By JB57

Loretta woke late. It was a hot and humid Louisiana summer morning and she had no reason to get up early. The busty blonde beauty was naked in bed. She had thrown the covering sheets to the floor. Even so, she was still hot; the bed sheets were damp with her sweat. A lazy ceiling fan moved the air around the room sluggishly, barely enough to raise a breeze.

Loretta stretched luxuriously on the thin mattress, arching her back into a voluptuous “s”, tensing her long, powerful legs, and pointing her toes. She fell back on the bed, enjoying the bounce of her hefty breasts on her chest. Her blonde hair fanned out on the pillow. She lowered her hand to the slick, soft flesh between her legs and gave her smooth pussy a gentle caress. Something about this kind of humid heat brought out the animal in her and always made her deliciously horny. Combined with her already nearly insatiable sex drive, Loretta often felt like she was in a constant state of sexual fever.

Loretta squeezed her thick left tit as her right hand fingers worked their way into the lush, tight slit between her legs. She roughly probed her inner vaginal walls even as she kneaded her titflesh and gently stroked her engorged nipple. Her right index finger teased her hot clit. She groaned, and then writhed her voluptuous body like an uncoiling snake, wriggling in pleasure. Her tits rocked enticingly as she moved, her hips undulated, and her body shuddered with desire. Her pussy grew wet with arousal. She slowly, carefully worked her eager cunt until it was dripping with juices and burning with erotic sensations. She pulled her nipple to her lips and sucked ravenously, licking and then gently biting at the fleshy brown cylinder. She moaned with pleasure as sexual electricity filled her tit and trickled down to her cunt.

With a deep sigh, the beautiful blonde stopped masturbating. Usually, she thoroughly enjoyed pleasuring herself. But today she decided to exercise some self-restraint. She was going on a long-awaited date this evening, and she wanted to be as hot and horny as she could be when her date picked her up. She had set her sights on this man quite a while ago and it had taken a lot of effort to pry him free of his girlfriend. Part of that prying had involved denying him access to her sex. She had given him a few incredible blowjobs, she had allowed him to grope her and knead her tits and even slip a digit or two into her wet pussy, she had titfucked him twice, but she had adamantly refused to pussyfuck him until he left his woman. Loretta intended to reward herself –and him- for her efforts by fucking his brains out that night. She decided to feed her anticipation by waiting for her sexual satisfaction.

She crawled out of bed and stretched again. She paused to admire herself in the full-length mirror against the bedroom wall. Loretta loved what she saw. She was a tall, beautifully rounded woman with thick, wavy blonde hair that cascaded down her back. Her legs were long and well-muscled, perfectly proportioned to the rest of her magnificent body. Her hips were wide and round and her belly was flat, her abdominals well-defined. Her navel was deep and narrow. She had shaped her pubic hair into a thin, furry landing strip that pointed down to her naked, clean-shaven twat. Her tits were heavy and perfectly shaped, at least double Ds in size and probably bigger. They rose like two opulent golden orbs on her chest, presenting her long, hard, dark brown nipples and areola. Loretta was especially proud of her magnificent tits. She interlocked her fingers behind her head and arched her back, thrusting her breasts out at the mirror. Her tits bounced exuberantly and she smiled.

Loretta brushed out her wild, golden hair, and then looked for something to wear. She was going to do some work outside this morning and she wanted something appropriate for the weather. She was washing her car, so she would probably get wet. She considered a half shirt that she could use as a halter and some cut-off jeans. She thought about putting on a yellow bikini. In the end, she used the yellow bikini top with the cut-off jeans. The bikini top was tiny; its narrow triangles of cloth barely covered her areola and strained to cup her boobs. It ended up leaving most of her titflesh bulging up on all sides of the golden triangles. The cut-offs were low on her torso, leaving bare the expanse of her taut, tanned belly. Loretta slipped the makeshift outfit over her naked body and smiled at herself in the mirror. She placed her hands on her hips and twisted her torso from side to side. She watched her tits shift freely and enticingly on her chest. Loretta sat down to a quick breakfast, and then headed out to the yard to get to work. She enjoyed the feel of the grass against her bare feet.

Loretta’s property sat right on the edge of a dense swamp. It was the only dwelling for a number of miles. Loretta had scrimped and saved for a while to afford the property, but what had put her over the top were her winnings from a poker game she had been in a couple of years before. Loretta had been able to distract her opponents with a strategic choice of clothing. The house hung over the swamp; its back porch was suspended over the water. On the side lot was a dock for rowboats and canoes and an accompanying storage shed. The lot was overgrown when Loretta first arrived, but she had put some effort into fixing the place up. She was quite proud of her home and the independence that it symbolized.

Loretta filled a bucket with soapy water, grabbed a sponge from the storage shed near the dock, and strode out to the side-lot where she kept her car. It was an old beater, but it had served her well and it was all she could afford, anyway. The car had a bit of rust, but she had done a good job of keeping it in serviceable shape.

Loretta put the bucket on the ground, soaked her sponge, and then started soaping down the car. She lovingly slopped the hot water all over the car’s chassis. Her bikini top became damp as she leaned into the wet metal to get at difficult spots. It wasn’t long before her entire torso was wet and gleaming in the morning sun. She washed the top of the car’s roof and smiled as she felt her big, thick tits mashing into the driver-side window. She had worked in sexy car washes before and she knew from experience that tits-on- glass was the view that customers tipped handsomely to get.

Loretta discarded the soapy water and filled the wash bucket with clear water, so she could rinse the car down. She was pretty wet by now, but she was also damp with sweat. The humid heat of the day was building. She looked forward to finishing her chores so she could retreat indoors and find some way to keep cool using lots of lemonade while sitting in front of a fan. First, though, she would probably go for a cooling, naked swim in the swamp.

Loretta heard the sound of an engine purring up her driveway. As she watched, a brand-new blue car pulled up in front of her house. A black-haired beauty got out on the driver’s side, slammed the door shut, and stalked angrily towards Loretta. The dark haired woman was wearing a sleeveless red blouse, which was open almost all the way down her cleavage and tied into a halter beneath her breasts. The top fit snugly under her heavy tits, which threatened to spill out of their meager restraints. Her taut, muscular midriff was bare all the way down to just over her pubes. The woman was wearing skin-tight blue cotton short shorts, leaving her long, luscious legs fully naked. She was wearing sandals on her feet. Her long hair spilled wildly around her beautiful face.

Loretta knew this bitch well. The other woman was Debbie, Loretta’s hated enemy of the past several years. From the moment they had first met in high school, Loretta and Debbie had despised each other. They had sensed that they were natural rivals and they had thrown themselves into their enmity with the enthusiasm and passion of women used to feuding and fighting. They were the two most beautiful and voluptuous women in the area. Their spectacular bodies were virtual mirror images. Both women were intensely proud of their bodies and the fact that they rivaled each other in every way added volatile fuel to the jealousy and hate shared by the two beauties.

“You blonde cunt,” Debbie snarled. She stopped a few feet from Loretta, her hands on her luscious hips, her right hip cocked forward in confrontation. “You dirty fucking cunt.”

The women glared at each other, taking in the other’s body. Loretta’s soaked bikini top and cut off jeans left little to the imagination; Loretta’s tits were almost spilling out of her top and Debbie could easily see the dark outlines of the blonde’s nipples and areola. Loretta’s body was slick with wet.

Debbie’s heavy tits were moist with perspiration and her hard nipples tented the thin red material of her top. Her shorts had a clear indentation at the crotch, a distinct camel-toe indicating that she was not wearing any underwear.

“What do you want, you twat?” Loretta asked, though she knew perfectly well why Debbie was here.

“I just heard about you and Rob, whore,” Debbie replied. “I’m not surprised that you’re going for my sloppy seconds, but then I started thinking about it. You’ve been fucking him behind my back, haven’t you?”

Loretta smiled smugly. “Actually, I haven’t. But I have been giving him a little taste of what he could have if he was with me.” Her tone shifted, suddenly venomous. “But so what? You were giving David blow jobs and titfucks the whole time he was going with me. Think of this as payback.”

Over the past year or so, the women’s sexual rivalry had become more intense. Neither was sure why. It was as though their ability to tolerate each other had suddenly reached the breaking point and then evaporated. The intense dislike between them had blossomed into outright hatred and antagonism. Both beauties had begun the dangerous game of seducing and stealing the other’s boyfriends. Their increasingly vicious contests had led to a few nasty, hair pulling catfights, but nothing had been decided between them. There were always people around to break them up in the past, so they had never been able to fight to a conclusion. Now, there was no one here to separate them. Loretta felt a pulse of anticipation deep in her loins. The idea of locking up with Debbie had always given her a deep, secret thrill of desire, tempered with intense hate. She was pretty sure that Debbie felt the same way about her.

Debbie stepped a bit closer. Loretta moved to match her. The women stood inches apart, their massive tits heaving in unison, their eyes glaring with venomous spite. Their cleavages lined up perfectly. Loretta felt her nipples getting even harder; she could see Debbie’s nips growing and swelling right before her eyes.

“You started this a year ago, when you went after Jimmy, you cocksucking tramp,” Debbie growled. “But now we’re going to finish it. Right here and right now. I’m going to kick your ass so hard you’re going to crawl back into your hole and never come back out.”

