The participants: Barbara and Jennifer

The two succulent cunts lightly touched in a gentle cunt kiss, then separated. The initial kiss was tentative. It was the first full pussy to pussy contact between these two beautiful women. Both cunts were full lipped, shaved and had been lightly lubricated for this highly anticipated encounter. Two luscious cunts that had, for several months, been on a collision course. Tonight, they would clash. Tonight, these two well endowed pussies would finally square off in the flesh. Two beautiful women would resolve personal matters between them. Two sets of thick labia would interlock and they would fuck and fight, and fight and fuck to a heated, excruciating finish.

At first full contact between their fulsome pussy lips, both women softly moaned and understood that they would be sealed together long into the night. One pussy would devour the other. One woman would prevail.

But for both women, in their consciousness, it wasn’t so much about the destination as it was about the journey. All that truly mattered was that their cunts were finally going meet and lock up in this fleshy duel.

A little over week ago, in a dimly lit, upscale cocktail lounge, the two women chanced upon each other. It was a fortuitous encounter for both women because it clearly delineated where they were heading.

Having known each other for a while, the two beauties decided to share a booth. They chose one in a far corner of the lounge for the sake of privacy, even though there were only a few people in the bar that evening.

At first, the small talk between them was rather stilted. This gradually loosened up with the increased alcohol intake. Then, in a comfortable moment, Jennifer reached across the table and softly took Barbara’s hand in hers. Mildly surprised, Barbara did not pull away. Jennifer could sense mutual arousal. After some jockeying for finger position, Jennifer issued a subtle challenge. She opened up the first two fingers of her right hand into a V. Without hesitation, Barbara slid the first two fingers of her left hand into the V and advanced her fingers until the soft flesh at the base of both sets of fingers pressed together.

This was the universal signal between two women that a challenge to meet and lock thighs was being issued. An invitation to an engage in an ancient ritual that was exclusive to women was being proffered; the meeting of cunts. So, no matter where you are in the world, if you see two women interlocking digits in this manner, you’ll know exactly what they’re up to.

Jennifer’s eyes met Barbara’s. Smiles of sarcasm adorned their lovely faces. Challenge issued, challenge accepted. They silently nodded to each other in acceptance, as they tightly locked their scissored fingers, and began rubbing the inner flesh in a steady, rhythmic grind in a portent of what was to come. Nipples hardened and each woman could feel her pussy becoming moist with excitement. Both women knew then that they had passed a point of no return. They both tacitly accepted that they would eventually come to the point where they were right now, on a bed together with their long, sexy legs scissored and their voluptuous cunts squaring off, about to meet and fully mate.

Both women silently nodded. Both cunts were juiced in arousal. Both cunts quivered in anticipation and pure lust. Finally, the gap between them disappeared. The waiting was over. Exquisite satisfaction was irrevocably theirs!

Delicious, squishy sounds now filled the air as two well endowed pussies slowly worked their way into a meaty labia lockup. Two women finally sealed together at the essence of their womanhood. It was primal. Cunt meeting the fullness of time.

But this was so much more than just a meeting. It was a flesh bond of two women who had both loved and hated the fact that they were so evenly matched. Over time, casual appraisals and curious, interested glances between them turned into lip licking seductive glares; glares of hate and repressed excitement over an inevitable clash. Woman to woman seemed inevitable. That their cunts would meet like this was kismet.

Before scissoring with each other, the two women had engaged in the traditional full body sensual lockup. And what an incredible body match up it was! Both women squealed in delight as the rolled and rolled back and forth on the bed, naked body to naked body.

With their mouths engaged, their slick tongues wrestled inside. Four stunning double D sized breasts battled with each other in full contact, fused tightly in full-fledged breast duel. Warring nipples fenced as mushroomed breasts rolled and crushed in a tight match. Smooth bellies pressed firmly together, legs wrapped like mating earthworms, bodies grinding and rubbing, crotch on crotch. Two sweaty women so heatedly body locked with each other, that it was difficult to determine where and when the hate stopped and the uninhibited lust for each other began. Mutual dislike, mutual admiration and deep, mutual lascivious desires all considered, these two gorgeous women knew full well that this was the only resolution to the strong feelings between them. First, body against body, then...

