“Thank god the kids are back in school,” Sue said to herself as she pulled into the elementary school parking lot to drop off her 4th and 5th grade boys on their first day at Harker Elementary. It was a special day for her boys and she was also excited for them, yet a little sad to see her little babies growing up so fast.

To describe Sue as a hot soccer mom would be the worst understatement in the history of the world. At 28 years of age, Sue’s body hadn’t changed much since college. With shoulder length dark brown hair and stunning natural Hispanic complexion, Sue’s face was like a magnet to the other women’s husbands. Her figure had bounced back amazingly after having her children and she still sported an eye-popping 36D, 24, 36 figure. She was proud of her young looking body and flaunted it in an obvious but classy way. She possessed the kind of breasts that seemed to defy gravity, even without a bra. Her nipples always looked like they were in a state to semi arousal and it was impossible not to notice them poking through just about anything she wore. Sue enjoyed the attention from the ever-present staring husbands and would feel even more excited by the dirty looks some of the other mom’s would give her as she walked through the halls. Sue was obsessed with comparing her body, especially her breasts, to the other moms at the school.

Sue’s competitive obsession evolved to not only comparing, but into a detailed fantasy of flattening another woman’s breasts with her own in a private confrontation. It was not a sexual thing for Sue, but more of a competitive thing to confirm that her breasts were the firmest of any mom at the school. She fantasized about wanting to put her bare breasts on the line against an equally endowed rival, risking everything. She fantasized about her big firm breasts engulfing the breasts of her foe, crushing and bending her rival’s nipples with her own erect pair. Her fantasies usually ended with Sue forcing her rival to admit that her breasts were better and then having the other mom hold her head down the next day at school when they passed in the hall. “Just a harmless fantasy,” Sue would say to herself when her imagination got the best of her.

The parking lot was crowded with mostly mothers, parking their mini vans to walk their children to class. Many of the mothers were old friends since their children had literally grown up together since preschool. Each year, the experienced mothers with older children would confidently walk their children through the familiar halls to meet this year’s teacher, saying hello to old friends and teachers they hadn’t seen for over three months.

As Sue hugged and kissed her oldest goodbye, she noticed a group of her old friends huddling together in front of one of the adjacent classrooms, talking and whispering to each other with urgency. Sensing their alarm, Sue couldn’t help but join the group to find out what was going on. As she tuned into the conversation, Sue quickly gathered that they were focusing their attention on a particular woman, seeing her little one off to her first day at kindergarten. As Sue focused on this new mother, the hairs on the back of her neck stood on end and goose bumps formed on her arms.

“Can you imagine yourself coming to school wearing that?,” one of her friends exclaimed in shock.

“She might have just dropped her kid off in her bra and panties!” another whispered.

As Sue examined this new threat (and she was a threat in Sue’s mind), she saw a statuesque blond wearing a pair of tight running shorts and a short sports bra, revealing an extremely flat, muscular stomach. Although looking like she was dressed for a long run or an aerobics work out, this woman’s hair was perfectly done. As she bent over to kiss her little one goodbye, Sue was shocked to see this new mom’s round muscular ass peek out from under her sheer running shorts. Like many mothers dropping their children off for their first day of kindergarten, she was quietly crying as her little one bounced into class. From the tears running down her cheek, Sue could clearly see she was not wearing much makeup and didn’t need to because of her pristine complexion.

As the new mom turned and faced the group of gossiping women, everyone looked away as to not be obviously staring, except Sue. As this extremely sexy new mom strolled by, she immediately locked eyes with Sue. The look was one of contempt and in Sue’s mind she might as well have just said out loud, “I’m the sexiest mom in this school now, admit it!” As the two stared into each other’s eyes, Sue couldn’t help letting her eyes dart down at this new mom’s magnificent rack. The sports bra she wore showed a substantial amount of cleavage up top, and didn’t quite cover the underside of her full breasts where they met her rib cage. Despite their size, they only bounced and swayed slightly, nipples fully visible through the thin fabric. As she passed, Sue could only stare in disbelief at this new mom’s perfectly shaped muscular ass, barely concealed by her skimpy running shorts. Sue could even distinctly see each of her ass cheeks alternately moving up and down with each powerful step.

As the other women gathered behind Sue and also stared, the first comment from the little gossip gallery cut Sue like a knife.

“If I had breasts like that still, I’d flaunt them too.”

