Rhonda’s thick, warm hair still curtained around Christina’s head, hotly caressing her face and ears as the redhead loomed over her. Now she felt Rhonda’s firm sex pressing fully down against her own; she felt the pressure build on her breasts and stomach as the redhead allowed her weight to press down more and more fully onto the brunette. She felt the cocktail waitress’s silky thong crotch begin to slide against the nylon of her shorts and a flush of sexual heat ignited her hot and sweating crotch. “You fucking whore,” she murmured as Rhonda slid her crotch upward, pressing her pubic bone and mound across Christina’s. She rotated her own pelvis to bring her pussy into position against Rhonda’s and both girls slowly felt each other out, focusing all their minute attention on the textures, hills and valleys of each other’s sexual geography. For all the viciousness of the contest so far Christina couldn’t help being overwhelmed by the feel of Rhonda’s sex against her own and the soft weight of the cocktail waitress’s curvy, voluptuous body undulating on top of her. Rhonda grunted as she continued to press her crotch against Christina’s and the brunette felt the redhead’s nipples lengthening and hardening to invade her lolling breast tissue once more. Her own nipples here stiffening as well, in response to both Rhonda’s pussy press and the enemy digits stabbing into her throbbing breasts, but Rhonda had gravity on her side and any pelvic thrusting or press of her own breasts back against the redhead’s would be purely defensive. Her legs were bent painfully under her, her back arched to its limit, her abdominals crunched hard against Rhonda’s in a struggle to keep thrusting back up against the body smothering her. Rhonda’s face caressed hers, the cruel mouth brushed against her grimaced lips one more time, hair teased her flushed face and neck. If she didn’t do something the redhead would have her way with her, softly rape her on the storeroom floor.

Christina slid her hands down Rhonda’s back and once again gripped the other girl’s thong straps. This time she yanked them up hard, ripping the redhead’s thong crotch up until she knew it must be riding up far between her clenched ass cheeks. Rhonda screeched and bucked savagely on top of her, almost making the attack more costly than simply succumbing to Rhonda might have been. But the wedgie succeeded as the redhead’s wild thrashing sent her toppling over to Christina’s side, allowing her to wrestle her way back into an equal position on the floor with the cocktail waitress. She hugged Rhonda to her, bracing her forearms against the girl’s lower back while her hands still clutched and tugged at the wispy straps of the thong. “I’m going to cut you on two, you big whore!” she snarled as the two women violently wrestled for position in the cramped space of the aisle.

“You dirty fucking bitch,” Rhonda growled against her. “If you want to go that way so will I.” Christina felt the other girl’s long nails rake down her back until they hit her buttocks, and she heard a shrill hissing sound as the claws ripped long runs in the nylon hugging her cheeks. She yanked smugly at Rhonda’s thong in reply, certain the other girl wasn’t about to do the tight, shielding material of her shorts any harm. Then Rhonda’s fingers suddenly dug down the center of the underwear’s back, ripping into the valley between her sweating buns. There was little effect at first but the redhead continued to dig, claw and shred into Christina’s ass cleavage until the brunette could feel the kiss of cold, fresh air on the bare, moist skin of her buns. She realized that the other girl was splitting her shorts, opening up a wide aisle of naked, vulnerable flesh for her to attack. She knew now that both of them had committed themselves to fighting even dirtier than either had imagined when this whole thing had begun. She suddenly felt Rhonda’s fingers sliding between her flexing buns, invading a part of her that had never seen the light of day. “Stop wedging me or I’m going up your ass, you cunt,” the redhead growled.

Maintaining her hold on one strap of Rhonda’s thong, Christina quickly dug her free hand between Rhonda’s flexing buns. Her fingers slipped beneath the thin fabric of the redhead’s thong crotch from the rear until she could feel the swell of the cocktail waitress’s lower vulva. Rhonda shuddered against her as she slid her fingers into the groove between her labia and fingered the redhead’s sweatily moist but so far unlubricated sex; her thumb hovered over Rhonda’s exposed butt, ready to invade it as well. “Go ahead and I’ll rape your ass and more, baby,” Christina said with all the menace she could muster.

