Judy’s eyes blazed into Kathi’s as the redhead launched an all out erotic assault on Kathi’s pubic region. Kathi held her steadily and let the other girl press the first wave of the encounter, grunting as she took grind after grind. The first few rubs had been hard and coarse and Kathi had gyrated her own hips in response, not so much retreating from Kathi’s crotch as maintaining a steady, warm contact as she stared into her rival’s beautiful blue eyes uncertainly. She was astonished at the intimacy of this new contest: after the initial hot, scrubbing contact of Judy’s tuft of pubic fur she immediately made out the soft contours of the redhead’s smooth vulva caressing her own at the outer edges of their meeting crotches, as if two wide, smooth mouths were caressing each other into a kiss between their legs. She looked behind Judy to the mirrored wall and watched the redhead’s perfect ass flex and bob, first one firm buttock compressing and releasing, then the other as she worked her way deeper and deeper into contact with Kathi’s pussy. She clenched her own cheeks in response and found she could work her own way into incredibly intimate exploration of the other girl’s sex, and very soon Judy’s thick vulva gave way to the delicate, searingly hot folds of her inner labia. The meeting between her labia and Judy’s was halting and tentative, but the more they worked at each other the more familiar she became with the redhead’s most hidden and sensitive regions.

The first pussy to pussy rubbing had been so firm that the sensuality of it had been put off for at least a few moments, but Kathi nevertheless felt a raging fire beginning to burn between her legs as she matched sexes with the redhead. Her heart pounded as she realized that they had now put themselves together in what would have to be the most intimate and explosive contest between them that they would ever find themselves in. And even though she had barely allowed herself to face the possibility, it was obvious now what the goal of this incredibly personal duel would have to be. They had admitted their attraction to each other in everything but name: Judy knew that Kathi found her sexy and Kathi had forced the redhead to acknowledge her own fascination with the blonde. She had never suspected it but had secretly dreamed it might be true, that Judy might be having the same secret, shameful thoughts about her body that she was entertaining about Judy’s. If there was anything to be settled now, it was who was affected more by their rival’s beauty and sexiness. The question now was, who could withstand the feeling of the other girl’s body against hers, who could rub against her rival the longest without…yes, Kathi admitted to herself, without having an orgasm. Of course she had masturbated and brought herself to a climax before, but never had any other person made her come, and certainly not the few boys she had been with.

She was still astounded at what they were doing to each other, and she could see the mix of fear, fascination and lust in Judy’s eyes as they rubbed together. She told herself she would not let Judy overcome her with arousal, she would not let the other girl’s fiery beauty overwhelm her body. She was amazed that Judy had met her this far, amazed that the stuck-up rich girl had removed her panties and pressed her bare pussy against Kathi’s.

“Have you ever done this before?” she whispered huskily against Judy. Judy looked down where their breasts were rubbing together, almost forgotten in the heat of this new phase of their duel. When she looked back up at Kathi her expression was a mixture of defiance and honesty.

“No,” she said.

“Neither have I,” Kathi admitted. “I never would have done it with anyone but you.”

Judy stared at her for a long time. “You’re the only one dirty enough to do something like this with,” she said, looking at her grimly.

“That makes you just as dirty as I am, Judy,” Kathi said quietly.

“You might have dragged me down into this gutter but I am going to climb out after I beat you,” Judy replied with equal deadliness.

“Then let’s keep rubbing until we finish it,” Kathi agreed. Her crotch was burning furiously now, and she was mesmerized by the look of Judy’s creamy ass jiggling and flexing in the mirror behind her. She added some more spite to her own pussy rubbing, and for a few moments the girls opposed each other by dragging their cunts as far up and down one another as they could. Kathi started just above Judy’s pubic mound and pressed her pussy slowly downward, glaring into Judy’s eyes as she smashed through her fur and then invaded her soft vulva. Judy’s labia were swollen now, and they met Kathi’s suddenly with a hot, slick feel that redoubled the torrent of sensations that were spilling over the blonde girl. As the girl’s hips pivoted against each other slowly Kathi felt like she were navigating a long, warm river of labial folds, snaking in and out of intimate little canyons and crevices while Judy’s wet lips caressed hers like a moist, folding tongue. The sensations were becoming more and more unbearable, but as she hugged Judy closer she knew she wouldn’t dare break off this new, incredible contact between them.

“Why don’t you just admit that you like fighting dirty like this?” Kathi said challengingly as she fought to ride the waves of pleasure running through her.

“I’ll admit that I’m going to enjoy beating you,” Judy said tightly. It was clear from the little convulsions shaking the redhead and the trembling in her voice that she was just as affected by their combat as Kathi was.

