Finally both women sagged away from each other, arms still locked in an embrace but legs giving way, allowing their overheated pelvises to separate. Rachel managed to press her soaked breasts back into Rachel’s for a moment, glaring challenging at her, and then the other blonde suddenly reached down and clamped her fingers on Susan’s exposed crotch. “You fucking bitch,” Susan gasped as she felt Rachel’s powerful fingers squeeze her vulva, pressing the thick, hot flesh beneath its stretch fabric covering, pinching labia between thumb and forefinger. Susan desperately reached down to retaliate, sliding her fingers beneath Rachel’s waistband and digging down until she found a thick tuft of hot pubic hair under her fingers. She grabbed the fur and a handful of pubic flesh and yanked, tugging upwards with all her strength.

“Gutter cunt!” Rachel snarled as she quickly returned the favor, digging into Susan’s stretch pants for her own handful of fur and sexual flesh. Susan writhed as Rachel’s nails bit into her crotch and both girls twisted, thrashing furiously until they forced each other up onto their knees. Susan grabbed Rachel’s hair at the back of her head and Rachel too wrenched at Susan’s short hairdo while each woman continued to yank and tear at each other’s pussy fur. Groaning, both women leaned into each other, soaking breast against breast, continuing their heaving, degrading bosom battle while they attacked each other’s sex. Susan couldn’t help spreading her fingers and exploring Rachel’s big, twitching pussy, fingering her vulva and sliding her fingers across slick labia, marveling at the thick, hot flesh under her fingers and the jungle of sexual fur tangled in her grip. And she too twitched and jerked as Rachel grabbed, twisted and explored her firm, aroused cunt as well, doing everything but slipping up inside her as the two women violated one another.

Their heavy, round breasts were slapping one another, stiff nipples still hard enough to do battle, poke and slash at one another and invade yielding, sweat-drenched tit flesh. Rachel watched the four massive glands quivering, smacking and jiggling, mushrooming against one another, fleshy nipples gouging and dueling as the women battled. Meanwhile Rachel’s angry face panted against her, teeth bared like a hungry carnivore, and Susan snarled back into the other woman’s beautiful face, ready to do anything to defeat and dominate her opponent. She had never experienced anything like this.

Suddenly she felt Rachel’s forefinger dividing her swollen labia, penetrating just enough to lie against her rapidly stiffening clitoris. Instinctively she extended her own forefinger to probe for Rachel’s sex horn. Susan was a big, athletic woman and she had always had a large, almost thumb-sized clitoris—and she was consumed with curiosity now about the size of Rachel’s, even as the pressure of the other blonde’s finger on her own clit sent alarm bells clanging through her body.

Rachel suddenly flinched, almost flinging Susan away from her as Susan touched the other blonde’s clitoris. She stabbed her finger against Susan’s clit and in a violent flurry the two women forced each other’s arms away from each of their wildly aroused crotches.

Both women now smashed fists into one another wildly, as if in retaliation for this new violation and to somehow redirect their furious energies into a new battlefield. Susan slammed punches into Rachel’s hard belly and both muscular women now separated just enough to direct their power against each other’s exposed naked breasts. Rachel landed the first blow, smacking her bare knuckles into Susan’s left breast, sinking deep down to Susan’s rib cage while her invaded tit mushroomed into a donut shape around Rachel’s fist. Barking out a cry of pain, Whitey instantly slammed an uppercut into Rachel’s left tit, slamming the fat orb upward.

Groaning in agony, both women began to lay down a brutal assault on each other’s bobbling, heavy tits, punching and smacking viciously, peppering their sweat-drenched mammaries with rabbit punches, slaps and roundhouse blows, their big glands rippling, swinging and vibrating from the constant barrage. On their knees, there was nowhere to retreat to, and when a blow missed it still found a place to land in its opponent’s ribcage or belly. Susan had never experienced such pain, and she soon saw bruises and welt rising up on both her and her enemy’s heaving boobs. She had never imagined gloved hands smashing into her precious tits, let alone bare knuckles. But even as the pain staggered her, she couldn’t prevent herself from pounding her fists deep into Rachel’s boobs. Both women staggered together finally, heads resting exhaustedly on each other’s shoulders, grunting and groaning as they sent exhausted blows directly upward into each other’s hanging, tortured tits, spraying sweat out from each blow.

“I’ll kill your tits,” Rachel gasped against Susan, hot breath spraying across the sweat and soaked hair on her neck.

