NOTE: I know that journal entries are supposed to be snippets of one’s day, but bits of information won’t cover this. I’ll call this a first person account. It is accurate, to the best of my memory.


I can’t believe it! It happened last Friday. I’m still somewhat bewildered by the entire thing. Today was the first chance I’ve had to sit down and thoughtfully recall the entire incident. Here’s what happened:

I got into a girl fight! I fought this bitch from work, in a bar! But what happened later...well, I’ll get to that.

I don’t know what came over me. Maybe, for the first time ever, I experienced pure anger and the desire to fight another woman. But when she got in my face, there was no doubt that we were going to the mat. I wanted her, she wanted me. Simple as that.

This was odd, indeed. For the most part I’m a quiet, reserved woman. That type of emotion isn’t supposed to happen to me. For goodness sake, I’m an office manager for a local, prominent group of neurosurgeons. I’m supposed to act classy. I’m not a barroom brawler. I’m not inclined toward physical confrontations, or confrontations of any kind for that matter. But the other day, it happened.

We were at a local establishment; a place we frequented after work. I was with a bunch of the other girls from the neurosurgery office; RNs, PAs, nurse practitioners, billing clerks and receptionists. Even Dr. Samantha Tillson, (or “Sammie T” as we came to affectionately call her) decided to join us for the first time after numerous invitations. I have to digress here and tell you a little about Sammie. She was the only female neurosurgeon in the group. And by far, she was the hottest female physician of about eight in the various practices. She sported long jet black hair and had smooth olive skin, with equally dark, seductive eyes. She had a gorgeous face, full lips and a body to die for. She had long, shapely legs, a sexy ass, and big, firm breasts. But as a doctor, she dressed in such a way as to not draw attention to her bountiful assets. Both beautiful and smart, Sammie was the complete package. She had, no doubt, been propositioned by every horny male in the office building; probably some women, too. I would have to confess, at this point, that I had kind of a school girl crush on her. But Sammie kept her private life private. Admirable lady.

Anyway, it was our “two martini” end of the week get together, just to celebrate Friday. It had become a tradition. And not just with the neurosurgery group. Other office personnel started to show up. The more, the merrier. Due to our regular visits, the staff knew most of us by name.

This particular Friday, I noticed this sexy (understatement) woman eyeing me in a way that seemed less than friendly. I’d seen this woman before. I was pretty sure that she worked for the ear, nose and throat group one floor up in the same building. Great looking lady! Gorgeous blonde with a fantastic set of tits, much like mine. We’d exchanged glances and smiles in the lobby and coming onto or getting off elevators, albeit somewhat uncomfortably. I’d wondered, once or twice, why there would be this palpable tension between myself and a woman I barely knew. But I just shrugged it off as female cattiness.

Then, there we were. Face to face that afternoon in this upscale cocktail lounge, emboldened by alcohol, arguing about who knows what for certain. She and I, in each other’s face, screaming at each other. I seem to remember her saying something about how I think I’m so hot, what a stuck up bitch I was and how I seemed to think my excrement wasn’t odoriferous.

Next thing I knew, we were slapping each other, and then finally tumbling to the floor to lock up in a heated body roll around.

Patrons were whooping and hollering, (all the men, of course) at the sight of two such hot women physically entangled as we were, rolling back and forth in something loosely resembling a fight. And no matter what I might have thought of my all of a sudden blonde haired enemy, there was no denying the fact that her body felt incredible, and that neither one of us was at all reticent about matching our massive breasts against each other, fighting tit to tit and body to body.

I could tell that, like myself, she really had no serious fighting experience. In truth, it seemed as though we both needed this, just to blow off some of the tension that had been building between us.

So there we were, body-locked in a heated bitch fight. There was the obligatory hair pulling and vituperations. Our already way too short skirts were seriously hiked up, in a tangle of legs, damn near to crotch levels. There was no doubt that our panties were exposed for everyone to see. I remember thinking that I was glad I decided to wear a new pair, even as skimpy as they were. I even wondered if my pussy lips were exposed. But with this blonde bitch yanking my hair, I didn’t have time to make any adjustments. And so, we wrestled around, slapping and cursing and pulling hair, for a few more long, heated moments, all in intense, full body contact. I must say, it felt exactly like the way we were supposed to fight; like the way we both truly wanted to fight. I was hot! I sensed that she was too.

