(By NylonNY)

Honeybee was an up and coming Wrestler in a big time women’s wrestling organization. Tonight she was in a match that could give her a shot at a Title Match with the Champ next month. Her ring name was “The Honeybee” and the name suited her full figured body and blond hair perfectly.

Her opponent tonight was Widow whose ring name was “Black Widow.” Honeybee had heard Widow was a lesbian, as were some others in the business, but it didn't bother her much, she would beat her and move on to face the Champ anyhow. Widow was smaller than Honeybee, a bit shorter and weighed much less but was strong and agile none the less. She had dark brown hair and smallish breasts, compared to the large breasts Honeybee had. Widow was very pretty as is Honeybee which helped both of the beauties rise quickly in the ranks of the other wrestlers.

Honeybee began to get into her costume. First a pair of black pantyhose over which she pulled on a tight black spandex one piece leotard that had a snap crotch. The leotard had a shiny latex look to it and Honeybee loved the way it clung to her curves highlighting her large round breasts. Next Honeybee pulled on a pair of bright yellow bikini bottoms that had the same shiny latex look as her leotard. Next she put on a pair of black wrestling boots and pulled on short black and yellow striped leg warmers over her pantyhose. The Honeybee was ready for action.

As the announcer read her intro Honeybee strode down the ramp to the ring. Always a crowd favorite, they cheered wildly for The Honeybee. Widow was already in the ring stretching. She was wearing her costume which was a pair of black hot pants, a black bustier with a red hourglass on the front and a pair of fishnet pantyhose under it all. She looked good and Honeybee knew why she was also enjoying success, but that would end tonight as Honeybee had no plans to lose tonight.

Honeybee entered the ring and stretched in her corner. The ref had the two of them come to the center of the ring for the rules. “Anything goes tonight girls.” he told them both, “Management wants to see what you girls have.”

Honeybee was surprised at the rule change but did not think there would be any problems. Widow was smiling as she heard the information. The bell rings to start the match and Honeybee rushes to meet her opponent in the center of the ring. Honeybee tries to grab hold of widow but she is too quick and darts out of her reach. From behind Honeybee feels widow wrap her arms around her midsection and start to squeeze, "Ughnnnnhhhh" grunts Honeybee. "You’re mine, Honeybee, tonight you’re winning streak ends."

"You’re...ugnnnnhhh....sadly mistaken...Widow...you can't beat me..." Honeybee plants an elbow to the Widow's chest that knocks her back and breaks her hold. Honeybee is surprised how strong Widow is as she takes a moment to catch her breath from the bearhug. Honeybee watches as Widow is circling her and waits for her to make a move. Widow suddenly lunges for Honeybee and Honeybee manages to trip her onto the mat. Honeybee drops onto her opponent and locks her legs around her head in a scissors and starts to squeeze. "How’s that feel Widow?" laughs Honeybee, "I don’t think you’re looking like a winner right now."

Honeybee continued to squeeze her nylon covered legs trying to take the fight out of Widow. Widow was struggling in Honeybee's painful hold, she was trapped facing Honeybee's beautiful well rounded ass. Widow could see Honeybee's ass straining with the effort of the hold.

"I have a surprise for you." Widow sneered as she moved her free hands to Honeybee's yellow bikini.

"What are you doing!?" shouted Honeybee as she felt Widow's hands grab her ass and begin to grope her through her bikini bottoms.

"Just getting to know you better." giggled Widow.

Honeybee released the hold to get away from Widow's groping, giving The Widow a quick breather. Honeybee stood up and adjusted her yellow bottoms, and was feeling confused as to what Widow was trying to do.

"I think the tide is beginning to turn." said Widow.

"I don’t know what you’re trying to pull but you still won't win!" said Honeybee. Widow rushed at Honeybee suddenly and grabbed her around the midsection and began to squeeze.

"Ughhhhhhhhhhhhn!" moaned Honeybee, as Widow squeezed her in a face to face bearhug.

“Your breasts feel so good against mine," whispered Widow, "I can feel your nipples getting hard even through your costume," she continued. Honeybee could feel her nipples getting hard as well, and was having a hard time concentrating.

"Let go of me...ughnnnnnnhh...you perverted freak...unghhh!" said Honeybee as she squirmed in Widow's grasp.

"Let go? No, I'm only getting started!" said Widow. The Widow began to grind her breasts into Honeybee's giant boobs. Honeybee's nipples were straining against the black spandex leotard. "Ughhhhh...stop that..." moaned Honeybee.

