It is well known that it’s easy to find anything you want in the way of sexual pleasure in New York City .  No matter how kinky a person's taste is there are establishments to satisfy any particular sexual desires.  Many of the businesses dealing with kinky sex are financially successful for one simple reason.  There is no end to the number of customers who want to be satisfied no matter how unusual their taste.

One of the more flourishing specialties is female domination.  Female domination appeals to men and women alike, and most businesses who deal in this area are successful.  One 32 year-old woman who has been in business for a number of years is Alexis Woolson.  Her trade name is Mistress Alexis. She uses a three-pronged attack to get and keep customers.  First, she has a number of women answering 900 lines 15 hours a day.  She has a profitable pay per view web site which draws customers, and finally there is the walk-in trade.  Selected clients receive whatever type and amount of domination for, of course, the right price.

Once a month some of the people who run various types of sex oriented businesses get together, and have an informal meeting to exchange ideas to better promote their particular trade.  One of these meetings was taking place on a Tuesday evening in a conference room at one of the local clubs.  Alexis was one of the first people there as it was her turn to run the meeting.  As she usually did Mistress Alexis brought with her a love slave.  She was a hot looking blonde by the name of Allison.  Alexis had a collar around Allison's neck along with a short chain she used to make sure Allison followed her.

Some other women who worked as a dominatrix came in right after Alexis.  A few also brought a slave with them, but in these cases the slaves were men.  All of them were dressed for the part, and were wearing sexy black leather or black vinyl outfits.  However, none of them looked as good as Alexis.  She was a very attractive woman who took pride in how she dressed.

As time went by more people showed up for the meeting.  By the time it started there were 15 people sitting around a large table.  Just before the meeting was to begin the crowd suddenly became silent as another well known dominatrix suddenly appeared in the doorway.  The reason everyone was instantly quiet was the woman in the doorway was Mistress Regina who was also known as Alexis's sister.  The two had been together for years, and were now rivals and enemies.  Everyone was waiting for an explosion between the two.  Regina had a slave of her own with her.  She introduced her slave as Sabrina who was also a sexy blonde.

Allison and Sabrina both dressed the part of beautiful, but submissive, slaves.  They were wearing tight black corsets with black stockings and vinyl boots.  There was little to choose from between them in the looks department.  They both had long hair which came well below their shoulders, and both were very busty.  Long well defined legs added to their attractive shapes.  Each did exactly as she was told to by her mistress, and remained silent throughout the meeting.

In reality Alexis and Regina were not sisters in the strictest sense.  Regina had been adopted as a very young baby, and then her adoptive parents suddenly found themselves pregnant with a girl they eventually named Alexis.  The two grew up as sisters, and eventually went into business together.  They had been partners for a number of years specializing in kinky sex.  No one seemed to know the cause of their problems, but all of a sudden Regina left Alexis, and started her own business.  After that the two sisters seemed to go out of their way to avoid one another.

The explosion everyone expected never materialized.  Alexis started the meeting, and didn't even acknowledge Regina 's presence.  For the next two hours the business owners exchanged marketing ideas, and ways to make the business of sex even more productive.  When the meeting ended everyone left except Regina .  She moved to a spot next to Alexis, and sat down.  Alexis finally accepted Regina 's presence, and in an icy voice asked, "What do you want?  I know you wouldn't talk to me unless it was absolutely necessary."

Regina answered, "You are right.  I wouldn't speak to you under any circumstances except these.  As you know, after Mom and Dad were killed in the accident I was in charge of settling the estate because I am the oldest by a few months.  After many months it has finally been settled, and the lawyer sent me the papers.  Until we both sit down, and sign them neither of us will get any money."

While the two half sisters were talking their sex slaves Allison and Sabrina were standing behind them staring at each other.  They couldn't talk unless their mistresses gave them permission so they stood, and looked like they were playing the child's game of who was going to blink first.  It seemed as if they were oblivious to everything around them, and were just concentrating on each other.

Alexis and Regina finely agreed to meet for lunch at a local restaurant.  They realized unless they signed the papers together neither would receive the inheritance they had been waiting for.  They also agreed to meet without their slaves present because it was one thing to take them to the type of meeting which just concluded, but it was another to try to take them to a public restaurant in the middle of the day.