The guys would not have minded watching us go at it for a bit longer, but at the request of the other women, we were broken up. It took some doing, by at least four fairly big bartenders and waiters, but we were eventually untangled and moved away from each other.

They held us back for a while, until we both calmed down. When it was deemed safe, they let us both go. Our fulsome chests were still heaving, and I’m guessing that her loins were as moist and tingly as mine were. But apparently neither of us was of a mind to lunge at each other again. So, we glared and huffed and then turned away from each other.

Both of us knew that this was not the last time we would tangle. There was an unspoken acknowledgement in our eyes that we needed to finish this, preferably in private. That’s why, when she went out of her way to meet me in the ladies room about twenty minutes later, I wholeheartedly agreed to meet her for a private, woman to woman set-to.

Later, after considerable teasing from the girls about being a bar room brawler, I left the group and the bar. I just told them I was tired and wanted to go home, which was only partly true. I actually went home to shower and change clothes. A couple of hours later, I was at her house.

Her name was Sydney. She lived in a nice house in a really nice suburban neighborhood. She was employed by the E.N.T. group, as I suspected. She had been with them for about two years. Just like me, she was the office manager. Strange that I’d only seen her around the building a few times and, even then, only in passing. But, just like me, she wasn’t especially chatty and certainly not prone to converse casually with people she didn’t know.

As I found out later, she never married, had a few failed relationships and was currently unsuccessfully trying to navigate her way through the world of romantic entanglements. Her story could have been mine. We were quite similar in that regard and a lot of other ways.

She smiled warmly as she let me inside of her home. Something that smelled delicious hit my nostrils immediately.

“You can just hang your jacket on the coat rack. Listen Missy...sorry, may I call you that?”

“Sure, I guess. May I call you Syd?”

“Of course.” Her accent, which I believe may have been British, now came through. She knew how to use it in a very sexy way.

“Missy, I’m famished. I took the liberty of preparing dinner for us. Perhaps we could wine and dine before we get down to this evening’s business.”

“That would be lovely, Syd. I’m hungry too.”


“Love your accent, by the way. British, I presume.” I confessed.

“Your presumption is accurate.” She flashed a genuine smile, and then gestured for me to take a seat at the dinner table.

Some sort of white fish, with veggies, was served. The accompanying wine was Sancerre, which happened to be one of my favorite white wines. The meal was delicious! What a wonderful prelude to a woman to woman confrontation, I thought. We got along so well and chatted so comfortably over dinner, I found myself wondering why we needed to fight. Then it occurred to me that this was something deeper.

“This is delightful, Sydney. And I must say, quite unexpected.”

“I figured that we’d both been drinking and had not had anything to eat.”

“It’s perfect. I feel satiated and energized.” There was a sly expression on her lovely face as she reached across the table and took my hand into hers.

“Good. You’re gonna need a lot of energy soon.” she said, only half kidding.

My nipples were tingling! My crotch was moist! I knew that I came here to physically confront this woman, but could not deny the arousal I felt. I wondered what she was feeling. I also wondered what she was doing as she slid the first two fingers of her right hand into the first two of my left hand. She pushed her fingers forward until the soft flesh at the base of our fingers met, and then started to softly rub.

“What’s this all about?” I asked, puzzled.

“It’s a womanly challenge, Missy. If you accept the challenge, tighten your fingers, press and rub back.”

I did as she suggested.

“I’m here to accept any and all challenges, Sydney. But I’m not sure what this is all about.” I stated, as we locked fingers and mutually, rhythmically rubbed. I found the act highly erotic.

“Very good, Melissa.” She almost cooed. I had the uneasy feeling that I was being lured into the proverbial spider’s web. ”This will all become clear, my dear. Soon.”

