her old squad.

Brandy pushed her way through a few girls that were blocking her path to greet her friend. "Chelsea!" Brandy shouted out with a smile. Her Blonde friend turned around and Brandy was immediately disappointed by the look on her face. "Hey Brandy how's it going?" Her friend stated in a monotone manner. The dark-haired girl knew something was up for her friend to be responding so coldly. She looked over to see Heather, another one of her old cheerleading pals. "What are you guys doing here?" Brandy asked. Now having been acknowledged with such a dim greeting there was somewhat of a concerned tone in her voice. "Celebrating our win tonight." Heather replied. "Really........we won our game tonight too!" Brandy said with as much excitement as she could gather. There was an awkward moment of silence as Brandy tried to figure out what was up with her two friends. "Why don't you come join us........I'm here with two friends from my new school." Brandy kindly offer the invitation. Heather and Chelsea looked at each other before Chelsea turned her attention to Brandy. "Look I don't want to hurt your feelings or anything.........but things have kind of changed." Brandy was taken back by her friend’s remark. "Things........what things?" She squawked, now becoming a little perturbed by their attitude. Suddenly a dark-haired girl came in from the side and appeared in front of Brandy. "Things like me!" The strange girl shouted out and got directly in Brandy's face.

At first Brandy was shocked at the girl’s assertiveness as she looked into a pair of crystal blue eyes that warned her of a very aggressive personality. Brandy stumbled for word as she took in this girl's lovely face that centered her vision, just inches away. Even with the serious twisted look on her face Brandy was struck by their similarities. Except for eye color the two of them looked nearly identical. Then it dawned on her. This was the girl that she had tussled with during Ashley's and Amber's cuteness contest. She was the girl that had taken her place on her old cheerleading squad.

Brandy had heard Ashley talk about how much of a bitch the new girl was, and now she had no problem believing that statement. She remembered the new girl's name was Brittany, and Brandy wasn't about to let this girl get in her face without some kind of response. "Who the fuck are you?" Brandy’s snarled back into the girl's face. "Let's just say the new captain of the Panther Cheerleading Squad!" The girl growled and closed in. Now Brandy was really taken back. "How the hell did that come about?" She asked herself. She felt her anger starting to build.

"How the fuck did you come up with that idea!" Brandy shot back.

"By whipping your best friend’s ass the other day!" Brittany stated with confidence.

"And I'm supposed to believe that?" Brandy replied with disbelief.

"Just ask Heather and Chelsea...........they'll tell you!" The new girl assured.

Brandy looked over at her two old cheerleading pals. "It's true Brandy.........Brittany took over the squad." Heather finally confirmed after several seconds of silence.

"And you two let this happen?" Brandy asked disappointedly, with a hint of anger building behind her words

There was more silence until Chelsea finally blurted out, "Ya know the truth is we were sick and tired of the way you and Ashley were running the squad!"

"What?" Brandy snapped back in shock.

"Ashley got what she deserved for treating us so badly for so long!" Heather came forward.

Brandy thought she was going to lose her mind hearing about all of this. Of course the two of them had always been demanding on the other girls, but not to the point where she thought they were causing any hard feelings. And why the fuck hadn't she heard about this yet, Ashley was her best friend. Suddenly she felt the presence of the new captain closing in. She turned to find herself practically nose-to-nose with the girl. "I heard you and Ashley cancelled the fight between our two squads next week!" Brittany snarled into Brandy's face. "Well fight still on bitch!" Said the Cougar Cheerleader as she smashed chest first into Brandy, causing her to stumble back a step. Before she could respond the girl was right back in her face. "I'm sure Heather and Chelsea have a score to settle with you and I'm more than willing to help out!" She growled into Brandy's face.

That's when Brandy heard Heidi's voice ring out from behind her. "Everything alright Brandy?"

Before Brandy could get a word out Heather came forward and blocked Heidi's path. "This is none of your business bitch!"

"Excuse me!" Heidi immediately put up her guard.

"Your heard me!" Heather snarled as she moved into Heidi's face.

"I don't think so Bitch!!!" Cindy had suddenly appeared out of nowhere and pushed Heather, causing her to stumble back away from Heidi.

Before Cindy knew it Chelsea had launched forward and she found herself locked in a double hair pulled with the Panther Cheerleader.

Heidi noticed Heather's hands coming up and she reacted quickly by intercepting the girl's claws with her own lethal paws. They interlocked their fingers and started to push and pull against each other, spinning and bumping against the other club patrons

Brandy wasted no time reaching up and latching onto Brittany's dark locks. She pulled the Cougar Cheerleader's face in close and pressed her forehead against the other girl's with daring force. The dark-haired rival wasted no time by securing a tight grip on Brandy's equally long hair and pulled with answering pressure. Green and blue eyes drilled anger into each other with hostile intent.

"You looking for a fight?" Brandy snarled.

"I don't think you can handle the pressure!" Brittany answered by increasing the torque on Brandy's hair.

"I can handle pressure bitch!" Brandy replied by jerking the girl's forehead into tighter contact.

Cindy and Chelsea arms were snaked up each others backs, pulling hair and stumbling around chin-to-chin as they glared down their noses at one another. Heather and Heidi had bodied up against each other with their hands still locked together. They were nose-to-nose spinning out of control through the crowded restroom.

Suddenly someone in the crowd shouted out "Security!" The pushing and pulling stopped; although the six girls didn't release their tight grips. Instead they held each other motionless, glaring into each others faces as if they were waiting for some kind of signal to end the fight. During this frozen moment the girls were able to absorb in each others vitality. Each one analyzing her opponent with penetrating concentration, looking for any signs of weakness.

"All right ladies..........let's go about your business and be on your way" The female security guard shouted out. In one quick motion Brittany released the tight grip on Brandy's hair and bashed her tits into the dark-haired girl's tits. "This ain't over bitch!" Brittany growled and turned to walk away. Chelsea and Heather slowly pulled back and started to follow. "Maybe we'll see you on the dance floor!" Chelsea snickered as she stepped in behind her friends.

"Can you believe that shit?" Heidi shouted out. The three girls stood there taking in what had just happened. "If it's a girl-fight their looking for then we'll give them a fight they never forget!" Brandy mumbled through her gritting teeth.

After spending a couple of minutes straightening out their hair and clothing the three Cougar cheerleaders walked out of the restroom. It didn't take long for Brandy to spot the three other girls standing along an outer edge of the club. The back of the club was not nearly as packed. This enable Brandy and her friends to get a full view of what they were just up against. Especially since they were standing under a spot light that shot a wide beam of light across the wall behind them. They were standing more or less huddled together side by side with Brittany in the middle. You could see them occasionally leaning into each other like they were passing gossip back and forth, laughing or making strange body language in between malicious talk.

"Just Look at those sluts!" Heidi leaned in so the other girls could hear. There was no fabrication in that statement. The Cougar cheerleaders were dress just as provocative as they were, maybe even more so. Each one wearing a designer skirt that was possibly even shorter than the ones they had chosen to wear. That's when Brandy noticed the blouse that Brittany was wearing. Even from across the club she could tell it was the exact same transparent blouse that she was wearing. She could even make out the outline of the dark colored bra she was wearing underneath. The only obvious difference being the other girl's top was black in color. "That Bitch!" Brandy mumbled to herself.

"Let's go stand over here!" Brandy shouted out above the loud music. She led the other two girls over to a wall that had the same wide beam lighting effect shining across it. Now opposite the Cougar Cheerleaders they started to put on a show of their own. Brandy motioned for the other two girls to bring their faces in close so they could hear her clearly over the music. "Those bitches over there are really trying to intimidate us............let's show them we're not afraid to play their silly little game!" The three of them stood huddle together under the light and started to adjust their stance while glancing over several times at the other group of girls. Once again Brandy motioned the girls in close. "OK pretend I just said something funny and then we'll all look over at them and laugh!" The three girls busted up laughing while looking over several times to give the other girls the indication that the joke was on them. Heidi then motioned the girls in close "Did you think those sluts are wearing skirts shorter than ours?" The three of them looked over again, this time a little more serious. They looked down at their own legs several times in comparison. Brandy seemed to notice the other girl's skirts seemed to have gotten shorter since they had come out of the bathroom. 'So that's the way they want to play" Brandy thought to herself. She motioned the girls in and explained her theory behind their skirt illusion. One by one, as not to be detected, each one of them nonchalantly took the waist band of their skirts and folded it in and pulled their skirts up an inch at a time.

Within no time their skirts became deadly short and they advertised it by continually adjusting their stance and they stood around and conversed. Long lethal legs rocked back and forth on high heel shoes as the girls swiveled there hips. The same game appeared to be going on the other side of the club as both groups of girls continued to provoke and belittle each other. Brandy could tell the three of them were also wearing nude pantyhose from the shimmering effect the lighting had across their legs. Provocative gestures and simmering glares were traded back and forth for several minutes.

Suddenly Chelsea noticed the three Cougar cheerleaders making their way over. "Oh they come!" She shouted out. "Ok girls prepare your selves! Be ready for anything............who knows what their intentions are." Shoulder to shoulder the three Cougar cheerleaders made their way across the club. Brandy, Heidi, and Cindy stood side-by-side waiting their arrival, never breaking eye contact with them. They came to a stop a few feet away. Several seconds went by as their eyes traveled up and down each other's bodies, occasionally locking together before roaming back across each others assets. All six girls had their hands on their hips and they were shifting their weight back and forth like they were modeling their latest fashion to each other.

"We were wondering if the three of you would like to dance." Brittany finally broke the silence between them.

"Ya know it can get pretty rough out there on the dance floor.......are you sure you wouldn't want to rethink that offer?" Brandy replied with a sullen gaze.

"We wouldn’t be asking if we didn't already know that!" Heather stated and took a step forward. Brittany and Chelsea followed and stepped up with her.

"Sometimes it can get a little too rough for prissy little bitches like you!" Heidi snapped and stepped into Heather's face. Brandy and Cindy had also moved up and were now pressing tit-to-tit with the two other Cougar cheerleaders. Six pairs of pantyhose legs wearing cunt level skirts and high heel shoes shimmered in the spot light. Years of cheerleading had toned their athletic legs and they were all lingering dangerously close to each other.

Brittany then pressed her tits into Brandy's, "That's why it's always smart to take control!" She snarled in the Cougar cheerleaders face.

Brandy pushed in tight and went nose-to-nose the Panther cheerleader, "It may not be that easy if someone has already decided to take the lead!" and growled back into Brittany's face.

"I find it hard to believe that three cheap little hussies like you could give us a hard time out on the dance floor!" Chelsea shot back and pushed her tits more firmly into Cindy's tits.

"It might be harder than you think bitch!" Cindy grunted as she doubled the pressure between their tits

"Think you can control me Bitch!" Brittany snarled.

"Care to find out Slut!" Brandy snapped back.

"Then let’s dance!" Brittany snarled and slipped her left arm around the Cougar cheerleader, pulling her in the direction of the dance floor. Brandy used her right arm to pulled the brunette in tight against her side, letting the bitch know she wasn't about to be yanked around like a puppet.

Side by side they made their way to the dance floor. As they walked Brandy's right and Brittany's left breasts were pressed side to side with each other. They found themselves thrusting their chests out, each one attempting to prove they had more up front than the other. As Brandy felt the sides of their tits bouncing together she gauged their weight and size. The measurement was so close that the cheerleader realized the only way to determine any advantage was to go head to head with the Panther cheerleader.

What really caught Brandy's eye was how her right leg and Brittany's left leg unexpectedly came together like they were running a three legged race. Ankle to ankle, thigh to thigh they stepped together. Brandy became even more frustrated as she again tried to find a superior advantage. Years of cheerleading were put side-by-side as tone muscular limbs measured themselves out against each other. A tingle rippled through Brandy’s pussy as she felt her pantyhose rubbing against Brittany's with each step. The contact was electrifying and caused her cunt lips to swell and moisten. Cindy and Heidi were in similar situations with the other two Panther cheerleaders as the march to the dance floor continued.

Once the girls were on the outer edges of the packed dance floor, Brittany pulled Brandy in tit-to-tit and used her fully expanded chest to drive the Panther cheerleader deep into the crowd. Momentarily caught by surprise, Brandy finally managed to gain her footing and expanded her own chest, stopping the Cougar cheerleader dead in her tracks.

Their arms quickly wrapped around each others backs and they gazed deeply into each other's eyes. "That's it Bitch.......fight me!" Brandy shouted out and she crushed the Panther cheerleader in her arms. "I'll give you a fight Bitch!" Brittany answered with her own crushing hug. Their shouts were barely audible to each other over the loud music. They snarled in each others faces as their tit-to-tit embrace continued. "I'm going to flatten you out, you little skank!" Brittany grunted loudly. "Your tits don't stand a chance bitch!" Brandy yelled out. Strangely enough, Brandy couldn’t believe how soft and silky their embrace felt. The long sleeve transparent blouses they were wearing gave their crushing embrace an almost delicate sensation as the nylon material wrapped together.

Brandy was finally able to take measurement of the Panther cheerleader's breasts as the pressure between them increased. She was shocked when she started to feel her own tits flattening out against her rib cage and her sensitive nipples meeting stiff resistance through their silky clothing. She couldn't help but glance down to see the results of their collision. The transparent tops they were wearing clearly enable her to see their bra covered tit's bulging out in an equally crushing swell. Her eyes came back up to see the Panther cheerleader taking in her own view.

"Like what you tits crushing your tit's flat!" Brandy yelled out and pushed her nose against the Cougar cheerleader's.

"Your tits are the ones being crushed flat bitch!" Brittany shouted out as her eyes glared into Brandy's.

The crowd around them were bouncing and shaking to the beat of the music. Yet the two girls were doing nothing more then holding each other nose-to-nose and tit-to-tit, staring angrily into each others eyes in the middle of the dance floor.

"Weren't you the one that was asking for a dance?" Brandy finally shouted out.

"I'd be more than happy to turn this fight into a dance bitch!" Brittany snarled into the Cougar cheerleader's face.

