by Jagged Edge

It was a place to call home. Not much to look at but it was all she could afford. After a long and nasty divorce, the small two bedroom apartment was still better than living with her parents. The privacy and satisfaction of having a place of their own, for her and her teenage son, was a welcome change. It was a chance to make new friends, make a new life. A chance to start over again.

Brenda, a pretty brunette in her mid 30’s, would have no problem attracting almost any man. At 5’7” and slender build, she was often mistaken for someone much younger. But the bitterness of divorce and becoming a single parent made her feel undesirable and unwanted. She felt it best to just enjoy life alone for the time being. A time to heal and maybe find someone else when she was ready.

That Friday afternoon found Brenda by herself for the weekend. Her son, who had just joined the school wrestling team, was spending a couple of days with his new teammates at their house. A weekend to herself, to do as she pleased. No schedules to keep. Sleeping in and being lazy was something she used to dream about. Now it had become reality.

As she arrived at her front door from work that afternoon, there was a box sitting on the doormat. She picked it up, brought it inside and carried it to her bedroom where she tossed it on her king-sized bed. The bed was a holdover from her married days and dominated the bedroom. Sitting on the side of the bed, Brenda kicked her shoes off, took the box and opened it. She had forgotten that her parents had ordered her son two identical wrestling singlet for school. Taking one out of the box, she held up the green and white lycra outfit. She felt the shiny material and smiled as her eyes gave the singlet the once-over. It had been a long time since Brenda had relaxed and allowed herself to be turned-on by anyone or anything. It had seemed like forever that she enjoyed any sexual feeling at all.

Maybe it was curiosity that got the best of her. Maybe it just looked and felt sexy to her. Whatever it was began to tempt her with an idea. After toying with the thought for a couple of moments, Brenda stood up and got undressed, tossing her clothes aside. After a few seconds of hesitation, she reached behind her and unhooked her bra. Tossing it on top of her clothes, she then slowly wiggled off her panties, as though it was some erotic striptease.

Brenda held up the singlet to look for the front and the back, then held it low, carefully putting her left foot in first. After her foot slipped through the leg, she placed her right foot through and slowly pulled the singlet up her naked body. The legs of the outfit came to the bottom of her thighs and the top barely hid her naked breasts. The slick material slid against her skin, causing a sensuous feeling to well up inside of her. As she finished getting it pulled up, Brenda placed the straps over her shoulders and walked to the closet mirror for a better look. It gently hugged her skin and felt so sexy to wear. As she modeled for herself, the material rubbed together between her thighs and was really turning her on. She placed the palms of her hands on her thighs and slowly slid them up her body, past her crotch and to her breasts. This was all so different for her. Almost forbidden, like she was getting away with something.

Brenda had become so engrossed with trying this outfit on she didn’t even hear the knock on her door. It was like she was in another world or something. Little did she know that this person decided to come in and see if she was home or had just forgotten to lock the front door. Tip-toeing to the door, the visitor peeked into the bedroom and watched this little modeling show Brenda was entertaining herself with. Looking through the doorway, the visitor enjoyed watching Brenda posing in front of the mirror. After a few moments, this person decided it was time to give her approval.

“(giggles) What in the world are you doing? Ooolala…Brenda. I didn’t know you were into wrestling,” this soft sultry voice spoke through the doorway. Brenda shrieked and spun around in shock to see who it was. The person at the other end of the voice started giggling again and gave a little applause. Brenda realized who it was and let out a huge sigh of relief.

“CINDY!! DON’T SCARE ME LIKE THAT!!" Brenda cried with relief, realizing that it was a friendly face. Then she laughed along with her friend at her reaction. “Oh my God! Did I leave the front door open? I don’t believe I did that!”

“Yes, you did. But I never thought I would walk in and find you modeling a wrestling outfit for yourself.” Cindy then gave her the once over and grinned with approval. “And you look so damn hot in your outfit, if I say so myself.” She then walked into the bedroom and ran her hand down Brenda’s leg. “Mmmmmm…feels nice.”

“Oh my God, Cindy. This feels so sexy to wear,” Brenda exclaimed. "I looked at it and just had to try it on. I don’t know why. I just did. I took everything off and slid into it.” Giggling, she looked down at her crotch and added quietly, as though she was embarrassed, “My pussy started getting wet just trying it on.”