Cunt to cunt was the only way out, the only release. Both women groaned deep in their chests. The anticipation was over. This was their personal providence.

Jennifer assertively forced her full labia into Barbara’s swollen, hungry cunt. Barbara pushed back with equal force. Their pussy lips formed a tight, fleshy seal. A slight suction was the result. Soft, squelching sounds emanated from the two fused pussies. Jennifer thought to herself how appropriate that sound was. Barbara thought to herself that she’d never heard anything that sounded so sexy.

Then came the aromas. Each of them could now savor each other’s fragrance, as they vapored the air with their womanly musk. Both wondered how strong dislike for another woman could lead to such an intimate encounter, yet both of them knew. Eyes met. Both nodded to each other. Acceptance.

Barbara could feel her pussy lips respond to the incursion. She could feel them wrestling with and locking up with Jennifer’s labia. Nothing in her past life experience could come close to the sensations that she was now experiencing. But the night was young and there was much more to come. Both women had verbally agreed that, once the two pussies were fully conjoined, they would remain in this labia lock until either or both of them could no longer continue.

Barbara and Jennifer were both known to have sizable clitorises. A protracted encounter between their female “weapons” loomed. Both knew that a clit to clit duel was in store for them on this propitious occasion.

As the sexual duel between their swollen labia intensified, both women could feel their burgeoning womanly erections. Each woman thrilled as she felt the other’s clitoris slide into her cunt, while feeling her own clit sink deep into the other’s supple pussy.

The two clits brushed against each other in passing, much like two women making thrilling body contact while brushing against each other in a crowded New York City Subway during rush hour. And like the two women in the subway, the two clitorises definitely got each other’s attention, rubbing together in a thrilling but brief encounter, knowing they would meet again. But for now, the two engorged female erections chose to penetrate and explore the depths of the delicious surroundings in which they found themselves.

Jennifer began to moan and groan, uncontrollably. Barbara felt a surge in her chest, knowing she was causing this. But then, Jennifer regained her composure. She flashed a glare at Barbara and then forced her labia deep into wet folds of Barbara’s sumptuous cunt meat. Barbara now groaned as Jennifer felt deep, womanly satisfaction swell inside her chest. So this was how it was going to be; tit for tat.

The lurid, moist pudenda clash went on. Two women, two locked cunts. Each of them now had a firm grip on the other’s leg and pulled for leverage, forcing the thick labia into an incredibly tight fusion of flesh. Just the right amount of man made lubricant gave the two cunts some wiggle room. They slid together, each exploring the depths of the other. But both women knew that the battle between their clitorises could not be put off much longer. Each woman knew that their clits needed to come together and challenge each other. Finally, it happened.

It was Barbara who made the initial provocation. Using her pelvic skills, she did a slight left to right rotation, using her clit to seek out Jennifer’s clit. Jennifer caught on, and realigned her pelvis, forcing her hard shaft into a full frontal confrontation with Barbara’s.

At last it was on. Both women could feel their clits matching up. This was the dream battle. Two proud female warriors now inexorably locked in sexual combat deep inside an arena of squashed together cunt meat. Nothing could match the prurient sensations that both women were now feeling. This was the ultimate encounter. Woman to woman.

It went on, as anticipated, long into the night. The coalescence of cunts; the fusion of two clitorises into a throbbing single entity. Orgasm after orgasm. Two grunting, squealing female cats in cunt to cunt sexual combat. Neither woman wanted it to end.

As they continued to fuck, both softly and savagely, Barbara reached out with her right hand and formed a V with her first two fingers. Jennifer smiled and accepted, sliding the first two fingers of her left hand deep into Barbara’s fingers, until the soft flesh between their fingers met.

Challenge issued, challenge accepted.

The End