The next day was Friday and a couple girls asked her if she was going to Judy’s party. Kathi was surprised to hear that the other girls had been invited to a sleepover—she had assumed she would finally get a chance to face Judy in private. She couldn’t quite believe that the redhead would squander what might be their only chance to take their duel to a completely private arena, but she still looked forward to whatever the redhead had in mind.

She arrived at Judy’s around seven to find most of the other girls already there. There was Christina, a rough kind of girl with curly dark hair and ruddy skin; Liz, a strawberry blonde who Kathi had always found kind of stuck up; Debbie, a very preppie girl with a sleek helmet of black hair and long, tanned legs, and Rachel, a flashy blonde girl who’d been in a lot of school plays. Kathi knew all of them but most only casually; they were all older and had graduated the previous year—now they had jobs in town. Some were already in bikinis out by the pool and Kathi noticed immediately that they all seemed to have similar bodies: they were all a little taller than average, slender and athletic with strong legs, slender but curvy hips, long waists and better than average breasts. She might not have put either herself or Judy in the latter category until recently, but now even with both girls dressed she could tell that she and the redhead were as busty as any of the girls here.

She saw a few open bottles of beer scattered around and noted a large bar at one end of the pool. She had heard Judy’s dad was a big drinker and this certainly confirmed it. Judy was already in the pool, her striking red hair now silkily plastered to her head and neck with water.

As she entered the patio area Christina stood up from her lawn chair and playfully grabbed Debbie to push her into the pool. There was a moment where Debbie shrieked before throwing her weight back against the other brunette and Kathi heard their strong bodies actually slap together, and watched their tanned legs and back muscles ripple as they briefly grappled for position. Then Debbie buckled and both girls fell into the pool. They continued to struggle, laughing and shrieking and now soaking wet in the shallow pool. Kathi could feel goosebumps rising all over her body at the sight of the two wet girls wrestling each other. She shot a pointed look at Judy, and. Judy returned the stare, smiling tightly.

“Jump in, Kathi, or I might do the same thing to you,” the redhead said, smiling brightly.

“Don’t be so sure you can push me around, Judy,” Kathi said gamely, returning the smile.

“Are we just going to have catfight contests all night?” Liz chimed in derisively.

“Oh, does that bother you, Liz?” Rachel said immediately. Kathi saw a look flash between the two that seemed to mirror the one that had passed between her and Judy when she’d entered. What was going on here?

“It doesn’t bother me a bit, Rachel, because I could kick your ass!” Liz replied. She seemed to be joking in some strange way but the tension in the air was still palpable. Kathi glanced back at the two thrashing dark-haired girls in the pool and noticed that their playful wrestling seemed to be turning a lot rougher and more competitive. But Liz and Rachel were now grinning at each other as if sharing some secret joke.

“Are you going to swim, Kathi?’ Judy asked pointedly.

“Of course I’m going to swim,” Kathi replied. She and Judy stared at each other for an extended moment and Kathi realized that the ball had come into her court. She unbuttoned her top, drew it open and tossed it on a glass poolside table, then bent down to undo and slip out of her shorts. She made certain to lean down facing Judy so the redhead could get a view straight down her chest with her boobs hanging down as far as the blood red bikini cups would let them. Then she tossed her shorts on top of her blouse.

Rachel gave out a long wolf whistle and Kathi noted Liz too staring at her appreciatively. “Wow,” Rachel said. “I heard some girls talking about you the other day, about the way you filled out. Way to go.”

Kathi shrugged, not certain how to answer that. “Yeah,” Liz said. “You look hot, girl. Too bad there aren’t any boys here.”

Kathi saw Judy glide over to the pool ladder and grip the rungs, eyeing her for a moment before hauling herself out of the water. Kathi was dumbstruck as she saw her new enemy’s gleaming, wet body emerge from the pool. She barely noticed the bright green bikini as the redhead’s breasts seemed to surge out first, jiggling wetly, long drops of water falling from beneath them and even, Kathi noticed, from the jutting tips of her nipples that were distending the emerald green bikini top cups seemingly to the breaking point. In the fading autumn light her body looked like sculptured milk and honey, deliciously pale with the golden rays of the setting sun adding burnished highlights along every muscle and curve. Her belly was as flat and sexy as Kathi had remembered from dance class, her innie navel almost obscenely large, an erotic orifice held snugly between rippling abdominal muscles. And centered between her flaring hips was a miniscule patch of green fabric as small or smaller than the red triangle that barely covered Kathi’s groin. She could see the supple swell of vulva pressing out on either side of Judy’s bikini briefs, and the other girl was so toned and her crotch rode so high and firm between her legs that Kathi could even get a view of the other girl’s firm buttocks flanking her sex from behind, peeking out from between her spread legs.

Judy was eyeing her too, Kathi realized, her brilliant blue eyes flashing over every exposed inch of her toned body, raking up her so provocatively that she felt almost violated by the time the other girl’s stare reached the red lipstick that graced her full mouth and matched the blood red, stark lines of her bikini. Judy had lipstick on too, she noted, almost as red as hers was, and the contrast between her red lips and the emerald green bikini made them stand out just as much as Kathi’s did.