Cindy stood there, smiling and enjoying the sight. “I’m sure it did. Wow. Must do a lot for you by wearing it.”

Brenda looked at her single blonde friend and gave a sheepish smile. Their newfound friendship had caused them to grow close and form a strong bond quickly. Cindy was very similar in size and build and they had even borrowed each other’s clothes a few times. They hit it off right away and shared a lot of secrets and thoughts. Cindy came along just at the right time in Brenda’s life and gave her priceless friendship and closeness. Little did they know that their closeness would be taken to a new level. Somewhere neither had been before. A level where they would want to stay.

Reaching into the box, Brenda took out the other singlet, identical to the one she was wearing and handed it to Cindy. She smiled as she held it in front of her by the shoulder strap and wiggled it, enticing her friend to join the fun.

“Care to join me? I would love to see how you would look in one. Here, take it, go into my bathroom and change. I’ll close the bedroom door and lock it. And the front door, too.”

“I’ve never put one of these on before.” Cindy giggled as she took the outfit from Brenda. “Let’s see if green looks as sexy on me as it does on you.” Cindy then went into the bathroom and changed quickly. Brenda’s heart was pounding. This was more wonderful than she ever could have imagined. What was thought to be a boring night at home alone was turning into the most erotic of her life.

Maybe two minutes passed. Cindy opened the bathroom door and turned out the light as she came to the side of the bed. The singlet hugged every curve of her body and the shiny material almost glowed in the soft bedroom light. The top part did little to conceal her soft breasts. Stiff nipples poked through the material. Cindy slowly strutted over to Brenda and stood in front of her smiling.

“Well? What do you think? Does green do anything for me?"

“Mmmmmm…yeah…green does a lot for you,” Brenda answered softly as she gave Cindy the once-over. She ran her hand up and down Cindy’s body, flirting with her crotch area more than once. “You like the way it feels on you?”

“Uh-huh. I can see why you enjoy wearing yours so much,” Cindy whispered lustfully in response.

The two women stood there, smiling at each other for a few moments. Just kind of sizing each other up sexually as well as physically. Brenda slid her left arm around Cindy’s neck and gently pressed into her, causing their bodies to lightly rub together. Cindy moaned in delight and put her left arm around Brenda’s neck, making their embrace a littler tighter.

“Does it feel like this when your legs rub together? I love that feeling so much,” whispered Brenda as she pressed against Cindy. She then slid her right thigh between Cindy’s legs. The blonde spread her legs to receive her friend’s thigh.

“Yeah…I do too.”

Brenda started teasing the blonde, lightly scratching her back with a fingernail as she touched noses with her friend. Cindy responded by rubbing her nose against Brenda’s as the two stood there, embracing and growing hornier by the second.

“I locked the door… It’s just you and me tonight." Brenda whispered, “Wanna wrassle on the bed for a while? Hmmmmmm? I think it would be a lot of sexy fun to roll around in these outfits.”

“Are you kidding, girlfriend? You mean after we put these on and saw how sexy we look and everything? How wet and horny you‘ve made me? Do you have to ask?” Cindy giggled. She then pressed her forehead against Brenda‘s and whispered in a sultry voice, “You are sooooo on.”

Both women giggled as they climbed onto the king-size bed and knelt in the middle, facing each other. Once again, they wrapped their arms around each other as they pressed together and knelt there for a few seconds. Breasts met nipple-to-nipple. The front of their thighs met and rubbed together. The embrace grew tighter.

“Ready to get pinned, girlfriend?” Brenda teased.

“I don’t think so” Cindy playfully shot back. “You’re gonna have to wrassle me first.”

“Ooooo…then let’s wrassle!” Brenda answered back, as the two took each other down and locked bodies. Grunting and giggling filled the room as the two women briefly wrestled to get their bodies locked together. The embrace became very tight as they entwined their thighs. The king-size bed had been transformed into a private little arena as they slowly rolled back and forth, feeling each other out. Rolling onto their sides, the two laid there for a brief moment.

“Wanna wrassle? …huhhhhh?… C’monnnnn…let’s wrassle” Brenda squealed softly, as she rubbed her body against her friend’s.

