TRAINING DAY - Chapter 2


Alisha slunk home to her dorm room in a raw, stony silence. She was thankful that Tanya wasn’t there yet and she carefully checked herself out in the mirror as she peeled off her dirty, damp workout outfit. She was mussed, no doubt about it, she thought; her hair was tangled and messy and her shoulders and ribs sported a few little bruises and abrasions. There was a raw circle of abraded flesh around her mouth where Judy had bitten her, but it was mostly obscured by Alisha’s dark chocolate skin. She wondered how Judy’s face looked from her return bite, and flashed for a second on how good the white girl’s mouth had felt against her own.

Alisha’s nipples throbbed as she peeled off her sports bra and she regarded them in the mirror with a mixture of fascination and shame. Judy had done what Alisha had never imagined another girl could do to her. She peeled off her leotards and finally, her little red Victoria’s Secret thong to reveal her firm, thickly-furred sex. A pink, shriveled channel stood out shockingly against the brown of her surrounding vulva and the stark black of her pubic hair—Alisha had never seen herself so physically aroused. And all from some white girl’s fingers.

She stared at her nude, beautifully brown body, her doe eyes staring back at her from the mirror with a look of startling vulnerability and pain. Her breasts stood proudly on her firm, muscular little chest. She wondered if she had landed any blows on Judy’s tits. She had been fortunate that the white girl’s fists apparently hadn’t connected with her own boobs, which glistened with sweat but were otherwise unmarked. Only the marker of those two jet black, erect nipples pointing skyward gave evidence of the struggle she’d just been in. Her supple abdomen was another story, with several marks from Judy’s knuckles visible there, one close to her big, deep navel. Her lush hips cocked slightly as she shifted her weight uncomfortably from one beautifully muscled thigh to the other, admiring the glow of light on her perfect mahogany skin for a moment. She imagined Judy standing next to that reflection in the mirror and wondered what the rest of that white body looked like, if those hips and tits she’d peered at so closely really measured up to her own. She eyed her nipples again and remembered the taut, rigid feeling of Judy’s nipples poking into her chest when they had clinched. It suddenly seemed very important to Alisha to know if that redhead’s hard suckers compared to the two black rods she sported, or if that red-furred snatch between the white girl’s creamy legs was really as big and hot as Alisha’s. She pursed her lips as she remembered the feeling of her mouth against Judy’s mouth as they exchanged those savage bites and she realized that the white girl’s lips really had seemed as lush and soft as hers.

She began to tremble as she shrugged into a bathrobe and headed for the dorm showers. At this hour they were empty and she enjoyed a long, hot bask in the spray, soaping herself and tenderly scrubbing every part of herself. Judy Miller’s two sparkling, angry eyes blazed in front of her as she guided the soap firmly and repeatedly into her pussy and achieved her second orgasm of the evening.

Alisha crawled into bed still stinging over the way she’d been beaten by the white girl, stinging and trembling over the way the other girl had made her feel. Her friends would never let her forget it if they knew all the filthy, perverse thoughts flooding her mind now. Somehow Judy Miller had changed her, or worse, the white girl had unleashed something awful that Alisha had kept buried deep inside herself. For that she would never forgive that pale, redheaded bitch. She knew for her own sanity she had to confront Judy again and somehow beat her, on her own terms if necessary. What frightened Alisha was how far she would have to go to do that.

The next morning Alisha hit the gym, hard. She was sore from the previous night’s exertion but she knew now she had been slacking off and that she didn’t have the power to match this white girl muscle to muscle. She had only been exercising a few days a week but she promised herself now she would go every day. Her body protested and the night’s aches only amplified as she pressed against the gym’s weight machines. None of it hurt as much as the humiliation at Judy’s hands, though.

Tanya had noticed her bruises but she had managed to pass it off as the result of the skirmish with Judy in class. Nobody else needed to know about their private fight, she decided. That was between the two of them.

Self-Defense class didn’t come again for a couple of days and this time there was no embarrassed blushing or hesitation when Judy and Alisha were matched up for a demonstration. Both girls threw themselves into the sparring with far more vigor than was necessary, although each was careful not to push things too far. Alisha tried to assert herself more this time on the mat and she forced a few looks of respect out of Judy as she gave her all she had, but Judy was still able to come out on top of these little tests of strength and all Alisha really got out of it was more spirited grunts of effort from the redhead. No one in class would have realized that the two coeds were waging their own private war.

