DARE PARTY - Chapter 31

(by HGHunt)

Chapter 31 - The Party Ends

Awareness of her surroundings crept back into Alicia's psyche. The six spectators were clapping, hooting, and generally having a good time as they watched the conclusion of Alicia and Angel's battle. Most were glad that Alicia had prevailed over the older blonde. Even the blondes among them seemed to relish the punishment Alicia managed to dish out to her 23-year-old rival.

Alicia slowly stood up, stretched a moment, and offered her final comment to Angelica. "Too bad your bark is worse than your bite, bitch!" Alicia sauntered over towards her grinning friends, unfazed by her own haggard appearance. Her hair was a mess and her body covered in sweat and soil from the grass. But she was in much better shape than Angel who also managed to get up and walk over to the group.

"That was one helluva fight." Carmen spoke the words that all of them were thinking. They all offered congratulations to Alicia. Racine's were a bit less enthusiastic than some of the others, but she still managed to congratulate the champion. After a few moments of kudos to Alicia, they began to offer small words of encouragement for the loser. She had fought a game battle, up to a point, but had ultimately been unable to maintain her strength and fight against the younger opponent. Another factor was the amount of energy she had drained in her two battles previous. Both Carmen and Joy had taken a dramatic toll on Angel's stamina. Even though Alicia's battles were hard-fought and not easy, they didn't take as much out of her as the rough fights with Carmen and Joy. Maybe the outcome would have been different if both had started out fresh. But today it was certainly Alicia's victory to savor. Even though she had never even had a lesbian experience before, or anything remotely resembling a sexfight, she had adapted admirably, persevered, and came out the champion. The sun was down and the air began to cool as the girls talked, joked, and occasionally made a few more catty remarks. Somehow the atmosphere of competitive sex had engaged them all, been accepted by all, and embraced by all. These girls, seven soon-to-be seniors in high school and one 23 year-old, now felt a bond that superseded the friendships they had all shared up till now.

The exception to some of this was the case of the two hostesses. Joy and Emily had not only wanted to expand their sexual Olympics beyond their private arrangement, they had both hoped to use the party as an opportunity to sexually dominate the other. Their lust for each other was palpably real, but the desire for dominance and control hadn't diminished at all. The events of the day hadn't turned out as they planned, but neither felt anguish over the end results. Both knew that their exciting discovery of sexual competition might now be shared by a larger group of their sexy friends.

Most of the girls took a quick dip in the pool and found their clothes, shared a goodbye kiss with the others and went on their way home. Some of those kisses were more passionate than others, but each girl who left managed to overcome the lingering animosities and at least share a tender kiss with every other girl. The only girls who hadn't kissed after the six guests had all left were Emily and Joy. Finally alone again, they cleaned up the yard and went in the house. Since the party had been 99% outside, there was nothing to do inside and they just sat down beside each other on a love seat, confusing thoughts thrashing about in their heads. Each knew they needed to have a heart-to-heart talk, but neither was sure where to begin.

Emily looked at Joy and could see sadness in her eyes. Emily felt it too. She had spent so much of her emotional energy dreaming and scheming about Joy for the last six months that to now be faced with her imminent departure a few hundred miles away to Minnesota would produce a vast void in her life. Finally Emily managed the first words, almost choking with emotion she said, "I will miss you." A tear formed and trickled down her cheek. Joy felt the sadness Emily so freely admitted. She too began to cry a bit; just a few sobs and tears, but revealing deep emotional concerns. "I will miss you very much." She dried her tears with a hanky and she leaned close to Emily. Whispering, even though she didn't need to, she went on. "I wish we could meet again and again. I have never felt so alive as when I am either with you or dreaming about how I'm going to show you who is REALLY the boss."

"Joy, we must be two peas in a pod. I feel EXACTLY the same way. I already feel a knot in my stomach from the realization that you will be gone to Minnesota and I won't be able to prove, again," she emphasized the word 'again,' "that I'm the better girl."

Joy smiled. "Yes, I was hoping that it would be you and me in the finals today. I REALLY wanted to fuck the daylights out of you in front of the girls. Maybe there can be another time?"

Emily: "You said before all of this that you had an idea about how we might keep the fire burning. Is Messenger the best way?"

Joy: "Well, I know it can't ever be as perfect as our first three battles, but I think a modest facsimile could be maintained online. We can use Messenger to chat with each other in private and we can cyber-fuck and cyber-fight to our hearts content. Just knowing that you would be reading my words at the other end of the line would be exciting for me."