“Yeah I wanna wrassle… C’monnnn…wrassle meeeee” Cindy squealed back, responding to the feel of their grinding bodies.

With that, the women began rolling around on the bed squealing and giggling. From one end of the bed to the other, Brenda and Cindy playfully wrestled, grinding and mashing their tightly locked bodies together. Every so often the words could be heard, “Oh my God…this feels sooooo good”… “Yeah it does” as they continued rolling and grinding in the singlet. They went at it for awhile, wrestling all over the bed. Girlish squeals and soft playful growls mixed with squeaking noises from the bed frame filled the air as the match continued.

The giggles grew farther apart as the wrestling became more and more sexual. Wrestling and play fighting like this was new to both women. To feel their bodies locked together in sensuous combat was beyond anything either had experienced. Breasts mashed together. Pussies flirted with each other. Feeling their bodies pressed against one another. The sensation of their sexy outfits between them, like a second skin. Legs sliding together as they rolled and writhed on the bed. The breathing and spoken words whispered in each other’s ears. It was far beyond anything either could have imagined.

Several minutes passed before Brenda could roll on top of Cindy and briefly pin her down. Both women were breathing heavily, partly because of the wrestling but also from the sexual heat and lust.

“Gotcha now” Brenda teased, looking down at Cindy.

As she lay on top of the blond, Brenda slowly pressed her lycra-clad pussy into Cindy’s. Feeling the pressure against her mound, Cindy moaned into Brenda’s ear. Brenda continued to press against her, but started to very subtly rub and grind her pussy into Cindy. The feel of their pussies rubbing through the slick material was getting both women to the point of no return, as the sounds of lust became louder and louder.

“Oh my God, Cindy…this feels so good…rub pussies with me while we wrestle, OK?”

Brenda kind of rolled to her side, allowing Cindy to roll on top of her. Cindy returned the favor, rubbing and grinding her hot wet pussy into Brenda’s. The crotch of the wrestling outfits were becoming soaked with the girls’ pussy juices, making the rubbing sensation even more erotic and pleasurable. Then the inevitable happened: their clits became erect and stuck through the material like little nubs. Every contact sent both women into a higher and higher state of sexual lust.

“C’mon, let’s roll around some more so we can really rub pussies,” Cindy moaned in Brenda’s ear as they continued their wrestling. Back and forth across the oversized bed, the two women rolled around in sexual bliss, as their humping and grinding got harder and harder. An erotic sound of sexual friction made by their spandex covered pussies filled the room, as they became wetter and closer to orgasm. Back and forth, the rolling became more furious as they pushed each other closer and closer to an orgasmic explosion. It didn’t take long.

The rolling and grinding had taken it’s toll on Brenda, sexual frustrations pent up inside for so very long. Her body stiffened as she clenched Cindy as tight as she could. The most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced was about to happen.

“OOOOOOOHHH MMYYYY GGOOODDDDD!!!…UUUUUHHHHHHHH!!” Brenda cried out in Cindy’s ear as she thrust her exploding pussy into Cindy’s. Their pink nubs had been rubbing together through the lycra and it brought Brenda to such a body-shaking orgasm that her juices shot out, hitting against the material of her outfit and smearing everywhere. “OOOHH…OOHHH.…OOHHH……YYEESSSSSS!!!”

Cindy felt the warm cum soak through and the slick sensation of rubbing sent her into an equally powerful orgasm. She clutched Brenda as tight as she could and cried out. “OH MY GOD, BRENDA!! I’M COMMMMING!! AHHHH!!!…OHHH…UHNNNNNNNN…IT FEELS SO FUCKING HOT DOWN THERE…”

Brenda squeezed back and the two humped each other even harder as their orgasms lingered. Mashing wildly together, the two women now rolled around grunting and groaning loudly, not caring if they were heard or not. As if one orgasm was not enough, they pushed each other to another mutual orgasm, this time exploding together. Sweat-soaked bodies clenched each other tightly as, once again, a stream of love juice poured out from between their legs. By now their slick crotches were a slimy mess. Hot girl cum soaked through and smeared onto their legs and stomach.