“They’re not that big, probably fake too,” snapped Sue, proud of her natural breasts.

“I think she’s got you beat in that area Sue,” another one said.

With that, Sue stormed off steaming mad, thinking to herself “Give me ten minutes with that little bitch and I would smash those flabby bags flat with mine.” Wild thoughts filled Sue’s head as she visualized her bare breasts engulfing this new mom’s breasts. She envisioned humiliating her by bending her nipples over with her own diamond hard points. As Sue sat in her car in the school parking lot, she suddenly realized that she was the only car left in the entire lot. Startled like getting caught daydreaming when the stoplight turns green, Sue quickly started her mini-van and stepped on the gas.

The next day after dropping of her boys at school, Sue had plans to drop by the pool club she belonged to where she regularly worked out both in the gym and by swimming laps. The pool club was one of Sue’s favorite places. It not only served as a place to stay in shape, but also served as a huge ego boost since every man in the place had his eyes glued to Sue’s body from the second she arrived until the moment she left. As Sue left the locker room in her one-piece Speedo swimsuit, she looked up in shock to see that very same new mom pulling herself out of the pool by the bars at the steps. At the same moment, she realized that not a single eye was trained on her like usual, but instead all eyes were now straining to get a look at that new hot little bitch.

Actually, the sight even had Sue stopping dead in her tracks for a moment. First of all, as this new mom pulled herself from the pool, drenched with water, Sue was shocked to see that she was wearing an embarrassingly skimpy bikini. This was unheard of at this pool club since most people there were fairly serious swimmers and the women only wore one-piece racing style Speedo suits. Second, the fabric of the small triangles that barely covered her breasts and crotch had become see though from the water and Sue could clearly see two very cold, very long hard nipples and the curly texture of her obviously blond bush. As she stepped up on the edge of the pool, she whipped her soaked hair out of her face and squeezed the water from her head as she arched her back. Lifting her hands above her head, causing her large breasts to rise and sway. The water streamed from her heaving breasts and down her flat belly as she squeezed the water out of her hair all the way to the tips of her locks. Her nipples were so clearly visible through her skimpy top that she might as well have been topless. Sue was shocked at their length and darker color considering her blond hair.

As Sue passed, it seemed like they were the only two in the entire club. They locked eyes once again, occasionally looking down to compare bodies, not a word said. As they walked in opposite directions, Sue turned to see that the fabric on her ass was just a see through as the front and she could clearly see the crevasse of her muscular but sexy ass. Shaking now, Sue dove into the pool and swam like never before. As she swam, thoughts once again filled her head of physically confronting this new mom, breast to breast, to see who’s were bigger and firmer once and for all. Sue could feel her own nipples become hard as nails as the water resistance pulled at them.

At the end of her last lap, Sue grabbed the edge of the pool and looked over toward the inside gym area of the club and contemplated taking a sauna. The sauna was the favorite part of her workout and she relished the feeling of donning just a small white towel and sweating off her frustrations.

Somewhat exhausted, Sue climbed from the pool and made her way to the women’s locker room. The club was almost empty now and the locker room was deserted. The only sign that anyone had changed before her was a single open locker door. Like usual, Sue proceeded to peel her Speedo suit from her quivering body, anxious to warm up in the sauna. Sue looked down to see that her entire body was covered with goose bumps and her nipples were hard and throbbing from the cold and partly from her vivid and erotic fantasy while swimming. Again, the image of the new mom’s nipples raged in Sue’s head and she tried to visualize their nipples side-by-side.

The pool club towels were just large enough to cover Sue’s athletic frame and it barely covered her panty line above her neatly trimmed bikini cut bush, as she wrapped it around her breasts and tucked in the loose edge just under her arm. At least three inches of cleavage was clearly visible as her full breasts strained against the skimpy white towel. As she walked toward the sauna door, she noticed that the door window of the normally empty sauna was steamed up indicating it may be in use. “It can’t be.” Sue said to herself as her pulse quickened. She pushed the door open, confidently stepped in, and tried to focus through the steam filled room.