Alisha got through the weekend without dwelling on the situation too much, although she did sight Judy walking with some friends across campus, wearing a pretty red and orange dress that showed off her pale, supple arms and the sway of her powerful, sexy hips as she walked. Alisha could admit that the other girl was sexy and she saw the attention that Judy got from boys and even a few girls as she strode across campus. Alisha was used to getting that kind of attention herself and watching Judy attract it only made her more determined to have her revenge on this hot-blooded white girl. She watched as Judy laughed and joked with her friends, every bit the cute little girl next door, the nice girl everyone liked. Maybe that was what pissed Alisha off the most, she thought—the fake show the redhead put on when only Alisha knew how low down and dirty this little bitch could be.

Tuesday’s class couldn’t come soon enough. A week’s worth of workouts had already had their results and Alisha was already feeling stronger. This time their instructor positioned them with Judy on top and taught them how to throw off an opponent’s pin with their hips. It was the perfect game for the two enemies to play, Alisha thought as she looked up seriously into Judy’s gleaming eyes as the redhead positioned herself over her dark-skinned rival. Judy pursed her lips as she settled her big pelvis on top of Alisha’s and Alisha blinked as she felt the heat of Judy’s crotch directly on top of hers. She tensed her thighs a little against Judy as the instructor talked and Judy answered her, letting her own thigh muscles ripple back against Alisha's.

“Go!” the instructor said, and Alisha jammed her hips upward, throwing one thigh up and twisting as the teacher had shown her. Judy wrestled back against her and their pelvises dueled roughly as the redhead fought to keep Alisha’s ass pressed into the mat. For a few moments Alisha thought the other girl would be able to keep her down and she would suffer another humiliation but she managed to dislodge the other girl and flashed her a triumphant look as Judy’s ass thudded to the mat. They exchanged places and now Alisha mounted Judy, eyeing her provocatively as she snuggled her pelvis down on top of Judy’s waiting hips. She couldn’t help the feeling of tension and warmth sneaking into her groin and she wondered if her crotch felt as hot against Judy’s as the redhead’s had against her own. Judy pressed up against her and the two girls brazenly pushed their crotches into firm, unmistakable contact. Alisha barely heard the word “Go!” from the teacher when Judy was smashing her pelvis up against Alisha’s, and Alisha flexed her buttocks with all her might and spread her full thighs to brace herself against the redhead’s bucking. The girls jammed together repeatedly and Judy hissed in effort underneath her until a sudden move threw Alisha and she groaned as her pelvis slammed into the mat.

She left the class frustrated after exchanging a few more dangerous stares with Judy. The redhead’s strength was still undeniable and whatever happened Alisha did not plan on being dominated by the other girl again. But she was aching to confront Judy and determined to get herself in the right condition to do it. She spent another two mornings at the gym, working herself mercilessly. She could already see a little more tone in her stomach and she had upped her weight totals impressively. By Thursday she told herself she was ready to push things further.

They practiced the same exercise in class, much to Alisha’s satisfaction. She had spent the last few weeks furtively but thoroughly studying Judy’s body, comparing it and contrasting it to her own. She wanted to know every detail about how the two of them stacked up against one another and she had determined that both girls’ real strength and power was centered in their hips and thighs. Alisha had had a couple of boys almost admonish her for being too rough on them in bed, riding them too hard, and she knew she hadn’t unleashed everything she really had on them. Her arms were strong enough and she had certainly felt the power in Judy’s porcelain, beautifully sculpted arms. But when their legs and pelvises got together that was when the real fighting started and Alisha had come to relish the escape exercises that positioned the girls one on top of each other, hips on hips.

She still told herself the struggle was all about power and domination and managed to shrug off the other feelings, the clear sexual side of her conflict with Judy. Somehow a part of her could ignore that she was pressing her sex right down on top of Judy’s at the beginning of each pin—that she could feel the heat roiling off the redhead’s crotch and that their two delicate, oversensitive pussies were separated only by a few thin, elastic layers of lycra hugging them tightly. But she couldn’t deny that Judy had sexually violated her and that she had jacked herself off that night, and that sometimes she still imagined her big, full pelvis pounding Judy down with much more than just tactical pinning power when she lay awake at night pondering her revenge.

