Jennifer works as an aerobics instructor at the health club. She teaches a class five nights out of the week plus she works out on her own an hour each day. This would explain her rock hard body that many women strive for. She's a 5' 6" 120 pound beautiful long haired brunette with dark green eyes. Her long muscular legs and firm 36c breasts only come from the discipline she puts into her workouts.

Just recently Jamie noticed a slight decline in students attending her aerobics classes. She heard wind of a rival health club now giving an advanced aerobics class. Some blonde bimbo named Jamie was making an attempt to steal Jennifer's customers. As time went on her class became smaller and smaller.

Finally, one night, she took it upon herself to check up on this new competition. She canceled her class that night and registered herself for the aerobics class at this rival health club. When she arrived, she was surprised to see a lot of women there that used to attend her class. Of course, she didn't go unnoticed by these women. A few of them approached her questioning why she was attending this class, when she was an instructor of her own class. She simply explained that she was just checking up on the competition. Deep inside she wanted to tell these bitches to go to hell for betraying her and leaving her class.

In the locker room Jennifer went about her business changing into her aerobics outfit. A red spandex leotard and black nylon tights. She tied her long dark hair back in a pony tail and after putting on her red slouch socks and Nike tennis shoes she made her way out to the large fitness room where the class was being held.

Being the hard body that she is, Jennifer took the center of the front row, determined to show up the whole class, including this supposedly advanced aerobics instructor, which, by the way, she couldn't wait to see. Within a few minutes this gorgeous, blonde haired, blue eyed woman walked around from the back of the class and stood up in front of everyone.

Jennifer couldn't believe her eyes. This woman was every bit a hard body as she. Frustration and jealousy flared within Jennifer. It appeared this woman was going to be quite the competition. She came around and stood directly in front of Jennifer. As Jennifer stood face to face with her she couldn't help but look this woman up and down trying to compare her body to her own. Tight, uplifting breasts protruded from her purple spandex leotard, and slim muscular legs showed firm through white nylon tights.

Being at perfect eye level with Jennifer, the two women couldn't help but lock eyes with each other. Seeing the seriousness on Jennifer's face caused Jamie's deep blue eyes to hold the look a lot longer than the average glance. Once she managed to look away from Jennifer, the woman put on a big smile and spoke in a loud voice to get everyone's attention.

She politely introduced herself as Jamie and started the class on some basic warm up exercises. Soon, she had the class moving to some fast pace aerobics. Jamie showed form and style as she bounced around to the beat of the music in her purple socks and Reeboks tennis shoes. Her blonde hair pony bobbing back and forth with each step and thrust.

Jennifer was keeping the pace, continuing to give Jamie a cold, evil glare whenever the aerobics routine brought them face to face. It didn't take Jamie long before she realized Jennifer had some kind of problem. Giving her this shit eating look, and especially her attempt to out perform her each and every step was becoming very annoying!

Jamie wasn't the type of girl that just let things go. Whatever problem this girl had with her, it was about to become an even bigger problem. So, Jamie started to return the same shit eating look Jennifer was giving her now.

Face to face, eyes locked, the two women became a mirror image of one another. Two hard bodied females twisting, turning, lunging and thrusting to the aerobics routine. Sweat started to appear on the faces of the two women, glistening from the bright lights shining down upon them. They moved to a rhythm rehearsed over and over again. Each woman was destined to out perform the other.

Jamie's attention was becoming so wound up on Jennifer that she suddenly realized she was leading the class into some exercises that weren't part of her normal routine. Quickly, she moved the class back into the normal exercises. She knew that this was not the time for this.

Bringing the class down to the floor onto their padded exercise mats, she proceeded to the exercises that had made her class the success that it was. Abdomen exercises. Just about every type of pelvis thrusting, gut busting exercise one could think of. Legs being lifted up and down off the floor, pelvises thrusting high into the air. The remainder of the class consisted of an abdomen workout that would put most people out in agony. Even Jennifer was experiencing a straining workout of her muscles.

