By A. Penman

Claire Timmons’ official title was Project Manager/Creative Director of “Timeless Beauty” magazine, a monthly publication that was considered one of the more elegant “gentleman’s” publications. Her job was to come up with creative ideas for photo shoots and then bring them to fruition at or under budget. In other words, she was under almost constant pressure to do the impossible. But, she loved her work.

The current project was a beach shoot. And while the idea of a nude photo session on a beach was not at all new, it was the subjects of the session that she was counting on to infuse new life and sensuality into an old cliché. Even though her degree was in business, Claire had discovered that she much preferred the creative side of magazine publication. She had even enrolled in some beginning photography courses with the ultimate goal of dropping the financial side and completely immersing herself in the creative process. Her staff of photographers, lighting technicians and makeup artists was always willing to explain parts of their process to her, which also helped. There was only one drawback to her job. Even though it offered endless opportunities to photograph beautiful women in the nude, too often it seemed that her unofficial title was “peacekeeper.”

This day was no different as she once again found herself standing between two women attempting to defuse a situation. This time however, it was not just two women. She was attempting to mitigate a heated argument between her two most popular and elegant ladies. It was time for Claire to take control. Time to take them aside and issue a stern warning. Portia and Miriam were her two top models, and with good reason. Simply stated, they were considered the two most beautiful and desirable women in adult modeling. Certainly they were, hands down, the two most popular women among the magazine’s fan base. They were the most in demand, and they commanded the highest fees per shoot. Each woman possessed large, perfectly shaped breasts and toned sculpted bodies. Each of them a tall, statuesque brunette with long hair and dark, seductive eyes. In a word, they were both exquisite. And even that was an understatement.

Claire had done a number of two girl photo sessions, but these two women were special. They were so beautiful and so evenly matched physically that Claire had long imagined bringing these two women together. Not to mention the fact that shoots of this nature, with either subtle or overt lesbian themes, were always immensely popular in men’s’ magazines. Claire knew this. It was her intent to include several shots with actual body contact, especially between their breasts. Men salivated over stuff like this. And lately, it seemed like more and more hot women were willing to do girl/girl photo sessions. She planned to take full advantage of this rapidly growing and highly popular trend. Indeed, Portia and Miriam had often expressed admiration for each other and the desire to do a nude photo shoot together. It seemed like a no brainer. Everyone involved thought it was a great idea. And it was. As least in its conception.

But when the two beauties finally met, there was unexpected, palpable tension between them. It seemed as though each of them was jealous of the attention being paid to the other. And as one could have predicted with two women of such striking physical attributes, there was an undertone of whose body was the best. It was female cattiness to be sure, but the heat between them just could not be denied. With each day it kept evolving. Sometimes it provoked sarcastic remarks, causing the crew to become nervous and uncomfortable. Claire’s patience finally ran out when the two naked goddesses pushed each other’s buttons enough to provoke a shouting match.

The tension was incredible! Everyone on the set capable of getting a boner had one as the two busty goddesses squared off face to face, hands on hips and erect nipple to erect nipple. The entire crew thought that things might erupt into a naked catfight which, under any other circumstance might have been a very sexy thing to witness. In this situation however, it would have been totally counterproductive. Besides, these two women made their livings with their perfect bodies. Scratches and bruises just would not do.

So, as she had done so many times before, Claire stepped in before things got nasty. She was already annoyed because the shoot was going to be postponed due to predicted rain for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and most of Monday. And according to labor rules, in spite of the rain delays, everyone stayed on the payroll. This would seriously stretch the budget. But this was Claire’s fault. She was the one responsible for orchestrating all photo projects. The idea of finally getting Portia and Miriam together so excited her that she neglected the “minor” detail of checking a long range weather forecast. The only reason she didn’t bag the project was because she knew in her gut that any photo layout with these two women would push magazine sales through the roof. But her two stars couldn’t seem to get along and it was time for her to step into the fray, as she had done so many times before.

“Ladies. A word. Both of you...NOW!” She took the two women aside and addressed them away from the crew.

“Ladies I don’t need to tell you I’ve enjoyed working with each of you individually in the past. You’re both so beautiful and, until now, both very professional. It took a lot of schedule jockeying to get the two of you here together on the same set. You both expressed a desire to work together and everyone was ecstatic to learn that this was finally going to happen. But given the way you two are acting, I’m beginning to wonder if maybe this was a huge mistake.”