“Bring it on, cunt,” Loretta snapped. “I’ll take everything you have to dish out and more.”

Loretta and Debbie were almost eye to eye and nose to nose. Their massive tits hovered less than an inch apart. Loretta could feel the sexual heat radiating off of Debbie’s incredible rack. Debbie’s blue eyes were locked to Loretta’s green eyes. Both women saw the sheer rage and bile and an intense sexual jealousy of the other.

“You filthy fuck!” Debbie suddenly screamed. She lashed out angrily, her right hand slapping Loretta straight across the face. Loretta screamed in sudden pain and her head snapped back. Her cheek stung like fire. But she responded instantly. Her right hand came around and returned the blow even harder. Debbie staggered back, gasping with the shock of pain. Both women focused on each other intently. The rest of the world faded away in a red haze. Debbie kicked off her shoes, and then stepped forward in her bare feet. Loretta moved to meet her. Years of mutual anger and sexual rivalry suddenly exploded. The two gorgeous women began swinging viciously at each other, attacking with wild abandon.

For the next several minutes, Debbie and Loretta slapped each other mercilessly. Neither woman even tried to block or avoid the blows of the other. Instead, they simply exchanged savage, open-handed slaps, enraged beyond measure by the mere sight of the other’s beautiful face. Loretta and Debbie were consumed by a savage hatred that demanded that they give and receive pain. As they fought, the rush of heat from their faces suffused their bodies. Both women felt their loins tightening, their breasts swelling, their nipples growing harder and more sensitive. Their tits rocked as their bodies lurched. Their cries of pain and rage grew nakedly sexual as their bodies grew more aroused from the mutual beating they were inflicting.

After several minutes of savage struggle, the enraged women backed off of each other. They contemplated each other from a few feet apart. Their bodies were shining with perspiration, gleaming in the late morning sun as though they had been dipped in oil. Their stupendous tits heaved with their pants of rage and exertion. Their wild hair, damp with perspiration, fell over their shoulders. Loretta glared at every inch of Debbie’s fantastic body and felt an incredible heat flow from her stomach down into her cunt. She wanted to break and consume this black-haired bitch. She wanted to take on Debbie in every way possible. Debbie, too, could not take her eyes off of Loretta’s sweat-soaked body. She wanted to lock up with this blonde whore and conquer her completely and absolutely, in the most intimate ways possible.

“You dirty fucking bitch,” Loretta snarled, her body throbbing with desire.

“You cuntlicking sow,” Debbie shot back. Her eyes drank in Loretta’s heaving tits.

With a scream Debbie threw herself at Loretta again, reaching for the blonde’s hair. She wanted to rip out every strand of Loretta’s golden hair by the roots. Roaring in rage, Loretta leaped to meet her foe. The women’s bodies came slapping together with a delicious thud. Heavy tits crushed each other hard, taut titflesh resisting total compression, but still sending a pulse of excruciating pain and pleasure radiating through both women. Debbie sank her fingers deep into Loretta’s mane and pulled viciously, jerking Loretta’s head so the blonde looked up at the blue sky. Loretta shrieked, and returned the hair pull just as viciously. She yanked Debbie’s head so that both women’s throats faced each other. Their hard tits pulsed into each other. Even through the double-barrier of their thin tops, Debbie and Loretta could feel their engorged nipples stabbing at each other, grating and throbbing against each other with pleasure. Their hard, sweaty bellies slapped tight and their long, powerful legs twined together. For a few long minutes they stood this way in the yard, their bodies trembling with effort as the women tried to overpower each other. They groaned with pain as they tore at each other’s hair, but neither woman could deny the intense pleasure building in their mashed chests. Their naked titflesh was in contact as Debbie’s tits overflowed from her makeshift halter and Loretta’s tiny yellow bikini top provided almost no protection for her massive mammaries. Their naked titflesh burned where it crushed together and both women groaned with a heady combination of intense pain and excruciating pleasure.

Realizing that they could not get anywhere in their present locked-up condition, Loretta pulled herself away from Debbie. Disengaging her straining legs from Debbie’s perfect legs, pulling her massive tits away from Debbie’s throbbing rack, Loretta stepped back and jerked hard on Debbie’s head. Debbie shrieked in pain as Loretta tried to wrangle her to the ground by her hair. The black-haired beauty tore harder at Loretta’s head. For a few frantic minutes, the shrieking cursing women pulled each other around the lot by their hair. They ended up side by side, Debbie getting Loretta in a partial headlock. Debbie’s left tit and Loretta’s right tit crushed tight side by side. Loretta used her free left hand to push hard at Debbie’s chin, trying to force the other woman back. They stumbled from side to side, their pants and screams of anger and pain growing less frantic as they struggled in deadlock.

Finally, Debbie disengaged. She was angrier than ever. She was also more aroused than ever, though she did not want to admit this to herself. She released Loretta and pushed the blonde away. The women retreated again, to glare at each other hatefully from a few feet apart. Just the sight of Loretta, staring back at her smugly, was enough to reignite Debbie’s rage.

“You fucking slut!” Debbie snarled. She rushed at Loretta, her hands curled into claws, going right for Loretta’s majestic tits. Debbie sank her fingers into Loretta’s massive boobs and squeezed relentlessly. She thrilled as she felt the firm, yielding flesh fill her palms, overflow in her hands. She felt Loretta’s nipples bore into her palms.

Loretta shrieked. Then she reached out, slipped her hands inside of Debbie’s open red blouse, and filled her hands with Debbie’s equally massive tits. She squeezed at the black-haired woman’s mammary glands. Even through the haze of pain caused by Debbie’s attack on her tits, Loretta rejoiced in the feel of Debbie’s meat in her hands.

Sobbing, gasping with pain and mutual violation, the two beautiful women squeezed and kneaded each other mercilessly. The women realized they had crossed a line in their battle and both knew that they were eager to cross that line, though they could not yet admit that to themselves. They squeezed and squeezed, mauling each other’s tits, until, shrieking with pain, they pushed each other away. Debbie fell away from Loretta with a gasp, her tits almost falling out of her blouse. But as she fell back, her hands ripped Loretta’s tiny yellow bikini top from Loretta’s massive, throbbing tits.

Both women were gasping with rage and exertion, but they froze as Loretta’s breasts bounced free. Then Loretta proudly pulled herself up and, hands on her hips, thrust out her tits at her enemy. Her golden orbs were unspeakably beautiful. They were covered in sweat and slightly red from the abuse at Debbie’s hands. But they were high and taut, swollen to their full size by the blonde’s incredible arousal. Their nipples were long and hard and thick and the areolas were pebbled with hard bumps. Loretta shook her torso, letting her massive tits rock from side to side. She offered them in challenge to Debbie.

The black haired woman licked her lips unconsciously, her eyes focused with fevered intensity on the incredible tits facing her. Her own tits throbbed with arousal. Her nipples felt like they were on fire. Debbie heard herself panting and she realized that it was not just exhaustion; she could hear the desire in her own breath, she could feel the tension in her cunt. Oh god, she realized, she wanted Loretta’s body more than she had ever wanted anything in her life. She hated the bitch more than she ever had, but her need to destroy Loretta’s body with her own had never been greater and what she needed to do had never been clearer.

Debbie’s gaze shifted to Loretta’s eyes. The blonde smiled at her arrogantly. Both women knew what they wanted, needed, to do to each other.

Loretta jiggled her tits once again. “Come and get them, cuntlicker,” she taunted. “You know this is what you want. Tit to tit with me, right now. Let’s see who’s got the better meat.”

“Shut up, you fucking dyke,” Debbie snapped. But she reached into her blouse and brushed her hand against her nipples, then gasped with the sensation of pleasure that arced through her body.

Slowly, Debbie undid the one button holding her top to her straining chest and then peeled the soaked red blouse back from her massive rack. Her beautiful bronzed tits jiggled deliciously as they were freed from the confines of her shirt. Debbie threw the blouse aside and stood proudly before Loretta, her tits on full display. She thrust her chest forward, her shoulders thrown back, her hands on her hips. Both women carefully examined the other’s imposing rack. Sweat dripped from the tips of engorged brown nipples and trickled between the women’s glistening orbs, down their taut, bare stomachs, into their navels. Their tits were swollen and oversensitive with arousal.

Debbie panted with desire. Her tits were throbbing with heat and need. Loretta was panting, too, her tits enflamed. The women shared a final glare of hatred and unbearable lust. With a scream of rage and need, Debbie hurled herself at Loretta. She needed to mash her tits into Loretta’s matching, meaty glands; she needed to feel Loretta’s titflesh crushing and merging with hers. With a shriek of hate and desire, Loretta launched herself at Debbie. She was caught up in the need for this sexual confrontation, too. She wanted to feel Debbie’s tits grinding into hers; she needed to feel Debbie’s tits breaking and deflating under hers. The women threw themselves into each other’s arms.