Jamie started slowing the class down and finished off with some light stretching. Now, sitting up, she was once again face to face with Jennifer. "All right, that's all for today girls! We'll see you again tomorrow." Jamie announced loudly as she reached a standing position. All the women in the class were making their way out of the room except for Jennifer. After standing she faced Jamie with an evil look on her face. Jamie immediately confronted Jennifer. She stepped right up and got in her face.

"Just what the hell is your problem?" spat Jamie with a threatening voice.

"I'll tell you what my problem is. It's pretty clear that you've been stealing my customers!" Jennifer shot back without hesitation.

"Oh, I get it now. You must be Jennifer? It seems I've talked to a few of the ladies that attended your aerobics class. They tell me you just don't have what it takes." Stated Jamie with a chuckle.

"Excuse me, I just attended your class and you're the one that doesn't have what it takes." Jamie said with a forceful voice.

"Standing in front of me with a body like yours, I would have to strongly disagree with that statement!" Answered Jennifer.

Jamie placed her hands on her hips thrusting her chest out at Jennifer. "How dare you compare your body to mine! I'll put you to shame!"

Jennifer took the stance, hands on her hips, chest thrusting out to threaten Jamie. The two women stood face to face glaring at one another for a short moment.

"I've worked on this body for years. My tits are tight and firm, legs strong as steel, and my stomach muscles are as hard as a rock. This comes from putting my abdomen muscles through the most strenuous workout imaginable." Jamie said as she bragged about her physical appearance.

"I'd say your body needs more than a strenuous workout. More like an overhaul, especially with those flabby tits of yours!" Jennifer rudely commented, even though she knew Jamie's breasts were every bit as firm as hers.

"Maybe I need to just show you how firm and strong they really are?" Said Jamie, thrusting her chest out even farther at Jennifer.

"Just how do you think you can accomplish that when there's not much there?" Criticized Jennifer.

"Maybe I'll just have to press my tits against your tits and then you'll feel just how firm they really are?" Threatened Jamie as she looked around the room to make sure the other women had left.

"I have to warn you, I'll press back and flatten your tits!" Jamie said as she took a small step forward, stepping right up to Jennifer and stopping just as her purple spandex lightly brushed against Jennifer's red one. A long moment of silence occurred as the two women locked eyes and glared at one another. Eye brows twisting inward with angry appearances on their faces, the two women started pressing and leaning into each other, breasts against breasts. Harder and harder they started pushing against one another until Jennifer threw her arms around Jamie.

Jamie reacted quickly by wrapping her arms around Jennifer and the two women engaged in a crushing, dueling bear hug. Jamie reached up and took hold of the shoulder straps on Jennifer's leotard and started pulling in an attempt to rip it off.

"All right, you bitch, let's take off our leotards! I want to feel our tits fight naked!" Jennifer said as she released her hold on Jennifer.

"Let's do it, cunt! My tits are going to burst your tits!" Said Jamie, stepping back to remove her leotard.

Once the women stepped out of their leotards they bared a firm matching set of 36c's and were left wearing nylon tights, socks, and tennis shoes. They approached one another and met nipple to nipple. This erotic contact caused their nipples to swell and harden.

The two women started to stab and flick their nipples back and forth across one another. After a long nipple fight the two started to become frustrated, nipples bending nipples equally, stabbing and poking with neither of them taking any victory. In a fit of rage they threw their arms around each other trying to crush their opponent's tits with their own, once again engaging in a rib crushing dueling bear hug.

Sweaty tit flesh merged and mushroomed together, squishing out the sides as each tried to overwhelm the other's tits with her own. Thrusting and pressing their chests out into each other while pulling and squeezing one another tight, tits fighting tits, each woman trying desperately to keep her rib cage fully expanded during the heat of the battle.

Expressions of pain appeared on their faces from feeling their tits being crushed so violently together. A long tit fight ensued with no winner in sight!

Jennifer was now making a new move on Jamie. She started pressing and rubbing her thighs against Jamie's thighs.

"Come on bitch! Let's just see how strong those abdomen muscles of yours really are? Put your pelvis up against mine so I can break it!" Said Jennifer, continuing to try and push and spread Jamie's thighs apart.

"I'll show you just how strong my pelvis is. Meet my pubic bone with yours and we'll grind them together and make them fight." Answered Jamie, spreading her legs out inviting Jennifer's crotch into her own.

Jennifer's crotch really didn't need an invitation. It was already finding it's way to connect with Jamie's. Legs spreading out and nylon covered inner thighs began pressing and rubbing together as the two women shifted back and forth into one another until contact was made, pubic bone to pubic bone.

Still wrapped tight in each others clinches, the two women paused to feel the hardness of this erotic contact. Soon the hard pubic bones started to rub up against one another, each woman thrusting harder and harder against the other. Black and white nylon material grinded together between these tight pressed crotches. Not satisfied with the amount of force they were putting on each other, they managed to wrap their nylon clad legs together and use them for leverage. With their legs entwined from ankle to thigh their balance became unstable. As they were stumbling around the heel of Jamie's Reeboks tennis shoe caught the upper part of Jennifer's Nike and peeled it right off her foot!

Jennifer new that her foot was in danger of being stepped on by Jamie's tennis shoe. So, using the heel of her sock covered foot, she tried over and over to peel off Jamie's shoe. Finally, she was able to force Jamie's heel out of her shoe. It didn't take long before the women lost their other shoes and now stood together in socked feet.

The attention went back between the crotches of the tightly clinched women. Each woman's efforts were matched equally from the other. A few powerful attempts to crush one another had them stumbling around until they finally fell to the floor landing on one of the padded exercise mats. Still squeezing one another in a tight clinch, they began rolling around together. They were using their legs as leverage to win the top position. This caused their legs to shift and rub back and forth creating a smooth erotic whispering sound of nylon rubbing against nylon.

Jamie finally managed to gain the position. Once on top she fastened her mouth onto Jennifer's and forced her tongue into her mouth. Jennifer's tongue fought back by driving into Jamie's mouth. They started rolling the entire length of their tongues around one another, blending their salvia inside their tightly sealed lips. They swapped spit for several minute until Jamie broke the kiss.

By using their tightly entwined legs as leverage, she lifted her upper body up off of Jennifer. The weight from all her upper body was now being held up by her pubic bone crushing down on Jennifer's. The two women clasped their hands together by interlocking their fingers. Jennifer also used their tightly entwined legs to force her pubic bone up into Jamie's, actually lifting her ass up off the floor.

Their upper bodies spread apart and all the pressure was put between their pubic bones. Eyes locked in an evil glare as they felt their crotches become wet and inflamed from the heated battle. Juices strained from Jamie's nylon covered pussy and soaked through Jennifer's nylons. Jamie started thrusting her weight up and down trying to force Jennifer to collapse, but Jennifer met every one of her thrusts with equal power.

Bouncing and thrusting, Jamie started to lose her balance and fell off to the side. With their nylon legs being so tightly laced, it made an easy transfer and Jennifer ended up on top. Reversing the role the two women continued this back breaking effort to bust open each others pelvises. Abdomen muscles and leg muscles strained to the maximum.

Their bodies sweating, each held off the assault the other was giving. Jennifer carelessly lost her balance and fell over to the side, but she was smart enough to keep Jamie from claiming another top position. So now, locked on their sides, the battle continued.

"This is getting us nowhere. I want to force your cunt to break against my cunt!" Jennifer said as she slightly released her efforts in order to get the words out.

"Then let's meet cunt to cunt in a fuckfight, you bitch!!!" said Jamie as she too released her assault.

The women unwrapped their tightly entwined legs, pulling apart their soaking wet nylon covered crotches. Sitting up they pulled off their socks and had to actually peel off their nylon tights from being so sweaty. Jamie gathered a few more exercise mats and sectioned off a large area for the fight. Now naked, the two women took their positions on opposite sides of the exercise mats. They sat facing one another, leaning back on their hands.

"This is the deal. The loser of this fight has to close down her aerobics class for good." Jamie said, waiting to see Jennifer's reaction.

"You're on, bitch! I guess you had better start planning a new career?" Jennifer moved closer spreading her legs apart exposing her swollen pussy with a neatly trimmed patch of dark pubic hair that was glistening wet ready for combat.

Jamie spread her legs wide and scooted forward until their feet were touching. Her pussy was also swollen in anticipation of the fight. A small patch of wet blonde pubic hair promised to tangle with the dark pubic hair of Jennifer's.

Jennifer reached down and spread the lips of her pussy and started to massage herself. "My cunt is going to fight the fuck right out of your cunt!"

Jamie spread out her pussy lips. "Well, my cunt is going to fuck the fight right out of your cunt!"

With that, the two women moved forward into position with one leg over and one leg under her rival's. Leaning back on their hands they lifted ass's up off the floor to form a kind of crab walking position. Wet cunt came together with wet cunt, tightly pressing their pussies together.

Pushing forward in a grinding motion they tried to force their opponent back in order to get the top position. Each women knew that gaining this position would give them a better chance at grinding her opponent into orgasm and finally submission. The woman on the bottom would get her cunt filled with her rival's sex fluids.

The two went at it full force, cunt to cunt, pussy lips flattened together and spread out, a passage opening between the two tightly fused cunts. Wet inner labia rubbed together causing the juices to really flow as they were grinding and churning them together to form a blended frothy sex cream!

Several minutes into this cunt battle, Jamie's hand slipped out from behind her. She landed back on her shoulders. Jennifer was quick to take advantage of this and was able to jump into the top position. She poured on the attack by increasing the gyrating grind into Jamie.

Jamie still had a lot of fight in her and she forced her cunt up into Jennifer's with equal pressure. Jennifer got a little carried away by thinking she now had the advantage. Within moments she found herself on the edge of an orgasm. She could no longer keep up the grinding assault she was giving Jamie. Her entire body started to tremble and all she could do was keep steady pressure down on Jamie's pussy.

Sensing Jennifer's orgasm, Jamie forced her cunt up with steady pressure and could feel Jennifer's cunt pulsating against her own. The two cunts now pressed together harder than ever before. Pussy lips sealed together forming a gasket as Jamie started to feel the hot liquid spew being shot into her cunt. Jamie gladly accepted Jennifer's hot cunt juices because she knew the tables were about to turn. As soon as Jamie felt the last pulsating throb, she quickly used her hands to lift her body up and force Jennifer back. The releasing energy of Jennifer's orgasm caught her off guard and the next thing she knew was she was on her back with Jamie's cunt on top of her cunt.

Gravity took hold and the hot liquid that had filled Jamie's cunt poured out into Jennifer's cunt. Now in the winners position, Jennifer started grinding and forcing her cunt against Jennifer's. Not having much sexual energy left, Jennifer tried her best to continue the fight but the assault Jamie's cunt was putting on her own had her pleading her surrender within minutes.

Jamie continued her victory fuck against Jennifer, capitalizing on the fact that she had won. Moments later she injected her hot cum into Jennifer's cunt. Once the throbbing subsided she pulled off the loser.

"I'm expecting you'll follow through with the deal we made? I won't ever see or hear about you?" Stated Jamie as she gathered her clothes and walked out the room.

After losing the sexfight with Jamie, Jennifer closed down her aerobics class and moved out of town. Some time went by and Jamie figured Jennifer was gone for good. That is, until she got this letter in the mail. Apparently, Jennifer started up another aerobics class in another town. The letter was from Jennifer's entire aerobics class challenging Jamie's class to a full-out aerobic fuck fight.

Jamie immediately started her class practicing on each other. The exercises they do now give a whole new meaning to aerobics. Jamie sent back a reply accepting this challenge.