“I’m not bluffing, whore,” Rhonda said dangerously.

“Neither am I,” Christina replied. The girls lay locked together in a deadly standoff for several tense seconds before Christina suddenly felt herself violated. Her ass clenched around the invading finger and she screeched in outraged fury before plunging her own digits up into Rhonda’s vagina and anus. The redhead squealed and bucked violently against her, and the two big girls thrashed against each other on the dark floor, wet hair whipping each other’s faces, sweating breasts colliding purely by accident rather than design now as each fighter tried to ride her enemy’s probing fingers, limiting damage to themselves as much as possible while applying as much pressure to her opponent’s secret regions as possible.

“Get your fucking fingers out of my ass you filthy gutter whore!” Christina snarled as she jammed her upper body against Rhonda’s big breasts.

“I’ll do it when you stop finger-fucking me, you dirty goddamned bitch!” Rhonda yelled back at her. Neither girl cared any longer who heard the ongoing showdown; Christina guessed it was by now so late that no one was on the street outside to hear the combat. She felt Rhonda’s fat tits slap hers before mashing up above them across Christina’s collarbone; enraged, she twisted down until one of the warm glands was in striking distance and sank her teeth into the soft meat, chewing and mauling the enemy globe ravenously. The added assault made the redhead thrash and buck against her with even wilder intensity, and she suddenly felt herself on her back, forced against the nearby shelves with the cocktail waitress’s body bearing down on hers. Rhonda’s soft hair covered her face and she realized the other girl was bending downward; it wasn’t long before she felt the other girl’s teeth clamping down on her own left breast. Rhonda chewed on the quivering gland just as Christina had, biting hard enough to leave a mark and cause Christina sharp discomfort, but not enough to draw blood. Then she pulled away and forced her face back up against Christina’s as if daring her to reciprocate. It was as if each girl had silently warned the other that dirty as this catfight was getting, it could get still dirtier.

Christina struggled to keep pressure on Rhonda’s ass and cunt, noting with satisfaction that the labial folds wrapped around her fingers had grown slippery with sexual heat. Knowing that she was making the big redhead hot with all this fighting only added to her determination to humiliate the cocktail waitress once and for all, to dominate the other woman in a way she would never forget. She would never look Rhonda in the face again without the knowledge that she had defeated and embarrassed her rival one on one in private, just their two naked bodies in total opposition. She had always been impressed, maybe even intimidated by the redhead’s voluptuousness, her long legs and wasp-thin waist and her lioness’s main of brilliant red hair. Now she would be able to look at the other girl as a defeated opponent who would never dare to challenge her again.

Just as she smugly wrapped her thoughts around that image she felt Rhonda’s fingers impale her ass ever deeper, and it was she who thrashed uncontrollably against the sweat-drenched body of her enemy. Both girls’ voices became unintelligible as they unleashed a torrent of screeches, moans and mangled curses into each other’s heated faces. Finally the gyrations of Rhonda’s pelvis tore Christina’s fingers out of her orifices and Christina managed to escape Rhonda’s clutching fingers at the same time. “You’re a fucking naked bitch now, honey!” Rhonda snarled at her, viciously ripping at Christina’s buttocks with her nails until Christina felt the remaining tatters of her nylon shorts disintegrate under the assault. She faced a tougher job disposing of Rhonda’s damaged but still functional thong, and she had to hug the bucking redhead to her in the dark and focus all her strength on tearing the stressed elastic straps of the undergarment from the redhead’s hips. Twisting sideways, she managed to throw Rhonda’s body to the other side of the aisle and dive on top of her, immediately feeling her way down the redhead’s slippery belly until her fingers curled into the other girl’s thick bush. Rhonda hissed and wasted no time in locating Christina’s pubic hair with her own fingers. Both girls curled around each other, wrapping each other up into a sweating ball of long limbs as they tugged viciously at each other’s pubic tufts. Christina grabbed a breast with her free hand and dug her nails into the offending flesh, twisting around to take several deeper, sucking bites of her enemy’s tit flesh. Rhonda immediately took a similar tactic, pulling Christina’s head back by the hair so she could sink her teeth into the brunette’s jutting breasts with impunity. The duelists mauled each other with abandon, and Christina added fuel to the fire by flicking her free fingers across Rhonda’s swelling vulva beneath her hot bush and teasing her aroused sex, forcing hisses of passion from the redhead. She quickly felt the other girl’s fingers brush and rub against her own swollen sex lips in retaliation, and she moaned as she tried to maneuver her hips out of range of Rhonda’s attacking hand.