A few tense moments passed, as we locked our eyes and assessed each other’s intent. She licked her lips, slowly and seductively. Very hot! Then we stood up, hands still clasped as Sydney led me into the living room. In the center of the floor there was what appeared to be a soft mat.

“I assume that this is the arena?” I said, gesturing to it.

“Correct.” She said, releasing her grip on my hand. The room was seductively lit.

She then kicked off her shoes, walked to the far side of the mat and proceeded to remove every stitch of clothing on her exquisite body. My heart was racing as her large, lovely breasts bounced joyously free and her voluptuous body stood there in a naked challenge. It was a provocative invitation for me to come and match my body against it, if I dared.

“No need for us to rip our clothes into shreds.” She reasoned. “Besides, I REALLY want to fight naked with you!”

Her hot desire to fight nude only made me hotter. I supposed that was the intent. There was no way that I could back down. In my mind and heart I understood that I came here for this.

I moved to my edge of the mat, removed my shoes and slowly, teasingly removed my clothing. I removed my bra last, so that I could see her reaction as my fulsome tits were released from their restraints. Her chest began to noticeably heave in response.

Dinner was a nice perk, but apparently I’d come here in order to fight naked with a woman with whom I’d had an uneasy acquaintance with for several months. It was almost as if this was supposed to happen between us. One hot, busty blonde against one hot (so I’m told) busty brunette.

“Good...We understand each other.” She said, as though some clarity had set in.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked as we moved to face each other in the center of the mat and noticed our mutually heaving chests. Her tits stood proudly on her chest, and lined up in perfect opposition with mine.

“You know exactly what that means. Otherwise you wouldn’t be standing here naked with me.” She was right, of course. I could feel her lascivious eyes assessing every inch of my body. It gave me a prurient thrill.

“Nice pussy!” she said, as she scrutinized my clean shaven, well-appointed cunt.

“Likewise.” I said, as I checked out the fulsome, hairless lips of her womanhood. I could feel myself getting a womanly erection. Judging from the protuberance between her lush labia, she was too.

“Don’t you think it’s sexy that we both shave our pussies?” She asked.

“Well, it is the fashion these days.” I reminded her.

As best I could, I tried to play down the excitement I felt over the fact that we both possessed such wondrous, hairless cunts. But, try as I might, I could not get the thought out of my head that, in the heat of the imminent battle, there was a possibility that these two hot cunts might meet by chance in a well choreographed encounter.

The sexy finger lock now made sense to me. I was to learn later that this sexy gesture was the universal signal that two women were accepting each other’s challenge to a labia locked confrontation and that I had, unwittingly, agreed to such. It was Sydney’s official statement that tonight she intended to challenge me to lock up with her in this most intimate womanly test. But first...

The delicious “splat” of our body collision had to be the sexiest sound I’d ever heard in my life. What a luscious, perverse sound it was. The eagerness with which I locked my tits with hers surprised me. The full measure of her body against mine gave me deep satisfaction. And this was only the beginning.

In seconds, we were down on the mat, locked in full body contact as we had been earlier in the bar. Only this time, no clothes came between our heated, hungry anatomy.

The meeting that I could not stop thinking about for the last three hours, since I recused myself from the company of my friends, was now happening, without any hesitation or inhibitions on either of our part.

My large, gorgeous breasts were now fully locked in battle with Sydney’s equally large beauties. Her tits were a great match for mine, and my tits a perfect match for hers. Who’s breasts would win this erotic duel? Did it even matter? We rolled and rolled back and forth, locking our eager bodies to each other as intimately as we could. I had never experienced anything like this before. I wondered if my sexy British bitch from the Ear, Nose and Throat group had. I made a mental note to ask, when the moment seemed appropriate. Our bodies were hungry for a full-on, womanly confrontation. I believe that, three hours or so ago in the bar fight, we both understood this. Now, the intensity of reality was setting in. I was intertwined in naked erotic combat with another woman. Our flesh seared together.

“I’ve wanted to fight you body to body since the day we first made eye contact on the elevator at work.” Sydney confessed.

“Is that why you picked a fight with me in the bar?” I asked.

