by Brandi

Walking to the door, she felt confidence in her work. April had created her own business by deciding she would do what she liked best. A little planning and soon she had several appointments. She thought back to how she had decided to get into the business of personal massage.

Her first orgasm had come at the hands of a masseuse who knew all of the special places on a woman's body. It had been her first massage. She had been nervous, the tenseness evident in her shivering. She had lain nude underneath a towel that just covered her bottom, awaiting the masseuse.

When the masseuse entered the room, April had been startled by the masseuse's good looks. April had expected a matronly looking woman, but this was a girl close to her own age, maybe even younger. April knew the girls had to be 18 to be giving massages, but she didn't think this girl was any older than that. April knew the masseuse could see that she was shivering: April knew it was because of her nerves, not the temperature in the room.

April watched through the mirror in front of her as the masseuse arranged her oils and lotions on the small table next to the massage table. The masseuse wore what April considered very short shorts, even by her own standards. A white crop top completed the outfit. The crop top ended well above the masseuse’s belly button. No fat, not even a small “love handle” marred the masseuse’s body. April was envious, as she had fought for years with crunches to get her ‘baby fat’ under control. April’s eyes wandered upwards on the masseuse’s body, looking for imperfections. She finally found one: a small mole on the masseuse’s left cheek. But it looked more like a beauty mark.

Then the masseuse pivoted like a dancer on her toes and April gasped audibly. The masseuse’s breasts completed the perfection April was beholding. The masseuse looked over and said, “Did you say something, miss?” “No,” April replied.

She immediately regretted her answer. Why hadn’t she told the masseuse how beautiful she was? Certainly the girl was complimented by all of her customers. So she surely would not have been shocked by being complimented by another woman.

April just looked at the masseuse in the mirror. In a minute, she thought, this beautiful girl is going to be giving me a massage.

“Would you like oil or powder to start with?” the girl asked.

“Powder,” April said. She knew she loved it when she put powder on her own body. How great was it going to be when this girl did it to her?

April felt the girl shake the powder on her shoulders. Then the masseuse’s hands began their journey over April’s body.

April continued to shiver as the girl’s hands worked their magic. “Are you cold?” the girl asked. “No,” April said, “just nervous.”

“No reason for that,” the girl said, “I am going to make you forget all about being nervous.” Her hands continued their journey, gently massaging April’s back. April began to relax. The girl knew what she was doing.

Leaning over April’s back, the girl’s hair cascaded down and brushed along from April’s shoulders to the middle of her back.. April shivered again as she realized this girl was letting her blonde tresses trail along the hollows of her back. ‘Cold again?” the masseuse said. “You are giving me chills,” April said. “That’s good. I am supposed to give you chills, baby, “the masseuse said. April felt her nipples begin to harden.

“This is your first massage, isn’t it?” The masseuse lifted up and waited for April to answer. April looked around at her. “Yes, is it that obvious?” “Yes, it is. But it is wonderful. I get to introduce you to the beautiful art of lesbian massage.” April shivered again.

“There you go again,” the masseuse said. “See, just thinking about it makes you quiver. That’s what it is, you know. You are quivering because you can’t wait for what I am going to do to you. And you are beautiful, which makes it something special.”

April wondered how the girl knew she wanted a lesbian massage. Did she have a lot of women coming in for these special massages? April chided herself for thinking that she was the first woman to want sex with another woman in this place. But still, she wanted to ask the girl. But she’ll think I am naïve, April thought, and I am supposed to be worldlier than her. I am older. Not much, but at least three or four years older. But here I am, lying nude in front of her with just a towel covering my private parts. What question could be more embarrassing than that? So she asked it.

“Do you give a lot of women massages? I mean….do a lot of women come in here to see you? Or I mean…am I the first?”

April blushed. She was glad she was lying on her stomach. The masseuse gave a small laugh.

“Oh, no, beautiful, you aren’t the first. But you are the best looking woman that’s ever come in here.” The masseuse’s voice had gone low and sultry. April felt wetness in her center. She was trying to maintain some control, but all she felt was control slipping away.

“Thank you,” April said. “I was watching you in the mirror and thinking how beautiful you were.”

“I know. I saw you. I knew you were watching me. That’s why I took a little longer to arrange my oils. I knew you liked what you saw.”

April felt herself flush. “I think I got wet when you walked into the room.” She couldn’t believe she had just said that. She flushed again. “You knew that too, didn’t you? That’s how you knew I wanted a lesbian massage.”

“When another woman has a certain look in her eyes, it’s a dead giveaway.” The masseuse said. Could this girl be any surer of herself? “So, yes, I knew.”

April put her head down on the pillow. The masseuse began again with her powder massage. Her hands started above April’s hips and gently worked their way down to the towel. Without asking, the girl removed the towel and trailed her hands down toward April’s hips. April tensed, sensing that the masseuse’s hands would soon move to April’s crevice. Then the hands were gone, moving abruptly, down to April’s legs. April silently wished the masseuse would come back up to her hips.

But then the masseuse trailed her nails on the inside of April’s thighs. Without thinking, April lifted her hips and opened her legs. Then the masseuse’s hands were away from that area again. No, she thought, go back to my thighs! But the masseuse moved on to her calves, then her feet. Then April felt a jolt in her center. The masseuse had April’s toes in her mouth. April felt her wetness begin to envelope her center. The masseuse licked between each toe, slowly sucking. April shuddered in uncontrollable orgasm. Her first orgasm and the girl had not even touched her center.

“You didn’t expect that, did you?” the girl asked. “My God, no,” April said. “How did you do that?”

“I didn’t, you did.” She said. “You were so ready that it didn’t matter where I touched you, you would have come. Most women have never had their toes sucked, so they don’t know that is a very sensitive erogenous zone. That is the most important part of my job, knowing how to make you come. Even more than you do.”

“I’ve never had an orgasm before.” April said.


“No, never, I’ve had sex with a man before, but I’ve never had an orgasm.” April sighed, relishing the aftereffects of her orgasm.

“But you’ve given yourself an orgasm before, right? I mean, everybody has.” The masseuse said.

April took a deep breath. “Yes, but even then nothing has ever felt like this did.”

The masseuse leaned over so that her lips were lightly touching April’s ear. “You’ll be way beyond your first orgasm by the time we finish tonight.” The masseuse gently let her tongue enter April’s ear, causing April to quiver again. Then the girl tenderly let her breath brush through April’s ear. If this girl kept this up, April thought, she would come again, even harder.

The masseuse began massaging April’s feet. “Well, you can’t suck your own toes. But guess what? I can suck them all night if you want.”

April closed her eyes. “I don’t know if I could stand it.” She said.

The masseuse walked around to the head of the table and stood over April. The masseuse smiled, knowing she was in control.

“Now, it’s time for the rest of the trip. Turn over. We’ve still got 45 minutes.”