Their massive, meaty tits came together with a hard, thick slap of dense flesh to dense flesh. Their swollen nipples and areola met, naked nip to naked nip, for the very first time. The women howled with pleasure as their bare nipples fused and mated, even as they sank deep into their melting titflesh. Loretta and Debbie wrapped their arms around their enemy’s naked back and squeezed with all of their strength. They moaned together as their dense tits squashed even harder, as their heavy tits tried to resist the compression. Raw, erotic pleasure coursed through both women’s bodies as their massive tits became one delicious, taut mass of erogenous flesh. Groaning with the incredibly arousing sensations, Loretta and Debbie began to grind their tits against each other. They worked their back muscles, they used their hips and asses to help rotate their tits in opposite directions, both women intent on drilling into the other’s boobs, on mashing the other woman flat. Their bodies strained against each other, slick with sweat.

Nose to nose, forehead to forehead, Debbie and Loretta panted and moaned together. Shared sweat trickled down their faces. Their eyes were closed as they fucked their tits against each other, both women trying to keep from being overwhelmed by the incredible pleasure and the pulsing erotic feelings that were building in their cunts that were saturating their voluptuous bodies. Their nipples screamed with pleasure as they penetrated each other, as they twisted together into excruciatingly sensitive knobs of erotic power. The women ground harder and harder, desperate to break each other before the raw sex overpowered them.

“Look at me, whore,” Loretta whispered to Debbie. Debbie opened her eyes and glared hatefully into Loretta’s green orbs. They shared hot breath and erotic moans. The women interlocked their bare legs. Their bare bellies were flat against each other, taut flesh rubbing, and naked flesh hot. The women strained to become one body, to sexually overpower the other.

Debbie gave into her primal instincts. She decided she would hold nothing back. She would take on Loretta in every way that she possibly could, with every part of her body. Her cunt throbbed and ached with heat and need and Debbie knew that her pussy could only be satisfied by devouring Loretta’s dripping twat.

Debbie’s tongue darted out and ran along Loretta’s open lips. Loretta gasped, and then returned the lick, shoving her tongue between Debbie’s lips until Debbie’s tongue shoved it out. The women glared at each other. Then, by mutual agreement, they suddenly opened their mouths wide and thrust their maws together, invading each other’s mouths with their tongues, their inosculated lips forming a seal of pleasure.

Loretta and Debbie’s moaning and groaning grew wilder and higher as they struggled, tongue to tongue, tits crushing and throbbing, legs twined and straining and their bodies at war. With every thrust and roll of their tits, both women were sure that their meaty racks would explode with pleasure. Their desperate need for air forced them to break their passionate kiss. They rested their heads on the other woman’s shoulder, then pressed their faces together again, forehead to forehead, nose to nose, and began whispering to each other, exchanging obscenities.

“You’ve always wanted my tits, baby, admit it,” Loretta murmured to Debbie.

“Shut up, dyke,” Debbie groaned back. “You’ve always wanted to get your boobs onto my beautiful rack. You’ve wanted me from the first time you saw me. That’s why you’ve kept attacking Me.”

“Fuck you,” Loretta snarled back. “You’re the one who’s always wanted me. You just couldn’t admit it. That’s why you came here today, to fight me and fuck me.” She punctuated her charge with a sharp extra squeeze, and then thrust forward with her hips, shoving her groin into Debbie’s crotch.

Debbie groaned, but then squeezed and thrust back, working her hips to grind her pussy against Loretta’s crotch. Their tits continued to grind and roll against each other, sliding deliciously on their sweat-slicked skin, sending wave after wave of unbearable pleasure pulsing through their bodies. But the women were now focused on each other, eye to eye, glaring with hate and excitement.

Debbie suddenly shifted her weight. Her right leg was twined with Loretta’s left; she pulled hard and managed to trip Loretta, twisting their bodies as they fell. The women crashed to the ground, Debbie landing solidly on top of Loretta.

Loretta and Debbie screamed in concert as their massive, naked tits squashed into each other, sending a throbbing blast of pain and intense pleasure rippling through their bodies. Their hot bellies slapped tight. The women twined their powerful, bare legs together again and resumed straining and struggling. Their arms squeezed harder and harder. Debbie pushed her tits, hips and stomach down onto Loretta’s body as hard as she could, struggling to keep Loretta down, to hold her in place. Loretta pushed with all her strength and arched her back, thrusting her crotch hard at Debbie’s crotch. Debbie pushed back and the women’s groins pushed and rubbed and clapped together. Through the cloth of Debbie’s shorts and heavy fabric of Loretta’s cut-offs, both women could feel the pressure on their burning pussies.

Debbie pushed her forehead into Loretta’s forehead, struggling to hold the other woman’s head down. Loretta pushed back. The women snarled at each other. The thick manes of their hair tangled together. With an agonized groan, Loretta succeeded in slowly, painfully rolling Debbie over onto her back, their bodies struggling and straining, every muscle and inch of skin locked in combat. Loretta took the top position and pushed down on Debbie with all of her body. The women turned their faces so they were sweaty cheek to sweaty cheek. They moaned and groaned and cried out with rage and effort. Their crotches continued pushing and grinding. Debbie managed to roll their locked bodies once again, but Loretta kept the roll going and ended back on top. Their bodies were slippery and slick with sweat, their bare skin was burning with sexual tension and sensitivity.

Loretta glared down at Debbie, panting and snarling, her face wearing a triumphant grin. She ground her throbbing cunt hard into Debbie’s matching twat. Even through their shorts, both women imagined they could feel the sexual heat burning out of the other’s cunt.

“I’ve got you, you cunteating slut,” Loretta moaned. “The only way you’re getting out of this is to fuck your way out.” She pushed down with her crotch to emphasize her words.

“If fucking your brains out is the only way to settle this, then we’re going to fuck, baby,” Debbie whispered to Loretta. “We’re going to fuck hard.”

Loretta glared at Debbie, but she could not conceal the fever in her eyes. “Then let’s do it, bitch. Cunt to cunt. Right now. Let’s see who’s got the better cunt, who’s got the stronger clit.” Loretta was excited beyond all endurance. She could not wait any longer to match twats with Debbie. Her cunt was aching and burning with need, she felt so wet that she was sure her cut offs would soon start to soak through.

Debbie could see the raging lust in the other woman’s eyes. Her own cunt was sopping wet and hot with desire. She could not wait any longer. The only way to quench the fire between her legs was to mash her burning cunt into Loretta’s juicy twat and fuck the blonde bitch senseless.

The women stopped grinding tit to tit. Eyes locked, they slowly untwined their bare legs. Loretta leaned forward hard, putting all her weight on her massive tits, freeing her hands from behind Debbie’s back and raising her body up slightly, so that there was space between her naked belly and Debbie’s wet, hot abdomen. Debbie gritted her teeth and groaned with pleasure and pain as her boobs were forced to bear the full weight of her foe. But her powerful rack held firm, resisting the crushing force. Loretta reached down and began to pull at Debbie’s skintight cotton shorts, eagerly yanking at the waistband, anxious to strip and expose the juicy cunt of the woman beneath her. At the same time, Debbie reached down and undid the button on Loretta’s blue jean cut-offs, pulled them open, and began trying to slide the tight shorts over the hump of Loretta’s beautiful round ass. The women panted and groaned as they stripped each other, their bodies writhing and wriggling and rubbing, massive round tits squashing and rolling, thick nipples penetrating taut titflesh and twisting together in knots of pleasure, slick bellies slapping and grinding, legs thrashing. Debbie raised her butt to allow Loretta to pull her shorts over the bulge of her ass. At the same time, the brunette yanked Loretta’s jeans further down her thighs. Panting and gasping, the women were face to face and sharing hot breath as they stripped each other. Their bare feet finally managed to snag each other’s shorts and they used their toes to pull the other’s last remaining clothing down the other’s shapely calves, before finally kicking the shorts away from their naked bodies.

Loretta moaned in pleasure as she felt Debbie writhing beneath her. They were now completely nude and the blonde beauty could barely suppress a cry of sheer erotic joy. She slipped her hands down Debbie’s back and seized the other girl’s powerful round ass, sinking her claws into the firm, yielding flesh. Loretta felt Debbie’s hands slide down her back and gain a tight, painful grasp on her powerful ass in return. Loretta pushed down with her belly and delighted in the feel of her bare flesh rubbing and gliding along Debbie’s equally smooth pubes. She felt the tuft of her pubic hair catch and grate against a thin strip of bush adorning Debbie’s pussy and she realized that Debbie must only be sporting a landing strip, too. That meant the other woman’s twat was bald. Good, Loretta though to herself. She looked forward to the sensation of smooth, wet, lubricated flesh and naked, juicy cuntlips squashing and sucking tight.

The women arranged their bodies, preparing for the mutual fucking they were about to administer to each other. Debbie spread her legs wider and arched her back, providing easier access to her burning, boiling cunt. Her pussy lubricated powerfully, wet juices squeezing out of her tight gash. Loretta spread her thighs and thrust her pelvis forward so she could fit neatly into Debbie’s crotch, and angled her hips so that her juicy pussy could fit snug and tight against Debbie’s matching, hungry twat.

Crazy with lust and anticipation, Loretta and Debbie paused for just a moment. They glared into each other’s eyes, knowing that the battle they had both longed for was about to begin. They taunted and tortured each other for just a few moments more by kissing, slow and hard, tongues lapping and twisting together in a careful test of sexual strength and sensuality. Their bodies boiled hotter, their cunts ached with need. The sensual kiss went on and on, feeding the heat between their legs, the tension in their tits. The women swallowed each other’s moans and groans of pleasure and desire along with their shared spit. Debbie and Loretta finally broke the kiss, their tongues lapping hungrily.