Emily: "Yes. I agree. I'd love to 'show you a real good fuck' on the computer. I bet I can make you come first every time."

Joy: "That's music to my ears. I love every single challenge. I wager though, that it will be you who can't keep her fingers out of her cunt and ends up gasping for breath."

Emily: "Fine. I think we have a plan. But I do have a question. Don't you think your family will ever be coming back here to visit? Because if you do, I'm sure I could arrange for a little get-together. Maybe it wouldn't be for as long as our last three parties, but we could at least get in a few licks."

Joy smiled at Emily's clever use of double-entendre. "Well, I suppose we might. All I know for now is that we have no plans. Maybe I could even talk my parents into letting me come back to town for special events, like homecoming or something. I'll inform you when I know more."

The two girls were very close. The heat of the day had passed and the cool evening air foretold a change in the weather. But one thing hadn't changed. Their desire for each other was overpowering and both wanted to do anything they could to be able to stoke the fires of their relationship. "What about next weekend? You won't be gone until Tuesday after that, right? Don't you think you could get away for one night?" Emily began to form a kernel of an idea.

"I don't know? We've got a LOT of packing to do and I don't think my parents would like me to skip out on that. Maybe it's possible. What are you thinking?"

"Well my grandfather has a farm a few miles from here. Back in the woods by a lake there is a campsite that our family has used many times. I bet I could manage to get the camping equipment we needed and we could spend one night out there. If your parents were really sticky about forcing you to help all day, maybe they'd still let you spend the night with a dear friend before you leave. They would understand that, wouldn't they?"

Joy smiled as the implications of the suggestion sank in. "Sure. Maybe that would work: one last fling for you and me to settle things for the foreseeable future. I'd love to get in your sleeping bag and make you beg to get out."

"If anybody begs it won't be me. Why don't we keep in touch this week and I'll make sure we can go out there? I'm sure my parents and grandparents would be amenable."

"Ok. I'll try to find out exactly what my parents have planned for me and maybe I can pull it off. We'll talk on the phone every night."

The excitement that this last part of their conversation generated was apparent each to the other. Joy knew how much Emily wanted her, and Emily had no trouble understanding how much desire was in Joy's heart. The lust was thick like a soggy April fog. But both knew that right now wouldn't be the time to act. The anticipation of future trysts just made their impact all the more powerful. Both recognized that fact and neither sought to start anything.

"If it doesn't work out..." Joy started to speak. But then her voice trailed off as she contemplated the possibility, again, that tonight might be the last time she would be with Emily for a long time. A tear re-formed at the corner of her eye. She couldn't finish her thought. She sobbed a bit. Emily reached over and put her arms around her friend. "I know. I know. Maybe this is it. If it is, I want our goodbye to be..." And now it was her turn to be unable to finish her sentence as tears rolled down her face as well. The words wouldn't come; too much sadness. Joy reached to hold Emily and the two girls just sat there sobbing into each other's shoulders. Their gentle tender touch reassured them somewhat and slowly, the tears still present, they managed to stand up. Joy brushed back some hair from Emily's face. She kissed a tear away that was just rolling down her cheek. Emily sighed and shivered as a jolt of lust surged through her. The thought of Joy so tenderly consoling her, even as she tried to do the same for her, was exquisite. Emily put both hands to either side of Joy's face. The girls stared longingly into each other's eyes. Joy's arms gently encircled Emily's waist. They came together.

It was a kiss: THE KISS. It was the kiss that both would remember for the rest of their lives: the soft touch; the undeniable passion; the sorrow of things that might never be, the wishes for all that might be. A whole chorus of emotions flooded through them together as they shared the tenderest kiss imaginable. They didn't share any tongue. That would have been too blatant of a statement of lust. Their lips shared with each other the exquisite taste and texture they had already learned to know like no other. The physical act of the kiss was wonderful, but the unspoken sharing of emotions and dreams was preeminent.

Joy felt more at peace than at any time in her life. There was real meaning to this kiss. It symbolized everything that was good and true to her. She longed for the kiss to last forever, knowing it could not.

Emily, her veneer of superiority plainly gone, accepted the kiss without guile, malice, or challenge. It was a total confirmation that Joy and she shared the most special of bonds. They were in love.

Joy left and was gone.

The End