TRAINING DAY - Chapter 4


Alisha lay exhausted on top of Judy for what seemed like hours. She could feel the other girl’s heartbeat under her chest, gradually slowing down from its height of activity during the fight to a slow, steady pulse. Her body felt numb and cold except where her raw sex organs still throbbed against the burning heat of Judy’s cunt. Even that area was cooling to a sticky, tangled mass of fur. Every motion of Alisha’s body against the redhead’s produced another torrent of sensation through her and she finally had to force herself up on her hands, pushing up off of Judy and unsticking their glued bellies and thighs. Judy stirred slightly underneath her but remained mostly unmoving, whether from true unconsciousness or just denial Alisha didn’t know. She sat up on her knees and looked at the defeated, spent white girl laying on the floor next to her, naked except for her bra. She stared at Judy’s bare pussy on full display in front of her, golden hair split away from lush pink, engorged labia. She shook her head, marveling at how big and pronounced Judy’s sex was. Miss Big Stuff, she thought to herself. She ain’t so big now. Her eyes traced the channel between Judy’s vulva up to the upper reaches of her vagina where a curled, thick clitoris peeked out from its concealing hood. She glanced down at her own sex where an equally thick, angry pink clit contrasted shockingly against her black pubic fur and for the first time the raw realization of what she’d just done struck her.

Alisha stood up in disgust and grabbed her black panties off the floor, glaring balefully at Judy’s body before starting to stomp out of the shower room. A thought struck her and she stopped, turned back and glanced around the room until she saw what she wanted: Judy’s balled up, damp panties. The thought revolted her but something still forced her to reach down and grab the red trophy before leaving the room.

She skulked home, not daring to waste any more time in the locker room showering. If the night crew found Judy lying there bare-assed it would serve her right. She managed to sneak into the showers in her dorm and clean herself off before entering her dorm room in her clothes.

“What the hell you been doing, girl?” Tanya said when she saw her.

“Nothing,” Alisha muttered quickly. “I went to the gym, that’s all.” She shrugged out of her clothes and grabbed a robe, realizing she’d look ridiculous now if she didn’t shower after explaining where she’d been and given how she looked. She skulked back to the dorm shower and gave herself a proper cleaning, mulling over the night’s events in her mind. She felt coldly satisfied with the way her showdown with Judy had gone. She realized now that she hadn’t had any plan for what she was going to do to the redhead when she got her alone, but she had never imagined it would go as far as it had.

Even as she thought that to herself she realized it was a lie. Maybe she hadn’t imagined every detail of what had transpired in the locker room fight but she had thought about fighting Judy long and hard and every time she’d imagined the other girl in her mind she’d imagined stripping her or seen them fighting with less and less clothes on. Judy Miller had sexually humiliated her and Alisha had been hungering ever since to deal her back in kind and dominate the snotty redhead in the dirtiest, lowest way possible. She had no doubt that she had succeeded and that she could now face the other girl with pride. She determined that she would keep working out and not roll over for the white girl during their few remaining self defense classes. She would never let another girl humiliate her again.

The next couple of weeks passed uneventfully. She met Judy in class, of course, but the redhead acted like nothing had happened. She still matched up against her in class but the exercises were less exciting and intimate than the escape maneuver and Alisha found herself feeling mildly frustrated by the activity and the white girl’s failure to rise to any bait Alisha offered. Maybe she really had dominated Judy once and for all and the girl wasn’t going to give her any more shit, Alisha thought. On the last day of class she lingered a little, eyeing Judy as the other girl undressed. Judy seemed to try and ignore Alisha for a few minutes before finally slamming her locker and walking up to Alisha fiercely until the two girls were nose to nose.

“I want my panties back,” Judy said in a voice low enough so that only the two of them could hear it.

“Tough shit,” Alisha said just as quietly. “You want to fight me for ‘em?”

Judy glared at her for a second and then reached into her purse, dug around in it for a few seconds and found a small business card. She scribbled something on the back and handed it to Alisha.

“I’m making an appointment for us, honey,” she said. “My treat. Just call me if you have any questions.” With that, Judy grabbed her things and stomped out of the locker room.

