Thirty-Five Years Brings Déjà vu to Reality

By H.G. Hunt

Chapter 9

By the time Lisa had made the turn Jean and Brent were sitting up in their beach chairs and silently absorbing Lisa’s arrival. Lisa, tanned and wearing a bright red two-piece bathing suit, strode directly towards the couple. She stopped just a few feet shy of Jean’s blanket. “Mind if I get some sun? This looks like a nice spot.”

Now Brent knew something was up. With acres and acres of empty beach, this woman approaching “their spot” to “get some sun” was no accident. Coupled with the warnings from Jean, Brent anticipated something, but he wasn’t sure what.

Jean smiled and sweetly offered her assent, “Sure, why not just plop down right here in front of us, spoiling the view?” The words were affirmative, but the sarcasm was the stronger message, “Lisa.”

Jean’s last word rolled through Brent’s brain, first causing a moment of puzzlement “How did Jean know her name?” he wondered. That was quickly followed by one of those remarkable “aha moments”. The puzzle was quickly solved in his mind. “OH MY GOD! It’s THAT Lisa,” the thought rolling thoroughly through his consciousness. The wild sexual imaginings that he and Jean had shared for the past few years, with Lisa rotating in and out of the web of stories they told each other came flooding back. Now, here SHE was; in the flesh. And what a gorgeous specimen of feminine flesh she was. The years had only enhanced the sexuality that Lisa exuded as she stood there, her angled face, grinning at Brent, as if she knew Brent’s thoughts. He felt completely transparent, and in both an embarrassed and exhilarating way. It seemed Lisa could read his inner soul. Just that one look and he was completely “known”. At least that is how he felt.

Lisa clearly liked what she saw in Brent. His firm body, friendly mouth, masculine jaw line, and sky-blue eyes, confirmed for her that there could be double the payoff on the bet she’d placed with Jean in coming here today.

Her trek down the beach as she approached the location found her with a keen state of awareness. She already knew that Jean and Brent were there. Jean had left a “signal” back at the parking area that Lisa had spotted. Certain “arrangements” of objects in the rear-deck of Brent’s vehicle told a story to the astute observer, which meant Lisa. That knowledge of what was about to happen created a squishy situation between her legs as she padded down the damp edge of the lapping waves along the shore. “Oh my God, I can’t wait to fuck that bitch,” she had been thinking to herself.

She laid her large bag on the sand and pulled out a large blanket and unfurled it in the warm sand directly in between Jean and the surf zone. Jean and Brent were leaning on their elbows as they breathlessly watched Lisa’s preparations to lie down as if it were a performance. She grabbed a bottle of water, took a swallow, and laid it down on the blanket. Then she proceeded to lie down on her blanket, but opposite of customary practice, she positioned her head closer to the beach, and her feet closer to Jean and Brent’s blanket. Her eyes barely left the gaze of Jean, only venturing away from Jean’s face occasionally long enough to saturate her consciousness with the manly presence just to Jean’s right. She calculated to herself that Brent would be a very nice fuck-prize later on.

With the couple watching intently she arranged herself so that her feet were towards the couple. She hadn’t been down more than ten seconds when her legs edged apart; slightly at first and then incrementally further and further, giving them both a mesmerizing look into her feminine V. It took only moments for their eyes to spot the threads of pussy hair straggling outside of their supposed confinement, hinting at the naturalness of Lisa’s pubic coif. Her fingers slid down her body and she ran her hand over her pubic mound, pronounced as it was, pushing the fabric skyward. Her head was up so she could see Jean and Brent as they stared at her actions. This went on for nearly a minute, both Jean and Brent mesmerized by the sight, even though the emotions flourishing inside Jean were NOT a carbon copy of those Brent was experiencing. Brent felt like tons and tons of lust was growing inside his body, while Jean felt an additional yoke of feelings on top of her own lust. The hatred and anger were surging through her veins, but it was a controlled anger; dominated by a desire to overwhelm Lisa in every possible way. She knew the effect this scenario was having on Brent, and the desire to confirm for her, and for Brent, that she was the superior woman, was overpowering.

“Camera?” Jean questioningly asked Brent as a way to remind him that he should be taking pictures. She wanted to be certain that today’s events would be recorded for posterity. As Brent retrieved the camera and lifted it he spotted two people tracing the shoreline, just as Lisa had done a few minutes earlier. He snapped a few pictures of Lisa’s crotch as it framed her face from a low angle. He noticed the couple strolling their way was not stopping. He became nervous about more potential interlopers and commented “There’s a couple coming our way.”