Both girls twisted and thrashed in the darkness, striking elbows, knees and heads against the hard floor and shelves several times; Christina could feel herself bruising with the impacts but she continued to fight, knowing Rhonda was in as much pain as she was. The battle had become furious, animalistic now that the last shred of clothing had been torn from their dueling bodies. Christina finally managed to pin Rhonda and land solid, crushing punches into her hard stomach and ribs before the redhead kicked her off. Both girls struggled to their feet and collided in a series of thrashing, punching blows. In the near total darkness connecting with fist or open hand was almost a matter of luck but both girls managed to get in a few solid blows before they backed off, panting in exhaustion. Christina stood naked in the darkness and both girls were silent but for their labored breathing. The bartender could already feel welts and scrapes starting to sting her skin where Rhonda had attacked her. She had reached her limit in at least one way.

“Are you ready to finish this, bitch?” she said into the impenetrable blackness.

“I’m ready for you any time you want,” Rhonda replied. Christina closed her eyes and homed in on the sound of the voice. She reached back and sent her open hand swinging forward with deadly accuracy and was rewarded with the impact of the redhead’s cheek on her palm and a whip crack sound that echoed through the storeroom as Rhonda staggered backward.

“I owed you that, whore,” she said, turning around and stomping her way out of the storeroom. As she headed back toward the bar she flicked the main light switch and squinted momentarily as the neon and fluorescent lights of the bar hit her dilated pupils. She strode into the cool air of the bar and her eyes were caught by an illuminated clock: It was three a.m., and they had been fighting for more than an hour. She caught a glimpse of her naked form in the mirrors that lined the bar walls; she had certainly never seen herself nude in this context before, her curves caressed by a riot of blue, yellow and orange light. Her hair was a dark, matted tangle, sweat-drenched dark curls plastered to her forehead, temples and neck. Her tawny, tanned skin was flushed and red, and the shockingly pale, perfectly round globes of her breasts were bright with teeth marks and a kiss of lipstick from Rhonda’s mouth, as well as the long streaks of nail marks, all set around her starkly brown nipples and aureoles. Similar scars marked her flat belly and the trail of four long fingernail marks extended from just below the black slit of her navel down into the white, untanned triangle that bounded her black jungle of pubic hair. As shocking as the wounds appeared, even to her Christina’s battered body now sported an animalistic sensuality, like some uncivilized jungle girl on the hunt.