The next day the two met at a popular restaurant in the village.  They were dressed just as any business woman would be wearing conservative business suits with short skirts, stockings, and high heels.  The conversation started with some hesitation on both their parts.  However, after they ordered lunch both women loosened up a little, and Regina gave Alexis a rundown on the papers they had to sign.  Alexis was somewhat surprised they were each getting close to $ 50,000 after the legal fees were paid, and grudgingly praised Regina for the work she had done.  They spent a few minutes signing the papers, and actually looked as if they were getting along.

However, it didn't take long for the two women to revert back to their negative attitudes concerning each other.  Alexis said sarcastically, "I noticed the bitch you had with you last night.  She doesn't look all that hot to me.  What happened?  Did you lose all your taste when you picked her?"

Regina fixed Alexis with an intense stare, and caustically replied, "Look who's talking.  The slut you had couldn't hold a candle to my slave.  She does everything I want, and is a great lover.  What happened?  Did you lose a bet, and end up with Allison?"

The two of them went back and forth insulting each other’s choice of love slave.  Each claimed to have the best slave as well as the best lover.  Things were silent for a few moments while the two glared at one another.  Finally Alexis said, "We both claim to have the best slave.  Are you ready to put your money where your mouth is?"

Regina replied, "Absolutely!  What do you have in mind bitch?"

Alexis answered, "I'll bet you $ 10,000 of the inheritance money my slave can out fuck your slave."

Regina accepted the bet, and the two women spent the next 15 minutes setting conditions for the match.  Regina added one stipulation which Alexis agreed to.  The loser had to suck the pussy of the winner's mistress every night for one week.  They set the following Saturday night at Alexis's house at 9 p.m. as the time and location for the match.  Since Alexis selected her house as the location Regina insisted on dictating the rest of the details.  Each sister felt confident her lover would win the battle, and they continued to taunt one another until they finally separated and left for home.

When Alexis arrived at her house she told Allison about her upcoming encounter with Sabrina.  She said, "I bragged about you to my sister, and I expect you to win.  If you beat her I will reward you, and give you many gifts.  If you are half as good with Sabrina as you are when you please me I believe you should have no trouble sexually dominating her."

Allison was thrilled with the opportunity to prove herself to Alexis.  She said, "That bitch and I had a stare down last night.  By the time I get through with her she will not only suck your pussy for a week, but I'll have her kissing my ass every day before she pleases you."

Alexis was pleased with Allison's reaction.  She knew from personal experience with Allison that she was a very passionate and skillful lover.  Allison acknowledged that Sabrina was a very good-looking woman, but at the same time she felt she could best Sabrina in any type of sexual competition.  Regina also had an Internet site for her business.  With Alexis's approval Allison spent time on Regina 's site so she could gather information about Sabrina and look at her pictures.

Regina did the same thing with Sabrina that Alexis had done with Allison.  She told Sabrina right away about the upcoming competition with Allison.  Sabrina had the same reaction as Allison.  Upon hearing the news from Regina Sabrina reacted very confidently.  She told Regina she would have no trouble dominating Allison in any type of sexual encounter.  She knew that Regina would reward her many times over if she won.  She was very aware of the rivalry between the two sisters.  Regina told her she wanted bragging rights over her sister, and the only way she would get them is if Sabrina defeated Allison.

The sisters tried to anger one another by exchanging e-mails in the days leading up to the match.  Both sisters claimed not only to be superior in their own personal competition, but each stated her love slave was the best.  Allison and Sabrina also got in the act.  After each one got permission from her mistress they exchanged e-mails taunting one another.  Each one promised to out fuck the other.  They insulted one another's body, and each assured the other she was superior in every way.

The day before the sexual showdown a package from Regina arrived at Alexis's house.  Regina had the choice of what the two women would be wearing, and the package contained a French maid's costume along with black thigh top stockings.  Allison modeled them for Alexis who liked what she saw.  With one exception it looked like a standard French maid's costume.  The short sleeves and skirt portion had white fringe, and there was a white apron sewn right into the material.  The difference in this costume was that it had a scoop neckline which came so low it barely covered a woman's nipples.  Nothing was to be worn under the costume.

