by Unknownfan

Kate and Carla

Kate was a pretty twenty-five years old flight attendant whose job allowed her to fulfill her dream of traveling around the world. Her dream of traveling, however, didn’t involve Carla, another stewardess who seemed to have made making Kate’s life a living hell her primary mission in life. Ever since she began working with Carla, Kate’s dream had become a living nightmare. It wasn’t the redhead’s cruel, bitchy remarks that bothered her; it was the fact that Carla acted like she the superior woman – something that the blonde begged to differ.

Like most bullies, Carla was tall and intimidating. Her sultry smile captured the hearts of men but struck fear into women’s. While Carla was very beautiful, it was the way the redhead carried herself that made her irresistible to men and horrifying to women. There was no stewardess working on Kate’s plane that wasn’t threatened by Carla’s presence. Carla had a commanding aura of confidence that was unmatched by anyone Kate has met. Backing up her majestic attitude was a body that was just as impressive. The shapely redhead was slender, making her ample breasts appear larger than they already were. Carla had long, elegant legs that she loved showing off. They made the stewardess’s standard uniform skirt, which usually reached the knees, look like short skirts you would only see on hookers. Recently, the redhead even began to leave her tanned legs bare instead of wearing her usual black stockings. Carla’s face was very pretty – one of her most attractive assets was her lush lips, which were fuller than any Kate had ever laid her eyes on. Carla was very sexy and she knew it. Her looks, coupled with an aggressive, catty attitude, quickly made the newly transferred redhead the queen bitch.

Kate remained as the only stewardesses who defied Carla and her bossy attitude. Before the flirty redhead came, she was the one who got all the looks, the queen of the jungle. While Kate was intimidating as well, and had fought just as dirtily with many of her other co-workers when there were disputes to settle, she did not deliberately dominated them the way Carla did. Kate was a cheerleader in high school and had gotten into many catfights – many of which turned into sexfights. The slutty glances that two rivaling women often exchanged generated just as much lust as it did hate, as they were after all, very sexual beings. The blonde steward knew what she felt, and understood what needed to be done in order to settle her rivalry with Carla. Kate had never backed down from any other woman’s pussy and wasn’t going to start now. Comparing herself with her foe, the blonde believed that she was nearly as tall as her foe, and just as impressive, if not more. Kate believed that her breasts were in fact even larger than Carla’s, and her body even more shapely. Both women shared sharp, elegant features that made them look cold, confident, and sexy. However, Kate’s delicate lips were smaller than Carla’s lush, full lips, and the blonde had heard from many male pilots that the slutty redhead used her lips with great skills. Kate felt that she was robbed of her position as the alpha woman by cheap tactics employed by the redhead. Carla’s slutty ways was the only reason why she had gained the upper hand. Despite everything, their rivalry had only been a cold war consisting of mental battles – until that one fateful, destined day.

The flight to England was only an hour away, and Kate entered the stewardess’s private washroom one last time to readjust her make up and hair. She expected the redhead to look marvelous as usual, and she was not about to be outdone. What Kate didn’t expect was that this one decision will finally mark the beginning of the end, of her rivalry with Carla. In the washroom, the blonde heard soft pants and manly grunts coming from a distance stall, and being the curious woman that she was, decided to investigate. The stewardess was careful to remain silent as she closed in and tried to make out what was going on. The people in the stall seemed oblivious to the world around them as the sound of a man grunting became louder and louder. Judging from the familiar sounds, Kate had a pretty good idea what was going on, and decided to have a little fun.

“Is anyone in there?” Kate asked innocently, all the while smiling cruelly. It was fortuitous that she had caught one of her co-workers in action - blackmailing had always been an effective way of exerting dominance over someone.

“What do you want?” A familiar, bitchy voice replied, to Kate’s surprise. The stall door suddenly opened, and even Kate was stunned by what she saw. Before her stood Dennis and a kneeling Carla, whose lips were still brushing the side of the pilot’s erected member. Dennis’s eyes were wide in shock as he stared at Kate, who stared at Carla with a similar expression. Instead of expressing shame or revealing fear, the redhead smiled confidently, victoriously at Kate. The redhead had taken off her black uniform coat, her red necktie. The top buttons of her silvery white, collared blouses were unbuttoned, exposing her cleavage and black laced bra. As usual, the redhead didn’t wear stockings, and her hair was unpinned – it fell down from her head in beautiful, auburn waves. Carla’s cocky smile changed into a murderous, challenging glare as she defiantly turned away and went back to working on Dennis’s cock. The pilot grunted in surprise, and grabbed the redhead’s lush mane in encouragement, unable to resist the redhead’s expert sucking. Carla occasionally glanced challengingly at Kate, as if she was daring the blonde to report this. It was an open challenge – Carla was displayed her mastery of sex to her rival, daring Kate to test hers skills against hers. Kate had never seen anyone use her mouth with such skill and finesse. As she bobbed her head back and forth against Dennis’s cock, Carla deliberately used her long tongue to stroke the full length of the man’s penis with aimed licks. As her tongue left the head of Dennis’s penis, Kate saw a line of pre-cum out of the pilot’s penis and sticking onto the redhead’s lips. Kate was in disbelief - most people would be too distracted to cum, especially when you were about to lose your job. Carla was that good.

“Think you can make a man come like this?” Carla whispered sexily, breaking past the final seal of peace by verbally challenging the blonde, as she stroked Dennis’s balls and cock. Abruptly, the redhead impaled the pilot’s cock into her mouth again, and in series of rapid bobs, Dennis grunted uncontrollably and came. Carla took some of load in her mouth before pulling away, and letting the rest of the pilot’s milky cum shoot out onto her face, chin and breasts. It was the largest load Kate had seen anyone blew off. Either it was because Carla was exceptionally good or Dennis was sexually deprived. With his dashing good looks, Kate doubted that it was the latter. It took a few seconds for the recovering pilot to snap out of his erotic trance and realize his situation. Face turning as red as Carla’s hair, Dennis quickly pulled up his pants and ran out of the ladies room. Carla on the other hand, remained perfectly calm.

