It had to happen. Sooner or later it simply had to happen.

For several months now, Steve and Reg, who had become friends over the internet, had been corresponding and discussing one of their mutually favorite pastimes - namely, catfighting and sexfighting. In the course of correspondence, it became evident that not only did they enjoy catfighting, but both were very intrigued by the idea of two women in a sexfight to the finish clad only in crotchless pantyhose and heels. Eventually their talk began to center around each man's desire to see his own wife engage in this type of battle with another female.

As they talked, each man began to espouse the qualities of his own woman. Reg's wife was a 37 year old beautiful, fair skinned, green eyed blonde. She stood 5'7" and weighed 130 shapely pounds and possessed a very nice 34" bust. He proudly stated that she had a fantastic ass! Steve's wife, on the other hand, looked like the mirror opposite of Reg's wife. ,She was a 41 year old dark skinned beauty with shoulder length black hair and soft brown eyes. She stood 5'7" and weighed 134 pounds and she flaunted a proud 36" set of tits.

So you see, an eventual showdown between these two proud females simply had to happen.

It finally did. Both wives had heard their husbands relate stories of their e-mail correspondence and both became increasingly curious about the other female. Each began asking more pointed questions of their husband about the other, details if you will, and their curiosity finally reached the point where each pointedly asked her man if he thought that She could defeat the other, woman to woman. Both husbands assured their wives that each could defeat her rival. The more that this went on, the more each woman wanted to test herself against the other. Finally one day, Reg's wife could stand no more and she e-mailed Steve's wife providing her phone number if Steve's wife would "like to get acquainted."

It was a subtle female challenge to another female that could not go unanswered. As soon as Steve's wife received the e-mail, she went to the phone and called the number that Reg's wife had given her. A sweet voice answered on the other end of the call.

"Hello", Reg's wife said.

"Hello", Steve's wife answered just a sweetly. "Is this Reg's wife?"

"Yes it is", she cooed, knowing now who the call was from. "This must be Steve's whore?"

"I'm not in the habit of making small talk with a blonde slut like you." Steve's wife coldly answered. "I know what you want, and sweetie, its the same thing I want. So when and where?"

Arrangements were quickly made between the two women to spend a weekend at a resort with their husbands about halfway between their respective homes to "let our pussies talk!" Both men were ecstatic as their wives told them the showdown had been arranged and that they would be 'observers' of the action. It seemed like forever before the day arrived.

The couples had arranged to meet in the lounge of the luxury hotel to have a few drinks and meet one another. They would then have dinner and proceed to Reg's suite to allow the ladies to settle their dispute as to who the superior woman was. As Reg was fond of saying, "two woman, two pussies, one winner!"

On the appointed day and time, Steve and his wife were sitting in the lounge awaiting the arrival of Reg and his blonde tigress. They didn't have to wait long. Within minutes, an attractive couple entered the lounge and, upon seeing Steve and his wife, proceeded directly over to them.

Steve rose and extended a hand. "Reg I presume?"

"Yes," came the reply. "Let me introduce my wife."

Steve gently took the woman's hand and kissed it. "So nice to meet you. This is my wife."

The brunette stood and hands were shaken all around. It was obvious that the two wives held the handshake much longer than necessary. The test had begun.

Both women were beauties, with pretty faces and lovely smiles. As they faced each other, both the women and Steve and Reg were able to size the women up. They had "dressed to kill" for the occasion. Steve's wife in a tight fitting knit black dress that clung to her every curve and black high heels accentuating the curve of her well defined calf. Reg's wife was wearing a royal blue tight fitting silk dress and royal blue matching heels and was the brunette's equal in every way. Both women wore flesh colored pantyhose.

After a drink, the couples proceeded to dinner, Reg and Steve walking behind their wives, examining closely the high heeled stocking clad legs of each woman and the generous curve of each woman's ass as she walked. There was very little to choose between them and both men were already becoming hard at the thought of these two lovelies fighting.

