By JB57

After a few minutes, Teresa began to stir. Martha groaned, rousing herself from her own exhaustion. Martha rolled off of Teresa and the women fell away from each other, their mammoth tits heaving as they panted, their arms stretched out to their sides and over their heads, their bodies glistening with sweat and other secretions in the dim light, their faces wet with cum. Both women licked their lips, enjoying the salty taste of the other bitch’s cunt juice.

Martha pushed herself up on her elbows and looked over her heaving tits at Teresa.
“I won, you little cunt,” she gasped. “I fucked you until you passed out. Now, you’re my bitch for the rest of the year.” She smiled, a sense of elation and relief building inside of her. She could not wait to begin using Teresa’s body for her sexual entertainment and satisfaction.

“You fucker,” Teresa moaned. “You cheated, bitch, you never would have beaten me if you didn’t have your little fuck toy.”

“I just took home field advantage, girl,” Martha grinned. “Cynthia said that we could use anything we could imagine to stimulate each other sexually. She didn’t say we couldn’t use accessories.”

Teresa snarled, enraged. “Cynthia,” she cried, rolling over on her side to seek out the beautiful referee. “What do you think about this?”

Cynthia was sporting a feline grin. She had not seen as much mutual hatred and lust between two women in quite some time, and she had enjoyed the battle between the two beautiful rivals immensely. Now, she frowned as she considered her judgment.

“Well, this is a tough one. I think that Martha is right, technically. Nothing specifically prevented her using the dildo and vibrator. So, I have to say that she has won the fight on those grounds.”

“Yeah!,” Martha shouted, smiling smugly. She fell back on the bed and stretched her arms over her head in victory, arching her back and pointing her massive tits towards the ceiling. Teresa gritted her teeth furiously. But she had agreed to abide by Cynthia’s decision.

“BUT…” Cynthia continued. Both of the combatants paused and looked at the redhead again, who was now smiling cryptically.

“But, I don’t think there is much doubt that Martha violated the spirit of the competition.” Martha began to protest, but Cynthia raised her hand to silence her. “Teresa must pay the penalty of being Martha’s sexual slave for the rest of the calendar year. But I rule that Martha must pay the penalty that she agreed to as well, as punishment for stretching the rules of the game.”

“What!?!” Martha cried.

“Yeah!!,” Teresa shouted excitedly, pumping her fist in the air. She turned to glare hatefully at her blonde foe. “Bitch, Grant is going to fuck your dirty cheating twat until it falls off!” She smiled viciously.

Martha glared angrily at Teresa and Cynthia. She had not expected this and she suspected that Cynthia was playing games of her own. But she had agreed to abide by the redhead’s decision. Martha pulled herself together.

“I agree to pay the penalty,” Martha said, her blue gaze locked to Teresa’s green orbs. Their eyes flashed hatefully at each other..

“Good,” said Cynthia. “Alright then, Grant, you have the right and obligation to fuck Martha here for as long and as hard as you can. When that is done, Teresa has the obligation to be Martha’s sex slave for the rest of the calendar year. Is this understood?”

Martha, Teresa and Grant all nodded.

“Then, Grant, you can start whenever you like. I’ll watch from here. Teresa, since it’s your penalty, you can participate if you like.”

Martha looked up sharply at that and frowned, but she did not protest. Whatever Teresa did to her, she would repay the girl later.

Grant stripped down, and in moments was naked, his cock standing hard at attention, despite his nervousness. He was, after all, in the presence of two nude beauties and a third woman whose well-rounded assets were on full display and he had just witnessed the most fantastic sex that he had ever seen.

Teresa had expected Martha to greet the teenage boy and his impressive cock with revulsion, shame and anger. Instead, the blonde beauty smiled, and gestured for Grant to come to her. In a moment, in a flash of rage, Teresa realized what her enemy’s strategy would be, and there was little she could do to stop it.

“Come here, Grant,” Martha said. Grant walked to the edge of the bed. Martha smiled and reached out and grabbed his engorged penis, very gently. He gasped and gulped, but she only used it to pull him down to the bed, on his knees. She stood up on her knees to meet him, wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her massive tits, their hard nipples fully aroused, into his chest.

“That’s alright, don’t be nervous. I like women, but I don’t mind men. Have you ever been with an older woman, Grant?” she asked, rubbing her hard tits into his pectoral muscles. She pushed forward with her hips, so that his hard cock stabbed into her bare lower belly.

“Um, no…,” he replied, his cock getting ever harder. He placed his hands on her flaring hips, then ran them down to her firm, round ass. God, he thought, she felt good. His erection was so hard it hurt.

“Well,” Martha said, “Older women are really good for young men like you because we know just what to do.”