“You’re such a slut,” Kate remarked, as the redhead stood up to confront her. The redhead smirked and allowed some of Dennis’s cum leak out of her mouth and onto her chin, which dripped onto her already soaked breasts. Kate could see Carla’s nipples were poking through the fabric of her bra, and knew that her own pair was just as hard and aroused. Their tight silvery white blouse hugged their shapely bodies tightly, and while Kate’s was buttoned up, it could not hide the blonde’s impressive breasts.

“I’m a slut alright,” Carla replied, seemingly taking Kate’s insult as a compliment. “A better slut than you’ll ever be. If I remember correctly, this used to be your job until I came and took it away from you?”

“Just because you’re the better whore doesn’t mean you’re the better woman,” Kate hissed, placing her hands on her hips, thrusting her hips forward challengingly. “I’ll always be the better woman where it counts, honey.”

“Really? Did anyone tell you that my pussy lips are even better than these lips?” Carla smiled as she licked her cum coated lips.

“Those lips don’t look so impressive,” Kate retorted, licking her own lips threateningly. Her panties were soaking wet now, as Kate became more and more aroused by this long anticipated confrontation. “I bet mine can out kiss yours.”

“Why don’t we try and see if yours can?” Carla whispered, taking a step forward. Carla’s icy blue eyes locked onto Kate’s hazel eyes as they closed in on each other, hips shifting sexily as they walked. Despite the layers of clothing, Kate could feel the heat radiating from Carla’s body. The redhead yanked onto Kate’s short necktie lightly, pulling the blonde into the redhead. Their firm breasts pressed together lightly, as their bodies pressed together, preparing for the first physical contest of their rivalry. “You don’t know who you’re messing with, bitch,” Carla hissed venomously.

“I don’t know who you think you’re, but all I see is a little whore who has some cock sucking skills,” Kate smirked, and then viciously brought her mouth against Carla’s. Dennis’s now cold cum smeared onto Kate’s face as the two women locked lips. Carla clamped her lips onto Kate’s, and for a moment, the blonde felt helpless and trapped against the redhead’s lush, blood red lips. The redhead’s saliva tasted sweet despite the heavy scent of semen. With great effort, Kate managed to break Carla’s lip hold and clamp her lips onto the redhead’s. They placed their hands on each other’s hips for balance, as their mouths wrestled with increasing aggressiveness. Kate felt Carla’s long tongue forcing its way into her mouth, and the blonde was quick to answer with her own. Carla’s tongue was amazing, stronger and longer than any tongue Kate has ever fought. The blonde found herself retreating as the redhead’s aggressive tongue continued its onslaught on Kate’s mouth. Carla began forcing Kate’s head back with sheer aggressiveness, but found that Kate still had some fight in her, as she was caught off guard and Kate’s tongue managed to force itself halfway down her throat. Carla was forced to retreat, and Kate quickly pressed her advantage. She began assaulting Carla’s retreating mouth, licking and slashing the redhead’s elegant lips voraciously with her tongue. Releasing her grip on Carla’s hips, Kate brought her hands to stewardess’s wavy red mane, and pulled, bending the auburn haired woman’s head backwards. Carla grunted as Kate’s lips slash passed hers and onto her chin, and the blonde began to devour her foe. Licking and kissing the redhead’s sensitive skin, which was covered by Dennis’s half dried cum, she managed to force a moan of pleasure out of her remarkable foe.

“God, you’re dirtier than I thought,” Carla moaned as she felt Kate’s lips on the top her breasts. The redhead shuddered in pleasure before she gathered herself, and counterattacked. Removing her hands from Kate’s hip to grip her rival’s blonde curls, Carla managed to pull the blonde off her with a powerful yank. Gasping in pain, Kate glanced murderously at Carla as they tugged each other’s mane, tilting each other’s head back. “That wasn’t too bad cunt – you do have some talent. But now it’s time to finish this.”

“Bring it,” Kate hissed, and regretted her words as Carla’s lips swooped down onto her own. Carla’s red, lush lips bit onto her glossy pink lips, and the redhead’s tongue penetrated the blonde’s mouth. Carla’s tongue drove into Kate’s mouth so powerfully that the blonde could do nothing but choke on it. Kate fought valiantly, ramming her tongue into Carla’s in a final act of defiance, as she felt her strength slowly slip away. The redhead held Kate against her, violating the blonde’s mouth with her own, until the blonde nearly passed out from the lack of oxygen. Finally, sensing that the blonde was not fighting back anymore, Carla withdrew her tongue. Kate stumbled backwards, coughing and gasping. The blonde managed to remain standing as she glared vengefully at the redhead. Carla too was panting for air from the battle, but it was clear who the victor of their skirmish was.

“Not bad… but you’ve gotta do better than that to beat me, Kate,” Carla smiled victoriously as she stared at her beaten rival. The redhead proceeded towards the mirror and began cleaning herself, removing her smudged make up and lipstick, and wiping Dennis’s cum off her chin and breasts.

“This isn’t over,” Kate swore. The redhead ignored her and began unbuttoning her shirt, to the blonde’s surprise. It appears that some of Dennis’s semen had stained the redhead’s bra and Carla decided to remove it rather than to clean it. Turning to face the blonde, Carla revealed her firm, beautiful breasts to Kate. They were even larger than Kate had imagined, and for the first time since she had met the redhead, the blonde didn’t know which women had the superior chest.

“Good. Believe me, cunt, I would’ve finished you off if we didn’t have to go in an hour,” Carla said. The redhead slipped her bra down her panties, and began wiping her pussy with it. When Carla brought it back out, it was completely coated by the redhead’s juices. “I always get so wet when I win,” she said with a smile. Her sexy smile changed into an unyielding glare as she tossed the cum-covered bra onto the floor just a few inches away from Kate. “Can you smell my scent, loser?”

“You haven’t won yet, cunt,” Kate growled. Surprising even herself, she took the crumpled bra and brought it to her noise. Drawing in a deep breath with her nose, the blonde found the redhead’s scent overwhelming. A part of her felt comforted by the fact that the redhead was just as aroused as she was. Yet another part of her felt dirty and submissive.

“Next time, I’m going to fuck you so bad even that potty mouth of yours will finally shut up,” Carla declared softly. Buttoning up her shirt and putting on her coat, the redhead began to walk away. “Prepare yourself… because I will be ready if to take this to the finish.”

