TWO in the BUSH - by DJH

Amanda Vail was 27, a pretty 5’8” long-haired blonde who taught 7th Grade English at Meadowoods Middle School. Quiet and bespectacled, thin at about 125 lbs, she was liked by both students and the other teachers, although she never seemed to socialize much. Three doors down the hall was the 8th grade Math room of Beth Kyser. Like Amanda she was 125 lbs and perhaps a half-inch taller than her than younger by a year colleague. Her long auburn hair, like the English teachers, went well past her shoulders. The two women were not close friends but had always been friendly and pleasant to each other in the three years they had worked together, and now and then had double-dated with a pair of high-school teachers, but in the main they tended to their work, their hobbies, and their own private, intensely personal secret fetish.

And it was that fetish that had the two women standing in the schools’ wrestling room, naked as the day they were born, arms hanging loosely at their sides, preparing to wage a bitter and unquestionably painful war. But the story truly begins slightly earlier that day, when the secret both women had held closely guarded for years had been revealed to the other.

It was the last day of school, when parties were thrown and games and contests were held outside. It had been a tradition for each class to throw a teacher from each grade level into the mud pit used for the tug-of-war and a rainstorm two days before had made it extra slimy. By the luck of the draw and the secret vote of the student groups organizing the party, it happened to be Amanda and Beth who were chosen, and despite their struggles, first one and then a few minutes later the other was covered head to foot in mud. As the party ended and students rushed to catch their buses or say goodbye to friends, the two bedraggled and filthy schoolteachers walked towards the gymnasium to shower. The 6th grade teacher, a male, had wisely brought a change of clothing and towels, so by the time the two ladies reached the girl’s locker and shower room, the school was deserted and quiet, not to ring again with voices for three months.

The messy pair chatted as they approached the gym; but as they reached the locker room their voices went silent. Amanda moved to one side of the locker room and Beth the other. Both turned their backs to the other as they stripped their dirty clothes off and then both did a strange thing; the pair edged sideways toward the shower, trying hard not to show it but keeping their backs and buttocks facing each other. This strange tableau continued in the shower room--both took positions on opposite sides of the room at the shower head farthest away and continued to face away from the other. Neither commented on the other’s seemingly strange behavior--in fact, neither said much of anything.

Amanda finished first and being the farthest away from the exit began to sidle silently towards the opening. Beth did not hear her fellow teacher and assumed she had left the shower room. So she also began backing, straight back as it were, toward the door-and Amanda.

Nothing might have occurred except for a bumping of hips or buttocks, hasty apologies, and secrets kept; but that what not what the fates had in store. A small sliver of soap lay in Beth’s’ path. Her right foot hit it and she lost her balance, stumbling backward with her arms flailing to keep her balance. The sound alerted Amanda, too late, as Beth collided heavily with her and both women tripped over the others bare legs and went down, ending up on their sides facing the other.

Both began to move quickly to get up and turn away; then first Amanda and then Beth slowed and stopped, their eyes riveted on the site before their eyes.

Not the breasts; they were both well shaped 33B’s with small, round nipples. Not the legs or feet, both long and muscular from evening aerobics; not even their vaginal and clitoral areas, which were quite normal in every way. It was the hair that covered the pubic region that both women’s eyes were locked on.

To say they were hairy is a gross understatement; the hair was long and thick and full, covering their cunts and clits so thoroughly that they could not be seen. It extended onto their thighs and upwards their navels and down the narrow crack between vagina and anus. Despite the huge mass, now wet and glistening, it was clean, brushed and obviously well taken care of; Beth noted, with an emotion she could not yet define, that Amanda had curled some of the strands--as had she. Still silent, the two moved toward their lockers, this time facing the other, eyes at crotch level, voices still silent.

They reached their lockers, but instead of sitting down, cleaning their clothing and departing, both stayed standing and staring. Beth’s emotions were becoming more defined now; embarrassment at being discovered, amazement that Amanda sported a bush, lighter in color, but in every way equal to hers-which she had been growing and pampering since puberty, and something else: jealousy, anger, rage, and then hatred. How DARE she have done this, tried to show me up, tried to show she’s a better woman than I! In the other corner Amanda was feeling the same emotional tidal wave, and the two women’s’ faces hardened. What was to come made little rational sense; but when one’s lifelong fetish is suddenly rocked and challenged, rationality often takes leave.

“Not bad, Beth, but mine is fuller and thicker” said Amanda
“No way, Mandy, that your ugly clump matches my perfect pubes” retorted Beth
“Mine is better than yours in every way” sneered Amanda, pushing her hips forward to accentuate the incredibly lush growth.
“Not in a million years” jeered Beth, matching Amanda’s provocative position.