With that Brittany started to bring her hips in against Brandy until she felt the tight abs of the Panther cheerleader connect with hers. The two girls quickly brought their hands down on each others tight asses, digging their claws up underneath each others skirts. As Brandy’s nails dug into Brittany's nylon covered ass she was bewildered when she noticed the Cougar cheerleader wasn't wearing any panties. Their legs battled for position and started to entwine, causing their already too short skirts to hike up. Their pussies were now exposed to each other in close proximity. Just knowing the two of them weren't wearing any panties, along with the ultra silky sensation of their nylon legs rubbing together, caused Brandy's pussy to convulse and it sprayed a fine mist right through her pantyhose, dampening the nylon crotch of the Panther cheerleader. Not even two seconds later Brandy could have sworn she felt a foreign spray moistening her own pantyhose pussy as the two of them gasped for air several time in each others faces.

Brandy knew the Panther cheerleader was experiencing the same overwhelming sensation as all the silk, satin, and nylon material of their sleazy attire entwined. Add their sweet smelling perfumes and their fresh mint breath mingling together, and the two of them were reeling in ecstasy.

Their glossy coated lips were swollen and their cheeks were flushed with a pinkish red hue as they held one another nose-to-nose panting heavily into each others faces. The look in their eyes was a mixture of pure lust and hate. It took quite some time for the two girls to adjust to the overpowering sensation. Brandy had never locked nylons with another girl before, only having locked bare legs in short cheerleading skirts. The feeling of all that nylon and satin rubbing together was of mind blowing proportions.

Brandy started to regain her focus. "Only a sleazy little slut like you would come here not wearing any must be looking for a nylon cunt fight!"

"I guess I could say the same thing about a trampy little whore like you..........not wearing any panties surely means your looking to lock nylons and get into a hot pantyhose pussy fight!" Brittany growled back into Brandy's face. Just when Brandy thought she could never feel any thing quite so overpowering, Brittany jammed her pantyhosed cunt into the Cougar cheerleader's nylon crotch. The initial wet silky contact caused both cheerleaders heads to fall back as a deep husky growl escaped from deep within their throats. The two girls spread their entwined legs inviting more contact between them. Brittany was the first one to regain her awareness of the fight they were still locked in. "I knew once our nylon cunts came together you would fall to pieces!" She was struggling to be loud enough for Brandy to hear.

The Cougar cheerleader fought to recover her senses. She pushed her crotch in tighter against Brittany and her head came back down, putting her nose-to-nose with the Panther cheerleader. She snarled into the girls face, "You like nylon fighting Bitch?" The Cougar cheerleader then pulled her hands out from under the back of Brittany's skirt. She was able to use their tightly entwined legs as leverage as she leaned back and pulled the bottom of her own sheer blouse from the waist band of her skirt. She then proceeded to reach up under the blouse and pulled the bra cups down under her tits. Her tight firm breasts were now exposed through a veil of burgundy nylon. She went back and re-tucked the blouse into the waist band of her skirt, making sure to it was tucked in nice and tight so the silky nylon hugged and formed to her chest like a second layer of skin. "How about we add our nylon tits to the fight, bitch!" She shouted and dug her hands back into the Panther cheerleader's ass.

Brittany looked down at the large tits of the Cougar cheerleader. The girl's thick nipples were poking through the tight nylon like tent pegs, threatening to slice through the sheer material. "I'll give you a nylon tit fight you won't forget bitch!" She shouted out and preceded to un-tuck her own blouse. Once she had her bra cups pulled down she went back and re-tucked her blouse into the waist band of her skirt. Brandy was now faced with an equal set of black nylon breasts that were every bit as large and firm as her own. Nipples poking out like missiles, aimed directly at her own, as each girl went back to digging her finger into the other's ass.

Their upper bodies were leaning back just enough to keep their stiff, angry nipples within striking distance. The two girls slowly started to undulate their lower extremities against each other. "Fight Me Bitch!" Brandy growled into Brittany's face and quickly flicked her angry nipples across the Panther cheerleader’s. The nylon nipple contact was like striking two live electrical wires together that caused both their bodies to jolt with a sharp snap. It took a few seconds for Brittany to recover from the initial shock. After regaining her senses the Cougar cheerleader shot back and snarled into Brandy's face, "Let's Dance Slut!" and she stabbed her own stiff rods back against Brandy's, causing another sharp jolt to crack through their bodies.

The dance was finally on as the two cheerleaders started a hot sexy grind against each other. They started to stumble as their legs slithered together and their pelvises started to gyrate into one another. Their finger nails were digging and clawing into each other's asses so hard that torn strips of pantyhose were hanging out from under their skirts. The tempo increased as they took turns striking their nylon nipples back and forth across each other, causing them to buck and jerk, like the two of them were strapped together while riding a wild bull. With each strike of their stiff rods, Brandy could feel her pussy spasm and spurt as she burrowed her cunt deeper into the Panther cheerleader's crotch.

The two girls drove each other back and forth as each one continued to flicked her stiff shafts across her enemy’s nipples several times, causing their opponent to retreat in discomfort, only to be taken back a few seconds later by an aggressive counter attack. This see-saw battle slowly merged into a constant knotting of their nylon nipples.

"That's it bitch! Your nipples are no match for mine.........just look at how mine are pushing yours around!" Brandy snarled as she stepped up her assault.

"Bullshit! I can feel your weak little nubs bending to my stiffer rods!" Brittany shot back and matched the Cougar cheerleader's aggression.

"Oh ya......let's just see if you can handle it when my nipples are drilling yours back into your this!" Brandy shouted out and pushed her chest deep into Brittany's, then started to rotate her tits into the Panther cheerleader's tight pair.

"All right Bitch you want to match your drill bits against mine.........mine will break yours in half!" Brittany barked back and forced her rotating tits in tight against the Cougar cheerleader.

"You better try harder than that!" Brandy yelled out and pulled her right hand away from Brittany's nylon ass, only to wrap her arm around the Panther cheerleader's back. She pulled the girl in tight against herself, adding more pressure between their warring tits while keeping her left hand digging into the dark-haired girl’s bottom.

"You mean like this!" Brittany cried out and quickly took on the same hold, doubling the pressure in an already crushing embrace.

The fight gained even more momentum as each girl struggled to control and take the lead in the dance. Their torsos moved together as if they were glued to each other. Pantyhose legs snaked up and down, entwining and knotting together in a fierce, grinding, tangle of nylon. Throbbing wet pussy lips were splayed out against two thin layers of synthetic material and smashed together in an angry crush. Their nipples were stinging so much from all the nylon grinding and drilling that it felt like their nipples had frost bite. At this point neither girl could tell who was winning the dance fight as their eyes remained locked in a sizzling stare down. Their strength and their bodies seemed so evenly matched that the only way for a clear victory would be to completely overwhelm their opponent, and that's exactly what Brittany stepped up to do. She reached up with her right hand and dug her claws into the hair on the back of Brandy's head. She pulled the Cougar cheerleader's face in and growled as she intensified the movements of her gyrating body.

Brandy quickly found herself losing control as she felt her body being jerked and twisted against the thrashing Panther cheerleader. She fought back by latching onto the hair at the back of Brittany's head with her right hand and pulled until they were pressing nose-to-nose and chin-to-chin. Using all her strength she growled with a wicked, teeth bearing, snarl and matched the contorting Panther cheerleader's body with a wrenching, body twist, of her own.

"Ever have to fight off a kiss from another girl before Bitch!" The Panther cheerleader snarled into Brandy's mouth.

"I fight by kissing back...........hard!" Brandy hissed with her lips curled back. As they spoke their pearly white teeth were practically scraping together and their glossy coated lips were already rubbing and mashing together, Brandy was thinking they might as well have already been kissing.

"Think you can fight off my kiss!" Brittany panted with a shortness of breath.

"I'll fuckin kiss your mouth off!" Brandy shot back.

"Then Fight This Bitch!" Brittany shouted and quickly flicked her wet tongue out, slashing it across Brandy's teeth two or three times before the Cougar cheerleader could get her own tongue out in response. The Cougar cheerleader wasted no time in licking and corkscrewing her wet tongue around Brittany's like a wild animal, flicking and slapping it viciously across the Panther's red probe. The only problem was Brittany had the same determination and she more than matched Brandy with her own enraged tongue.

Soft, wet, girl tongues continued to twist and gnarl together as they glare down their noses at each other. Eventually Brandy stepped up her attack and fastened her wide open mouth across Brittany's and plunged her wet probe deep into the Panther cheerleader's mouth. She quickly felt her own mouth being filled with an equally thick, equally long, tongue that was whipping across every square inch inside her.

For the first time their eyes closed as they continued buck and jerk each other around in what some might considered to be a dance. The packed crowd around them kept the two girls from tumbling out of control as they bumped and collided with the other dancers. They were total into each other as the fight to control and overwhelm continued.

After several minutes of non-stop gyrating, Brandy started to feel herself loosing control. The Cougar cheerleader's legs were becoming weak and they were starting to burn in the areas where Brittany's nylon legs slipped and rubbed against hers. Her pussy almost felt like it was being sucked through the crotch of her pantyhose as the Panther cheerleader continued to work her wet cunt in deep against her. Tits were aching, nipples were stinging, her mouth felt like it was being raped by the cheerleader's thrashing tongue as girl-spit started dripping from both their chins.

She tried desperately to fight back as the Panther cheerleader continued to take control. Suddenly there was an extremely loud crack from a high caliber hand gun that rang out through the club. Gang rivalry struck instantly and without warning. Panic in the crowd erupted as two hundred club patrons pushed their way towards the doors. Brandy was nearly trampled on as she was shoved across the dance floor. She struggle to keep herself up as the crowd around her squeezed together. She was forced through the club and eventually out the door. Brandy had completely lost sight of the Panther cheerleader and she suddenly remembered Cindy and Heidi had been with her. Through all the chaos and commotion she knew the best place for them to meet up was at her car.

About two minutes later Brandy spotted Heidi and Cindy making their way through the crowd. As they approached she noticed the two girls appeared somewhat dazed and they looked like they had been in quite a struggle Shirts were ripped open, nylons were torn and tattered. We they got close enough Brandy noticed the girls had two different shades of lipstick smeared across their mouths, indicating their disarrayed appearance wasn't from the panicking crowd.

"What the hell happened to you guys?" Brandy asked in disbelief.

"Us.......what about you?" Heidi quickly returned the question as she looked up and down at Brandy's tattered appearance.

Brandy suddenly realized she must have had the same frazzled look. "Are you guys O.k.?"

"I just about had that bitch's ass whopped before this shit happened!" Cindy shouted out.

"Same with me.........I was all over that little slut!" Heidi growled.

Brandy knew the girls were referring to Heather and Chelsea, the other two Panther cheerleaders that had been in the club with Brittany. "What about you..........did you kick that bitch's ass?" Brandy wasn't ready for Cindy's question. Especially knowing that she was quite possibly losing her fight during those last couple of minutes, but she wasn't about to admit that to Cindy and Heidi. That bitch was tough and Brandy knew the two of them were going to tangle with each other again. She tried to tell herself that next time it was going to be different, and when the time comes she will put herself into the fight will every once of strength she had.

"I was fucking that bitch over!" She shouted out while trying to keep the shakiness out of her voice.

"I guess will be seeing more of those sluts next week!" Cindy snarled.

"Bring it on.........we're going to crush those little whores!" Heidi yelled out.

Brandy tried to feel the same adrenaline rush Cindy and Heidi were emitting, but now having tested the bitch that took over her old squad, her confidence was somewhat hindered. "Let's get the hell out of here!" Brandy shouted out as she jumped in her car.

Stephanie and Jennifer woke up in a tangle of arms and legs. Their girl-fight ended up being more than just practice, and quite a bit more aggressive than they anticipated. "You ready to give up yet Bitch!" Stephanie opened her eyes to see Jennifer's snarling face pushing in close to her own. Still half asleep, Stephanie started tangling her legs in more tightly with Jennifer's. "I'm not about to give up Slut!" She growled back as she worked her naked body into the blonde girl. Just then Amber came into the room, freshly showered with a towel wrapped around her self. "All right you two........that's enough! There will be plenty of time to fight each other later!" The red-haired girl shouted out and jumped on the foot of the bed. "Let's be mall sluts today!" Amber proposed with wide eyes as she reached out to pull the two girls apart. Jennifer and Stephanie were giving each other the eye as they slowly untangled themselves. A secret little message was being passed back and forth, indicating their tussle was far from over.

The cheerleaders spent the next two hours fixing themselves up for a day at the mall. Showering, primping, fussing, makeup, more fussing. As they prepared themselves, Jennifer noticed Amber playing around an awful lot with her hair, “When are you going to cut that Ashley's girls hair out?" Jennifer asked as she watched Amber actually braiding the blonde hair it into her own red locks. Amber looked at her a simply said, "It's my trophy!" The three of them laughed.

They decided similar dress was appropriate, which had them stopping off at Stephanie's and Jennifer's house so they could pick up certain items of clothing before heading off to the mall. When they finally pulled into the parking lot, they spent another few minutes styling and primping inside Amber's car. Each girl applied an extra thick coat of glossy lipstick to their soft lips before exiting the vehicle. Three pairs of long athletic legs wearing over the knee nylon stockings pounded the pavement with their fashionable, high heel shoes. Short pleated skirts twisted and twirled back and forth with each step and stylish knit tops hugged their upper bodies tight, accentuating their womanly curves. The three of them were dressed nearly identical, different colors, and slightly different styles of skirts, tops, and stockings, is the only thing that set the three of them apart.

Once inside the three girls spent most of their time walking the long corridors of the mall. Shopping wasn't nearly as important as being seen, and of course being thoroughly checked out by all the passing guys. Stores were visited, but not much was purchased. Eventually the three cheerleaders begin to tire and purchased a latte. They found a bench near the end of one of the upper corridors and sat down to take a rest.

As the three of them sat there gossiping Stephanie's eye suddenly got wide. "Holy shit........look whose coming!" She blurted out. Jennifer and Ashley quickly turned their heads down the corridor and spotted Ashley and two other Panther cheerleaders pounding the tile floor in unison with their high heel shoes. A chill shot through Amber's spine as her body had a momentary relapsed of the fight the two of them had been locked in. She felt her nipples harden in an instant and her pussy started to swell and pulsate, soaking the crotch of her panties. Amber watched as three deadly pairs of stockings covered legs and short pleated skirts passed in front of her. She looked up just in time to see the bitchy little smirk on Ashley's face. Even more frustrating was the fact that Ashley had Amber's red hair braided into her own blonde locks.