Alisha looked at the business card: it was for a local waxing shop just off campus. On the back of the card there was an appointment time written with a number of options for eyebrow, leg and bikini waxing. One of them read “Brazilian” and it was underlined. Alisha pocketed the card, frowning, and hurried out of the locker room after Judy. But the redhead had disappeared.

She headed home, lost in thought. Alisha had gotten one Brazilian bikini wax in her life, and had loved the way it looked on her, but she hadn’t stuck with it. She’d actually found it too distracting. Having every inch of her womanhood plucked clean, including the nether regions right up into her ass, had seemed wildly painful at first as she was sore for a day or two afterwards, and then all too hedonistic as all her underwear suddenly turned into a bunch of sex gear, touching and stimulating her bare skin in areas where she had never been teased and touched before. Just the act of walking with the fabric of panties or a thong gliding along over her bare labia or up along the soft folds of secret, velvety soft skin between her pussy and her ass had become an erotic adventure, and she found herself thinking about fucking constantly and touching herself practically every free minute she had.

She thought about Judy’s apparent challenge as she walked sullenly toward her dorm. Were they both supposed to get themselves waxed, or just Alisha, she wondered. Judy had said she’d made appointments for the two of them. Wasn’t that friendly of her, Alisha thought bitterly. Obviously this white bitch wanted to take away the advantage Alisha had in their last fight, but then what? Were they supposed to sneak back into the locker room again? Alisha choked back a little thrill of excitement over what she thought Judy was trying to set up. There was no doubt she and Judy had stripped for each other in the locker room for a reason, that both girls were proud of their bodies and that somehow that had come to play in this competition between them. Alisha wondered at how far things had gone already between her and the redhead. She had grabbed the white girl’s snatch out of desperation, wanting desperately to prove that she could handle herself with another girl, and surely with any white girl, in front of her friends. Judy had called her on it and gotten back at her tit for tat, playing just as dirty as Alisha had. It was what she might have expected out of any girl fight, where a total lack of rules and wicked payback was always the name of the game.

But the locker room fight had taken things into new territory and Alisha felt weird about it, and even weirder about taking the matter even further. There was no doubt she had used her pussy against Judy in that fight, and no doubt either that she’d enjoyed doing it. Partly it was just seeing this fine white creampuff put in her place, admitting to Alisha that her black cunt was the stronger between them. Maybe she would have backed off and pushed the fight in another direction if the bush war hadn’t gone so obviously bad for Judy right from the beginning. And when Judy had implied that she had fought like that before with other girls and came off all superior and overconfident about it, Alisha just had to show her up and beat her at her own game. It wasn’t all that fucked up, she told herself. She had seen girls fight in the showers before or tear each other’s clothes off outside bars—girl fights always got out of hand and girls always fought dirty, so what was the big deal?

Of course she hadn’t seen any girls get off as hard as she had on top of another girl they were beating, she thought to herself. And damn if her cooch wasn’t tingling now at the thought of meeting Judy one last time with their snatches waxed bare, nothing between them but fine skin against skin.

Alisha shook her head angrily in silence. Her girlfriends would never let her forget it if they ever found this out about her. Probably they would never let her near them again if they knew about it. All because some white whore had pushed her buttons and dragged her down into the gutter. A white girl!

Alisha dug the card out of her pocket and read the phone number on it, then quickly dug her cell phone out of her jacket. She had seen Judy on her cell before so she was confident the white girl would pick up if she called her now.

Sure enough, it took only a ring before Judy’s familiar, business-like voice sounded on the other end. “Didn’t take you long, did it?”

“What’s this shit all about?” Alisha demanded as she walked.

“Oh, you’re too stupid even to figure that out?” Judy said coolly. “It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it, honey? I’m just betting you’re not so tough without that black brillo pad between your legs.”

“Oh, so what we gonna do? Get waxed and then go somewhere and fight?”

“You’re not gonna want to fight me on day one,” Judy said. “Besides, I’m going out tomorrow night and I want us to have enough time to settle things. Why don’t you come to my dorm room Saturday night. That should give us all the time we need.”

“Your dorm room? There ain’t much room to fight in a dorm room, girl,” Alisha argued.