As the steam momentarily cleared, Sue gasped to see none other than her new rival, wrapped in her own skimpy white towel, pouring water on the sauna rocks. As the new mom turned, both women froze and locked eyes once again, not a word spoken. After a few awkward seconds, both women’s eyes began to survey the other’s body from head to toe. A knot formed in Sue’s stomach as she followed the opening of this new mom’s towel down to what seemed like a fraction of an inch below her little blond bush. The towel clung to her big breasts, just above the nipples, which were creating little tents as they pushed up the fabric of the towel. In a daze, Sue walked toward the sauna rocks and poured on a ladle of water eliciting a sharp hiss of steam. The new mom had seated herself on the opposite side of the small redwood room, legs crossed, arms spread wide along the back of the bench. Sue also sat down, assuming a similar position, facing her new rival. Still, not a word had been spoken.

Again they just stared at each other. Then, the new mom broke the silence.

“You should take a picture, it lasts longer.”

“And that’s supposed to mean what?” Sue replied.

“I mean the way you’ve been staring at me at school and now here at the club.”

“You were the one that was staring honey, but I don’t blame you, everyone stares.” Sue replied.

“Not any more, haven’t you noticed,” the new mom said, slowly shaking her head.

“The only reason they are staring is that people feel embarrassed for you,” Sue snapped back. “It’s amazing what happens to some women’s breasts after children isn’t it.”

“Actually, mine look even better since I had my daughter,” the new mom replied.

Sue responded, “Sure, that’s because they are bought and paid for I’m sure.”

Obviously pissed off by Sue’s insinuation, the new mom quickly stood up, arching her back, “These are the real deal sweetheart.”

Offended by the new mom’s aggressive posture, Sue also stood up and assumed a similar stance, hands on her hips, chest thrust out. “I see new moms like you come along every year, flaunting what they think they have like cheap whores in front of everyone’s husbands. I have yet to see a single one of you that has the guts to back up what they are flaunting.”

Both women took another step forward, now only a few feet apart. Both were breathing heavily, their full chests threatening to pop open the towels wrapped around them. Exactly the same height, they starred defiantly into each other’s eyes, occasionally glancing down at the deep cleavage above each other’s towels.

“You sure are making a big deal about my breasts, that usually means that someone is insecure about their own assets, don’t you think?” the new mom said.

“Honey, compared to those sorry things, I’m not too worried,” Sue said as she looked down at this stacked new mom, expecting her to back down.

“If you think you’ve got better breasts than mine, why don’t you prove it,” the new mom declared.

Somewhat shocked at the challenge, Sue wanted to make absolutely sure of what she was suggesting. “What, you want to compare right here?” trying to act like she was above such a thing.

“You know exactly what I mean!” the new mom said in a frustrated voice. “If you think yours are better, prove it!”

Sue’s head was spinning now and she felt dizzy. She had secretly fantasized about a moment like this but never imagined it would actually happen. Her breaths came in ragged succession now and this new mom’s challenge filled her with rage, as she silently stared at the new mom’s cleavage. Without even thinking, Sue’s instincts took over.

“When you see mine next to yours, you’ll run back to where you came from.” Sue said with steely eyes.

With that comment, the two women moved forward so only a foot separated their tightly wrapped chests. Then, to Sue’s surprise, the new mom slowly reached up to the knot of her towel and began to pull it loose, and then quickly yanking it open with both hands. The new mom’s breasts literally popped out at Sue, swaying heavily as she jerked her upper torso. Instead of dropping the towel at her side, the new mom tied it around her waist with a knot at her side. It was tied low on her hips and Sue could see her two sexy hipbones sticking out above the towel line. The sight of her high, firm breasts, covered with a slick layer of sweat was almost more than Sue could take. Sue examined every millimeter of her fantastic looking breasts, instantly comparing their every feature to her own pride and joys. They were indeed impressive, topped with long, rubbery nipples, also coated with a thin layer of sweat.

“Now, who’s the one that will be running home?” The new mom exclaimed with confidence.

Slowly, Sue slipped her fingers up the slit of her towel and undid the knot. The new mom stared down as she let it drag over her now stiff nipples until it fell to her side, still held in one hand. Sue also tied the towel low around her waist with a tight knot at her side. The look on the new mom’s face had now completely changed from one of confidence to one of reservation. Sue’s stupendous breasts were every bit as large as the new mom’s and just as impressive looking covered in their own liquid sheen. Silently, both women moved forward, chests trust out, nipples lined up. Now only one inch from actually touching nipples, the comparison was stunning. Their breasts were almost identical in terms of their size. Both women’s nipples were extremely hard, with bumpy areolas and long thick nipple knobs.