The Cougar cheerleaders sat there in disbelief and watched as the other three girls walked by. They continued a short distance until they made their way to the end of the corridor. The area contained several vacant shops and was seldom travel by pedestrians. The three girls made their way out onto a six foot wide construction bridge that passed over the lower section of the mall. They stopped in the middle of the bridge with their backs facing the Cougar cheerleaders. They leaned over the railing and started watching the activity below. This gave Ashley and her group a good view of their tight asses and long, tone legs. The Panther cheerleaders even went as far as leaning over just enough to give the other three girls a slight glimpse of their tight panties. With the puffy outline of their pussies now exposed the girls started to swivel their hips in a nonchalant manner.

"Can you believe those sluts?" Jennifer finally broke the silence.

"They wanna play games...........we'll give them something to play with. Come on girls!" Amber snarled as she stood up and directed the other two girls to follow her.

The three of them casually made their way out on to the bridge and took their positions on the opposite railing. Without even acknowledging the other three girls, they leaned over and pretended to be taking in the activity below. Their swiveling asses were only a mere twelve inches from the Panther cheerleaders. Unable to control the suspense, Stephanie was the first one to look behind them. She was surprised to see Samantha, a prominent cheerleader and a very dedicated friend of Ashley's, staring back over her shoulder. The two of them locked narrowing eyes. Stephanie leaned over to Amber, never breaking eye contact with the other girl, "Looks like we have an admirer." she whispered. Amber turned to look back just as the Panther cheerleader was whispering into Ashley's ear. Two seconds later Ashley turned her head back and was staring into Amber's emerald eyes. The two sets of girls eyed one another with spiteful looks in between quick glances at each other's pivoting asses.

Amber suddenly felt Jennifer nudge her left arm, "Ever see such soft asses before?" she whispered, and this ignited a cascade of giggling chatter between the three of them as they ridiculed and belittled the Panther cheerleaders. For sometime the two sets of girls traded smirks and glares over their shoulders as the catty remarks continued to be whispered back and forth within the two groups. During this time the distance between their swaying asses started to close. At one point when Amber was looking back, the three Panther cheerleaders were bucking their hips up and down causing the backs of their skirts to fly up. Eventually all three of them had their skirts permanently flipped up in a position that completely exposed their panty covered asses. Amber noticed their inflamed pussies through silk panties, and the swelled area of each girl appeared to be wet with their juices.

Amber quickly brought Jennifer's and Stephanie's attention to this new development behind them. "Oh these bitches are really asking for it!" Jennifer snarled and she started bucking her hips in order to get the back of her skirt flipped up. Amber and Stephanie followed with their own bucking and soon all three of their panty covered asses faced off with the Panther cheerleaders.

Legs were slightly spread and lock at the knee as the three of them looked back over their shoulders to see the Panther cheerleaders glaring back at them. All six asses were swiveling and pivoting back and forth, just daring each other to make the first move. "Fuck this!" Jennifer shouted out and immediately slammed her ass back into Jamie, another one of the Panther cheerleaders and a loyal friend of Ashley's. It momentarily caught the cheerleader off guard as she was pushed forward. She quickly recovered and slammed her ass back into Jennifer's. Suddenly all hell broke loose as all six cheerleaders started bashing their asses together repeatedly. "Smack, Smack, Smack." Sometimes all in sync with each other, sometimes breaking off the pattern as the cracking of colliding ass flesh echoed through the empty corridor.

Amber concentrated on pounding her ass into Ashley's with all the strength she could find. As she pulled back from each collision she could feel her panties being peeled away from her pussy as the wet silky material clung to the blonde's. All six girls were gripping the railing in front of them with tight death grips as blow after blow was delivered.
The ass-fighting continued for sometime and slowly evolved into tight steady grind. The full length of their nylon stocking legs matched up perfectly as they pressed and rubbed together.

"I'm gonna break you down Bitch!" Ashley yelled over the back of her shoulder.

"It's going to take a lot more than your soft ass to beat me!" Amber shouted back.

Ashley suddenly pulled back and turned around, "You want more bitch.........I'll give you more!" She quickly grabbed Amber by the hips, lifted the front of her own skirt, and smashed her pussy into the red-haired girl's ass. Samantha and Jamie followed the blonde's lead and turned around to take hold of Stephanie and Jennifer in the same position. The three of them went to work grinding away at the Panther cheerleaders.

"All right girls............I guess it's time to turn around and go face-to-face with this little problem behind us!" Amber shouted out to Stephanie and Jennifer.

The three of them spun around and wasted no time getting right into the Cougar cheerleaders faces. With hands on their hips all six girls stood nose to nose with their counter parts. Stephanie and Jennifer showed no fear as they pressed in nice and tight against Samantha and Jamie. The desire to test and measure their bodies against the two Cougar cheerleaders was overwhelming. It was obvious that Samantha and Jamie had that same desire as they pressed and pushed the full length of their bodies back against Stephanie and Jennifer. As they glared into each others eyes a silent statement seemed to pass back and forth between them. 'Think you can match up against what I've got!'

In the center of the group, Amber and Ashley were already holding hands just like they were old friends; their fingers were interlaced as their hands hung down at their sides. Nose to nose they glared into each others eyes. "You must be glutton for punishment if you think you can take me on again Bitch!" Ashley growled into Amber's face.

"If I remember correctly it was you that I left laid out on the floor!" Amber hissed back.

"No I believe it was you that went out first," Ashley snarled back. "And I also heard my friend Brandy took something from you that you were pretty proud of!"

Amber knew right away what Ashley was referring to, and the comment brought fire to her eyes. She pressed in tighter, nose to nose, and glared hard into the blonde's eyes. "I guess I could say the same thing about you bitch!" Amber growled. "How does it feel to no longer be Captain of your skanky squad?"

Amber saw the same fire reflecting back in Ashley's eyes. She had a sudden realization how equal the two of them seem to be. It was obvious that nothing was settled between them. What was it going to take for one of them to win this war? Who was the cuter sexy bitch between them? Could any two other girls possibly lock up in ways they had? Amber remembered how the milk holes in their nipples had actually sucked together. How their pussies had practically eaten each other out. And how they had tied their pony tails together and tongue kissed each other's mouths raw until the early morning hours. Having all these questions seemed to charge Amber's determination to crush this bitch in front of her. To prove once and for all she was the cuter, sexier bitch between the two of them.

At the moment, Ashley was baring her teeth just like Amber. "For your information bitch, my girls still back me up. Which you'll soon find out Friday night when our two squads fight it out." Ashley stated.

"Ya, I heard you and your slutty little friend Brandy tried to stop the fight, I guess someone in your squad has become a pretty big problem for you," Amber growled back. "And for your information you can bet on my girls backing me up anytime I need them!"

"No one is too big of a problem for me to handle, trust me, I'll take care of that in due time." Ashley shot back. "As far as your girls are concerned, I doubt very much they have what it takes to back up a pussy like you!"

"Maybe you'd like to find out?" Amber snarled into the blonde's face. "You must have come here lookin for a fight, all dressed up like the cheap little sluts you are!" She continued her onslaught into Ashley's face, "And those pathetic little stockings certainly don't make your weak little legs look any tougher! Perhaps Stephanie and Jennifer need to show your girls a thing or two about real girl muscle!"

"Don't make me laugh!" Ashley chuckled. "And I suppose you think the stockings that the three of you are wearing make your legs look threatening?............pleeeeease bitch, Jamie and Samantha have been cheerleading for years. I doubt very much your girls could match the strength of their legs."

"I'll tell you right now if Jennifer and Stephanie ever locked legs with your slutty girls they'd be crushed! Amber growled,

"All right then bitch........., I think it's time to find out just how loyal your girls really are!" Ashley stated and then pulled back from the red-haired girl's face. "Samantha, Jamie...........I thinks it's time to give these bitches a lesson!" she stated as she moved into a position that would allow her to better direct her two friends. "Front and center girls!" the blonde commanded. Samantha and Jamie pulled back from the long simmering glare they were locked in with the two Cougar cheerleaders and huddled over to Ashley.

Amber had moved off to the side and waved Stephanie and Jennifer over. "All right girls, here's your chance to give these bitches a taste of how tough our squad really is. I want you to show those little sluts how strong your legs really are. Crush the shit out of them," The redhead continued to rally her friends. "These girls have been cheerleading for many years but I know you can take them. Show them the Cougar cheerleaders aren't to be messed with!"

Aggression, excitement, and even a hit of fear was showing across Jennifer's and Stephanie's face. After all, this was going to be the first time they had ever really locked up in this kind of fight for real. "We'll show those bitches a thing of two!" Stephanie growled. "Ya, when we get finished with those sluts they'll never attempt to fuck with us again!" Jennifer snarled. Both girls were gritting their teeth and clinching their fists.

Just a few feet away Ashley had just finished coaching her own girls and was moving them into position. With both girls facing the same direction, she instructed Jamie to stand about four feet directly in front of Samantha. Ashley then moved off to the side and took a position that would give her a clear view of the up and coming fight.

"O.k. girls, just like I showed you last night. Now go over there and show those bitches some real muscle!" Amber whispered to them in a snarling growl.

Jennifer moved over and stood in front of Jamie while Stephanie took her place in front of Samantha. As the two pairs of girls eyed each other, Amber moved over and stood beside Ashley. She slipped her arm around the blonde's waist, "All right Bitch, now your going to see some real girl-muscle at work!"

Ashley replied by slipping her own arm around the redhead's waist and pulled her in tight. "You’re going to be very disappointed when Jamie and Samantha fold your weak little friends in half!"

As Jennifer shifted back and forth in preparation for the fight she reached down and started pulling her stockings up until they were tight and form fitting across her legs. This triggered a chain reaction causing the other three girls to pull their stockings up until they were all skin tight.

"O.K. girls lets see you crush these little Bitches!" Ashley shouted out. With that being said, Jamie and Samantha quickly reached out and latched onto the Cougar cheerleader's arms.

"Take charge girls!" Amber yelled out causing Jennifer and Stephanie to quickly retaliate by latching onto the Panther cheerleader's arms.

Now gripping each other right at elbow, the two pairs of girls pulled and yanked each other back and forth. Nylon stocking legs started flinging wildly about in an attempt to lock around each other. It didn't take long for Jennifer to get her right leg around Jamie's left just as Jamie managed to swing her right leg around the BLONDES left. They started slipping and sliding the entire length of their legs together in an attempt to find a favorable position. Samantha and Stephanie quickly found themselves in a similar position as they too battled it out to find some kind of an advantage. The hiss and rustle of nylon scraping and grating across nylon filled the air around them. Amber suddenly felt her panties being flooded as the sight and sound of their fighting legs, arousing her pussy like never before. She squirmed and pulled Ashley in tighter against her side. "Work those legs in tight girls........don't settle into position until you've got some good leverage!" Amber shouted out, her voice now sounding husky and aroused.

Amber wasn't the only one leaking into her panties; Ashley started to shift back and forth in her own wetness. "Lock'em up............tie those bitches legs up in knots and crush'em!" She growled out and pulled Amber in tight. The side of her left breast was now aggressively smashing into the redhead's right breast. Ashley and Amber continued to growl and snarl as they spit out words of encouragement to the two pairs of fighting girls.

The sound of nylon stockings rubbing together became even more intense as the girls battling legs slowed into a tight slithering twist. Pure female muscles were flexing and gripping each other as each fought to find a dominating position. Jennifer and Jamie eventually found themselves locked together at the ankles. Their legs were slightly bent at the knees and fully entwined in a tight knot. Muscles were tense and flexing as each girl made a vast attempt to straighten out her legs. If either girl managed to do this, she would prove to have superior leg strength. The result of this battle had them crushing and squeezing each others legs as hard as they could.

Stephanie and Samantha were still fighting for position. In fact their leg rubbing only seemed to intensify as the sound of their nylons rubbing together continued to ring out through the vacant corridor. For now it seemed the two of them were content on this style of leg fighting, although from the looks on their faces, they anything but content. Like two fighting crickets, they continued to twist and rubbing their legs together with so much aggression, that one might think their nylon stockings would somehow melt together.

Amber and Ashley were becoming so worked up from watching the two pairs of fighting girls that they now had their free hand digging into each others breasts. They were cheek to cheek, continuing to shout and cheer their teammates on through clinching teeth and snarling mouths. Eventually the mixed feelings of aggression and sex became too hard for Ashley to control. She pulled away from Amber, reached up under her own skirt, and quickly pulled her soaking wet panties off. "All right Bitch...........I say we stand cunt-to-cunt with each other while we watch our girls fight it out!" the blonde growled at Amber. She then pulled up the front of her skirt and exposed a very aroused ash blonde pussy. "Unless this is too much for you to handle!"

"You're the one that's going to have a hard time pressing cunts while watching your girls get creamed!" Amber shot back and quickly stepped out of her panties.

This time the two girls came together face-to-face. Ashley snarled in a husky voice, " wanna push cunts with me?"

"I'll push cunts with you........and we can both watch as my girls completely destroy yours!" Amber growled into the blonde's face. She quickly pulled up the front of her own skirt and started working her crotch into Ashley's. Once her skirt was held in place by their hot body press, Amber reached around with both hands and dug her claws into the blonde’s rock hard ass.

"I seriously doubt you'll be able to handle pressing cunts and being forced to watch your girls getting crushed at the same time!" Ashley snapped back and then pushed her pussy into hot unmistakable contact with the redhead's wet sex. There was a deep gasp of air taken in by both girls as their swollen lips merged into a delicious, wet cunt kiss. Ashley's hands came around and sank into the firm flesh of the redhead's ass.

"This is exactly want you what.... isn't it you dirty little bitch," Amber gasped as she fought to control her intense arousal. "You want us cunt-to-cunt while we watch our girl friends fight each other.......don't cha?"

Ashley felt a chill shoot through her spine as she heard those words escape Amber's mouth. A trickle of juice leaked out of her pussy while she was panting and gasping uncontrollably.

"Oh my god....I can feel your pussy dripping on my cunt bitch!" Amber heaved and puffed. She started working her pussy in tight, massaging the blonde's discharge into her own cunt. "It's obvious you’re the one that can't handle it bitch!" The redhead growled as she continued to grind away on Ashley's pussy. She figured she had found a weakness in the blonde's ability to fight and was going to use it to her advantage.

Sure enough, Ashley's head ended up rolling back and forth as an orgasm came crashing down upon her. Her pussy spasmed and squirted its sweet nectar into Amber's open cunt hole. The redhead shivered as she felt the warm liquid invading her insides. "Ya that's it pussy is going to drink you dry!" Amber growled.

