Dance class seemed to take forever to approach the next day. Of course Judy wasn’t going to go through the whole day without wearing her bra. She had never gone without one since she’d started wearing a bra but she knew in her heart that she could get away without wearing one. It would be incredibly risky to do it in class in front of the other girls but if she played her cards right only one other person would notice. She loitered in the locker room until most of the other girls had left and then slipped into her two-piece leotard and took great care in adjusting her top to contain her two bare breasts. She was afraid she might slip out through the bottom but she was grateful to see that the lycra top had been designed with some aspects of a sports bra in mind and she was well contained. She took a quick look at herself in the mirror. The black lyrca top hugged her breasts like a second skin, clearly outlining her nipples and even suggesting the puckered skin of her aureoles. Without her bra her boobs looked rounder and fuller—sexier, Judy realized. She hoped Kathi knew what she was getting herself into.

She left the locker room, careful to keep her hands or forearms in front of her breasts at all times. For the first few moments she was terrified someone was going to notice but no one was paying attention. As the teacher called the other girls into line she saw Kathi enter in her gray leotard, her pale stomach flexing smoothly between her top and the sleek biker pants she wore on her flaring hips and thighs. She felt her pulse pounding in her ears as she could very clearly make out that Kathi was braless: her boobs looked different, somehow more provocative and alive. She too kept her arms folded across her chest, hiding them from both Judy and the rest of the class. She watched Kathi’s body during the opening stretching exercises, studied the way her muscles rippled under the smooth gray lycra of her leotard, the way her sleek cap of straw-colored, honey-blonde hair framed the striking beauty of her lightly freckled face. Kathi was wearing more makeup and her eyes blazed out of the dark accents of mascara she wore. Her lipstick was as blood red as Judy’s hair. Judy bit her lips, eager for the warmup to end. It wasn’t long before the girls were sent to their positions for the dance routine and Judy purposefully approached Kathi from the opposite end of the room. When she was far enough from her teacher Judy dropped her arms and actually placed them on her hips as she closed the distance between herself and the blonde. Now Judy could see a definite jiggle to Kathi’s breasts that hadn’t been there before, and she caught the stark shadows of her extended nipples raking down over the lower half of her boobs. She had to be braless. Of course the stretchable, taut lycra still held their converging bosoms tightly against their bodies, and Judy wondered how different this encounter would be. Would it really make that much difference? She knew her boobs were getting plenty of support from her leotard top so she had to wonder if this would be a real test.

Judy looked pointedly down at Kathi’s breasts as the two girls stood face to face. She realized that even without a bra there was a nice bulge of cleavage pushing up out of Kathi’s top: the pale tops of her breasts had the same barely noticable freckling that her pretty face had. Judy wondered if Kathi’s nipples were pink like hers. Up close like this they were clearly jutting out through the material covering them—were they even lengthening as she watched them? She could feel her own breasts straining against her top with every breath, and she saw Kathi direct a contemptuous glance down to where her own incredibly smooth, pale skin bulged softly over the edge of her top. She wondered if Kathi’s nipples were pink like hers.

Kathi glared at her and for a few silent seconds the rivals stared each other down, each determined to show she was ready for whatever was to come. Judy tried to look twice as intimidating as she felt. Kathi had started this but her own competitive, girlish fury wanted to insure that she was going to be the one to finish this fight, and on her terms. She would not let another girl take advantage of her, particularly not someone like Kathi. She looked past the other girl for a moment at the mirrors that lined the practice floor walls. From where they stood she could see both of their bodies reflected full length in the mirrors and thoroughly check out Kathi from behind. The gray danskin material gave her a thorough view of the other girl’s well-muscled back, trim waist and the smooth, firm pads of her butt. The mirror reflected the opposite wall which was also mirrored, and Judy could also get a view of her own behind in the somewhat smaller reverse reflection: she could easily compare the sexy curves of her own round behind to Kathi’s. The blonde’s buns might have been a bit more angular and hard with muscle, but it was no more attractive than hers, she thought. And she thought her supple, creamy white thighs and calves were every bit as pretty as Kathi’s.

The teacher told the girls to take their positions and Kathi surprised Judy by moving forward immediately to meet her, placing her hand in the small of Judy’s back. Unexpectedly it was their bellies that met first as Kathi tugged Judy forward and Judy reached around to place her own hand on Kathi’s lower back, just above the swelling muscle of her fanny. She pulled right back at Kathi and pressed her stomach against the blonde girl’s, and she felt the sweet kiss of Kathi’s bare skin against hers. Kathi pulled more and Judy could even feel the little hollow of their meeting navels kiss against each other, but both girls kept their backs arched at an extreme angle, holding their breasts up so that they almost pointed at the ceiling rather than touch each other. In this position Judy could see Kathi's thighs spread and her buns flex out to keep her balance, and she had to concentrate to keep her eyes on the blonde’s eyes and not her cute behind.

