DARE PARTY - Chapter 1

(by HGHunt)

Chapter 1 - July and August after the Fireworks

A month went by after Joy left Emily's home that hot July day without the desired victory. Her 72-hour marathon battle with Emily had begrudgingly ended with Emily the winning sex-fighter. Joy's comments as she parted ways with Emily hinted that she still believed she was better had echoed through her brain during the time that her parents were preparing to move to Minnesota. She DID think she was better than Emily and the parting had left her with a two-fold empty feeling inside.

She desperately wished there would be another opportunity to challenge Emily and to defeat her definitively with her sexual powers and stamina. New, compared to before the Fireworks party though, was the other emotion: lust, pure lust. The intimacies the two girls had shared were now wound deep into her psyche and the bond that developed was full of warmth. Joy struggled with the two sides of that sword. On the one hand she hated herself for desiring Emily so much when what she really wanted was to dominate her completely in sexual conquest. But on the other side of that sharp sword was the burning ache in her gut that told her she just wanted to be with Emily, to be with her all the time. It was a burning that didn't go away after a day, a week, and now a month. She had lain awake at night, unable to sleep, as images of Emily intruded into her head. They were marvelous images: her face, her hair, her feet, alone and in clinches with herself. Joy struggled, not knowing how to handle the conflicting sides of her own desires. The vicious hate associated with trying out for play parts was gone, but she still felt the yearning inside to use her body in sexual conquest of Emily.

Her parents had set a moving date after the home in St. Paul was purchased. They would be moving in the third week of August, in time for her mother to become settled in at the University and for her to get enrolled in school. From what she had learned about the place it seemed like a really good place to live, but since it was her senior year she worried about making new friends. But what worried her most was the fact that she wouldn't be near Emily. Their paths had crossed only once since July 7 and that was accidental and brief. Joy quit going to the weight room at school, but she still ran regularly to keep in shape. She was actually quite proud of her newfound fitness, separate from its impact in dealing with Emily.

Her desire to perform on stage remained. She hoped to find success in Minnesota with singing and acting, but the fire that burned inside that burned the brightest was the fire of lust for Emily. Rarely did a day go by without her fingers finding their way into her moist cavern and churning away until she gave herself an orgasm courtesy of her fantasies or recollections involving Emily. How could she quench the desire? She wondered if Emily had kept the two-rose website up. She wondered about email. What about a phone call? Did she dare to contact Emily? What would she say? Would Emily look down on her if she seemed too eager to rekindle the sexual fires? Finally Joy sat down at her keyboard late one Saturday evening. She stared at the screen for along while before she began to type.

To: Emily

Re: Are you up for another round? Or More?

Message: Hey, sexy bitch. The Independence Day party was great (except for the ending :). I was just wondering if there was a way for us to keep our furnaces stoked during our senior years. I have an idea for maintaining a "hot" battle even when we're apart. Interested? If so, give me a reply.

She signed it "Joy, the Sexy One!"

She looked over her short message, deciding that lots of words shouldn't be needed to entice Emily into a response. Not sure if all the words were correct she took a deep breath and hit the "Send" button.

Her email was on its way and there was no pulling it back. She wondered how long it would be before she got a reply. She was certain that Emily couldn't resist the temptation to resume some sort of sexy rivalry with her.

When she didn't get a response after 24 hours she wondered if she had made the right move. Her gut ached with the realization that her desires might not ever be fulfilled. It was another 24 hours before she got her response. She had been unaware of Emily's vacation.