Seeing her shiny bare breasts so close to her rival’s wet pair took Sue’s breath away. She still felt that her breasts were nicer looking and somehow stronger. For several minutes both women stared down at each others glistening breasts, slowly turning their upper torso’s back and forth to compare at every angle. They stared down their respective glossy cleavages to the tips of their own engorged nipples, pointing directly at each other. Both women’s hearts were pounding in their chests and their breathing became ragged and labored from the excitement of the intimate comparison. With alternating deep breaths, each woman’s chest expanded, almost poking the opposing breasts with her own sharp nipples.

“You’ve been flaunting those soft nipples of yours, but they don’t look so tough now, do they….” Sue said, in a breathless whisper.

“My nipples are easily longer and probably much harder than yours I’m sure.” The new mom quickly replied.

“I don’t think so.” Sue said, as she rotated her shoulders forward, moving her left breast toward the new mom’s right. The new mom also moved forward until they lined their nipples up side-by-side, shaft next to shaft. Finally, Sue felt the tip of her throbbing nipple point lightly touch the new mom’s puffy areola. At the same time, she felt the new mom’s point poke her own bumpy areola. Both women held their breaths for a moment as their eyes rolled back, then looked down to see the result. Their nipples were exactly the same length, lightly poking each other’s areolas, shaft-to-shaft.

“I told you!” Sue said as she rotated again, this time flicking her rubbery nipple shaft across the new mom’s equally hard shaft. Sue felt her nipple shaft bending the new mom’s shaft for a moment then slip apart like two springs. As their nipples flicked across each other, both women let out a little squeal. With her little squeal, the new mom threw her head back, whipping her hair back across Sue’s face.

“Try that again, and I will smash those old bags of yours flat!” The new mom said sharply.

“I would crush yours if we pressed them together!” Sue shot back.

“Go ahead then, if you have the guts!” The new mom said, resuming her posture.

Both women were again face-to-face, chest thrust out, hands on their hips just above the little white towels tied around their sexy hips.

“I knew we would titfight from the second I saw you.That’s why I waited for you in this sauna.” The new mom explained.

“Well that’s your mistake if you planned this!” Sue said as the sweat streamed down her face and beaded on the top of her now aching breasts.

Each woman now issued her final insult.

New Mom: “My nipples will bend your nipples flat and my firmer breasts will crush your weaker breasts until you beg me to stop.”

Sue: “My nipples will scrape your nipples raw first, then I will rip your sorry tits off your chest with my firmer pair.”

With that, both women moved forward, lined their nipples up and pressed them together head on. Too slick to maintain their head on position, their nipples shafts slid past each other and buried themselves in their rival’s areolas. The women threw their heads back as a tingling sensation radiated from their slippery nipples. They seemed to have something to prove between their nipples and did not press their breasts together full force. Instead, they began flicking their nipple shafts back and forth across each other. They locked nipple shafts like two sword fighters and slowly tried to bend the other over by rotating their shoulder slightly in opposite directions. Their knobs would bend and build up a load like two springs, then slip apart because of the slick layer of sweat covering their entire bodies. They would grunt and squeal as their nipple shafts scraped along their entire length, then quickly rotate in the opposite direction to bring them back into firm contact. Trying to build up a greater load between their shafts, they pressed their breasts together another inch to try and prevent them from slipping apart. With the added pressure, both women could feel the others bumpy areolas scraping together as their stiff shafts dueled. This time, the pressure was so great between their nipples, that when they slipped apart, both women’s breasts swayed and quivered as they separated.

“I thought you were going to bend me flat with those tough nipples of yours!” Sue snapped.

“Aaaaahhh!!” the new mom yelled as she pressed her big breasts directly into Sue’s waiting pair. They leaned into each other, hands still on their hips. The sweat now dripped from both women’s chins, dripping down onto the giant cleavage formed as their breasts wrestled. Sue could feel her breasts snake across the new mom’s breasts sending her right breast upward and the other downward against the new mom’s firm, slippery pair. She looked down in alarm as she saw her right nipple sticking almost straight up from the compression. She then looked to her left to see the new mom’s nipple also sticking up at her.

“Noooooo!” Sue grunted and flopped her breasts back and forth across both of her rival’s slippery boobs. The new mom matched Sue’s move and the women slopped their breasts back and forth, fully compressed. Sue relished the feeling of her engorged nipples digging deep into the new mom’s breast flesh and her long nipples scraping across the equally engorged nipples of this unbelievable rival. As their breasts slipped across each other, they mushroomed out on both sides at the extension of each deep slippery rub.

