(By HGHunt)

A Day Off

Lynn, Rose, and Sue slept in Friday morning but Jenny was up bright and early. She fixed herself a quick breakfast and headed into town. By 9:00 AM she had visited the piercing salon and had her clit ring removed. She blamed her poor performance in Thursday's pussy fights on the silly ring. She was angry with herself for trying to use the novelty of the ring to 'psych' out her opponents and she wanted to get rid of it as quickly as possible. She just 'knew' that the ring caused her friends/opponents to fight even harder and with more anger and determination than ever. She fumed at herself for not taking that into consideration, feeling it cost her all three matches. She was still in the running for the championship, just one win behind Lynn. The tech at the salon told her that it wouldn't hurt to go right ahead and have sex within a few hours. "Great!" She felt her confidence returning as soon as she had that silly paraphernalia removed. She could hardly wait to get back into action against her friends and rivals. She wanted to win the tournament badly. After leaving the piercing salon Jenny found a professional masseuse in the yellow pages and went to have a complete body massage. She felt wonderful after the Swedish masseuse tended her sore muscles.

After ridding herself of the ring and the muscle tension, Jenny went back to the adult novelty store and perused the interesting things on the racks. She talked some more to the woman and the man that worked there. This time when she left she wasn't empty handed. The others had no idea Jenny had visited and made any purchases. Whatever Jenny had up her sleeve would be a surprise to the rest.

The morning came slowly for the other three. Sue slowly crawled out of bed by about 11am and immediately went into the Jacuzzi for a long slow bath. Like Jenny she had awakened with very stiff and sore muscles and sought to alleviate the pain with a long hot relaxing bath. "Care if I join you?" Lynn had awakened shortly after Sue and ventured into the bathroom for the same reason Sue had. Sue nodded affirmatively and Lynn slipped into the Jacuzzi across from Sue. The relaxing jets of hot water pounded into their bodies, relieving the muscle soreness, and rejuvenating their inner spirits. Having soaked for over an hour they finally emerged with a nice glowing feeling.

They dressed casually and headed into the kitchen to find Rose already there eating a simple breakfast. They talked about the heated battles that had transpired between them and wondered about Jenny. Rose told the other two that she wasn't in bed and must have left. After leisurely breakfasts Rose used the Jacuzzi as had Lynn and Sue, while they each called for a cab and took the short ride into town for the afternoon. Rose, being left alone in the suite, enjoyed the luxurious hot bath. The jets of hot water soothed her muscles and skin. Besides that they reinvigorated her libido. Recognizing and submitting to the stirring in her loins, she positioned herself to receive jet blasts of water in her private places. First she aimed her right breast at one of the upper jets and let the stream of water blast directly at her nipple. In moments her nipple was raised to full mast, sticking straight out proudly in the warm bubbly water. For several minutes she alternated her breasts to feel the stimulating power of the water on both hot nipples. Using her fingers, she gently began to massage her nipples. As the hot jets continued to fire away she used her thumb and forefinger to pull and gently twist the long thick nipples. Her inner heat was beginning to match the heat of the tub. Feeling the increased heart rate and knowing the arousal so intimately she slid her body over to find one of the lower jets. Discovering the jet was at an awkward height for sitting down she actually lifted one leg out of the tub and sort of hung over the edge of the tub to allow the streaming water to shoot directly at her pussy. The extra effort was worth it. With her pussy now receiving direct stimulation from the spewing jet she continued massaging her nipples. Her thoughts were running to the fiery confrontations she had in the past few days: her delicious ass-fight with Sue, her oral sex victory over Lynn, and her very satisfying titfight win over Jenny. These memories flooded her brain with powerful hormonal surges as the water continued its onslaught of her pussy. She began moaning and groaning and was actually humping the side of the tub when Jenny stepped into the bathroom.

Jenny had slipped in quietly and hearing only the sound of the air conditioner, dropped off her packages in her bedroom dresser and then went to the bathroom to discover Rose actively masturbating herself in the tub. "Don't mind me, go right ahead," Jenny spoke up. Regardless of her words, Rose was caught by surprise and quit her humping to sit back down, looking sheepish. Jenny chimed in again, "Does that feel as good as I think it does? If it does, maybe I should climb in and join you?"

Rose shyly answered Jenny by saying in her shy smile, "Yes, it feels pretty damn good. I guess there is room for another." Jenny having relished her discovery of Rose and the obvious discomfort it had caused her to be caught, began taking off her clothes in that same seductive way she had used before in front of the three of them. Rose couldn't take her eyes off Jenny, and even with the heated fights and sex-battles they had gone through she rediscovered the arousal that had been interrupted moments earlier. Jenny finished tossing aside the last of her clothing and slipped slowly down into the swirling hot water, but only after reaching over to the counter and grabbing a toothbrush.

