NEW FIGHT (True Story) - Part 1


In a strange twist for me, my wife recently discovered my enthrallment with catfighting. My wife is 34 years old with dark curly hair to her shoulders, dark eyes, olive skin (she's Italian descent) 5'4" 110 34a-22-34. Recently she has had a lot more time on her hands and despite having mothered two children, she is in the best shape of her life. She has toned her arms and legs and has really developed a washboard abdomen. I mention a twist because although I expected her to discourage my interest, she actually welcomed it. When we were dating she had told me about a few fights she had had (I had cautiously asked about them) in her "wild days" in college but had never said anything more. After she discovered my interest, she revealed that she had actually had 7 fights in her life, all of which she had won. I was a bit surprised by this because my wife is neither big, nor particularly tough (or so I thought). Nevertheless she expressed an interest in participating in a catfight or two if I could arrange it (I nearly tripped over myself figuring out how to do this) and in the past 9 months, she has had 4--all of which, to my surprise, she has won. I don't know whether this is some sort of mid-life crisis or what, but she has become considerably more sexually aggressive as well both with me and in her competition. She even shaved her pubic hair before her last fight and fought her opponent naked. (her opponent opted for just thong). My 35th birthday came recently and she asked me what she could do special for this milestone event. I gave her a list of choices, the last of which I never expected her to choose, but she did.

The last option was a true no holds barred fight, like a bar or street fight, if we could find a person to do it. I also pointed out that I had a suggestion as to whom.

"Dana" (not her real name) asked me who I wanted her to fight. I told her that I wanted her to fight her old roommate from college "Lisa" (also not her real name)

She looked stunned. "I thought you hated her." she said.

"I do, but you know she's very hot, and you two are very similar, and I've always thought about the two of you going at it."

She stared at me. I was a little surprised, I didn't expect this kind of response. For what it's worth, Lisa was also olive skinned but she had straight hair down to her lower back, she was very hot (maybe even hotter than my wife although I would never admit it...) and of similar size, except for one thing. She was 5'4 too and 112 lbs (I know because they were very competitive) but Lisa was a 34dd. I don't know her waist and hips but she was very thin. Her breasts were nice big grapefruits.

"what's wrong?" I asked. "I thought you and she were very competitive, wouldn't you want to fight her?"

"Yeah, sure." she said with some hesitation..."It's just that she probably won't want to come down here..."

"really? hasn't she come down to see Alice?" (another of our friends...)

"yes, but she won't come to see me, you know we haven't really stayed in touch..."

"Okay, well maybe there's someone else then." I said and got up from the table.

Later that evening Dana came in to the room and climbed onto my lap. She leaned down and kissed me and said, "Next weekend, the kids are going to your mom's and Lisa's coming..."

I became erect almost instantly. "Really, why the change of heart?"

"Well, I haven't been entirely honest with you. You see, in college, Lisa and I had a fight that I never told you about."

"So you beat her already? Is that why you didn't think she'd come? " I was getting excited.

"Actually, no, she kind of kicked my ass."

I was surprised. Lisa never struck me as tough or strong and Dana worked out religiously in college. "Wow. I didn't know, so why didn't you ever tell me when we talked about your fights...?"

"well I kind of blocked it out of my mind until you asked about her. It was in the sorority house, and the thing about Lisa was that she was so arrogant and condescending that she could verbally demoralize you and that's what happened. Before we even started fighting I had lost. I mean, we are essentially the same size except for those fat tits of hers and no one expected me to lose. But lose I did, in front of everyone. And then she made me say she was the better woman and fighter... It sucked."

"So here's your chance to redeem yourself"

"Yep." she said, trying to show confidence, "I suppose so." somehow I didn't think she was too sure of herself.

Lisa arrived on Saturday and I was sure if she hadn't come soon I would have exploded. Dana had cleared our playroom out completely and was wearing a red jogging bra and gray lycra thong. I watched Lisa walk up the driveway--she hadn't changed a bit, black sunglasses, skintight white top showing a ton of cleavage and her belly, black skin tight leather pants and 4 inch heels. She carried a small duffel over her shoulder and was wearing thick makeup, as was Dana.

I opened the door for her as she got there and greeted her. She kissed me hello and Dana came up behind me and said her hello. The room got suddenly very icy. Lisa took off her sunglasses.

"You look well, " she said, "Haven't changed much..."

"You neither." replied Dana.

"So what makes you want to do this, all of a sudden?" she asked.

"what makes you willing?" retorted Dana.

Lisa shrugged. "I suppose I just enjoy the ego boost. You know, proving I'm better than the homecoming queen and enjoying the spoils...The spoils will be the same, won't they?" Lisa said cattily...

"noooo." Dana replied raising her eyebrows.

I was curious as Lisa turned to me. "Why not?"

"what were they the last time?" I asked (DUMB! DUMB! DUMB!)

"Never mind. " said Dana. "No, if you lose, that's enough for me, if you win, I suppose I can give you a hundred bucks."

"Fine, but on one condition, you tell him what the spoils were last time and see what he says about it."

"She fucked my boyfriend. If she won the fight she fucked him. So she did." Dana said turning to me in a huff.

"There, you happy?" she said, to Lisa.

"Yes. No what if he wants that to be the spoils--"

"I don't..." I cut her off, (whew, finally a chance recovery.)

Suddenly Dana though of something..."No, actually let's do this. I win, you do me. You win, I do you--in front of Tim." I nearly passed out.

Lisa smirked. "I hope your tongue is strong, Dana. It's gonna be working hard tonight. Can I change somewhere?"

"Forget it, " Dana said, we're doing this the old fashioned way as she took off her top. "Naked." Lisa raised her eyebrows. I pinched myself. (I later found out that this had already been arranged...)

Lisa stripped as did Dana. Lisa's body was incredible, outdoing Dana only in the breast category. But she outgunned her considerably there. Lisa was completely shaven for this fight too.

Both girls stood in the playroom. "Real fight? " Lisa asked "No rules, like last time, when you got your ass kicked, right?"

"Fuck you, asshole." Dana replied, nodding her head.

My fantasy was about to come true.

To be continued...