Rage possessed Amanda; how dare this, this, CUNT compare her own little hairball with my pussy hair, the longest, fullest, and finest in the world. “Better pull that cunt of yours back, bitch, or I just might have to clean in out for you.” “I’d love to see you try; asshole” snarled Beth “because I’d snatch those measly hairs off your puss before you could blink.” By now all reason had been lost and both women were ready to throw themselves at the other; but the concrete floor they stood on caused Beth to pause and think and she said, “The wrestling room.” Amanda nodded and walked down the corridor between the boys and girls locker rooms, to the side room in-between. The room was covered with mats and padding, used by the wrestling team. Striding to the center of the room, Amanda turned to see Beth facing her, arms at her sides, about 6 feet away. It was here that this story began--now we move onward.

The truth be told, neither girl had ever been in a fight in her life, especially one where her most treasured possession was at stake. There was also some shyness at their own and the other’s nudity, as both were virgins, having been unwilling to share their fetish with any of the men they had dated. But as the stares returned to the abundance below the waist, the rage, the jealousy, the hatred came flooding back, obscuring all reason and manners. Slowly, arms outstretched, the two women moved at one another.

They grasped arms, straining against each other; both gasped as round, erect nipples touched. The first contact of pussy hair was electric and both jumped back, momentarily shocked at this intimate duel. Amanda moved first, closing the distance and allowing her bush to invade Beth’s; Beth at first tried to move away but seeing Amanda smile, she glared and shoved her hips forward, bringing the light and dark hair into full contact. For five minutes they bumped and ground away, a few dead hairs falling out as each others thick pussy acted like a comb, running through the others dense growth. Both had begun to breathe more quickly and shallowly, but neither really noticed the additional swelling occurring to the folds of skin below the masses of hair. After a particularly hard bump together, the two broke apart and stared at each other, noses barely two feet apart. By now all inhibitions were gone--each saw in the other a mortal foe to be defeated and humiliated.

Beth reached slowly down with her right arm, almost caressing hers rival’s pubic hair. Amanda’s eyes narrowed but she stood still, alert and ready for instant retaliation. Beth smiled and ran her tongue along her lips as her thumb and finger separated and grasped but two or three hairs out of the superabundance between her rival’s legs. Suddenly she yanked, hard and viciously. Although only a tiny amount of pussy hair came away, the short, sharp little pain caused Amanda’s eyes to widen. Moving her right hand, she likewise grasped several strands from Beth’s huge hairpie and yanked them out. Three more rounds of little pinpricks went by before Beth, with a cry of rage and hate, drove both hands full into Amanda’s bush, with Amanda not a second behind her.

Both women screamed as their pride and joys were savagely pulled at; neither tried to defend themselves but put everything into the effort to defoliate their foe’s forest of follicles. But while extremely painful and contributing to the bits of hair now falling to the mats below, the tactic was not as effective as the two young women had hoped; when the yanking by one got too hard, her enemy simply closed the distance between them, leaving her rival no leverage to pull the hair out in clumps; in this way the two described a weird, brutal dance as they moved each other round the room. Both yelled and cursed each other as tears appeared in their eyes; fingers pulling at hair occasionally brushed vaginal folds or their ripe and now erecting clitorises. After four minutes of this activity, the two broke apart by mutual consent. Their breathing was labored and the sweat now covered their bodies, giving both a sheen that glistened on their tan bodies. Light and Dark hair now lay on the floor like a light covering, but to look at the two forests between their legs, it was as if no hair had been lost at all. It was obvious to both girls that to continue the battle this way would take too long and be too painful to reach a decision. While Beth thought about how she could finish off Amanda, she saw her rival smile and slip out the door. “Where is she going” thought Beth “I don’t believe she is giving up.” Two minutes passed and Amanda reappeared. She had been down the hall to the shop class room, and in her hand were two bottles of stick-tite glue--the glue that bonds anything--non toxic. With a challenging look in her eye, Amanda tossed one of the bottles towards Beth, who caught it and stared back at Amanda. The meaning was obvious; at any other time she would have come back to her senses and left the room, left Amanda, and kept her hair and her dignity. But she was mad, mad beyond common sense; her pussy hurt and the reason for that pain and her rage was standing, sneering, in front of her. Quickly unscrewing the cap, Beth began rubbing the liquid into and around her pubes. Amanda quickly copied her.

Tubes empty, the two rivals moved together, hips outthrust to once again blend blonde and black pussy hairs together. For anyone else this strange dueling technique would have failed for lack of sufficient contact surface; but the incredible density of both women’s thatches made it work. Two full minutes they allowed the glue to do its work; a slight tug at that milepost showed that for the moment, the two were like Siamese twins, joined at the most personal area a woman has. Hands entwined and also bonded as the glue left on them did its job. Eyes stared deeply into eyes as each searched for fear in their opponent, secretly hoping to find it and avoid what was coming; but neither backed down. As the two minutes expired, Amanda made the first move. Eyes wide in hatred, she spit full into Beth’s face, screamed “BITCH” and threw her hips back, yanking Beth with her. Stunned then enraged, Beth let fly with a wad of her own spit, screamed “CUNT” back in the face of her foe and tugged back. Battle was now joined in earnest.