“I had to step things up a bit. You were slow to respond to my glares and my body language. It was clear to me that you needed provocation.” She explained.

“It worked, Syd.”

Somewhere in the fury of this sensual contest, Sydney sealed my mouth off with hers. I wasn’t expecting this, but it was, by far, the hottest kiss I’d ever been involved in. I rolled her onto her back and separated my mouth from hers.

“Kissing?!” I asked, naively.

In a split second I was on my back once again. God, those body rolls were so hot! She smiled at me.

“In case you hadn’t figured it out yet, sweet Missy, we’re in sex fight. Anything sexual is allowed. Hot tongue kissing is part of the package deal that you signed up for when you stripped off your clothes and locked up with me.”

“Sex fighting? You know I’ve read about this on the internet.”

“So, then this is your first barbeque?” she asked.

“Yes it is, sweet lips.” I then body rolled her and locked my mouth with hers. This seemed to really make her hot. Not that she wasn’t already.

For the better part of an hour we slammed, ground, pressed and rubbed our now overheated bodies into each other, with the end result of sexual heat such as I’d never known before. Between the mass collision of our tit flesh, our nipples waged a private war.

I’d watched, with more than just casual curiosity, a few “tit-fight” videos on the internet. Most of them seemed silly and demeaning to the women involved. But then, there were those few that were done very well, and were incredibly erotic breast on breast encounters that seemed highly pleasurable to the women involved. I could not help becoming a bit aroused by the sight of bare breasts locked in sensual intimacy. And now, here I was, in my own tit to tit nipple duel. It was amazing how great it felt!

Sydney then slammed her pubic bone into mine, and I responded in kind. We bumped, alternately soft and then vigorously. But when the lips of her cunt met mine, I became engulfed in delirium. It was the first kiss that my pussy had ever shared with another pussy. If this was a fight anymore, I didn’t know it. I bucked in an orgasm so intense, that it unleashed the liquid passion of her cunt into mine. I was irrevocably locked in a mutual, grinding climax with another woman, our pussies spewing cum at each other, while our fused flesh slid sinuously together, lubricated by the sweat of strenuous, and often furious body-locked combat. At the moment of her release, I dug my fingers hard into her ass. She screamed and then collapsed prostrate upon me. Both of us went limp, totally spent...

Fifteen minutes of post orgasmic ecstasy passed. A kiss on my neck then between out mouths brought us back to life. Through the slobber of our mouths and tongues she asked, “Did we cum together?”

“You couldn’t tell?”

“I was a little preoccupied.” she said, jokingly.

“Yeah, well so was I.” I stated emphatically. She smiled, understanding.

“Well, then, it was a draw.” She concluded.

“A draw? Meaning what?” I asked, with some uneasiness.

“Meaning the final battle MUST take place. The true test. The fight to the finish. Woman-o y woman-o.” She dramatized.

“And that is, what?” I wanted to know. I was nervous about what was coming next and she knew it.

“The true meaning of the finger lock challenge is about to become clear, sweet Melissa.”

She smiled slyly as she separated herself from me. In seconds our legs were scissored and my cunt was lined up with hers. Her thick labia could not have been more that a few inches from my newly aroused cunt. She nodded to me. The finger lock challenge may have been accepted without full knowledge on my part, but now, I was completely into it. I was going to follow in the thighprints of great women down through the ages who were known to be sexual cunt fighters, such as Rhonda the Righteous, Harriet the Hairless and Deloris the Clitoris. I was about to become a member of a proud pussy grinding tradition.

“Womanly contests such as these are always settled with labia locked cunts. It’s the unwritten law of female combat. Two women dueling with the core of their womanhood. It has to be settled this way. The meeting of our cunts will be a seminal event for you, Melissa.”

“I’ve also read about this on the internet.”

“Really? This kind of thing is on the internet?” Sydney asked.

“Are you kidding? It’s all over the internet.”

“One would think that the internet wouldn’t concern itself with such matters.” Sydney said, sarcastically.

“Mind you, Sydney, this may be my first time, but not only have I read about this, I’ve also watched a few instructional videos on pussy to pussy encounters.” I said, letting her know that my cunt was ready for hers.