Martha pushed Grant, so that he landed on his back on the bed. She crawled towards him, her heavy tits hanging down and swaying. “You haven’t been with a real woman yet, boy. You’re going to be amazed at the difference between the kind of cunts you’re used to and the kind of cunt that I have. You’re going to find out that I can do things to you that even your slutty girlfriend hasn’t imagined.”

So saying, she descended on his cock, nibbling gently at its head, then sucking the whole shaft, inch by inch, into her mouth. She played with his balls, caressing and teasing them, and she covered his shaft in spit. Grant gasped and moaned as he was worked by the teacher’s expert mouth. She sucked and licked gently at his sack. Then, when he was ready, Martha raised herself up over his dick. Heat poured out of her naked slit like a furnace and juices dripped down to lubricate his cock. Just as she was preparing to impale herself, cunt first, onto his shaft, Teresa interrupted.

The high school vixen had been watching this display with increasing rage. This was not what she had planned, and she was beginning to regret her agreement. But she felt that she had to do something.

“Hey, bitch,” she yelled. “The deal is that he fucks you, not that you fuck him. You can’t ride his cock, he’s got to ream your pussy!!”

Martha just smiled, then rolled onto her back beside Grant. “Come here, baby,” she murmured to the boy, beckoning with her arms, her perfect tits rocking with promise. “You’re about to get the best fuck of your life.” She smiled viciously at Teresa, who could only glare back in hatred.

Grant rolled on to the blonde beauty, his chest crushing down and squashing her heavy tits. Martha spread her thighs wide, raising her legs high until her ankles were almost level with her ears, on either side of her head. She reached under Grant with her right hand and guided his thick, rock-hard shaft directly into the wet heat of her turgid, hot cunt. Her left hand fingers sank into the thick muscle of his right buttock.

Grant shoved hard and got stuck in the beautiful teacher’s tight slit. Grant grunted hard; Martha moaned and gasped, driving back against his cock, trying to help him penetrate her raging cunt. After several powerful thrusts, the boy succeeded in ramming his cock deep into the narrow, hot furnace of Martha’s twat, until he was sliding blissfully and completely into the tight, wet vaginal sheath. Martha smiled up at him and worked her torso, rubbing her tits around and around into his chest, her nipples drilling a tattoo into his pecs. She clamped her deep muscles around his penetrating cock and squeezed him hard and rhythmically, causing him to cry out in pleasure and surprise. She placed both of her hands on his ass and began to guide him as he thrust and held, working into her and moving with him at times, at other times moving away from him, allowing their bodies to pull apart then thrust and slap together hard. She controlled Grant beautifully, taking him up to the edge of orgasm and then back down several times before she finally allowed him to unleash his lust. Pounding and grinding into the fantastic body beneath him, slick with his own sweat and that of the teacher, Grant pumped himself into Martha’s glorious cunt. Finally, he exploded in a groaning orgasm, even as she squeezed him tight and held off his explosion, helping him to a series of rocking orgasms, each more intense than the last. Grant almost sobbed with the intensity of his pleasure, before releasing a final cry of sexual bliss.

The boy collapsed on top of Martha, who smiled, squeezed him tightly some more with her vaginal muscles, then carefully rolled him off of her, letting his still-hard cock slip out of her pussy with a wet “pop” and a trickle of hot cum. Martha smiled and was just about to get up when Teresa interrupted again.

“No, you filthy fuck, that’s not the end.” The girl was practically spitting with rage. “Grant!” Teresa shrieked. “Get up! You’re not done yet!”

Grant forced himself up, dazed and spent, to see his beautiful girlfriend, still nude, but now confronting him with her hands on her womanly hips. He was about to tell her that he was exhausted, but then he realized that the very sight of this glorious beauty, with her heavy, perfect tits jiggling on her chest, her well-muscled belly, and tight, wet cunt, was enough to make him hard again. The numerous abrasions around her engorged sex organs, the result of the hard sexfighting, further fed his building lust.

Teresa saw this and smiled. “Now, baby, I want you to do her doggy-style. You, you cunt,” she snarled, pointing at Martha. “On your stomach, with your ass in the air. We’re not done here yet.”

Martha smiled coolly but did as she was told, rolling over and assuming a kneeling position, with her round ass in the air and her pussy fully exposed. Her heavy tits pushed into the mattress.

Grant mounted her from behind, grabbed her hips and aimed his shaft up into her wet pussy, shoving his rock-hard cock against her thick vaginal lips, pushing until the head of his shaft was softly encased by her throbbing flesh. She squeezed him enticingly. In a moment, he had driven his thick cock deep into her tight cunt. As he began riding her from behind, she moved with him and began working his cock with her deep internal muscles, squeezing and torturing him with pleasure. Teresa suddenly appeared in front of the bucking teacher.