“We won’t need very much room the way we’re going to fight, girlfriend,” Judy said. “I’ll see you at the salon. But in case you’re too afraid to lose that black wool of yours I guess you can go on knowing that that’s the only thing that kept me from grinding your big pussy raw.”

Alisha started to snarl a reply but the line went dead and she snapped her phone shut, fuming as she stalked across campus toward her room. Judy’s manipulation was working as good as ever, she realized. Now she was supposed to walk right into this girl’s trap, even into the girl’s dorm room, and fight the way she wanted to. What the hell kind of fight could you have in a little dorm room, she thought to herself. The narrow rooms were barely big enough for two beds and a couple of small desks. She thought again about their last fight and how stripped down and sexual it had gotten. She could still rationalize it. They had already been undressed in that locker room when they’d taunted each other into the fight and so what if neither girl had bothered to put on more clothes once it started going down? And with just bra and panties on they were bound to lose at least some more clothing during the fight. She had no choice once they had locked into that bear hug and couldn’t really use their hands or fists to do any real damage there was nothing left to fight with but their hips and those ass muscles they were both so proud of. It was almost the right way to settle things, she thought, right down to what the two of them were all about.

If she did this, though, if she had herself waxed for this next confrontation and went somewhere where no two girls could possibly have an all-out fight without some kind of weird rules, she would really be passing the point of no return. She could never let anyone find out about this, ever.

Even as she tried to argue herself out of it Alisha’s nipples throbbed against her bra and her crotch seemed to burn hot enough to set her panties on fire. So Judy had her big excuse that Alisha’s big bush had given her an unfair advantage well, she was damned if she was going to allow the white bitch to think Alisha hadn’t won their fight fair and square. If this was what she needed to put them on equal terms, maybe it needed to be settled this way, Alisha thought. That way there could be no doubt that only muscle and determination had settled which of them was the better girl. That, and any other secret weapons they each might have.

Alisha dressed casually for her trip to the waxing salon the next day. She couldn’t help marveling at the lengths she was about to go to beat out this flame-haired girl who might as well have been a perfect stranger to her. After their locker room fight she felt like nothing was off limits and that she had gained an intimacy with Judy Miller that maybe even best friends didn’t always have. There was no challenge this girl could put out there that Alisha wasn’t willing to face.

She found Judy sitting demurely in the salon waiting room, dressed like Alisha in jeans and a colorful top. She looked up at Alisha smugly as she checked in with the receptionist and smiled tightly as Alisha brazenly took the seat right next to her.

“Nice to see you, Alisha,” Judy said brightly. “What are you in for?”

Alisha tried to return the white girl’s sweet little smile. “Bikini wax,” she said, gritting her teeth a little. “How about you?”

“Same thing,” Judy said. “What a coincidence.” She leaned forward confidentially. “I’m glad you finally decided to take care of yourself down there. I was about to say something.”

Alisha swallowed as she saw that Judy wasn’t about to cede the momentum of their competition even in here. “Well I’m happy to see you getting cleaned up where it counts too, Judy,” she said. “The fact is you were getting a little ragged in that area too, if you know what I mean.” She pulled a magazine off the waiting room table and stared into it sullenly as she spoke. “Of course I don’t mean to imply that you had a very big problem,” she said. “In fact it was nothing at all.”

“Oh, I was going to say the same thing about you,” Judy said sweetly. “Hardly worth mentioning. Just what kind of wax are you going for, by the way?”

Alisha glanced sideways at Judy. Just what was this bitch trying to pull? “Brazilian,” she replied smoothly.

“That’s just what I’m doing,” Judy said. “Make sure you tell me how yours turns out. I hear the first day can be a little sore.”

“That’s just what I hear too but that shouldn’t be anything new for a girl like you,” Alisha said.

“No, you’re right,” Judy said. “I’ve had it done before. But I usually just wear pantyhose if I happen to be going out the same evening. It can be a little risky depending on what you’re doing socially but it’s just more comfortable. You should try it.”

Alisha looked up from her magazine and met Judy’s eyes, and for a few seconds the two girls studied each other’s open, attractive features guardedly.

“Oh, you recommend I try it tonight, Judy?” Alisha asked.

“I insist,” Judy said quietly. “I’ll be clubbing tonight at the Beat Bar. You should come.”