Debbie felt her heart pounding, just as she could feel Loretta’s heart thudding behind the blonde’s thick tits. A sweet metallic taste filled Debbie’s mouth as her body’s lust built to unbearable levels. Her pussy pounded in time with her heart; her clit was so hard, she was sure she could feel it pushing out of her cunt. “Oh God,” Debbie thought,”I need to fuck this whore, I need to fuck her so badly!” She had never felt as horny as she did now. She could see the same sexual rage and insane lust reflected in Loretta’s eyes.

“Let’s fuck, baby,” Loretta whispered to her foe. “Let’s fuck each other raw.”

“Let me feel your cunt in mine, whore,” Debbie panted back. “Give me everything you’ve got.”

Tightening their grips on the other woman’s ass, Loretta pulled back her hips and ass, then thrust down hard, pulled in harder by Debbie’s eager, guiding hands. Naked cunts crushed together. Debbie felt her thick, wet labia opening up and spreading under the pressure of Loretta’s juicy cuntlips. The women screamed together, then moaned in unison, locked in unbearable delight. Hot lubrication gushed out of both twats, causing the women’s cunts to glide deliciously over the smooth, wet flesh. The slick contact sent a pulse of pure erotic pleasure racing through both women. Debbie and Loretta cried out in sheer ecstasy.

“Fuck, oh fuck, Yes, YES, YESSSS,” Debbie gasped, arching her back and thrusting with her hips, determined to drive her pussy as deep and hard into Loretta’ s cunt as she could.

The women’s soft, wet cunts melted together, cuntlips spreading and opening, succulent labia sealing and sucking, thick fuckmeat squishing together into a single meaty mass of pleasure. Loretta thrust powerfully, rhythmically, crazy with lust, desperate to ram herself as far into her enemy’s luscious body as humanly possible. The women’s throbbing, pulsing clits crossed like swords and ground together mercilessly. The shock of ecstasy was almost unbearable.

“OH, FUCK!” Loretta screamed, her eyes growing wide as the incredible pleasure coursed through her perfect form.

“GOD! FUCKING GOD!!,” Debbie, howled, her body shuddering with the intense sensations.

Panting, gasping, groaning, the two struggling vixens brought their bodies under control and, kissing savagely, resumed their all-out fuckfight, both determined to fuck the other into submission.

“Fuck, oh fuck, that feels so good…,” Debbie moaned. She moved her body with Loretta’s, keeping their pussies glued together, her hands spread on Loretta’s pumping ass, pulling her enemy’s cunt as deep into hers as she could.

“Yes, yes, God yes…,” Loretta groaned as her hungry, aching pussy sealed and locked with Debbie’s twat. The women’s pussies fucked rhythmically, moving in unison, both women pumping slow and hard, thrusting powerfully, two fleshy cunts sinking into each other, locked in ravenous combat. Their cunts sucked into one, their fully engorged clits engaged in battle, head to head in the shared ecstasy of their fleshy arena.

Loretta used slow, deep cunt strokes to penetrate Debbie, to ride the black-haired woman ferociously. Their sweat-slick bodies moved in a hard cadence, undulating like mating snakes, the women’s golden tanned flesh wrapped around each other, their bodies forming one beautiful writhing mass of straining, groaning, trembling womanhood. Debbie sank her claws into Loretta’s ass and held on. Loretta raised her hands to Debbie’s head and seized the other woman’s thick, sweat-damp hair. They sealed their mouths together in a luscious kiss, their tongues moving in time to their vigorously stroking clits. The incredible pleasure built and built inside the struggling women’s inosculated cunts as they devoured each other, sex to sex.

Loretta gradually gained control of the battle. She forced her pussy deep, deep into the folds of Debbie’s swollen labia, rejoicing in the delicious sucking grip that their two pussies had on each other, basking in the intense heat and wet of Debbie’s furnace-like cunt, thrilling to the excruciating pleasure of rubbing clit to clit with the black-haired bitch. The women fucked with their whole bodies, every inch of flesh rubbing and grinding and sliding with every inch of flesh on the other woman.

“Fuck me, you whore, fuck me, harder, harder…” Debbie snarled. “Oh god, you cuntsucking whore!!” Debbie spat, her body vibrating with incredible pleasure. She grunted and moaned and bucked, fucking back against Loretta with all her strength.

Loretta could tell that Debbie was close to the precipice of an orgasmic explosion by the way the black-haired beauty moved, her body joined to Loretta’s rocking, bucking form. Loretta attacked even harder, thrusting harder and farther, going to clit to clit with Debbie with even greater force and fury. The women trembled and moaned, their erotic cries of joy getting louder and more insistent.

With an ear-splitting shriek of pleasure, Debbie exploded as a wave of intense orgasms chained through her beautiful, bucking body. Her muscles locked and strained against Loretta’s. A gush of steaming pussy juice bathed the intersection of their struggling bodies. Instants later, a second, even more intense wave of orgasms washed over her convulsing body. Hot cum jetted from her throbbing cunt as the most incredible orgasm of her life roared through her beautiful form. Loretta smiled triumphantly, groaning with delight, as she felt Debbie’s hot juices surge up into her vagina, bathing her clit.

The women continued fucking viciously, Debbie rocking her hips and driving herself up into Loretta’ s invading cunt, even as she gasped and moaned in orgasmic ecstasy. Loretta kept grinding, driving her cunt into Debbie’s ravenous twat.

Loretta felt herself on the edge of orgasmic release. Debbie’s moans filled her ears. She sealed the brunette’s mouth tight with her own. Her ass pumped harder and harder. Debbie moved with her, matching her rhythm. Debbie clung to Loretta’s ass tighter, her nails sinking deeper into the bronzed flesh. Debbie spread her legs farther, opening her cunt as wide as she could, taking Loretta as deep into her as she could, urging Loretta to release her girl cum into Debbie’s open, hungry twat. With a cry of sheer joy, Loretta orgasmed powerfully, ejaculating in a sudden shock of cum. Moments later, a second wave of orgasms roared through her body. Loretta screamed with unbearable pleasure and released a gusher of juice, filling Debbie’s welcoming cunt.

The women stiffened against each other, their mouths locked, their tongues twined, their moans and screams of ecstasy merging into groans of erotic bliss. They shared orgasm after orgasm after orgasm, each more powerful than the last, building up to a final, devastating climax which jolted through their bodies, releasing the pent up erotic power in their clits. They screamed in pleasure, clinging desperately to each other as they rode out the final spasms of erotic bliss.

Slowly, they came down from the orgasmic peak to which they had ridden each other. Debbie and Loretta enjoyed the delicious sensation of their throbbing clits pulsing against each other, pressed tight in the most intimate embrace possible. They lay wrapped together for a few minutes, quietly groaning, enjoying the feel of flesh to flesh, basking in the afterglow of the most exquisite orgasms either woman had ever had. They rested cheek to cheek, gasping, trying to regain their energy.

Finally, Loretta raised her head and glared down at Debbie. The women’s lips and noses touched.

“Now we both know who is top cunt, don’t we, you whore?” the blonde smirked, her green eyes blazing with hate and triumph.

“Like fuck, you bitch,” Debbie snapped back. “We’re just getting started.”

Snarling, Loretta forced her mouth onto Debbie’s mouth, determined to overwhelm the other woman. Debbie kissed back savagely and pulled viciously at Loretta’s hair.

“Oh God, you cunt,” Loretta snarled, breaking the kiss as the agony in her hair became unbearable. Debbie succeeded in pulling Loretta slightly to the side, and then sank the claws of her right hand into Loretta’s left tit. She squeezed hard, forcing a gasp from the blonde, then pushed and kicked Loretta away from her. The women rolled apart.

Panting, her body dripping with sweat and vibrating with the sexual aftershocks of the fuckfight, Debbie pushed herself to a kneeling position, her hands on her thighs, her ass resting on her heels. Loretta assumed the same position. The women glared at each other. Their eyes roamed over the other woman’s fantastic body. They both focused on the other’s massive tits, which were taut with arousal.

“Dirty fucking twat,” Debbie growled. She threw her naked body at Loretta, who eagerly opened her arms and received her enemy. The women fell in a heap of voluptuous flesh, snarling and cursing, wrapping arms around each other, biting and clawing and scratching in a red haze of hate and lust. They rolled over and over on the grass, pounding on each other’s backs. They pushed apart, and then hurled their bodies together again, struggling to get each other into headlocks, to overpower the other woman and gain control of their sexual war. Debbie briefly managed to get on Loretta’s back. Her arms snaked around the blonde’s body and she filled her hands with Loretta’s bulging tits, even as she bit at the back of Loretta’s neck. Debbie’s efforts to get the blonde in a full nelson failed, however, as Loretta slipped free and managed to turn around, though still under Debbie’s body. Debbie wrapped her arms around Loretta’s waist from behind, her breasts pushing into Loretta’s back, her face at Loretta’s ass. She could not resist biting the blonde’s round, taut buttocks. Loretta’s head was jammed down almost between Debbie’s legs, her hands gripping Debbie’s outer thighs. She pushed with her legs, turning Debbie over on her back. The women thrashed some more and Loretta managed to turn herself around so that her face was staring into Debbie’s cunt and Debbie was staring into her twat. The women wrapped their legs around the other’s neck, looped their arms around the other’s hips, and plunged their tongues eagerly into the other woman’s wet, fragrant cunt.