Looking to increase the pressure with each grind, the women brought their hands from their hips and gripped each other just above the elbows, pulling each other back and forth as their breasts continued to tangle like two snakes covered with oil.

Just as the two enraged women began to lose all control, Sue suddenly felt the knot of her towel loosening. The violent thrashing of their upper torsos was having the same effect on the new mom’s towel as both women felt their towels loosen and begin to slip down their hips, but they were so intent on crushing each other’s breasts with their own, the thrashing continued unabated.

With the next violent clash of wet, slippery breasts, both women’s towels fell to their feet. Both women immediately froze, still tightly holding each other above the elbows, breasts pressed together. Both were painfully aware that not more than a couple of inches separated their meticulously trimmed pussies.

“I knew you would quit if things got nasty.” Sue said through clenched teeth as she slowly ground her nipples into the new mom’s wet chest.

“You can forget it if you think I’m quitting” the new mom replied in a determined voice, grinding her burning hot nipples back across Sue’s nipples.

“Anyway, you can’t match me down there either!” The new mom said as she extended her pelvis forward, pushing her soaked mound into Sue’s, still maintaining the pressure between their breasts.

“Oh my God! You dirty little bitch!” Sue yelled, shocked at the feeling of their wet pubic hair rubbing together. “Fine then, I’ll destroy every part of your body if I have to!”

Now, both women clinched their butt cheeks and thrust their pussies together down below and slithered their breasts back and forth across each other. Grunts and yells filled the room every time one sensitive part rubbed or scraped across another. The women simultaneously released their mutual arm holds and slipped their arms around each other’s waists, locking their fingers at the small of the other’s back. This allowed both women to squeeze their own breasts together with their biceps to stab their now pointed breasts into each other while maintaining constant pressure between their sweat soaked pussies. Sue then unlocked her fingers and dug her manicured nails into the new mom’s slippery, firm butt cheeks, eliciting a yell. She then leaned back at the waist and drove her pussy into the new mom’s exposed mound. She could feel the folds of her pussy lips penetrating and spreading the new mom’s pussy lips. Sue moaned loudly as she desperately tried to bring their clits into direct contact.


Both women froze as the pounding emanated from the sauna door.

POUND! POUND! POUND! “Everything ok in there?!” the female pool club manager called out.

Both women immediately separated and took several steps backward, their chests heaving up and down like they just finished a marathon.

“This isn’t over.” Sue said in a threatening voice.

“You’re damn right it isn’t!” The new mom snapped back, as both women retrieved their towels, wrapped themselves, and stormed from the sauna.

Returning home, Sue stormed through the front door, slamming it behind her. She hurried upstairs to the master bedroom and slammed her workout bag on the ground. She had hurriedly dressed at the club and wasn’t wearing a bra or panties under her matching sweats. Breathing heavily, Sue just stood at the end of her bed for several minutes, her breasts and pussy still tingling from the rough contact with the new mom. “That dirty little bitch!” Sue said out loud as she quickly unzipped her sweat jacket down past her still moist cleavage. She quickly tore the sweat jacket off her arms and threw it on the bed. She then peeled off her sweat pants, leaving herself standing naked.

Her breasts and pussy were still on fire as she moved over to the full-length mirror mounted on the back of the bathroom door. Cupping her heavy breasts with both hands, she examined them in the mirror. Her nipples were still erect and throbbing as she rotated her upper body from side-to-side to survey any damage. Although a bit red from the intense rubbing she had engaged in with the new mom, her proud breasts were unscathed. Sue then looked down at her swollen pussy lips, also still tingling from the rough contact from her rival’s pussy. She slowly combed her fingers through the soft tuft of pubic hair, then down over her soaking wet pussy. She closed her eyes and shuddered as she let her middle finger press between her engorged pussy lips, shocked at just how wet she was. “Oooooh my God!” Sue said, as she pressed the pad of her middle finger against her very swollen clit. Sue’s pelvis quivered as she closed her eyes, vividly remembering the initial feeling of her furry pubic mound tangling with her new rivals equally protruding mound.

Suddenly, the phone rang loudly, jolting Sue back into reality. She quickly slipped into a full-length satin robe she retrieved from a hook on the bathroom wall.

Flustered and still breathing rapidly, she answered the phone.