Kathi stared at her enemy and her surroundings seemed to almost disappear, even the chatter of the other girls around them. She was astounded at Judy’s beauty and her almost innocent sexiness, just as she had always been—only now it confronted her in a way she had never been faced with before. Compounding her feelings was the look on Judy’s face that said that she was just as awestruck by Kathi’s nearly naked body as Kathi was by hers. Her nipples had been hard when she’d entered the house and now they seemed to be close to ripping the thin silk of her bikini cups open. Just staring at Judy in the bikini was almost more than she could handle—what was she going to do later on when she would probably be faced with so much more than this? Now the stakes in her ongoing conflict with this incredible girl had been raised impossibly high.

Staring at Judy she dove into the heated pool and let the lukewarm water caress her bare skin. For a moment she felt the tension and frustration that had been building in her for weeks dissipate into the soothing water. She emerged to see Judy lowering herself into the pool and wading toward her. She stood up and let Judy see her beautifully sculpted, toned body soaking wet for the first time. Now the soaked silk of her top clung to her breasts like a second skin; as she glanced down she saw that every goosebump on her stiffening boobs was visible through the almost translucent material. She reached up to make a slight adjustment to the top, briefly gripping her own boobs while Judy watched. As she approached Kathi Judy made the same adjustment to her own perfect boobs, and Kathi saw how supple and malleable those two beautiful, floating globes of flesh were. A few feet from them Debbie and Judy still wrestled away, grunting and pressing against each other roughly. Christina dunked Debbie and then pulled her up wrapped in a bearhug, and Kathi’s eyes widened as she saw their bronzed breasts pressing so tightly against each other through their bikini tops that shockingly white, untanned flesh bulged out on either side.

“Come on, you fucking cunt,” Christina said. “I heard you were so tough.” The brunette growled her taunt into Debbie’s ear quietly and spitefully, but it was still broadcast loud enough for everyone to hear.

“Okay, you big dirty bitch, if you want to fight we’ll fight!” Debbie growled back. The girls seemed genuinely angry, their voices thick and hoarse just the way Judy and Kathi’s voices sounded during their own heated phone conversations. But as roughly as they were fighting, it was also clear that they were holding back, that there was some kind of mutual agreement not to hurt each other or go too far here. The sound of the two girls’ dirty language was like hot butter in Kathi’s ears—it seemed to sink through her head and fan a flame that sank down into her breasts and crotch. Judy was very close to her now and Kathi realized the redhead might try to start the same kind of playful fight with her that Debbie and Kathi were having. Suddenly she thrashed herself away with Judy in pursuit, a mix of excitement and frustration on her face. The grunts and moans and occasional smacking sounds of the combat between the two brunettes continued as Kathi fled around the pool, making her dizzy with lust. She wanted to close with Judy, especially now in this pool of erotically-charged water, but she still wasn’t sure she wanted to make a public display out of her private duel with the redhead.

Judy finally cornered her in the deep end of the pool just as the underwater lights came up, bathing Judy’s creamy body in an otherworldly light. Only the redhead’s head, neck and shoulders broke the water now; and Kathi’s back was against the painted cement of the pool’s edge. Judy treaded water and the two soaked girls regarded one another until the redhead grabbed the rung of the ladder next to Kathi and pulled herself close. The other girls were involved in their own activities and were in any case out of earshot by this point; Kathi knew if they kept their voices low no one would hear them.

“I suppose you think you look pretty hot in that slutty red bikini of yours, don’t you?” Judy said meanly.

“I guess you think you look hot, too,” Kathi purred.

“I know I look a lot hotter than you do, girl,” Judy said.

“Not even,” Kathi said haughtily, projecting a confidence she didn’t quite feel. “I’m definitely the hottest between the two of us.”

Judy glared at her for a long moment and then reached down to the clasp between her two bikini top cups. She undid the clasp with one hand while Kathi watched breathlessly, then slid the two cups aside to reveal her two bare, milky-white, pink-nippled breasts. Kathi clamped her mouth shut to keep from gasping at the look of Judy’s naked nipples jutting out almost an inch and a half in front of her goosefleshed boobs. In the rippling distortion of the water and the underwater lighting caressing her creamy bosom Kathi couldn’t be sure exactly how big the redhead’s boobs really were or how long her nipples were, but the sight of them staggered her. She knew she couldn’t back down from this silent challenge; staring intently into Judy’s eyes, she reached down to undo the front clasp of her own top and pointedly allowed her constricted breasts to burst out of their confinement, floating and quivering like lava lamp material in front of her rival’s boobs. Of course her own brown nipples extended out in front of her like deadly daggers, pointing accusingly at Judy’s erect breasts and nipples. From where she stood she definitely thought they were the equal of Judy’s boobs but viewing them through this distorting lens was no way to find out. She could tell that the sight of her dark-colored nips seemed to intimidate the redhead a little.