Kathi glanced to the side momentarily, keeping her eyes on the teacher who was now at the far end of the practice floor. “So you’re not wearing a bra—well neither am I, Judy,” Kathi whispered.
“I can see that by how weak and saggy you look, Kathi,” Judy hissed. She was lying through her teeth, of course—Kathi’s boobs almost looked more erect and hard than they did when she had been wearing a bra.

“You are dreaming, girl,” Kathi whispered. “You are SO dreaming.”

“Are you ready to touch our tits together like this or would that make you scream like the weak little girl you are?” Judy murmured, glaring into Kathi’s eyes. For a moment she thought she saw her words striking deep into the blonde girl: a torrent of emotions flashed behind Kathi’s eyes in an instant. She looked like she might hit Judy and the redhead actually braced herself for a second. When Kathi spoke it was with quiet, deadly precision.

“I’m ready for ANYTHING you want to do, honey. And my boobs are more than ready to touch yours, any time.”

“I don’t think you can take it,” Judy shot back.

“I can take whatever you’ve got. And I think YOU’RE the one who’s going to scream when we put them together this time. Don’t feel special just because you got lucky one time.”

Judy couldn’t help bristling at the other girl’s words. “I wasn’t lucky; I was just better than you and I’ll always BE better than you.”

“Then you better start proving it right now,” Kathi hissed. “Because I know I’m too long and too hard for a little priss like you.”

That did it for Judy. Her gorgeous mouth twisted into a snarl as she brought her chest forward and carefully jammed her nipples against Kathi’s breasts. The blonde hissed as Judy’s nipples grazed the bottoms of her boobs and she immediately slid her own breasts down to meet Judy’s until her own long nipples scraped and lodged against Kathi’s. Both girls fought to keep themselves from squealing at this electrifying contact. Judy realized now just how much sensation the material of her bra had been protecting her from. Every microscopic change in their position now lead to an explosion of pleasure as their nipples ground into one another. Tiny grunts and moans issued from each girl’s mouth as they faced off against each other breast to breast, each desperately trying to track the positions of the other students and the teacher in order to avoid being caught. Judy squeezed her eyes shut for a moment as Kathi gave her a quick, devastating little bump and grind with her breasts and she instinctively hugged the other girl a little closer and returned the smash, deeply pressing first her right, then her left breast into Kathi’s.

“I’ll get you back for that, you dirty little slut!” Kathi hissed into her ear, quickly returning the double grind. Judy was almost overwhelmed by what was transpiring between them. Her voice shook as she came back at Kathi.

“You are so lucky our boobs aren’t naked!” she growled. “I know you couldn’t handle this if we were really topless!”

“I told you I could handle anything this little bod of yours has got and I meant it!” Kathi snarled.

“You better hope you never have to prove that,” Judy whispered.

“I’ll prove it any time you want,” Kathi said. At that both girls heard the approaching footsteps of their teacher and they quickly but subtly separated their bodies while maintaining position. Then, to her horror, Judy watched as the teacher pulled Kathi out of position and began walking away with her. She thought they had been found out for a moment but quickly realized that the teacher was now switching them to different positions on opposite sides of the room.

Judy marked out the rest of the class in frustration, eyeing Kathi’s supple body as often as she could across the room. Her breasts were pounding from their brief skirmish and she was more than ever convinced that the conflict between her and Kathi was only beginning. Her own challenge about pressing their breasts together naked rang in her ears. It was clearly the only way to prove that her boobs were better than Kathi’s, and more than that she would show the blonde that if it came down to a question of who could overwhelm who, Judy would be the one to come out on top. She realized that the whole question of which one of them was really more attractive and who was sexier lay at the heart of this. She had always seen Kathi as a kind of equal, but more of a sister in awkwardness and shyness. Now that she was getting attention from boys and being viewed as a popular girl it was no longer possible to see the blonde girl in the same way: now she was a competitor and Judy had to admit that she had blossomed even more since their first fight, just as Judy herself had.

Judy knew the feelings Kathi was creating in her were being used against her. She thanked heaven for her dark leotard, which didn’t show how soaked her danskin bottom was. She had never felt the way with a boy that she did whenever she and Kathi faced off; it was impossibly exciting, terrifying in a way, but something she felt compelled to return to again and again. She knew she would face whatever challenge Kathi gave her and she wasn’t afraid now to issue challenges of her own. But even as she pulled a pair of jeans over her soaked leotard she had to ask herself where it would end. She was overcome with frustration at being pulled away from the blonde and it seemed every time things came to a head with the other girl they were interrupted. She couldn’t just invite Kathi over for them to settle everything but she felt like they would have to be totally alone in order to get everything out in the open once and for all.