Claire paused thoughtfully to study their reaction to what she was saying. Both sets of eyes were furtive, giving the impression of two children being scolded. Claire was not known as a tough taskmaster. However, in this case she saw the need for assertiveness. But that was not going to be easy, as she found herself confronting two completely naked women whose magnificent bodies were still glistening in the afternoon sun from a combination of oil and perspiration.

It should be noted here that Claire herself was quite a beauty. As a tall blonde with ice blue eyes and a killer body, she had been offered multiple opportunities to pose nude. She decided against that as she felt she had enough to keep her busy on her end of things. But, as a tall blonde with ice blue eyes and a killer body, she had also been the recipient of multiple sexual overtures from many folks in the industry. Most intriguing to her were the number of women who wanted to lock thighs and grind with her. Having seen so many magnificent women naked on the set, the thought of such a sexy encounter was always in the back of her mind and remained truly erotic. But she was never quite sure if they wanted to fuck because they liked her, or just to help advance their careers. So she politely passed on that too.

Ah...but then there was the gorgeous redhead Rebecca, for whom she had deeply repressed longings, and with whom she would have bedded down anytime, anywhere, no matter what the motivation. That opportunity, however, had never presented itself. But that was another story. Right now she needed to restore peace and get these two women in line. She needed for the next day of shooting to go smoothly. It wouldn’t be easy, but over the years Claire had developed skills in defusing friction between two women. She made a decision on how to accomplish this.

"It’s supposed to rain for the next three to four days, which means the two of you will have some time off. I’m sending the crew back into town, but you two will have the beach house all to yourselves. I expect the two of you to take this opportunity to work out whatever it is that’s causing this friction. Unprofessional behavior won’t be tolerated ladies. If you can’t figure out how to get along, then that will be the end of this project for both of you.” The two women seemed to understand, but Claire continued to make her point. “Do you realize how many beautiful women with big tits there are out there who would love to do this photo shoot? I make a couple of phone calls and this beach will have more big boobs on it than a Russ Meyer film. Understand?” Claire paused thoughtfully, and then came up with a stroke of genius. “I have an idea!” she beamed.

Miriam and Portia both looked at her in anticipation. Claire then continued.

“A few miles up the coastline there’s a very small, intimate inn and restaurant. I’m good friends with the owner. I’m going to make a call and the two of you will have dinner there tonight. My treat. There’s nothing like an intimate dinner to relax two people. I want my two top models to come together as women and friends. I want the two of you to truly bond. So get used to each other’s company because you’re going be together for the entire weekend, starting tonight.”

The two women reluctantly agreed, then brought up the fact that they might be recognized.

“Don’t worry girls. Like I said, it’s a very intimate place. You’ll have privacy. And by the way my friend Sal the owner is a world class chef. So there’ll be great food and great wine. I’m sure that he or any of the staff will help you with the wine list. Hopefully, tonight will be a wonderful night for you ladies and a great start to a weekend of fun and reconciliation. That word again is RECONCILIATION. Got it, ladies?” Claire stressed.

They both looked sheepishly at her. “We understand.” both women said, simultaneously.

“Very good! Because when the sun comes out on Tuesday I expect the two of you to be on the set and ready to work together harmoniously. Understood?” There was a pause.

They both shook their heads.

“OK, group hug! Come on ladies.” Claire said, opening her arms.

Portia and Miriam then entered Claire’s embrace. For the briefest of moments, Claire felt intense pleasure flowing through her loins as her tits mashed with both women’s bare chests in a three way tandem boob press. What knockers these two had!!!

The embrace ended quickly, but it was full of good vibes and noticeable titty rubbing. All three women felt tingling. A little flustered, Claire broke off the hug, smiled at them and walked away, satisfied that she had planted the seed of fellowship and oneness. What she hadn’t considered was that “reconciliation” was a rather broad term. Resolution of a situation such as this could happen in the most interesting of ways. Portia and Miriam turned to glare at each other. Both beauties knew what needed to happen. Both were now aware that the smoldering sexual jealousy and lust between them was about to explode and needed to be dealt with. Portia then made an off handed observation.