“I’ll pound your boobs off,” Susan promised, her teeth scraping Rachel’s muscular shoulder.

The ugly threats and obscene trash talk continued until neither woman could land another punch. Susan’s arms ached from the effort but both women still leaned in, straining against one another, refusing to yield. Susan suddenly felt Rachel’s still strong fingers underneath her breasts, cupping and filling her hands with Susan’s sagging, hot mammaries, thumbs digging upward for her aureoles and nipples. Groaning, Susan followed suit, reaching up to feel and squeeze her opponent’s big, weighty glands. For a few exhausted moments both women groaned as they simply felt each other out, gripping, squeezing and exploring just as they’d explored each other’s cunts moments earlier, gauging the other woman’s tits against her own, feeling their weight and density, marveling at their softness. But soon Susan was spitefully tugging at Rachel’s big, thick nipples and feeling the other woman’s fingers close and twist on her own. Susan managed to raise her head and Rachel too lifted hers off its exhausted perch on Susan’s shoulder until the two women glared into each other’s eyes nose to nose now, staring each other down as they twisted and pulled each other’s nipples in slow, spiteful anger.

“This is for poking these stiff things into my tits,” Rachel said. “I’m going to break your nipples so you can never fence with another woman again.”

“I’ll do the same to you,” Susan groaned. “I’m not letting go until you beg me for mercy.”

“I’ll never beg you,” Rachel snarled hatefully. “I won’t give you the satisfaction.”

“And I’ll never submit to you,” Susan replied, her voice ragged and husky. The two continued to twist and pull, scratching slowly at each other’s aureoles and smooth tit flesh, torturing and marking one another.

“Suck my tits,” Rachel groaned.

“I will,” Susan said, “After I mark them up so much you’ll scream when I lick them.”

“Your boobs will be bruised for a week after I’m through with them,” Rachel responded. “I’ll fucking destroy you.”

“I’ll bite your big nipples off.”

“I’ll leave teeth marks in your tits.”

“Bitch,” Susan groaned.

“Cunt,” Rachel snarled.

It went on. As promised, Susan finally couldn’t resist lifting one of Rachel’s heavy tits to her face and biting down on the other woman’s nipple, chewing at the rubbery, puckered flesh and tasting the salty sweat. Moments later Rachel managed to sink her own teeth into Susan’s tit flesh, and Susan hissed and twisted against Rachel’s teeth while the other blonde struggled to hold onto the bite long enough to make Susan scream. Both women managed to bite each other’s breasts several long, vicious times while their fingers continued to attack, crush, squeeze and twist.

At some point Susan heard the clank of the gym’s air conditioner shutting down for the night. The long struggle had already turned the sparring room into a hothouse—now the heat and humidity seemed to quadruple in a few short minutes. The air was suffocating, and the pain radiating off her heavy breasts suffocated her as well. She didn’t know how Rachel could stand it and indeed the other woman’s struggles against her, the feel of Rachel’s hot muscles crushing into her own, were weakening.

Susan forced her face against Rachel’s and the two women almost sobbed against each other, growling animalistic as they butted foreheads and chins. Suddenly Whit felt Rachel’s teeth clamp down on her chin, and in a flurry she snarled and landed a bite on the other woman’s lower lip. At this new escalation both women frantically twisted away from one another and fell, legs spread, each woman on her back, bruised and bitten breasts heaving and wobbling on exhausted chests.

Susan lay gasping in the hot, damp air, for the moment staring up at the ceiling. Groaning, she reached up to massage her aching breasts, and winced at the first touch of her fingers on her throbbing, bruised mammaries. Her nipples had receded and were now flaccid and limp, her tender tits burning at every abrasion, bite and nail mark. She gulped in ragged, exhausted breaths and heard Rachel lying across from her, gasping on the mat as loudly as she was.

For the first time in what seemed like hours, Rachel Myer wasn’t pressed up against Susan, savagely attacking her, filling her range of vision, assaulting her senses. For a moment it was if the other woman never existed, that she was only some sick fantasy Susan had conjured up on a whim, in the middle of a fierce workout. It was a miracle no one had come along to discover them. But Susan could feel the silence in the old Y building now. No one here but the janitor staff now, maybe not even them. She was alone. They were alone. She had sacrificed every shred of her dignity in letting Rachel push her into this bitter, dirty showdown…but she could end it now if she wanted.