“And just how are you going to do that?” Kathi demanded hotly, stroking against her redheaded rival.

“By making you beg me to stop,” Judy shot back.

“Just how do you plan to do that, honey?” Kathi said tauntingly, determined to get the answer she wanted out of Judy’s caressing mouth. Their grinding had gotten faster and faster, both girls taking long, wet strokes at each other, slick sucking sounds snaking out from between them.

“By making you come, you filthy blonde slut!” Judy growled with incredible violence.

“Not before I make your sexy body come first, you fucking stuck up prissy bitch!” Kathi roared into Kathi’s soft face. Both girls redoubled their efforts; Kathi felt Judy’s boobs jiggling against hers as the other girl’s pale, sweaty body rocked against her. Suddenly she felt the redhead’s fingers slipping down over her pulsing buttocks, plunging into her ass muscles and drawing their dueling pelvises into even tougher, hotter contact. She instantly retaliated by smacking both hands down on Judy’s behind, watching her hands in the mirror as they squeezed and kneaded the deep muscle of the other girl’s incredibly round, sexy ass roughly.

“You’ve been asking me to fuck your body for a long time and now I’m going to do it!” Judy said viciously. “I’ll show you I’m better than you and I always have been, in EVERY way!”

“Don’t tell me you haven’t wanted me to fuck your body too, Judy!” Kathi snarled. “I’ll never let you come out on top in this fight!”

“I’m going to squeeze your hot little ass off, bitch,” Judy growled back.

“Just admit you like feeling my buns, Judy,” Kathi said. “I’ll bet you want to feel every inch of my body.”

“If that’s what I have to do to make you come than that’s what I’ll do, slut,” Judy replied. “And don’t tell me you don’t like squeezing my ass.”

Both girls twisted and snaked against each other and for several moments the battle turned rough; Judy bit at Kathi’s face and neck nastily and Kathi met her bite for bite; both girls smacked and punched at each other’s buns, their legs spreading wider for balance, opening themselves up to each other. Kathi jammed her pussy deep into Judy’s and both girls groaned animalistically as their crotches met in the most intimate contact of the fight.

“Come on, you little bitch,” Judy moaned. “You come all over my pussy!”

“You come on mine, cunt!” Kathi groaned back. The language seared her ears, inflaming her even more, and she slapped Judy’s quivering buns spitefully as she felt open-handed blows stinging her own ass. The cunt-pumping blazed to a furious exchange of grinds and bumps before Judy suddenly shrieked and Kathi felt a terrible new sensation exploding out of her own sex.

Instinctively the girls broke out of their embrace, gasping for air and backpedaling to separate their overheated young bodies. Kathi clutched her crotch, afraid for an instant that she had already climaxed against Judy, but although her entire body was tingling with incredible sensation she knew she had not come yet. Judy too had one hand caressing her groin, tufts of red fur peeking out from between her fingers. Kathi looked at her expectantly and after a moment of uncertainty Judy straightened and stared at her sullenly. The girls caught their breath, seemingly uncertain of what had just transpired, but then Judy said “I’m not through with you.”

Kathi too stood up straight and returned her hands to their challenging positions on either side of her hips. Judy duplicated the pose mockingly and Kathi looked down at her now exposed pussy. The red fur had been parted atop her vulva, ground clear of the opening cleft of her vagina, and Kathi sucked in a breath as she saw the pink, glistening tongue of something new snaking out from the beginning upper folds of the redhead’s labia. She looked up at Judy and saw the other girl staring down at Kathi’s crotch. She glanced down and saw an equally pronounced tongue of moist flesh peeking out from just beneath the pubic tuft of golden fur at her crotch. Clearly the labial infighting they’d been doing had teased out their clitorises, and the stiff little sex rods now stood fully revealed to one another.

Kathi now realized that the incredible, violating sensation she’d experienced must have been her clitoris touching Judy’s. Her mind flashed back to the one phone conversation where the two had interrogated each other about this secret, powerful part of their bodies, neither daring to imagine that they would ever really see the other revealed like this. It was very clear that a new threshold had been crossed, one final barrier to be broken down before both girls settled the ultimate question.

“I told you I was bigger than you,” Judy whispered. Kathi’s body crawled with gooseflesh at those words and everything they implied. The breast battle had taken its toll on her but her abraded nipples and sore boobs suddenly stiffened at Judy’s challenge, and she could see her rival’s boobs swelling and hardening on her chest too. The duel was far from over. The image of Liz and Christina wrestling with their bare pussies, their huge clits tonguing one another length against length, was so intense in Kathi’s mind that it almost blotted out the image of the redhead in front of her. She knew what lay ahead for Judy and her.