“Wow! Claire’s got really nice tits!”

“You noticed that too, Portia?”

“Oh my yes!”

“They were much bigger and fuller than I thought. Great tits!” Miriam said enthusiastically. They looked at each other, lost for words.

“Well, I guess we should head back to the changing rooms and get ready for dinner, Miriam.”

“I’m looking forward to tonight, Portia.” Miriam said with sarcasm dripping from her words.


Portia turned the key and opened the front entrance of the beach house. She was followed closely inside by Miriam. Both women looked around for lighting. Eventually, the darkened living room became illuminated. The place had an eclectic theme, but it was comfortable and well appointed. Two beautiful and rather comfortable looking wicker chairs were placed in front of the large picture window in the living room, offering whoever sat in them both stylish comfort and a lovely view of the moon over the water.

After assessing the surroundings, Portia located a fully stocked bar and came back to the living room with two glasses of cognac.

“Thanks for the thought Portia, but I might not be able to finish this. I’ve already had more wine in one night than I normally drink in a week.”

The wine that the Sommelier at Sal’s Inn had chosen for them was the best either woman had ever had. It was a Rhone style blend and it was delicious and they drank plenty of it. But they had also eaten very well. Remarkably, they were not drunk. The dinner had been everything Claire said it would be, and then some. It was an absolute feast!

“I certainly understand. I drank quite a bit myself. But I was hoping this would loosen us up.”

“Really? Why?” Miriam asked.

“So that we can get in the mood for some ‘reconciliation.” Portia explained.

Miriam nodded in agreement. She felt a twinge of excitement shoot through her loins. They clinked glasses and sipped. Cloud cover had not yet rolled in, so they were able to sit and watch the moon from the chairs. It was quite inspirational.

“That was a wonderful dinner.” Miriam observed.

“I agree. It was a delightful experience. Claire was right.” added Portia.

“Claire is a wise woman...with a great set of tits.” Miriam summarized. Portia chuckled. “To Claire.” They clinked their glasses again. Finishing off their drinks, they turned and studied each other. Each one trying to read the other.

“Why don’t we get started?” suggested Miriam in a dusky voice. Now Portia felt tingling in her nether regions.

“Let’s go check out the master bedroom.” she suggested.

“Indeed, let’s.” agreed Miriam. In the bedroom, both women scrutinized everything. The gorgeous king sized bed got both women’s attention almost immediately. The two beauties glared at each other. Tension was returning. Heat was returning. Body heat. Something needed to happen soon.

“So, Portia. Which one of us gets this bedroom?”

“I guess we’ll have to decide.” There was an exciting treachery in Portia’s voice that sent a shiver through Miriam.

“What do you have in mind?” Miriam asked.

Portia responded in no uncertain terms. Miriam licked her lips as Portia stripped out of her clothes and stood in a naked challenge. Her loins came alive with intensity as she observed Portia’s full tits standing proudly on her thorax.

“I was hoping it was going to come to this.” said Miriam as she slowly removed her clothes. Things were about to become real.

As Portia watched Miriam’s jubilant breasts bounce free from their constraints, she could feel her tits tingle in response. Soon her breasts would be locked in erotic combat with these immense, beautifully shaped tits and just the thought of it aroused her. In her cunt she felt a stinging excitement. Her breasts and her pussy were so ready for this. Her entire body hungered for the full measure of Miriam’s body.

They moved to each other alongside the coveted bed. But both women knew this wasn’t really about who got to sleep in the king sized bed. From the first moment they laid eyes on each other on the set, the desire to match body against body burned inside them. Tonight would be the night.

Portia made the initial overture, forcing herself tit to tit into her rival. Four spectacular breasts crushed together. Nipples collapsed into each other. Two goddesses were about to come together in full body contact. Miriam pushed back. The tone of the confrontation was now set.

“Your tits get all the attention, Portia. But I’m here to assert that mine are just as hot as yours, maybe even hotter.” Miriam stated, defiantly.

“Your tits are pretty amazing Miriam. I can tell that already. But in the end, I doubt if they’ll hold up against my two beauties.”

“Guess we’ll have to see about that, won’t we?” Miriam scoffed, forcing her boobs harder into Portia’s.

