Joanna Mercer grabbed hold of the strap in the crowded subway car. She was going from Times Square to West 72nd, paralleling Central Park West, and at six PM, the car was filled. The fluorescent lights flickered as the car traveled down the track, and she was bumped and jostled as the car rushed along. Joanna was an attractive woman, and her pleasantly shaped body almost always drew a second glance.

She held on tightly as the car approached the 59th Street stop. People started to move to the doors as the car slowed. She held onto her purse with her left arm, and looked at no one. This is Manhattan. One does not acknowledge one's fellow creatures.

Joanna was tired and wanted to get home. She wanted to kick back in her apartment, have a glass of wine, and spend a quiet evening with her husband. Mondays are the worst, she thought. Who made Mondays? Who liked them? She brushed her light brown hair back from her eyes.

As the car groaned to a stop, she looked to the left. At the end of the car, she saw a pretty woman with short dark hair, perhaps in her mid-thirties. She was dressed nicely in a gabardine skirt, muted-red blouse, and black short-heeled pumps. Her jacket was slung over one shoulder, and she carried a laptop computer case. She was about five-six, perhaps an inch taller than Joanna, slim but with definite curves.

The dark-haired woman started to move towards the exit. She would cross right in front of Joanna. Joanna closed her eyes briefly.

The dark-haired woman muttered. "Excuse me," as she tried to squeeze by.

Their bodies met on the crowded subway car, and another person bumped the gabardine-skirted woman. What had been a short passing brush of two thirty-something women became immediately intimate. Joanna opened her eyes as she felt the stranger's breasts meet hers. They pressed together, the flesh yielding underneath the stranger's red blouse and Joanna's white silk top.

There was a short jam at the exit, and the crowd couldn't move. Joanna and the stranger found themselves momentarily wedged together in cozy full contact. Not only were their breasts making friends, but also their legs had entwined a bit. Under Joanna's rust-colored skirt, her upper thigh was firmly socketed between the stranger's legs, and Joanna knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was feeling the panty-covered crotch of the dark-haired woman along her thigh. Just as, she realized, her own mound was now riding on the thigh of this pretty woman.

Joanna met the woman's eyes. She looked at Joanna in sudden embarrassment, and said in soft tones, "Sorry…sorry…pardon me."

Joanna managed a weak smile. After all, it seemed almost an introduction. "Don't worry about it."

The crowd lurched forward and the woman squeezed past Joanna. As she did so, their bodies rubbed together. There was a fleeting moment of pleasant friction, and Joanna looked at the stranger again. The woman's dark eyes widened as the clothing made a scratching noise in passing. As she moved past Joanna to the exit, she turned her head and flashed Joanna a quick enigmatic smile. Her expression reminded Joanna of something.

She disappeared from view. As the train started up again, Joanna puzzled over what was familiar about that glance. The inadvertent close contact stayed on her mind, and she realized with a start that it had not been all that unpleasant.

In fact, it had turned her on.

As she exited the car at her stop, she remembered where she had seen that expression. She had seen it in the mirror the previous night, when she was naked and standing by the bed, enticing her husband into a languid hour of lovemaking.

The look the stranger had giver her was an invitation.

Joanna was bemused as she walked up the steps to her apartment. Why had this encounter, which ordinarily would have mortified her, taken on this erotic tenor? She never suspected any bisexual tendencies in herself before. Maybe it was the fact that the dark-haired woman was a total stranger, and it would never happen again. Unexpected bodily contact in a crowded public place…sometimes the brain is just wired in funny ways.

As she picked up the mail, the event receded to the back of her mind.

The next day at work, Joanna's thoughts returned every now and then to the incident in the subway car. She tried to concentrate on the spreadsheet displayed on her computer screen, but the numbers didn't seem quite real. As the afternoon progressed, she felt little quivers of nervousness.

It was five-thirty. Joanna cleared her desk and shut down the computer. She slipped her stocking feet into her shoes and pulled her purse out of the desk drawer. She tried to dismiss the notion, but she wondered if by chance that woman would be on the train.

She was wearing a sleeveless light blue dress with a V-neck that would have shown some cleavage except for the white camisole underneath. She rose from her chair and smoothed the material down over her round breasts and slightly curved tummy.

Again the thoughts returned. Would she be on the train? Would it be as jammed with people as the day before? Would she cross in front of her again? Would a strange woman's body be pressed against hers?

Did she want it?