She spun just in time to see Rhonda stalking toward her from the storage room and office doorway. If Christina looked like a jungle girl, Rhonda looked like some primitive goddess, she thought as the cocktail waitress strode toward her. She had never so much as seen the redhead in a swimsuit, let alone totally nude like this. Her big, pale body looked immaculate in the neon lights, her freckles washed out by the orange cast of the lighting so that she looked like a living statue of pure white marble. Her big, pink-nippled breasts rippled as she walked, showing off the battle scars of bite and claw marks Christina had given her, and as she got closer the brunette could see more long nail marks and bruises disrupting her otherwise perfect skin. Christina backpedaled and Rhonda slowed her approach, letting the bartender get a good look at her from close up. After the long, intimate battle in the darkness Christina had gotten to know Rhonda by touch, sound and smell, and for all her impressive body, for all the imposing weight of those massive breasts, for all her muscle and bitchiness she was just another girl’s body when there was no face to focus on. But now Rhonda approached her in the light again, the sheen of her gorgeous red hair framing her long, delicately modeled face, a contrast of cruelty and girlish vulnerability. For all the heat, sweat and violence her tangled, damp hair was still strikingly beautiful, her body perfect despite its battle scars, long pink nipples erect, chest thrust out arrogantly, her supple belly tensed for action. Christina’s glance drifted down to the full, flaming red bush she had torn at only a few minutes earlier and mentally measured the triangular jungle of fur against her own. She had always thought Rhonda just seemed a bigger girl than her in general: taller, bustier, leggier. Now, facing her down nude, the other girl seemed still staggering, but somehow equivalent, a match for Christina no matter where on their two bodies she compared them.

She looked back up into Rhonda’s eyes just in time to see the other girl’s green orbs flicking downward to study Christina’s body, obviously taking in her long brown thighs, her black bush strikingly contrasted against the pale skin of her bikini tan line, her hardened, toned belly and jutting, forward-thrusting breasts. She snidely let her gaze rest on Christina’s chest for a moment, maybe mentally gauging Christina’s big, brown nipples against her own stiff pink pair, before meeting Christina’s gaze again. They had savaged each other, violated each other, but the issue had clearly not been settled. Everything in the hard set of Rhonda’s lovely features said she wanted more. “Take a good look, bitch,” she said, raking her own brown eyes up and down across the supple contours of Rhonda’s body.

“I’m looking and I’m not impressed,” Rhonda retorted.

Christina took a step forward and Rhonda herself stepped forward to match her; for a second their four throbbing, aching nipples touched and each girl hissed at the contact. “I’m still here, honey, and you haven’t won yet.”

Rhonda glared into her eyes, and then suddenly turned away and headed toward the bar, lifting up the wooden section that allowed bartenders to enter the confined serving space. Eyeing Christina challengingly, she opened a bottle of bourbon and pulled two glasses from an overhead rack. “Let’s have a drink to me beating your big cunt, Christina,” she said coldly. Christina walked slowly forward through the opening in the bar, then reached back and tilted the wooden section back in place, sealing off their escape. It was only fitting that they fight here, she thought, the place they both wanted for themselves. A thick rubber mat, slightly sticky from spilled beer, was beneath her feet. Surrounding them on all sides were empty glasses and bottles of liquor. It would be impossible for them to fight violently in this space, which was barely eight feet long by five feet wide, without breaking dozens of glass containers and seriously injuring themselves. Even as the cool air raised goose bumps along her body, Christina’s heart pounded at the danger both women had placed themselves in. This was a far deadlier arena than the storeroom corridor.

She took the glass from Rhonda and raised it to her lips, watching as the redhead did the same. Rhonda had served them both up a good belt. Staring at each other, each girl gulped back the harsh, stinging beverage and Christina immediately felt the flush of warmth spreading out from her stomach as the alcohol began to penetrate her system. Rhonda swallowed all of her drink, then refilled her glass and poured the remaining bourbon into Christina’s waiting container. Christina gulped as she regarded the liquid—she doubted either girl would be able to stand up for very long if they finished their second glass. She didn’t mind the bourbon taking the edge off her anxiety, but she wanted still wanted to be able to fight Rhonda.

The redhead’s eyelids fluttered momentarily as she soaked up the bite of her drink. When she spoke, her voice was husky and raw. “I’ve wanted to fuck you up ever since I saw that tough little face of yours,” she said.

“Than you should have gotten in my face a long time ago because I’ve been waiting for you to start up a bitchfight with me ever since I saw you, too,” Christina said.