With a savage smile, the girl rolled over onto her back and spread her legs, exposing her red cunt. Teresa reached out and, grabbing Martha’s thick blonde hair, forced the teacher’s beautiful face into her naked cunt.

“Eat me, whore,” Teresa demanded. “Suck out my cunt, lick my clit, let me see what else your little lesbian tongue can do.”

Martha almost suffocated in Teresa’s hot, fragrant cunt. But Martha eagerly turned her head to her task, licking the girl’s labia, caressing Teresa’s clit with her soft tongue, devouring as much of Teresa’s twat as she could. At the same time, Grant fucked her harder and harder from behind, his own sexual release slowly building. Martha squeezed him tight and he moaned with pleasure, but he kept plunging his cock deep into the woman before him. Finally, after pounding at Martha’s cunt, slapping his hard belly into the large round globes of her ass for some time, he came hard and long, with a cry of pleasure. Grunting wildly, he emptied himself into the teacher’s burning twat, kneading at her plump, firm ass as he jetted his cum, reaching around to her chest to cup and squeeze her massive, throbbing tits. At the same time, Teresa came in a thrashing, bucking wave of pleasure. “Yeah, yeah, that’s it, eat me whore, eat me you fucker, nnnngggh… FUCK!!” She came hard, her pussy gushing hot juices, soaking Martha’s face and surrounding hair.

For several minutes, the three exhausted sex partners lay on the bed, Martha’s cheek resting on Teresa’s pussy, her face wet with cunt juice, her breath hot and fast. Grant lay on top of her, his body pinning Martha to the bed, his hands gripping and squeezing her magnificent tits. Teresa lay with her arms over her head, her face wearing a grin of fulfillment, gasping with spent pleasure. After a while, the three sexual warriors stirred and slowly disentangled from each other.

Grant staggered to the bathroom, feeling totally drained. Martha wiped her face with the sheet, while Teresa looked on, her grin of satisfaction now turned to a glare of anger. Suddenly, something occurred to Teresa.

“Hey! We’re not finished!” she exclaimed. Cynthia and Martha both looked at her. How much sexual endurance did this girl have?, they both wondered.

“When we first set the rules for this fuckfight, Martha said that the loser would have to suck the tits of the winner. Well, we haven’t done that yet.”

Martha smiled. “You want to suck my tits, little whore? Well, I think that I want to suck yours. Come here and let’s get a taste of each other.”

Teresa returned the smile and crawled, hips and ass swaying, to meet Martha in the center of the bed. The women reached for each other and interlaced their fingers, then pulled close. They pushed up until their jutting nipples were only inches from contact. Then, each woman lowered her head to the other’s right breast and started licking and sucking. Soon, they were groaning and gasping, hands roaming each other’s bodies, rubbing and stroking at hot cunts, their mouths working furiously as the women let their tongues slide and prod at swollen nipples, their teeth biting at thick nips and ridged areola, each straining to suck milk from the other. Soon, they were licking and biting at every inch of the other’s taut tits, each woman trying hard to devour the other’s delicious orbs. They sucked at the other’s nipples until the thick, brown cylinders were sore and sensitive, they filled their mouths with dense titflesh until their beautiful tits were riddled with red teeth marks and coated in saliva.

Teresa wrapped her hand in Martha’s thick blonde hair and pulled the other woman’s head back from her tit. Martha groaned, then reached up to yank at Teresa’s head. But the young girl locked the teacher into a hard, tongue to tongue kiss. They shuddered with the erotic sensations, their tongues slipping and sliding and pushing. Then, by mutual agreement, the women slipped their heads down to the other’s unsucked tit and began devouring their enemy’s remaining orb.

For some time, the women feasted on each other, until their groans of passion became cries of sensual joy. Pulling on each other’s hair, they finally separated. Gasping with hunger, looking Teresa right in the eye, Martha lined up their ultra-sensitive nipples and drove them together, thick nips fusing and penetrating each other. Teresa screamed out, her tits wracked by the flash of agony and exquisite pleasure. Then, she wrapped her arms around Martha’s back, squeezed tight, and began grinding her tits back against the teacher’s, working them in the opposite direction, drilling her agonized nipples into their opposing counterparts.

The women locked together in a deep, tongue to tongue kiss, their mouths and lips sucking, trying to consume and overpower each other. Their tits throbbed with pain and pleasure. With a groan, they fell over onto the bed, landing on their sides, kissing each other ravenously until, finally, they had to break the kiss to get enough air. Their tongues touched and lapped at each other, they bit at the other’s cheeks and earlobes. Finally, the women rolled apart and lay side by side, red tits thrusting into the air, both beauties panting with pleasure and exertion, bodies wet and glistening with sex and sweat. The fuckfight was finally finished, and the winner had been decided – at least for now.

To be continued: