DARE PARTY - Chapter 24

(by HGHunt)

Chapter 24 - Water Toy

It was huge. A long blue dildo bobbed in the water next to the girls. It was thick, at least two inches across, and it was double headed. During the final moments of Joy's aggressive fuck-dominance of Angel, Emily had retrieved the dildo from its nearby hiding place. Holding it up to the other girls for inspection, she got some ooohs and aaaahs and all agreed they'd like to see it put to use.

Neither Joy nor Angel had noticed Emily bring it over and toss it in the water, but they certainly understood the implication. With their match, if that is the proper word for it, tied at 1 orgasm each, the final victor would be determined by who could handle the big thick phallic toy the best.

"I DARE you to stick that thing in me!" Angel took the verbal offensive.

"That isn't even a real dare, bitch! I'll show you what fucking is all about with MR. BLUE." Joy reached for the toy and wiggled it down between her legs to find the opening into her vagina. Angel's hands grabbed for the toy also and the two girls hurriedly arranged the two heads at the openings of their fuck-hole. They didn't have to push very hard for the big dildo to work inwards at either end. Joy felt the wide head stretch her pussy lips apart and eagerly glide past her outer lips and fill her hole inch by inch.

Angel guided the other end between her lips and waited for Joy's pushes to feel the head split her labia apart and begin its descent towards her cervix. Joy had been forced to stand straight up to accommodate the 18-inch length of the blue monster and that meant Angel was no longer pinned to the steps. Angel didn't try to escape, but just remained underneath Joy as Joy lowered her filled pussy towards Angel. This pushed MR. BLUE deeper and deeper inside Angel's cunt. Angel smiled a happy smile as Mr. Blue filled her hole and drove all the way to the bottom. Two inches of the toy remained unburied between their drowned pussy lips when Joy felt the firm resistance against her womb caused by the other end resisted by Angel's womb.

The fucking began. Joy did most of the work, plunging up and down and wiggling her hips to make sure that Mr. Blue gave Angel's pussy a full range of fucking friction. Joy pinched her lips together to hold the toy firmly and rapidly jerked her body up and down. Mr. Blue zipped in and out of Angel's slippery cunt with ease, causing the bundles of nerves to restart their parade of pleasure. Angel's face showed determination and guts, but her body continued to let Joy to have her way.

"How's it feel to get fucked by a master, bitch? You want it more and more don't you cunt?" Joy taunted Angel, who just bit her lip and took the fucking. But Joy's pussy wasn't so gripping that it didn't slide in and out of her own well-lubricated hole quite a bit. Her nerve synapses, never fully discharged from an orgasm in more than 15 minutes, were now buzzing with anticipation of imminent release.

Joy loved the feeling of sexual conquest and control. Fucking the older girl so roughly, in the water, in front of the other girls was an exciting and wonderful feeling. She rammed the dildo in and out, twisted it around and shook it from side to side, making the water splash and churn as her hips took charge of the situation. Joy actually looked around a bit to see the other girls watching the action from their deck chairs just a few feet away. Many of them could be seen fingering their tits or twats gently as Joy put on a show. A few minutes of thrusting began to tire her out and she would slow down and just rock gently on top of Mr. Blue. Once she slowed down and just pushed down hard, working with gravity to force the opposite dick-head into Angel's cervix. With her own cervix about to be squashed upwards she still managed to lower her cunt farther and farther, impaling both girls far enough to cause the total disappearance of Mr. Blue.

It pained Angel to feel the pressure exerted on her inner tissues by the big toy now fully buried inside their twats. She felt the soft touch as Joy's inner labia lips discover themselves on her own inner labia. "Like that?" Joy asked.