“Judy Miller,” the receptionist said, and Judy stood up, straightening her outfit neatly.

“If you’re going to be there maybe I will come,” Alisha said, staring up into Judy’s glittering eyes as the redhead stood over her. Judy extended her hand and Alisha, after hesitating for a split second, took it and the two girls shook hands firmly.

“Nice seeing you, Alisha,” Judy said sweetly. “I hope I see you this evening.”

With that the redhead headed toward the waxing rooms and Alisha was left watching the other girl’s figure and especially the impressive, curvy behind shimmying slightly at the white girl’s graceful walk. Then she was gone.

It took only a few more moments for Alisha’s name to be called and she headed into the waxing room, disrobed and lay down. A few seconds later an attendant was applying hot wax to her most intimate, secret body parts, dribbling warm wax up between her two meaty brown ass cheeks as she spread her thighs. Alisha closed her eyes and gritted her teeth as the attendant started to tear off her thick black sexual fur. Thirty minutes later she was more naked than she’d been in years.

Her vagina throbbed hotly as she slipped back into her clothes, paid for her treatment and walked out of the salon. She had forgotten just how raw a girl could feel after a waxing, she thought to herself. Every step dragged her pants and panties across her inflamed, intimate skin, from her pubic mound and vulva to the delicate channel that ran up between her buttocks. By tomorrow those irritating feelings would turn deliciously erotic and distracting, but for now they just made her feel raw and uncomfortable.

She stopped short as she saw Judy at the nail salon next to the waxing place. After their verbal sparring in the waiting room she had just wanted to get away from the smart-mouthed redhead but some alarm went off in the back of her head when she sighted Judy at the nail salon. One of the many choices that got Alisha teased by her girlfriends was that she rarely went in for the long, decorated fake nails they usually wore—she kept her nails cut short because otherwise she thought they just got in the way. Judy wore her nails the same way: short and practical, and it seemed strange to sight the redhead in the nail salon.

Alisha turned her suspicions over in her head as she walked past the salon. It took only a few seconds for her to reverse course and head back to the shop entrance. She entered and took a seat near Judy and the shop owner.

“Alisha,” Judy said smugly as Alisha sat down. “How are you feeling?”

“A little sensitive,” Alisha said honestly. “How about you?”

“Just the same I guess,” Judy said. “Misery loves company I guess. Like my nails?”

Judy showed off a set of inch-long, blood red nails—perfectly matching her flame red hair, Alisha noted.

“I didn’t think you went in for those,” Alisha remarked.

“Well, a girl has to be prepared for a big night out,” Judy said. “Besides, I didn’t think you went in for long nails either.”

“Only on real special occasions,” Alisha said, smiling. She twisted a little in her seat, adjusting herself around her swollen crotch. Her skin down there was burning but something about the secret war of words with Judy was changing the sensations between her legs from pure irritation to something more provocative. She realized how much she enjoyed dueling with Judy verbally, acting all proper and colliding with the white girl on her own stuck up level. She could feel the ghetto slang that forced itself on her so easily disappearing, making her feel classy and cool. It wasn’t like she looked up to Judy as some social superior or anything, but she knew the girl had money and even if she was just doing it to humiliate Alisha in another way she enjoyed taking their competition to this shiny, classy level instead of hissing street slurs at each other.

“Special occasions like tonight?” Judy asked, eyeing her new weapons coolly. Alisha stared at the cut of the blood red nails, noting their sharpness, noting that they were short enough so they wouldn’t break right off at the first sign of pressure.

“Maybe,” Alisha said. “Is tonight going to be all that special? I was looking forward to the weekend.”

“The weekend’s going to be the main event, that’s for sure,” Judy said. “But tonight’ll be a nice warm-up. For anyone who’s up to it, of course.”

“I see what you mean,” Alisha said as she signaled for the shop owner’s attention. “I’ll have what she’s having,” she said. “Only in black.”