“You dirty little gutter tramp!” the voice said before Sue could even say hello.

Immediately recognizing the new mom’s voice, Sue instinctively shot back. “You’re calling me a gutter tramp?!………..You’re the one that shoved your filthy pussy into mine!”

“Oh my God!, you bitch!…….You were the one that started it!” the new mom yelled into the phone.

“I knew you couldn’t back up that big mouth of yours” Sue snapped back.

“Bullshit I can’t!……..Another five minutes in there and you would have found out what a real woman can do,” the new mom proclaimed.

“I thought you were going to show me just how good those big fat boobs of yours are?” Sue said with a sarcastic tone.

“My beauties pushed your old bags all over your chest and you know it!” the new mom shot back.

“Your tits felt like soft pillows to me honey” Sue said in a superior tone.

“Nothing was settled and you know it!” the new mom said.

“You don’t have the guts to meet me with everything you’ve got…..admit it!” the new mom said.

“Honey……you just name the time and place and I’ll turn you into a puddle on the ground,” Sue said with confidence.

DING DONG! The doorbell suddenly rang.

Sue froze as she held her breath, still holding the phone to her ear.

“Answer the door bitch,” the new mom said calmly in Sue’s ear.

Sue quickly went to her upstairs window and looked out to see an unfamiliar car parked at the curb. She swallowed dryly as she walked out the bedroom door and descended the stairs. She hesitated at the front door for just a moment, steeled her nerve, and opened the door. There she was………her rival, standing at the door with her cell phone at her ear. The new mom snapped her cell phone shut as Sue lowered her cordless phone, pressing the off button.

Both women stood there in silence for a moment, staring daggers into each other’s eyes, occasionally glancing down at each other’s bodies. The new mom was wearing a matching sweat suit outfit, accentuating her ample bosom. Sue noticed right away that she wasn’t wearing any panties since the cleft of her pussy lips was clearly visible under the clinging fabric of her tight sweat pants.

“You need a lesson and I’m the one that’s gonna teach it to you bitch,” the new mom said with frightening confidence.

“I’m the one that’s going to be giving the lesson honey,” Sue said as she stepped back to let the new mom in.

“Upstairs,” Sue commanded.

“Anywhere you want honey,” the new mom said as she headed up the stairs in front of Sue.

Both women’s hearts were absolutely pounding in their chests as they climbed the stairs together. The new mom noticed the open door to Sue’s master bedroom and entered without a word. Sue followed, shutting the door behind her. The new mom stopped at the end of Sue’s king-sized bed and turned. Without a word, she pulled down the zipper of her sweat top. She stared into Sue’s eyes as the zipper passed her breasts, letting it split wide open on her chest.

“These are gonna teach your flabby titties a lesson they’ll never forget” the new mom said as she pulled the sweat top open, peeling it off of her arms. Her big firm breasts swayed and bounced as she firmly threw the top on the carpet. She then slipped her thumbs into the waistband of her pants and gave her hips a sexy wiggle as she slid them down to her ankles and stepped out. Just as Sue had suspected, she wore no panties and stood completely naked in Sue’s room. Sue looked down at the perfectly manicured strip of public hair above her swollen and fully visible pussy lips.

“Take a good long look honey, because this is gonna teach you a lesson too” the new mom said as she arched her pelvis upward, reaching down to stroke her fingers through her pussy hair.

Sue then slowly slipped open the belt of her white satin robe. She paused as the robe fell open just enough to expose her deep cleavage and flat belly. She then moved her thigh forward, opening the robe to expose her flaming pussy. The new mom’s eyes raked down Sue’s body as she opened the robe. Sue spoke as she drew the robe over her shoulders, letting it slip down her back to the floor.

“I have had it with your big mouth bitch” Sue said calmly, stepping forward toward her naked rival. “I’ve got more than enough to handle anything you’ve got honey,” Sue said stopping just in front of the new mom.

The two women stood in front of each other, completely nude, only inches apart. Both flipped their hair back as they breathed heavily. They looked each other in the eyes, occasionally glancing down at each other’s rising and falling breasts with anticipation. Both women’s nipples were so hard that it felt like they had close line hangers attached to them. Both sets of nipples were long and thick with tight, bumpy areolas. Finally, the new mom spoke:

“You can’t possibly think that your weak looking nipples can stand a chance against my beauties,” the new mom said as she slowly raised her right hand up to cup Sue’s left breast. Gently cupping Sue’s breast, she softly lifted and squeezed it. Sue flinched slightly but stood her ground.