"Not just yet.” whispered Widow as she leaned in next to Honeybee's ear and then began to kiss her ear and move down her neck with her tongue. Honeybee could not believe what this girl was doing. Her tits felt like they were on fire. She ached to be able to grab them but she couldn’t and now Widow was kissing her neck and Honeybee was starting to feel a tingling sensation racing up and down her body.

With a great effort Honeybee finally breaks free of Widow's hold and adjusts her breasts in her costume trying to calm the fire racing through her body. Honeybee heads towards Widow for some payback and goes for a headlock. Widow doesn't dodge in time and gets caught in Honeybee's strong arms.

"I call this one the Buzz-kill! You’re finished now, Widow!" says Honeybee.

"I'm not impressed!" says Widow, while her head is being squeezed in Honeybee's arms. Widow is stuck facing down at Honeybee's pantyhose clad legs and yellow briefs and takes her hands from trying to break the headlock and puts them to work on Honeybee's bikini.

"How’s this grab you?" sneers Widow, as she grabs the back of Honeybee's yellow bikini and pulls up hard giving Honeybee a huge wedgie as the yellow bikini is pulled into Honeybee's pantyhose covered ass.

"Owwwwwwwwww...stop that!" yells Honeybee as she feels her bikini grinding up into her ass. Honeybee maintains the headlock as she tries to fight through the painful wedgie. "I have another free hand!" says Widow, "wonder what I should do with it?" she adds. Widow moves her free hand to the bright yellow crotch of Honeybee's straining and stretching yellow bikini. She begins to rub the camel toe forming in front of Honeybee's bikini from the wedgie.

"Ughhhhhhhhnnn...what..the...Ughhnnnnn...stop that!" moans Honeybee as she feels Widow rubbing her crotch.

"Doesn't it feel good?" asks Widow.

"No ....ughhhh...it ...doesn’t...ughhhh!" mutters Honeybee. But it does...and Honeybee knows it. She can feel her pussy starting to get wet even though she is trying not to submit to this lesbian’s manipulations. She is losing the sexual war being waged against her. Honeybee lets go of the headlock and gets away from Widow. Honeybee pulls her bikini and pantyhose out of her ass and adjusts her costume. Widow notices how Honeybee is pulling at her costume around her crotch and knows she is beginning to get to her. Honeybee circles around Widow not sure what to expect and that’s exactly what Widow wants.

Honeybee charges towards Widow again. Widow quickly sidesteps and trips up Honeybee. Honeybee lands on the mat and this time Widow traps her in a leg scissors. "Ughhhhhh...fuck...owww!" moans Honeybee.

"I'm sorry Honeybee, maybe I can make you feel better while you’re facedown on the mat?"

"Don’t touch me you bitch! This isn’t how you wrestle! You have to pin me not fuck me!" yelled Honeybee.

"But I am going to pin you! I just might feel like fucking you before I do!"

"Never happen!" yelled Honeybee.

Widow’s free hands moved to Honeybee’s squirming backside once again and over her bikini bottoms. She watched Honeybee's pantyhose covered legs and boots struggle helplessly as they tried to find some means of escape. "Let’s see what trouble we can get into in here." whispered Widow as she pulled open Honeybee's bikini bottoms and slipped her hands inside.

"Get out of my pants you bitch!" yelled Honeybee. But Honeybee could feel herself getting hot just thinking of where Widow's hands were going. She could feel that the crotch of her pantyhose was already getting wet and everyone else would see it as well if this girl had her way with her. Widow began to rub Honeybee's pantyhose covered ass while moving down towards the crotch of her black bodysuit.

"What have we here?" sneered Widow as her hand rubbed over the snaps of Honeybee's bodysuit.

"Don’t you dare! This isn’t wrestling!" snapped Honeybee.

"No, it's not, but it's loads of fun!" giggled Widow. Widow began to really rub Honeybee's crotch slowly but with a firm pressure.

"Ughhhhhhh....oooooooh...no...please....stop..." moaned Honeybee. Honeybee felt her pussy dripping again. Her only thoughts were trying not to cum. All thoughts of breaking Widow's hold were fading away as her crotch was being worked over. She could feel her pantyhose grinding against her pussy adding to the friction. Her legs felt like Jell-O as she tried to kick free.

"I think you are getting a little too hot, maybe some fresh air will help you?" laughed Widow as she stripped off Honeybee's yellow bottoms and all the crowd could now plainly see the sexual fight Honeybee was losing.

"You....ughnnnnh....bitch........stop it...!" Honeybee grunted.

"Are you still uncomfortable? Let me help some more then." said Widow.