Alisha slipped on the sheerest pair of black pantyhose she owned and eyed herself in the full-length dorm room mirror. Now that she had been waxed nude the dark hose barely hid every detail of her sex to the world, and far from being more comfortable, the snug hose seemed to send every skin cell from her pubic mound all the way back to the top of her ass tingling like mad. She took a few experimental steps in the hose and winced as she felt the nylon drag across her crotch. This girl was crazy, she thought to herself. No way could she walk across campus and uptown like this! She forced herself to think about Judy with her blood red nails and her own throbbing, swollen pussy out there on the town looking for her. She pulled a black leather miniskirt and a red satin top from her closet and slid into them, leaving her bra behind. Between the tug of the nylon between her leg and the satin sliding across her hardening nipples she felt like she was getting fucked right then and there but she managed to do her hair and makeup, find some spiked black shoes and head out the door.

After a few blocks of walking Alisha thought she had the sensations emanating out from her crotch under control. She couldn’t get any more stimulated than she’d already gotten, she thought as she marched down to the college town’s main street, past crowds of admiring boys lined up to get into the bars. She found the Beat Bar and did her time in line, although the appreciative bouncers managed to let her in ahead of a number of male would-be patrons.

The bar was good and loud, smoky and crushed with people. She wondered what the odds of sighting Judy were in this mess anyway, and in this din she wouldn’t have much luck asking people. She began to circulate, hunting down her prey. She flicked her new black nails between her fingers, almost sharpening their edges against one another. This was her chance to put a lid on this whole thing with Judy once and for all, she thought above the roar of the crowd and the thumping crush of club music. She had beaten the white girl good in their last encounter and she wanted some more so that was fine, but she couldn’t believe Judy Miller would mess with her again if Alisha came out on top of this thing tonight whatever the hell it might be. It was going to be nails and nylons and that sounded good to Alisha. She bought herself a drink, then some boys bought her two more, until she was good and buzzed, and she roved around the perimeter of the bar, finally settling on the stalking ground of the dance floor as it jumped with hundreds of people. She began to push through the crowd sideways, sliding past body after body in her search, until suddenly a pair of glittering, familiar blue eyes locked with her own from a dozen feet away.

Judy immediately began pushing through the crowd toward Alisha and Alisha eagerly shoved young men and women on either side of her out of the way as she fought her way towards Judy. They each had six people in between them, then four, then two. Then Judy reached out and locked her fingers around Alisha’s wrist and pulled the black girl toward her. Alisha muscled forward and in a few seconds they managed to reach each other and shove up against one another. The bar had reached its height of activity and there was no human way either of the girls could hear each other speak, even if they screamed at the top of their lungs. At the same time, the crush of people had reached critical mass and their was no moving from their spot on the floor now without a mass of bodies pressing in on them. Judy stared into Alisha’s eyes fiercely and then threw her arms around Alisha’s shoulders as if meeting a long lost friend. Alisha slipped her own hands around Judy’s waist and tugged her in close and the two girls’ bodies mashed together provocatively near the dance floor. Judy snuggled her mouth against Alisha’s ear and Alisha did the same to Judy, drinking in her sweet, slightly damp and sweaty aroma. Over the din of the club Alisha managed to hear the three words Judy screamed into her ear: “Fight me, bitch!”

She felt Judy’s soft, warm body crushing against hers and the white girl’s newly minted nails suddenly traveling down her back. She pulled away a little bit until she was nose to nose with Judy and slid her own hands down Judy’s back until she felt the swell of the white girl’s warm, sexy rump under her fingers. Judy was grinding against her to the beat of the music, her long, pale, nylon-clad legs sliding deliciously against the black-clad muscle of Alisha’s gams, the front of her skirt thrusting against Alisha’s, and her proud little chest clashing against her black rival’s satin top as four jiggling, wicked-nippled boobs pressed and tussled with one another through their respective tops. Judy had obviously gone braless tonight too and her sheer silk top gave Alisha a stark feel of her two firm round, stiff-nippled globes as they battered against Alisha’s brown boobs inside their clothing.