Portia wrapped her arms around Miriam’s waist, pulling her tightly into a full body embrace. The surreal thrill of first full body contact caused both women to groan.

“Claire wants us to reconcile our differences, Miriam. She wants us to come together as women.”

“I know that. What’s your point?” Miriam asked with a mix of anger and excitement.

“My point is simple. I’m a whole lot of woman and I don’t think you can handle all this.” Now Portia was just trying to push buttons. And it was working.

“You have got to be kidding Portia. I’m a whole lot of woman too. And so far, you haven’t shown me anything my body can’t handle.”

“Then let’s settle this in bed, slut.”

“In a body lock, woman to woman. That is, if you think YOU’RE woman enough, floozy!” Miriam challenged.

“You are on bitch!” Portia said, accepting Miriam’s challenge. It thrilled her that Miriam was just as eager for them to settle things flesh on flesh.

And with that, both busty goddesses forced their bodies into each other. As they struggled in a tight bear hug that emphasized the mash up of their tits, each woman used her legs to push and pull in an attempt to take the other down. Eventually, they wrestled each other into the bed. All inhibitions flew out the window as the two exquisite beauties became a tangle of arms, legs, breasts and bodies. Locked together, flailing, undulating and totally sexually aroused, the two busty goddesses rolled back and forth in each other’s embrace, grunting lustily and cursing each other. Tits mashed together, bellies slapping and crotches bumping; two hot women in a bare body scrum. This was it! Woman to woman as they had both imagined it would be.

As the heated tussle continued, both women noted in their minds that the level of sexual intensity between them was increasing exponentially. This may have been a “settle things” moment, but both of them were experiencing a level of sexual heat they had never before felt. Lustily the two women threw their bodies into each other, melding flesh as they writhed together in a confusing mixture of hate and unbridled desire.

Portia was slightly surprised when Miriam, now on top, sealed her mouth off in a full open tongue kiss. But she did not hesitate to engage her in a slithery, twisting tongue wrestle. It was so incredibly hot to be intertwined with this woman! It made sense to engage their opened, sucking mouths and saliva juiced tongues in this erotic womanly duel. God, Miriam was an amazing kisser! Portia dug in and kissed back with fervor. It was a kiss like none she’d ever known. She wondered if Miriam was as close to a climax as she was. She fought the urge to ejaculate, at least for the moment.

Then, a sudden shock wave struck her deep in her loins as Miriam upped the ante by slamming and then grinding her smooth sweaty crotch into Portia’s fully aroused cunt. Bam! Another challenge. The ultimate confrontation between two women. It was as if Miriam was saying “how far are you willing to take this?”

Portia was a bit apprehensive. She’d heard about such confrontations and how intense they could be. But she wasn’t about to back down from any challenge, in spite of how incredibly hot the contact between the two cunts was. She wasn’t about to let another woman’s cunt dominate her cunt. Maybe a fuck fight was the solution. She rolled Miriam onto her back then pushed away.

“What!? Are you quitting on me already you bitch?”

“Oh hell no, slut. If that sweet pussy of yours wants to tangle, I’ll gladly accommodate you. But lets do it right. Scoot up a bit and spread your legs.”

Miriam looked puzzled, but did as Portia requested. When Portia slid her long legs into hers and the scissor position was established, Miriam recognized it immediately and felt a strong mix of excitement and trepidation. She had also heard about woman to woman scissor fucks but had never been a participant in such an encounter. However, it made sense that she and Portia should settle matters between them with their swollen labia conjoined. She was ready. Her womanly pussy ached for the satisfaction of full contact.

“Yes indeed, Portia. Let’s do this the right way.” Exclaimed Miriam.

“I’m going to enjoy this Miriam. Your cunt is pretty hot looking, but I hope you won’t be too disappointed when my cunt devours it.” Portia bragged.

“In your dreams bitch! My pussy can handle anything your pussy brings. Let’s do this. Cunt to cunt, woman to woman.” Miriam retorted.

Portia nodded and reached out with her hand. Miriam took her hand and the two women moved their fulsome cunts into position, stopping just shy of touching. They both looked down excitedly at the two glistening gladiators that were about to engage in fiery sexual combat. Both women wondered how it could be that such intense heat existed between their two cunts, yet both women understood the inevitability of this encounter. They looked deeply into each other’s eyes. Then something occurred to Portia.