“Don’t worry babe. We have a whole eight hours to finish it on the plane,” Kate hissed. She didn’t want to wait any longer. If they were to board a plane, so be it. Kate will not mind bringing the redhead to screaming orgasm miles above sea level.

“You know where to find me, bitch,” Carla hissed, as she turned away and walked, ass swaying seductively, a smile of victory and anticipation on her face.


Kate took one last look at herself in the ladies room before she boarded the plane. The blonde found the slutty redhead unbelievably hot, and just the thought of the fact that they were going to fight to the finish just an hour from now drove her crazy. She needed to appear just as hot and slutty as her red-haired rival, and the sexy blonde knew that a small amount of light blue eye shadow would do the trick. She fixed her shiny mane and made sure the redhead’s red lipstick stains had been cleaned off her face. The blonde reapplied her lip-gloss and added extra make up to herself. She readjusted her blouse and softly squeezed her firm tits in anticipation. Their next confrontation would involve much more than just lips and Kate wanted every part of her body to be ready to face Carla’s. Sneering nastily, Kate decided to imitate the redhead’s style and peeled off her nylon stocking, exposing her smooth, tanned legs to the world. She also left her blonde curls unpinned, letting it flow freely down her shoulders to the top of her breasts. She hung her tie loosely, so that her smooth, sexy neck would be exposed. She also removed her bra, just so she could mimic her rival completely. Perfection, Kate thought, as she added the finishing touches. She wanted to look her best when she faces her foe again, because she knew that Carla would too.


The B-747 was rather empty today, and Kate was grateful for the extra privacy – not that she would care if they got caught. Her co-workers knew pretty well what went on in the stewardess’s private stalls when they hear the piercing scream of a woman succumbing to her pleasures. Kate and Carla would not be the first ones to have their battle in these cozy stalls, and would definitely not be the last. Both Kate and Carla have disposed many of their foes in these familiar stalls, and it is only fitting that they conclude their rivalry in this same place. However things would have to wait, as even stewardesses were required to sit down during takeoff. After instructing the passengers to their seats, Kate quickly got to the back of the plane to take her own. As expected, her rival was there, waiting for her. The redhead smiled cruelly as she saw her rival approached. Her gorgeous, bared legs were crossed, and her arms folded. The blonde was dressed exactly like the redhead – stockingless, and hair unpinned. The redhead seemed to take notice to Kate’s change of style and acknowledged it by raising an eyebrow.

“Is this seat taken?” Kate asked innocently. She knew that the redhead had deliberately saved it for her. Carla looked even hotter than she was just an hour ago.

“No. Please, go ahead and take it,” Carla replied softly, faking a smile. Kate didn’t waste any time taking the seat next to the rival. “I hope you’re going to be able to finish what you started,” Carla said threateningly, “It’ll take a lot more than what you’ve shown me to fuck this body.”

“You have no idea what I’m capable of,” Kate replied calmly. With a confident smile, the blonde crossed her right leg over her left and smoothly caressed Carla’s legs. Both women nearly shuddered in excitement as their bare skins touched.

“Your leg is short and weak,” Carla said, her blood red lips curling into a cruel smile. “Just like the way your clit is small and soft?”

“I’m pretty sure it will be longer and fatter than yours,” Kate declared. “Just like my pussy is bigger and hotter than yours.”

“Just like how my lips are fuller and stronger than yours?” Carla snorted.

“Just like the way my boobs are firmer and larger than yours,” Kate retorted.

“Mmm… sounds like your body will put up a good fight,” Carla murmured, “I hope it will last much longer than that mouth of yours.”

“Don’t worry baby, you won’t be disappointed,” Kate whispered, her leg retreating as she braced herself for takeoff.


Takeoff was smooth and soon everyone got to work. Their confrontation had to wait, as both women had to deliver breakfast to the still half-asleep passengers. Kate knew Carla was pushing the cart behind her, and she made sure to bend over as much as possible, to give the redhead a good glimpse of the ass that she would be up against. Kate’s ass has long since lost its baby fat – years of cunt pumping with other women had toned it to perfection. The blonde knew her display drew more than just the redhead’s stare, and Kate knew that the approval of the crowd would intimidate the redhead even more. Kate did this all the way from the economics to the first class, never looking back to see her opponent’s reaction. Kate herself was given the same treatment; as they pushed the carts back to the storage back to the plane, Carla swayed her ass sexily as she walked, moving her hips seductively as they made their way back to end of the plane.

Kate expected her rival to wait for her in the cart-storage room, but to her surprise, no one was there. The redhead was not to be found at her seat either, and for a moment, Kate feared that the redhead was backing out from their arranged confrontation. The feeling of the redhead’s sexy, throaty voice piercing her eardrums caused the blonde to shudder uncontrollably, overtaken by lust and excitement.

“You show off your ass very well, blondie,” Carla breathed, “Think you can fuck just as well with it?”

“I know I can red,” Kate replied, her breath quickening as she realized that it was finally time.

“You talk a lot for someone who was just defeated,” Carla smirked, taking a step forward.

“I’m sorry if I don’t suck as well as you do – not everyone practice as much as you do, slut,” Kate hissed, eyeing the redhead dangerously.

“Oh really? I heard from the other girls that before I came along, you were the number one slut of this crew?” Carla taunted. The redhead licked her lips as she placed her hands on her hips.

“I was just hot, that’s all. They were jealous – after all, I’ve beaten every single one of them,” Kate retorted. While her sexfighting career was not completely spotless, on this plane, she was undefeated. Anyone who dared challenge her had been crushed, and she had ruled with an iron first. It wasn’t until Carla had been transferred here that they began rebelling.

“So have I, baby. All that’s left is you, and I guess I’ve saved the best for last,” Carla said hotly.

“The best may be a bit more than you can handle,” Kate hissed menacingly, walking towards the redhead until their breasts touched. They held each other’s cold glances as they breathed on each other’s face. “It may be too much for a redhead whore like you.”

“Your threats are empty, you cheap blonde slut,” Carla said, “you’ve proven nothing to me, and until you do, you’re just as worthless as all those I’ve beaten.”