Ashley managed to recover quite quickly. She got right back in Amber's face and snarled. The blonde glanced down to see the redhead's nipples poking through her silk blouse and bra like tent pegs. She didn't even need to look down to know that her own nipples were sticking out like rock hard bullets. Ashley knew she had to take this fight up a notch so she pulled her hands away from Amber's ass and ripped open the front of her own shirt. "All right bitch.........lets see if you can handle my nipples drilling yours back into those soft tits of yours!" The blonde quickly unhooked the front clasp of her bra and her firm c-cup breasts popped out. Her hands immediately came back and grabbed the redhead's ass. She started gyrating her cunt into Amber's wet snatch.

Amber looked down to see the blonde's bullet like pink nipples sticking straight out, ready for war. From what she could remember, Ashley's nipples now looked twice as tough as they did the first time they fought. Maybe the Blonde was fully charged up just knowing her girls were locked in a fight with Jennifer and Stephanie. Amber pulled her hands from Ashley's ass and torn open the front of her shirt. "You must have come here looking for a tit fight, or you wouldn't be wearing a bra with a front open clasp now would you?" The redhead then quickly unhooked the front clasp of her own bra. Her rock hard tits sprang out with her cherry red nipples looking every bit as angry and aroused as the Blonde's. It was obvious the fighting girls were getting to her too. She quickly places her hands back on Ashley ass and matched the blonde's cunt grind.

The two girls’ upper bodies were leaning back as they eyed each others tits for several seconds. "I guess you're not the only one that came here looking for a tit fight!" Ashley stated with a husky tone. "In fact I'd have to say you were also looking for a leg fight, wearing those trashy little stockings and all!"

"And I'll bet you were just hoping you'd run into me, so you could match your stocking legs against mine!" Amber snarled.

"Maybe, maybe not!" the blonde shot back. "Right now I say we go cunt-to-cunt and nipple-to-nipple while we watch our girlfriends fight it out, that's if you can handle it!" Ashley brought her tits forward and placed the tips of her nipples directly against the redhead's. It was like an electric shock surged through both to them, causing them rock back on their heels. This was quite different from the first time they touched nipples. It was like their state of arousal was ten times as strong. Both of them were panting and gasping for air as they came back together and touched again. This time they held them together tip-to-tip. Another electric shock had the two of them feeling like their nipples had just been spot welded together.

Amber pulled her left hand away from Ashley's ass. She reached up and tangled her fingers into the blonde's hair. "Pussy-to-Pussy and Tit-to-Tit, let's watch our girlfriends fight each other!" she growled and pulled Ashley's face cheek-to-cheek with her own. This also caused her tits to smash fully into the blonde's.

A few minutes had passed since Amber's and Ashley's attention became focused on each other. Now that their attention was refocused on their friends they were amazed at what they saw. Jennifer and Jamie still had their stocking legs tightly entwine, but now they had their arms wrapped around each other, using all their strength to crush their bodies together. Their wide open mouths were completely glued together and it was obvious their tongues were raping the insides of each others mouths due to the amount of saliva dripping off their chins. Upon closer examination the two girls had the front of their skirts pulled up and were grinding their panty covered cunts together.

Samantha and Stephanie were still trying to start a fire with their nylon stocking legs as they twisted and twirled together. They were holding each other nose-to-nose with their hands buried in each others thick hair. They were glaring into each others eyes as their wet tongues battled it out in the open space between them, flicking and thrashing wildly against each other. The front of their skirts were also raised up, and they too were working their crotches into tight combat.

Amber almost lost it as she took in the two pairs of short skirted, high heeled girls locked together in such a tight fight. She started panting heavily as Ashley reached up with her left hand and latched onto her hair. The Blonde pulled the two of them in tight against each other. She started working her tits in hard, drilling her bullet like nipples into the redhead's stiff rods. "Ya bitch......just look at how our girls are fighting each other!" she snarled. Ashley could sense Amber's state of arousal as the two of them look on cheek to cheek. It quickly became apparent to Amber that the tables were turned and that she was the one getting ready to go over the edge by watching the two pairs of girls fighting.

"Oh fuck!" That was all Amber managed to get out as she launched into an uncontrollable orgasm. Ashley was ready for it as she worked her wet pussy into Amber's. She managed to create suction by bringing their cunt holes into perfect alignment. A blast of hot cum shot out from deep inside the redhead's cervix and started filling the blonde's vagina canal. "Ya that's it bitch, give it to me!" Ashley hissed through her snarling mouth as she felt the redhead's warm juice filling her cunt. The two of them started shaking and clinging to each other tight with their snarling mouths pressed side by side.

Amber's kept herself glued to the Blonde as her orgasm subsided. She continued to look on at the fighting girls and quickly realized her orgasm didn't give her anywhere near the relief she needed. In fact it seemed to charge her sexual energy and gave her more of an appetite. Watching her friends locked in battle was only adding fuel to this new energy. She pulled Ashley in tight against herself and increased the pressure between their gyrating pussies. "Crush the shit out of those bitches girls!" She yelled out to Stephanie and Jennifer.

Ashley was matching the redhead grind for grind as the two of them held each other cheek to cheek. She knew this was far from over, and if this fight were anything like their last one, they would have to find someplace else to settle it. But for now she wasn't about to back down to the bitch, and that also meant proving her teammates to be tougher and more determined girl-fighters than her skanky little friends. "Come on can overpower those sluts!" The Blonde shouted out.

Their words of encouragement seem to intensify the fighting between the two pairs of girls. Jennifer and Jamie were wrenching their bodies together tighter and tighter while their locked-together mouths looked like they were trying to swallow each other up. The speed of Stephanie and Samantha's fighting tongues and legs seem to increase as they proceeded to licked each others tongues raw. The nylon material of their stocking covered legs started to show signs of shredding as each girl sported runs down the length of their legs.

"Fuck ya girls, fight those little sluts!" Amber yelled out with pure aggression.

"Come on girls, break the bitches in half!" Ashley shot back with just as much hostility.

Amber and Ashley snarling mouths were side by side as they shouted out acclamations. Their lips were curled back and they were baring their teeth in between cheers and chants. They were hissing, panting and grinding their teeth as they smashed together cunt to cunt and cheek to cheek.

"My fucking girls are going to waste yours, bitch!" Ashley growled,

"Not even you little slut!" Amber snapped back "Your girls are going to get fucked over by my girls!"

"I'll bet your getting off just watching our girls fight each other, aren't ya? You sick little bitch!" Ashley hissed.

"Not as much as you are, you perverted little whore!" Amber growled back.

"Ya bitch, well I bet your ready to go off again just by watching Samantha's tongue whipping the shit out of your girlfriends tongue, and it looks like Jamie and your slutty little friend Jennifer are swapping more spit than you and I ever have!" Ashley stated in an attempt to arouse the redhead into another orgasm.

Amber knew what the blonde was trying to do and she wasn't going to fall for it. She was going to fight fire with fire. "Yesssss.........and look at how Jennifer's tits are flattening out your silly little friends tits as they crush their bodies together, and just look at how angry Stephanie and Samantha appear to be as they glare into each others eyes while their tongues rape each other outside their mouths!"

Amber’s words seemed to be working, causing Ashley to pant and hiss. But the redhead seemed to find her self reacting to the blonde's arousal and started moaning herself.

"Fuck yes........and I bet their panty covered cunts are fighting each other underneath their skirts!" Ashley growled, her words causing both of them snarl and grind even more heavily against each other.

"Oh fuck ya.....just like our cunts are fighting each other right now!" Amber hissed.

The two girls just about came unglued, spitting and cursing as the pressure between their wet grinding cunts increased.

"And just look at how their legs are fighting each other" Ashley hissed and bucked.

"Yesss.....and their stocking legs are making war with each other, rubbing and straining against each other!"

After several hard cunt grinds, Ashley readjusted her stance and positioned her right leg out to the side. Her leg was straight and her toe of her high heel shoe was pointing towards the floor in the direction of the fighting girls. "Would you like to match your stockings against mine, bitch!" she growled.

Amber looked down and took in the blonde’s tone, muscular leg covered in a thigh high, skin tight, black stocking. The leg definitely appeared to be a threat. Long, lean, and very athletic looking. The two of them had never really compared legs and Amber suddenly felt uneasy about putting her own leg length to length with the Ashley's. What if the Blonde’s leg was longer, tighter, firmer and more muscular? Amber tried to erase that thought as she slowly brought her white stocking covered leg out to the side. She stretched her left leg out; tightening her muscles as she carefully placed it side by side with Ashley's. The two of them immediately started sliding the entire length of their legs up and down each other in an attempt to find a measuring point. The sheer feeling of nylon rubbing against nylon had both the girls breathing heavily.

"Quit trying to stretch your leg out farther than mine, Bitch!" Ashley growled.

"You’re the one trying to make your leg look longer by stretching it out!" Amber shot back.

"All right I have an idea, put your pubic bone right up against mine and hold it there," Ashley directed.

Amber had to admit the idea was perfect. This would definitely give them an accurate measurement point. So they worked their crotches into each other until pubic bone was tightly pressed against pubic bone. The girls could hear their cunt hairs grinding together as they settled into place. Their inner thighs started pressing in against each other. Their high heel shoes came off the floor side by side and rose up about six inches. They locked their arms low around each others waists and they squeezed as tight as they could. Neither girl was going to allow any cheating by letting their pubic bones slip apart. The pressure between them was intense. Their muscles really started to stand out as each girl stretched her leg to the limits. As they held each other cheek to cheek, they looked down and took in the results. From pubic bone to ankle bone the two girls’ legs were laid out perfectly even against each other.

Not fully satisfied with the results, Ashley managed to kick off her high heel shoe just by flexing her foot and then pointed her toes out as far as she could. Amber quickly accepted this new challenge and kicked her own high heel shoe off. It fell to the floor and smacked up against Ashley's nearly identical shoe. The redhead pointed her toes out and placed her foot side by side with the Blonde's. The two girls were gritting their teeth as they used all their strength to stretch their legs and feet out against each other. Each one was determined to extend their limbs out farther than the other. After what seemed like long minutes it finally became apparent that it was to close to call. Their big toes appear to be perfectly even with each other, neither one extending out any further than the other. In fact, if the two of them were reaching out to touch a wall with their toes, they probably would have touched at exactly the same time. The two of them continued to stare down, trying to find any differences in length, size, tone, and overall girth. Their freshly painted and manicured toes looked identical as the red polish glowed through their semi transparent stockings. It was also obvious that their feet were exactly the same size as their ankles remained welded together. Calve muscles appeared identical, knees aligned perfectly, and thighs were indistinguishable. It was even hard to tell any difference in the skin tone above their stockings. It was like they had their leg plastered up against a mirror, or the two legs were actually shared by the same person. From cunt to toe these two girls were exactly the same.

Amber found herself wishing she had a tape measure so the two of them could measure every part of their bodies. Legs, calves, thighs, hips, waists, chest, height, weight, everything. They could be written down on paper and put right up against each other. Comparing everything she had against everything the blonde had.

But right now the two of them seemed to be mesmerized as they continued to press their legs length to length. Neither one of them was sure who started it, but their legs started to rise, never breaking their length to length contact. Higher and higher they rose into what is known in the cheerleading world as a "heel stretch". This silent, mutual challenge was going to put their flexibility right up against each other. The sides of their legs remained glued together as they stretched higher. Both of them were still cheek to cheek, taking in the awesome sight of stocking leg against stocking leg.

The momentum slowed as their legs came all the way up beside them. In small increments they continued to stretch higher, testing and matching each other inch for inch. Due to the front of their bodies still being crushed together tit-to-tit, it would only allow their legs to travel so high. Their toes were nearly pointing straight up in the air. It was an amazing sight as both cheerleaders proved to have great flexibility and balance.

Ashley took her arm and wrapped it under their raised thighs and dug into the Blonde's tight ass with both hands. In this position their legs were spread wide open, making it easy for her to pull the blonde's wide open cunt into her own.

The blonde pulled her cheek away from Amber’s and the two of them went nose to nose. "Why not just face it bitch. I'm better than you, and my girls are better than your cheap little hooker friends!" Ashley stated. "We are better at fighting, fucking, and cheerleading!"

"You don't have the body, the looks, or the strength to be better at any one of those things!" Amber shot back and wrapped her left arm under their thighs. She dug both sets of claws into the Blonde's firm ass and pulled.

"I could easily take you on in all three of them, bitch!" Ashley spat back into the redhead's face.

"Ya.....well we're practically doing all three right now!" Amber shot back. "We're cheering our teammates on, we're testing each others flexibility, and our bodies are fucking and fighting each other!"

"Ya bitch well how about our tongues?" Ashley shot back and plunged her tongue deep into the redhead's mouth.

Amber was momentarily caught off guard but managed to quickly retaliate by jamming her tongue into the blonde's. They went at it with pure aggression and the desire to completely overwhelm each other. Their wide open cunts were plastered together, grinding the velvet soft tissue of their labia directly into each other. Their nipples had been purposely arranged tip to tip and were forced to battle head to head deep inside their swelling tit flesh. Their balance was incredible as years of cheerleading were being tested directly up against each other.

Three pairs of girls continued to fight it out on the narrow bridge that spanned across the main level of the mall. They sucked and moaned together for an undetermined amount of time. Amber suddenly noticed a large electrical motor running. In fact all of them heard it. Amber broke away from the kiss and turned to see the lights on an elevator door at the end of the mall corridor illuminating. "Shit!" The girls broke apart just in time as two mall security guards exited the elevator. Jennifer and Stephanie took off in a flash across the bridge as Samantha and Jamie took off in the opposite direction, leaving Amber and Ashley scrambling for their shoes and panties. "This ain't over bitch!" Ashley growled as she retrieved her panties. "You can bet on it, slut!" Amber shot back. The two quickly left the bridge chasing after their friends as they heard the mall security guards yelling at them from behind.

Amber managed to put herself back together well enough to merge back into the crowded mall. She had to keep her arms wrapped around her chest in order to keep her ripped open blouse closed. Her hair was rustled and out of place and her mouth was smeared with two different colors of lipstick. She managed to make it back to her car without attracting too much attention and found Stephanie and Jennifer waiting for her.

"Oh fuck, can you believe that just happened!" Jennifer shouted out.

"I can't believe we just got into a fight in the mall!" Stephanie was panting heavily from the excitement.