Without warning Judy suddenly slipped one hand forward underwater and clamped it down on Kathi’s left breast. Kathi gasped and instinctively shot her own left hand out to grab Judy’s right boob. The redhead’s fingers squeezed down on her tender flesh, first crushing down on the whole globe of her breast, then contracting to clamp down on her aureole and nipple. The redhead’s breast felt amazingly supple and soft in her hand and knowing what Judy’s fingers felt like as they dug into her aureole she was almost afraid to do the same to the redhead. Judy pressed closer and her forehead came to rest on Kathi’s as the girls dug in, twisting and pinching at each other’s nipples.

“You think those big, brown nipples of yours are so hot, so how does this feel?” Judy demanded tightly.

“How does it feel on those weak pink nips of yours, slut?” Kathi replied, trembling.

“I’m going to twist your tits off, bitch,” Judy growled.

“Just try it!” Kathi snarled. Despite the other activities in the pool neither girl launched herself fully at the other and in fact both made an effort to disguise what was going on beneath the water. In order to keep themselves in the same position on the wall neither girl could use her other hand. Kathi continued to work Judy’s breast and nipple, intently searching for signs of weakness in the other girl’s face. She was clearly hurting the redhead but Judy didn’t look ready to back down and her own breast was throbbing from the redhead’s attack. Somehow both girls shoved away and broke off the struggle at the same instant, eyeing each other warily for signs the other was ready to renew the battle. They separated, each swimming off in separate directions, still watching one another. Kathi carefully readjusted her top and she saw Judy doing the same. The friendly but intense wrestling between Christina and Debbie had broken off and eventually everyone climbed out of the pool.

Kathi regarded the other four girls suspiciously as she moved to sit on a lawn chair near a gas heater on the deck. She wondered why Judy had invited these interlopers when she could easily have had the entire evening, if not the weekend, alone with Kathi. They might never get such a chance again, Kathi realized, and once the year ended who knew when she would see Judy again? She had pinned all of her emotions on bringing their long duel to a conclusion this weekend and now Judy was frustrating her efforts once again. Since the beginning Kathi had felt that defeating the redhead, dominating and humiliating her would somehow exorcise the terrible hold the redhead had on her emotions. She knew that without even thinking of it Judy was controlling her, manipulating her, and now that Kathi had brought things out in the open the redhead seemed to be enjoying toying with her like this. That was probably why she’d staged this bogus party, Kathi thought. Maybe she was dangling the idea of settling their feud in front of Kathi with no real intention of taking things to the final stage.

Judy sat down, eyeing her sullenly and began sipping at a beer. Kathi noticed a cold bottle on a table next to her and opened it, eyeing the redhead as she drank. It tasted terrible but she noted that all the other girls were drinking and she didn’t feel like being left behind. She noticed that Christina and Rachel were pounding the stuff down like they were born to it while the other girls, Judy included, sipped as if drinking the liquid were purely mandatory. As the sun set and the deck lights came on the girls talked animatedly about boys, the other girls at school, and their sexual experiences. Kathi danced around the topic since she’d never gone all the way with any of the boys she’d dated and she noted with satisfaction that Judy wasn’t chiming in on her conquests either. The other girls all seemed to have had plenty of experience, and Kathi’s ears pricked up when Liz seemed to intimate that she had even done it with another girl.

The night cooled, driving the girls inside, although Kathi noted that everyone stayed in their still damp bikinis. Although they all dried off there was a tangy scent of chlorine in the air, mixed with beer and, oddly, some perfume. Kathi studied the other girl’s bodies surreptitiously from her chair as they talked and drank. They all had great boobs, she thought. All the girls seemed as eager to parade their chests, legs and hips around as they would have been to a room full of boys—nobody made a move to put on a T-shirt or anything else. It seemed clear from the discussion that the four other girls planned on staying over night, and Kathi was both annoyed and titilated by the idea. The mix of politics in the room was interesting, with Liz an obvious gadfly who was clearly annoying Christina, Rachel clearly full of herself and Debbie vacilating between uptight timidity and evidence of a real temper. Judy seemed as interested by their interaction as Kathi was and both girls did more listening than talking.

“I can’t believe you’d have sex with a girl,” Debbie said to Liz. By now they were all feeling the alcohol and the restraints really seem to have been taken off the conversation.

“I’m surprised you’d say that since you were practically fucking Christina out there in the pool, Debbie,” Liz said smugly.

“Why don’t you shut the fuck up, Liz,” Christina said sullenly, glaring at Liz drunkenly from her chair.

“Why don’t you suck my tits, Christina?” Liz said brightly, leaning back and stretching as if to show off her tawny, lightly freckled boobs.

“Yeah, you’d probably love that,” Christina retorted.

“I doubt you’d be very good at it,” Liz said.