The sight of Judy’s face just underneath hers had become a familiar, pervasive image, one that seemed to appear every time she closed her eyes lately. She imagined that lovely, soft face twisting in pain and humiliation as she bore down onto it, and she relived that fierce and fleshy exchange of bites as each girl had tasted one another briefly as if hungry to devour one another. Alisha focused on Judy now as the redhead positioned herself underneath her and their crotches pressed together in preparation for another skirmish. Judy briefly licked those luscious, pouting lips and Alisha sucked her fat lower lip into her mouth and bit on it in response for a second before sliding her tongue out between her generous lips just long enough for the redhead to get a good look. Then they fought again. It usually only took a few seconds for one girl to throw the other so as much as she loved the initial positioning, the escape maneuver wasn’t as satisfying as their earlier ground-fighting bouts. It was all over too quick for Alisha. But she was satisfied that she was now giving the redhead and her fat little white ass as good as Judy was giving her. When they finished their eyes locked again as usual and Alisha wondered if she saw a hint of respect or frustration in the redhead’s cool, measured stare. She thought she was so above it all, Alisha fumed to herself. She couldn’t wait to get this creamy strumpet alone and cut her down to size.

She went to the locker room with some of the other girls after class was over. Alisha rarely did this, preferring to shower in her dorm, but lately she had worked up enough sweat to want to clean herself up sooner. She was with interest that Judy had retired to the locker room too and she loitered around, talking to the other girls as some of them took showers and others changed. Judy was only a few lockers down and Alisha stiffened a little as she saw the white girl begin to change. Of course no one else was paying attention so Alisha had to make sure no one else noticed her fiercely studying the redhead as she pulled her sports bra over her head with her back to Alisha. Her long, creamy white back was beautiful, Alisha thought jealously. Her waist was long like Alisha’s, her shoulders wide enough to give her back an elegant, triangular quality while still not being quite wide enough to outshine her womanly hips still contained within her black leotards. Judy pulled a red bra from her locker and began to slip it on and Alisha felt a flash of disappointment, not only that she wasn’t going to see the other girl’s bare breasts but that Judy clearly wasn’t going to be showering. She realized now she very much wanted to see this white girl’s body naked so she could really compare herself to Judy once and for all. The redhead snuggled into the crimson bra, fastening it behind her with those long arms, and Alisha watched in fascination as her muscles and shoulder blades bunched under the smooth, porcelain white skin. Her graceful swan neck topped by that short, striking, soft head of coppery red hair turned and Alisha saw Judy’s profile and then Judy was suddenly looking back over her shoulder at Alisha.

Alisha froze as the two girls locked eyes. Judy’s face took on a sullen look and then she haughtily continued to change her clothes as if Alisha just didn’t matter. She pulled down her black leotards and Alisha had to struggle to avoid being obvious about checking out Judy’s ass, now on full display in front of her. Like the bitch is mooning me, she thought to herself. She furtively glanced at the redhead’s perfectly pear-shaped, round behind, two plump round buns as creamy pale as marble, twitching with the hint of strong gluteus muscles bunching underneath their girlish fat. There wasn’t a dimple or a hint of cellulite on Judy’s butt, she admitted; just lush, curvy flesh put on full display by the brief red bikini panties Judy wore. The redhead bent over to grab a towel and Alisha got a flash of the bulge of the white girl’s thick vulva as her sex squeezed out from between those two flanking butt muscles, and she thought she caught a hint of golden pubic hair sneaking out on either side of the red panty crotch. She wondered whether Judy died her hair. It would figure if the white girl were blonde, she thought to herself—the wimpiest and weakest white bitches always were.

Judy straightened, the tendons bunching at her lower back as she turned back to face Alisha and eye her enemy coolly. Alisha returned the stare and bit the inside of her lower lip a little as she checked out Judy from the front. The redhead’s creamy curves were even more noticeable and impressive from this angle, she thought to herself bitterly. Her white tits were firm and round, shoving up a little to swell out of the tops of her two red bra cups to form perfect hemispheres. Alisha checked the front of the brassiere for any sign of how big Judy’s nipples were and she did see tell-tale bumps there but there wasn’t enough for her to gauge what Judy was packing against her own. She looked down the other girl’s torso to study Judy’s belly, which was girlishly round but still topped by sexy, well-defined abs at her solar plexus and defined by a deep, vertical slash of a navel nestled between abdominal muscles that formed a subtle cross that framed her belly button. Then there were those two beautiful, pale thighs, like marble columns on either side of her red-pantied crotch. Alisha remembered squeezing Judy’s sex in her hands during their fight but the sleek triangular bulge of her big mound and the twin suggestions of firm vulva looked even more impressive than she’d thought they might. Her mouth was almost dry at the sight of this redheaded vixen girl and she looked up jealously to study her cute round face and stylishly jagged red hairdo, and those gorgeously big, sparkling blue eyes locking onto her brown doe orbs.