Jean blurted out, “Let ‘em come. I don’t care.” Lisa grinned at Jean and gave her a knowing wink. “Stakes, my dear; stakes; I raise you.” The wink alluded to the arrangement she and Jean had agreed to the day before, including “rights” to the loser’s sexual domain. What that “domain” included was open to interpretation, but the fabric of their mutual understanding was shared by just those two.

Jean: “Oh good, I like big stakes.”

At this turn of events Brent, a quizzical expression plastered all over his face asked, “What the hell are you talking about?”

“You didn’t think this rendezvous was an accident did you?” Jean chuckled. I brought you along as ‘stakes’ alright.” She spoke in that condescending way that usually drives Brent mad, but at this juncture he took it all in stride and the slow grin spreading across his face gave proof to the fact that he was beginning to understand at least a little bit about the ‘planned’ events unfolding before him.

Lisa, hearing the brief remarks, chimed in with her own comment, “With any luck there will soon be more guests.” She glanced towards the pair making their way closer and closer. A man and a woman followed Lisa’ footsteps right into the sandy sheltered spot in the dunes. “Welcome,” she said to them as she sat up. With that Lisa stood and reached behind her back and pulled the strap from the bra of her swimming suit. Her tits poured out in all their curvy glory. The man and woman stood their, mouths agape, staring at Lisa’s endowments. Brent did the same, but quickly snapped a couple more photos as Jean arose and copied Lisa. Jean’s top was in the sand beside Lisa’s within five seconds. Her white breasts shone brightly in the mid-day sun.

Jean and Lisa had something to prove to each other, and now there was an audience that would further enhance each woman’s motivation in the battle they knew was imminent.

Jean and Lisa had indeed parted yesterday, with an understanding about what would take place today, but both women, keenly aware that the lust and unfulfilled emotions that had lingered for more than 35 years, would be more powerfully settled if there were stakes involved. The two had agreed to place a monetary wager on the outcome of their tussle, but had also agreed that each could propose her own stakes that the other would have to accept. Being the mind readers that they were, the page was totally open to them, even if Brent was still in the shadow of their intent. Jean had brought her husband to the meeting along with the camera so that the eventual winner could do whatever she pleased with the images. Lisa had spent half an hour Friday night composing a message to some of her online “pals”; people who she had befriended that shared her passion for sexfighting. It turned out that a number of them lived within a reasonable drive of the location Jean had suggested, and with directions attached she had sent this message to them through her favorite social networking site.

“I’ve talked with you before about my passion for titfights and sexfights. I drool over them. I’ve also told you, probably in some detail about the event in my past that originally sparked my interest. I hope you remember that more than 35 years ago, while I was in college I had a sexual battle and run-in with a girl named Jean. That fight was interrupted and we never settled the matter between us. To this day I’ve lived with an ache deep inside me that caused me to wish I could return to that day and finish with Jean what we started. I thought it would never happen, because we had lost all track of each other.

But now, out of the blue, she is back in my life. I met her and it was no surprise to me that her heart has burned with a glowing ember just like mine for all these years. We are going to meet tomorrow to finish what we started. I plan on fucking her silly and proving myself once and for all the better woman. I’d like you to witness, no I’d LOVE for you to witness, the drubbing I will give her. I know she will be a tough opponent, but I am prepared to do whatever it takes to whip her good. Will you come? I will attach directions to the site along with the time I want you to arrive. Please be precise and prompt with your arrival. It is part of my plan to “up the stakes” with Jean. I do not doubt for a moment that she will GLADLY accept you as voyeurs to our sexfight. Beyond that, I will hold off on sending you the directions until I hear from you in response to this message. You’ve enhanced my libido all these years with our chats and pictures and stories, and now I want you to share, even more intimately, in the enjoyment and pleasure of our relationship. If you are willing to witness my long-awaited rematch with Jean, let me know right away. If you are willing, and you notify me soon enough, I’ll send you the rest of the details of time and place. I most expectantly await your RSVP.”