Moaning, gasping with need, Loretta and Debbie ate each other voraciously, licking and sucking at the other woman’s clit. They rubbed and caressed each other’s round, smooth ass, rolling over onto their sides. The undersides of their massive tits crushed tight. Loretta reached down and squeezed Debbie’s tit hard, stroking the enflamed nipple. Debbie returned the attack, but both women were soon too involved in clit-sucking and cunt-licking to focus on much else. Their groans of pleasure and hate spiraled upward as their erotic war grew ever more intense. They stroked the firm flesh of each other’s buttocks, and then began caressing higher, using eager fingers to explore and tease sopping cunts. They began to finger fuck each other, jamming all the fingers of their right hand into the other woman’s gash, until the sound of slick, wet flesh being viciously pumped filled the air. At the same time, Debbie and Loretta sucked hard on the other’s clit, burying their faces in each other’s cunts and eating each other like two starving cats. As the pleasure in their pussies built to excruciating levels, Debbie savagely fisted Loretta, shoving all of the fingers of her hand into the blonde’s tight cunt, then clenching her fist, then turning her clenched fist around and around inside of her enemy’s straining twat.

“Oh God! Fucking God!” Loretta howled, shocked with the incredible pleasure and delicious sensation of having her cunt filled and stretched all at once. She returned the attack, fisting Debbie, ramming her clenched fist as hard into the other woman as she could. The women screamed and writhed under the other’s attack, their bodies shuddering with pleasure as they violated each other.

Loretta felt the pleasure building speed like a runaway train in the deepest core of her womanhood. Now that she had her hand lodged inside the other woman’s twat, she could feel the erotic power trembling in Debbie’s body. Without much warning, both women felt their bodies hit a peak of ecstasy. They were suddenly groaning and writhing, struggling to hold back the enormous orgasms that they were each encouraging and stimulating in the other. Loretta and Debbie could not resist long. Moments later, their beautiful cunts convulsed and tightened powerfully around the invading fists, then erupted with long blasts of hot cum. Pussy juice flowed out of the women’s overstuffed twats, coating their inner thighs, trickling into their assholes, soaking the arms that attached to the fists that Loretta and Debbie had shoved into the other woman’s fuckhole. Warm pussy juice splattered the women’s faces, even as they continued to suck viciously at the other’s clit, even as their bodies writhed and thrashed in ecstasy. But the pleasure soon forced them to release each other’s sexhorns and scream ferociously, their erotic cries echoing out over the swamp. Finally, they fell away from each other, momentarily exhausted. The women rolled apart. Both held their wet hands to their faces and licked the fragrant juice of the other woman off of her hand.

It took several minutes for Debbie and Loretta to recover enough of their energy to get to their feet and face each other. Their bodies were shining with sweat and other juices. Their tits looked a bit red, but their hard nipples were sharper and bigger than ever and their boobs felt pumped up like balloons on the verge of bursting.

Standing about six feet apart, the women glared at each other. They examined every inch of the other woman’s naked body. Loretta and Debbie were impressed with what they saw on the other woman. Their beautiful tits hung taut and firm, nipples engorged with lust, areola stiff with arousal. Their bellies were flat and firmly muscled and rippled down into thick, clean-shaven pussy lips which glistened with sweat and pussy juice. Their long legs were strongly muscled and smooth. Their gorgeous bodies bore the marks of their intense sexual combat, but that only added to their erotic appeal.

They locked eyes. Both women licked their red lips, unconsciously. Their mutual desire reignited powerfully. A wash of hormones flowed through their bodies.

Loretta dropped to the ground and slowly spread her voluptuous legs. Her cunt opened like a flower, thick, juicy cunt lips red. She reached down with her right hand and used her index and middle fingers to spread her cunt lips, freeing her thickening clit. Gently, she stroked her clit and shuddered with pleasure.

“Come and get it, baby, “Loretta breathed.

Debbie kneeled on the ground, and then began crawling towards Loretta, her massive tits swinging as she moved. Her eyes were locked on Loretta’s open, dripping cunt. When she was close enough, Debbie sat back on her round ass and spread her legs. It was Loretta’s turn to be mesmerized by Debbie’s cunt. Red and thick, the black-haired beauty’s cunt lips were swollen with blood. Debbie flexed her pussy and Loretta watched a thick trickle of pussy juice flow out. Debbie reached between her legs and spread her cunt lips. Her thick, swollen clit sprung free. Debbie stroked her clit delicately, shuddering with the incredible sensations.

Facing each other, Debbie and Loretta began to lewdly finger fuck themselves. Their sopping pussies splattered juice as the women worked their right index fingers in and out of their hungry, burning cunts. They sat across from each other. They pressed their bare feet together, bracing each other. Their eyes locked. The women drove themselves to even higher levels of arousal, challenging each other in the most intimate ways, readying themselves for the delicious struggle to come.

“I’m going to enjoy this, you blonde fucker,” Debbie groaned. “I’m going to fuck up your cunt so badly, Rob won’t want to touch you for a month.”

Loretta snarled in reply. “You’re not going to be able to walk for a week by the time I’m done with you, you cocksucking slut. And when I fuck Rob senseless tonight, I’ll be thinking of what a pathetic cunt you are.”

“Let’s do this, bitch,” Debbie murmured. Her heart was pounding with excitement and anticipation. She could not wait to start fucking Loretta again, she could not wait to be fucked in turn.

Debbie moved closer, sliding her left leg over Loretta’s right, even as Loretta slid her left over Debbie’s right. The women scissored each other, warm, slick thighs forming a “v”. They pressed tighter and closer, until their pussies were only an inch apart. Debbie and Loretta locked eyes one final time. Then, glaring into each other, they slammed their steaming cunts together with all of their power.

Their thick-lipped twats came together with a hard, wet slap. Heat and erotic electricity raged through both women, filling their bodies with incredible sensations, feeding the tension in their straining muscles. Slick, saturated cunt lips sucked and merged, soft, sensitive labia melted into one. Swollen clits drove directly into each other, head to head, and quivered and twisted together within the woman’s merging twats. The pleasure was unbelievable. Debbie and Loretta almost orgasmed together on the spot as wave after wave of sheer erotic delight rippled up from their locked and struggling cunts.

“Fuck, oh FUCK!!,” Debbie screamed, her head snapping back, her eyes wide in disbelief as she struggled to keep from coming. She could not believe that anything could feel this good. Her muscles shuddered with tension all the way up her straining torso and down her long, bronzed legs.

“GOD, oh my GOD!” Loretta shrieked, her breath coming in hard gasps as she struggled to control herself. The heat and pleasure radiating out of her boiling cunt was more than she could stand.

Panting like racehorses, the two luscious women brought their straining bodies under control. Debbie shoved hard at Loretta. Loretta thrust back to meet her. The women screamed and groaned in agony as their clits sawed at each other, as their hungry cunts sucked and sealed and formed an unbreakable bond between their bodies. Pussy juice poured out of their wrestling twats in a torrential flow, coating their inner thighs. Loretta’s thick blonde landing strip of pubic hair meshed and knotted with Debbie’s black pussy hair, the thin but dense tangles of hair growing more matted and twined as the women continued to grind and hump into each other.

Their hands behind their bodies, bracing themselves, Debbie and Loretta fucked furiously, viciously, their powerful asses and luscious hips thrusting and driving, rising and falling in a vicious dance of sexual domination. Each woman tried to work her cunt as deep into the other woman’s pussy as she could. Their clits jousted, rubbing and grinding, sliding and flicking, sending constant shocks of unbearable pleasure burning through their struggling bodies. Their magnificent tits bounced rhythmically, spraying hot sweat with each hard jolt.

Loretta and Debbie whimpered and groaned, screamed and snarled and cursed as they pumped at each other.

“You fucking cunt, you dirty fucking whore!” Loretta screamed at her beautiful enemy. She was almost crazy with lust and hate.

“Oh God, you cuntsucking fucker!” Debbie screamed back. Her body was singing with unbearable pleasure, her eyes blazed with rage.

The women locked eyes and watched each other intently, each determined to see the look of defeat and humiliation in the other’s eye when this battle was decided.

They mashed their cunts together, their juicy pussy lips flattening against each other. Their throbbing clits crossed and crushed tight, fused together in unbearable pleasure. The constant motion of the women’s hips and asses forced their clits around and around, stabbing and twisting and knotting into one.

The women sobbed in pleasure, their bodies trembling with pre-orgasmic tensions, their beautiful faces masks of sexual agony. Their bodies gleamed with sweat in the hot sun. Their skin slid against each other, moving with a smooth friction over their wet bodies. They continued their fuck attacks, each desperate to force the other woman into sexual submission before she succumbed herself to the ecstatic sensations wracking her body.