“Well Missy, you’ve got a great cunt, and there’s a lot to be said for online education. But, sweet pussy lips, there’s no substitute for flesh on flesh experience. I hope you learned something from those videos. Otherwise, my cunt is going to devour your sweet, innocent cunt.”

“Don’t count on it, you British harlot. My American cunt can stand up to yours.” I said, defensively, knowing that I was just blowing smoke.

“I hate to disappoint you Melissa, but everyone knows that English cunts are far superior to American cunts.” She said, attempting to piss me off. It worked.

The nerve of this bitch! How dare she insult my cunt and my Cunt-try! “That’s bullshit!!! Where’s your proof?” I demanded an explanation.

“It’s true, Melissa. I read it on the internet.”

Now she was just mocking me. Smug English bitch!!!

“You cunt slut!!!” I screamed.

Then my anger surfaced and overtook common sense. I thrust myself into a confrontation for which I was mostly unprepared. I engaged her, cunt to cunt, without any prior clinical experience.

Sydney, being a much more worldly woman than I, was ready for me. As I forced my engorged pussy lips deep into the juicy folds of her exquisite labia, in order to teach this bitch a sex to sex lesson, not to mention defend the honor of American pussies everywhere, I could feel her cunt yield to my aggressive advances. I looked deeply into her eyes, and spoke defiantly.

“What a pussy! Is that all you got?” I chided.

But my whole body gave me away. The first full kiss of our sweltering cunts nearly sucked me into a vortex of orgasm. But I held myself in check. All she did was smile slyly. Right then, I had a sinking feeling my cunt was being sucked into a vulva trap!

Now, as my thick labia were being enveloped by the folds of her sensational British pussy, I could feel my clitoris becoming harder than it ever had before as it penetrated the depths of her welcoming flesh. Slowly, her cunt began to tighten. My cunt was being sucked into and locked in a restraint of flesh. Her burgeoning clitoris located and hooked up with my girl cock, and the two shafts battled with each other immediately, like two cats in a territorial dispute. I knew right then and there that I was locked in the most intense physical encounter of my life, and that my cunt and my clit were in a fight to the finish.

Sydney moaned at the fusion of our sumptuous womanly cunts. “Oh, Melissa, your cunt is wonderful! I had a feeling that this would be a fantastic connection. And I was right.”

Her attitude softened a bit, as did mine. She was genuinely aroused and delighted to be in a pussy match with me. I was also very pleased to be where I was. This was the most amazing hookup of my life. My cunt had never experienced anything as dirty and disgusting and delicious as this. I verbalized my mutual admiration for her womanhood, and how good it felt to feel our pussies going at it. But I knew that I stood no chance of out fucking her. There was no way I could match her skill. I would, no doubt, lose my first trib match. But in my mind I was already planning a challenge rematch. Once we really started grinding, our mutual tones and attitudes changed from anger to mutual hedonism.

“Seems I have a lot to learn, Syd.” I said, excusing my lack of experience.

“You’ll get the hang of it. I’ll teach you what you need to know.”

“I look forward to a long lesson.”

“Then why don’t we stay locked up all night? Tomorrow is Saturday. We’re both off.” She recommended.

“It just might take all night for me to get good at this.”

“No worries. I’ll show you how it’s done.”

“So let’s fuck, you British cunt!!!”

“You’re gonna be sorry and sore, you American cunt! But you will be satisfied, because I’m going to make your body writhe in ecstasy. The licentious needs of your hot cunt will be satiated.”

“We’ll just see about that.”

“Yes, we will.”

And so, as she promised, for the rest of the night she made my body squirm and convulse in orgasmic pleasures such as I’d never known. Our cunts were glued together until morning. I woke up limp from exhaustion. She was gone. I wondered just how she managed to separate two sticky wet, cum soaked, suctioned together pussies without waking me up. I must have been fucked to the point of utter exhaustion.

I smelled something coming from the kitchen. Not bothering to dress, I entered the kitchen. There she was, busy and naked. She turned to me and smiled.


