Friday night finally arrived. The days leading up to it were cordial, but distant. June’s attitude toward me was luke warm at best. Then for some reason, when the big day arrived, she perked up. When we were just about out the door, her mood seemed almost anticipatory.

Just as we were about to leave, June then did what I liked to call her “final fuss.” She was ready. But she was compelled, by forces that I do not understand, to look herself over one last time in the mirror in our foyer. I grumbled about it all the time but never really minded, as it gave me one last opportunity to fully appreciate the goddess to whom I was married. Then came the inevitable question that I’d answered millions of times.

“How do I look?”

“The same way you look every time you ask me that same question...”

She interrupted me with her best pouty look. The one that always drove me nuts.

“OK. You look amazing June. You always look amazing. Every time you ask me that question, the answer is always the same. A MAZ ING! How many times must I answer this question?”

“Every time I ask it.” came her terse response. She then looked at me and smiled, gave me the sexy wink and then was out the door. I don’t know if anybody’s noticed this before, but women are rather odd creatures.

Driving west on Main street, we had to briefly get on the mid town expressway. After two exits going north, I took the third. I have no idea how I knew this, or how I knew I was going the right way. I understood now that I was being guided at a metaphysical level, most likely by the dark haired beauty Lady Bianca. After a right turn off the exit, things began to look familiar.

My amazement at this was interrupted by June, who, for most of the ride had been silent. Not an angry silent. Just silent. As though she was contemplating how this all might turn out. A couple more blocks and I spotted Ethereal Lane. I made a right turn, slowed down and pulled up in front of the house.

“She’s beautiful, isn’t she Steve?”

“I’m sorry hon, I was concentrating on not getting us lost.”

“Lady Bianca. She’s quite beautiful, isn’t she?” We pulled into the driveway, and I put the car into park. Her question was rhetorical. I answered it anyway.

“Yes, June. She’s very beautiful. How did you know?”

“I just know.” I waited for the uncomfortable “is she as pretty as me?” question. It never came. In truth, June seemed OK with my acknowledgement of Lady Bianca’s beauty. I shut off the engine, and we alighted. Now on Lady Bianca’s porch, we stood waiting.

“Aren’t you going to knock?” June asked.

“No need. She knows we’re here.” June looked puzzled. Then the door slowly opened. The lady appeared, looking exquisite. June’s facial expression was that of astonishment. Her jaw dropped. The two women connected immediately with their eyes. Salutations were exchanged, and then she welcomed both of us, inviting us in.

“So happy that you decided to come. Enter, please.” she said, smiling at me, then at June. We removed our jackets in the foyer. I hadn’t noticed in our foyer because she had her jacket on. June wasn’t displaying any cleavage, but the blouse she was wearing definitely emphasized the size and fullness of her breasts. Knowing that I would get a rise out of her, I whispered into her ear.

“That’s a great blouse, honey. Is it new?” She punched me in the arm, knowing I’d seen it many times before. In seconds, we were in the room that I first saw earlier this week. Something was different.

“Your table is gone.” I observed, as both June and I stood in the center of the softly lit living room.

“We won’t be needing it.” She turned to us again, smiling at me then turning to my wife. Without any qualms, she took June’s hands into hers. June did not seem to mind. She even returned the hands caress. For whatever the reason, June seemed very comfortable with the dark haired beauty. She engendered trust, while emitting an unmistakable air of female sensuality. June seemed caught up in it. I wondered if June was sexually turned on by her. Male or female, who wouldn’t be?

“So, this is the beautiful June.” she said, honestly admiring my wife’s beauty, which I felt matched hers. Not that I’m biased or anything. These were two hot women, scoping each other out, immersing themselves in each other’s beauty. Now I wondered if Lady Bianca was sexually turned on by my wife. Once again, who wouldn’t be?

“Steve told me that you were quite beautiful too, Lady Bianca. He was right.” My now comfortable and totally unpredictable wife responded. They smiled at each other. A genuine smile, not faked. Lady Bianca seemed thrilled by my wife’s striking beauty. June seemed mesmerized by the Lady.

Next, June blew my mind by reaching out and running the fingers of her left hand through Lady Bianca’s long, raven tresses. As June’s fingers slowly worked their way through her thick black hair, the lady closed her eyes, as if to enjoy the sensuality of the gesture, and to get a sense of my wife.

“Do you like my hair?” She needn’t have asked. June’s response was immediate.

“It’s so soft and silky. Just beautiful, as are you.”

The lady responded wordlessly, giving June a look that might have annoyed me, if this whole situation wasn’t so incredibly erotic. There was definitely chemistry between the two women. There was heat between the two beauties. I found it tantalizing. I could not, nor would not object.

From the introductions, the Lady guided us to a large, soft mat that seemed to have a soft padding underneath, after we had both removed our shoes and sox. We formed a kind of triangle, but there was no doubt the two women were the most important angles.

Sensing that my function here was observation only, I watched as the two sat and faced each other with their legs folded, knees touching and eyes locked. I took the opportunity to observe Lady Bianca’s attire. She was definitely into the gypsy motif tonight. Her long black tresses poured out of the red bandana on her head. Her hair was beautiful. It was a striking contrast to June’s long wavy red hair. Indeed, the similarities and contrasts between the two women was a delicious site. For example, June’s creamy, alabaster skin was a delicious contrast to Lady Bianca’s soft, olive toned flesh, which was made visible by her off the shoulder cream colored peasant blouse. The blouse did not emphasize her chest, but I’m almost certain that June knew their breasts were equal in size. The rest of her attire screamed Gypsy fortune teller.

This mutual appraisal continued over several longer, silent moments. But my wife seemed at ease with this woman of mystery. Indeed, she seemed enchanted by her. Lady Bianca then reached out and gently cupped June’s beautiful face in her hands. She then separated her hands and ran the fingertips of both hands evenly down each side of June’s face, staring at the forehead, then down to the temples, around her ears and then circling back up, then down her cheeks and under her jaw, returning to the original cupping position. All the while, June’s eyes were closed, as though she was surrendering to the experience.

My enigmatic wife. In a setting where I thought she would be at the least skeptical, she now seemed totally relaxed and into it.

“June.” Lady Bianca spoke, as June opened her eyes to once again meet the lady’s eyes.

“I can sense that you are ready and willing to let go. Is this correct?”

“Yes, Lady Bianca. I am.”

“Do you wish to proceed to the next step?”

“Yes, Lady Bianca.”

“You must be certain of this, June. Are you certain?” The lady wanted to know.

“I’m certain.”

“Is your trust in me complete and unfettered?”

“Yes, Lady Bianca. It is indeed.”

“Then let’s proceed.”

To be continued