Thirty-Five Years Brings Déjà vu to Reality

By H.G. Hunt

Chapter 14

The women were offered drinks. Jean immediately grabbed an Ice Mountain water from Brent who, in his gentlemanly way, asked Lisa if she wanted one too. At first she nodded and said “sure,” but then as Brent reached for another bottle, she asked aloud, “Who’s got something stronger? I always knew Jean was a pussy!” She had noted the bottle of wine being shared by Bill and Norma, who gladly offered it to Lisa. Jean didn’t give a shit about what Lisa thought of drinking water vs wine; all she cared about was quenching her thirst for the struggle she ached to continue. Lisa, however, sought a psychological advantage (beside the fact that she liked wine) by attempting to belittle Jean for only consuming her water. Lisa took the bottle of red wine from Norma, “Thanks.” To her lips it went, head thrown back and she gulped a couple of large swallows from the half-full bottle. She put on a Cheshire grin for Jean, again seeking to taunt her rival. “Come on slut. Don’t you want a little buzz while we settle the matter once and for all?”

“Shut the fuck up you slimy cunt! Do whatever want right now, cause in a minute you will be MINE!” Jean’s glare put an exclamation point on her ranting trash talk. She stepped toward Lisa; the kind of step designed to threaten. She put her hands on her hips and glared at Lisa while Lisa glared back, the bottle still in her hand. A few milliliters of wine sloshed around in the bottom of the bottle, but not for long, Lisa knocked that last bit of wine down and tossed the bottle to the edge of the blankets.

Stepping forward to get right in front of Jean, she put her hands on her hips as Jean waited. “Get a picture of this,” Lisa reminded Brent (as if he needed to be reminded). Lisa thrust her pelvis forward, a frown furrowing her brow as she once again challenged Jean. Jean mirrored Lisa’s forward thrust with one of her own so that her pubic mound of hair came an inch from Lisa’s protruding fur. The two posed like that while Brent snapped several more side-profile pictures, both full-body and close-ups. This was what they had been waiting for; the imminent clash of their most personal and feminine assets. The women and the spectators both were anxious for the fight to finally get to the main course. As horridly sexy and wickedly tempestuous as the preliminaries had been, they were only hors d'œuvres.

Together they came, neither quick, nor slow but relentless and purposeful; as if they were just “meant” to get together. Jean’s curly brown hair invited Lisa’s darker hair to commune together, but not in a gentle friendly way. Each of Jean’s hairs, aware of invaders, and under the command of the general upstairs, proceeded to perform an infantry tactic: suck-em-in and then “grab ‘em.” Sensing an enemy hair bristling against it, each hair shaft snaked around its enemy, attempting to strangle it. Lisa’s infantry just kept coming and coming. She had more hair on her mound and soon the furry mounds became hopelessly entangled and snarled. Lisa’s thick bush might not have covered quite the total area of Jean’s, but it had the edge in thickness. Each strand mercilessly snagged one or more of Jean’s pubic hairs that were in turn clawing and grabbing at Lisa’s. Then as if that wasn’t enough the two women purposely leaned back, while keeping their pubes tangled, used their fingers of their right hand to twist and snare huge masses of hair together in clumps, whatever amount could be pinched between thumb and fingers. In moments the two masses of furry crotch protection were so intertwined that it seemed only a barber’s sharp scissors might extricate them.

As the others watched it became clear to them that these two women had no intentions of coming apart anytime soon, lest it be with lots of pain. Now that they were practically tied together at the crotch their focus moved upstairs. With no fanfare for the crowd Lisa and Jean wrapped arms around each other and their mouths came together for their very first kiss. The wonderment of the moment did not escape Lisa. This was just one more “first” for her and the moments just kept piling up that would become so indelibly etched in her mind. Her first kiss with another woman, so sexy, so similar to herself in many ways, so desirable, so intent on giving her what she demanded of herself to give back; lust, insane mad lust. Even knowing her own horny desires to be in full bloom she was not the least concerned, because the look in Jean’s eyes gave away her own immense lust.

As sexy as the breast battle had been, as kinky as the ass fight that followed was, there was no doubt that now the prime-time battle had ensued between Jean and Lisa. Jean squished her upper torso close to Lisa, aching to use her tits to titillate, not mutilate, Lisa’s hefty orbs. This time their meeting, while contentious, was focused on bringing the arousal level up and up and up. Her lips found their target with ease. Lisa’s waiting mouth parted just slightly to allow Jean’s lips to mesh perfectly together with her own. The small O-shaped rings were so sensitive and aroused that both girls shivered with excited delight at the contact. Jean felt so completely in the moment that they might as well have been in another universe from the spectators. Her focus was on the joyous challenge that lay before her now, more intently than ever.