“Then why don’t I prove it to you here and now? We have eight hours to settle this, bitch,” Kate rasped, her breathing becoming a slow pant as her libido increased. Her crotch was wet with excitement and Kate didn’t know a better place, or time, to bring this erotic rivalry to its climax.

“Lead the way,” the redhead simply said. Weeks of teasing and eroticism have finally led to this satisfying, fitting conclusion. What better place and time could there be for two sexy stewardesses to have a sex duel? It was only fitting that they fought on their domain – In the sky, miles above the ground.


Bathroom stalls on the plane are much larger than your conventional stalls. On this particular B-747, there was one special stall that was only used by the stewardesses. Even though they did not know what it was truly for, stewards and pilots stayed away from it. Kate entered the stall after Carla, and quickly locked the door, setting the sign to ‘occupied’. Kate was more than sure that some of the other stewardesses saw them go in together – but that didn’t bother her. After all, they’ve all been here.

“This time, there will be no stopping,” Carla said softly, putting her hands on her hips as she waited for Kate to face her. There was little room for maneuvering in the tiny airplane restroom – it would be a competition of brute sexual prowess. “There isn’t anywhere for you to run, so you better be prepared to fight it out to the finish.”

“I’m more than ready to take that body of yours on, red,” Kate hissed, inching closer to Carla until the front of their leather high-heels and their firm breasts touched.

“Then what are you waiting for?” Carla snarled, abruptly wrapping her arms around Kate. The blonde quickly responded in kind and the two women met in a mutual bear hug. Despite the layers of clothing, Kate could’ve sworn she felt the redhead’s rock-hard nipples were poking at her tit flesh. They both planted one foot onto the wall behind them to balance themselves and increase the pressure between their bodies. Anger and lust burned in both women’s eyes as they held each other challenging glance, destroying the mental seals which have contained their anger, lust and hate, and allowing them to take control their bodies.

“You’re always flaunting those gorgeous tits of yours, Carla,” Kate whispered, “I wanna fight them, and beat them.”

“Those weak tits of yours won’t beat anything, but I’m willing to let you try,” Carla replied, releasing her hold on Kate. The blonde did the same, and both women took a step back. Their eyes never left each other’s as they reached down and began unbuttoning their coats. First button, second button, third button. Eyes locked together, the two women slowly, sexily opened the front of their coats.

“It’s about time someone showed you what real a real woman’s breasts feels like,” Carla hissed.

“Then why don’ you show me?” Kate growled, grabbing the redhead’s necktie. With one swift motion, she pulled it apart and took it off the redhead. Carla snarled and pulled on Kate’s tie, nearly choking the blonde. The redhead nastily tore the tie off Kate’s neck with the help of her silver nails. “You fucking bitch!” Kate cried in pain, uncaring if people heard them or not anymore. She delivered an instinctive slap in retaliation to the redhead’s face, which the agile stewardess easily blocked with her already outstretched hand. The redhead just laughed tauntingly. Kate hissed in frustration, and flashed her claws threateningly. “Fight me bitch!”

“If it’s a fight you want, then bring it!” the feisty redhead snapped, sinking her fist into the blonde’s belly. Kate clenched her teeth and fought back, pummeling the redhead’s large breasts with her fists. In the furry of blows, breasts, belly and ribs were punched. Neither women dared punch each other’s face, however, as they knew that any recognizable damage meant excessive trouble. The redhead’s longer limbs gave her a great advantage, as both women soon realized that range did matter despite the cramped space. The redhead managed to force the blonde to take a step back and retreat against the wall, away from the range of the redhead’s powerful fists.

“You cheap bitch,” Kate whimpered in pain. The redhead let out another sexy, taunting laugh, before taking a step forward and launching another series of brutal attacks. Kate found herself unable to retreat from the redhead’s onslaught, as she was already against wall.

“Just give up, you slutty blonde,” Carla demanded cruelly, “I promise you this time I won’t choke you.”

“Fuck you!” Kate cried out as her rage consumed her. The blonde went berserk and charged into the unsuspecting redhead. Carla snarled in pain as the blonde targeted the center of her body, where her thick, unbuttoned coat could not protect her. Retaliating, the redhead punched back, and the two women began trading blows once again. Kate found herself once again in a disadvantage, as the redhead’s long arms provided the catty stewardess with a huge advantage. Crying out in frustration, the blonde practically pounced onto the redhead, ignoring the fists that sank into her belly and breasts. Grappling the surprised stewardess, Kate slammed the redhead into the wall. Suddenly Kate snapped out of her frenzy, as the overwhelming sound of the collision snapped both women back to reality. For a moment the two women paused, wary of the huge noise they had just created. As they waited, Kate realized that her left thigh was in between the redhead’s legs. When she was sure that no one was coming, Kate knew it was time to continue the war, in a manner more favorable to her. Inching her body even closer to redhead, Kate pressed her smooth thigh against Carla’s heated cunt.

“Ah!” Carla gasped softly as the blonde ran the full length of her thigh against her panty-covered pussy. The redhead shuddered in pleasure, and spread her legs wider, accepting Kate’s assault. Looking into the blonde’s hazel eyes, the redhead licked her lips deliciously as lust began to take control. “Is this the way you want to settle it, bitch?”

“You know this is what we both want, cunt,” Kate replied. Slamming her thigh home to accent her intentions. “I’ve always wanted to fuck that slutty body of yours.”

“I’ve always wanted to fuck you too, you whore,” Carla replied, softly pushing the blonde away from her. Seductively, the redhead let her heavy jacket slide off her, and placed it on the small counter. “I’ve dreamed of fucking that hot body of yours, and making it come under mine. Soon, I won’t have to dream about it anymore.”

“In a matter of minutes, it will be me who’s going to fulfill your dream, not you,” Kate replied, as she slowly removed her coat as well, and placed it on top of Carla’s. “I thought you were going to let me feel those tits of yours?”

“You just can’t get enough of them can you?” Carla scoffed. Slowly, she began unbuttoning her shirt, button by button, slowly and seductively. Smiling confidently, she threw her shirt on top of the jackets. Now topless, the striking redhead cupped her breasts and squeezed them, softly, to show her rival their firmness and size. “How do you think yours match up to these?”