Susan pushed herself up on her elbows and saw Rachel’s tawny body—hair a filthy tangle, her magnificent breasts still pouting and sexy even if they were covered in bruises, scratches and bite marks, her long, beautiful legs spread, covered in the tatters of her stretch pants, flat belly flexing as she too raised herself up to glare across her sweating, brutalized body at Susan.

“All right you bitch,” Susan said quietly. “You got what you wanted, now get dressed and get out of here and we’ll forget this bitch-fight ever happened.”

Rachel’s epic chest raised and fell as she breathed deeply, glaring across her still jutting, battle-scarred breasts at Susan. She too reached up and winced as she slowly massaged her big mounds, their nipples shrunk back to barely noticeable bumps at the center of her raw, bitten aureoles.

“I’ll leave after I’m finished humiliating you,” she said quietly.

Susan closed her eyes for a second. How could this be happening? “You don’t even know me,” she breathed. “We’ve never said a word to each other. Why do you care what I do?”

Rachel stared at her evenly. “You’re the top cat around here, that’s why. Where I came from I was on top, and that’s what I plan to be here. I’ve checked out everyone at this gym and you’re the strongest, fittest bitch apart from me.”

Susan couldn’t help feeling a strange flush of pride at those words, even if they were coming from an absolute psycho bitch like Rachel. And she couldn’t deny Rachel’s strength and determination. She could submit right now, admit that Rachel had beaten her, and end this whole sick dance. If anyone had asked her a week ago what she’d do in this situation, Susan would have assured them that she never would have engaged in anything like this confrontation. But now.

“I’m still the strongest, fittest bitch.” The words came out of Susan’s mouth almost before she knew she was saying them. And she knew she was opening the door to something she’d never experienced before.

“Prove it,” Rachel almost whispered.

“Why should I?” Susan replied quietly.

“So we’ll know—just the two of us, no one else—who is better, that’s why.”

“I know I’m better than you,” Susan said firmly.

Rachel pulled her knees up, balancing gracefully on her muscular, sculpted ass, rocked back and began to slowly strip her soaked stretch pants off, revealing an equally drenched, tiny metallic blue thong with tangled blonde fur peeking out on either side of its slender triangle. The pants slid down Rachel’s long, gorgeous, tawny legs until she kicked them aside and provocatively snapped the waistband of her thong.

“If you’re really better why don’t you fight me nude?” she said invitingly. “I’m willing to strip down to nothing and take on your body with no protection.”

Susan glared at her silently, drawing her own knees up to sit, for a moment shielding her bare chest from Rachel’s hungry eyes, but not moving to pull off her stretch pants. “I bared my breasts and pulled pussy hair with you, bitch,” she said. “I don’t have anything I need to prove to you.”
Rachel met her stare, proudly all but naked, the tangled thong crotch hiding only a sliver of her big, furry cunt, her muscular thighs spread just wide enough to give Whit a good look. “Oh really?” she taunted. “Do your tits hurt?”

Susan nodded slowly, her brown eyes burning into Rachel’s pale blue ones. “Yes. Do yours?”

“Mmm hmm,” Rachel purred. “They hurt so much I can barely touch them. But I bet they can still press yours flat.”

Susan bit her lip as she felt her abraded, bitten nipples suddenly stiffen slightly at the other blonde’s words, as if they couldn’t ignore the challenge in Rachel’s voice. And she saw Rachel’s nips budding on her two reclining boobs, pricking to life, obviously at the thought of tangling again with Susan’s. Her throat went dry at the thought of what her savaged, bruised breasts and raw, tender nipples would feel like pressing, colliding, grinding across Rachel’s. Which of them could stand more pain? And whose boobs were really firmer, whose nipples harder? It might be the ultimate test of womanhood.

When Susan spoke, her voice was almost hoarse. “I’d flatten you, Rachel. Break your nipples, grind you raw…”

“You’ll meet me naked, right here on this mat?” Rachel demanded. “Bare cunts?”

“You fucking gutter tramp,” Susan growled. “Yes I’ll meet you naked if that’s what a whore like you wants.” With growing anger and anticipation she jerked her waistband down and began to peel her drenched sweatpants off. The hot, damp air felt barely any different than the moist stretch material but she did feel more flexible, lighter in her black thong, and as she stared down she felt herself spreading her own powerful thighs a little bit to give Rachel a view of her waiting crotch, vulva crowding around the silky thong material, dark fur spreading out around her mound on either side of the small tongue of material hiding her labia from her enemy.