“You’re the expert,” Christina agreed. Kathi noted a strange similarity between the auburn-haired Liz and dark-haired Christina; they seemed to have the same mixture of roughness and fragility, the same ruddy, slightly freckled skin and flaring, fluffy hair, even though Liz’s was auburn and Christina’s a dark brown. There was a hint of androgyny to the girls, a little remnant of tomboy in each of them that somehow made their flat bellies, long supple legs and heavy breasts that much more striking. Even though Liz had a teasing, girlish personality there was an underlying hint of physical menace in her as if she might have been in real fights. Christina clearly looked like she had; her biceps were tanned and powerful-looking and her no-nonsense, surly demeanor made Kathi wary of her. But none of the other girls were really any bigger or taller than she was.

“So how do you fuck girls, Liz?” Rachel chimed in.

“You have to have a really long clit,” Liz said. That brought a burst of laughter from the other girls even though the phrase made the hair on the back of Kathi’s neck stand up. She flashed a look at Judy but the other girl was intent on the conversation.

“You are full of it,” Debbie said.

“Maybe you’d like to try it out and find out, sweetie,” Liz retorted.

Liz continued to argue with and bait the other girls and the talk got dirtier and dirtier. Inevitably the topic got around to each others bodies and with the mix of animosity and drunkenness in the room there were no holds barred.

“You act like you have the greatest tits in the world,” Liz snipped to Rachel. “They’re not that great, honey.”

“And yours are?” Rachel said.

“I’ve got the best tits in this room, I’ll tell you that,” Liz said haughtily. Kathi couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“They don’t look so great from here,” Christina murmured.

“Maybe they’d look better in your face, baby,” Liz shot back.

“I’m getting sick of your mouth, bitch,” Christina said quietly.

“If your boobs are so great let’s see them,” Debbie chimed in.

“Yeah,” Rachel agreed.

Liz blushed a little but she was smiling as if this was perfectly fine with that. “You know my boobs are getting hot in this halter anyway,” she said gamely.

“Take it off,” Rachel suggested. Liz eyed her for a moment, something again passing between them. Then the auburn-haired girl arched her back and undid her bikini top, shrugging out of it and letting her breasts jiggle free. Her boobs were pale and incredibly round, her nipples brown and pointy—just like her own, Kathi thought, although her sharp little nips weren’t as long and thick as Kathi’s. Kathi could tell just by the way they jiggled on her chest that Liz’s breasts were heavy and firm, and they stood out provocatively. Kathi could see the other girls eyeing Liz’s boobs jealously for a second, each of them obviously mentally measuring them against her own.

“Fuck, mine are just as big as yours,” Rachel said, stretching out in her own chair and reaching behind herself to undo her own top. She whipped the loose top off with a flourish and gave her creamy chest a shake. She had large aureoles and her nipples were like little cones at their centers, puckered and fat. The girls sat up in their opposing chairs and put their hands on their hips, each looking from her own to her opposite’s breasts. But Kathi noted that both girls were smiling and she couldn’t sense real tension between the two.

“Oh, mine are obviously better,” Liz teased.

“Hardly, honey; hardly,” Rachel retorted. Then she turned to Debbie casually and said “This was your idea, Debbie, so how about seeing what you’ve got?”

Debbie snorted derisively. “Fuck you; I’m not showing you lesbians my breasts,” she said, and Kathi thought she caught a hint of genuine discomfort in her voice.

“I told you she was a prude,” Rachel said to Liz. “I guess somebody’s ashamed of what they’ve got.”
“I’m not ashamed one bit!” Debbie snapped.

“Then show us your tits,” Christina said. She spoke slowly, with a touch of irritation and even a little menace behind her voice. Debbie glared at her for a moment and then began to undo her top with an almost violent, angry demeanor.

“Okay, you fucking bitches, take a good look!” she said, whipping off her top. Kathi’s eyebrows raised as she saw Debbie’s fat boobs, shockingly white where the bikini cups had covered her otherwise brown, tanned, buttery skin. Her aureoles, like Rachel’s, were huge, and her nipples were the same fat, conical shape. Her big aureoles were a darker brown, almost the same as her darkly tanned skin, and they showed up like bullseyes at the front of her heavy breasts.

“Oooh, Debbie and Rachel have big ugly aureoles, don’t they?” Liz taunted. “I like my sharp little brown nipples a lot better.”

After a few more minutes of bitchy talk between Debbie, Rachel and Liz, Rachel seemed to notice that Christina wasn’t taking part. “Let’s see Christina’s,” she said, leaning back in her recliner so her breasts jutted upward on her chest.

“Yeah, Christina, you were pretty mean with those in the pool,” Debbie said. Liz turned on her side so that her sharp-nippled, full boobs were facing the brown-haired girl and she stared at Christina contemptuously.

“Yeah, I’d like to see what Christina’s got,” she said. Christina stared at her evenly and for a moment Kathi didn’t know what was going to happen. She had to admit she was curious about what lay under the tough girl’s bikini top, and she wondered if her breasts looked like Debbie’s. The thought of Debbie’s huge, dark aureoles pressing up against another set of breasts just like hers suddenly sent a tingling sensation between Kathi’s legs. She wondered if Debbie’s nipples and aureoles were more sensitive or less sensitive than hers.

