Jamie owns and manages a lingerie store located in the North Side Shopping Mall. The name of her store is Sheer Madness. She has been very successful running her business and takes a lot of pride in her work and the line of lingerie she sells.

About six months ago The Erotic Boutique moved in around the corner from her store. A competitor that was seemingly taking business away from Jamie. It took Jamie about a month before she found out who the owner was, and when she did, rage, jealously, and anger flared within her. Her name was Chelsea and she was a beautiful brunette with dark green eyes and a knock out body. Measurements 36c-24-35. Long dark hair, firm breasts and a tight ass that turned heads everywhere.

Jamie was no slouch either. She was gorgeous. Also a brunette, but with deep blue eyes. She worked out regularly to keep her body hard and firm. Her measurements, 36c 25-36. It didn't take long before these two girls became aware of one another. They would continually spy on each other's store just to see if one was doing something special that the other one wasn't. When one of them was away from her store, the other one would run over to check out the line of lingerie that was on display. When they would pass one another in the mall they would glare at each other with snide looks on their faces.

It got to the point where the dresses and skirts that they wore were getting shorter and the tops and blouses were getting tighter. Each trying to prove to the other that her body was harder, firmer, and over all better looking. When in fact, they were so similar in looks and shape it would be hard to tell who was the better looking woman. Both standing 5' 6" with long muscular legs that would put a firm crushing grip on anything they wrapped around. Rock hard tits most women would die for.  Dressed to kill these two would run into each other in the mall. As they passed they made sure to thrust their chest out as if to challenge one another. The competition was growing fierce.

One morning Jamie was helping a customer pick out nylon stockings. The customer looked at the price and suddenly realized that The Erotic Boutique was having a sale on nylon stocking thigh highs. Once she mentioned this to Jamie, Jamie grew angry until all she could see was red. She immediately stormed out of her store leaving Cindy, her employee, to watch after things. Jamie marched down the corridor of the mall with a threatened angry look on her face. Wearing a short black pleated skirt, red silk blouse, black nylons, and patent leather high heels.

She rushed into The Erotic Boutique. Looking around she spotted Chelsea at the back of the store just finishing up with a customer. She rushed right up to her and stood behind her with her hands on her hips. "So I hear your having a sale on nylon stockings."

Hearing Jamie's voice she turned around. She was also wearing a black pleated skirt, but had on a purple silk blouse, black nylons stockings , and patent leather high heels. She came face to face with Jamie. "Yes we are having a sale, what's it to you?" Asked Chelsea.

"Well it seems to be driving my customers away to buy cheap quality nylon stockings." Remarked Jamie, expressing anger on her face.

The anger appeared on Chelsea's face. "Just who the fuck do you think you are calling my nylon stockings cheap, bitch?" Chelsea spat out. It was a good thing that they were at the back of the store away from people because the tone in their voices started to become quite threatening.

"All the lingerie you sell in here is cheap, especially your nylon stockings." Replied Jamie.

Chelsea moved a little closer and copied Jamie's stance with her hands on her hips. "My Lingerie is a hell of a lot better than the crap you sell. You would find that out if you were to trade your cheap shit in for some." Stated Chelsea with tension growing.

"No I think you need to trade your shit in. My Lingerie is better than this shit any day, and that's all there is to it." Said Jamie.

"Maybe you're just going to have to prove that?" Said Chelsea.

"I'll put my lingerie up against yours anytime." Stated Jamie with confidence.

"Well. Maybe you'd like me to demonstrate to you how much better my lingerie is than yours?" Challenged Chelsea.

"Any time, bitch!!!" Replied Jamie.

"Let me just start off by comparing the stockings you sell to the stockings I sell!" Said Chelsea.

"All right, how about the nylon stockings you're wearing right now, up against the nylon stockings I'm wearing right now?" Suggested Jamie, wondering to herself just how Chelsea would react to such a statement.

"All right, I'll just start by rubbing my nylon stockings against your nylon stockings!" said Chelsea.

"I say we do this while we're wearing them, but only if you think your woman enough for the challenge." Said Jamie.

"Believe me, I'm more woman than you can handle." Said Chelsea.

"Well I have to warn you that I'll rub back." Said Jamie.

"Good, that will just make my nylons shred your nylons all the faster." Said Chelsea.

"I wouldn't bet on that." Said Jamie as she stepped right up to Chelsea tit to tit and glared into her face. Chelsea didn't back down. In fact she moved forward and pressed into Jamie. The red and purple silk fabric of their blouses stimulated their nipples as they touched and pressed. Hands on hips, chests thrusting out, they glared into each others eye's. They stood silent, frozen in a mutual expression of anger for what seemed like an eternity.