Debbie pushed herself up further and reached for Loretta. She grabbed Loretta’s bouncing left tit and then slid her hand up to Loretta’s shoulder. She tried to get a grip on the blonde’s slick flesh but her hand slid off. But Loretta pushed closer, too. The women grabbed each other, wrapping powerful arms around the other’s back, pulling each other in closer. Their massive tits crushed hard, nipples fusing and melting into one, sliding deliciously on their sweat-slick flesh. The women spread their legs wider, their fuck slits gripping each other even harder. Loretta ran her tongue over Debbie’s face, tasting the salt of her enemy’s sweat. Debbie licked back and the women sealed together in a delicious, tongue-twisting kiss. They crushed tits as hard as they could and both began subtly rolling their back muscles, grinding their massive racks together, forcing even more sexual ecstasy on each other as every erogenous area of their bodies mated and struggled. Debbie and Loretta grasped the other woman’s beautiful sweaty round ass, sank in their claws, and held on desperately. They fucked and fucked and fucked, both women sobbing with pleasure as they rode each other into submission.

Loretta sucked and bit at Debbie’s neck, raising a hickey; Debbie bit at Loretta’s shoulder, before nibbling on the blonde’s earlobe and driving her tongue into Loretta’s ear.

“Come, you whore, come,” Debbie groaned at Loretta. The blonde could tell that her enemy was almost begging her to surrender. Loretta could not respond. All the energy she could spare was going into controlling herself, fighting off the intense sensations tingling in her gut, filling her cunt with heat and tension. Her body was vibrating with pleasure. She kept humping and grinding her cunt and tits into Debbie’s matching body parts. She refused to be defeated by the black-haired whore she hated so much.

With a groan of sexual agony, Loretta felt her throbbing clit suddenly explode with unbearable heat and power. The orgasm started deep in her belly and surged outwards in waves of incredible heat and tension. The long rolling waves of orgasms rippled through her, almost causing Loretta to pass out. Her mouth was firmly locked to Debbie’s mouth; hot saliva drooled away from their inosculated lips.

Loretta’s twitching clit throbbed against Debbie’s enflamed clit, forcing an almost simultaneous orgasm out of the black-haired beauty. Debbie felt the heat soak through her belly as the orgasm erupted deep in her cunt, moving outwards in a series of earth-shattering quakes that caused her legs to jerk frantically and her hips to heave. A sudden injection of hot cum shot from her cunt deep into Loretta’s fuckhole, so hard that it almost felt like she was peeing. Hands locked to the other’s round ass, claws sunk into the firm ass-flesh, the battling women bucked and strained against each other, milking each other’s cunts to the last delicious drop. They screamed with the agony of cumming together, swallowing each other’s shrieks of ecstasy, finally throwing back their heads to howl with the incredible pleasure. Hot cum flowed between their struggling bodies, filling them with heat, squeezing out from their locked cunts to soak their crotches and bellies and seep down to the ground.

The waves of orgasmic power finally subsided. Debbie and Loretta kissed deeply before falling onto their backs, exhausted. Their convulsing pussies remained locked, hot flesh sunk together, their pussies gripping each other tight, and occasionally exchanging hard squeezes. Their sprawling bodies glistened in the late morning sun, shining with sweat, their thighs and bellies coated with cum and cunt juice. They panted furiously, their tits rocking on their heaving chests. Debbie draped her right arm over her eyes and moaned. Loretta sank her fingers into the soft earth, and then twisted her body, pulling her cunt away from Debbie’s twat, sucking their sealed pussies apart. The women kicked apart and then fell back.

After some time, Debbie pushed herself up on her elbows, so she could look over her incredible tits at Loretta. The blonde felt Debbie’s eyes on her and propped herself up on her elbows to stare back. The women could see that they were both nearly exhausted by the incredible pleasure and passion they had shared so far. But neither was willing to give in. Their eyes locked and a look of hate and intense lust passed between them. Both women felt their sexual stamina returning as throbbing clits began to pulse with rage and desire.

Debbie got to her knees and began to crawl towards Loretta. Loretta was spent, and she was happy to let Debbie make the effort to come to her. She kicked at Debbie when the other woman got near. But Debbie blocked Loretta’s kick and lunged at the blonde, her hands twisted into claws, going for Loretta’s spectacular tits. Loretta gasped but managed to lock hands with Debbie, though the impact pushed her onto her back. The women struggled briefly, growling and snarling as they fought to control each other, gasping and panting with rage. Debbie managed to free one of her hands and quickly lashed out, catching Loretta hard on the cheek. Loretta cried out and fell back onto her back, her vision momentarily blurring under the impact of Debbie’s blow.

Debbie seized Loretta’s hands, interlacing their fingers. She shoved Loretta’s hands to the ground as she mounted the blonde, stretching her perfect body the length of Loretta’s voluptuous form. Debbie lowered her massive tits onto Loretta’s matching golden orbs, squashing tit to tit, hard nipples crushing and piercing each other. The women’s hot, wet stomachs flattened to each other. Debbie twined her powerful legs through Loretta’s limbs and spread the blonde’s thighs. With a groan of pleasure, Debbie squashed her wet, hot, juicy cunt down onto Loretta’s burning fuckmeat, slapping thick meat to meat and then rolling her hips, grinding the women’s pussies into one searing, sucking mass of pleasure, penetrating and spreading Loretta’s labia with her own. The women shuddered as they felt their clits emerge from their boiling cunts.

“Fuck you,” Loretta gasped as raw erotic power radiated up through her body. She writhed in pleasure, rubbing every inch of her succulent flesh to Debbie’s matching form. Debbie replied by driving her tongue into Loretta’s open mouth, sealing their mouths together in a deep, vicious kiss. The women’s tongues tangled and they sucked at each other, lost in the passion of the moment. Their hips and asses pumped as the women began pounding their cunts together. The enticing sound of wet cunts and taut bellies slapping together in a hard rhythm filled the air. The women moaned, their tongues twisted into a delicious knot, until they were forced to release the kiss to get air. Resting cheek to cheek, panting like wild horses, fingers twined, bodies moving as one, Loretta and Debbie gasped and groaned, their erotic moaning growing ever louder and more desperate as the fuckfight raged on. Loretta freed her hands from Debbie’s grip, and then grasped the black-haired beauty’s pumping ass. Debbie seized Loretta’s bucking ass and fucked down on her enemy’s quim even harder. The slickness of their writhing forms, the wet heat from their struggling bodies threatened to overwhelm the senses of both women. Sexual power built as their cunts wrestled furiously. Loretta and Debbie were pussy to pussy, cuntlips spread and flattened against each other. Thick clits slid into slick pussy troughs and then crushed and fenced, sending spasms of erotic electricity shooting through the battling women.

“God, God, you fuck, you whore,” Loretta groaned, her body vibrating with pleasure as she writhed under Debbie.

“Filthy little fuck,” Debbie moaned. She bore down on Loretta with all her strength, ramming her pussy as deep and hard into her blonde foe as she could. Loretta bucked up, meeting every one of Debbie’s thrusts with her own.

“Ugh, ugh, ugh,” the women chanted together with each powerful thrust. Their heavy tits slid on their bodies’ sweat and crushed tight, their bellies rubbed, their limbs twined, they fucked each other to greater and greater heights of pleasure. Finally, they could not take anymore. The women screamed in unison and pounded and ground their wet cunts together in ecstasy as they came together in a chain of mutual orgasms. Copious amounts of pussy juice flowed between their locked twats as they pumped cum back and forth. Debbie threw back her head and roared with pleasure as she came so hard she thought she would pass out. Loretta splayed out her legs in ecstasy as her body convulsed with erotic sensations. Her claws sank into Debbie’s hard round ass as she pulled the black-haired beauty as hard into her cunt as she could.

The women lay together on the cool grass, collapsed in each other’s arms, struggling to recover from their intimate struggle. Their hearts pounded and they panted furiously. They lay cheek to cheek, cunts pressed tight, clits throbbing against each other, tits crushed, their hot bellies soaked with shared sweat. Then, wrapping her arms around her black-haired enemy, Loretta rolled their bodies so that she was on top.

“This isn’t over, cunt,” Loretta growled at Debbie.

“I’m ready when you are, slut,” Debbie snarled in response. The black haired beauty eagerly spread her legs and tilted her pelvis up, welcoming Loretta’s cunt into her own twat. The women glared hatefully into each other’s eyes, then locked together in another vicious kiss. Loretta thrust down with her hips, and began pounding and grinding and driving her aching, burning cunt into Debbie’s matching twat, riding her enemy with all her strength, determined to sexually exhaust her foe. Debbie bucked up to meet her attack.

Loretta broke off the kiss with a ferocious gasp and raised herself slightly, allowing her to use her hips to drive her clit into Debbie’s fuck trough with longer, harder thrusts. Debbie twined her legs through Loretta’s legs and bucked harder. Loretta’s tits still rested on Debbie’s matching rack, but the compression between their dense orbs reduced enough for the blonde to rub her tits around and around Debbie’s boobs, feeding the intense pleasure building, once again, in both women. Debbie seized Loretta’s pumping ass and fucked up against the blonde with all her strength. The women’s wet, hungry cunts sank deep into each other, squeezing and eating at each other, locked together in mortal combat. Their swollen clits jousted furiously, inflicting exquisite agony on the struggling beauties.