Joanna carefully chose the same car as she did before. She went in and fought her way back to the same position she had been in the previous evening. She stood by the metal pole, in front of a plastic seat occupied by two middle-aged men. She held onto the pole and looked to the left.

For a few seconds, she scanned the crowd of people at the end of the car. Just as she was about to dismiss her silly thoughts as a passing mild obsession, a dark-haired woman elbowed her way into her line of sight.

There she was. Joanna inhaled a quick breath of too-warm air, and raised her eyes to look directly at the stranger. She wore a black knit skirt that stopped two inches above her nylon-clad knees. Tucked into that was a cream-colored button-front blouse with material gathered along the front, feminine without being too dressy. She had on a jacket that matched the skirt. She wasn't carrying the laptop case this time, just a simple leather handbag.

The woman caught her gaze and looked back. Her lips curved up in a quick smile. Her eyes flickered a bit as she looked up and down.

Joanna smiled back. Then a devilish thought came to her. She turned to face the woman and very slightly, thrust her hips forward and up a bit. As she did that, she thought, My God, I just made an obscene gesture to someone I don't know…a woman, at that.

But anonymity sometimes invites daring.

The dark-haired woman's eyebrows rose, but she continued looking at Joanna. Then she very deliberately placed her left hand on the top button of her blouse and undid it. The gesture was a perfectly normal response to the warmth of the car, and no one else caught it that she did it while staring at Joanna.

How far dare I take this? Joanna wondered. Oblivious to the crowded car, she slid her hand down the pole, then bent down and extended her right hand to the hem of her skirt. The top of her dress and camisole flared enough to reveal the curves of her breasts. She didn't care that some of the men at the same end of the car were getting an eyeful. She lifted the hem about two inches and pulled at it, an adjustment any woman does any number of times. Right now it displayed a smooth expanse of her slender legs. She dropped the hem and stood back up, her hand sliding back on the pole. She looked steadily at the woman, a half-smile on her face.

The stranger met her challenge. She undid another button on her blouse. She pulled back on the sides of the opening and the top inch of her round breasts was revealed.

Joanna found herself breathing faster. She had just spent the last few minutes doing an impromptu sexual contest with a stranger on a New York City subway car. How much farther would this go?

But the 59th Street stop was coming up. The car started to slow with a groaning of brakes. Joanna stood still as the crowd started to move past her to the exit. The stranger was lost from view for a few seconds with the press of commuters struggling past, and then she was there, just to her left and in front of her.

They were about a foot apart. Joanna looked at her, still smiling. The dark-haired beauty (and to Joanna, she was very beautiful), nodded to her. She had full lips with just a touch of scarlet gloss, the same shade as the fingernails on her slender hands. Her nose was small and slightly narrow, and her cheeks were rounded with just a hint of dimple.

One of the men behind Joanne rose and stepped forward just as the stranger started to move with the rest of the people towards the doors. The man bumped into Joanna from behind, and like that the two women were pressed together. Again that grinding exquisite friction as the breasts slid into each other. And again that breath-catching moment when their lower bodies met and rubbed.

Joanna closed her eyes and drank it in. The pressure of the stranger's body on hers was instantly arousing. Her breasts felt heavy and the nipples became erect. She felt sudden warmth in her pussy.

Joanna opened her eyes as the stranger was directly in front of her, and they were molded body-to-body. The woman whispered, "Sharon."

"Joanna," Joanna whispered back.

Sharon turned her head aside and moved back as the crush eased. Joanna felt a quick flash of disappointment as their bodies parted. But as Sharon passed to her right, her hand came down to the front of Joanna's skirt. For one quick second, she pushed the palm of her hand against Joanna's crotch.

Joanna had experienced the profound urgency of pure sexual hunger before, but she was not prepared for the onslaught of this aching need in the confines a subway car. She struggled to stay on her feet. Then the hand was gone from between her legs. Sharon was gone from view.

Joanna collapsed into the empty seat behind her. The man beside her gave her a short quizzical look. She ignored him while she tried to recover from the intense encounter. Her bra seemed too tight against her swollen breasts. She felt a maddening desire to pull up her dress and masturbate. She closed her eyes and concentrated on calming down her breathing.

Before she knew it, the car pulled into the West 72nd stop. She got up, taking her purse, and left the car on legs that didn't seem to want to work properly. She replayed the encounter over and over again her mind as she walked to her apartment building. How long had it taken? Thirty seconds? Twenty?

She paused outside her building, sighed deeply, and went in. She was grateful that her husband wouldn't be home for another half-hour. She gathered the mail and walked up the stairs to her apartment.