Pressing together hard the front of their thighs came into contact. The hems of their pleated skirts lined up together just below the lace tops of their nylon stockings. Chelsea pushed her right leg hard against Jamie's left leg and pulled up causing the front of her nylon stocking to rub against Jamie's nylon stocking. Jamie did the same with her right leg. Back and forth this went on and each time a little rougher. Their tits bumped together as the contest continued.

Chelsea finally wrapped her right leg around the backside of Jamie's left leg. Jamie retaliated and wrapped her right leg around the backside of Chelsea's left leg. They both tightened their leg grips. Now having the same hold on one another the two paused to take in that ultra sheer pleasure of nylon stocking covered legs wrapped up tightly together. Nylon on Nylon. Taking a tight hold on each others forearms they glared mercilessly into each others eyes. The rubbing of nylon stockings contest started.

Firmly locked together the two simultaneously raised and then lowered her right leg up and down the back of the others left leg, then raised and lowered her left leg up and down the back of the others right leg. Back and forth. Nylon stocking covered legs rubbing tighter together each time. The sheer whispering sound of nylons rubbing on nylons could be heard easily throughout the back of the store. Tits bumping and bashing together through the silk blouses they wore. The two women held their pace. If one would have been present, it would have appeared that these two women were locked in some kind of angry Dance.

Suddenly the two girls heard voices from someone approaching the back of the store. The two women released their tight embrace, but the women approaching caught them pulling away from one another, not really sure what they saw.

"This isn't over yet, you bitch!" said Chelsea.

"Oh you can bet on that, you slut!" replied Jamie.

Jamie turned and walked out of the store. Once back in her own store Jamie couldn't help but think about that bitch Chelsea, and how much she wanted to crush her body. She went through the morning trying to find things to do to keep her mind off Chelsea. Since she was standing right in the middle of a lingerie store she was finding it quite difficult.

Once the morning passed she decided to grab a bite to eat. She left the store in the hands of Cindy while she was away. Jamie chose to pick up something quick at the Food Alley in the mall. She ordered her meal and took a seat at a table while she waited.

Suddenly Chelsea appeared in front of her. She pulled up a chair and sat next to her. "Excuse me, I don't think anyone here invited you to sit down." Said Jamie.

"I suppose you're here to add a few more pounds to that flabby body of yours." Said Chelsea.

"I think your the one who has the problem with a flabby body." Said Jamie.

Sitting there face to face with Chelsea, Jamie had her right leg crossed over her left swinging her foot back and forth in anger. Chelsea crossed her right leg over her left and mimicked Jamie. In a moment of silence the two women stared at their nylon legs as they swung back and forth. Both of them sporting a pair of black patent leather high heels that were nearly colliding each time their feet swung back and forth.

"I think we need to settle this." Said Chelsea.

"I couldn't agree more." Said Jamie.

"So what do you propose we do about this?" Asked Chelsea.

"I propose we settle things in an all out sex-fight. " Said Jamie and just then their black patent leather high heels collided toe to toe.

"I'll match you in a sex-fight, but the loser has to give up her store and move out of the mall." Said Chelsea.

Their high heels collided once more. Even with such a risk on the line, Jamie couldn't wait to lockup with this bitch and force her into submission. "I agree, but it has to be on neutral territory." Said Jamie.

"All right, I'll call you at five o'clock today and tell you where to meet." Said Chelsea.

"I'm going to enjoy crushing you like a grape." Said Jamie and her foot swung forward, but this time she stopped and kept her foot extended out towards Chelsea.

"When I get you wrapped up in my limbs, we'll see who crushes who." Said Chelsea and she swung her foot out to match Jamie's black patent leather high heel pump with her own.

Somehow by mistake the insteps of the two women's black high heel pumps interlocked with one another. Jamie found an opportunity to twist her rival's foot back but it was met by Chelsea twisting her foot. The two now locked together in a little pre-test of strength. This little foot wrestling match had them each trying to twist the others foot off. All the pressure was straining the heels of their shoes.

Jamie looked up to see her lunch was waiting for her at the counter. She pulled her foot away and said, "You better save your strength, you're going to need all you have."

She got up and walked away. The rest of the day seemed to drag on forever for both women. At five o'clock Chelsea called and the two arranged to meet at the Hotel Resort, room 519. By six o'clock Chelsea was in the hotel room waiting on Jamie. She made sure to turn the heat up in the hotel room, making sure this was going to be one hot sweaty sex-fight.

At six thirty there was a knock at the door. Chelsea rushed over to open it and came face to face with Jamie. "I thought you might have realized what you were up against and chickened out." Said Chelsea .