“These babies are gonna turn your little buds inside out before I’m done with you,” Sue said as she also brought her right hand up to the new mom’s large left breast. Sue lifted it slowly, feeling its weight then softly squeezed it. She heard the new mom suck in a short breath as Sue caressed her sensitive breast.
“What’s the matter honey?……..You want to run home already?” Sue said, looking the new mom in the eyes.

“These are no match for mine,” the new mom groaned as she brought her other hand up to gently lift and squeeze Sue’s other breast. Sue involuntarily let out a lusty gasp as the new mom lightly squeezed both of her breasts together.

“I don’t feel anything I can’t handle,” Sue said with a low husky voice as she too brought her other hand up to cup then squeeze the new mom’s other breast. She firmly squeezed and pushed them together eliciting a guttural, lusty moan from her rival.

The two women stood solidly in front of each other, both hands caressing and manipulating each other’s big firm breasts. They silently traded slow sensuous squeezes as they lifted and squeezed one or the other breast, occasionally squeezing the others boobs firmly together. One or the other would involuntarily moan with pleasure and defiance as they handled each other’s boobs. Both silently marveled at the weight and firmness of the others breasts as they allowed the other to gently fondle and kneed their proud breasts.

Feeling bold, Sue backed her hands off just a bit and let her index finger slide up and flick over both of the new mom’s stiff nipples. “Ooooohhh God” the new mom moaned as Sue lightly bent her nipples over.

“I think someone’s going to have a nipple orgasm” Sue said as she gently twirled the tips of her fingers around the new mom’s areolas.

The new mom then shifted her own hands on Sue’s big tits, gently squeezing both nipple knobs between her thumb and index finger. “Ooooohhhh… bitch” Sue moaned with pleasure as she felt her knees buckle.

The two of them now teased each other’s nipples as they continued to squeeze and caress each other’s breasts. The new mom was lightly pinching Sue’s nipple knobs like radio dials as she occasionally lifted and squeezed her big breasts together. Sue continued twirling two fingers around the new mom’s areolas, occasionally bending her nipple shafts over as she lifted and caressed them. As they struggled and moaned, they arched their backs, almost offering their meaty breasts to each other. Heads occasionally flipped back with eyes closed as one or the other would hit a sweet spot with the other’s nipples. For the most part, they remained in the same spot, with the back of the new mom’s knees pressed up against the end of Sue’s bed. Down below, their bellies and thighs would occasionally rub together as they leaned into each other’s breasts.

Seeking more leverage, Sue bent her knees and slid both hands up the new mom’s flat belly before lifting and squeezing both of her increasingly sweaty breasts. This position forced Sue’s right thigh between the new mom’s legs. “Yeeeeesssssssss….” Sue said with gritted teeth as she felt the new mom’s wet, furry pussy rub the full length of her thigh. “Mmmmmmm…..” the new mom groaned as she also forced her leg between Sue’s wet thighs. Without ever letting go of each other’s breasts, they tilted their pelvises forward and ground their wet pussies up and down each other’s legs.

“You wet little bitch” Sue groaned as she slid her pussy down her rival’s thigh like a slippery pole.

“Get that wet thing off of me” the new mom moaned as she leaned back, gently tugging on Sue’s long hard nipples.

“Noooooooo…..” Sue moaned, as she bucked her pussy into the new mom’s thigh, head flipped back, eyes closed.

Sue’s unexpected pelvic thrust pushed the back of the new mom’s legs against the bed, forcing her to let go of Sue’s boobs and sit down. This change in position also surprised Sue and both women paused, breathing rapidly as if they had just run a long distance race. Sue was now straddling the new mom’s right leg as she stood over her. Without a word, the new mom reached out with both hands, placing them on Sue’s waist. Sue shuddered as the new mom slowly pulled her dripping pussy down onto her upper left thigh. Sue placed her hands on the new mom’s shoulders as she allowed herself to be guided down. Sue drew in a long sharp breath as her pussy slipped all the way up the new mom’s muscular thigh. In this top position, Sue’s big breasts pointed directly into the new mom’s face, allowing her to look down her deep cleavage into her rival’s eyes.

“You will cum first” the new mom said, shifting one hand from Sue’s waist, wrapping it around her lower back. “Now come here” the new mom said as she slid Sue further up her leg.