She dropped the mail on kitchen counter. Then she headed towards the bedroom, reaching for the catch on the zipper at her neck. She kicked off her shoes. She worked the dress down and stepped out of it and dropped it on the bed. She pulled her camisole over her head, exposing the demi-bra. She went into the bathroom and turned on the shower, then removed her bra, peeled off her pantyhose and skimpy briefs. She reached down to her sex, parted the luxuriant patch of pubic hair with a quick motion, and slipped the finger along the cleft. It came out filmed with moisture.

Her breath came with small hitches. The hot water in the shower started to send billows of steam over the top of the door. She opened it and made a moaning sound of relief as she stepped into the hot cascading spray. She closed her eyes and ran her left hand along her nipples, stroking the half-dollar size areolas while her right finger started to slide along the lips of her pussy. Her clit lengthened and became distended. She bent forward a little and started to pant.

In less than thirty seconds, she cried out sharply, climaxing in strong contractions, and dribbling slick juices on her finger. She clutched her breasts and twisted at the stiff pink nipples. She fell to one knee under the soaking spray.

"Oh, dear god, " she said. "Oh, dear god. Oh…Sharon…Sharon…"

Her husband found Joanna a bit distracted that night.

At her office the next day, Joanna could hardly pay any attention to her work. When friends said hello, she just nodded in an absent-minded fashion. It was not her most productive day.

But her mind was in a whirlwind. Joanna felt certain that Sharon would be on the same subway car that evening. Part of her wanted to stay at work until the possibility of encountering Sharon was gone. A small part.

But the most insistent voice in her head told her to prepare for another encounter. At twelve-thirty, while she chewed on a chicken sandwich and sipped her tea, she decided that the ride home would be one to remember.

The clock seemed to crawl, but finally five-thirty rolled around. She waited a few minutes until the offices around her were almost empty. She then took her bag into the ladies room. She entered a stall and stepped out of her shoes. She was wearing a flowered print wraparound skirt that came down to mid-calf. She also had a sheer dark blue blouse that buttoned down the front. She reached down and pulled up the hem of her skirt and pulled her pantyhose down and stepped out of them. She thought for a second, then removed the blue panties and half-slip. She was now totally bare under the skirt.

She stuffed the underwear in her bag. She unbuttoned her blouse and took it off, then unhooked the front catch of her bra. She shrugged it off her shoulders. She slipped the blouse back on and fastened two buttons. The bra went in the bag and she stepped out of the stall.

She looked into the mirror. She bit her lip. Her breasts were quite noticeable under the sheer blue material, the nipples proudly evident. Maybe if she held her jacket in front of her until … until the time was right. She pulled on the right side of the loose blouse. The inside curve of her round breast was revealed. She pulled on the lapel a little more. Whoops. The entire breast slipped out. She grinned ruefully at the sight. Have to be careful, she thought.

She tucked her breast back inside the blouse. She then reached down and gathered the edge of her skirt near her hip. With a hesitant motion, she pulled the loose flap to the right. Her right leg became visible, with more of the thigh slipping out as she moved her hand. She took her left hand and pulled on the material on that side.

She exposed her hairy pussy to the mirror. As she looked at it, she imagined how it would feel. Sharon would approach from her left. As their bodies met and rubbed together, the skirt would part and her blouse would open. Her naked breasts and cunt would meet Sharon's, for just a fleeting few seconds. What would Sharon be wearing? Joanna had a feeling that it would be something … convenient.

Joanna touched her pussy with her finger. She rubbed her labia and felt the sensitive fleshy knob of her clitoris. Her other hand found her breasts and she rubbed them, stroking the nipples with the palm.

Just then she heard the outer door open. Embarrassed, she let her skirt fall down and bent over the sink. The inner door opened and a woman she knew only in passing walked behind her and into a stall.

She dried her hands and left the ladies room.

Her jacket held in front of her, with her purse suspended from her shoulder, she boarded the subway car. The usual dense knot of people impeded her progress, but she made it to the desired spot and grabbed the pole.

Then some idiot of a gentleman offered her his seat! She looked at him, then said, "Thanks, but I've been sitting all day. I'd really rather stand."

He looked a little surprised, but nodded.

Joanna turned around to face the end of the car. My God…there she was! She looked at the dark-haired woman as the car started to move.

Sharon was wearing a long dark skirt, and it too was a wraparound number. Her legs were bare, and she had short-heeled sandals on her feet. The toenails were painted the same dark shade of red as her fingernails. On top she had on a light blue blazer, with four buttons fastened. Joanna was pretty sure that nothing was under it.