Their heads bobbed around, teasing, testing, and tasting the personal flavors of the enemy. Their noses exhaled used air, only to be inhaled by the other. They were sharing their very oxygen that was needed to fuel the passion. Their pussy fur still tightly wound together the women squeezed each other in a tight embrace. Their mouths sought to explore as intimately as possible the oral compartments of the other. Lisa was the first to venture her tongue into the space between their mouths, making contact first with Jean’s lower lip which she followed with a tracing of the entire circumference of Jean’s lips. Just as she finished her first loop around the delicate discovery of Jean’s full lips, Jean’s tongue came out to play; immediately intense and passionate. She plastered the full force of her tongue against Lisa’s probing appendage. Lisa felt her tongue forced back inside her own mouth before she could counterattack by lowering the tip of her tongue as though to lick an ice cream cone and then forcefully pushed against Jean’s leveraged tongue. With the two top surfaces of their tongues pushing against each other, the saliva juices so lubriciously active, the pleasure coursing through their veins, they wrapped their arms around their backs even tighter; each trying to outdo the other with the force of their hug.

The tongue duel continued for several minutes, jousting in and out, taking turns pushing against and then alternatively sucking deeply as though to inhale the opponents tongue right out of their mouth. Jean managed to snake her tongue back inside Lisa’s mouth; nearly ramming her tonsils and causing Lisa to gag on the invader. But true to her intentions of dominance, she pursed her lips around Jean’s tongue and sucked it deep with a vengeance Jean had never experienced before. She tried to pull it out, but Lisa had put every effort into her vacuum mouth, and then just as her suck-breath was about to expire, she bit down on Jean’s trapped tongue, with just the right amount of exquisite pain as to cause a shudder of pleasure. Was it masochistic pleasure? Only Jean knew for sure. With her tongue finally extricated Jean made sure to retaliate in kind, not with a bite to the tongue, but to Lisa’s lower lip, hoping that Lisa might succumb to the same sort of pain/pleasure principle that Jean was only too well aware of within herself.

Arms continued to hug, stroke, squeeze, and caress. Asses were not off limits to deft fingers kneading the flesh in lusty ways. Legs maneuvered as best they could around the conjunction of their pubic mounds, sliding smooth skin across smooth skin, calf to calf and thigh to thigh. As that aspect of their body battle heated up, the effects of their earlier hairy manipulation became apparent. Each little shift of a leg caused one or the other or both women to feel the pain in their mound. Jean knew the limit had been reached with how much more excitement she could generate within Lisa without moving past the kissing stage. She felt she had accomplished a layer of arousal in her foe that was expected. Lisa felt warmer, her breathing just a little more ragged, her responses to each little tongue-dart a bit less controlled. So it was time to move on. She ached to get her fingers inside Lisa’s pussy, knowing how wet it must be. She started to pull back and extricate herself from the full-body clinch, only to feel searing jolts of pain from her pubic hair as Lisa’s dark fur kept its vicious hold on her own lighter fur. She winced as the little half-inch pull-back zapped her with pain that even prescription drugs would have had no effect on. Of course Lisa was on the other end of that pull. And Lisa felt the zap-zap pain as well. She however was energized by the fact that Jean had initiated the pull-back and had instantly retreated forwards into the snug confines of Lisa’s pubic blanket. “Can’t take the pain, huh bitch?” Lisa glowered at Jean with a smugness reserved for someone who felt the advantage in her court.

“Fuck you Cunt! We knew this would hurt and it hurt you just as much as me.” Jean snarled right back. “Do you think you’re ready to see who can really take it?”

“Anytime slut,” Lisa spit back in her most challenging voice. The spectator’s eyes widened as the two women slowly, slowly, slowly, and ever more slowly began to put receding pressure on each other’s furry mounds. The movement was only millimeters, but the impact upon their pain thresholds was nevertheless supreme. “Oowwww,” Jean shrieked first, but with only another ounce of pressure Lisa muttered out her own cry of pain, “oooooooowwwwwwwwwww!”

Tears welled up in both battlers’ eyes. Furrows in their brows gave away the intensity of their mutual pain. And yet both resisted the urge to get back together; lighter and darker feminine mounds. Just as the pain was reaching a crescendo, the cries out getting louder and louder, Lisa looked into Jean’s eyes, and finding acknowledgement there, yanked her hips backwards as Jean did the same. Who knows how many hairs were snatched from their rightful owner in that split second? It must have been hundreds or more. The shriek that came out of their mouths simultaneously rent the beach for a hundred yards. Luckily the gathering in that little cove was secluded enough that nobody heard except the clan communing with them.

Each woman had verbally succumbed to the pain, but they also shared in the knowledge that their foe was equally destroyed in the process. Jean reached for her own pussy mound and slowly rubbed it as if hoping for some relief. Lisa couldn’t help but do the same, as the powerful lust that had been building just moments ago had been severed by the blast of pain. If she was to gain any momentum she knew now was an opportunity.