Rachel sat with her crotch on display, hands on her hips briefly before she reached up to massage her tits again, pinching at her nipples to show the lengthening, thick rods could still take punishment. Susan set her jaw and answered the move, cradling her boobs for Rachel’s inspection. She waited for a moment and then slipped the thong waistband down over her lush pelvis and down across her curling legs, tossing the tiny garment aside and coolly eyeing Rachel as she showed off her pussy to this infuriating, sexual bitch. Rachel drank in Susan’s curves, her eyes caressing the other woman’s big, bare boobs and lowring to study her still tense abs and finally her dark-furred cunt and its pink valley of labial folds. Susan could feel her clitoris throbbing against her labial hood, sliding into view, fully erect. She would have been mortified for another woman to see this under any other circumstances, but now she could feel her pulse hammering in her ears as she displayed her thumb-sized sex horn to Rachel with cold pride.

She couldn’t interpret Rachel’s expression as the other blonde stared down at Susan’s exposed pussy but the other woman seemed intently focused until she glanced back up into Susan’s eyes and then reached down and slowly stripped her own thong down over her graceful legs and tossed it aside, returning to her sitting position with her legs again slightly spread for Susan’s inspection.

Susan glared at the enemy cunt, already jealous of its golden, natural fur and feeling a brief flush of embarrassment at her course brunette pubes. Rachel’s bare vulva seemed thick and exposed, barely hidden by her light-colored fur, her pink sexual flesh a more subtle contrast to her pale fur and tawny vulval skin. But Susan could already see the glistening nub of the other blonde’s clitoris sliding from beneath its own hood, as if answering the silent challenge from its sister between Susan’s thighs. As she watched the clit unfurled completely, every bit as thick and firm as Susan’s secret sexual trigger.

Susan’s breasts were already pounding with sensation, an almost equal mix of pain and electrifying anticipation. Her nipples jutted upward, erect and alert, their abraded, raw skin stretched to the breaking point, tingling with pain—but as long as she maintained her stare at Rachel’s waiting body and the other blonde’s equally erect, reddened nipples and glistening, sweat-drenched breasts, Susan’s nipples maintained their hard-ons. Just the weight of her own mammaries, after being punched, squeezed, scratched and bitten by her opponent, caused a dull ache on Susan’s strong chest that intensified with each breath. Her only consolation was that she knew she had done just as much damage to Rachel’s beautiful pair.

The other blonde was slowly easing herself onto the balls of her feet, her chest briefly thrust out to display her wobbling, pouting tits before she placed her hands in front of her feet in a crouch, her breasts now hanging down, long nipples pointing at the mat as her fleshy boobs quivered—two soft punching bags begging to be attacked. Susan’s abs tightened as she pulled herself up into her own waiting crouch, wincing a bit as her breasts hung downward, gravity sending another wave of pain through the two big, abused glands. In the stifling heat of the sparring room even the sheen of sweat on Susan’s body felt like a coat of iron dragging her toward the mat. She was in no condition to fight—mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted. But she would not let Rachel steamroll her.

“How do you want to do this?” she asked dangerously. For a second she saw hesitation in Rachel’s eyes.

“How do you want to?” the other blonde asked.

For the first time Susan felt in control, even if only for the moment. She could stop this. But as she stared down at Rachel’s waiting bustline, she knew she didn’t want to. “I think your big tits are so hurt they couldn’t stand up to anything more,” she said, looking back up into Rachel’s cold blue eyes.

Rachel glanced at Susan’s bare, beaten breasts before responding. “You’d probably scream if I even touched yours, they’re so bruised. I doubt you could take it.”

“Maybe we should see who can take more?” Susan said quietly. She straightened out of her crouch, facing Rachel on her knees, hands on her hips…and slowly arching her back, presenting her still proud, war-torn breasts to her opponent. “I’ll bet I could beat you just by touching breasts with you…you’d probably give up from just my nipples touching yours.”

Rachel stared at her from her crouch for a long moment before slowly, challengingly straightening to mirror Susan’s pose, hands on her flared, womanly hips, muscular thighs slightly spread, and proudly thrusting her own injured but still firm, impressive boobs out toward Susan. Rachel’s nipples were fiery, rose red, almost pointing up even as her breasts directly faced Susan’s. “If you think you could beat me just by touching tits then bring them on,” she said huskily. “You just bring those bare boobs on, honey, because I think you’ll be the one screaming the second my hard nipples touch yours.”

“You’re dreaming, girl,” Susan said hardly. “I can feel how tight and hard mine are…they’re getting hard just thinking of going up against yours, and they’re getting harder every minute. I could just about pop your tits with them right now.”