They looked at each other across the crowded car. Joanna smiled and raised her fingers to her lips. She blew a little kiss.

Sharon returned the gesture. Then she reached down and slipped the edge of her long skirt a little to the right. For one quick second, an expanse of creamy thigh met Joanna's gaze.

Joanna, blissfully uncaring of who might be looking, lowered her jacket to reveal her chest. She looked up a bit, then pulled the front of her blouse two inches to the right for a three-count. The inside curve of her right breast was visible.

Sharon looked at Joanna and licked her lips. She undid the top button of the blazer and flared the lapels. An inviting shot of cleavage made Joanna want to rush over to her and fall to the floor in her arms.

They played their little game of display and concealment for the next few minutes, carefully choosing the angles so that as little as possible was shown to the other commuters.

The brakes started their screeching sound as the car slowed. Here it comes, Joanna thought. Body to body, skin to skin. Her nipples were erect under the sheer blouse, and she knew she was becoming moist.

The crowd at Sharon's end of the car surged forward, carrying her along. Joanna angled her body so that the sweet collision would be a perfect meeting. She put her left hand up to the center of her blouse. She lowered her right to the edge of her skirt.

Sharon kept her eyes on Joanna as she moved closer. Her hand undid two more buttons on her blazer. Just before they met, she slipped the final button. The lapels of the jacket moved to the side and Joanna could see the bare skin all the way from throat to waistline, and the curve of her perfect breasts.

As the crowd moved towards the door, the two women were thrown together again. Under the cover their bodies, Joanna pulled the center of her blouse apart and drew the edge of her skirt to the right. Her naked breasts made smooth contact with Sharon's globes, and she felt the stiff nipples actually touch. She gasped, her face trying to maintain a neutral expression. She dared a look down and saw Sharon's dark rigid nipples slide along the top of her breasts.

Sharon had also adjusted her skirt just before their lower bodies came together. She stared intently into Joanna's eyes as they felt their pussies meet for the first time. Joanna felt a thrill like she had never known. To think that she was doing this, rubbing her cunt against another woman's hairy mound, on a crowded subway car in Manhattan.

They had a few seconds at most. Instinctively, Joanna reached around Sharon, her arm snaking to her back under the blazer. She pulled the woman's waist forward, and they bucked their hips inward, pressing their labia together. They bumped their pussies into each other on the crowded car, all the while staring into each other's eyes. Joanna felt that if they had maybe twenty seconds together like this, she would come. She would come screaming in pure joy.

But of course it was not to be. As Sharon's wonderful body slipped away, Joanna made a hasty rearrangement of her breasts and skirt. Then she felt Sharon's hand touch hers. Something was placed there. She clutched it and watched as Sharon moved away.

Again, she was so grateful that the seat behind her had emptied. She fell back onto it. She opened her hand. In it was a small plastic rectangle and a scrap of notepaper.

The words on the plastic card key said, "Carlton Hotel, 25 West 66th, Room 232." She unfolded the note. Small pleasurable spasms twitched along her thighs. The note said simply, "7 PM. Dare we? Sharon."

Joanna shivered. She knew that she would be there. She doubted that she would ever have the opportunity again for such a rare and powerful sexual adventure. She would rendezvous with Sharon and they would fuck each other like never before.

The train started off again. She whispered to herself, "We're going to do it … naked … my cunt to yours…" She closed her eyes and hugged the jacket to her bosom, relishing the sweet throbbing ache of her hungry sex.

When she left the train, she got her cell phone from her purse and selected the number for her husband's office.

"Hi, sweetheart…yes, I'm fine…listen, some of the girls and I are going out for a drink and a bite. I won't be home until late. Okay?…Okay, see you later, babe." She ended the call.

She went up to street level and found a cocktail lounge. She sat at the bar and sipped a martini, and glanced at her watch. The chilled drink eased her nervousness a bit, and eventually her watch made it to 6:40. She left the bar and with a little bit of luck, flagged down a taxi. She got in and gave directions. The ride took 15 minutes in the heavy traffic and Joanna felt every one of those minutes.

The butterflies in her stomach started up again when she looked out the cab window at the hotel. She handed the driver a five and two ones, and left.

"Here I go," she said to herself. Still holding the coat in front of her chest, she entered under the red canopy, the door being held open by an old doorman. She walked into the hushed quiet of the lobby. She saw the banks of elevators to the right of the registration desk, and walked with a deliberate pace towards them. She felt that everyone in the lobby knew what she was here to do.