My stomach ached with hunger. “Am I gonna need it?”

“Yes, Melissa, you will need it.” I looked at her, quizzically.

“I presume that you’ll be wanting a rematch.”

She was so sexy in her arrogance. But she was right. This bitch owed me a rematch...



Earlier today I was shocked and surprised in the ladies room at work. I had closed the office and sent everyone to lunch. As was my custom, I stayed behind to get things ready for the next wave of office visits. After this scut work, I went into the ladies room to check my makeup and my hair when I noticed someone behind me in the mirror. I turned, a little startled. Then I smiled at the intruder.

“I’ve got to start locking the restroom door.” I joked. Sammie T just smiled at me. “How can I help you, Doctor T?”

“Well, Melissa, I was wondering if we could chat. Girl to girl, you know.”

“Excuse me? I don’t understand.” Sammie smiled that gorgeous smile of hers, through those fulsome lips. She moved in close. Closer than I was comfortable with.

“I locked the door, so that I could speak in privacy with you, Melissa.”

“About what?” I asked.

My ass was up against the sink. Our knees were touching, and for a few exquisite seconds, we made breast contact. Through our bras and blouses, I could feel the coming challenge of our evenly matched tits. When she began to speak, and get to the point, I knew exactly what she was after.

“That British bitch from E.N.T. is sexy as hell. But she’s arrogant, too. I was impressed that you took her on.”

“Well, there’s been this tension building between us. Then, with the booze, well, things just finally exploded.”

“I was very impressed with how well you handled yourself.” She breathed.

“Are you kidding? It wasn’t much of a fight, really.” I demurred.

“I know. But it was HOT!!!” She then emphasized her feelings about my fracas with Sydney by assertively pressing her body into mine. I felt her hands take a firm hold of my ass. When she ground her pelvis into mine, my knees weakened. I felt the same tension that I felt when Sydney and I hooked up on the barroom floor. “I’d love to fight you sometime, Melissa. Just you and me, in a private setting.”

“Sammie! What are doing?”

“I think you fantasize about me too. I can tell when a woman is attracted to me.”

My lack of denial was enough to confirm her suspicions. Some barriers of propriety came crashing down. I would sex fight her if she wanted to, and she knew it. Our bodies were saying “Yes! Oh god, yes!!!” to each other.

“Tell me. Did you and Sydney reconnect later, in order to finish what you started?” She asked. Our tits heaved against each other in this behind closed doors interrogation. Her tits were even fuller and softer than I had imagined. I acquiesced.

“Just between us. We did meet at her place later. And yes, we did ‘finish things.’ This information doesn’t leave this room, Sammie. Promise me?”

“Understood.” She agreed. Aroused by her body against mine, I told her everything. It seemed the more I told her, the more intense the connection between our bodies became, and the more turned on Sammie became. I couldn’t have pushed her away, even if I had wanted to. I looked her squarely in the eyes.

“Sammie. I had no idea that women fought each other like that.”

Doctor Sammie T smiled and slowly separated herself from me. My whole, naive world was about to be rocked by what she told me next.

“Dear Melissa. Do you have any idea just how many beautiful women engage in erotic, body to body, sexual confrontations? Or how often these trysts occur?”

“Enlighten me.” I asked with genuine curiosity.

“Hot women are hooking up with each other all the time. Women have been sex fighting since the beginning of time.”

“I seem to remember reading about it on the internet.”

We stopped to laugh, breaking the tension. She moved close again, taking my hands into hers. “She kicked your ass, didn’t she?”

“All night long, Sammie. I never had a chance.” I sighed.

Sammie reached across and gently caressed my face with her hands. Then she pulled away from me. “Maybe you need to come see the doctor.” Sammie suggested, as I knew she was going to.

“You may be right, Sammie.” I paused, dramatically and then extended the first two fingers of my right hand in a V. Sammie’s chest began to heave, almost uncontrollably, as she reached out with the first two fingers of her left hand and slid them tightly into mine until the inner flesh met. We locked our fingers tightly and rubbed together.,,

To be continued