“Is this your first cunt match?” She asked.

Miriam sensed that it was a sincere question and replied honestly.

“Yes. You?” She returned the question.

“Yeah, me too.” Portia admitted.

“ do we know if we’re doing it correctly, Portia?”

“Oh, I think it’ll come to us.” Portia said, wryly.

“Then let’s do it! Let’s find out who the better woman is. Let’s fuck and fight with our cunts, you sorry ass rookie.” Miriam taunted.

“Who you calling rookie? Let’s lock up, bitch!” Portia challenged.

“I made the initial challenge, remember? My cunt is ready for yours.” scoffed Miriam.

“And you’re going to be sorry you made that challenge, you cheap slut.” Portia jeered.

“Then come get you some of this hot pussy, cunt!!!” Miriam said, throwing down the gauntlet. She waited for Portia’s forward thrust, then...holy shit!!! Contact!

Portia felt a sense of satisfaction when Miriam squealed at the first full meeting of their pussies. But she could tell immediately that this was not going to be a cake walk. Miriam’s cunt was formidable. She threw her head back, overwhelmed by the new sensations. Miriam’s cunt was thick and lush, wet and welcoming. She could feel her pussy being sucked into its fleshy folds. The feeling was mind blowing! Lips to lips, the two succulent cunts began to work their way deeply into each other.

Miriam’s concern over whether or not they would know what to do now seemed unfounded. This meeting of cunts was evolving naturally. She instinctively knew how to move and lock her cunt to Portia’s cunt. And she could feel that Portia was having no trouble figuring things out. Her cunt was now on fire. Portia’s cunt seemed to be able to handle her cunt quite well. This was going to be a fuck like none she’d ever before experienced, and she loved every delicious nuance.

As she and Portia looked deeply into each other’s eyes, Miriam wondered why she had never before surrendered to this. Scissoring was fast becoming one of the hottest activities between women in general and models in particular. And certainly, many other beautiful models had offered to scissor and grind with her. She made up her mind right then to further explore this exciting avenue of female expression. But right now, she had some personal business to attend to. She simply HAD to take Portia down. It was a matter of pride. But, as hot as her rival was, she knew this would be a battle to the finish.

Miriam went down on her back and pulled on Portia’s right leg, using leverage to force her thick cunt deeper into locked combat with Portia’s fulsome cunt. Portia then followed suit and stretched out on her back and pulled on Miriam’s right leg, wanting to create as much interface as possible between the two warring female organs. Two women, grinding their swollen pussies into each other, writhing in sexual lust. The delicious noises of two thick lipped, horny cunts seared together in this wet and womanly battle were astounding to hear. The pure sexual lust the two women were now feeling for each other was more than either woman had anticipated. In their minds, each was determined to out fuck the other.

Portia dug in. She used her pelvis rhythmically, sliding her labia into Miriam’s folds. She then felt an electrifying sensation as her rock hard clitoris sunk into the depths of Miriam’s pussy. Miriam felt it too.

“You fucking CUNT!!!” Miriam screamed at her.

“Aww, what’s the matter bitch? Can’t you handle my clit inside you?” Portia scoffed.

“Face it Miriam. You’re losing. My cunt is woman-handling your cunt.” she continued to taunt Miriam.

“My pussy can handle anything you got, whore!” Miriam retorted. She knew instinctively what had to be done.

Miriam summoned all of her willpower and strength and mustered a counter offensive. Rotating her pelvis in an opposing motion and using her thick labia to part the lips of her rival, she slowly sunk her elongated clitoris deeply into the thickness of Portia, returning the favor and feeling the same intoxicating sensations, the thrill of penetration that Portia felt seconds earlier. Portia screamed, as her cunt was invaded by Miriam’s clit.

“Aww...What’s the matter Portia? Can’t you handle my big clit inside your cunt?” Miriam said, returning both the favor and the sarcasm.

“Fuck you!!!” Portia screamed.