"Nonsense," she thought. She punched the elevator button and waited for a car. The door on her right slid open and she entered it. No one else came on the car. She touched the 'two' button.

What would it be like? Naked, with Sharon. Her breasts on mine, our legs entwined and our pussies locked together. Oh, god…

And then the elevator door opened and she started down the carpeted hallway in the muted lighting. And then she was standing in front of 232.

She took the card key and inserted it into the slot. The green light came on. She pushed the handle of the door and it started to open. There was a dim light on the carpet.

She went into the small foyer of the room. Joanna saw no one for a second, and then Sharon appeared from around the corner.

Sharon said in a soft voice, "I knew you'd come…I just knew it." She was still wearing the long dark wraparound skirt and unbuttoned blazer. She was barefoot.

Joanna dropped her purse and jacket on the floor. She said, "I had to. I had to know… I just had … oh, sweet god, kiss me!"

Sharon rushed forward and they were in each other's arms. They kissed again and again, at first hard and demanding, then soft and inviting. They held each other in a strong embrace, never wanting to let go and their bodies seemed glued together. They made soft whimpering sounds as they kissed, their tongues meeting in wet delight. They ran their hands up and down each other's backs and buttocks, eager to touch and feel.

Sharon pulled her mouth back an inch and said throatily, "Oh, god…I want you now!"

She pushed forward and Joanna felt her back fetch up against the door she had just come through. She grunted once in quick surprise, and then she felt Sharon's crotch against hers. Sharon pulled the lapels of her jacket aside and Joanna opened her blouse. Their naked breasts slapped together. Joanna spread her legs apart, and reached down to part her skirt. Sharon frantically did the same to her skirt, and then thrust her pussy forward and met Joanna's in a shocking bolt of pleasure.

Both women cried out in lust. Sharon pumped her hips in and out, shoving her cunt into Joanna's welcoming mound. Joanna, her mouth an open O, grasped the back of Sharon's neck with one hand and her ass with the other. Her eyes were closed and her head bounced on Sharon's shoulder as the dark-haired woman pushed her wet pussy onto Joanna's.

Joanna's rear end was pounded into the door, and she felt her breasts and erect nipples mash against Sharon's breasts. Her clit was a tight stiff rod of hypersensitive flesh, awash in a sea of slick juices. It met Joanna's aroused bud in jolts of raw sensation. The labial lips splayed outward, allowing even more honeyed liquids to issue from their vaginas. Their cunts made an arousing wet splat as Sharon fucked her in an ever-increasing rhythm.

Their voices rose as their hunger for release mounted. Sharon bucked her hips faster. "Ahhhhh…….ohh…….oh jesus! Now! Now ! NOW!" Sharon ground her cunt into Joanna's, and their clits tangled together. Joanna howled as her orgasm consumed her. Sharon keened her climax, and their pelvises rocked with the contractions that started in their vaginas and spread outward. They shuddered and held onto each other in a fierce embrace as the erotic spasms racked their bodies.

The sexual eruption finally ended. Their breathing eased and Joanna straightened out her legs. She felt a pleasant tingling in her breasts and sopping vulva. She lifted her head back from Sharon's shoulder. They looked at each other, then kissed softly.

Joanna whispered, "I hope this room is soundproof."

Sharon giggled, "Oh, me too! I think we could have awakened the dead." She then moved apart from Joanna, finally letting her up from where she been pinned so thoroughly. She backed up, extending her hand.

Joanna smiled and took the proffered hand. She followed Sharon into the hotel room proper, a nicely furnished area with a huge bed. They stopped, standing beside a large easy chair. They looked at each other. Sharon's blazer hung open on one side, showing a round breast with the dark nipple. The waist of her skirt was askew, and one lissome leg was visible from thigh to foot.

Joanna's sheer dark blouse gaped, and both of her breasts filled the opening, pink nipples still at attention. Her floral print skirt flared apart.

Sharon said, "I never dreamed it could be so wonderful. I never dreamed it could happen like this."

Joanna said, "To think… a once-in-a-billion encounter in a subway car could lead to this. I am so grateful that you had the courage to … to …"

"To give you that look, that first time?" Sharon shook her head. "I have no idea what came over me. I've never been with a woman before. But when we were thrown together like that, something inside of me … woke up. So I took a chance. And I almost fainted with excitement when you were there the second night."