Angel knew she felt the same thing. Joy's pussy lips twitched with desire at the renewed intimate touch. The exquisite fullness in her and the lush feel of Angel's pussy lips wiggling against her own made her feel so wonderful. Without pulling out and away she just maintained the firm pressure, keeping their wet lips in heavenly contact. With Angel wiggling away and not being at all shy about her arousal, Joy just kept up the pressure and the fucking. Eventually she went back to banging pussy and fucking her with serious abandon. Joy watched Angel's excitement mount and grow. The signals were clear. Her breathing was more and more ragged. Her hip movements were less controlled and more spasmodic. She made lewd remarks demanding more and more. She absorbed many painful jabs but didn't whimper or complain. She was very aroused and clearly wanted the fucking to continue and end with an explosive orgasm. But she also was calculating and conniving a plan.

The other girls watched and admired Joy for her powerful comeback and the incredible fucking she was giving the girl they had all somehow come to root against. Maybe it was partly her age and maybe it was partly her cockiness or maybe it was that she didn't seem to fight with the same 'code' or rules that they would have chosen for themselves. But whatever it was, Joy had five girls all rooting for her to fuck Angelica over real good. Of course, the fact that Angelica was a damn sexy woman didn't hurt either. Each of the other girls secretly wished they could replace Joy on the tall end of Mr. Blue and get in some Angel fucking of their own; that is when they weren't imagining themselves on the receiving end of Joy's powerful cunt thrusts. Carmen was the only one who never fantasized being on the receiving end of Joy's pounding. She could only dream of giving Angel more fucking than she could ever want. The remnants of her loss to Angel remained bitterly in her consciousness.

Angel moaned and groaned when Joy once again plunged Mr. Blue into total hiding inside their yummy tubes. The crammed-full feeling was wonderful and the tightness of her hole as it stretched to accommodate the large dildo was accentuated by the tender tingly sensation of Joy's precious labia turning little arcs around and around her own labia. Using the blue toy as an axle, Joy rotated her cunt around the pole, her greasy lips twisting around against Angel's plump cock-grabbing lips. Angel's moans and groans grew in frequency and power. Her hips twisted in counter rotation to Joy's pendulum-like rhythm. Joy felt her own orgasm grow closer and yet she just mashed ahead, knowing Angel was on the brink. Faster and faster went her hips, rotating this way and that, feeling Angel's lips smack and slide against hers as they shared Mr. Blue, and kept him from sight.

"Yes! Yes! Come on bitch, fuck me!" Angel begged for more, even though Joy was giving all she had.

Joy didn't say anything but just tried to urge her hips into some sort of overdrive. Wiggling and grinding down against Angel's accepting cunt sent shivers of delight through her. Then it happened.

Angel, as much fun as she was having getting fucked by the big strong girl and Mr. Blue, wasn't ready to give up the fight for victory. She had waited until she knew she would have had an orgasm within 30 seconds and then she flew into frenzied action. It happened so fast the others weren't sure exactly how it happened, but in five seconds the roles were reversed. Somehow she had twisted around, pulling Joy so that Joy had now replaced Angel on the steps and Angelica was hovering above her, Mr. Blue still connecting their pussies. But then Angel pulled away and grabbed Mr. Blue with her right hand and began to rapidly fuck Joy with as much force as the water would allow.

Joy, stunned didn't react. Her complacency had allowed her to fuck herself precariously close to an orgasm; quite sure that Angel would get there first. She hadn't imagined that Angel would mount a counter-offensive at all, particularly not when her orgasm was obviously so near. Angel's left hand reached under the water and rubbed Joy's clit as Mr. Blue generated as much internal friction as Angel could force. Even before Joy could clear her head, she was gyrating against everything Angel gave her. In less than 15 seconds Joy screamed out her orgiastic hatred. "Fuck, I hate you! Oh, Fuck me harder! You fucking bitch! You nasty cunt! Yes! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

Joy repeated herself and tossed in a few other pleasure-induced cries as her orgasm splashed a few waves across the pool. Her arms slapped the water and her legs convulsed while Angel battered her cunt with vicious nasty thrusts. Then it was over. Her orgasm melted away and Angel stood over her staring down. She left Mr. Blue dangling from Joy's cunt and then she gave Joy a wicked slap across the face. "Fuck you!" She climbed out of the pool the winner.