"Believe it girl...and I doubt very much that was the end of it!" Amber replied, still a little shaken.

"Good......Because I can't wait to take those bitches on again!" Jennifer growled out, tightening her fists.

With all the excitement at the mall and having the girls over the night before, Amber decided she needed some time alone. After dropping Stephanie and Jennifer off, she made her way home and soon found herself lying comfortably across her bed. There she dosed off.

She felt aroused as she woke up hours later, possibly dreaming of her fight with Ashley. She noticed how wet she was between the legs and rolled over onto her back. Her fingers made their way up and under her skirt; she started rubbing herself through her panties. Her pussy felt extremely wet and swollen. She flipped the front of her skirt up and could see the outline of her juicy cunt through her white panties. As she slowly rubbed her fingers across her pussy she suddenly noticed something strange. The white panties she was wearing had a small heart embroidered on the front of it. It quickly dawned on her that she was wearing Ashley's panties. It was obvious when the two of them picked up their panties in the mall, they had accidentally exchanged.

Knowing that she was soaking in the blonde's panties while she slept had her feeling angry, but she couldn't help but feel aroused at the same time. "That Bitch!" she mumbled to herself as she continued to rub the crotch of the blonde's panties into her pussy. Amber remembered the panties being soaking wet when she put them as she raced out of the mall. Her pussy must have known something she didn't. In order to keep the panties wet for this long, her own pussy must have remained wet and aroused the whole time while she slept.

Amber hissed and bucked her hips as she worked the wet crotch of the blonde's panties across her swollen pussy. Using one finger she tuck the crotch of the panties between her cunt lips. With nothing more but the strength of her vagina lips she squeezed, released, and then squeezed again, drawing the wet silky material into her cunt. She continued this until the entire crotch of the panties was pulled into her cunt. Her pussy contracted and squeezed, wring the blonde's juices into her pussy. In her mind she imagined her cunt was eating away at Ashley's. She was hissing, snarling, and fucking her hips into the air as her pussy ate away at the crotch of the blonde's panties.

Amber tried to remember how wet her own panties were when she took them off in the mall. She hoped they were sopping wet when that bitch put them on. Right now nothing would satisfy her more than to have Ashley's cunt soaking up her juices. Maybe the bitch was lying on her bed at this very moment, doing the same thing to her panties. The thought had the redhead literally bucking her hips up and down like she was fucking the air; she was spitting, cursing, and yelling out lewd obscenities. "You fucking cunt is going to fuck your cunt into next week you sleazy little whore! Let's FUCK FUCK FUCK!" she shouted out as her pussy started to ooze. When she came down from her orgasm, the redhead feel back into a deep slumber with the blonde's panties still wedged in her pussy.

The tension at Monday’s cheerleading practice was tense as Amber and Brandy immediately got into each others faces, and had a good tit-to-tit talk with each other. The other girls were crowded around them as their divided team try to settle their differences.

"I want my captain's position back bitch!" Amber pushed in nose to nose with Brandy.

"Looks like you have a problem. I pretty sure you know what you're going to have to do to get that back!" Brandy snapped back.

"Well from what I'm hearing I'm not the only problem you have!" Amber stated.

"I can handle it just like I handled you!" Brandy shot back.

"I'd be careful if I were you, or you're going to yourself surrounded by enemies!" Amber snarled.

That statement struck a nerve. Especially after that dance fight she had with Brittany, a fight she wasn't so sure she was winning. "You're the one that's out there looking for enemies bitch!" Brandy shouted.

"Listen bitch, you better make a decision as to where you put your loyalty. You can't keep it with this squad and with your old squad!" Amber stated.

Amber's words dug in a little further. Brandy knew the redhead was making sense and right now she was trying her best to ignore that statement. She became frustrated, and finally shouted out "Ya well where's your loyalty bitch?" That was all she could fire back with.

"Listen..........I know for sure that you're going to have your hands full pretty damn quick, So we can either work together or we can waste a lot of energy on each other right now! You need to make a decision!" Amber growled into the blonde's face. The redhead was fully aware of the situation and in order to get her squad back in order she would hold off on fighting the brunette for the captain's position, at least for now.

This was a long moment of silence as the two of them glared into each others eyes. Brandy felt torn, she knew her old squad had some new blood in it and would probably never be the same, and there was no way she would be able to influence the squad while she remained a Cougar cheerleader. This was the first time she held a captain's position and there was no way she was going to let it get taken away from her without a serious fight, even if that meant losing Ashley as a friend. In fact the more she thought about it, she would probably even fight Ashley to keep the position. After several seconds the brunette pushed her nose against Amber's. "I'll agree to work with you, but you have to agree to help me out if it ever comes down to it!"

Amber searched the brunette's eyes looking for truth in her statement. "I'll help you out, but you better be watching my back too! Agreed?" The redhead stated.

"Agreed!" Brandy replied with a snarl.

"Then how about we seal it with a kiss bitch?" Amber growled. She reached up and took the brunette by the hair and forced her into a hot tongue plunging kiss. Brandy responded quickly and matched the redhead's maneuver. They deeply licked the insides of each others mouths for several seconds. A couple of times their tongues even twirled together outside their mouths. There was no way they were going to kiss with their eyes closed as they continued to glare at each other with suspicion. It's funny that when locked in such a deep kiss both participants can always detect when it's going to end, and for two of three seconds the urgency of the kiss intensifies. Then it ends with the smashing together of wet puckered lips and a loud smack. You can always tell if it was a deep saliva swapping kiss because there's usually a bridge of spit linking their lips, which is exactly how Amber and Brandy's kiss ended. For several seconds they glared into each others eyes, still unsure of their teammate’s loyalty.

With Amber and Brandy's alliance in place the girls agreed to extend their cheerleading practices over the next few days. Not knowing what to expect from the Panther cheerleaders come Friday night, they knew they needed to get their squad working together as a team.

Throughout the week Amber tried her best to get along with Brandy. The two of them were constantly bumping heads as they tried to get their cheerleading routines in order. There was equal amounts of give and take and the only reason for that was because they both knew they had a common goal ahead of them.

The tension was high as the Cougar cheerleaders walked out onto the field Friday night. Excitement mixed with fear as the girls gathered together. It was going to be the Cougars vs. the Panthers, a catfight that will surely be remembered. As the girls looked across the field they could see the Panther cheerleaders were already rallying the small but expanding crowd. They watched as their cheer finally ended and were surprised when the Panther cheerleaders turned around and started a new routine that seemed to be aimed directly at them. The Cougar cheerleaders quickly broke into their own routine as they jumped, spun, and kicked to a loud energizing chant. This seemed to set the precedence for the first half of the football game. They would rally the crowd with a cheer and then turn around and perform another routine facing the Panther cheerleaders. Each time they made sure to perform a sexy cheer for the Panthers, which had them gyrating and grinding. The distance across the field was close enough to tell that the Panther cheerleaders had plenty of hip grinding cheers of their own.

It wasn't until half time that things really started to get exciting. The game was tied up at seven a piece when the Panther cheerleaders made their way across the field to show the Cougar crowd their team spirit. The tension was high as the Panther cheerleaders came along side the Cougar cheerleaders. The two teams kept their distance but were now close enough to exchanged evil twisted looks with each other. The Panthers broke out into a quick cheer for the crowd followed by the Cougar cheerleaders with their own energetic cheer. This went back and forth several times until the Cougar cheerleaders ended their last cheer by bending over, flipping up the backs of their skirts, and showing the Panther Cheerleaders their panty covered asses. It was an attempt to embarrass the other team in front of the crowd, and it seemed to work as the laughter from the crowd caused the Panther cheerleaders to give the girls a nasty look, before making their way back across the field. This meant it was time for the Cougar cheerleaders to move across the field and perform their routines for the Panther crowd. They all slipped in behind the Panther squad and followed them to the other side.

Once the Cougars stood in front of the Panther crowd they started to perform and didn't let up, going from one routine to the next. This didn't give the Panthers any choice but to start up their own routines and it quickly became a battle to out cheer and out perform one another. This went on for quite a few minute until Amber noticed the Panther cheerleaders had turned and were now facing them as they continued to perform. The redhead quickly got her teammates in order and had them cheering in the Panther's direction. They two teams continued to cheer and chant as loud as they could until the Panther cheerleaders broke out in high cheerleading kicks. They had formed a line and were locked together side by side with their arms around each other. They were kicking high above their heads like can-can dancers, alternating their kicks with their right and left feet. It didn't take long before the Cougar cheerleaders realized that the Panther's were slowly making their way towards them as they kicked into the air. It was an obvious challenge to a kick fight. The Cougar cheerleaders quickly formed a line and started kicking their way towards the Panthers. It took quite a few kicks to get the six of them in sync with each other. This was something they hadn't practiced in awhile but eventually they had their kicks perfectly timed.

Both teams continued to kick and chant as the distance between them closed. Amber watched the approaching Panther squad closely. She could tell their kicks where high and powerful. "Follow my lead girls!" Amber yelled out over her shouting teammates. The redhead readjusted the timing of their kicks to match the oncoming Panther squad. Her plan was to block them and simply out kick the approaching squad. As the Panthers kicked with their right foot the Cougars were kicking with their left and vice versa. Amber was holding Jennifer around the waist on her right side while she held Brandy on her left. In between kicks she glanced over to see Brandy looking back and suddenly felt a small sense of conformity with the brunette. She felt Brandy's arm tightened around her and Amber responded in kind.

The two teams seemed to kick higher and harder as their high flying feet now came within inches of striking each other. They seemed to hold this distance for several more kicks, like they were somehow measuring their cheerleading kicks against each other. Which squad was kicking higher? Which team had a more powerful kick? It didn't take long for the Panther squad to start answering those questions as the six of them launched forward during one of their powerful kicks, a maneuver that was obviously rehearsed. Their feet came up into the air and collided with the Cougar squad's, knocking the unprepared cheerleaders back. They stumbled, but managed to keep in line to deliver another kick. Again the Panther squad knocked them back. Amber knew they were in trouble and knew they needed to get some distance between them and the other squad. Brandy seemed to be reading the redhead's mind as the two of them started to pull their squad back. They retreated until they had enough room to regain their balance and then launched forward with another round of high flying kicks.

The Panther cheerleaders didn't lose one bit of forward momentum as they continued to kick their way towards the Cougar squad. Three kicks later the two squads came together again. This time the Cougar cheerleaders managed to stop the Panthers dead in their tracks as their tennis shoes bashed together in mid air. Several more kicks were delivered with each squad attempting to drive the other back with their overwhelming kicks. For some reason Amber could sense a bit of an alliance building between Ashley and Brittany. The two of them were centered in their squad just like her and Brandy were and it just so happened that she was kicking feet with Ashley as Brittany and Brandy kicked at each other. The kick fight continued as the balance of both squads begin to waver. A couple of times their feet got caught up sole-to-sole, high in the air, resulting in a little push war.

Slowly but surely the Panther squad started to force the Cougars back. Amber could feel her squad loosing its balance and were suddenly knocked on their asses. There were a few laughs and cheers coming from the crowd as the Panther cheerleaders stood over their fallen squad. "Pay backs are a bitch, aren't they?" Ashley shouted out. Brandy was shocked to here that statement coming from her friends mouth. The six of them quickly came back up on their feet and stood face-to-face with the Panthers. "What kind of talk is that?" Brandy shouted back at the blonde. Ashley gave the brunette a bitter look and right away Brandy knew their friendship was over.

It was almost impossible for the Cougar cheerleaders to hold back, but they knew this definitely wasn't the place to start an all out war. "Just wait until after the game bitches!" Amber yelled out and took Brandy by the arm and started to lead the squad back to their side of the field. "Like we're really scared!" Brittany yelled back to the retreating squad. "You better be!" Jennifer turned around and shouted.

The game ended with the Panthers barely beating the Cougars with a score of 21 to 20. The Cougar cheerleaders hung around on the field as the crowd started to clear out. They wanted revenge after being embarrassed in front of the crowd at half time. After losing that cheerleading feet fight they needed to get even. Their cheerleading skills had been put right up against the Panthers, and they had lost. Eventually they started to make their way across the field towards the Panther cheerleaders. When the Panther squad noticed this, they decided to meet them halfway and the two teams ended up face to face in the middle of the field.

"So losers ...I’m surprised you hung around. Must like the punishment!" Ashley shouted out in Brandy's face.

"You’re the ones that are about to punished!" Brandy shot back to let the blonde know she was still pissed off about her early comment.

"I guess you've finally figured it out.......Trader!" Ashley snapped at the brunette.

"What the fuck is that suppose to mean!" Brandy replied with a hostel tone.

"Well isn't it pretty damn obvious!" Ashley stated.

"Listen Bitch!" Amber interrupted and stepped in nose to nose with Ashley. "The way I see it, Brandy’s' wearing red and blue and that makes her a Cougar!"

"That's exactly the way I see it too!" Brittany shouted out as she came forward and pressed in tit to tit with Brandy. "Nobody really liked you anyway bitch!" she snarled.

"You think they would like a slut like you any better!" Brandy growled as she pushed her tits into the Panther cheerleader.

"I say we teach these bitches a lesson!" Jennifer shouted out and stepped right into Jamie's face.

"I doubt you have any lessens worth learning bitch!" Jamie shot back.

Suddenly Stephanie and Samantha were in each others faces. "You bitches think you’re hot enough to take us on!" Stephanie growled.

"Hot enough to melt everything you've got with everything we've got!" Samantha snarled.

Cindy and Heidi were exchanging a few hostel words with Chelsea and Heather as they too pressed in tit to tit with each other.

It was like someone had drawn a line in the sand as Amber stood side by side with her teammates. She pushed in hard against Ashley. "You bitches want confrontation?" She growled into the blondes face.

"Are you lookin to lock up with us?" Ashley snarled back.

Their hands found each other as they hung down at their sides. Their fingers entwined and gripped each other tight.

"Think your squad can handle locking up with our squad?" Brandy snapped at Brittany after overhearing Ashley's words.

"Think your squad can handle it?" Brittany shot back and she found Brandy's fingers starting to entwine with hers.