That’s when Christina completely caught her off guard. “I’d like to see Kathi and Judy’s tits bare first,” she said. The other three girls suddenly turned around to look at the short-haired blonde and redhead, seated across the room from each other. “I’ll show what I’ve got after we see them.”

Kathi suddenly locked eyes with Judy. She had settled into an almost comfortable role of voyeur at the party, watching the fascinating interaction between Christina, Liz, Rachel and Debbie. Now suddenly she and Judy were the centers of attention. She looked for any sign of hesitation in Judy’s eyes and she saw a flicker of answering challenge in the redhead’s soft face, hardening just a little as she met Kathi’s stare.

“Come on, Judy,” Liz said. “Just because it’s your house doesn’t mean you get out of it,”

“I didn’t plan on getting out of it,” Judy said calmly, sitting up just a little. Kathi raised herself up a bit too, and for a second both girls leaned forward as if afraid the other girl might bare her breasts first. Then they backed off a bit, eyeing each other uncertainly. Kathi had always avoided showering in front of other girls at school and no one else had really seen her breasts out in the open yet. She had thought she’d crossed the ultimate line by flashing Judy in the pool, but that had been underwater at dusk, and even though she’d caught a good glimpse of Judy’s boobs she couldn’t say she’d really seen them for real. Her pulse quickened as she realized that baring her breasts first might put her one up on Judy in their little psychological war. She arched her back slightly, sitting up and reaching around to find her bikini straps. She realized all the girls in the room were now eyeing her expectantly as her fingers closed on the straps.

“I said I’d do it,” Judy said abruptly. Heads flipped back to look at the redhead as she quickly undid her bikini straps and shrugged her way out of her green top.

Kathi almost gasped as the other girl’s beautiful, milky white breasts tumbled free of the top, jiggling just slightly before they took a jutting position upward in the cool air. Even from where she sat Kathi could see the two boobs hardening and stiffening with gooseflesh, and she saw Judy’s already hard pink nipples growing longer and more erect by the second. Soon they were pointing out and directly at Kathi, casting long shadows down Judy’s firm boobs in the overhead lighting.

“Oh my god, girl!” Debbie said finally. “Those are like the longest nipples ever!”

“I think those might be the biggest nipples I’ve ever seen,” Liz said appreciatively. “I would have never thought you had them to look at you.”

“I’ll bet you’d like to suck on those, wouldn’t you Liz?” Christina said.

“Fuck you,” Liz retorted. “If I did they’d never let a guy suck them again, I’ll tell you that.”

Judy was staring directly into Kathi’s eyes, and clearly enjoying the stunned compliments from the other girls. Her expression said everything: Let’s see if you can beat these. Kathi realized suddenly, infuriated, that if she didn’t produce the same reaction in these girls that Judy would have won a huge victory over her. She wondered for a paranoid second whether Judy hadn’t set this whole thing up to humiliate her and gotten these girls in on it. But now her choice was to either stand up to the redhead’s challenge or be the only girl here to refuse to bare her breasts.

She sucked in a deep breath, thinking that if her nipples happened to not cooperate she could at least show everyone that her breasts were just as big and full as Judy’s. She slipped her hands across her top, flicking her thumbs across her nipples quickly while her hands were in front of her boobs, and she was answered with a satisfying feeling of length and stiffness. She saw several of the girls’ stares settling on her clearly erect nipples as she reached behind herself to undo her top straps. Her eyes never left Judy’s as she wriggled her way out of her top and shook her boobs free of the blood-red silk bikini cups.

For a second there was no reaction as every girl in the room stared at her chest. Then Rachel said “Oh my god! Wait a minute, you have to stand up!” she said, getting out of her chair and grabbing Kathi’s arm.

“What do you mean?” Kathi demanded uncertainly as Rachel hauled her out of her chair.

“Don’t you think these are as long as Judy’s?” Rachel asked Debbie, who readily nodded in agreement.

“They’re fucking big, that’s for sure,” the brunette said. Christina merely sat in silence, smiling in satisfaction at the ruckus she was causing. Liz shot her a disgusted look and then got out of her chair, grabbing Judy’s forearm.

“I’ve got to see something,” she said as she pulled a fuming Judy out of her chair and pulled her over to where Kathi now stood. The two rivals stared at each other warily, each trying to drink in the vision of the other completely naked and vulnerable while trying to make sure that the other girls weren’t about to completely humiliate them. Liz got behind Judy and held her by the biceps and Kathi felt Rachel’s fingers on her own arms, directing her from behind until she and Judy were facing each other, their erect nipples just a few inches apart.

“Those have to be like exactly the same size,” Rachel said excitedly. “I have never seen nipples that big before.”

“Do you have a ruler, Judy?” Liz said from behind the redhead. Judy had to swallow before she responded and when she did her voice was momentarily a dry croak.

“There’s one in that drawer behind you,” she said thickly.