"I don't think I'd miss the opportunity to make you my slave." Said Jamie as she moved to enter the room.

Once inside the two immediately stood face to face about three feet apart. Hands on their hips and chests thrusting out to challenge one another. "I think we should start where we left off." Said Chelsea.

"I couldn't agree more." Said Jamie.

The two women stepped together. Their tits touched lightly and their nipples started to harden when the silky contact was made through their blouses. They held this stance for some time. Glaring into each other's face. Eyes locked and eye brows twisted inward showing the anger and hate the two women had for one another.

Chelsea moved forward and pressed into Jamie. Not about to back off, Jamie pressed into Chelsea. Together they forced female body into female body. Hands on their hips, they pressed against each other. Eyes locked in a frozen glare. Pushing harder and harder until Jamie took off with her right leg and wrapped it around the outside of Chelsea's left leg. Chelsea took the challenge and wrapped her right leg around the outside of Jamie's left leg. Locking onto each other's forearm, the two women were now in the same position where they had left off.

Tightening their nylon stocking legs together, they started in, rubbing nylon against nylon. Moving faster and harder the two women were barely able to stand. Now awkwardly stumbling around the room the two reached up and grabbed two handfuls of hair and pulled. Their legs became hot with the friction of nylon rubbing away at nylon. Sweat trickled down their foreheads from the physical exertion and the temperature in the room. Legs began to tire, as their movements slowed to a smooth glide of nylon on nylon.

Chelsea released Jamie's hair only to grab the front of Jamie's blouse and rip it wide open exposing her red lace bra. Buttons popped off and flew across the room. This pissed Jamie off even more so she grabbed Chelsea's blouse and ripped it wide open exposing a purple lace bra. The leg battle seemed to stop for the moment as the two women looked down to take in the sight of each others firm tight breasts.

"You think those small little tits of yours are a match against mine?" Said Jamie.

"I'll match my tits against yours and crush those little pebbles you call tits." Said Chelsea.

They pressed forward and smashed breasts with breasts. Bashing and crushing tits against tits. Nipples hardened and protruded as red and purple lace bras rubbed back and forth against one another. Jamie pulled back and grabbed the front of Chelsea's bra and started to pull. Chelsea retaliated and grabbed the front of Jamie's bra. Both women pulled and yanked desperately at each other's bra trying to rip them open.

They stumbled around the room with their legs still locked together. The shoulder strap on Jamie's bra ripped off the backside of her red lace bra. Realizing what had just happened, Jamie really poured on the effort until finally the front of Chelsea's bra gave way exposing her full round tits.

"See I told you the shit you sell in your store is worthless." Said Jamie.

With all her might, Chelsea pulled one last time at the front of Jamie's bra and ripped it wide open exposing an equally full set of tits.

"Now look who's talking." Said Chelsea.

With legs locked together they leaned back and visually compared their firm round tits. Two equally hard sets of nipples ripened and stood out in anticipation of what was to happen next.

"I want my nipples to fight your nipples." Said Jamie.

"My nipples are ready anytime your nipples are." Said Chelsea.

They eased forward until the tips of their nipples touched. Moving from side to side they tried to bend each other's nipples back. Both sets of rock hard nipples flicked back and forth across one another. Each nipple slightly bending back to its counterpart. The two women started to argue about who's nipples were better and who's nipples were winning.

Changing strategy they began to stab nipple directly into nipple. Frustrated about how equal this nipple war was going, the two started slamming their tits together in an angry fit. Arms flew around one another and they engaged in a mutual dueling bear hug. Squeezing together their breasts mushroomed and squished out the sides of their tightly pressed bodies. Moving slowly around the room they tried to overpower each other. Thrusting their chests into one another while pulling each other together at the same time.

Chelsea reached down and was able to pull up Jamie's skirt. Grabbing a hold of her panties she pulled up forcing the panties to wedge between Jamie's tight pussy. Jamie was unable to get her arms down low enough to retaliate. Instead she used both arms and continued to crush Chelsea's chest with her own.

They staggered around the room until Chelsea tripped over Jamie's high heel and the two women went falling to the floor landing on their sides. The impact of the fall caused them to release their hold on each other for the first time.

Rushing to their feet they faced one another again. Jamie reached around and unzipped her own skirt and let it fall to the floor. She stepped out of it revealing a red pair of silk panties and red garter belt.

Chelsea matched her by removing her own skirt revealing a pair of purple silk panties and purple garter belt.

The two stood facing each other wearing nothing but panties, garters, black nylon stockings and high heels. They moved forward and interlocked fingers in a test of strength. Pushing together, their arms came up above their heads. Chests eased forward until nipples brushed together. With their hands still locked and their tits now smashing together, they leaned their sweaty bodies heavily against each other trying to force one another backward.