At precisely 9 p.m. Saturday night the doorbell to Alexis's house rang.  She answered it and stepped back to let Sabrina and Regina in.  They proceeded to the large living room where Allison was ready and waiting for them.  Allison and Sabrina faced one another in anticipation.  Regina and Alexis moved to the couch where they were going to watch.  The two sisters had dressed in one of their sexier black outfits with each one trying to outdo the other.  They were, in fact, two beauties with long dark hair and great bodies.  Anyone would be hard-pressed to say which one was the better looking woman.

By prior arrangement both sisters were going to speak to Allison and Sabrina before they started.  Regina spoke first.  She had the two blonde rivals turn to face the couch, and said, "You are our sex gladiators.  There are rules you must follow.  Neither of you may speak to us, but you may speak to each other.  You must try to beat each other sexually, but not physically.  A little hair pulling is allowed, but this is not a catfight."

At this point Alexis interjected, "This contest is not one and done.  It is a match of endurance.  You will continue until one of you can no longer go on.  Each of you has been promised rewards if you win.  However, even if there were no rewards there should be a sense of competition between the two of you.  When two sexy blondes meet there should be immediate feelings of rivalry."

Then Regina told Allison and Sabrina to stand back to back while holding hands.  They didn't know what was coming, but followed directions.  Alexis and Regina were going to kiss their gladiators for luck.  Regina moved in front of Sabrina, and began to kiss her.  It was not an ordinary kiss.  The way she moved into Sabrina an iceberg would have melted with her sensual kiss.  She then stepped back and said, "If you win you may have me any way you choose."

Alexis was not to be outdone.  She told Regina she had already made the same promise to Allison.  Then she kissed Allison with what can only be described as wild abandon.  When she finally broke away from Allison they were both breathing hard.  At this point both sisters moved to the couch and sat down.  Alexis told the two gladiators they could begin.

Allison and Sabrina let go of each other's hands, turned around, and stepped back so each could get a good look at the other.  They spent a few seconds taking in each other's beauty.  Physically there was very little to choose from between the two of them.  The only visible feature was a slight difference in hair style.  Sabrina had long wavy honey colored blonde hair while Allison's was straight and straw colored.  Both had applied dark eye shadow to make them look more alluring.  They began when Sabrina reached down, grabbed the bottom of her dress, pulled it up, and thrust her pussy at Allison in an obvious challenge.  Allison answered the challenge, and thrust her own pussy at Sabrina.

They moved closer together until they were almost touching, and Sabrina spoke first, "I can see you are almost falling out of your dress sweetie.  Let me help you with it so I can play."

She reached over, pulled the front of Allison's dress down, and exposed her breasts.  In retaliation Allison did the same to Sabrina, and the two began taunting one another over who had the better breasts.  They began to fondle and squeeze one another's breasts, and they stared intently at each other to see if there was any reaction.  Only when they pulled on each other's nipples was there a visible sign.  They started to gasp and then guided their nipples together.

Allison challenged Sabrina to a nipple fucking contest.  They put their hands on each other's waist while they banged their nipples together many times.  Not being satisfied with using just their nipples they started to rub their large breasts together.  Then they swiveled their upper bodies so one breast, and then the other would smack together.  After a few minutes of doing this the two blondes put their arms around each other and tightly embraced.  The resulting bear hug got a reaction from both women, and they started to moan.  They alternately relaxed their grip, and pulled in hard mashing their breasts together time after time.  Gasps of pleasure and pain came from both of them.

It soon became obvious to both women that neither was going to win this battle, and so each relaxed the grip she had on her rival.  Sabrina said, "You have proven your breasts are a match for mine, but this is just the beginning.  Show me how well you kiss."

They put their arms around one another, and moved their heads closer together.  Their open mouths barely touched when their tongues started to dance together.  The two eagerly kissed one another as each wanted to prove she was best.  They took turns sucking each other's tongue, and licked one another's lips.  After one of their passionate kisses they ran their hands through each other's long hair.  Rather than pulling hair they just seemed to want to show one another they could ruffle each other's feathers by doing whatever came to mind.  It's as though they were fondling each other's hair.  All this served to do was turn them on even more, and they kissed each other even more passionately.