“Well we don’t need a ruler to see who’s bigger,” Rachel said quickly. “Here,” she said, shoving Kathi forward some more. “Just put them length to length and see whose touches the other’s boob first.”

Kathi saw Judy’s eyes blaze at that statement and she even struggled a little herself but it was clear the other girls weren’t going to be dissuaded from this course. Judy’s creamy chest came forward and before she knew it her nipple points flicked across those of the redhead, eliciting a sharp gasp from each of them.

“God, settle down,” Rachel said. “Haven’t you ever touched your tits against another girl’s before?” Thankfully Rachel and Liz carefully guided their boobs so that their nipples lay alongside one another with about half an inch between their stiff, distended shafts. Debbie and Christina came between them and eyed the results carefully; Christina had even snatched the requested ruler and held it up while she eyed their nipples appraisingly. Standing straight now, Kathi could see that Judy’s nipples pointed slightly upwards, as did hers. She was careful not to move and only glanced between Judy’s blazing eyes and the meeting point of their two bare bosoms as the other girls positioned them in blatant opposition. She held her breath, wondering whether her nipples would touch Judy’s breasts first or whether she’d feel the points of Judy’s nipples touch her.

“I can’t tell who’s longer,” Christina admitted. “Push them in closer.” Suddenly Kathi felt her aureoles being scraped by Judy’s nipples, but at the exact same instant she felt soft, yielding breast flesh touching the tips of her own nipples.

“I think they touched at the same time,” Debbie agreed.

“Fuck it; pull them back,” Christina said, wielding the ruler as Rachel and Liz each tugged their charges backward a pace and bent them backwards so that their nipples were pointing even more skyward. Christina eyed each of them with amusement as she took the ruler to each pair of stiff nipples and carefully measured.

“You’re both exactly an inch and a half long,” she announced.

“Who’s thicker?” Liz said quickly.

“I don’t have a tape measure, bitch,” Christina said, then placed the ruler just under Kathi’s left nipple and stared down at it, her soft brown hair tickling Kathi’s face. She smelled good, Kathi thought, and at that moment Christina looked upward at her nose to nose. “Three eighths of an inch thick,” she said, glancing down at Kathi’s mouth for a moment before turning to do Judy. After a moment she stepped away and said “You’re both three-eighths thick.”

Debbie had gathered their two tops and was reading the size tags on them. “These are exactly the same size, too,” she said.

“Has anybody here ever been in a titfight?” Liz asked provocatively.

“Is that what you do in your bi-curious bars, Liz?” Rachel asked.

“So you’ve never been in one?” Liz replied.

“Of course I have,” Rachel said, rolling her eyes. “Everybody’s done it,”

“I don’t think everyone here has,” Liz said. “I think we’ve got the ultimate match here.”

Kathi’s pulse was pounding in her ears. Just seeing her rival topless was stunning enough, but she didn’t know if she could handle what might be to come, certainly not in front of four leering witnesses like this. Judy still tried to meet her stare, glancing down pointedly at her bare breasts, but she wasn’t sure that the redhead was any readier for this public contest than she was.

“You want to fight, Liz?” Christina demanded hotly.

“Yeah,” Liz said thickly. The two girls continued to circle for a minute and then slowly brought their wicked little nipples together, their eyes blazing into each other as Liz put her chin up and pressed it into Christina’s. Muscles flexed along their bodies as they stood against each other, just matching nipple to nipple, keeping the tiny, cruel little shafts together.

“Mine are harder than yours,” Christina said sullenly, and Kathi felt a little flash of arousal at the sound of the brown-haired girl repeating almost verbatim Judy’s challenge in their dance class.

“I’ll break yours, bitch,” Liz replied. The girls circled for a few more seconds and then there was an earth-shattering smack as Christina drove her left breast into Liz’s right one. Liz staggered back, her breast shuddering from the impact, but Christina followed her and smashed her right boob into Liz’s left.
“You big whore,” Liz said, blinking away tears from the pain. She moved in and for a second the two girls exchanged a flurry of wicked, stinging tit-to-tit slaps, then jabbed nipple to nipple for a few more seconds. Kathi’s ears rang with the sound of the heavy, liquid-filled impacts: she had never seen breasts used like this before. The girls’ lean, toned bodies strained against each other, tendons rippling as they countered each other’s moves. Then they viciously tit-whipped each other for several more seconds. Kathi marveled at the sound of deep, weighty smacks thundering through the room. Rachel and Debbie’s breasts were probably the largest and fattest in the room but they weren’t quite as firm and high as Liz and Christina’s and Kathi doubted they could have been used in this kind of war even if the two had wanted to do anything beyond the teasing skirmish they’d gotten into. And she knew her own breasts were slightly smaller than the two fighters’ were, although they were still firm and massive enough to inflict damage.