She was on her way out of the locker room when her teacher met her at the entrance, stopping her. “Judy, I really think you and Kathi need more work on your routine. Do you have time to work with her after school tonight?” Judy was taken aback by the question but the whole situation put her mind on alert.

“You mean just us two?” she asked. The teacher nodded.

“I want to be able to concentrate on working with you two,” she said. “Just for an hour until we work the kinks out.”

Judy nodded agreeably. “I’ll do it if Kathi will,” she said.

“Well Kathi has already agreed, so why don’t we meet at the practice room at 4:30?”

Judy muddled through the rest of the day, of course in a haze of thoughts about the private session. In a way she thought the whole thing would be an exercise in frustration because the two girls would be under much greater scrutiny with just the teacher there, but she couldn’t turn down another chance to show off her body around Kathi. She would have to wear a bra, of course, but she had found a very sheer one that would still allow her nipples to extend well out into Kathi’s space. She had a quick dinner after school and called her parents to tell them she’d be a little late coming home, then headed back to school for the workout.

Kathi was there in her same workout outfit when Judy arrived, and the two girls regarded each other carefully, their eyes full of a challenge that would be unreadable to anyone but themselves. Once again their teacher put the two girls through their paces, and Judy was careful to keep her expression neutral as she posed face to face with the blonde girl, and also careful to keep their breasts from pressing together too much. Once again they were put into the central position, almost an embrace with each girl placing one hand in the small of the other’s back and the other just behind each other’s necks. It was impossible to keep their breasts from brushing each other and both girls eyed each other sharply at the first collision, but they did fight successfully to keep their reactions from being readable to the teacher. Suddenly the phone at the other end of the room rang and the teacher excused herself to take the call. As her back was turned Judy let her face fill with all the contempt she felt for Kathi, and she saw the blonde’s soft, beautiful features harden with rivalry as well. Both girls immediately pressed their hardening nipples back into position against each other and began their subtle, invisible little contest, sliding and pricking their stiff little rods against one another spitefully.

Judy’s eyes gleamed as she saw Kathi wincing and felt her trembling at her wicked little nipple attack. She got great satisfaction out of putting the blonde in her place, especially after all the fear and anxiety Kathi had put her through by challenging her to a fight in the first place. But at the same time she had to admit that Kathi’s breasts were having their own affect on her, and the nearness of the blonde, her sweet smell and the tempting closeness of her lips to Judy’s was driving the redheaded girl crazy with desire. It infuriated her that Kathi could get a rise out of her like this and she was determined that wherever this situation led, she was going to come out on top at the end.

Kathi’s glistening lips parted in front of her with a quiet little smack and Judy instantly eyed the moist, pink mouth below her appraisingly. Then she glared back into Kathi’s eyes, redoubling the intensity of her expression. She parted her own lips with a smack and licked her upper lip briefly. Kathi let her lower lip dangle a bit more and let her tongue drift out to slowly wet the thick flesh of her lower lip, and Judy couldn’t help but fume and bite her own lower lip ruminatingly. Was Kathi really daring to revisit the whole kissing fight again? After she had turned the tables on the little blonde tramp and humiliated her? If she wanted to play that game again Judy was more than ready for her. Both girls’ eyes flicked back and forth from looking down their noses at each other’s waiting mouths to glaring intently into each other’s blazing blue eyes, each silently daring the other to make the next move. After a moment Judy looked back toward where the teacher continued to talk on the phone, using the opportunity to jab her nipples a little harder into Kathi’s breasts. Kathi looked in the same direction and returned the little jab and Judy started as she felt her breasts invaded momentarily by the other girl’s dual stiffnesses. As both girls carefully watched to make sure the teacher was looking in the other direction, Judy gripped the back of Kathi’s neck forcefully and clenched the two girls’ upper bodies together. She got a surprise as Kathi’s perfect globes swelled against hers, almost overwhelming her with their firmness, and then she managed to regroup and send her own flattening boobs grinding back vividly into Kathi’s. Suddenly the teacher hung up the phone and the girls instantly separated, looking innocently to their instructor.
“Girls, I have to check something out in the office; just stay in position until I get back,” the teacher said before stepping out of the practice room. Judy and Kathi breathed lightly as the instructor’s footsteps faded down the long hallway. Judy could not believe the opportunity they had both been handed. When it was clear the teacher was too far down the hallway to come back quickly, she turned and faced Kathi.