“Do you think you can take us touching like that again?” Kathi said.

“If you can’t just say so,” Judy said, taking a step forward. “All you have to do is admit that I’m bigger down there than you are.”

“I’m just as big and just as long as you are there,” Kathi said, stepping forward to meet her again nose to nose. “Anyway, don’t be such a prude, Judy. Why don’t you just say it? Just say you think your clit is bigger than my clit.”

Judy groaned at those words and pressed her hot, sweaty forehead against Kathi’s. The girls leaned into each other, testing muscle against muscle while keeping their hips cocked backward, asses flared to the rear as they maintained plenty of distance between their ravenous pussies. “I’m not afraid of your dirty talk, you big slut, don’t worry,” Judy assured her. “And I always knew I had a bigger, harder clit than you did.”

“I’m glad I found out that you’re just as down and dirty and slutty as I ever was, you redheaded bitch,” Kathi said. “And I’ll be very glad to put my long, straight clit up against yours any day.”

“If you are girl enough to meet my clit length to length then let’s quit beating around the bush and have us a little clit fight, Kathi,” Judy breathed.

“You would scream if I pressed my clit against yours just like you did the first time we touched clits,” Kathi accused.

“Then maybe we’ll both scream but we both know that we are going to fight with our clits,” Judy insisted. “If that’s the only way to settle which one of us is sexier and which one of us is the mistress of the other than that is exactly what we are going to do.”

“When you feel the touch of my clit against yours, Judy, you are going to have an orgasm, and you are going to admit that you want me more than I want you and that you’ve wanted me up against you all along.”

Judy shook her head defiantly. “I doubt it, Kathi, because when you feel my clit touch yours YOU are going to come against me and I am going to enjoy watching you admit that I’m sexier than you. I know you’ve always wanted me ever since we got into high school and now I’m going to teach you a lesson. I’m going to teach you not to cross clits with girls who are better than you.”

“I’ll cross my clit with yours any time you want,” Kathi said. “Because I know I’m going to dominate your clit and your body.”

Judy pressed against her roughly, jabbing her nipples deep into Kathi’s breasts. Kathi stabbed back and saw the effect she was having on Judy, and Judy suddenly grabbed her by the hair and dragged her into a long, dirty kiss that left her shivering with lust. They eyed each other with a mix of fear and respect, the message clearly exchanged: they had each dominated one phase of the battle, Judy with her hot kisses and Kathi with her firm, arousing breasts. The pussy duel had so far been a draw but each girl knew this final phase would have to settle the contest. Kathi was about to put the most sensitive, vulnerable, secret part of her body on the line, length to length, nerve ending to nerve ending, against Judy’s. Every move she made against Judy’s clit would put her own aroused sex horn in danger of sensual overload, but whatever happened she had to maintain clit contact with the redhead.

She felt the tickle of Judy’s pubic hair intermingling with hers and her buttocks trembled as she prepared to maneuver her pelvis with minute accuracy against Judy’s. Heat roiled off the other girl’s crotch as their sexual triangles moved to within three inches of one another. Kathi let her hips sway a few inches from side to side like a tiger’s tail waiting to strike, and she saw an equivalent, gathering move from Judy’s derriere in the mirror. Suddenly both girls feinted forward and gasped as their clits licked briefly tip to tip. Kathi’s nipples suddenly stiffened with redoubled hardness, seeming to extend another full half inch into Judy’s soft breasts, and even as the other girl groaned Kathi felt Judy’s stiff nipples drill deeper into her firm boobs. She tried for a few seconds to deflect attention from the approaching clit duel by grinding her stiff nips around Judy’s breasts, circling them, cutting against the soft outer tissue before spiraling inward and meeting her nipple to nipple. At the same time Judy mouthed forward with her mouth open and pressed her soft, hot lips against Kathi’s. Both girls began to pound at each other tongue to tongue, snaking deep inside each other’s mouths.

Kathi had had enough. She smacked first one, then another fist down on Judy’s pale buns and drew her into full pussy contact. Instantly Judy retaliated and both girls wrestled briefly as their clits sought each other. Suddenly a bolt of lightning seemed to strike Kathi’s sex as she felt Judy’s clit slide slickly against hers. The sensation was incredible and she squealed into the redhead’s mouth just as Judy screamed into hers. Instinctively their hips cocked back, separating, but then Kathi angrily pounded forward again. The girls struggled to find a meeting point before finally measuring against each other clit against clit. There was only an inch or two of movement possible from their pulsing pelvises now and both girls ratcheted the battle down to a probing, intimate invasion as they licked clit against clit, dodging and twisting around each other. Kathi felt herself growing even stiffer and as she flashed downward with her cunt she saw that she was able to shoot her little sex rod down across Judy’s waiting labia, riding the valley of slick labial folds and driving Judy crazy with desire. But in the next minute she felt Judy’s pink horn do the same thing to her, bisecting her and sliding into her slippery folds, grinding up and down through her moist valley until both girls brought their sizzling clits together for another round of electric fighting.