“Oh my God!…..Nnnnnooooo…..” Sue moaned with lust as she half-heartedly pushed against the new mom’s shoulders.

Sue let her full weight come down on the new mom’s thigh as she was pulled in. Her soaking pussy squished down on the new mom’s upper leg and she felt her lips separate. Sue felt herself losing control as she involuntarily slid her pussy down, then back up her rival’s leg like she was sitting in a saddle. “Oooohhhhh…….you bitch” Sue moaned as the new mom locked her hands behind Sue’s lower spine, pulling her back in. The feeling was so utterly incredible that Sue was unable to control herself. She sat her full weight on the new mom’s leg, thrusting and twirling her pelvis. She could feel her juices completely soaking the new mom’s leg creating an unbelievably slick feeling between pussy and skin. Her breasts swayed and bounced in the new mom’s face as she thrashed.

“YES!…….COME ON!……DO IT!” the new mom said as she did her best to lift her leg into Sue’s convulsing pussy.

Without warning, the new mom opened her mouth and took one of Sue’s long hard nipples into her mouth. She didn’t just lightly lick it either. She sucked the entire nipple into her mouth and quickly twirled her tongue around Sue’s puffy areola. “OH GOD NO!!!” Sue moaned out loud as she wildly humped. The new mom’s mouth felt like a vacuum hose clamped onto her super sensitive nipple. Her hot wet tongue twirled and lapped at her nipple shaft and areola. Sue now felt her clit fully rubbing against the skin of the new mom’s leg as she humped. Her belly tightened as she felt that familiar feeling of the “point of no return” build. Sue squeezed the new mom’s shoulders as she rode her leg like a horse, bouncing up and down on the end of the bed. Sue suddenly felt her right nipple pop out of the new mom’s mouth. Sue looked down to see her gobble up her other nipple, sucking it deeply into her mouth. Sue grabbed the back of the new mom’s head and pressed her big breast into her face while increasing the pace of her pelvic thrusts.

“NNNNNNAAAAAAA!!!!…….NNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!” Sue screamed as her entire body became stiff. The massive orgasm was violent as she pushed the new mom onto her back and writhed the full length of her body over her rival. The new mom never released Sue’s breast from her mouth as she grabbed both of Sue’s buns with her hands, spreading her legs wide. Sue slipped between the new mom’s legs, bringing their wet pussies into direct contact for the first time. Sue did a slow push up over her rival causing her boob to pop out of the new mom’s mouth. Sue looked down into the new mom’s eyes as she panted.

“Don’t move!” Sue commanded as she grabbed both of the new mom’s wrists, forcing them above her head. “I’m gonna make you cum now you bitch!” Sue said as she flipped her right leg over the new mom’s left to mount her. Without a struggle, the new mom said, “Then make me!” as she lifted her free leg and placed it up on Sue’s shoulder. This position made their legs mesh like scissors. Sue held the new mom’s leg with one hand as she lowered her sopping pussy down onto the new mom’s waiting pussy. Even though she had released the new mom’s wrists, she left them lying above her head in a submissive position. Sue began by slowly gyrating her hips, forcing their pussy lips to slip and slide together like two people kissing. The new mom moaned as she arched her back and lifted her pelvis up off the bed to keep their pussies glued together. Sue gradually increased her rhythm as the two women met each other’s thrusts.

“Make me cum!…Make me cum!” the new mom groaned as she thrashed her hair back and forth on the bed. Sue was now literally bouncing up and down on top of the new mom as she powerfully fucked her. She could feel her swollen clit diving deeply into the folds of the new mom’s pussy each time she thrust downward.

“OH GOD!….YOU FUCKING BITCH!” the new mom yelled as she thrashed under Sue. Sue then reached out with her free hand to squeeze and pull on the new mom’s left nipple. The new mom then grabbed Sue’s wrist, guiding two fingers into her mouth. She sucked Sue’s fingers deeply, licking them with her tongue. She pulled the slick fingers out and placed them on her erect nipple. Sue twirled her wet fingers around the new mom’s areola, occasionally flicking the nipple knobs.

“OH GOD!…..Yeeeeessssss!!!!!!!!” the new mom yelled as her body arched and stiffened. Sue ground their pussies together as deeply as possible, struggling to stay on top of the wildly thrashing new mom.

Once the new mom’s violent orgasm subsided, both women collapsed next to each other on the bed.

The End