Judy’s eyes held Alisha’s for what seemed like forever and then they traveled down Alisha’s curvy frame. To Alisha it seemed like they had been frozen in a stare down forever but none of the other girls in the locker room seemed to be paying attention. She knew they couldn’t silently simmer at each other forever though.

“You’re good at that escape thing, Judy,” she said suddenly, with as much friendly innocence as she could muster while she pulled her own leotards down and stepped out of them. Let this white bitch have a good look at what she was messing with, she thought, swiveling slightly to show off her lush brown pelvis with its black panties snugly containing her intimidating black sex. She knew her smooth, silky brown thighs matched Judy’s pound for pound and curve for curve, and she turned to give the other girl a good look at her deliciously ghetto behind: two thrusting, firm brown buns separated only by the slightest wisp of elastic fabric from her black thong.

“Thanks Alisha,” Judy said. The white girl smiled tightly, without unleashing that adorable grin everyone seemed to love so much. “You’re pretty good on the mat yourself.”

“Yeah, well it’s all in the hips, right? How you use it down there.” She started to turn her back on Judy to strip off her sports bra and then had a sudden thought. She realized she had an advantage now that Judy had just handed to her and a way to up the ante in their little competition. She slowly pulled her bra over her head and shook her fresh round boobs free before turning to face Judy. The fake warmth in the redhead’s face disappeared as Alisha brazenly flashed her bare tits for her rival. Her generous, full lips twisted in a little smirk and she raised an eyebrow, one hand on her cocked hip as she let Judy react to this little display. Since Judy had already changed into her blood red bra it was too late for her to flash Alisha back; she’d look ridiculous if she removed the garment now.

“I guess you know how to use it pretty well too,” Judy said sullenly, trying to maintain her smile.

“Maybe that’s why you so good at it,” Alisha went on, slipping nervously into a little ghetto-speak. “You got a big ass for a white girl.”

That remark got the attention of a few of the other girls and the sound level in the locker room suddenly dropped. Judy’s eyes narrowed as she took in the tone of the room. Most of Alisha’s posse were still within earshot and a few of Judy’s friends were behind her.

Judy’s smile brightened artificially as she replied. “Maybe you don’t like seeing someone else with buns as fine as yours.”

“Oh, they not all that fine, girl,” Alisha sneered. “You not all that.” Her heart fluttered a little inside her chest as she bit out those words bravely, her eyes sparkling. She added a little laugh and some of the other girls joined in. But the open, public trash talking had Alisha excited, and she pursed her lips a little as she felt her black nipples stiffen and extend a little. Judy’s sparkling eyes flicked down to those jutting rods and she blushed furiously, obviously outraged at being outshined by Alisha like this.

Alisha smiled politely as she pulled a black bra out of her bag and stared at Judy as she slipped into it. “Anyone think Judy’s as fine as me?” she asked jokingly.

“I always said you two were practically twins,” one of Judy’s friends said, resulting in more laughter. Judy shot the girl an angry look and even Alisha winced at that as she realized the redhead really was being teased over their resemblance just like Alisha had been. She glanced at the mirror that covered the wall opposite the bank of lockers. Now that they stood next to each other in bra and panties she could really examine how they matched up against each other in detail, and apart from the contrast between Judy’s alabaster skin and Alisha’s buttery brown complexion and the stark difference between her own stylish, jet black hair and eyes and Judy’s blazing red ‘do and lustrous blue peepers they were strikingly similar. Even the shapes of their facial features, noses and lips seemed to complement one another, Alisha’s face boasting the smooth elegance of a white girl while Judy’s round face, blunt nose and generous mouth mirrored some of Alisha’s African American facial features.

Before long the other girls were chattering away on other subjects and Judy and Alisha quietly simmered as they stood next to each other, each pretending to busy herself with their backpacks, applying makeup and playing with their hair as more and more girls left the locker room. Alisha could see Judy stalling, which was exactly what she’d been hoping for. She had planned to follow the redhead home and maybe jump her on campus just like Judy had done to her, but maybe this would be even better.

She could feel the tension simmering between the two of them as the locker room emptied out. She didn’t have the stomach to keep up some fake friendly shit with this girl. All she could think about was Judy’s face snarling down on her as those white fingers jerked Alisha off and humiliated her. After a long silence Judy turned to look at her; they were only a couple of feet apart and the redhead spoke in a casual tone, but one pitched low enough so that the few remaining girls in the locker room wouldn’t be able to make out what she was saying.