The women slid from opposite sides into a half circle booth and went all the way around so that they were sitting next to each other - close enough so that they were touching at the thigh, hip, and shoulder. As the couples ate dinner and made small talk, it was evident that the two ladies were taking every opportunity to touch and rub against each other during the meal. Steve's wife had locked her nylon clad right leg at the ankle and calf with Reg's wife's equally sexy and nylon clad left leg. Neither woman would release her leg grip on the other for the entire meal. In addition, they rubbed their arms and shoulders against each other, feeling, testing, the strength of the rival. Also, as they turned to talk to each other during the meal, each used every chance to allow her tit to poke into the tit of the other woman - clearly challenging her rival in a very womanly way. It was evident that things were reaching a climax since each woman's nipples were stiff and hard. As the meal ended, it was Reg's wife who spoke first.

Looking directly at the brunette, the blonde , in a very uppity manner said, "Let me get this straight bitch. You want to put those tits (sticking her finger into the brunette's boob) and that old pussy up against my tits and pussy?"

Steve's wife didn't bat an eye and, looking directly at the sexy blonde responded, "Honey, this is the last time that you'll ever want your tits and pussy in a fight. Those (poking her finger into the blonde's 34 inch boob) have met their match. Let's get upstairs Reg so I can teach your wife's pussy a lesson!"

With that, the brunette rose and took her rival's husband by the arm and began leading him to the elevator. Not to be at all outdone, the blonde took Steve's arm and followed her husband and her now hated rival onto the elevator. They were the only four inside and the women turned to face each other, intentionally thigh pressing against thigh and tit crushing rival tit! Like two boxers in a stare down, they remained this way until the elevator reached its destination.

Once inside Steve's suite, Steve and Reg took seats in hardback chairs to watch their wives fight. The two women glared at each other from opposite sides of the king-sized bed which was to be the battleground.

"I'm glad this is happening in your room so that I don't have to kick your ass out naked into the hall when this is finished," said Reg's wife.

"You're the bitch who should worry about that honey," taunted Steve's wife. "How do I know your husband won't interfere when my pussy dominates yours?"

"I can take care of that", responded the blonde. Steve, his wife, and Reg watched as Reg's wife began a slow striptease, removing her dress and then her bra. Steve and Reg both gasped as the blonde stood now in the royal blue heels and crotchless pantyhose, her lovely blonde womanhood exposed for all to see. She walked over to Steve, and using her bra, tied his hands in back of him to the chair. After doing so, she gave her rival's husband a kiss and said, "I promise not to hurt her pussy too badly, but I have to let her know that she is up against a better woman. She should be able to fuck in a couple of weeks after I'm done with her!" she giggled.

Steve's wife had watched these proceedings quietly, letting the blonde have her moment. When the blonde returned to the other side of the bed, the brunette began her own strip show, casting her dress to the side and removing her own bra. She too, much to the anger of the blonde, had worn crotchless pantyhose and she stood there in her black heels for all to see. She then sauntered over to the blonde's husband and did the same to him with her bra. Then kissing him, she said, "And I'm sorry that you have to sit here and see your pretty wife's pussy get beaten by my pussy. Maybe after I kick her ass, I'll come back and give you a treat!"

Returning to her side of the bed, the two stared icily at each other and both men knew that their wives wanted to embarrass her rival. Slowly, deliberately, the two climbed onto the bed from opposite sides, moving forward on their knees until they were inches apart.

"Before we sexfight, here's something to remember me by whore!" said the brunette while using her right hand to deliver a stinging slap to the blonde's cheek. The reaction she got was unexpected.

Smiling sweetly, the blonde delivered a stinging slap in return with her own right hand. "And there's a little something for you too, slut!"

For the next thirty seconds, each woman took a turn slapping each others face as hard as she could, tits swinging and brushing against each other with each blow, nylon clad thighs bumping together as the slaps connected. Suddenly, and as if by mutual understanding, they both screamed "cunt!" at one another and reached for double handfuls of hair, pulling for all they were worth and trying to force her opponent down. So evenly matched were they that neither could gain an advantage for several minutes. Nipples stabbed roughly into nipples and 36" tits met 34" tits time and again in a vicious mashing and slapping battle of their own.

Finally, the brunette managed to force the blonde over and onto her back. Falling down upon her, the brunette used her weight and tits to hold Reg's wife in place. The two women had now released each others hair and had locked hands. They were nose to nose with Steve's wife on top, glaring at each other with hate filled eyes. Struggling to get out from the bottom position, Reg's wife began kicking her pantyhose covered legs wildly, causing her brunette foe to kick wildly also in an attempt to hold her there. The husbands watched and listened intently, the only sounds in the room were the grunting and groaning of the females as they struggled and the swish of beautiful, shapely nylon clad legs as the women fought for position.