With all the building tension between them Judy blinked nervously, almost afraid at what might happen next. This was the first time they had been truly alone since the fight behind the gym. She suspected Kathi might be capable of anything. But even as she looked into the blonde girl’s eyes Kathi’s grip on her was softening; her fingers spread, gently tracing the small of Judy’s back and neck. Judy felt goosebumps rise on her back and shoulders as Kathi’s expression changed to one of expectation and something else Judy couldn’t define…except that whatever it was, she was feeling it herself: a dizzy dislocation, as if the soft nearness of the blonde was intoxicating her. She too let her fingers loosen their tough grip on Kathi’s neck and back, spread them to caress rather than grab. Kathi’s boobs still pressed lightly, provocatively, against her own.

“Do you still think you’re sexier than me, Kathi?” Judy asked quietly. Kathi only nodded slowly as she stared into Kathi’s eyes. They were pulling each other closer until Judy’s nose slipped past Kathi’s and pressed into the soft flesh of the other girl’s upper lip, and their jutting chins pressed toughly together for a moment before this confrontational stance too melted away. Whatever was going to happen next, Judy realized, no matter who initiated it, it was going to be something different.

Kathi suddenly lunged forward and seemed to melt into Judy, tilting her head sideways so that their open mouths would meet perfectly. Judy almost expected the other girl’s tongue to fill her up but Kathi did not lick Judy, nor did Judy allow her own tongue to leave the confines of her mouth. She only touched lip against lip with Kathi and held her with exquisite gentleness as she lightly twisted herself against the other girl, gliding her lips gently against Kathi’s. The blonde girl undulated against her almost in slow motion, and both girls groaned simultaneously as their mouths came together in perfect union. Judy felt as if a shower of warm, electrified water was drenching her body; every part of her tingled, especially her back, her boobs, and her hips. As she touched her mouth against Kathi’s she was careful to purposefully press first her left, then her right breast into its counterpart on Kathi’s chest, and in seconds the girls had a gliding rhythm established that allowed them to stroke each other boob to boob in a constant train of arousal. Judy trembled against Kathi, holding her tongue back against every impulse shooting through her. For the first time since the end of their earlier kissing duel she felt like Kathi might be reasserting her dominance through sheer, shockingly unexpected sensuality—Judy had never been touched like this by another human being before. She fought to control her own urge to throw Kathi down or shove her away, feelings which were already at war with the desire to completely succumb to the other girl’s touch and let Kathi pleasure her any way she wanted to.

Judy remounted her own sensual attack, massaging Kathi’s back and running her fingers through the other girl’s soft blonde hair, caressing her ears and neck, her jaw, anywhere Judy herself would have liked to be touched, and she focused all her energies on sensing out the slightest tremble or quiver that ran through Kathi’s body when Judy touched her. She programmed every grunt and moan into her battle log, trying to remember all of the blonde’s sweet spots as they kissed. She was astounded at the caressing, delicate way they held each other, pitting softness against softness, their lips and breasts gliding across one another so delicately they might almost not be touching. But the astounding waves of feeling cascading through Judy’s body proved that they WERE touching each other in fantastic ways.
Judy stiffened as she heard their instructor’s footsteps approaching—she began to pull out of the kiss but Kathi’s hand on her neck tightened, holding her in the embrace. Judy glared into Kathi’s eyes, her eyelashes fluttering against the other girl’s lashes, and then she felt Kathi’s tongue enter her mouth purposefully, gently but firmly invading her. The tingling in her back, breasts and hips instantly turned into a firestorm of sensation. She pulled Kathi closer and slid her own tongue gently into Kathi’s mouth and both girls fought to control the resulting keening as their tongues slid across each other once again. Finally, as the nearness of the approaching footsteps hammered in their ears, Kathi pulled out of her with a loud smack that rang in the emptiness of the practice room. Judy’s forehead was still pressed against the other girl as she whispered “I’ll get you for that, Kathi.”

They struggled through the rest of the rehearsal, barely able to keep their hands off each other as the teacher hovered over them. At first almost swooning at Kathi’s touch, Judy was now growing infuriated as she realized that this was just another way for Kathi to try and outdo her. She obviously wanted revenge for the way Judy had stood up to her during their first kissing fight. The more Judy thought about it the more enraged she was and she filled her face with hate every time the teacher was looking the other way.

Finally the session was over and the teacher offered them both a ride home. Judy sat in the front seat and couldn’t even make eye contact, let alone touch Kathi as they were taken to their homes. Once home she fidgeted her way through dinner and some homework before her parents settled into bed. Once in her room she sat for a full hour, toying with the idea of calling Kathi. When she finally did she only had one thing to say: “I beat you at kissing and you just can’t deal with it, Kathi,” she said sullenly.

“I would have beaten you today if she wouldn’t have come back and you know it,” Kathi’s whisper emerged from the earpiece.

“I’m still better than you,” Judy said simply, and hung up. The phone immediately started ringing but she quickly unplugged it and tossed it off the bed. She tossed and turned for an hour or so before finally going to sleep.

To be continued