For what seemed like an eternity the two teams did nothing more but glare into each other faces as they stood under the lights in the middle of the empty football field. The excitement and fear of pitting their cheerleading squads’ right up against each other had them searching each others souls for weaknesses and uncertainty. Using their tightly entwined fingers they pulled the front of their bodies in tight against each other as the two teams stared each other down nose to nose. The whole idea of locking up with each other had them breathing in short raspy breaths. They could feel the wetness between their legs starting to soak its way through their cheer panties while their stiff nipples fought to stab each other through their tight sweaters. These two cheerleading squad were so perfectly matched it was almost like someone had hand picked each girl. This might have purposely been done since the previous captains of their squads chose the new cheerleaders each year, which was a huge rumor itself. It seemed to add fuel to their desire to match up against each other, to compare with each other, to test each other, and to fight each other. They needed to find out who the hottest cheerleaders were between them.

It was Amber that spotted park security out to the corner of her eye. "We need to settle this somewhere private!"

"Arrangements have already been made Bitch!" Ashley shot back. "We have a room all prepared."

"A room where?" Brandy replied.

"Samantha's house!" Ashley responded.

"Why should we fight on your turf?" Amber asked

" tricks. Just your squad against ours!" Brittany shot out.

Amber felt desperate to get on with it. After a brief moment of silence she shouted out "Fine! Let's do it!"

"Good, meet us in the parking lot and you can follow us. Ashley stated.

"I know where Samantha lives." Brandy spoke up, "We'll meet you there in 30 minutes!"

The two groups of girls slowly pulled away from each other and walked off in opposite directions.

All six Cougar cheerleaders piled into Ashley's car and took off out of the parking lot. "Holy shit I can't believe our whole squad is going to fight their squad!" Stephanie shouted out. "Fuck ya.......I'm getting hot just thinking about what's going to happen!" Jennifer stated as she started squirming in her seat. Brandy pulled out her lip gloss and started applying a thick coat to her soft lips. This triggered the other girls to start digging for their candied lipsticks.

The inside of the car smelled like a whore house as they pulled into Samantha's driveway. The smell of six heated pussies and sweet smelling perfumes all mixed together was arousing the girls beyond belief. All their cheeks were rosy red and their soft lips were tender and swollen. Their nipples never seemed stiffer, so stiff that they ached as they poked through their sports bras and cheerleading sweaters. Breasts seemed to swell, feeling like that had nearly increase an entire cup size. Their panties were sopping wet with anticipation. Pussy lips blooming like rose buds, throbbing and pulsating, leaking out large amounts of girl juice. They knew they were going to have their hands full, especially after losing the cheerleading feet fight.

They pulled in behind another car and figured the Panther cheerleaders were already inside waiting for them. The Cougar cheerleaders stepped out of Ashley's car and made their way to the front door. Brandy rang the door bell and it was quickly answered by Samantha. "Right this way girls!" she stated as she stepped back and started leading them through a large expensive house. She led the girls down the stairs and into the basement where the rest of the Panther cheerleaders were waiting.

Samantha took the Cougar girls into a large empty room. The carpeted room was completely finish and appeared to be at one time furnished. It felt like someone had turned up the heat, it was only obvious why. The Panther cheerleaders were standing together on the other side of the room as the Cougar girls entered.

"I'm surprised you girls didn't chicken out!" Ashley shouted out from across the room.

"You’re the ones that should be rethinking about messing with us Cougar girls!" Amber yelled back. Their squad was gathered together and slowly started making their way across the room.

"Are sure you don't want to rethink this?" Brittany jumped in, "Because the Panthers are going to rape the Cougars!" They started moving forward.

"Well then, I guess we've got a catfight on our hands!" Brandy shouted. By know the two teams were within a foot of each other.

Ashley stepped right up and went nose to nose with Amber. They locked heated eyes and she produced one of the most erotic growls imaginable. "Let’s get into it!"

Amber pushed hard into the blonde and snarled back with just as much intensity, "Bring it on!"

The other girls in Amber's squad started to surround her in a tight configuration. The redhead wasn't sure who it was, but suddenly one of the Panther cheerleaders reached out and latched onto her hair. She was ripped away from Ashley and quickly found herself being yanked and pulled from all directions. All hell broke loose as she fought back by digging her hands into anything she could get her claws into. She yanked, pulled, ripped, and torn away at hair, skin, and cheerleading uniforms. The redhead could see her teammates all around her were completely entangle with the Panther cheerleaders. It was obvious that this fight did not start with each girl seeking out an opponent. It looked like each girl was actually trying to become the center of the fight. Amber felt like she was in a mosh pit at a rock concert as she tore away at anything she could get her hands on.

The thrashing cheerleaders continued to rip away at each others uniforms. Sweater were stretched out to the limits, some of them had actually already been ripped open. Skirts were torn apart and falling from their hips. Tennis shoes were being peeled off their feet as a tangle of legs entwined. Pieces of cheerleading uniforms were literally being ripped apart and tossed away. Red, black, blue, and white material littered the floor around them. The girls were snarling and spitting as they continued to rip each other apart. By now most of the girls had their skirts either down around knees or down around their ankles, They were struggling to free themselves from a massive tangle of garments while at the same time digging and clawing away at their rivals.

Eventually most of the girls were stripped down to their bras and panties. This is when thing really started to get interesting. The mass of cheerleaders actually started to tighten up. Each girl was trying to work herself into the center of the fight. Twelve pairs of smooth cheerleading legs were all tangled and entwined in a tight knot. Torsos were compacting together in a tight circle. Amber would find herself chest to chest with one of the Panther cheerleaders only to be pried away and pushed in tit to tit with another one. Her bra and panties were now being attacked and she quickly retaliated by clawing away at anything she could sink her nails into. Hair was yanked, breasts were squeezed, and tight asses were clawed and scratched as the two squads continued to strip each other naked.

The girls were spitting, snarling and cursing at one another. It was becoming hotter by the second and Amber couldn't help but feel aroused as her naked body twisted and slithered its way through a mass of sweaty female flesh. Their tits were slipping and sliding across each others backs, arms, and each other tits. Occasionally you could hear a deep growl escape two girls as their nipples sliced across each other. Legs were hopelessly entwined like an orgy of mating snakes. Thighs were lubricated with more than just sweat, caused by their heighten arousal. Tight firm asses were being ground into one another and into each others heated crotches. Once in a while two girls would find themselves tit to tit and pussy to pussy. It was short lived as the mass of cheerleaders continued to twist and knot together in a never ending entanglement.

Mouth to mouth battles started popping up all over the place. A wet tongue would slip its way inside one of the girls mouths for several seconds and then quickly be replaced by another deep penetrating probe. Their twisting movements started to slow into an even tighter mass of flesh as breasts were more frequently being smashed together, and their legs were becoming permanently locked in place. Several times the girls found themselves unable to move because they were completely locked together in a massive tangle of arms, legs, and crushed together bodies. For more than a half an hour the entwined cheerleaders fought to overwhelm and crush their rivals.

Things started to loosen up a bit as each girl started seeking out more front to front and one on one contact with other girls. Amber found herself locked up with Chelsea, another stout red-haired girl from the Panther squad. The two of them were bear hugging each other tight as they worked their tongues deep into each others mouths. Slowly but surely the girls started to pair up with each other and broke away from the tangled mass.

Six pairs of girls were now stumbling around the room, each one determined to out crush their rival in a deadly tit to tit and mouth to mouth embrace. An obviously rehearsed plan started to unfold as the Panther cheerleaders started to lead the Cougar girls into a tight circle. A move that went completely undetected by the Cougar squad. Before Amber knew what was happening, she felt her ass bumping together with her teammates. The Panther cheerleaders had completely surrounded them. Each one of them had their chests fully expanded, crushing their tits into the tits of the Cougar cheerleaders. They started wrapping their arms around the waists of their teammates. Reaching all the way around they were able to lock hands with the girl that was completely on the other side of the circle. This formed a six-way lock that was now trapping the Cougar squad. To make matters worst, the Panther cheerleaders started to lock legs with each other, doubling the strength of the tight circle they formed around Amber's squad. Pulling together they started to crush the Cougar cheerleaders like a trash compactor.

Amber had to admit this was a clever move. She knew the only way to break free was to completely overwhelm the redheaded bitch that she was so tightly plastered up against. She knew she needed to do something fast or her and her teammates were going to be made into pancakes. So Amber expanded her chest into the redhead and wrapped her arms around the girls back, squeezing with all her might. Even though Chelsea had her legs entwined with her teammates, Amber went ahead and wrapped her legs around them. She worked her crotch into the redhead until their wet pussy lips were touching. Glaring hatefully into the girl's face Amber snarled, "Come on fire crotch, let's see who has the hottest cunt between us!" She then plunged her tongue into the red-haired girl’s mouth and gave her one of the deepest kisses imaginable.

Amber used all the strength in her arms and legs to crush and grind her body into Chelsea. It must have been working because the redhead gave off a deep husky moan as her tongue fought back against Amber's. Amber suddenly felt another leg wrapping itself around her right leg. She knew it could only be one of her teammate. Apparently the other girls in her squad had caught on, and started taking on their opponents in the same aggressive manner. A few seconds later she felt another leg wrapping itself around her left leg. The Cougars really started pouring it on, mauling the Panther cheerleaders’ mouths with their wet tongues, using their arms and legs to crush their bodies, and working their cunts deep into their rivals.

As Amber's wet pussy smashed and rubbed against Chelsea's stimulated cunt, her clit started to swell and harden. She started using it to fuck the redhead's dripping wet cunt. Harder and harder she squeezed and fucked the Panther cheerleader while her tongue continued to rape the redhead's mouth. Moans of pleasure and cries of pain rang out from the tight cluster of fighting cheerleaders. Finally Amber was rewarded with the trembling of Chelsea's body. In an instant the Panther cheerleader lost her grip. Amber reached up behind the girl's back and took two fists full of the girl's long red hair. She yanked and started pushing the girl back. For a moment Amber found both their legs trapped in a tangle of limbs. After a strenuous struggle she managed to break free and drove the Panther cheerleader across the room until she slammed the girl's back up against the wall. "Oh You Bitch!" Chelsea moaned through her continuing orgasm. Now that Amber had broken free, the rest of her squad was able to escape.

"Ya that's it you little slut........give it to me!" Amber growled into the Panther cheerleader's face. She could feel Chelsea's pussy pulsating while spurts of hot girl-cum filled the void between her own swollen cunt lips. As Chelsea's orgasm subsided she started to regain control of her body. It surprised Amber when the redhead launched a counter attack by latching onto her hair and yanking her back to the middle of the room. "You fucking's not going to be that easy!" The Panther cheerleader snarled. Amber quickly found herself in a tight body to body hair pulling struggle. They held each other chin to chin and glared down their noses into each others eyes. Their legs were tightly wrapped together and they were fucking each other.

All the other cheerleaders were also paired up with each other, stumbling around the room while locked in tight fights of their own. A completely entwined Stephanie and Heather ended up crashing into Amber and Chelsea. The four of them got tangle up and when they came out of it, Amber found herself now wrapped up with Heather. She quickly found the Panther cheerleader very aggressive. The girl was attacking her mouth with a vengeance, squeezing for all she was worth while grinding and smashing their hot bodies together. Amber stepped up her own attack and started working her swollen clit into the Panther cheerleader's wet cunt. The brunette wasn't about to let Amber fuck her into orgasm without putting up a fight, so she worked her own stiff rod into hot sticky action.

The two cheerleaders proceeded to tangle and knot their wet clits together while grinding their sexy bodies into one another. Their wide open mouths were sealed together, leaking out small amounts of their mixed saliva. It wasn't long before Amber found herself erupting. The redhead tried desperately to keep control but found Heather pushing her around the room at will. She was practically gagging on the brunette's tongue as it forced it's was down her throat. Amber felt like she was being bent over backwards as Heather stepped up her attack. It was a short but juicy orgasm that had Amber momentarily at a disadvantage. Suddenly the Panther cheerleader felt Amber's body surge and snap back into action like a thousand volts of electricity had just struck her. The brunette was taken back as the Cougar cheerleader used her mouth, tits, and cunt to maul away at the girl's body. Amber drove the Panther cheerleader back into the middle of the room were they ended up colliding with Cindy and Samantha. The four girls tangled together in hair pulling, breast squeezing battle. When they came out of it, Amber's body was now plastered together with Samantha’s.

Six pairs of cheerleaders continued to fight each other as they stumbled back and forth across a carpeted floor that was littered with ripped uniforms, bras, panties, socks, and tennis shoes. Two, sometimes three pairs of girls would get all tangled up and end up switching partners like they were moving around on a dance floor. Shortly after Amber forced Samantha into an earth shattering orgasm, she found herself fighting against Jamie, and minutes later Jamie was replaced by Brittany. The two of them latched onto each others arms just above the elbows and quickly squared up with one another. They came up on their toes and started to dance around, holding a two or three inch space between their erect nipples. Amber found herself staring into a very stunning pair of crystal blue eyes. The girl's face was absolutely gorgeous, and the twisted snarl she was wearing made her look even more erotic and dangerous. "You lookin for a nipple fight!" Amber gave off a snarl of her own.

"I'm lookin for a lot more than that, Bitch!" The brunette hissed back. "But that will be a start!" She pushed her chest out and violently raked her nipples across the redhead's.

"Oh ya bitch.......bring it on!" Amber snapped and slashed her nipples back across the Panther cheerleader's hard pair.

The two cheerleaders started to rake and twist their nipples together in a tight knot of stiff flesh while they continued to dance around the room with each other. "See how easily my nipples are bending yours around!" Brittany growled.

"That's not what I feel bitch!" Amber shot back. "My nipples are bigger and stronger than your weak little nubs!"

Brittany pulled back and kept herself squared up with the redhead. "How about a little shaft to shaft bending fight?" She hissed, "Or are you afraid you'll get bent?"

"You wanna bend fight our nipples together? You got it bitch!" Amber shouted and started maneuvering her nipples in next to the brunette's. The two cheerleaders were looking down as they carefully eased their nipples side by side. Both their bodies shuddered when they touched the sides of their stiff shafts together. They slowly moved forward and let them drag coarsely against one another in an attempt to measure them. At actually the same time the tips of their nipples touched each other's aureoles. Their eyes immediately shot up and they glared shockingly into each others eyes. There seemed to be a silent, mutual agreement between them as to the outcome of the comparison that just took place. "Get ready to be bent over bitch!" Brittany shouted and started to apply pressure between their stiff nipples.