She glanced at the mesmerized Judy standing next to her, flicking her eyes down to her rival’s pale breasts and wondering how they would stand up to hers in this kind of fight. She was startled to see Judy’s nipples seeming even longer and more wickedly upturned than they’d been before the two had gone off to confront each other in private. Whether from the sight of the dueling girls in front of her or the sensation from their own brief tit to tit tussle, her breasts and nipples were now stiffer and more aroused than ever. Kathi looked nervously down at her own breasts and gasped a little as she saw that her own nips were also incredibly engorged and distended, her breasts mottled with gooseflesh.

She turned her attention back to the confrontation between Liz and Christina. By now the girls’ shoulder-length hairdos were matted and disheveled, giving both girls an increasingly wild and primitive look. The working class Christina seemed to take to the look impressively but it was shocking to see the sophisticated, snotty Liz looking more and more like some primal cavegirl. Both girls’ breasts were reddening and flushed from the constant impacts of her opponent’s boobs and Kathi could see that their dark little nipples were extended about as far as they would go, a little more than half an inch. She could tell that these stiff, blunt nipples wouldn’t bend under the assault of another or twist as they impacted enemy breast tissue: the proof of that was a number of reddened, circular marks on each girl’s pale breasts where her rival had jammed her stiff nipples in deep and hard during a breast-on-breast collision. The girls’ nipples were like metal punches inflicting painful damage every time they smashed in on tender, bare breast flesh. Kathi winced at every smack and could see that both girls were reeling from the stinging, shattering blows.

“Come on, Liz!” Christina snarled, battering her back until she was nearly cornered at one end of the living room. “I thought you were a tough little bitch but you’re just a prissy little stuck up pussy!”

“I’ll show you who the pussy is you whore,” Liz growled as she took Christina’s blows, gathered herself and then launched a searing series of chest smacks against Christina, driving her back into the middle of the room. Exhausted, both girls’ upper bodies smacked into a clinch and they held each other cheek to cheek, hissing obscenities into each other’s mouths.

“I’ve been waiting to get at your body a long time, baby,” Christina groaned into Liz. “You’ve been strutting this body of yours in my face long enough.”

“I’ll bet you’ve wanted me,” Liz said hoarsely. “I’ve had it with your attitude and your tough bitch act. I’ve wanted you, too, and I’ve been waiting to get down and dirty with you a long time.”

“You want to settle things with me, lady, let’s do it right here and now,” Christina retorted, grinding her now sweat-slick breasts all over Liz’s. Kathi watched as the girls’ bosoms jockeyed for position, first one set of sweaty boobs overwhelming and dominating the other, then giving way as the first pair raked hard nipples over its rivals’ tender flesh, leaving long red marks as if fingernails, not nipples, were being employed. As both toned bodies swayed and strained Kathi could see sweat coating their backs and matting their soft hair in wet curls around their necks and faces. Both girls twisted to exchange spiteful, angry bites before separating and nastily smashing breast to breast again and again, their boobs jiggling violently with every impact.

“You think you’re some hot, sexy bitch but you’re just a stuck-up pussy!” Christina growled as she battered at the auburn-haired girl.

“You just can’t take coming up against somebody sexier than you, whore!” Liz replied furiously.

“I can take anything you can put out, bitch,” Christina said back. “You bring on whatever you got, cunt!”

“Good! How about this?” Liz said, wrapping her arms around Christina’s sweat-soaked lower back and smashing their straining pelvises together. Kathi could see her bikini-lined crotch suddenly jam in between Christina’s brown legs and the brown-haired girl grunted at the impact. Liz’s pale buttocks flexed as she rammed her crotch into Christina’s three, then four times before Christina gathered herself to pound right back at her, her tawny buns clenching with the effort. Droplets of sweat scattered off both girls’ hips as they joined this new phase of the battle, spreading their legs for balance and seeming to invite each other deeper into this deeply private arena. Neither girl even seemed aware of the four spectators in the room any longer. Their taunts and insults were pitched low, just to be heard by the other girl’s ears inches away, but the fury behind the two angry voices was more than enough to make their threats audible to everyone.

“Oh, you want a cunt fight, baby?” Christina groaned. “I’ll beat that fat hairy pussy of yours raw!”

“I’ll grind your cunt bald, bitch!” Liz snarled back. Both girls punched away at each other’s groins with equal ferocity; dull, blunt impacts shook the room as the girls slammed pubic bone to pubic bone, forcing grunts of pain from each other. Even with the battle now centered on their crotches they found time to land single breast smacks on each other and to bite at each other’s necks and faces, glaring wildly into each other nose to nose. Kathi had never seen two women so primally focused on destroying one another, yet for all its violence she had to note how ritualized this duel really was. Either girl could have punched, kicked or scratched, but the little amount of scratching that was going on seemed intended as much to arouse as to hurt—each girl dragged nails across each other’s buttocks and backs, but neither girl had long fingernails and the pale marks they left shifted only to a pale, abrading pink without leaving the bloody red trails Kathi might have expected. After several minutes of violent cunt battering the rapidly tiring combatants sank back into their mutual, sweaty clinch and Liz attempted to maintain her attack by clasping Christina’s tawny buns in both hands and slowly, painfully grinding her crotch into the brunette’s while applying pressure to her breast to breast. Kathi could only imagine the heat being generated by the friction of their grinding, slippery breasts and especially their warring pussies, which had to be providing their own heat source in addition to the violent, raw grinding being done.