The kicking slowed down and each woman used her legs to gain a leg lock on the other - the brunette's right leg immobilizing the blonde's left leg and the blonde's right leg doing the same to the brunette's left. The struggle now became intense as, still locked face to face, tit to tit, and thigh to thigh, the women battled.

Still unable to roll her foe off, Reg's wife tried a different tactic. The women were pussy to pussy and with the crotchless pantyhose they had already felt each other's pussy hair and pubic bones come into contact. Frustrated now at being on the bottom, the blonde humped her pussy upward into the pussy of her brunette enemy. Steve's wife, returned the humping, thrusting her own dark haired pussy into the much lighter colored blonde pussy.

"So, that's what you want bitch? Pussy to pussy to the finish? O.K., You got it!" said Steve's wife.

Rising up, she released Reg's wife and sat open legged on the end of the bed. Slowly, Reg's wife came to a sitting position, also open legged. The two women stared brazenly at the love nest of her rival, knowing that one pussy would not survive what was to come next! Slowly they crawled towards each other on their asses, entwining their nylon clad legs again, until they were sitting face to face, tits touching, and their pussies and inch apart.

"I can out fuck you any day of the week, you cunt!" said Steve's wife. "Is that blonde pussy of yours ready to take on this pussy?" she asked as she slowly stroked her wet brown box and swollen clit.

Reg's wife, stroking her own wet and swollen clit replied, "You know it is, bitch. Your black pussy doesn't stand a chance!"

With that exchange of remarks, the men watched in awe as their beautiful wives brought their pussies in to contact. Blonde and brunette hair mixed, their juices mixed, and their pussies made a wet sound as they began to rhythmically fuck each other. Talking was over for now. It was time to let the women settle this, cunt to beautiful cunt!

Staring deeply into each others eyes, they began to fuck harder and faster, first the blonde having the advantage and then the brunette coming back at her. Realizing that the end was coming very quickly for one of them, the blonde reached down between their pussies and opened her pussy lips wider, exposing her clit to the brunette and challenging her to do the same. The brunette reached down and spread her own soft lips wider, allowing her hard clit to come into direct contact with the blonde's. The moaning grew intense as the pussies secured a death grip on each other and clit stabbed stiffened clit repeatedly in an incredible mix of pleasure and pain.

Finally, it happened! Both women screamed together - one in agony from coming with an explosive orgasm and the other in victory because her pussy had won! At first, the husbands couldn't tell who had won since the women had such a grip on each other. Slowly, however, Reg's wife loosened her hug around Steve's wife and the brunette fell back on the bed - defeated! Leaning over her rival, the lovely blonde humped her victorious pussy into the loser's love nest until she was certain that the black pussy had no fight left in it.

Straddling her beaten foe, she smiled sexily at the men and then turned back to her opponent.

"Tell me that I whipped your ass, you bitch!" she demanded. "Tell me!!!"

"You whipped my ass. You win."

"Tell me that I have a better pussy than yours. Say it, cunt!!!"

Sobbing lightly, Steve's wife said, "You have a better pussy than mine."

Finally the blonde demanded, "Tell me that blonde pussy is better than brunette pussy. Tell me that Steve wants my pussy more than yours! Tell me, slut!!!"

"Blonde pussy is better than brunette pussy. Steve wants your pussy, not mine." she sobbed.

Smiling and satisfied, Reg's wife gave Steve's wife a final pull on her pussy hair. "I'm taking these as a souvenir. Your pussy belongs to me!"

She went over to untie Steve, who comforted his wife telling her how bravely she had fought the blonde and how proud he was of her. She then untied her own husband and kissed him deeply. He was very proud of her, not knowing earlier if she was going to be able to beat the dark haired beauty.

Having dressed in Steve's wife's dress and having tossed the brunette's 36c bra over her shoulder, the blonde took Reg by the arm and started to leave. Before she did, she turned around and looked at the brunette. "I'll give you a rematch, cunt. You have my number."

To be continued?