"You're going to be sorry you even messed with me, slut!" Amber shot back and increased the pressure of the nipple fight. Slowly but surely the two girls applied more and more pressure. As they both looked on they started to become frustrated at the results unfolding before their eyes. Neither pair was bending any more than the other equally stiff pair. For an undetermined amount of time they held one another just before the point of their nipples slipping past each other. Grimace expressions appeared on their faces, twisted with determination and concentration. They were hissing and snarling as they dug their fingernails deeper into each others arms. "I'm bending you more bitch!" Brittany gasped and growled.

"Not’re the one losing!" Amber sputtered with a shortness of breath. The redhead couldn't believe the resistance her nipples were facing. It started to become a painful effort to keep her self from being bent over. Brittany's long shafts certainly proved to be a worthy opponent. Amber increased the pressure between their fighting nipples hoping for a cry of pain to ring out from the brunette, but this only resulted in their nipples snapping apart.

"I bent you!" Amber snarled

"I don't think so bitch!" Brittany shot back. "Line them up again!"

The two of them came together and went right back at it. After long minutes neither girl could gain an advantage over the other. It again ended with the snapping of nipples.

Amber could see the look of frustration on the brunette's face. She knew her own face was telling the same story. "My nipples proved to be stronger than yours!" the redhead growled.

"Maybe you'd like me to drill those weak little erasers completely out of your tits! That will show you mine are stronger!" Brittany hissed and aligned her nipples tip to tip with the redhead's.

"Erasers? My nipples are as tough as nails bitch, so you better hope your nipples are like drill bits if you want to beat me!" Amber shot back.

The two cheerleaders slowly pushed in tit to tit, forcing the tips of their nipples to stab directly into each other. Neither could see any advantage between the two of them as their nipples completely disappeared from sight. They pushed into each other just until the very edges of their equally sized aureoles were barely visible. They continued looking down at their tit to tit confrontation, comparing their breast size and shape. It was almost impossible to tell any difference. Each one was filling out equal amounts of tit volume between them. Their eyes came up and locked for several seconds in a heated stare, and then each girl took turns glancing down at the confrontation between their breasts. Each time their eyes locked the look on their faces said it all, "Look at what I've got bitch!"

The two of them came up on their toes as started pushing into each other. Amber could tell right away that Brittany's body was going to give her a run for her money. Up till this point all the other girls’ bodies felt soft and yielding. Although the brunette's body still felt girlishly soft, there was tight firmness hiding behind that soft girl skin. When the Panther Cheerleader came up on her toes, that tight firmness came into play when she flexed her tit muscles and pressed them directly into redhead's full pair. Amber gave off a snarl of her own and pushed her tits back against the brunette's. The two of them held each others arms and started pushing each other around the room tit-to-tit.

"I thought you were going to drill my nipples out!" Amber shouted out.

"Damn right I am Bitch!" The brunette shot back and started to rotate her tits into Amber's. "My stiff rods are going to hone you out!"

"Bring it on bitch!" Amber growled and started rotating her own tits into the Brunette.

They continued to dance around the room grinding and knotting their nipples together. They were gasping and panting heavily as more and more tit flesh compacted against each other. "Can you feel that nipples drilling into yours?" Brittany growled.

"All I feel is my metal rods pushing your so called drill bits back into your tits!" Amber snapped back.

"Maybe I need to just crush the shit out of you and then you'll feel it bitch!" Brittany shouted out. She quickly threw her arms around the redhead's back and crushed the Cougar cheerleading with all her strength. Amber grunted and snarled as she felt her breasts being flattened out by the brunette's rock hard tits. She retaliated by wrapping the Panther cheerleader up and started squeezing for all she was worth. The redhead was rewarded as a cry of pain escaped the brunette's mouth.

"You wanna crush tits?" Amber cried out, "My tit will flatten your tits!"

As the two cheerleaders dance around the room, Amber could feel their pubic hairs tangling together. She stepped up her attack and starting grinding her pelvis into the brunette.

"Oh you want to fight cunts, I'll grind your pussy bald!" Brittany snarled and matched the redhead's fighting cunt.

The two of them were nose to nose, staring deep into each others eyes as they proceeded to fuck one another. They could hear the crinkling of their pubic hair grinding together over all the crying and moaning coming from all the other paired up girls in the room. Suddenly Brittany's tongue shot out of her mouth and she wiped it across Amber's snarling teeth. The redhead quickly launched her own tongue into action, twisting and twirling it wetly around the brunette's. Their tongues battled outside their mouths as they stared into each others eyes with a mixture of lust and hate. Tighter and tighter they embraced each other. Their legs started to entwine like snakes as they worked more of their wet cunt lips into heated contact. Their bodies were sweating, allowing them to gyrate smoothly across one another. Once their clits came into slick contact, their open mouths sealed together, jamming their tongues deep into each others mouths.

For several long minute the two cheerleaders struggled and stumbled around the room in a tight embrace. Their clits and tongues twisted together in a desperate attempt to crush the life out of each other. Tits were completely flattened out against one another as their nipples fought to drill each other out. Their situation wasn't much different than the other paired up girls fighting against each other in the hot room. Amber struggled to keep herself from going over the edge, but when she started to feel a sharp, pulsating sensation coming from between their tightly sealed cunts, she erupted. She wasn't really sure which one of their cunts started throbbing first; it could have been both, because the two of them were going off together. Their bodies rocked back and forth in a hard fucking motion while they pumped their orgasms into each other. Their wide open mouths never broke apart. In fact the tongue kissing fight deepened as they growled and sputtered into each others mouths.

Just as the two cheerleaders came down from the wave Brittany's head was suddenly yanked back. She was pulled away from Amber and practically taken to the ground. Two fists were tightly entwined in the girl's hair, dragging her backwards. The brunette's hair was long enough to allow her to spin around. She was completely bent over and still could not see her attacker. The Panther cheerleader charged forward and wrapped her arms around the attacker’s waist, driving the girl back against the wall. The impact caused the other girl to release her tight grip on Brittany's hair. The brunette was finally able to stand and face this new enemy.

A little stunned from being slammed against the wall, Brandy managed to pull herself up and took on a challenging pose, hands on her hips, full tits thrusting out. "Are you ready to finish what we started out on the dance floor bitch?" The Cougar cheerleader hissed.

Brittany took in the beautiful naked body that stood in front of her. The girl was definitely all sexed up and ready to fight. Her body shined with a light coat of sweat from the hot girl fighting going on in the room. Her hair was a mess and lipstick was smeared across her mouth. Her breasts swelled with each breath, nipples erect and ready for battle. "Let's finish it!" The Panther cheerleader growled and took on her own sexy pose.

Amber stood there and watched the battle commence as the two brunettes’ came together tit-to-tit. They pushed into one another as their arms slipped around each others backs. Reaching up they latched on to each others hair. They pulled each others heads back and went chin to chin, glaring down their noses at one another. Amber started looking around the room when she suddenly noticed all the moaning and crying, blending in with the smacking together of wet girl lips. A couple of the paired up girls had taken their fight to the floor. Stephanie and Samantha were scissored together cunt-to-cunt grinding into each other with great determination. Heather and Heidi were locked in a sixty nine suck off, mauling each others pussies with their mouths and tongues.

Amber turned her attention back to Brandy and Brittany. They were chin to chin dancing around the room with their wet tongues now battling outside their mouths. "Those two really make up a good fight, don't they?" Amber suddenly heard a familiar voice ring out. She turned to see Ashley standing off to the side. The blonde was really juiced up, her mouth and chin coated with saliva from kiss fighting four or five different girls, and it was faintly smeared with different shades of lipstick. Her body was glistening with perspiration from all the hot body to body contact. Pubic hair was soaking wet, matted down while tickles of wetness ran down from between her legs, not all of it hers.

As Amber took in the Panther cheerleader she realized her own appearance wasn't much better, even though she felt like she was just getting warmed up. She didn't see a reason to take on a challenging pose in front of the other girl. The two of them had gotten to know each other quite well by this time. She simply turned and faced the blonde. "This is what you wanted, isn't it?" Amber sneered and lowered her chin. "To have our cheerleading squads fighting each other?"

"No more than you wanted to see our cheer squads fighting it out!" Ashley shot back with a snarl.

Knowing there was some truth to that statement; Amber hesitated for a brief moment. "I guess we have a lot in common."

"A lot more than I care to have with a bitch like you!" Ashley snapped back.

"The feeling is mutual, slut!" Amber sneered, "I'm sick and tired of you trying to compare yourself to me!"

"That's because if we compare long enough, you know I'll come out on top!" Ashley stated with confidence.

"You don't have what it takes to come out on top of me!" Amber replied with a snarl.

"Then why don't we lock up and settle this once and for all bitch!" Ashley growled and started moving towards the redhead. She spread her fingers while her hands hung down at her sides, palms facing out, challenging the Cougar cheerleader to lace fingers.

"That's exactly what I plan to do pussy!" Amber turned her own palms out and spread her fingers. She quickly closed the distance between them, their angry eyes never parting. They stopped just at the point where their stiff nipples came together tip to tip, and slowly interlaced their fingers. They stood there for a moment, glaring into each others eyes. Amber felt the Panther Cheerleaders toes mashing into hers. She started wiggling her own toes, smashing and jamming them back into the blonde's until they were locked together. The two of them tilted their heads and pressed foreheads together. They stood there for long minutes, panting in each others faces while glaring deeply into each others eyes.

"You really like comparing yourself to me like this.....don't cha?" Ashley snarled.

"It's just too bad our squads aren't watching us like this right now!" Amber stated, "I'm sure they'd love to see me bring you to your knees!" She hissed and tightened her fingers and toes while pushing her forehead hard against the blonde's.

Ashley quickly tightened her own grip. "You'll be on your back once this is finished bitch!" she shot back.

"I'm already winning this fight bitch, can't you feel it?" The redhead shouted out while increasing the pressure.

"Ya......, well see if you can fight this bitch!" The Panther cheerleader yelled and slashed her wet tongue across Amber's mouth several times before retreating.

"You call that a lick?" Amber snarled and then slashed her own tongue out several times, wiping it wetly across Ashley's mouth and chin. The two of them were now pressing nose to nose.

"I could out lick you any day!" Ashley shot back and flicked her tongue out again, licking all around the Cougar cheerleader’s mouth.

"You wanna lick fight me bitch!" Amber growled and once again slashed her tongue out across the blonde's mouth.

"I would love to screw your tongue off, you fucking slut!" The Panther Cheerleader hissed and wiped her tongue across Amber's mouth.

"You wanna fight me that way........then let's screw our fucking tongues together?" The redhead growled and again licked across the blonde's mouth. Several more licks were traded back and forth between the two cheerleaders.

"Come on you bitch.......let's tongue fuck each other!" Ashley challenged her hotly.

This time both tongues snaked out or their yawning mouths and slid together wetly. They twisted and twirled together in a mass of slick, muscular girl tissue. Their eyes were wide open, glaring hatefully into each other. For several long, hot minutes the two cheerleaders screwed their tongues together, violently licking all around each others mouths and chins. Finger and toes gripping each other tight as they fought to out lick one another.

As the blonde shifted against Amber she felt the girl’s rock hard nipples pushing into her own stiff rods. The redhead started pushing back, sending her own searing hot shafts deep into the Panther cheerleader's. A new battle ensued and they started to grind their firm tits into each other. "Remember how my nipples milked yours?" Amber pulled away from the kiss just long enough to make that statement.

"If I remember correctly it was my nipples that sucked your milk out!" Ashley hissed and went back to screwing her tongue around the redhead's.

"Think you can milk me now bitch!" Amber growled hoarsely.

"I'm going to milk you dry, you fucking slut!" Ashley shouted out and doubled her efforts.

Amber was momentarily taken back by the blonde's aggression, but managed to quickly respond by flexing every muscle in her body. For long minutes the two cheerleaders really went at it, licking each other like crazed animals, grinding their nipples deep into each other as their equally firm tits crushed together. The redhead's started to feel like she was inverting Ashley's nipples, but then she remembered how their nipples had actually sucked together that night when they fought each other in her bedroom. As Amber concentrated more thoroughly on the sensation it started to feel quite different. She could actually feel the milk holes in her nipples enlarging, expanding against the ridged tips of the blonde's piercing rods. As they continued to twist their tits together in tight circles she started to feel the Blonde's milk holes opening up to her. From deep inside her ample breasts she could feel a tiny, sharp, suction starting to pull away at her. It was becoming too much for the Cougar cheerleader to handle. It felt like a thousands volts of electricity shooting into her nipples. She broke away from the tongue battle and her head reeled back. "Oh my god!" she gasped in a deep husky tone.

"Yes bitch!" Ashley growled, she was panting just as heavily as the redhead. "Don't fight it. I know you can feel my nipples milking yours!"

Amber nearly came right on the spot as she fought the wave rushing over her. The only thing that saved her was the ugly thought of this bitch actually beating her. The humiliation of having her nipples milked by this dirty little cunt. She knew she needed to change the focus away from her burning nipples. She somehow gathered the strength to get right back in the blonde's face. "Alright you bitch, you really want to have it out with me......., put it all on the line!"

"You sure you have what it takes to put yourself out there like that!" Ashley hissed.

"Oh I don't plan on just putting myself out there........I plan on putting myself in you!" Amber growled. She felt the blondes body shudder with those words,

"You think you’re a big enough girl to get past me down there?" Ashley asked in a raspy tone.

"You think you’re a big enough girl to wrap up with me and find out?" Amber shot back.

"You wanna wrap up with this tight body again, girl?" Ashley continued with the line of questions. She pulled her hands free from the redhead's but kept her tits nice and tight up against the Cougar cheerleader. The two girls immediately starting shaking their hands out, trying to get the blood flowing back into them.

"Ya, lets wrap up nice and tight you bitch!" Amber snarled and started to snake her arms around the Panther cheerleader's back.

"All right you fucking little whore, let's get into it!" The blonde hissed as her arm went around Amber's back.

The two girls started to work themselves together, tightening their firm, luscious bodies into one another. Their interlocked toes finally came apart and they slowly worked their legs into a tight, twisted knot of female flesh. "Oh ya that's it you bitch....., nice and fucking tight!" Amber growled huskily. Tighter and tighter their embrace became as their smooth tight abs started to press hotly into one another. They were flexing their stomachs muscles and smashing them together like interlocking grilles. Both cheerleaders seem to hold off on bringing their pelvises into play as they adjusted and readjusted their legs and arms around each other. They were looking for that perfect position that would allow them to mutually crush their bodies together.