The orgasms shook through their bodies like bolts of lightning. Spine-tingling sensations, along with the constant feel of the warm stream of fluid gushing from between their legs drained them both. Needing a short rest, Brenda and Cindy rolled to their sides, still embracing, and laid there momentarily. Catching their breath, they shared a passionate French kiss. Passion like they had never felt before. Groping and wrestling as their mouths locked, tongues rolling and wrestling in their warm mixed saliva. Wild lust and emotions suddenly turned loose.

The kissing subsided as, once again, they stopped to catch their breath. Cindy gazed into Brenda’s eyes as she stroked her temple and cheek. The orgasms they shared were the best Cindy ever experienced and she wanted more.

“Hey sexy girl…I got an idea. I saw this in a video. Sit up with me and let’s spread our legs.”

Brenda smiled and loosened her grip on Cindy. They sat up and faced each other, legs spread. Placing her right leg over Brenda’s left, Cindy got Brenda to do the same.

“Now let’s scoot together until our pussies are touching.”

Sliding together until they touched pussies, Cindy and Brenda pressed into each other and slowly started to grind. The look on both women’s faces was one of pure lust and sexual joy as their slick crotches slid together in rhythm. The women smiled and gazed at each other as they leaned back and ground together.

“Let’s rub pussies until we can’t cum anymore, OK? It feels so hot and wonderful to fuck like this.” Cindy moaned as they went pussy-to-pussy in their wrestling outfits.

“Yeah it does…this is so awesome…mmmmmmmm…” Brenda replied, almost speechless from the sexual frenzy they were sharing. "C’mon, Cindy, faster…harder….yessssss…let’s pussy fuck each other really hard.”

The two sex wrestlers enjoyed wild scissor trib, humping and grinding through one orgasm after another until they were sexually drained. Both women lusted after the sight of the other rubbing pussies like crazy in the sexy wrestling outfits, as though they were really wrestlers themselves in this wild fantasy.

Sweaty and exhausted, the two friends finally fell back on the bed after bringing each other to several exciting orgasms, each rumbling through her body like a jolt of electricity. Brenda laid there for several minutes, trying to believe what just happened. Her chest heaved from the breathing and her hands stroked her slick overheated pussy.

“Cindy… (giggling)…what just happened?…did we do what I think we did? I’m like…oh my God…we had girl sex. I can’t believe how good it was, too.” Brenda just laid there, staring at the ceiling, trying to let the experience sink in.

“I've never felt anything even close to this before in my life… wow…you know what?…I really love girl/girl sex….I really do!” Cindy replied thoughtfully. “When we first started wrestling?…I thought I was going to just explode right there…my pussy was so hot and wet…I was already gushing, I think.”

“I know. My clit got so hard so fast. It was rubbing against the crotch and I just had to do it. I never, ever had an orgasm that made me feel like that in my whole life!” Brenda shared, thinking back on her sexual experiences. She thought for a moment. “You know what? I would love to do it again. Everything. The wrestling. The outfits. The pussy-to-pussy sex. The orgasms!! They were so awesome!!" Then she realized something. The outfits.

“Oh my God, Cindy, the wrestling outfits. They’re my son’s. Oh no, if he ever finds out…let’s get out of them so I can throw them in the washer. Damn! I didn’t even think about that! They’re soaked!”

“You know what?” Cindy replied, “why don’t we go online later and order some more. Different colors. Find out from your parents where these came from and we’ll get our own. In fact, I’ll pay. Really! Wow…I never had so much sexy fun in all my life.”

Brenda’s eyes lit up. "You got yourself a deal. Let’s shower after I get these going in the washer. Then I’ll call them after dinner, get the order info and we’ll order our own tonight.”

Cindy smiled in approval as they sat up and got to their feet to change. Sliding out of the singlet, Brenda and Cindy realized that they saw each other naked for the first time. They smiled and moaned in lustful approval.

“You know…” Cindy thought out loud, “We don’t have to keep the outfits on the whole time.”

Brenda smiled and moaned with pleasure. "No, we sure don’t, do we? I’m sure we can find it in us to do it both ways.”

Cindy grinned from ear to ear. “Oh, I’m sure we can, too.”

The two friends tossed the singlet in the washer and headed for the shower. A long hot shower. Long hot showers are a good thing. Especially with a friend.

To be continued