Kathi caught brief glimpses of their naked, wrestling bodies striving against each other in the room’s mirrors. They strained against each other, each trying to wrestle her enemy back while keeping their bodies pressed together intimately. As incredible as the sensation of their intermingling labia and clitorises was, Kathi knew she could get deeper into Judy and feel more of the redhead up against her if only she could get more leverage or change their positions. She pressed hard against Judy and suddenly began whipping her overstimulated, sweating breasts against the redhead’s. Loud smacks rang in the room as she tit-whipped her rival backward. Judy fought back viciously, her nipples cutting into Kathi’s bare boobs, sometimes slicing across her breasts, sometimes stabbing as she pounded her own boobs back into Kathi’s. She remembered the ugly, smacking fight Christina and Liz had had and wondered if they would take their own battle that far.

Suddenly something cold and smooth touched her back and Kathi felt the pressure of Judy’s body on hers redouble as her back pressed against the mirrored wall behind her. “Now I’m going to get at you, girl!” Judy growled, her strong thighs forcing Kathi’s open. Kathi grunted against hers and squeezed her thighs together like a vise, and for a moment both girls groaned agonizingly against each other as they tested the strength of their powerful legs against each other. Then Kathi’s gave way briefly and let Judy’s quivering pelvis between her thighs. The moist meat of Judy’s cunt pressed into her again and she glared into the redhead’s eyes as their labia zipped into one another once more. Judy’s clit was like a soft finger dipping into her vagina now and she struggled to force her own clit right up against the invading digit. Judy gasped at the meeting clits and Kathi took the opportunity to smack her hands down on Judy’s ass again, eyeing the results hungrily in the opposite mirror. The redhead’s buns were incredibly beautiful and provocative as they quivered and flexed under her fingers, and Kathi moaned at the hot friction of Judy’s vulva rubbing hers. She felt herself sliding down the wall as Judy spread her wider and wider, but the redhead had to expose herself more and more the more she forced the blonde’s legs apart, and Kathi had just as much access to her steaming, delicate labia and clitoris as Judy had to hers. Both girls groaned and growled as they explored each other, and as if to mirror the hot, wet feel of their dueling cunts Judy forced her hot mouth over Kathi’s and began stroking her tongue against tongue.

The girls strained against each other, their hips only a couple of feet off the ground now as they spread each other wide, using their dancers’ flexibility against each other. With her back against the wall Kathi was now at the mercy of Judy’s body, and she felt the rich girl pound and grind against her mercilessly. Now Judy’s hands were free to clutch at Kathi’s straining buns and she somehow managed to force their dueling genitals even closer together. Kathi could feel the powerful muscles of her inner thighs rippling against Judy’s, the thick tendons flanking her crotch flexing and straining against their tough counterparts inside the redhead’s legs. As she sucked ravenously on Judy’s tongue she looked past the redhead’s face to the mirror where the other girl’s back and ass rippled and danced sensuously, sweat gleaming off every muscle. She watched her own fingers drag down Judy’s back to fill themselves with her ass flesh, pinching and squeezing the redhead’s powerful buns even as she felt Judy’s fingers work her buttocks. Both girls’ pussies were slick and hot now and Kathi could slide her clit across Judy’s labia easily, gliding across the slippery hot folds while Judy’s sex horn fingered her own inner lips. It was impossible to tell who was winning this sex war but Kathi tingled with every thrust and lick. She knew she was achieving everything she had ever wanted from her strange, antagonistic relationship with Judy and she knew that this was the payoff for every furtive glance the girls had exchanged, every peek she’d taken at Judy’s body and every secret look Judy had taken of hers.

She pulled out of Judy’s mouth with a loud smack and pressed her wet lips against Judy’s ear. “I’m getting into you just as deep as you are into me, you bitch,” she purred. “Why don’t you admit you’ve wanted to do this with me all along?”

“I’ll never admit I’m gutter trash like you, Kathi,” Judy hissed against her. With that Kathi launched a pounding assault on Judy’s crotch and Judy immediately retaliated, both girls pelvises twisting and bobbing in the dim light, sweat raining off their jiggling buttocks, thighs straining to maintain their balance. Then Judy’s sweating feel slipped on the tile floor and Kathi felt the redhead buckling underneath her. She fell across her rival with a smack of sweaty flesh, her boobs quivering as they slammed into the redhead’s.