Honeybee felt the crotch of her leotard getting tugged at and knew Widow was trying to undo the snaps in her crotch. Honeybee squirmed and her legs struggled to break her loose from this crazy bitch. Widow clung tightly to her opponent and continued to work on opening Honeybee's leotard. Honeybee felt the crotch of her leotard finally give as the leotard snapped away and was flapping now only covering her breasts. Honeybee's black pantyhose were the only thing keeping Widow from her pussy.

"Well now, doesn’t that feel good?" said Widow as Honeybee struggled to try and pull her leotard back down.

"No it doesn’t....I will still beat you! You haven’t won anything by stripping me!"

Widow saw how wet the crotch of Honeybee's pantyhose were, "mmmmmmm…looks like you are ready to go any minute now little bee." taunted Widow.

"No, I'm not! I won’t let..." Honeybee's response was cut short as Widow pulled the front of her pantyhose open and plunged her hand inside Honeybee's wet pussy and began to fuck the defenseless bee.

"Ughhhhhhhhh...god...nooo..ughhhhhh..stop....!" moaned Honeybee as she felt Widow's fingers pounding her pussy.

"This shouldn't take long" whispered Widow.

Honeybee tried to get free but Widow's fingers felt so good in her pussy. "Honeybee's getting so sticky!" Widow yelled to the crowd who were stunned with what they were seeing. Widow took one of her hands and reached up under Honeybee's leotard and started to pinch and pull at Honeybee's nipples.

"Oh fuck...feels...unghhh...so....good...." moaned Honeybee. Honeybee's hips began to buck and her pantyhose covered legs began to quiver as she lost control of her pussy.

"That’s it, Stickybee, cum for me!" shouted Widow. Honeybee couldn't take it anymore. Her pussy exploded on Widow’s fingers.

"Ughhhhhhh! Fucccckkkk...you...bitch! Ughnnnn! I'm cummming.....unnnnghhhhhh!" Honeybee spasmed hard as she fell onto the mat.

"Now I pin you for the win!" sneered Widow as she grabbed Honeybee's legs and laid on top of her while the ref counted. "1......2.....!"

Honeybee shook off the cobwebs and managed to kick out of the pin. Stunned Widow was thrown off her opponent and Honeybee landed a shot to her face that sent her sprawling to the mat. Honeybee pulled her wet pantyhose up and struggled to pull her leotard back down into place while Widow lay on the mat. Honeybee found her bikini bottom and pulled them back on just as Widow was coming around.

"Very impressive," said Widow, "after an orgasm like you just had I didn't think you would be able to move no less break out of a pin. I'll have to try harder."

"You won’t beat me, Widow, I told you before!" said Honeybee.

"We shall see how long you can last!" Widow sneered.

Honeybee tried to compose herself and prepare for Widow’s next move. She was feeling a little uncomfortable in her now sticky and wet pantyhose but she couldn’t change until the match was over.

Suddenly, Widow came flying across the ring and dove straight at Honeybee’s midsection. The move threw them across the ring into the ringpost. "Ughhhhhhhhhhnnnnnhhh!" screamed Honeybee as her back hit the corner ringpost.

"Why don’t you stay a while?" Widow sneered. Widow grabbed Honeybee's legwarmers and pulled them off then tied them together while pinning Honeybee against the ropes.

"What are you doing?" grunted Honeybee.

"Finishing you off once and for all!" giggled Widow. Widow wrapped the legwarmers around Honeybee's wrists and then tied them to the ringpost tight. Honeybee was trapped.

"Untie me now!" screamed Honeybee. "This isn’t fair!" she pleaded to the ref who reminded Honeybee that it was an “anything goes” match.

"Ok, Littlebee, let’s see how you get out of this one!" said Widow. Honeybee tried to pull free, her pantyhose straining as her legs tried to pull her free of the ringpost. Her nylon legwarmers were very strong to be able to take damage in the ring so they were not likely to break anytime soon. Honeybee bucked her hips but try as she might she couldn't get free.

Widow moved in close to Honeybee and again put her arms around Honeybee's waist. "You know you like this." whispered Widow as she leaned in close to Honeybee's ear, again beginning to softly kiss and suck on Honeybee's neck.

"Ughhhhhh, no...I...don’t...unnghhhhh...stop!" Honeybee felt the familiar tingling all over her body, her nipples once more straining against her leotard, her pussy dripping like a faucet once again.