Judy managed to yank up Alisha’s miniskirt and then pull up her own until both girls’ pantyhose tops, upper thighs and crotches were in superheated, direct contact. Judy’s smile was filthy as Alisha became keenly aware of what had to happen and what their new nails had been needed for. She reached down to fill her hands with Judy’s big, creamy buns as they flexed and bounced inside their sheer nylon skin and she felt Judy’s claws dig into her own sleek mahogany ass as the two girls forced their nylon-clad pelvises together and began to feel out each other’s throbbing, swollen cunts. Alisha’s stare twisted into a hungry, sexual grimace as she took the measure of the redhead’s inflamed vulva and tangled labia pressing up against her own, encased only by the all-but-invisible double layer of nylon between her and Judy. She knew the redhead was probably as swollen and over stimulated as she was and that probably accounted for the intimidating feeling of Judy’s sexual organs against her own, but damn, the bitch felt big! Alisha couldn’t believe such a well-shaped little white girl could ever match up against a proud black pussy like her own, but Judy seemed to have the goods, and she stared into Alisha’s eyes spitefully as she pressed against her and let her feel exactly what she had between her legs. Alisha’s eyes narrowed beautifully as she gave Judy the same treatment and let her thick, throbbing vulva and mound grind slowly against Judy’s sex as each girl took the measure of the other. Just as the nylon encasing her lower body had exaggerated all her post-waxing discomfort during her walk to the bar, now it magnified every sensual detail of her pussy’s encounter with Judy’s, and in a few moments both girls were panting into each other’s faces, dealing each other devastating sexual blows. No way was this girl going to beat her pussy out here in public like this, Alisha thought to herself as she pumped against Judy and felt the other girl’s big buns pulsing under her fingers. If this was the way this white bitch wanted it Alisha would more than give it to her.

“I’m going to claw your fat ass off, girl!” she shouted into Judy’s face. She didn’t care whether Judy heard her or not. As the white girl’s hot ass shook under her fingers she began to dig her claws deeper and deeper into the meaty flesh and quickly she felt Judy retaliate, squeezing and clawing at her fine black buns too. Both girls slowly escalated their bumping and grinding as they felt their cunts respond to the punishment. Alisha squealed as her big cunt throbbed and burned against its nylon covering and Judy’s hot vulva seared against her, friction and sexual heat combining into a lethal environment for both girls’ hyper sensitized snatches. At the same time their dagger-sharp nails worked on one another’s lush behinds, shredding and tearing nylon fabric until it hung like zebra stripes across their bare, pulsing and sweat-drenched buns. Alisha slipped her fingers past Judy’s tattered nylon seat and gripped the white girl’s moist, muscular buns and Judy quickly did the same to her as they danced cheek to cheek and gyrated against each other. In the crush of the crowd no one could have seen that the girls had all but torn each other’s asses bare underneath their short skirts and that they now pounded pussy to pussy in open, violent warfare as each fought to push her enemy to the limit of her body’s ability to tolerate sensation. Alisha could feel the fire in her crotch building to hellish proportions and she could only hope that Judy’s trembling, bucking attacks on her indicated that the redhead’s pussy was suffering as much as hers was.

The two girls forced each other back and forth in the middle of the packed dance floor, shoving against the other bar patrons as their battle seesawed back and forth. Alisha felt a mist of sweat break out on her back as she squirmed against Judy’s soft, yielding body and the firm, flexing core of muscle underneath her girlish flesh and silky skin, all that sexy softness gliding and grinding against her own bod. All those sexy sensations only infuriated her more and made her force her claws deeper into Judy’s quivering ass. How dare this white hussy get her so hot and bothered, she thought to herself furiously. She wanted to pound Judy’s lights out right there and then but somehow the redhead was forcing her to meet her on her own dirty level and Alisha could see no way of escaping the other girl’s sexual trap. Even as she fought she knew this was just some fucked up preliminary to the way they were really going to settle things, just a way to push each other’s buttons and goad each other into even angrier, filthier conflict later. She jammed against Judy angrily and the other girl snarled and twisted against her as they rammed pelvis against pelvis and clawed savagely at each other’s clenching, sweaty buttocks. More and more the crush of the crowd shoved them into tight, breathless contact that left both girls with barely inches with which to maneuver their bodies against one another. Judy’s chest was glued against Alisha’s, her belly flexing against the black girl’s as their four firm breasts struggled to arrange themselves against one another in a crush of bulging flesh and tingling, stiffened nipple tissue. Both girls’ thick thighs were spread to maintain their balance and to give each other as much access to their thrusting, burning cunts as possible. Alisha snarled into Judy’s face and pushed the redheaded girl backwards as she threw all her energy into pounding her pussy into Judy’s hot snatch. Judy twisted against her and she saw a look of weakness contort the white girl’s pretty features as she bore the brunt of the unbearable friction Alisha was applying to her most sensitive girlish flesh. Sweat poured down Alisha’s forehead and down the front of her top as she winced against her own growing exhaustion and discomfort and the wild, almost numbing burning throbbing off her own inflamed pussy. Her plucked vulva seemed to scream out in silent agony as every skin cell registered the abrasion of Judy’s nylon-clad sex grinding against her own. But she could feel Judy writhing in her own torrent of pain against her and she knew her powerful hips must be doing just as much damage to the redhead as Judy was doing to her. Both girls glared hatefully into each other’s beautiful eyes as they beat and bucked against each other, the crowd seeming to disappear as the two lovely coeds focused intently on destroying each other. She knew Judy had to give soon and she increased her powerful grip on the other girl’s ass, thinking she finally heard a groan of pain forcing its way out of Judy’s mouth and over the roar of the crowd and the pounding musical beat. She was winning! She stared at Judy gloatingly, wondering where the white girl’s stuck up airs were now that Alisha was beating her a second time. Maybe she would force the little bitch down into the crowd and let the other dancers trample her after she was finished.