“You think you’re some hot little bitch with that tight ass and those creamy tits of yours, don’t you?” Rhonda growled.

“Don’t tell me you don’t think you’re wicked hot, shaking those big knockers of yours around,” Christina replied angrily.

“I’ll bet you’re getting off right now showing off that thick, hairy snatch of yours to me, aren’t you?” Rhonda taunted.

“It’s funny you’d say that, Rhonda, because your big pussy sure felt slippery when I had my fingers up your cunt,” Christina said.

“Just because I didn’t get a chance to feel you up doesn’t mean you weren’t hot for it too, whore,” the redhead snapped back. “I’ll bet you’ve been hot for it for a long time.”

“Like you haven’t had your eyes all over me from the beginning, honey. You’re just lucky we never got together that way because you’d never be able to handle it.” Whatever inhibitions Christina might have had at the beginning of the evening had almost completely disappeared in the heat of the dirty fight in the storeroom and the booze that was now warming every part of her.

“I could handle anything a little cunt like you could dish out, baby,” Rhonda replied, a slight slur distorting her speech. “I’d have your big body begging me to finish you off.”

“In your wet dreams, slut,” Christina said back. “I’m sure you thought you were going to just walk in and settle me with those fat boobs of yours back in the storeroom but I showed you I’ve got just as much milk as you do.”

“You didn’t prove a fucking thing, cunt,” Rhonda said. “I’ll still milk those hot tits of yours before we’re finished.”

“The only way you’re milking me is to suck my tits, baby,” Christina said sharply.

“I’ll be happy to suck you off after I beat your hairy little snatch raw,” Rhonda said. “Then I’ll make you suck me.”

“You don’t want my mouth on your tits, slut, because I’d suck you dry,” Christina said. She could feel ever more heat flushing through her body, as if every nerve ending was alive with anticipation. The gulf between her body and Rhonda’s—no more than a foot and a half of space—seemed like a canyon she was aching to cross.

“I don’t see anything to suck on, bitch,” Rhonda said, glaring contemptuously at Christina’s bare chest.

“Neither do I,’ Christina shot back, shooting a bitchy glance at Rhonda’s. Unconsciously she found her back arching, shoulder blades gathering together as she thrust her bare breasts arrogantly at Rhonda, daring the redhead to compare her naked breasts with Christina’s. She could see the redhead’s stomach tensing, her hips twitching backward as her two full, gloriously round boobs matched the attitude of their rivals on Christina’s chest.

“You said you were going to beat my tits off tonight so do it,” Christina snapped finally.

“My pleasure,” Rhonda said. With that she tossed the full contents of her glass across Christina’s bare breasts, soaking her naked, abraded skin with alcohol. Christina gasped as the shock of alcohol instantly sent every scrape and cut on her tender skin screaming in pain. At the same time the freezing evaporation of the bourbon tightened her skin and started a raging torrent of tingling sensation in the unwounded areas of her breasts and chest. The mix of pain and pleasure was astounding, but Christina had just enough presence of mind left to send the contents of her own glass splashing over Rhonda’s boobs. Both girls dropped their glasses, groaning for several seconds before looking back down at their rival’s chest. Rhonda’s breasts gleamed wetly in the neon lighting, the bite and claw marks Christina had left in them standing out in reddish relief against her pale skin. Moreover, her already dangerously long and stiff nipples seemed to double in size as they were sensitized by the sting of alcohol. The redhead’s jealous gaze at Christina’s chest told her that the same thing must be happening to her, and as she glanced down at her own chest she could see the dark brown shafts of her nipples lengthening to a size she had never seen on her body before.

Christina and Rhonda circled each other, eyes blazing in fury. Christina wanted nothing more than to throw herself on top of her redheaded enemy and pay her back for the sizzling pain tearing across her breasts, but she had enough presence of mind to know that they could not fight violently here. She glared down at Rhonda’s boobs, knowing they must be tingling and searing as agonizingly as her own were. Her hatred for the redhead’s two bare globes had intensified beyond measure.