Neither blonde showed any superiority over the other to this point.  As they were kissing they slowly went to their knees on the plush carpeting.  The competition took a new turn.  Almost as if they were on the same wave length the two reached down and pulled each other's dress up.  They were now able to slide a thigh into each other's pussy.  They started rocking slowly back and forth, and each was grinding into the other's pussy.  The kissing and grinding motions were having an effect on them, and sounds of pleasure were coming from the two blondes.

Over on the couch Alexis and Regina were cheering, and giving vocal support to their blonde love slaves.  They were into the match, and started getting turned on by watching.  As close as they were to the action one could almost get the feeling they wanted to be part of it.  Alexis encouraged Allison by saying, "You can beat her lover.  She's just a slut."

That angered Regina who turned to her sister, and exclaimed, "Shut your mouth.  You're the one who is the slut around here."

The two sisters glared at each other, and that's all it took.  Alexis shoved Regina , and Regina quickly retaliated by shoving her back.  In an instant the two were all over each other.  They started flailing trying to hit one another, grappled, and fell off the couch onto the floor.  They rolled back and forth a few times, and were squealing and screeching as they fought.

A few feet away Allison and Sabrina were locked together when all of a sudden they heard this loud commotion.  They looked over in shock at what they saw.  Both mistresses had taught their slaves the importance of self-control, poise and above all else composure.  The two sisters were doing something they told their slaves they couldn't do -- catfighting.  They rolled around as each one tried to control the other.  Then for some unknown reason they paused.  They looked over at Allison and Sabrina, and suddenly realized how they must have looked to the two blondes.  Looking totally disheveled Alexis and Regina climbed to their feet.  Thinking quickly Alexis said to the two blonde rivals, "Allison, take Sabrina, and go to your bedroom.  My sister and I have something to settle in my room."

The big old Victorian style house which Alexis had occupied for years had a somewhat unusual room layout.  The business, which had its own entrance, was located on the second floor.  On the first floor Allison's bedroom was at the front of the house while Alexis's was toward the rear.  Allison took Sabrina by the hand, and led her into a huge room with large bedroom furniture.  They seem to be relieved to be away from the angry sisters.  Sabrina moved closer to the dresser which had a large mirror to see how she looked.  Allison walked up behind her, looked at Sabrina in the mirror, and asked, "Are we still supposed to be sexfighting?"

Sabrina replied, "I hope so.  We were just getting started.  It would be a shame if we ended it there."

Allison exclaimed, "Good!  I was hoping you'd say that."

With that Allison reached around Sabrina from the rear, and used both hands to grasp and squeeze Sabrina's breasts.  Sabrina gasped, but did not try to remove Allison's hands.  She looked in the mirror at Allison to see what she would do next.  Allison slid one hand down, reached under Sabrina's dress, and inserted two fingers into Sabrina's pussy.  Sabrina moaned and Allison said, "Oh, I love a wet pussy."

Sabrina said, "That's not fair.  You're attacking me from behind.  I get to do the same thing to you."

As she said that Sabrina turned around to face Allison.  With one hand she pulled one of Allison's nipples, and with the other reached under Allison's dress to find and stroke her pussy.  Both women were moaning as they stood together stroking each other’s pussy.  After a few minutes of this Allison led Sabrina over to her large bed.  After they kicked off their shoes, and climbed onto the bed they took up where they left off fondling and stroking two very wet pussies.  They rubbed their breasts together, and again began to kiss passionately.  Sabrina suddenly stopped, and said to Allison, "We look hot and sexy in these costumes, but I think they're in the way.  I think we should go body to body without anything between us."

Allison agreed, and they broke apart just long enough to remove their French maid’s outfits.  All that was remaining was their thigh top stockings, and they obviously weren't going to be in the way.  The two women took a few moments to look at one another's naked body.  They moved toward each other again, and Sabrina said, "You're good, but I'm better.  Now I'm going to prove it."

To Be Continued