Deep within the tight quarters, it didn’t take much maneuvering to bring the two erect girl cocks together. And both women damn near freaked out when that meeting took place. Neither woman had ever matched her clitoris against another woman’s clitoris before. But they both instinctively knew to keep their pelvic rotations slow and tight in order to keep them fully connected. The two innervated shafts squared off from root to tip. The pleasure was excruciating for both women. This connection was transcendental. The two clitorises then went to war as the two brunettes figured out how to slowly grind and maintain full contact within the flesh lock of swollen labia. Portia then sat up and glared at Miriam. Miriam sat up to face her, ready to respond to anything.

“Do you seriously think that your clit is a match for mine, Portia?”

“I know it is. You’re going down Miriam. Pussy to pussy. I’m taking you down!!!”

“I’ll fight you to the finish Portia, cunt against cunt, clit against clit. You’ll be begging me to stop fucking your cunt.” Miriam shot back.

“Huh! And I’m gonna fuck your cunt so good that you’ll be begging me NOT to stop.” Portia retorted.

“I’m out of caustic remarks, Portia.”

“Yeah, me too. Let’s just fuck.”

“Let’s.” Miriam responded, wrapping her arms around Portia, forcing her tits fully into Portia eager to battle breasts.

The heated sexual war went on, long into the night. In the morning they woke up with their battle weary cunts still locked together. If there was a winner, neither woman knew who had prevailed. The sun could not penetrate the predicted rain clouds, but enough light filtered through to announce the arrival of Saturday morning. Portia awoke first, groggy but aware of her surroundings and what had taken place. She felt Miriam stir, which caused the slightest friction between the two sealed cunts. The next sensation she experienced was an unexpected, uncontrolled orgasm. She then wondered how many times over the course of the long battle they had ejaculated their hot cum into each other’s pussy, then came to the delicious realization that she and Miriam still had three more days together. She wanted more. She needed more. Hopefully, Miriam would be as eager to continue this as she was. At the kitchen table, the two beauties shared a completely silent breakfast that was punctuated by extended periods of eye contact. After the dishes were cleared, they sat back down at the kitchen table and the last of the coffee was consumed. Miriam finally broke the silence.

“What do you want to do today?” she asked, sincerely. Portia thought for a second.

“Well Miriam, why don’t we take a shower first? Then maybe we can grab the umbrellas and walk into town and check out some of those cute shops? That might be fun. What do you think?”

“That does sound like fun. But I have a better idea. Why don’t we take a shower, and then get right back into bed and fuck each other’s brains out? What do you think of that idea, Portia?”

“Hummm...I like it.”


Tuesday morning came all too soon as far as Portia and Miriam were concerned. They had spent the last four days sex fighting and fucking like two savages in heat. They had to consciously work at separating their overheated cunt lips. They had fucked in bed, fucked in the shower, fucked on the bathroom floor, fucked on the living room floor, and they even fucked on the kitchen table, of all places. Neither woman wanted it to end. But it had to end, because work beckoned. By 8:00 AM all the crew had arrived and were busy setting up for the shoot in the glorious morning sun. Everyone seemed in good spirits and eager to get to work. Portia and Miriam each needed to spend a good amount of time with the makeup and hair artists before they even began. Claire was a perfectionist. But Claire was almost always right about how everything should look. Just as the two women were about to join the lighting crew and the photographers, Claire called them over.

“Good morning ladies.” They both returned the greeting. “I hope everything went well for you two over the extended weekend.”

“Things actually went quite well. Don’t you agree, Miriam?” Portia responded.

“We had a lovely time together, bonding as women. Oh, and Claire, the dinner at your friend’s restaurant was spectacular. We both enjoyed it immensely. And we both thank you very much.” added Miriam, effusively.

Claire sensed something, but blew it off. “It was my pleasure ladies. You’re both such remarkable women and I’ve wanted to bring the two of you together for so long. But this shoot won’t work the way I envisioned it if you two can’t get along. Anyway, I’m glad you both had a good time.”

“We did!” Portia replied enthusiastically.

“Well, then. Shall we get down to the business of photographing two beautiful women?” They both nodded and moved to the area where the crew had set up. The photographer asked them to remove their robes. When they did, a collective gasp was heard. “You see the kind of response you two elicit?” Claire said, smiling proudly at her two naked stars. She gave them a wink and thumbs up. “Now, lets’ see some hot stuff ladies.”