Joanna unbuttoned the remaining two buttons on her blouse with deliberate pacing, watching Sharon. "I was scared. I was scared you would be there. And I was scared you wouldn't." She finished with the last button. She opened the edges of the blouse and then worked the sleeves off her arms.

Sharon matched her with the blazer. Both tops dropped to the carpet by their feet. Joanna took that time to kick off her shoes. They stood in front of each other, naked to the waist, arms at their sides.

Sharon said, "Tomorrow morning I go back home. I gambled everything on what I could sense about you. It had to be tonight."

Joanna nodded. "Or not at all."

Sharon stepped forward. "If you never try, you always lose."

Joanna held her arms out. "Oh, thank you, darling, for trying!"

Again the women embraced, their now fully unencumbered breasts meeting in warm tenderness. They kissed sweetly, allowing the passion to build from slow warmth. The initial frenzied need had been met. Now there was time for discovery.

Joanna let her hand drop to Sharon's waist. She found the catch to the skirt and snapped it. Sharon laughed and moved back. The skirt fell and draped around her ankles. She lifted her leg and stepped out of the dark crumpled material and stood naked before Joanna, who drank in the beautiful sight. Joanna saw the jet-black tight curls at Sharon's crotch, and her mind reeled.

Sharon reached over and slipped the fastener on Joanna's skirt. Flowers descended and the long lovely legs came into view, along with the light brown abundant triangle of her pussy, with the plump labial lips shadowed beneath.

"God, you are so lovely," Sharon breathed.

"You are a dream, my sweet baby."

Joanna held out her hand this time. Sharon took it. They walked the few steps to the bed and fell into it. Sharon scooted back to the center and reached behind her to grab the covers. She pulled them off and Joanna helped push them to the foot of the bed.

Sharon reclined, her head on a large pillow. She parted her legs and opened her arms. Joanna slipped into the welcoming embrace and they kissed, their mouths opening. Their legs entwined and they rubbed together in sinuous grace, tasting as much as possible with their sensitive skin. Their breasts again slid together, hard nipples a perfect counterpoint to the pliant flesh.

Joanna positioned her pelvis to fit within Sharon's open legs and started a slow up-and-down oscillation. The tight curls of her pubic hair bristled as they brushed against Sharon's thick snatch. She felt her labia swell with desire and lubricious juices start to seep from her vagina. Her clitoral shaft stretched and became rigid, the pink head shining.

They kissed again, with greater need. Sharon took Joanna's head between her hands and ran her fingers through the light brown hair. Their tongues explored each other's mouths, dancing in and out and dueling. Sharon arched her back in ecstasy, seeking to maximize the pussy-to-pussy contact. Joanna pushed down, straining with effort.

Joanna lifted her torso up and straddled the dark haired woman. She sat astride Sharon's hips, her legs folded on the sides, and bounced up and down in a carnal beat. Joanna looked down at Sharon and smiled at her. Sharon's eyes met hers, and she said, "Oh, yes, baby, ride me…God, that feels so good…Oh, sweet heavens!"

Sharon stretched her arms up to Joanna's bobbing breasts. She palmed them and squeezed the supple globes, tickling the nipples. Joanna moaned and pulled her own hands over Sharon's, increasing the sweet pressure. Then they interlaced their fingers and gripped their hands together as Sharon increased the tempo of her erotic ride. Their cunts ground into each other at each downbeat, and their labia mushroomed and pulsed with ringing sensation. Their strumming clits met and danced in a bubbling pool of juices.

Sharon cried out, "Ahhhhh! Oh, fuck me! Fuck me! For the love of God, fuck me!"

Joanna fell forward and Sharon lifted her legs and spread them wide apart. Joanna pistoned her hips down and Sharon grabbed her buttocks and yanked them down. Joanna's clit slid into Sharon's open cunt and ground into the dark haired woman's stiff bud. Both women screeched as the simultaneous orgasm swept into and over them, their faces contorted with raw lust. Their bodies danced in a paroxysm of uncontrolled seizures, and they sobbed in great gulps as they clutched and held each other. The contractions in their vaginas splattered their fluids together. The emotional upheaval sent tears coursing down their cheeks.

For several minutes, they were locked together in perfect embrace, holding on to each other as their hearts slowed and breathing eased. They slipped into the warm afterglow of their joining. They kissed and caressed each other.

Joanna said, "I'll never forget you."

Sharon replied, "Nor I you, darling."

Eventually, Joanna had to leave. Although she never saw Sharon again, she does have one interesting memento of the remarkable passion they shared.

Every time she steps on a subway, she gets horny.

To be continued?