Christina responded to Liz’s escalation by slapping her hands down on Liz’s ass cheeks, adding additional, spanking smacks as she tugged her enemy’s pelvis in closer. “You want to rub cunts with me, Liz, I’ll rub yours til you can’t take it any more.”

“I can take your pussy any day, cunt,” Liz growled back.

“Come on and rub me then, bitch,” Christina snarled. Over the grunts and groans Kathi could hear the crisp rustling of their panty crotches grinding and the crackling of crushed pubic hair that was now being forced from its cover, smashed out on either side of the girls’ bikini fronts. “You big hot cunt, I’m going to fuck your pussy off.”

“I’ll rape your snatch, you dirty whore,” Liz said.

“You haven’t got what it takes to rape me, baby,” Christina challenged.

“I’ve got all I need, slut, and if you don’t watch your mouth I’ll use it on you good,” Liz came back at her.

“Bitch, you better watch yourself because I’ve got enough to rape your pussy too,” Christina upped the ante.

“I don’t feel it, bitch; all I feel is pussy lips with nothing between them,” Liz said.

“You want to feel what I’ve got, honey?” Christina demanded, seething with fury now. She punctuated the question with hard, vicious smacks to Liz’s ass.

“Bring it on, baby,” Liz snarled back, returning the smacks. Suddenly both girls shoved each other away. Kathi could see their tangled pubic hair peeking out from either side of their soaked panty crotches; sweat gleamed off their reddened breasts and bellies, wet hair matted their flushed faces. Christina suddenly slapped Liz’s face and Liz instantly returned the smack; both girls rocked at the impact, blinking as the pain spread through their faces, and for a moment Kathi thought the fight was about to go into a terrible new direction. Instead, Christina straightened and slowly slipped her damp bikini bottoms off; Liz matched her move for move, her eyes never leaving the brunette’s as she stripped her own thong off. Both girls slowly straightened, taking each other’s now total nakedness in. Kathi stared at Christina’s crotch. Her dark pubic fur looked almost as if it had been parted by its violent collision with Liz’s crotch: dark curls curved away and clung to her thick, meaty vulva on either side of the sleek ‘V’ of her sex, and at the center lay an engorged, complex fold of labia that snaked up to disappear beneath the upper tuft of Christina’s bush. But peeking out from that central fur was something else: something pink, stiff and glistening with readiness—Christina’s aroused clitoris. Kathi couldn’t see Liz’s crotch from where she stood but from the way Christina looked down at it she had no doubt that the auburn-haired girl had revealed a very similar sight to her enemy.

“Think you can take this on, bitch?” Christina said finally. Liz walked slowly toward her and the girls engaged in a simmering, silent staredown, eyes flicking back and forth between each other and their the threatening, hot challenge contained in each other’s pubic regions.

“You think that’s going to stop me from getting into you?” Liz said slowly.

“You just better hope that little thing doesn’t get in the way of my clit fucking you,” Christina shot back.

“Bring it on,” Liz said. “Because mine is going to enjoy shoving yours back inside that hot pussy of yours.”

“I’ve wanted to beat your clit for a long time, Liz, and now you’re going to see what it’s like to get whipped by a hotter woman.”

“I’ll be the one whipping your clit and I’ll be the one fucking you,” Liz said.

Kathi held her breath as the two girls stepped forward. Their eyes locked together, they approached, barely paying any heed as their over stimulated breasts brushed one another and then compressed into four flattened globes of hot flesh. Flat bellies smacked briefly as the girls wrapped their strong arms around each other and both girls seemed to try to smash as much of their upper bodies together as they could while keeping their cocked, ready hips separated. There was no more talking, only angry, silent concentration as each girls slowly urged her pelvis forward, pivoting until their ready, burning bushes were displayed openly face to face, the pointing fingers of their clits targeting one another. Then Liz’s hips jabbed forward and the two crotches disappeared behind the sleek, flexing flesh of their dueling pelvises. After a brief, desperate skirmish both girls emitted low growls as their cunts ground together with slow, lingering intensity; they gasped as they exchanged invisible, intimate violations and Kathi ached to know what was going on between their warring cunts. Buttocks flexed and clenched shiny under squeezing, clutching fingers and the girls faces twisted next to each other, mouths open and slender lips dangling in opposition before Liz pivoted and brought her hot mouth down full on Christina’s. Teeth clicked and cheeks bulged as the two girls very obviously filled each other’s mouths with opposing tongues.

Kathi suddenly felt a cold hand touching hers as Judy, still intensely fixated on the battle raging in front of her, reached out and clasped her hands, almost crushing Kathi’s fingers with her grip. Kathi squeezed back in reply but like Judy, she couldn’t take her eyes off what was happening.

To be continued