The photographer then directed Miriam and Portia to a lovely area of tall grass about a hundred yards from the shoreline. The idea was for them to slowly emerge from behind the grass and face off with each other, fully nude, in poses that suggested contact between their bodies was imminent. Then, the next progression would bring them to the water. Shutters whirred and Claire watched, quite pleased with what she was witnessing. As she watched these two thoroughbreds go through both standard and improvised poses, she understood why they were her most sought after models. What talent! What amazing bodies! The theme of the shoot, two naked goddesses meeting on the beach was exquisitely erotic for her. She felt a bit flush and titillated. Claire decided that it would be best for her to go back to her cabana and finish some paper work before she became noticeably aroused. She wasn’t even there for fifteen minutes when she heard a commotion coming from the shoot. The next thing she heard was the excited voice of one of the lighting crew.

“Claire! Claire!! You have to come see this. NOW!!!” Claire leapt out of her chair, legitimately angry. “What is going on?! Please tell me those two AREN’T fighting!!!”

“You gotta come see!” was all the technician could say.

“What the fuck is going on, Jim? Are they fighting or not?” Claire insisted on knowing. Jim paused and shook his head nervously.

“Well...well...I’m not sure. But I’ll tell you this much. It’s INTENSE!” he stammered, obviously shaken and excited.

“Oh for hells sake!” A frustrated and rather pissed off Claire then bolted to the site. The shoot had progressed to the water line. What she saw when she arrived was astounding! Portia and Miriam were rolling around in the water as waves came crashing in on them. The two women were writhing together in a heated body lock. Every inch of their naked flesh was seared together. The meeting of their breasts and their nude bodies was ardent and impassioned. They stopped between fiery tongue kisses to scream and curse at each other, and then they would resume the kisses as the wet and wild encounter between their bodies continued, causing everyone on the set to gawk in jaw dropping disbelief. Back and forth in the waves they twisted and rolled.

“I’ll go break them up, Claire.” said the on site security person.

“No, no!!! Don’t! Let them have at it!” Insisted an aroused Claire.

“Are you sure?” asked the lead photographer.

“Yes! Keep shooting! Shoot, shoot, shoot!...DO IT!!!”

“Sure thing Claire.” Said the nonplussed photographer.

“They’ve wanted to get busy with each other, so let’s let them go at it. Besides, is there anyone here who doesn’t think that’s hot?” she asked, quickly surveying the team. Claire scanned the group and got no response. “I thought so. Keep shooting!” she exhorted the photographer.

This was something the entire crew was hoping to witness. The photographer fired away as the naked and extremely sexual battle between Portia and Miriam unfolded before their stunned eyes. The waves covered them and then receded as they rolled around body to body. Claire knew that the entire crew was aroused by what they were seeing. She herself felt quite excited as she watched her two top models intimately locked in this sexual brawl. Everyone had gone completely silent. Aside from the rush of the ocean waves and the occasional vituperations coming from the women combatants, the only sound was the rapid fire clicking of the camera’s shutter. Things became surreal as everyone focused on them and the heat between their bodies. Eventually, it came to an end as Miriam and Portia separated and laid side by side on their backs in the aftermath of what everyone guessed was an intense orgasm. The photographer continued to shoot, with a noticeable erection. Claire smiled inwardly. She had hoped for heat between these two, but never thought she’d get anything quite like this. She could not help wondering just what had transpired between the two women over the weekend. A couple of time stretching, jaw dropping seconds passed.

“OK everyone. We’re done here. That’s a wrap.” ordered Claire. The transfixed crew slowly began to pack up. There was an occasional word or two, but mostly stunned silence from everyone. A barefooted Claire went to the waterline and sat down in the sand, hoping that a cool wave or two would chill the heat in her loins. Next to her, Miriam and Portia slowly began to recover from a post-orgasmic stupor. She gave the photographer the sign to leave. A couple of waves arrived and gently caressed her bare legs, wetting her cut off jeans. She noted how sensual this felt and that the water was warmer than expected and that the thrills in her loins had not dissipated.

Miriam and Portia sensed her presence and looked at her.

“Well. Ladies. What can I possibly say? That was unbelievable! Incredible work!” Claire praised them.

“Glad you approved.” Portia said casually. A couple of awkward seconds passed, and then she and Miriam stood up. Claire rose to meet them.

“Ladies, may I ask a question?” Said a suspicious Claire.