Finally they worked themselves into a complete tangle that would not allow escape. Their bodies did a very slow, hard grind into each other. "You really think you can crush my tight body with all your softness?" Ashley grunted out. "You’re the one that feels nice and soft bitch!" The redhead gasped and panted. Again she found herself having to fight off a wave rushing over her as she took in the ultra-smooth feeling of soft girl skin rubbing and smashing together.

"I thought you were going to put yourself inside me........or are you having second thoughts?" Ashley hissed as she wiggled against the redhead.

"Oh I'm going inside you alright........and you'll be screaming your ass off when I do!" Amber sneered.

"Well you'll have to get past my girl first!" The blonde stated with a growl.

"That won't be a problem.........I'll just screw it right back into that weak little pussy of yours!" Amber snapped back. She could feel her swollen clit protruding from deep inside its hood. It was so sensitive that it felt like she had an open wound across it. She could feel the cool air swirling around it as her hips swayed back and forth. She could also feel a hot spot lurking just in front of it.

"If your such a big girl than fight me with it!" Ashley hissed.

Amber was so close to going over the edge that the only thing she could think of doing was an all out attack on the Panther cheerleader. She knew this would be like throwing herself to the wolves, but if anything, she could hopefully get the blonde to go off shortly after. So the redhead swung her hips and shouted, "Fight this bitch!" She slammed her inch long clit right into Ashley's and sent to twirling around the blondes slick, sex probe. Amber's wide open mouth shot forward and sealed itself across the Panther cheerleader's. Her tongue rammed into Ashley's mouth, licking and tasting every inch.

The blonde quickly retaliated and started smashing every inch of herself back into the Cougar cheerleader. They both worked their cunts deep into each other. Pussy lips catching and unfolding while their sex rods knotted and twisted together in tight combat. They opened up to each other and started smearing their wet inner labia together. Tongues were thrashing wildly together inside their tightly sealed mouths while they crushed their hot bodies and tits together without mercy. Amber started to feel her own cunt muscles contracting. Her extremely sensitive clit felt like it was being arch welding to the Blonde's. She could feel her clit pulsating as she started to fall into one of the most powerful orgasms she had ever had.

The redhead suddenly felt an alternating throb pulsating from deep inside their joined pussies. "Yes!" She thought to herself, the blonde was going off with her. The pulses started coming closer together until they finally united, causing the two cheerleaders to exploded into each others bodies with the most powerful orgasm either one had ever experienced. For two full minutes the girls bodies rocked and contracted as they screamed and growled into each others drooling mouths.

At the end they pulled their tongues from deep inside each others mouths. Their foreheads came together briefly, and then they turn and rested cheek to cheek with their snarling mouths panting and gasping right next to each other. Their eyes remained closed as they continued to recover.

"What the fuck are you looking at, bitch?" Amber suddenly heard Brandy's voice ring out. She opened her eyes to see Brittany and Brandy tightly entwined with each other standing right next to her and Ashley. The two of them were glued together from tit to cunt and it was obvious they had been going at it for a while. Amber tried to figure out if Brandy was actually directing those word at her, that is until she heard Ashley growl out next to her, "Not much, you fucking little slut!"

Amber couldn't believe Brandy was trading words like that with her former cheer partner and so called best friend. The girl must have finally realized which squad she was cheering on, or maybe she figured out what a bitch Ashley really is.

"I'm sick and tired of all the shit I had to put up with you...., thinking you’re so fucking cute!" Brandy shouted out.

"I guess that's the reason why you abandoned the Panthers, isn't it bitch!" Ashley shot back. "Couldn't handle being second best?"

Brandy's face twisted with anger and she started jerking her way closer, pulling Brittany along with her. When they were close enough Ashley and Brandy quickly latched onto each others hair with one hand. Amber suddenly felt obligated to help Brandy out, especially since the girl finally figured out which team she was playing for, and the fact that she was now attacking the girl that the redhead so despised. So Amber sent one of her own hands into Ashley's hair and gave the girl a good yank. She quickly found her own head being yanked back as one of Brittany's hands, and one of Ashley's hands, started pulling away at her own hair. The cheerleaders suddenly found themselves locked in a four-way hair pull.

"Don't fuck with me bitch!" Brittany yanked Amber's face in close.

"I'll fuck with whoever I want!" The redhead shot back. Out of the corner of her eye, Amber noticed Brandy and Ashley corkscrewing their tongues together. Before she knew it, the redhead felt the wet slashing of a wild tongue sliding across her own mouth, so she quickly sent her own tongue into battle. Amber could feel her body being twisted as she worked over the Brittany's tongue. Her legs and cunt were still locked together with Ashley's but her breasts were now packed in a four-way collision.

Things started to tighten up as the girls pulled each other in. Amber notice Ashley's cheek pressing against her own and she could see Brandy and Brittany were also pressing cheek to cheek. The two tongue fights were so close that they actually started to interfere with each other. Amber could feel Ashley's and Brandy's tongues starting to slap across her own on as she drilled into Brittany. Slowly but surely it became a very wet battle as four girl-tongues twisted and knotted together.

As they all tried to work themselves into a tighter configuration, Amber and Ashley's legs started hooking together with Brandy and Brittany's. The four of them ended up losing their balance and fell to the carpeted floor. It was a tangle of arms and legs as they fought to hook up with each other anyway they could find. Somehow Amber ended up in between Brittany's legs grinding away pussy to pussy with the brunette while her tongue rammed itself into Ashley's hot mouth. Ashley's cunt was plastered together with Brandy's as the two of them tried to settle what seemed like years of built up anger.

The four cheerleaders went at it for quite some time as four wet tongues went from mouth to mouth. Their slick bodies started to turn and slide together in strange, unexplainable ways. Somehow they ended up in a position that allowed them to slip and slide back and forth between each others legs, trading cunt fight partners several times as they twisted together in a knot of female flesh.

Amber and Ashley finally broke away and started to roll across the floor in a tightly entwined ball, leaving Brandy and Brittany all wrapped up together in a tangle of girl on girl. They rolled until they crashed into a wall and broke apart. Ashley quickly sat up and spread her legs; she reached down and started massaging her wet cunt lips. "All right you little slut, spread yourself and let's have it out!" The Panther cheerleader hissed.

Amber quickly pivoted around and opened her legs. Her hand came down and started rubbing her own pussy. The two cheerleaders simply glared at each other as they worked their cunts into a thick lather. Ashley started humping her pussy at Amber. "You wanna fuck, girl?" She hissed.

"Think you can fuck this?" Amber quickly spread her cunt lips apart and opened herself up.

"You must be pretty brave if you think you can out-fuck this hole!" The blonde growled and spread her own juicy lips apart.

"I could easily out-fuck that weak little hole of yours!" Amber shot back with a growl.

"Then come over here and prove it, you skanky little bitch!" Ashley snarled and humped her pussy at the redhead.

Amber moved forward and started scissoring their legs together. The two cheerleaders continued to hold their pussy lips open as they slipped their thighs into each other. They stopped with just inches remaining between their hot, burning cunts. They stared down at each others open holes, comparing their cunts. Amber could see deep inside the blonde's pussy, her pink inner labia glistening like a raw oyster. The redhead made sure her own cunt lips were spread open nice and wide so the Blonde could see what she was up against. Their eyes came up and locked, "Are you ready to have your cunt completely eaten out, bitch!" Ashley hissed.

"That's what you said last time," Amber sneered. "If your cunt is so hungry, let me see it eat this!" She shouted and slammed her open hole into the Blondes.

Their asses immediately came up off the floor and they started grinding into each other. It wasn't a hard grind at first. They simply worked themselves together in a slow hot fuck, shampooing each others cunts with their mixed juices. They could feel and hear themselves sucking together. As the two cheerleaders looked on, they could see their probing clits starting to tangle and knot just above their sucked together lips. "That's it bitch........twist your little girl around mine. Ashley hissed.

"Little? I'll twist your little nub right off, you little slut!" Amber growled back.

Harder and harder, faster and faster, they started to grind into each other, working their cunts into a sticky lather. They were pushing each other around in a crab walking position. "Can you feel my cunt sucking you in bitch?" Amber snarled.

"You’re not big enough down there to suck me in," Amber hissed. "I'll pull that weak little pussy of yours inside me and wring you out!"

Within minutes Amber started to feel just that. Her body started to shake and convulse. She lost total control of her muscles and felt the insides of her cunt being sucked into Ashley's hot pussy. Somehow she managed to stay up on her hands and feet as the orgasm ripped through her. If felt like Ashley was squeezing her entire body from all directions. "Oh you fucking bitch!" Amber screamed out.

"That's it you bitch........give it to me!" Ashley hissed.

After a minute or two Amber was finally able to regain some control of her muscles, but she could still feel the blonde's cunt clinching her tightly. It became a bit of a tug-of-war as Amber fought to pull the blonde inside her. "Oh no you don't bitch!" Ashley growled. "I sucked you in, and now I'm going to chew you up and spit you out!"

As the redhead continued to fight for some kind of an advantage, she nearly found herself going off again. "What the fuck was going on?" She asked herself. She decided to escalate things; it seemed to work the last time. So she dropped her ass to the floor with Ashley pussy still glued against her. The redhead lifted her body and pushed her chest out at the blonde. "Come on you little slut......let's settle this once and for all!" She shouted out.

"Bitch you must be glutton for punishment," Ashley snarled. "Think your nipples are really going to give you any extra help. I'll milk those just like I'm milking your cunt right now!"

"Then what the fuck are you waiting for?" Amber sneered. "Bring your nipples up here and fight me!"

"Your funeral Bitch!" Ashley hissed and lifted herself into direct nipple to nipple contact with the redhead. Right away they started rubbing tip to tip.

Sure enough, the distraction worked as Amber started to feel Ashley's cunt loosening up. Although the nipple contact didn't seem to ward off the redhead's building arousal. She could feel her milk hole expanding as they drilled and sucked together with the blonde's. Their bodies started to grind and gyrate faster and faster. Amber reached up and latched onto the hair on the sides of Ashley's face and pulled the girl nose to nose with her. She felt the blonde's hands come up and slip into her own hair. They growled into each other faces as their bodies rocked together.

Amber started to feel the blonde's body jerk and snap. She could feel her pussy lips enveloping the Panther cheerleader's. "Yes you bitch turn you fucking little slut!" Ashley could feel the insides of her cunt now being pulled into Amber hot sex. The redhead forced the blonde to look into her eyes the whole time; taking joy in seeing the look on the girl's face as her cunt was being sucked into a stronger pussy.

Amber's victory was short lived. It didn't take long for Ashley to recover. The Panther cheerleader jerked the redhead's face in nose to nose. "All right you fucking bitch," The blonde hissed. "Let's go all the way.......tongue to tongue, tit to tit, nipple to nipple, and cunt to cunt!"

"You fucking got it bitch!" Amber pressed her nose in hard against the blonde's. "I'm going to finally put you out!"

"You're going to be the one laid out on the floor when I'm done with you!" Ashley snarled and jutted her chin out.

"I seriously doubt that, bitch," The redhead shot back. "And no coming up for air this time, you little whore!"

"There won't be a need too!" Ashley hissed.

The two girl’s mouths were snarling into one another so hard it looked like they were purposely biting into each others pearly white teeth. Harder and harder their mouths smashed together until they finally opened and filled each other with their slick tongues. The two cheerleaders fell over on their sides and wrapped themselves together in the tight, twisted girl knot. At this point it seemed their only goal was to completely devour one another. This was their final bout. They wrenched their bodies together so tight that a crow bar couldn't pry them apart. Tongues were raping each others mouths while their cunts sucked and ate away at each other with vicious determination. Their clits were hopelessly entwined, twisting their girls together in a fight that would only end in one of them completely crushing the other. Their bodies would occasionally jerk and contract from the multiple orgasms that rocked their bodies, sometimes coming together, sometimes alternating. Each girl was determined to force complete sexual exhaustion on the other as they crush-fucked each other for what seemed like hours.

Long ago the noise around them had completely died down. Only the occasional smacking together of their own girl lips or a deep husky groan escaping their mouths could be heard. It was Amber who eventually felt Ashley's body slowly going limp. Her muscles started to relax and her body wasn't responding with same aggression it had been. The blonde's clit had loosened it grip around the redhead's and her tongue was no longer fighting back. By this time Amber wasn't much better off. Her aching body barely had the strength to roll herself on top of the Panther cheerleader. She struggled to find the strength in her clit to push the blonde’s girl back into its hood. Her tongue felt raw as she started to lick the back of Ashley's throat, practically cutting off the girl’s supply of oxygen. Crushing the blonde's body one final time had the Panther cheerleader lying motionless. Amber continued to rape the girl's body until she was completely sure of her victory. She pulled her mouth away and lay on top the blonde panting heavily while her clit remained fully inserted into the home of Ashley's girl. For several minutes she took in the euphoric feeling of having her girl completely inside another girl.

Amber slowly pulled her sticky body from the Panther cheerleader. The blonde moaned and turned onto her side as the redhead stood over her. Amber looked around to see naked bodies everywhere, some of them were still plastered together while others had slipped apart. They were completely motionless other than the rising and falling of their chests as they breathed heavily in their sleep. She could see daylight peeking through the small basement windows as she started searching through the ripped cheerleading uniforms that littered the floor. Being the only one standing, she knew there would be no denying her the captain's position on her squad. She started to feel a gleam of happiness knowing that she was the one to win the fight for her cheer squad. She gathered up the best pieces of clothing she could find and as she reached over to pick out a pair of tennis shoes she suddenly noticed something moving out of the corner of her eye.

Amber's victory was short lived when she turned to see Brittany standing there in full naked form. Her heart skipped a beat and started pulsating rapidly. All the pleasure she was taking in had just been ripped away from her. Amber wasn't sure she had the strength to go on, but after taking in the girl's hellish like appearance, she saw a ray of hope, even if her own appearance wasn't any better. She dropped the clothing and turned to face the brunette. Their weary eyes locked. Nothing was said as the two remaining cheerleaders closed in on one another. They came together and slowly wrapped their arms and legs into each other, painfully pasting their sticky bodies together. Their cunts were so sore that when they came together it felt like they were smashing two very large open wounds into each other. They glared deeply into each others eyes for a moment. Tightening their grip, they started to crush their aching bodies together. Their heads tilted and they brought their wide open mouths together, filling each others mouths with their girl tongues.

The End.