“Got any plans tonight, Alisha?”

Alisha returned Judy’s stare coldly. “Yeah, as a matter of fact I do have something planned. How about you?”

Judy stood up straight away from her backpack. No one seemed to have noted that Judy and Alisha hadn’t made a move to put on anything more than their underwear and they now faced each other, Judy’s red bra and panties facing Alisha’s black undies. Alisha let her hands slip down to her hips and her elbows drift out to her side as she cocked her pelvis provocatively and Judy answered her by arching her back a little and thrusting those pert white tits toward Alisha’s. “I thought I’d just see what the evening brings me,” Judy said. “I don’t like to plan things.”

“Well sometimes that can lead to trouble,” Alisha said innocently. “You never know what’s going to come along.”

“I don’t worry about it,” Judy shrugged, bouncing her creamy boobs a little bit against her red bra cups. “I just go with the flow. I’m usually able to handle anything unexpected.”

“Oh, so am I,” Alisha agreed. “But sometimes you can run into something that’s just too big to handle.”

“I’ve found I can get on top of most situations,” Judy replied. Alisha’s mouth was now so dry she felt like her tongue was nothing more than a rattle and she could feel her pussy throbbing against her tight panty crotch. She wanted this white girl alone so bad she could taste it and obviously Judy was egging her on, daring her to push things any further. She could have kept up the trash talk in front of her friends and called Judy out earlier and part of her still wondered why she hadn’t done that.

But Judy had attacked her in private and somehow it only seemed right that she get her revenge in private too; it seemed like an understanding just between the two of them. At the same time she wasn’t sure it was such a good idea to settle shit here in the locker room. She knew it was open late and that once the other girls exited they would be totally alone and likely not interrupted until the janitors showed up at midnight. But the facility still wasn’t the safest place for a fight. There was nothing but tile floors, wooden benches and metal lockers here and the floors were slippery and wet. She had tangled with Judy so far only on soft mats and grass but something about the sheer dangerousness of taking the other girl on in this environment excited her.

“Oh I can stay on top of things too,” Alisha said, moving a little closer to Judy. “But like I say sometimes things just get too big and maybe you can’t take the heat.”

“That doesn’t happen to me,” Judy said.

Behind them the last voices faded into echoes and there was a thud as the locker room door closed behind the last exiting girls. Alisha and Judy stared at each other closely in heated silence for a few seconds before Alisha spoke again.

“No, I bet it don’t because you such a tough, big-assed white bitch,” she said thickly.

“You’d better watch that big soft mouth of yours if you know what’s good for you, Alisha,” Judy said tautly. Her hands were on her lush, sexy hips too as she faced off against Alisha. Alisha glanced briefly at the mirror next to them where their two bodies were caught in profile, and she mentally measured Judy against herself. Everything about them seemed similar, from their big, curvy behinds to their pert, high-riding breasts and toned stomachs.

“I’ll tell you what’s good for me, and that’s paying you back for that dirty shit you pulled on me a while back,” Alisha said, her voice trembling a little.

“Just remember that you started things between us on that practice mat, honey,” Judy growled. “We wouldn’t be having this conversation if you hadn’t grabbed me between the legs and if you know me at all you’re gonna know that any girl that does me dirty I’ll pay back in spades.”

“Good, so we started up some shit and now it’s time for us to settle it,” Alisha said. “Nobody humiliates me the way you did and I don’t let no girl dominate me neither.”

“You know something, honey? You’re just a weak little slut from the wrong side of the tracks and you’re not smart enough to know when you’re outclassed.”

Alisha flushed furiously as she stepped in nose to nose with Judy. “And you’re a stuck up white rich bitch somebody needs to teach a lesson, girl.”

“You’re not gonna teach me anything, hussy,” Judy said huskily. “I’m warning you right here and now not to push me because I promise you, you don’t know what I’m capable of.”

“Girlfriend, you don’t know me and you don’t know what I can do either so you had best step off if you don’t want me to finish that bare body of yours off once and for all.”

“Fine,” Judy said. She pushed forward until her bare belly kissed against Alisha’s butter-smooth stomach and Alisha aimed her black-bra’d boobs against Judy’s creamy, quivering breasts once again. “You want another fight?” Judy said as the girls pressed into their stand-off. “Let’s get into it."

To be continued