Neither girl moved much; both concentrated on pulling her hips backward so as to exert the most pressure and pain on the others bush. Amanda took an early advantage, Beth being pulled forward and, bent at the hips, was unable to pull with as much strength as Amanda. Desperate, Beth thrust her hips forward instead, which by chance shoved her vagina lips into Amanda’s, causing the fair-haired girl to lose concentration and give Beth the advantage. Amanda retaliated with a pussy shot of her own and soon both women had returned to the upright position in this macabre and savage tug-of-war. Breasts now brushed against breasts as stomachs met and pushed each other in and out in time with the rasping breaths. Beth began to gain an advantage again; as Amanda moved forward to counter the overwhelming pain in her groin, she slipped in one of the puddles of sweat and crashed heavily into Beth, causing both ladies to hit the mat, Amanda on top.

Hands now above their heads locked in a trial of strength, bodies in full and intimate contact, Beth and Amanda wrestled across the room, first one on top then the other. From the prone position they did not have the leverage to do much damage in the bonded area; but the feel of naked body sliding and grappling with naked body, nipples wrestling and entwined with nipple, began to arouse the women with emotions they had not expected or experienced, except from personal stimulation at home late at night. Breathing became shorter and deeper while cheeks flushed and tongues licked lips gone suddenly dry. For a few moments, the two teachers forgot their rage as something else began to build inside of them; but the Beth, currently on top, moved to sit up and the mutual pain to the pussies brought the feelings of hate and anger back to the fore. Coming off the floor with her rival, Amanda and Beth found themselves sitting up, Beth sitting in Amanda’s lap. Slowly now, eyes never leaving the other, they slowly moved their legs so that right leg crossed on top of rivals’ left, breasts touching and cunts fully locked. Not much hair was visible on the floor--that which had been yanked out was still attached to her enemy’s cunt hair, as prisoners of war, so to speak. From this position both began to pull backwards, leaning back as far as they could stand and then bumping together as the strain became too great. Screams and sobs now echoed through the room as both women fought to denude their opponent once and for all. The screams also masked the sensual emotions being felt, despite the tremendous pain and suffering, as now damp cunts squished into cunts and clits, now fully erect, were brushed by hair and occasionally the other’s clit. The battle became more and more brutal, both leaning back farther and farther, both pulling harder and harder, pushing the mats with their feet to get maximum drive, breasts flopping and nipples waggling as the two humped and cried and pushed.....

Suddenly, the two cunts, tied together so closely, popped apart with an audible tearing sound. So great was the effort that their hands, by now so sweaty that the glue had lost it’s edge, popped apart and the pair fell heavily back on the mat, legs still intertwined but cunts now several feet apart.

Amanda was aware at first only of great pain; both from between her legs, where agony jolted her senses again and again, and in her heart, for that pain could only mean she had lost; lost to Beth, lost that which she had nurtured and cared for and protected all these years; lost to a stronger, better, cunt. She could hear Beth sobbing, as loudly as Amanda’s own cries, and thought “well, at least I hurt her some.” Slowly, she sat up to see the damage, as Beth also reared up off of the mat to inspect the results. What the two saw caused them to gasp in amazement and temporarily forget their pain.

In between the diamond formed by their legs was a huge hairball, black and blonde hair all mixed together and forming an untidy and sticky mess. The two women’s’ cunts were a mess, with 80% of the hair gone, the remaining scattered in ugly, tattered clumps, often with a tuft of her rivals’ bush attached to it. Both women looked at the ruin of their pussy hair, so carefully and manically taken care of over the years; then looked at the obscene mass between them; then at each other. And suddenly, without warning, they began to laugh.

It was loud and full and hysterical and the two laughed until they cried, tears streaming down cheeks and with eyes wide and slightly unbalanced. Finally, they wore down and looked at each other once again. For two women who had been locked in the most intimate mortal combat three minutes before, it was almost a shy look. Then Beth, moving hesitantly forward, lightly kissed Amanda on the lips. Somewhat to her surprise, Amanda did not recoil but instead opened her mouth and the pair’s tongues caressed and rubbed against the others. The kiss was finally broken, and the two resumed staring at the other--but with a look that could only be described as lustful.

“I guess I’d better shave the rest of this mess off” said Beth. “Me too,” Amanda replied. “I think there are razors and cream in the coaches’ office.” Climbing slowly to their feet, the two women stood facing the other, nipples touching. “You shave me and I shave you?” queried Amanda. “As long as you’re as gentle as I plan to be” smiled Beth. Faces moved together and arms encircled chests as the two women once again kissed long and deep. A fetish had been discarded; a lifestyle had been discovered; all in all, a most equitable trade.