Debbie reached up and grabbed Loretta’s head and pulled the blonde’s body down to hers, pulling Loretta’s face to hers and locking her enemy into a tongue-twisting, sucking kiss. Loretta returned the kiss with equal passion. The women kept grinding at each other, licking and sucking and fucking. Lost in a sexual rage, the women fucked on and on, driving each other crazy with lust. After almost a half hour of excruciatingly pleasurable clit to clit fucking, riding each other to greater and greater levels of pleasure, their bodies quivering with erotic tension, Loretta and Debbie finally exploded in a devastatingly powerful mutual orgasm. Locked together, their powerful bodies heaved and writhed, one long, sinuous mass of erotically-charged muscle and flesh. They exchanged hot cum gratefully, moaning with joy as they violated each other as intimately as it was possible to violate another human being. The women screamed with sexual joy, locking their mouths together in a desperate, lustful kisses. Loretta collapsed on top of Debbie and, once more, the women floated together in the afterglow of their sexual duel.

Loretta finally stirred and rolled off of Debbie. The women lay gasping, side by side, gathering their strength. For both women, their voracious sexual appetites were still far from satisfied. Loretta sat up and Debbie rose to meet her. The women glared at each other hatefully, their legs spread as they faced each other. Loretta and Debbie drank in every inch of the other woman’s beautiful, voluptuous body with their eyes. Their taut flesh glistened in the hot sun, wet and red where they had grabbed and scratched and slapped each other. Their breasts quivered with tension; their cunts, reddened from the grinding friction, were smeared with cum and dripping with juices. Their thick pink clits rose up from their cum-coated twats, hard and strong. They looked like two savage goddesses, wet and hot from sexual warfare, radiating pure sexual power and passion.

“Are you ready to give up, bitch?” Debbie growled.

“Not at all, whore,” Loretta replied quickly. She was exhausted, but she would never back down to this bitch. “I can keep this up all day.”

“Good,” Debbie snarled, as she began to push forward on her ass. “So can I.”

Loretta slid towards Debbie, prepared to rejoin the battle. “God, I hate you,” the blonde snarled at her foe. “I hate you so fucking much.”

“Now you know how I feel about you, you yellow-haired tramp,” Debbie shot back. “I’m going to suck your filthy twat inside out. I’m going to fuck every inch of your disgusting body.”

“Shut up, you dirty little whore,” Loretta growled. The two women scissored each other, sliding their muscled legs past each other, leaning back to give each other complete access to the other’s cunt. Loretta and Debbie were spent. Their cunts already felt battered and raw, even though they were still vibrating with the incredible pleasure they had already given and received and their clits were still hard with arousal. Loretta was not sure how much more pounding her pussy could take. But she was absolutely determined to find out. She would keep fucking Debbie until one of them dropped. She could see the same mixture of apprehension and raw, thrilling desire in Debbie’s eyes.

The women pushed close, leaning back on their arms, lining up their naked cunts. Their massive tits jiggled, taut and swollen with arousal. Their pussies were thick and juicy, soft lips puffy with desire. Sexual heat poured out of their open fuckholes as they prepared to meet and mate once more. The women’s clits rose out of their fleshy caverns, growing harder and bigger with each moment. Loretta felt her body get its second wind. She felt her insatiable sexuality rising, once more, to the challenge of confronting Debbie’s equally voracious sex. The blonde felt the most primitive instincts of her womanhood taking over her body, driving her to throw all of her sexual power at her erotic rival.

“Cunt to cunt, until one of us can’t go on,” Loretta said. “That’s the only way we’ll settle this.”

“Yes,” Debbie groaned back, a wave of pure animal desire sweeping over her. “Clit to clit, as long as it takes for me to fuck you into mush.”

“That will never happen, you sow,” Loretta growled.

Leaning back, both women spread their cuntlips with their eager fingers, opening themselves as much as they could, freeing their massive clits for this final round in their fuckwar. They closed the gap between their hungry cunts, but did not thrust together just yet. Instead, they rested their wet, hot pussies against each other, feeling the heat radiating out from each other, letting the erotic electricity race through them as their wet pussy lips gently kissed. Lubrication seeped out from between their smooth, slick cunts, trickling down toward their asses, coating their inner thighs. Loretta and Debbie panted with lust, their wet tits heaving with desire, sweat dripping off their nipples, their hearts pounding wildly as the sexual tension built. They glared angrily into the other’s beautiful face, their long hair forming a wild halo around their heads, their eyes burning with rage and unquenchable fever.

Signaling with their eyes, the women drew back their hips, then slammed their wet cunts together as hard as they could. Thick cuntlips slapped and pussy juices sprayed away with the impact. The women’s parted pussy lips pushed tight, the pressure forcing their cunts open even further. Sensitive inner labia meshed and rubbed as the women screamed out in sexual rage and pushed ever harder, each determined to spread and penetrate the other as deeply as she could. Pussy juice gushed from the women’s locked cunts, lubricating their erotic war. Huge, throbbing clits rammed together head to head, sending spasms of pure ecstasy coursing through their locked bodies.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Loretta grunted with each hard thrust.

“Unh, unh, unh…” Debbie replied, her eyes closed, her head thrown back as she rammed herself at Loretta’s yielding, burning twat. Loretta thrust back with equal force. Their hips pumped, their brawny asses lifted off the ground and trembled with effort as the women shoved into each other with all of their power. Juicy pussy lips flattened against each other, sealing tight with an audible hiss as moist, steaming flesh locked and melted to juicy flesh. When their cunts had a solid grip on each other, Debbie began to squeeze Loretta’s cunt with all of the strength of her muscled vulva. Loretta gasped and squeezed back. The women groaned in absolute erotic bliss as their hungry cunts struggled to devour each other.

Loretta and Debbie fucked ecstatically. Their massive tits rocked wildly, their muscled torsos rippled with effort. They worked their hips and asses slowly and powerfully, trying to grind the other down, trying to work their way inside of each other. As their juicy cunts spread and opened to each other, both women experienced the delirious feeling that the most secret and intimate parts of their bodies were opening and flattening against each other. Soft, pink inner labia pressed tight, merging and melting into one. The wet, delicious sound of juicy cunts clapping and sucking sounded in the yard. The women’s engorged clits grew so large that they were trapped together within the fleshy arena of the women’s cunts. Their clits crushed together in unbearable pleasure as the women squeezed with their pussy muscles, compressing their clits, crushing them into one mass of flesh, sending incredible arcs of pleasure racing through their voluptuous bodies. The women struggled to squeeze each other dry, to milk each other’s cunts.

“Give you little cunt, give!” Debbie rasped at her foe. She was absolutely determined to fuck Loretta into submission, but her body was quivering with pre-orgasmic tremors.

“You whore, my cunt is going to eat you alive!” Loretta screamed in reply, her body shuddering with erotic power.

The women screamed with rage, struggling to control the orgasmic explosions building inside of them. Debbie reached out with both hands and seized Loretta’s golden hair, pulling viciously, yanking Loretta’s head back. Loretta returned the grip. The women pulled each other in tighter, wrapping their legs around each other’s hips, crushing tit to tit. They continued to work their asses, grinding clits, fucking each other to the limits of their endurance. They kissed savagely, and then pulled back to rest nose to nose, forehead to forehead. Loretta and Debbie glared at each other through half-open eyes. Tears of pleasure streamed down their faces, their expressions of sexual bliss grew more and more agonized.

“Oh fuck, I hate you, I hate you, you cunteating slut…,” Debbie gasped into Loretta’s face, her lips parted in passion, her face a mask of sexual agony.

“You fucking bitch, you filthy little twat…,” Loretta sobbed back. The women slipped their tongues together, and then sealed their mouths in a desperate, brutal, passionate kiss. The pleasure built in their warring bodies until their rubbing tits felt on the verge of exploding with erotic sensations, until their grinding clits seemed to expand to fill their flesh. Their bodies burned with sexual power, every inch of skin hot, and every part of their bodies locked up or sliding and grinding with every part of the other beautiful bitch.

It was finally too much for the beautiful battling Amazons to stand. Debbie went first, just an instant before Loretta exploded in sheer ecstasy.

“Oh, Oh, Ohhhhhhh FUUUCCCKKK!” Debbie screamed. Once more, she seized a handful of Loretta’s luxurious golden hair and yanked viciously at it, even as she threw her head back and howled in pleasure.

“Oh God, Oh God, Oh GOOOODDDDD!” Loretta shrieked. She tore desperately at Debbie’s hair. The women pulled each other’s heads back painfully even as the rest of their bodies bucked and moved like one flesh. Their abdomens flexed and rippled against each other as the women’s convulsing cunts pumped hot cum into each other. Their legs lashed out, straight as arrows as the tension in their bodies flowed out and through their contracting muscles. Their tits ground together savagely, hard nipples stabbing. They clung to each other, sobbing with ecstasy, as fantastic orgasms chained through their shuddering bodies, as hot cum spurted into and around their locked twats.

The women fell onto their backs, powerful orgasms continuing to chain through their locked bodies. Their cunts were sealed together in a death grip. Struggling, each woman still trying to fuck her foe into submission, they arched their backs and formed a perfect bridge, their asses held high, their shoulders to the ground, their powerful tits falling back into their faces. They drove their clits and cunts as hard into each other as they could. Clenching their teeth with effort, Loretta and Debbie squeezed cunts with all of their power. They exploded again in orgasmic ecstasy. Cunt juice flowed out of their locked pussies, flowed down their bellies to their quivering tits, flowed down into their asses.