“Mine are bigger, firmer, and nicer,” Kate said. She quickly took off her shirt, and revealed her equally impressive pair to her rival. It was hard to tell who had the larger pair – both women were equally blessed. Carla’s face was unreadable as the redhead observed her opponent’s breasts for the first time. The red-haired stewardess’s face was like that of a marble statue – cold and emotionless.

“I beg to differ,” Carla replied softly, pinching her nipples. “How do you think your nipples are compared to mine?”

“Mine are longer, harder, and better,” Kate said, pinching her own nipples so they would stiffen even more.

“I don’t think so,” Carla said, thrusting her chest outwards challengingly. “There’s only one way to find out.”

“If it’s a titfight you want then it’s a titfight you’ve got,” Kate replied, “I’m not backing down from anything.”

“Then smash those hot tits into mine tramp!” Carla exclaimed as she advanced, crushing their orbs together. The redhead’s aggressiveness was matched only by her brutality. It didn’t take Kate long to realize that despite her soft and slender appearance, her stewardess rival had steel-hard muscles, which powered her every action with tremendous force. The blonde too, was endowed with great natural strength and stamina and was more than willing to test her body against her hated foe. Kate wanted to beat Carla, sexually, mentally and physically.

Their firm orbs met with immense pressure, and to both women’s surprised, neither one gave way. Ignoring the cry of pain from their nerves, both women increased the tension between their burning chests, until finally, both wondrous sets began to slowly flatten against each other. Panting into her rival’s face, Kate resisted the urge to heedlessly squeal in pain despite the fact that every part of her body had submitted to this humanly defensive mechanism. Pain warns a person that what they’re doing is harmful to them – and from what Kate is feeling, she knew that she was destroying her own body. However, her pride meant to much to her and she refuse to give in, even as the redhead’s rock hard nipples dig into her flattened flesh, and her own nipples twisting and bending under the sheer intensity of the pressure. Carla momentary lessened the pressure; but only to reposition her breasts under the Kate’s so that the redhead’s cherry nipples would painfully dig upward into the softer tit flesh of the lower part of the blonde’s breast. The brief moment of relaxation caused the pain to be all the greater. Kate clenched her teeth in defiance, and grunted in effort as she tried to escape the redhead’s hold. Pulling the blonde into an even tighter hold, their delicate noses touched. The redhead practically had Kate’s breasts pinned, and there was no room for escape in the cozy stall. The blonde stewardess’s nipples pointed harmlessly into the sky and Kate could only whimpered in despaired while the redhead smiled cruelly, victoriously.

“Had enough? You know you can’t win,” the redhead asked mockingly, sensing her blonde foe’s despair. To emphasize her point, she tightened her grip on Kate. The blonde let out a soft wail as she stood up to the punishment, refusing to give in. Frustrated by the blonde’s stubbornness, the redhead redoubled her efforts. “Can you feel my nipples tearing into those weak, soft boobs of yours?” She demanded rigorously.

“All… I feel are your fat boobs getting crushed!” Kate grunted boldly, and with a surge of adrenaline, she increased the pressure so vigorously that even Carla’s firm pair was being crushed by the sheer intensity of their hold. Carla remained composed as she braced the blonde’s sudden attack, gritted her teeth as they commenced a battle of the mind, a competition of wills.

The next few minutes were the longest, most painful minutes Kate has ever lived. The two women stood nose to nose, breasts to breasts, neither willing to succumb to their pain. Weakness slowly spread through their burning bodies, as breathing with their crushed chest became harder and harder. Sweat began to cover their heated, topless bodies as the effort became too much. Kate didn’t know who slipped off first, but it did not matter as both women soon found themselves struggling to keep standing. Their ankles twisted painfully as they were dislodged from their heels, and they were finally forced to release their brutal hug, as both women nearly fell to the floor, if not for the walls behind them. Reddened, glistening chest heaving, Kate glared murderously at Carla, who scowled back with equal intensity of hatred. The sight of her beautiful rival softly massaging her boobs looked incredibly hot, and Kate felt the familiar wetness returning. Feeling strength return to their legs and thighs, the two women, who were nursing their sore breasts, once again closed in at the center of the stall, eager to continue their battle.

“How did it feel to have your tits crushed?” Carla asked, softly brushing her slippery breasts, which glistened with her sweat, against Kate’s.

“I was the one that was doing the crushing, cunt,” Kate replied, stroking a thick blonde curl away from her face.

“Just like the way I’ll be the one doing the fucking?” Carla said. Hands on her hips, the redhead jutted her sexy hips towards Kate challengingly, her swaying skirt brushing against Kate’s lightly.

“Nuh-huh, your weak cunt can’t fuck mine,” Kate retorted, mimicking her foe, pumping cunt towards Carla’s. Their heated mounds came in contact, and the two women held them there. Kate clenched her ass and humped the redhead again, this time with more strength. She felt the redhead reply with one pump, then another, and another. Suddenly, the two women found themselves humping each other through their thick skirts. Hands now gripping each other’s hips, they pounded their pelvises together. Despite the layers of clothing between their cunts, Kate found herself becoming more and more aroused. Unable to take this teasing anymore, the blonde softly forced the redhead back, and unbuttoned her skirt. Glaring at Carla challengingly, she let the skirt slide off her hip and onto the floor. Carla returned the challengingly gaze with one of her own, and proceeded to remove her skirt, green eyes never leaving Kate’s. Carla had black panties while Kate had white. Kate’s were soaked, and even the blonde didn’t realize that she had leaked so much fluid. Carla giggled in girlish delight as she observed her opponent’s level of wetness. The redhead slid her hands down the blonde’s panties, and plunged a single finger into Carla’s cunt. The blonde did not resist the penetration, but gasped in pleasure as she felt the redhead’s exploring finger in her. Carla, however, did not even flinch as Kate slid one of her fingers into her cunt from the bottom of her panties.

“You’re so wet,” Carla whispered, “I never knew you were so hot for me.”

“You’re no desert yourself,” Kate countered, feeling the hot wetness in the redhead’s cunt. Carla’s cunt was soft like jello, smooth like silk, hot like fire. Running her hand up the cunt’s inner lips, she felt a soft, little nub, and instantly realized what it was. “Is that the clit I hear so much about?”

“Yeah baby, the clit that has beaten everyone’s and yours soon,” Carla said with a tone of pride. “How does it feel to you?”