Face to face their noses smashed together as blue and green eyes glared into one another. Their strength weakened. Jamie pulled her hands away and wrapped both her arms tightly around Chelsea. Chelsea had no choice but to retaliate and do the same.

Once again they locked together in a mutual bear hug. Their sweaty bodies grinding together. They were cursing and arguing about who's body was better and stronger. Reaching up from behind, the two women were able to latch onto each other's long hair. Pulling hair caused their heads to come back in an awkward position that also made their breasts push up to fight one another.

Nylon stocking covered legs wrapped together once again. The women held on with all their strength, thrashing around the room trying to over power each other. They stumbled and crashed against the wall releasing their holds. This was when Jamie noticed the wet spot on the front of Chelsea's purple panties. She looked down to see a wet spot had also formed on the front of her red panties.

"Looks like a little bit of my wetness has rubbed off on your panties." Said Jamie.

"Your wetness? My pussy is one of the wettest pussies that you'll ever cum across." Said Chelsea.

"You've got to be joking. My pussy can cum across yours a thousand times and will outlast yours anytime." Said Jamie.

"I thinks its time I showed you just how wet with cum I can get." Said Chelsea and she moved up to Jamie until she was tit to tit with her. Then she reached around Jamie and grabbed a hold of her ass and pulled Jamie in tight.

Jamie reciprocated and the two women forced their pubic mounds together. With their eyes locked and a firm grip on each other's ass they locked nylon stocking legs with one another and were able to make pubic bone contact. Pushing and thrusting, their purple and red lace panties ground together.

"So do you think you're woman enough to remove those panties and go pussy to pussy with me?" asked Jamie.

"If you think your pussy can keep up with my pussy." Replied Chelsea.

They stepped back. The fronts of their panties wet from this confrontation. Removing their panties, Jamie unhooked the front straps of her garter belt from her stockings.

"If we're going to go pussy to pussy then I want to make sure you don't try to get away. So lets hook up our garter straps to each other's stocking tops." Said Jamie.

"You're going to regret locking up with me." said Chelsea as each woman unhooked her front garter straps from their own nylon stockings and moved close, re-attached them to each other's stocking tops so they were now hooked together garter to hose with no escape.

Once hooked up they pressed their bodies hard into each other causing their breasts and nipples to slam together as well. Giving each other a look to kill they glared into each other's eyes as they started grinding causing their dark pubic hair to mingle and knot as crotches thrust into one another. Nylon stocking covered legs tangled and wrapped together in a grape vine. Arms flew around one another and sweaty naked female flesh mashed together. Pubic bones crushed against one another as the two sex-fight opponents struggled to overpower each other.

Thrashing about the two women fell to the floor and rolled over and over trying to gain the upper position coming to a stop with Chelsea on top. The two locked hands and used their tightly entwined legs as leverage. Chelsea was able to lift her upper body up and use her weight to drill her pubic bone down into Jamie's. Jamie's ass was up off the floor drilling her pubic bone back into Chelsea's.

Nylons strained against one another from the tightly twisted legs causing runs with each woman's nylons. The thrusting and thrashing caused Chelsea to lose her balance and fall off to the side. Jamie used this motion to gain the top position.

"I want my pussy to take on your pussy head on." Said Jamie.

"Then lets lock up scissors style and finish this." Replied Chelsea.

It took some time for the two women to get in position still hooked together. Once they did they faced each other on the floor. Legs spread wide giving them a good look at each other's wet swollen pussy. Coming together their nylon legs slid across one another like two interlocking V's. Cunt met Cunt head on in a wet sloppy kiss. Cunt against cunt their pussy lips mashed together forcing them to spread apart and seal together. Their clits made contact and dueled in a sort of French cunt kiss.

Pulling their upper bodies together their tits flattened against one another squishing out the sides. The two women humped each other in earnest. Jamie snaked her tongue out challenging Chelsea to a tongue duel. Chelsea opened her mouth wide and took Jamie's tongue in then sealed her lips to Jamie's. Tongues met in battle and soon they were forcing them down each other's throat. Mouths sealed together. Pussies sealed together, and the fuck fight went on and on.

Orgasm after orgasm drained the two women until they were fully spent. Leaning heavily against one another they continued to thrust into each other. It went on and on until both women barely had enough strength to continue.

They ended up falling over still locked together garter to hose side by side. Both were exhausted and could no longer move except for an occasional pussy to pussy thrust here and there. Neither woman noticed which one passed out first covered in each other's sweat and cum.