Shrieking in unison, Loretta and Debbie collapsed to the ground. They writhed and gasped as the aftershocks of incredible pleasure tortured their bodies. Gathering her last bit of strength, determined to fuck Loretta into submission, Debbie sat up, grasped Loretta’s right thigh for leverage, and began to grind and ram herself into her blonde enemy. Their pussies were still locked, so she began to drive herself deeper and harder, clit to clit, against her foe.

“Fucking bitch,” Loretta screamed as she sat up, grabbed Debbie’s thigh, and began to thrust and grind back, drawing on her last reserves of strength to fight off Debbie’s final, desperate attack.

The women screamed and shrieked incoherently, their faces masks of hatred and effort, their hips and asses jerking powerfully. The yard filled with the enticing sound of hot flesh sucked together and squelching as the wet vacuum formed between powerful fuckholes. Frantically, desperate to finally fuck the other woman into oblivion, Debbie and Loretta rode each other powerfully. They were scissor-locked, grasping each other’s thighs, grinding viciously, their eyes blazing with hate.

“Give, give, give you fucking cunt!” Loretta shrieked.

“Fuck you, fuck you whore!” Debbie screamed back.

The women could not last. After only a few minutes of frantic fucking, their oversexed, over stimulated bodies exploded again. Screaming, the women fell onto their backs once more and bucked slow and hard as they ground out orgasm after orgasm from their inosculated cunts. With a shared gasp, Loretta and Debbie finally passed out, their bodies ridden to exhaustion, their sexual organs vibrating with sexual power and sensitivity.

Debbie regained consciousness first. Her tiredness was bone-deep. But, at the same time, she felt like her breasts were inflated with pleasure, she felt like her pussy was huge and incredibly hot and wet. Her clit was a throbbing, vibrating mass of ecstasy, locked with Loretta’s equally powerful clit, feeding both women’s bodies an unending stream of erotic bliss. Debbie knew that her battle with Loretta had physically exhausted both women but, at the same time, had fed their sexual power and sensitivity until their bodies were quivering with sexual need.

Slowly, carefully, Debbie disentangled her body from Loretta’s prone form. She shuddered in pleasure as her clit slid away from Loretta’s massive sexhorn. Debbie rolled herself away from Loretta and kneeled carefully, trying not to squash or stimulate her clit. She stared angrily, lustfully at Loretta. The blonde was starting to stir and would soon be ready to resume their sexual war. For the first time, Debbie wondered if it was possible for two women to fuck each other to death. Because, if it was, she was sure that she and Loretta would come very close to doing it before the day was done. Debbie’s body was so sensitive that the idea of locking up with Loretta again filled her with apprehension. No doubt, resuming the fuckfight would bring unbelievable pleasure. But Debbie was not sure she could win in this kind of confrontation. She decided it was time to change her tactics. Meeting Loretta body to body had, so far, produced only one stalemate after another. A different approach was in order.

Loretta returned to consciousness and raised her head, her eyes glazed with tiredness and sexual euphoria. Debbie could see that Loretta’s body was just as sexually aroused as her own. Smiling viciously, Debbie launched her attack. Part of her wanted to mount Loretta and go cunt to cunt, clit to clit, tit to tit with the whore again. But she knew that her best strategy was to inflict sexual pleasure on Loretta while avoiding it herself. With a growl, Debbie threw herself at Loretta. She landed between Loretta’s legs and, without hesitation, shoved the blade of her hand directly up into Loretta’s tight slit. At the same time, she licked at the blonde’s swollen clit.

Loretta shrieked as her body convulsed. “OH, FUUUUCCCCKKKKK!“ she screamed, her eyes wide, her back arching, her toes straining out. Debbie pushed her advantage. She shoved her arm as far up Loretta’s vaginal canal as she could, then clenched her fist and rotated her arm back and forth.

Loretta bucked and heaved, twisting and writhing, her body flopping as she was impaled on Debbie’s driving fist. Debbie leaned forward and buried her face in Loretta’s massive, bouncing tit. She found Loretta’s engorged nipple and began sucking vigorously.

“FUCK, OH FUCK, OH GOD!!,” Loretta screamed, tears streaming down her face, her body bucking uncontrollably as incredible ecstasy roared through every inch of her flesh. Loretta howled, her tit burning with pleasure as Debbie sucked her nipple fervently. Loretta’s cunt felt like it was erupting with fire. She felt her internal muscles contracting and rippling as hot cum pumped violently out of her twat. She felt Debbie grab her hair and pull her head back, struggling to control her writhing body. Loretta felt herself fading as her mind and senses shut down before the overwhelming sexual assault.

“Oh God,” Loretta thought to herself through the haze of pleasure, “Oh please, not like this!” But it was too late. Her mind shut down as her sexual organs, filled to overflowing, exploded with raw sexual power.

Debbie continued to suck Loretta’s tit vigorously, lustfully, even after the blonde passed out. Debbie felt her body vibrating with lust. She could not resist any longer. She pulled her wet hand out of Loretta’s cunt, released the blonde’s tit, and climbed up Loretta’s body. She glared lustfully, triumphantly, down at the blonde’s beautiful face. Debbie lowered her face to Loretta’s ear.

“You’re mine, you cunt,” Debbie whispered. “I’m the better woman, I’m the better cunt. Rob will never get the kind of fuck with you that he could get with me.”

Saying this, Debbie positioned her hot cunt over Loretta’s breast. She spread her cuntlips with her fingers, and then lowered her open twat onto Loretta’s hard, long nipple. She began rocking her hips, grinding her cunt into Loretta’s massive tit. She enjoyed the feeling of the blonde’s thick titmeat swelling up to fill the sucking mouth of her pussy. She enjoyed Loretta’s hard nipple, grinding and pulsing at her swollen clit. It was not long before Debbie threw back her head, seized her own tits with both of her hands, and squeezed her nipples hard as she shrieked in orgasm. Hot cum oozed down from her spent pussy, coating Loretta’s meaty tit. Debbie came hard, three times in a row, before she finally fell over, landing in a heap just to Loretta’s side. Her cum pooled in the crevasse between Loretta’s majestic tits.

The black-haired beauty regained her strength slowly. She got to her feet, and then carefully, gingerly, gathered up her clothing, which was scattered around the yard. When she pulled on her shorts, she saw how the cotton quickly dampened from the contact with her cunt. She pulled on her blouse, and groaned as the light material cupped her tender tits. Debbie found Loretta’s yellow bikini top. With a nasty grin, she decided to keep the garment as a trophy.

She walked over to Loretta, who was still lying unconscious on the green lawn. Debbie glared down at her rival, her eyes burning with hate, lust and triumph. She had won. For now, that was all that mattered.

Debbie walked back to her car, wincing as even the movement of her legs enflamed her sore cunt with pleasure. She climbed behind the wheel, started the engine and headed home. She was looking forward to a long, hot bath and a chance to put soothing oil on her genitals and her boobs. And she would enjoy pleasuring herself to the memory of the most delicious sexual encounter she had ever enjoyed with another person. Whatever else she thought of Loretta, she had to admit that the blonde bitch was a really good fuck. Just the thought of Loretta was enough to make Debbie’s body pulse with sexual heat. The black-haired beauty smiled. She could not wait to get home and treat her sexual fever with her own home remedy.


As Debbie’s car pulled away and motored down the driveway, Loretta regained consciousness. Her body was aching, burning in her sexual organs. But it was also vibrating with sexual pleasure. She remembered what had happened. She looked around and saw, to her horror and rage, that Debbie was gone.

“That bitch,” Loretta thought. No doubt the whore believed that she had won this struggle. Well, Loretta decided, she was not done yet. Loretta pulled herself to her feet, shuddering with pleasure as her breasts rocked and her burning pussy twitched.

Loretta pulled on her shorts, and then looked around for her bikini top. She soon realized it was gone, and she knew why. She felt a stab of fury, and then she smiled angrily. “If that bitch, Debbie, wants to take trophies, then we’ll take trophies,” she thought.

Loretta walked into her house and pulled a thin blouse out of her dresser drawer. She pulled on the short-sleeved top and then tied it in a halter under her heavy breasts. She left the blouse unbuttoned, so that her tits almost spilled out. She examined herself in the mirror. She looked incredible. Her body was streaked with sweat and sexual secretions. Her hair was wild and unkempt. But her body radiated sexual power. Her breasts were engorged with sex. Her pussy was vibrating with lust. Her eyes were burning with an unquenched sexual rage and desire. She brushed out her hair, even as she continued to admire herself in the mirror.

She had one final task. Finding her phone, she called Rob.

“Sorry, baby, something’s come up and I can’t meet you tonight. Yeah, I’m disappointed too, but I promise I’ll make it up to you. How about two nights from now? Great! See you then.”

Loretta turned off the phone, and then smiled viciously. “Debbie thinks this is over,” she thought to herself. “But it’s only begun. The bitch said she could go all night. Well, let’s find out.”

Loretta got into her car, started up the old vehicle with a roar of the engine, then turned into the driveway. Debbie was in for the surprise of her life, Loretta promised herself. She felt the sexual fever grip her body, fill her breasts and her cunt. She smiled. There was only one way to treat this kind of fever, she knew, and she intended to treat herself to the cure for a good, long, hard time.

The End