The lightning speed of the internet coupled with the surging hormones of her online friends and caused a minor traffic jam on Lisa’s laptop. The frenzied acceptances shot back to her so quickly that she could hardly keep up. By 9 p.m. she had confirmations from nine people planning to accommodate her request. They sure as hell had an extremely good reason to look forward to Saturday, with an invitation and directions hot off their printers. Of the nine there were three couples and three singles. Of the couples one pair was a married pair of approximately 30 years old, Mara Jane of Chaldean descent; dark hair, gorgeous almond eyes and her husband Robert who resembled a surfer boy. The second married couple was older. Bill was mustached, graying, balding, but built solidly at age 59. His wife Norma, 52 was a lovely blonde in tip-top shape, thanks to her job as a fitness instructor. She had an incredibly sexy tan as well. The other couple was a lesbian couple that was quite young; the slender blonde, Alicia, was only 19 and her redheaded friend, Carrie, was 21. The three singles were all female. Jade was a 25-year old oriental girl of petite proportions. Molly was a 38-year old woman who was thick, muscular, and tanned, with abundant tits and tree-trunk thighs. She chose a red and blue bikini that barely covered her hefty assets. Felicity was 46 years old with a rather solid build, blonde, and wearing braids today. She had a very mischievous smile.

It was quite a menagerie that was visible migrating up the beach from the same trail the others had all used. The other seven were just moments later than Robert and Mara in arriving.

Jean and Lisa, now with their tops off, aware of the approaching crowd, began circling each other. Stern expressions crept across their faces. Words were not spoken as the two padded around on the blankets. Brent had pulled their bags off to the side and asked Robert, whose name he did not know, if he minded donating his blanket to the center of the cove. Robert and Mara obliged quickly with Mara smoothing out the blanket so as to cover more of the sand. As soon as the others arrived they too donated their blankets so that the two ladies had a pretty large area within which they were planning their long-awaited ‘rendezvous’. The nine guests found spots around the U-shaped perimeter of the little cove and sat on their low slung beach chairs to get a good view of the “ring.” The blanket-covered area wasn’t exactly a ring, but the impression was that of a ring set aside as a place for battle.

Jean sneered as Lisa circled her ever so slowly. As the last of the voyeur-guests sat or reclined, Lisa stopped circling to address the assembled group. “Hi everybody; we’ve never actually met before in person, but I knew you might enjoy the opportunity to witness our fight. Jean and I have wanted to settle some issues between us for over 35 years. Today is the day it will happen.” She turned to Jean. “Are you still willing to sexfight me, in front of these guests?”

“You know damn well I’m willing. In fact I think your idea of inviting them along is pretty damn awesome. It really excites me to think of all the possibilities.”

“Good,” Lisa glanced at each of the newly arrived crowd. “Let us introduce ourselves. I’ll start. I’m Lisa and I’m 54 years old.” The introductions continued with Jean announcing her age as 55, Brent at 56, and the others followed in succession: Molly is 38, Jade is 25, Mara is 30 and husband Robert 31, Bill is 59 and his wife Norma 52, Alicia is 19 and Carrie is 21, Felicity is 46.

Brent had captured every introduction on his camera in the video mode, after which he flipped the switch to photos in order to conserve the memory. He aimed his camera back at his wife who thanked them all for coming on such short notice. Then she spoke as though it had been she that invited them instead of her enemy. With an air of unusual elegance, considering the situation, she thanked them again, “I may not know any of you like Lisa does, but I’m really, really glad you are here. It excites me like crazy to know you’ll be witness to just how much this moment means to me. I’ve wanted this day for almost as long as I can remember and to share it with others so genuinely motivated just makes my own motivation that much greater. Lisa and I just found each other yesterday for the first time in decades and we immediately re-formed our old opinions of each other. With that hostility and tension between us, lingering for all that time, our decision to go at each other was automatic. We want this to be a moment that captures the totality of our rivalry so we’ve mutually agreed already to some sort of ‘order’ to our proceedings. I think we’ll let you figure out what we mean by that as you watch the progression.” She glanced at Lisa, who nodded. Jean continued, “So please enjoy this as much as you dare, and don’t do anything to stop our skirmish. OK? You’ll know when we’re done.”

They all nodded their assent and the grins on their faces gave away their own excitement. A few murmured to each other, but those murmurings were far from Jean and Lisa’s minds. The tension was so thick in the muggy air that even the off-shore breeze didn’t seem to evaporate the jittery feelings that the dozen felt.