“Of course.” Miriam nodded, feeling Claire’s eyes on her still glistening breasts.

“By all means.” Portia chimed in.

“Exactly what went on between you two over the weekend?” They both smiled devilishly and said nothing. The next thing that happened made Claire’s knees weak. Miriam gathered her into her arms. Constrained only by the shirt that was tied underneath them, Claire’s fulsome bosoms met full on with Miriam’s tits. Her naked belly flesh met with Miriam’s smooth tummy. Before she could object, Miriam’s sumptuous mouth was on hers. In a reflexive action, Claire’s tongue sought out Miriam’s luscious counterpart. The kiss lasted several clitoris hardening seconds before Miriam ended it and the embrace.

Claire felt woozy. Miriam nodded to Portia, and before Claire could come to her senses, she was in Portia’s arms. Their mouths came together as Claire now kissed fervently, tongue locked with the beautiful Portia. Through the mental haze she was in, it occurred to Claire that she wished her top would somehow fall off so that she could meet Portia bare breast to bare breast. Portia’s magnificent chest had always been a source of wonder to her. Now, tit to tit with her, Claire wondered if Portia might be willing meet privately and fuck. Hell, she’d have bumped cunts with Miriam too. The odd thing was that of all the women who had tried to bed her down, neither one of these two was in that group. Nor was the lovely red haired Rebecca. Claire came to her senses when Portia broke off the embrace. Her chest was still noticeably heaving and both women giggled at how easily they were able to unnerve her. She wasn’t sure exactly what to think or how to react.

“To answer your question Claire, Portia and I did exactly what you said to do. We spent the entire weekend engaged in ‘reconciliation’.” Miriam explained.

“By the way, Claire. Reconciliation is a rather interesting word.” Portia summarized. She and Miriam smiled, then turned and walked off.


Later that night, Claire entered her bedroom and gently pulled back the sheets on her bed. Stretched out beneath them was the lovely Rebecca, naked as the day she was born. Claire’s eyes took an extended scenic tour of the redhead’s curves. What a beautiful woman she was! Her body was even lovelier than Claire had imagined, so many times. Now the lovely Rebecca’s fulsome breasts began to slowly rise and fall on her chest as she watched excitedly while Claire slowly removed her bathrobe. She then took her turn and visually took in every luscious curve of the blonde’s body. Why Claire had never modeled was a complete mystery to her. She was hot! Rebecca’s couldn’t control her excitement. Her hand moved involuntarily to her excited cunt and she stroked its swollen lips softly while her eyes made love to the body that would soon be hers after so many months of fantasizing.

Claire gracefully slid into bed along side her. Rebecca turned to face her and pulled Claire’s face to hers. The first full kiss was even softer that the redhead imagined. Claire wasted no time. She wanted to get busy, busty busy with this fantasy woman. She eased Rebecca onto her back then slowly mounted her. She aligned her breasts with Rebecca’s then lowered them into a full meeting with the redhead’s luxurious breasts. Both women moaned at the meeting of the tits and continued to groan as two bodies fully connected. They kissed passionately. Their saliva basted tongues tangled. The emotionally charged kiss broke off. Forehead to forehead, Rebecca looked deeply into Claire’s eyes. It was a look that gave Claire a chill of desire.

“Can I ask a question, Claire?”

“Of course, hon.”

“How come it took you so long to invite me over for a glass of wine?”

“Truthfully, I was afraid that you’d say no.”

“Why would think that I would say no?”

“I was afraid you would think all I really wanted was to get you into bed and fuck you.”

“Ahh...Well that’s not gonna happen you bitch. You won’t get me into your bed. So forget that idea. No fucking way!” Rebecca stated with conviction as she parted her legs in a soulful invitation. Claire guided her swollen pussy lips into the sweet meat of Rebecca’s responsive cunt, into the encounter of her dreams.

“I mean, I have my principles, Claire.”

“That’s good to know, Rebecca. Now let’s fuck.” Rebecca felt the initial strokes of Claire’s pussy on her pussy.

“Oh my fucking god CLAIRE!!! FUCK ME!!!”


POST SCRIPT. A couple of weeks later, Miriam and Portia met again for one “final” sexual duel. The reason: The winner got to seduce Claire.