“If you want my tits to hurt then come up here and hurt them,” she growled, stepping forward towards Rhonda with her stinging breasts thrust out defiantly. Neither girl raised their hands as Rhonda nodded slowly and stepped forward, leading with her own chest. They slowly danced around each other, each hesitant to join this new phase of the battle, but knowing it had to be done.

Rhonda slapped her breasts forward aggressively and the full, slippery weight of the twin spheres slapped across Christina’s. The searing pain in her bare breasts seemed to triple in intensity and Christina hissed but still sent her own powerful globes smacking back into Rhonda’s. The two girls jabbed at each other, slapping back and forth, hissing and gasping at the intensity of feeling their four boobs were now giving and receiving. The alcohol made her own nipples feel like raw, flayed flesh, while at the same time Rhonda’s felt like cold daggers slicing across her wet skin. But the twitching, agonized reaction she got every time she plunged her own stiff, throbbing nipples into Rhonda’s breasts told her that she was causing her rival every bit as much discomfort as Rhonda was causing her. They continued to dance across the rubbery floor pad, smacking and taking sharp breast blows in return, until Christina shot both her hands into Rhonda’s thick hair and hugged her in close. Both girls growled in fury as their wounded breasts were forced into tight, crushing contact, sliding across each other wetly as their nipples struggled to find purchase in their enemy’s flesh. Spreading her legs wide to maintain her balance, Christina bore her breasts crushingly into Rhonda’s and felt the other girl’s heavy tits engulf hers as she pressed her pair deeply into the redhead’s yielding bosom. Rhonda’s hands found her hair as well and the fighters wrapped each other into a muscular, stinging embrace.

“How’s that feel, cunt?” Rhonda growled against her face. “You getting nice and hot now?”

“I’m going to burst your balloons, whore,” Christina snarled back at her.

“I’ll bruise your boobs first,” Rhonda hissed back. It took several long moments for the alcohol to fully evaporate off each girl’s stinging breasts, and in that time both women forced their boobs into close contact, each determined to cause her rival as much pain as possible while their breasts remained deadly, throbbing weapons. Finally their boobs dried and Christina realized as they continued to struggle body against body that the sensations had changed from torturous agony to a more even mix of pain and pleasure. The soft kiss of Rhonda’s heavy bosom on her own was now blending with the feel of the alcohol inside her system instead of the liquor the girls had soaked their breasts with. Rhonda’s long, pale legs were spread as wide as her own and the insides of their powerful thighs caressed as they held each other tightly. Rhonda’s hard belly beat against hers as they fought tit to tit and for the first time Christina began to feel the whisper of the redhead’s flaming, crimson pubic curls brushing against her own.

As if anticipating her thoughts, Rhonda slipped one hand down Christina’s back and the redhead wrapped her arm around the brunette’s slender waist, her hand cupping the upper part of Christina’s left buttock. The girls continued to wrestle slowly against each other, grunting with effort. Christina let her pelvis tilt forward a little, her buns flexing against Rhonda’s fingers. The warm fur of the redhead now mingled with her own.

“If you want to rub pussies with me, just say so,” Rhonda grunted hoarsely into her ear. She felt an immediate flush of tingling warmth down her back and ass, flushing down into her crotch at the seductive purr of the redhead’s voice and her dirty suggestion.

“You’d just love that, wouldn’t you, whore,” Christina said quietly into the cocktail waitress’s nest of red hair. It took all of her effort not to give in to the overwhelming sexual arousal that was coursing through her body. One thought obsessed her now: the idea of grinding Rhonda into a sexual frenzy underneath her and coming on top of her defeated, humiliated body. If this fight didn’t end with the redhead’s big body succumbing underneath hers she would never be able to live with herself. “If you want to pussy fight then let’s pussy fight.”