Suddenly Alisha felt a hard wall at her back as Judy somehow managed to shove her body out of the crowd and smash her against one wall of the bar. Even here there were so many people smashed around them that no one could tell a vicious sexual fight was going on between the two coeds and as Judy consolidated her position Alisha fought to prevent the white girl from overwhelming her. She winced as her hard nipples were twisted and crushed beneath the equally erect pair of rubbery rods underneath Judy’s top and she cursed the redhead under her breath for sporting such vicious and tough-nippled tits. She could almost hear the singing of nylon against nylon as their crotches rammed and rubbed savagely together, generating so much awful friction now that Alisha thought the material might catch fire or somehow run and melt in between their warring cunts.

“Feeling sore, Alisha?” Judy’s taunting voice sounded over the crowd as the redhead pinned her against the wall, still somehow making it look to the onlookers like they were two friends sharing a secret. “How’s that big black pussy of yours feel now?”

Alisha writhed against the other girl, her buns cramping as she tried to force her cunt back against Judy’s. The heat and claustrophobia of the crowd and Judy’s smothering body were beginning to overwhelm her. She gripped Judy’s bare ass under her fingers and raked her nails against that smooth, baby-soft flesh, and gasped as she felt Judy’s nails answering her, cutting into her fine brown buns and her butter-soft brown skin. Her ass was all but naked too, defenseless against Judy’s nails, and both girls squealed as they raked each other’s quivering ass flesh mercilessly. Several of Alisha’s fake nails had already broken away as had Judy’s, and she thanked heaven for small favors as at least there were fewer than ten razor-sharp talons tearing into her ass now.

Judy’s vulva felt like two coiled pythons stroking across her cunt now. She couldn’t tell whether the raw sexual fire the other girl was stroking out of her or the roasting friction of the fight would overwhelm her first but she knew she was fading fast, her mouth yawning for oxygen right in front of Judy. The white girl stroked her down and she felt the wall behind her sliding upward against her back as her knees started to buckle. Administering the final coup de grace, Judy Miller touched her gorgeous, hot mouth down over Alisha’s lush brown lips and bent her cheek against Alisha’s nose, cutting off her breath. Alisha twisted against the unnerving feel of that incredible mouth against her own. She had never kissed another girl before and the sensation of those velvet soft, gently yielding red lips against her own was intoxicating, maddening softer than anything she’d ever felt, and yet she knew that soft gentle mouth was killing her now, dealing her a death blow.

Her cunt twitched a few final times against Judy’s as the white girl sat her full, lush hips down on top of Alisha’s defeated pelvis. She pulled her hands free of Alisha’s ass, reached up and took hold of both of Alisha’s tingling, taut nipples and slowly twisted them until Alisha passed out. Her last thoughts were of how big and hot this white girl’s pussy still felt crushed up against her own.

To be continued