(by JACK)

Linda and Susan hadn't seen each other in 5 years. They had drifted apart after high school and each girl was eager to see her old friend again. They had rented a cabin up in the High Sierras for about a week and each girl got horny thinking about what two hot, sexy females would do alone together in such a secluded spot.

They met each other in a little town about an hour drive from the cabin. They embraced tightly as they met for the first time in such a long while. Each thought how beautiful the other still was as their tits pressed into each other. The girls felt shivers course through each others bodies as their nipples stiffened as they rubbed against each other through their clothing. They talked over old times as they drove through the beautiful scenery on the way to the cabin. They finally arrived and were pleased to find the cabin to be a nice, warm, cozy little place.

"You know Linda, I always thought you were sexy, but I can't believe how beautiful you've become."

"You're pretty hot yourself Susan, but we both know who's the hottest between the two of us."

"Oh!, and who would that be, my pretty?"

"You know it's me, bitch."

"Ya right, your saggy old tits could never hold up to mine and your hips are too big."

Actually both girls were very similar in body shape and size. Linda was a hot brunette who measured 40-26-36 while Susan was blonde and beautiful at 40-24-36.

"There's one way we can settle this dispute once and for all Susan."

"How's that?", she replied eager to hear the answer as she caught the lusty glint in her friends eyes.

"We can lock up in a sex to sex, body to body fight to prove once and for all who the better woman really is"

"Let's go for it, bitch!!"

The girls stood up facing each other and slowly began removing their clothes. First tops and then their shorts came off. They stared into each others eyes as they removed their bras at the same time, exposing their naked breasts to each others hungry gaze. Their pink areolas and nipples pointed angrily at each other across the still room, thick with sexual tension. They took off their panties, gasping as they got a good view of each others hairy mounds.

Both horny young cunts were moist with anticipation as the girls moved towards each other. They threw their arms around each others bodies and squealed in delight as their naked tit flesh rubbed hard together. Their huge tits rolled and mashed together as the two girls shifted their upper bodies from side to side, fighting their tits against each other. They sunk their claws into each others firm ripe butts and slammed their crotches together, growling with envy as they felt their cunts rubbing roughly together. Again and again, they moved their upper bodies
apart and slammed them hard together again, slapping their tits together painfully. Their faces were contorted in expressions of pain and determination as their hot young bodies fought each other in this ultra feminine contest.

They fell onto the sofa and grabbed handfuls of each others hair as their bodies writhed hard and fast together, lubricated by their mutual sweat. They felt ultra sensual as they smelled each others sweaty bodies and fucked their cunt mounds hard against each other. They locked their mouths together in a hot French kiss as their tongues wrestled together within. Their enormous tits slid together wetly bulging and rolling over each other, the two girls nipples engaged in their own private battle as they flicked together inside the mounds of tit flesh.

After about 15 minutes of raunchy girl to girl sexfighting, the two girls broke apart and rolled off the couch. Their breathing was hot and heavy as they stared at each other, each knowing that it was time to truly fight woman to woman, pussy to pussy, lips to lips. Susan sat on the ground, her legs spread wide apart and bent in at the knees. Her wet, swollen inner cunt lips pouted out at Linda's equally engorged cunt lips. Linda sat herself down between Susan's legs and their dripping wet snatches finally met in the battle that both girls were hungry for. They pumped their hips into each other obscenely as their pussy lips slapped together loudly. Their combined girl-cum splattered each others inner thighs and ran down their butt cracks with each thrust of their hips. They switched from slapping to grinding their raw pink pussy lips together. Their cunts made raunchy wet slurping sounds as they meshed their inner lips together. The hard nubs of their clits rubbed and fought against each other and both girls heads reeled as they got a whiff of the sexy smell rising from their interlocked cunts. Their tits continued to roll and mash together and their mouths were locked tightly together, their spit running down each others chins. The girls began to exercise their cunt muscles to expel the air between their locked holes as they felt their cunts trying to establish a suction between them. Their pussies made nasty farting sounds as the suction between their twat lips grew. Each cunt tried desperately to devour the other as the two girls hissed at each other in pain and surprise. Neither had imagined a woman to woman sexfight could become so brutal.

After 15 minutes of such nasty cunt sucking cunt action, both girls were on the verge of orgasm. They exploded in each others arms, their finger nails digging into each others backs as their bodies twitched together violently. Their cunt lips spluttered and spasmed together as they pumped hot girl-cum into each others bodies. They cried out in pleasure as they filled each others cunts with their sex juices, the most intimate woman to woman exchange of them all. They collapsed in a sweaty heap of female flesh, waking every few hours and continuing to rub their cunts and tits together until they fell asleep again. They spent the rest of the weekend engaging each other in more raunchy sexfight/lovemaking sessions and each was deeply satisfied as they bid each other farewell. They agreed to meet once a year for a week long sexfight marathon, although they both knew they would probably meet again before another year had passed.

The End