"Awww, looks like you are getting all worked up again." moaned Widow as she looked down at Honeybee's costume and notices her wetness is now clearly visible around the crotch of her yellow bikini as her pantyhose are getting visibly wet. Honeybee tries to squeeze her legs together to hide her embarrassing situation but Widow pulls them apart for all to see. Noticing Honeybee's straining nipples Widow begins to caress and pinch them through the tight spandex of Honeybee's leotard.

"Oooooh....ugnhhhhhhhhhh...stop......!" moaned Honeybee.

"Just lay back and enjoy it, Stickybee, I am only just beginning."

Honeybee tried to pull free but she was still unable to as Widow worked over her burning nipples. Honeybee felt Widow’s hand move down her body to the top of her yellow briefs. She gasped as she felt Widow's hand slide under her bikini and along her spandex covered pussy.

"You are soaked through, Stickybee! Let's see how long you can last this time." chuckled Widow. Widow pressed in close to Honeybee grinding her breasts against the straining fabric of Honeybee's engorged tits, her hand rubbing Honeybee's crotch slowly. Honeybee was dizzy. She couldn’t see straight. Her hips started to move with the motion of Widow's hands.

Widow took her free hand and pulled Honeybee's head close to her and kissed her. Honeybee tried to resist but Widow forced her tongue into Honeybee's mouth and Honeybee gave up and let herself be kissed.

Honeybee's body was now in sexual overdrive. Her juices were flowing from her pussy uncontrolled. The crotch of her yellow bikini was now wet and her pantyhose were soaked almost to her upper thighs. She was thrusting her hips against Widow's hand.

"Let's put out that fire!" said Widow as she pulled away from Honeybee's mouth. Honeybee wanted to cum more than she ever wanted to but she noticed Widow's hard nipples as well and knew she was also getting turned on. As Widow started to work on getting her bikini off Honeybee managed to slide her arms free of the legwarmers because of all the sweat that had formed on her hands. As soon as Widow was distracted Honeybee struck a huge hammer blow on the back of Widow’s head sending her tormentor crashing to the canvas.

With a thud Widow hit the mat and didn’t move. Honeybee knew she didn’t have long but she pulled herself together, grabbed her legwarmers from the ringpost and quickly tied Widow’s hands behind her back just as she was coming around.

"Hey, what are you doing?" shouted Widow.

"Stick around and see!" sneered the exhausted Honeybee. Honeybee rolled Widow over and straddled her. She then began to pinch, pull and stroke Widow's nipples.

"That won't do you any good!" sneered Widow, “I've had much better than you! You can’t make me cum!"

Honeybee ignored her and continued her work. Widow thrashed her head from side to side and Honeybee could tell she was getting to the lesbian.

"You like this kind of thing, baby, so now that you're on the receiving end I don't think you have a chance!" said Honeybee.

"You won't make me cum! You don’t have what it takes...ughnnnnnnnnnhhhhh...to....ugnhnnnnnnn..beat me!" Widow stuttered. Widow began to cross and uncross her fishnet covered legs. She could feel her pussy getting wetter. She was mesmerised by Honeybee's huge tits waving in front of her. She could feel Honeybee's wetness from her bikini sitting on her exposed midsection.

"I think someone is getting a bit warm!" stated Honeybee.

"Fuck....you...!"sputtered Widow.

"Good idea...thanks!" laughed Honeybee. Honeybee leaned back and felt along Widow’s spandex hotpants and found the wet spot forming on her crotch. "Wet and ready to cum, aren't you?" she said.

Widow just bucked her hips trying to keep Honeybee away from her pussy. "Noooooo!" cried Widow as she felt Honeybee slide her hand into her hotpants. Honeybee slid her hand under Widow’s fishnet pantyhose and found Widow’s crotch. Honeybee inserted three fingers into Widow’s pussy and began to pump them in and out.

"You bitch! ughhhhh....ooooooh...fuck.....!" squirmed Widow. Widow flopped on the mat bucking her hips, trying to get Honeybee's fingers deeper into her pussy. "Make me cum! Honeybee, please make me cum!" screamed Widow.

Honeybee put four fingers into Widow’s dripping snatch. "How’s that feel bitch?" said Honeybee.

"Oh fuck....feeels...ughnnnn so good....!"stammered Widow who was shaking and sweating. Her pantyhose clad legs were thrashing against the mat uncontrollably.

"I'm.....ughnnnnn.....going...to.....cum.....shit!....ughnnnnnnnghhhhhhhhhh god I'm cummmingggggg. Unghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" screamed Widow as she came all over Honeybee's hand and soaked her hotpants with her own juices.