“You fucking hot slut,” Rhonda growled angrily, and Christina realized triumphantly that the other girl took her comment as a rejection. Maybe Rhonda wanted the fight to settle down into pure fucking but Christina was determined to maintain the state of war between their two bodies. Suddenly the redhead’s hips flicked forward and she jabbed her furry cunt sharply into Christina’s crotch. Christina hissed and shot her own bush forward and slammed it hotly into Rhonda’s snatch.

“Come on you hairy tramp, is that all you can do?” she snarled against the redhead.

“I’ll show you what I can do you little fuck bitch,” Rhonda growled, slamming her cunt into Christina’s again. Both girls began ramming their superheated bushes together, aiming their pubic bones for maximum impact into each other’s soft mounds and yielding, tender vulva. Christina hissed as their hot pubic fur tangled and knotted; quickly the dueling girls ratcheted the pummeling downward into fierce, raw grinding, silently measuring the full, furry length of their labia against one another. Christina groaned against the redhead as she forced her hot fur roughly against Rhonda’s, smashing her crackling bush as deeply into the redhead’s waiting snatch as she could. After the first furious bit of pussy dueling the fighters settled into a long, vicious grind and they pulled out of their shoulder to shoulder embrace to stare into each other’s eyes as they silently compared pussies, feeling each other out cunt to cunt. Christina could only get a sense of Rhonda’s sex from this angle, although both girls managed to tilt their pussies upward enough to press the full length of their vulva together and even mash their labia enough to being to feel the increasing slickness between their legs. Glaring at each other nose to nose, the girls would skirmish, brushing their fur together vigorously, then slow down to a deliberate, exploratory caress, sometimes engaging each other in long, circular rubs with one girl twirling her pussy clockwise, the other counterclockwise.

“You feel how much bigger I am than you down there?” Rhonda said huskily.

“Don’t make me laugh; I’m just as big as you or bigger,” Christina shot back. Both girls glanced downward at their dueling, locked bodies, although of course there was no way to see into the intimate arena between their legs. Christina found herself glancing at Rhonda’s cruel, sneering mouth and for a moment the redhead seemed to look down at Christina’s.

“I’m going to fucking rub your pussy raw, girl,” the redhead said, almost as if to draw the attention off the brief focus on their lips.

“Oh, I don’t think so, honey; I think I’ll grind you bald first,” Christina replied. For a few moments the intensity of the mutual rubbing redoubled as both girls sought to make good on their threats. But Rhonda’s eyes continued to drift back down toward Christina’s mouth and Christina found herself returning the glance. She could smell the cool aroma of alcohol on the redhead’s breath. With Rhonda’s attention on her mouth Christina suddenly twisted forward and landed a brief bite on the redhead’s chin.

“You fucking cunt,” Rhonda whispered, immediately snapping forward to repay the brunette for the bite. Christina twisted away and the redhead’s teeth found purchase on her soft cheek; Christina grunted in pain and twisted out of the bite. Both girls bared their teeth into each other’s faces now, threatening each other, feinting and snapping, and for a second their gaping maws collided and Christina’s teeth clacked across Rhonda’s. Both girls backed off momentarily, mouths still open, but their soft lips now drawn across their teeth. Christina saw Rhonda’s pink, wet tongue coiled inside her open mouth like a rattlesnake poised to strike. She jabbed forward with her open mouth again, continuing to rub at Rhonda’s crotch as she pressed her lips roughly across the redhead’s. Rhonda pushed back and the girls forced their yawning mouths together just as they had in the storeroom. This time, however, there was no denying the sexual heat roiling underneath the confrontation. They hadn’t been rubbing their pussies together back there, Christina thought. Rhonda’s breath was coming low and raspy from the back of her throat, catching occasionally as Christina landed a good, solid cunt rub down below.

To be continued