“It doesn’t matter who’s trash here, honey,” Kathi growled. “Right now we’re exactly equal—except I’m on top!”

“You can suck my tits you cheap slut!” Judy snarled, grinding against her hotly. Kathi instantly grabbed Judy by the hair, pinning her down before she sank her teeth into the other girl’s sweating left breast. She chewed on the soft flesh for a moment, luxuriating in the feel of Judy’s boob in her mouth. She didn’t bite hard enough to really hurt the redhead, only enough for her to feel the rough bite of teeth on her breast. She glided her teeth along Judy’s nipple, nibbling it before extending her tongue and licking it lasciviously while she eyed her rival. Judy looked at her with a mixture of hatred and lust, her eyes briefly closing at the feel of Kathi sucking at her. Then she twisted underneath Kathi’s body for a moment until their chests were almost at right angles to one another. “I’ll suck you off too, baby!” she threatened, writhing until her mouth was under Kathi’s firm left boob. Kathi felt the redhead’s teeth close on her tender breast flesh and give her the same rough chew she had given to Judy. She quivered as she felt Judy’s tongue lick her tingling nipple, then felt her soft, thick lips surround Kathi’s aureole and suck her nipple in deep. She writhed as the other girl’s tongue encircled her nipple, licking it from base to tip, and she redoubled her efforts to suck Judy dry. She maintained her pussy contact with the other girl and twisted briefly to look down behind her to the close, mirrored wall. She could see her own powerful ass flexing above Judy’s pelvis, and in intimate detail she saw her own cleaved sex mingling with Judy’s, inflamed vulva intersecting, labia caressing wetly, and her glistening, pink clit thrusting erectly against Judy’s stiff counterpart. She watched, mesmerized for a moment, as her and Judy’s bodies duplicated the incredible tableau she had seen Liz and Christina attain earlier that evening. She could see her mouth on Judy’s breast and Judy below her furiously sucking at her breast, tongue briefly escaping along with Kathi’s nipple as she licked at it hungrily. As she watched both girls pelvises began a wild, circular motion like two sweating machines swiveling in tandem; clit flicked against clit in an incredible, final duel and Kathi felt the burning waves of orgasm building deep inside her, flooding across her thighs, back and neck as a nuclear flame began to explode deep inside her hips.

She pulled away from Judy’s breast and met the other girl’s mouth one last time, snaking her tongue inside the redhead as Judy filled her mouth with her own hot, thrusting tongue. The redhead managed to wrestle her onto her side and the girls locked together in a slick tangle of arms and legs, wrapping each other ever tighter into a final, grinding embrace. Kathi felt Judy’s powerful body smash against hers, rock-hard girl muscles meeting hers in a crush of soft iron. She shook, tears sliding down her face and intermingling with tears from Judy’s bright eyes as the enemies finished each other, draining every drop of slippery juice from each other’s pussies. After five minutes of shaking in each other’s arms they had rubbed each other into a drying, sticky mass of orange and yellow fur. Kathi continued to lick slowly inside Judy’s mouth, tasting every square inch of her as if she might find something different now that both girls had spent each other on the floor. Finally Judy’s tongue withdrew from her and she pulled out of her rival, her lips sliding across Judy’s one final time before she fall back onto the floor, her belly flexing and breasts quivering with every exhausted breath.

They lay there for ten more minutes before Kathi finally spoke. “Now maybe you’ll admit you wanted me just as much as I wanted you.” Judy didn’t answer, and Kathi looked at her sweat-drenched, naked body still breathing hard next to hers. She realized now just how similar they looked: except for their hair color and Judy’s slightly brighter blue eyes they could have been twins. Kathi had found her equal and she knew Judy had to admit now that neither girl had really dominated the other in this encounter. Judy rolled onto her side for a moment, staring into Kathi’s eyes. Maybe she really had done this just to prove she couldn’t be bullied by her, Kathi thought as she stared back defiantly into Judy’s eyes. Maybe this had really been all fight to Judy, although Kathi knew that for her it had been that and much more.

Without a word, Judy slowly rolled back on top of Kathi, purposefully pressing her boobs into Kathi’s still burning, raw breasts and nipples. Kathi wasn’t sure she could take any more but she had answered one question for herself as Judy’s mouth sought hers and as she took position on top of Kathi’s welcoming, creamy body: she knew now that Judy wanted her, that she was equally the object of the redheaded society girl’s lust. And that thought was enough to carry her through as she opened her legs and prepared herself to meet the flame-haired girl’s burning snatch again.