Not wasting any time Honeybee laid on top of her for the pin as Widow was still spasming from her orgasm. “1.....2....!” but somehow Widow bucked her way out of the pin. Honeybee started to rise and found Widow had gotten her hands free and was beginning to get to her feet. "You almost had me!" she smiled.

"I'll still beat you!" snarled Honeybee.

"Sorry, Stickybee, you are about to cum all over yourself again! Just look at yourself!"

Honeybee looked down and saw her bikini and pantyhose were totally soaked. When she looked up Widow leaped right at her and grabbed her bikini and pulled it right off of her, making Honeybee fall to the mat on her back. Widow was on her in a flash, diving between Honeybee's wet pantyhose and ripping open the snaps on her leotard before Honeybee could defend herself. With nothing but her wet pantyhose covering her lower half Honeybee was in trouble.

Suddenly Honeybee felt air hitting her pussy and looking down in shock saw that Widow had ripped through the crotch of her pantyhose! "Stop! What are you doing?" she stammered.

"Winning!!" yelled Widow. Before Honeybee could respond, Widow buried her face in Honeybee's pussy.

"Oh god, Noooooooo...unghghhhhhhhhhh!" moaned Honeybee. Her eyes closed tight as she tried to control herself. "I can’t take it, I'm going to cum!" thought Honeybee. Honeybee tried to get free but Widow had her arms wrapped around Honeybee’s pantyhose covered thighs and her head firmly buried in her pussy. "I can't take it much longer..ughnnnnn...going to ...cum.....can't lose...like this....nooooo..!" Honeybee felt Widow’s tongue dart in and out of her crotch and her teeth nibbling her clit. She felt the orgasm begin to grip her entire body like a tidal wave.

"Give it up, Stickybee, nobody eats pussy like me. You don’t have a chance!" said Widow as she immediately returned to eating her foe.

"You......ughnnnnnnhhhhh....won’t.....ughhhh....defeat me.....Wwwwwidow!" stuttered the quivering Honeybee. Widow just continued her assault on Honeybee's snatch, snaking her tongue around Honeybee's pussy. "I have to get up!" thought Honeybee. Honeybee struggled to get to a sitting position, then pulled her legs up under her to get to a kneeling position, but still Widow's head was buried in her dripping pussy. "I have to get up or I'm going to cum! Widow’s tongue is making me crazy!"

Honeybee tried to stand but Widow had one hand on the waistband of her pantyhose and was holding her down. "Ughhhhhhhnnnnhhhh...let.....ughnnn...go...of....me...ugghhh!" grunted the struggling Honeybee. Widow just kept working at Honeybee's crotch. Once....twice....three times...Honeybee's straining nylon covered thighs tried to get her off her knees but each time Widow's grip on her pantyhose kept her on the mat.

Honeybee was stuck on her knees with Widow really working her over. She knew she had to think of something but was unable to get free of Widow's grasp. Honeybee suddenly felt Widow let go the back of her pantyhose and she tried again to get to her feet, wondering why her foe had released her.

As Honeybee got one foot planted she felt Widow's hand that was grabbing her waistband move to her well rounded ass. "I call this move the deal breaker!" snickered Widow as she continued munching Honeybee.

Honeybee suddenly felt Widow's finger push against her ass, "Don't you dare!" shouted Honeybee. "Get your hand off of my....ughnnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhh....ooooooohhhhhhh...shit.....!" screamed Honeybee as Widow inserted her finger into Honeybee's ass. Honeybee was kneeling on the mat with Widow fucking her from both ends. Her pantyhose wet and torn from the struggle, she began to rock back and forth uncontrollably just grinding her pussy into her foe. "Can't take it....feels so good...can't take anymore..!" mumbled Honeybee as her whole body trembled with a building orgasm "Fuck I'm going to cum. I...can't..take...this.ughnnnnnnhhh....damn...ughhhh oh god! I'm....cummming......ugnnnnhhnnnnnnhhhhhhhh!" Honeybee moaned as she spasmed and thrashed onto the mat leaving a large wet spot.

Widow jumped on top of Honeybee and pinned her in the wet spot she had made as the ref came over. Widow kissed Honeybee while stroking her pussy and Honeybee could not catch her breath or think clearly as her pussy was being fucked once more.

“1........2...............3....!" The winner of the match, Black Widow!!" said the announcer.

"Sorry Stickybee, someone had to win. If you ever want to wrestle alone with me some time let me know."

The widow gave Honeybee one last kiss on the cheek and went to the ropes to wave to the fans. Honeybee struggled to her knees and tried to put what was left of her costume back on. She struggled to crawl out of the ring totally exhausted and defeated.