“I could bend those stiff ones easy,” Rachel growled, giving her heavy, jutting breasts a little shake for Susan’s benefit. “And I’d enjoy dragging my hard ones across your poor hurting tits, stabbing you…”

“Mine would jab your puppies hard, believe me,” Susan shot back, her nerves egged on by the growing trash talk. “And my boobs aren’t too hurt to press into yours, either. I wonder how much of that yours could take.”

“Plenty,” Rachel replied. “My tits would hold up just fine against yours. I’ll enjoy watching you cry while I crush your melons.”

“I’ll do the crushing,” Susan snapped back. “And I’ll lick up your milk after I press your titties dry.”

Rachel flung her hair back off her face in a fiery, daring gesture and edged forward on her knees, one knee forward a bit, even her sexy pelvis dancing back and forth slightly as if itching to press forward into combat with Susan’s body. “Why don’t you back up your words, cheap bitch?” she said, edging her hot chest into Susan’s personal space.

“I plan to, you big sow,” Susan said, mirroring Rachel’s advance and edging forward. Both women had moved almost more with their hips and legs and were now almost leaning backward a little, warily keeping their overheated breasts a few inches away from one another. But it would take only them straightening and leaning slightly forward now to touch them together, especially with their erect nipples extending a good inch and a half in front of the fronts of their breasts.

Susan could feel the heat and proximity of Rachel’s pelvis dangerously close to hers, the warmth of Rachel’s sexual fur burning like a furnace very close to her own exposed pussy. Glancing down between their breasts and their mutual face-off she saw Rachel’s golden pubes. Without her thong, it was even more evident how prominent her sleek crotch was, a thick, streamlined Venus mound nested between rippling thigh muscles, pink labia unfurled enough for Susan to see them peeking out from underneath her blonde pubic hair even while looking straight down at her pussy. She knew that once they engaged each other’s bodies, nothing would stop their bare cunts from touching one another, hot fur tangling…and she knew what waited for her underneath those thick, fleshy lips, just as she knew her own throbbing clitoris was barely being contained below her own dark fur now. They had challenged each other to fight in the nude and now Susan knew she faced the dirtiest, most intimate confrontation she’d ever had with another woman. The fact that Rachel so perfectly matched her physically, from the size of their breasts to their long, powerful waists, lush, muscular hips and thick, long, strong thighs, only made her anticipation of the coming showdown all the more electrifying.

The two women glared at each other at close range now, proudly displaying their glistening, full racks to one another, daring each other to make the first move. For several moments they slowly feinted, each urging their aroused nipples forward, targeting their opponent’s stiff rods, but backing off just as the enemy breasts nudged forward to meet them.

“Come on, slut,” Rachel whispered. “Show me just how hard you really are.”

“Quit running away, cow,” Susan huffed, edging forward a bit. “Let’s see if you’re as stiff as you look.”

“I’m stiffer than you are,” Rachel growled. “Just admit that mine are better than yours…bigger and sexier.”

“I’ve got the sexiest tits in this gym,” Susan said sharply, finally and proudly owning it. “I always have and just because you’re the new tits on the block doesn’t mean you’re any kind of match for what I have. And I’m every bit as big as you are.”

“Touch nipples with me then, bitch,” Rachel said. “I’ll make yours wilt.”

Susan had had enough of the other girl’s mouth. Shaking, she took a deep breath, glared sharply down at Rachel’s bare breasts and edged her nipples forward, twisting slightly to catch up with Rachel’s as the other blonde pivoted slowly to meet her.

Four raw, throbbing, rock hard nipples touched edge on, tip to tip, and both women hissed sharply as the pink, reddened columns compressed, jolted by the rubbery impact. The two women backed off, balancing on their knees, hands still on hips as they faced each other arrogantly. Blinking back tears, Susan edged forward again and this time scraped her nipples directly across Rachel’s, shaft against shaft. Gasping, the two women determinedly maintained contact, each moving her shoulders slightly to guide her long pink rods against her enemy’s, scraping her torn, abraded nipple skin and all its rough, rubbery friction across her rival’s throbbing, stiff shafts, like sandpaper against sandpaper. Both women hissed and winced at the agonizing contact, and despite the agonizing pain Susan felt a flush of sexual warmth splashing across her breasts, through her body and over her back, raising goosebumps of wicked, sick pleasure at the mix of pain and erotic fire.

Continued in Part 4