“It feels weak, but I’ll give you credit for taking out those weaklings with it,” Kate answered, her breathing quickening. “But how will it do against mine?”

The redhead’s long index finger, which was tracing the outlines of the blonde’s labia, sank in and opened up Kate’s vulva. The blonde fought to keep herself from moaning as she felt the Carla’s silver nail softly brush against her sleeping weapon.

“How does mine feel?” Kate asked.

“Feels like it’s ready to be fucked,” Carla replied with a cruel, slutty smile.

“Do these lips suck as well as those on your face?” Kate whispered, softly running her finger across the redhead’s cunt lips.

“They are even better.”

“Good, cause they’ll need to be to compete with mine,” Kate snarled.

“I love your little bush,” Carla giggled, softly stroking the blonde’s soft patch of trimmed, pubic hair. “It’ll feel so good against my naked pelvis.”

“Whatever helps get you off, right?”

“Try it,” Carla hissed.

“Then what are we waiting for?” Kate demanded firmly. The blonde finally pulled her finger out of Carla’s dripping cunt, and found them coated with the other woman’s love juice. She felt the redhead’s finger retreating, but not before one last, nasty pinch was delivered to Kate’s soft clit, causing the blonde to shudder in pleasure. “Bitch,” she gasped, “you dirty bitch.”

“What say we go without panties for the rest of the day?” Carla whispered nastily, and before the blonde could refuse, the redhead ripped Kate’s panties apart with one powerful pull.

“You bitch!” Kate cried. Gripping the redhead’s black panties with her red nails, the blonde angrily torn the black panties off the redhead. Both women now stood naked save for their silver necklaces. “You’ll pay for that, cunt.”

“Make me,” Carla taunted, cocking her cunt closer to Kate’s steaming mound. “Fight me.”

“Gladly,” Kate hissed, her body quivering with hatred and desire, her emotions unrestrained and dominating, her cunt heated and ready. “Show me what you’ve got.”

“Then pump your cunt against mine, and we’ll see who’s the hottest bitch,” Carla said, her hands fondling Kate’s body, urging the blonde to pump her cunt into hers. Kate’s hands found Carla’s lush ass, and her red nails hungrily sank into the juicy flesh.

“Oh don’t worry – I already know,” Kate replied, pressing her body against Carla’s, so that their breasts, bellies, and face aligned perfectly. They began softly grinding their pussies together – barely touching, but enough to cause tingling pleasure to flow through their aroused bodies. Their lipsticked mouths brushed lightly as they held each other’s gaze of hatred and lust. For a moment, Kate shuddered as she remembered how immensely skillful the redhead was with those lips of hers. Sensing her opponent’s moment of weakness, Carla seized her advantage and softly planted a kiss on Kate’s lips. It was not an attack, but an act of intimidation.

“My pussy is going to fuck yours the same way my lips sucked yours off,” Carla promised. Her hands moving into position behind Kate’s beautiful ass.

“Bring it on,” Kate replied, her hatred and lust consumed all fear. She has never backed down from any other woman’s body, and did not intent to ever do so. “Let’s fuckfight!”

With that the two women slammed their cunts together, both driven by the primal force of hatred and lust. They panted and gasped as humped their pussies together, no longer caring if people could hear them or not. Their standing position denied them full pussy contact, and both women found themselves rubbing the sensitive skin just above their clitoris against each other, Kate’s soft fur, now harsher due to the wetness, rubbed against Carla's baby smooth skin. Their mouths began kissing, softly at first, but then with increasing ferocity. Kate found the redhead utilizing the same strategy as before, and tried her best to avoid being caught again by Carla’s lush, powerful lips. Their pink probes began fencing, as they sought to enter and violate each other’s mouths. Their breasts collided with each thrust, each pair of nipples digging into areolas. Kate wanted to make the redhead choke with her tongue; she wanted to make the redhead come with her cunt; she wanted to milk the redhead’s breast with her own.

“I can barely feel your dirty cunt,” Carla rasped, pulling out of their kissing war for a much-needed breath.

“I don’t feel a thing either,” Kate hissed, pumping her cunt furiously into the redhead’s. “But I can feel how wet you are.”

“You’re probably feeling your own juices,” Carla groaned, thrusting her sexy hips against Kate’s.

“Could be, because I too get really hot when I win,” Kate smirked. Carla began attacking with her mouth again, and this time Kate didn’t run. Both women spread their lips in hopes to clamp them around her foe’s mouth. Carla’s clearly had the advantage but Kate was smart, and fought with great skill and tactic. She avoided many of Carla’s attacks and managed to counter-attack a few times herself. However, she was still fighting a losing war there.

“My cunt lips want to eat yours,” Carla whispered as she bridged her lovely body a little, so that they could feel the full length of each other’s labia. “I’m going to fuck you and your dirty little cunt.”

“Never,” Kate hissed in defiance and ground her cunt against Carla’s in an onslaught of rapid strokes, forcing the redhead back. Her awesome ass began dominating the fight as her thrust became clearly stronger than Carla’s. After only one small step back, the redhead found herself against the wall. Grinning evilly, Kate pried Carla’s thigh apart with a powerful thrust, and found herself in between the redhead’s legs. Carla hooked one leg onto Kate’s body and used the hand opposite to that leg to support her with the help of the counter. Pinning the redhead against the wall, Kate began grinding against the redhead’s spread, exposed cunt with such vigor that Carla was being lifted off the ground. The gorgeous redhead moaned softly as she watched the blonde pump her cunt into her, forcing her labia and skin to stretch while her ass stayed immobile. Her hands left Kate’s ass, and Carla began stroking and pulling onto the blonde’s soft golden locks.

“Fuck yeah… fuck me with that cunt of yours,” Carla growled sexily, as she bored the blonde’s sexual assault. Their labias ground together and this time, Carla felt her cunt spread even more, and the blonde’s pussy ground against her more sensitive, more vulnerable, vulva. She hissed in pleasure and forced Kate’s head onto her right nipple. “Suck it, bitch! Worship me.”

“I’ll show you how a real woman sucks, cunt,” Kate replied, taking Carla’s nipple into her mouth. She sucked and fucked the redhead with all she had, forcing moans out of the redhead as Kate clenched her ass muscle in effort. With each delicious grind, Kate felt Carla’s pussy open up to her more. The redhead’s inner lips were slowly parting, exposing her most vulnerable areas. The blonde realized that her clit was stiffening in response to the pleasure, and knew that it wasn’t long until their fuck-war will be taken to the next level.

“God you stupid tit sucking bitch!” Carla growled. Kate shuddered as she felt the redhead’s clit force its way out of its sanctuary to take on the blonde’s pussy. The blonde stewardess found herself impaling her pussy into Carla’s stiff little rod with each stroke, felt her labia being parted and penetrated by the redhead’s sex weapon. “Do you feel my clit bitch?” Clara groaned, shuddering with pleasure as she explored the silky smoothness of Kate’s cunt.

“Do you feel mine?” Kate asked, feeling her own clit lengthen from the stimulation. The blonde’s clit snaked its way into Carla’s pussy, forcing sex moans out of the redhead as it slashed deliciously across the length of sexy, red-haired stewardess’s pussy. “Do you feel my clit fucking your pussy?”

“I feel nothing bitch,” Carla hissed defiantly. The two women slashed and stabbed each other’s cunts as they humped, forcing juices and moans out of each other. Kate began avoiding Carla’s clit, as the redhead repeatedly tried to bring her engorged weapon up against the blonde’s. “Why are you running from my clit?” Carla asked, noticing that the blonde was reluctant to go clit to clit. “Are you afraid?”

“Fuck you,” Kate spat. The blonde defiantly thrust her clit against Carla’s, and squealed in bittersweet delight as their bodies reacted to the delicious first contact of their most sensitive organs, their proudest weapons.

“You nasty little bitch,” Carla grunted, her glistening body quivering in pleasure. “I’m going to make you regret pressing that dirty clit of yours against mine.”

“You’re all talk,” Kate began, but was cut off as she felt the redhead pull onto her blonde hair, painfully forcing her head to tilt upwards. Kate found a pair of vicious, lush red lips clamp onto hers, crushing and sucking with all it had. Their clit war below intensified, as slow strokes between two proud weapons slowly became powerful slashes and precise stabs. The redhead’s tongue drive into Kate’s mouth again and again, trying to force its way pass the blonde’s defending tongue, and down her vulnerable throat. Carla’s relentless attacks began to drain the blonde, and Kate soon found herself unable to keep the redhead pinned. As her fellow stewardess’s pumps became stronger and stronger the blonde’s retaliating humps weakened by the second. The redhead crushed her globes into the blonde’s, making breathing a chore. The blonde moaned feebly into her rival’s mouth as she felt Carla’s long tongue force its way down her throat, despite the protest of Kate’s own tongue. Nearly choking on the redhead’s tongue, Kate had no choice but to pull away. She gave Carla’s pink clit one last vicious slash with her own before taking a step back, gasping and coughing.

“Look at you. You’re pathetic,” Carla snarled, brushing a strand of hair away from her face. “It’s almost over now.”

“Yeah, for you,” Kate replied, chest heaving. “You’re lucky your slutty ways have given you so much practice with those fat lips of yours.”

“Baby, it’s all talent,” Carla smiled. Turning the knob of the sink, the panting redhead cupped a handful of water and splashed it over her heated breasts. Stroking her body seductively, Carla let the droplets of body run down the full length of her belly and onto her heated sex. Kate could see the redhead’s stiff little clit sticking out of her fat cunt lips, like a concealed weapon waiting to be unleashed

“You’re still a slut, talented or not,” Kate whispered, splashing water over her heated body too. “Are you ready to fight me with that slutty body of yours to the finish?”

“I’ve been ready ever since we walked in here, cunt,” Carla hissed, twisting the knob and cutting off the water. “So why don’t we just finish it? All this teasing is beginning to bore me.”

“Be careful what you wish for,” Kate said, eyeing her opponent challengingly. The two women stood inches away from each other in this one last awkward moment of silence. Kate finally gathered herself, and issued the final challenge. She leaned back against the wall, and spread her legs as wide as could. She slid her right leg over the counter of the sink, touching Carla’s side of the wall. Arching her glistening body forward, her ass muscle pumped her cunt up proudly, presenting it to her foe. “It might be more than you can handle.”

“Oh don’t worry honey, I can take much more than what you can give,” Carla replied, sliding her left leg over Kate’s outstretched right leg. Pressing her back against the wall, Carla mimicked Kate and pumped her cunt forward, meeting her blonde rival’s snatch in midair. “Come on bitch,” Carla whispered, “Fuck me with that hot cunt of yours. Let’s end this.”

“Gladly,” Kate growled, hatred empowering her voice. They powered their steaming pussies together in one unified motion. Both women squealed softly as their sensitive cunts commenced their final battle. Wet blonde fur raked against the baby smooth skin of Carla’s pelvis as they desperately thrust their hips, slamming their sex assaults home. Their hands reached over and stroked each other’s breasts, squeezing and pinching. Their panting drowned out the humming sound of the plane’s mechanics, as their breathing became more and more ragged. Both women were horny beyond belief, having succumbed to their lust, and only their hatred for each other aided them in resisting the urge to give in to the overwhelming pleasure. Their engorged clits met in the center of this fury, both representing their mistresses as their greatest and most proud weapons, began a duel of their own to decide the fate of this war.

“Bitch! Can you feel my clit crushing yours?” Carla cried, ramming her clit into Kate’s heated sex repeatedly. Kate fought back with her own, moaning as she fenced with her nemesis. Carla’s clit was longer, but Kate’s was fatter, making it more resistant to being bent. “My clit is longer than yours!”

“Uh! My clit is fatter than yours!” Kate retorted, groaning faster and faster as her thrusts became quicker and stronger. Their breasts jiggled and bounced as their bodies fought harder and harder, as the two rivals fucked each other towards an inevitable, mind-shattering climax. “I’m not gonna lose!”

“Oh yes you are! Take it, bitch!” Carla roared as a surge of adrenaline rushed through her body, increasing the intensity of her attacks. The redhead’s cunt lips came to life, as they began to cramp themselves onto Kate’s, imitating their previous lip wars. The blonde moaned in despair as she felt her pussy being sucked into the redhead’s. Their aching asses pumped with all they had, forcing their cunts and into each other with as much pressure as they could.

“My pussy… Ohhh… my pussy… it feels like it’s going to be sucked off my body… Ahhhh!” the blonde wailed, body quivering in pleasure and fear. Tears streaked down her face as Kate fought on desperately, forcing her body to make one final last stand against the dominating redhead’s. “Give it to me bitch,” she said one last time, defiant to the end, “Give me… all you’ve got, because I’m ready for it! Ohhh! Bring it!”

“You’re… Ugh… so finished, bitch!” Carla growled as she began fucking the blonde with all she had. Hands reached down to grab onto toned thigh and ass as the two fighters braced themselves. Lips cramped tightly onto her foe’s, the redhead forced her clit against Kate’s, slashing and licking it deliciously. The blonde stewardess let out a squeal as she felt Carla’s long sex horn wrapping itself onto hers, crushing it painfully in torturous, circular strokes. Their sensitive vulva’s compressed; stroking each other as their glorious ass muscles pumped their cunts harder and harder. The blonde began leaking a prodigious amount of pussy juice as her rival brought her closer and closer to the strongest orgasm of her life.

“I won’t lose, slut!” The blonde declared with more confidence than she actually had. Her own words inspired her however, and she began fucking with renew determination, powered by energy drawn from a source even she did not know. Eyes never leaving Carla’s, Kate retaliated, fearlessly directing her clit in the opposite direction of her opponent’s, increasing the friction and pleasure. Carla was surprised by her foe’s defiance, but nevertheless continued her merciless assault. Still in control, Carla sucked her foe’s cunt into hers even harder, forcing squeals of pain and delight out of her foe. Smiling confidently, she increased the pressure between their dueling clits, the only battle where a winner has not been determined.

“I have you right where I want you… Why do you resist me…?” the gorgeous red-haired whispered, her sexy voice. Both women groaned as their clits bent each other’s back deliciously, and they shuddered uncontrollably, with such intensity that they nearly fell out of their position. “It’s pointless to fight, blondie. You’ll never beat me.” Carla whispered hotly, licking her lips seductively as she eyed her foe confidently. “Why delay the inevitable?”

“No. It ends now…” Kate said, her voice weak but confident. Her ass muscles clenched in effort for one last time, as the blonde dedicated all her energy into one last attack. “It’s over… for you”

“Bring it!” the redhead hissed venomously, as she prepared herself to withstand the blonde’s attack. Both women suddenly trembling in fear and despair as they sensed the uncertain end. Snarling, Carla tightened her hold on Kate’s pussy as if to reinstate her dominance. Their flowing pussy pumps became forceful and long, as both women force their proud cunt against each other deliciously. Juices flowing, the redhead moaned as her body weakening under the blonde’s powerful pussy strokes. Their clits bent and twisted deliciously in these climatic strokes, which will determine the winner of the war. Kate felt her cunt breaking Carla’s hold on it, as her last stroke proved to be too much even for the redhead’s awesome cunt muscles. No longer in control, Carla felt herself being forced backwards by Kate’s powerful pussy pumps. The redhead began quivering with such intensity that could only be matched by their clit war. ““Nyarggh! What have you done bitch? My clitttt! I’m…going to… I’m cominggg… Oh my… Oh… you fucking bitch… Oh god… I’m… going to squirt… I’m losing…” Carla weakly declared, her body now trembling as intensely as Kate’s. Suddenly, as if she had discovered a new reserve of energy to draw on, Carla’s arched her gorgeous body and pumped with renewed strength. “No… I can’t – No, I won’t! Not to you, Kate!”

“Bitch! I won’t lose to you either!” Kate groaned defiantly, as she felt her body failing as well. Carla was now matching her stroke for stroke, and Kate knew that she had used much of her reserves in her last attack. They lifted their heavy bodies off the wall, and pressed them hungrily onto each other. Nose touching, nipples rubbing, bellies stroking, the two woman brought their proudest, most vulnerable weapons together for one last time. Both women’s tearful eyes were wide in pleasure and shock, as they pushed their bodies to a limit never before reached. Their throbbing sex weapons curled around each other delicious, in one final, vicious battle of will and discipline.

Carla let out one final, girlish moan of defeat as her coiled clit succumbed to its superior foe, driving the quivering redhead over the edge. Carla’s silver nails gripped Kate’s flesh desperately, as she futilely resisted. Moaning, the redhead declared her defeat to her foe as her beaten body began to explode. Drool running down her chin, the gorgeous redhead let out one final moan of despair.

Staring mercilessly into her rival’s tearing eyes, Kate leaned forward and forced her entire body onto her rival’s in one final attack. Flattening her foe’s breast, knotting her foe’s clit, and raping her foe’s mouth, Kate forced the final moan of passion out of her foe. Digging her red nails into her rival’s lush ass, Kate felt the redhead’s legs wrapped around her instinctively, as the blonde slammed Carla into the wall. Finally, it came. A hot stream of female cum jetted from Carla’s cunt, followed by more powerful explosions as Kate pounded her victorious sex into the redhead’s defeated cunt. The redhead thrashed wildly against the blonde, clawing Kate’s back as she screamed into the blonde’s mouth. Thick drool ran down Carla’s chin as the redhead tilted her head back, away from Kate’s hungry lips and moaned into the empty air above them. Milk leaked from the redhead’s ample breasts as Kate’s firmer pair crushed them. Taking one last look at her rival’s beautiful face as she pulled her lips away from the quivering redhead, Kate released her hold on her foe. Carla fell, sliding against the wall and landing in the floor with a loud thud. The gasping redhead’s half-opened eyes stared blankly at the space in from of her as cum continued to squirt from her defeated pussy.

“Can you make a woman come like that?” Kate demanded cruelly. The gorgeous blonde’s lower belly was covered with the redhead’s juices. Cocking her cunt forward, the blonde grabbed the redhead’s silky mane with both hands, and forced the sitting redhead’s lips onto her throbbing, victorious clit. The blonde didn’t hear the redhead’s muffled cry of humiliation and defeat as her mind exploded from the sensation of victory, and erupted all over the redhead’s spectacular lips.