Rose saw the glint in Jenny's eyes as she slipped down into the water. Within moments Jenny had slid over to sit right beside Rose. "What is the best way to start?" Jenny inquired. Beginning to feel both at ease and excited, Rose told Jenny about the lovely feeling the hot jets gave to her nipples. Instantly Jenny arranged her body to feel the incredible power and stimulation of the jets on her nipples. Back and forth from left to right, she felt the excitement building in her loins as Rose had earlier. Rose just watched what Jenny was doing for the moment. Jenny's face was getting flushed from the heat of the water and the heat in her blood. Turning around to face Rose, Jenny reached out with the toothbrush towards Rose's large breasts. With gentle, gentle touch she used the bristles to stroke across Rose's left nipple. Rose shivered at the first unusual touch. Jenny brushed all around Rose's large areola, taking care not to put too much pressure into her strokes. With her breasts pointing out across the water and her nipples just above the water line, Rose watched as Jenny continued her erotic probing. Rose closed her eyes to focus on the strange but wonderful feeling as hundreds of little bristles slid across her breast. Shifting to a strictly nipple focus and leaving the areola behind, Jenny brushed from the base of the nipple out to the tip, nearly an inch away. Rose had never imagined the wonderful feelings generated by the simple little toothbrush. When Jenny shifted to repeat the nipple massage on Rose's right tit, another shiver shot through Rose, radiating outward from the point of contact. Jenny looked into Rose's eyes and saw a craving, lust-filled woman staring deeply back into her own eyes. Lowering her head to Rose's left tit she found the long nipple easily and began to tongue the nipple in short staccato flicks. Continuing to use the toothbrush on Rose's right nipple, Jenny increased her nipple play with her tongue. In just seconds she could tell the double-pronged nipple play was having an effect as Rose let out a loud groan, followed by several shorter softer moans. Within five minutes of the first nipple touch, Rose was grinding her hips against the seat. That was the cue Jenny needed to shift the little red toothbrush southward. Dragging her hand downward across Rose's belly to her thickly furred mound, Jenny kept up her nipple sucking on Rose's left tit. Using the bristles of the brush she brushed the hairs away from Rose's pussy. Underwater her hand found Rose's distended lips and effortlessly guided the handle of the toothbrush into the folds of her vagina. With the heel of her left hand pushing firmly down against Rose's bushy mound she used her fingers to expertly guide that brush in and out and all around Rose's cunt. Rose's wiggling grew and grew. Jenny recognized the horny, horny woman under her control as plunging towards orgasm. When the wiggling ratcheted up another notch, Jenny reversed the brush and found Rose's clit. With gentle (well, not always so gentle) flicks she used the brush to sweep upwards from the underside of her clit, pulling it gently and then letting it fall back into place. Rose's womanly folds responded in an instant, sending a shower of sparks through her wet body. Like the sparks from an arc-welder leaping from the metal, her entire nervous system sparked, causing muscles to spasm and lose control. She pushed Jenny's head away from her tit and her hand away from her pussy. While relishing the afterglow of her orgasm, she felt too sensitive to accept any more stimulation and Jenny stopped, grinning at Rose's predicament.

"Give me that thing!" demanded Rose, as soon as her breath came back, and as soon as she could talk with control. With only a smile in response, Janet handed Rose the little red toothbrush. In a flash Jenny felt the brush in the same way that Rose had felt it moments earlier. While Jenny had waited to use the brush on Rose's left tit for a while before using her mouth, Rose wasted no time in starting her two-tit attack. Reaching across Jenny's body with the brush she trained it on Jenny's left nipple and used the brush to run circles around the taut nipple. Delightful feelings surged through Jenny and when in another moment she felt Rose's hot tongue gliding across her right nipple she immediately felt the juices in her cunt begin to flow. Laying her head back on the edge she slid lower so that her nipple was right at water level. This made for an interesting dilemma for Rose. Rose's solution was to put that right nipple in her mouth and suck it completely inside and continue sucking just like a little baby. Her nose was above the water, so she had no trouble breathing, but she didn't feel like drinking the tub water so she kept her mouth locked around Jenny's right nipple as she deftly used the toothbrush to make light strokes around the tip of the left tit. Swapping ends of the brush she began pushing the nipple to one side and then the other and then would slide the shaft of the brush across the nipple from side to side and then up and down. Jenny was surprised that even the smooth handle of the brush generated wonderfully pleasant feelings in her nipple.

With the timetable well established from her own arousal and orgasm a few minutes before, Rose responded to Jenny's increased arousal as if cued in to her inner clock. As Jenny's hips began to shake, that red toothbrush made its second trip south. Following the curve of her torso, Rose dragged the toothbrush southward to Jenny's bare pussy. When Rose's finger delved briefly into the soft folds of Jenny's cunt she discovered that the clit ring of yesterday was gone. With a mild case of shock, she asked Jenny about it. Jenny told her that the ring had been a one-day experiment and she had it removed already this morning. Rose shrugged her shoulders at Jenny and then immediately resumed her pussy exploration with the brush. Like had been performed on her, she used the handle to slide deeply into Jenny's pussy. With her fingers grasping the brush end she inserted the brush even beyond its length into her wet slippery cunt. With her fingers at the outer lips and the brush imbedded far into Jenny's womanhood she began wiggling the brush around and around and back and forth, putting pressure on Jenny's vagina walls. Being careful not to shove it deeper and harder she found a rhythm to match the gyrations of Jenny's hips. Around and around they went, Jenny's hips and that little red toothbrush, circling each other, seeking that delicious friction between hard plastic and soft vagina walls. She relished her ingenuity in using the simple everyday device for sexy pleasure. Allowing Rose to violate her pussy this way was an incredible turn-on.

Rose resumed her nipple sucking and now with the brush causing wicked gyrations of Jenny's hips on the seat of the tub she pulled the brush slowly out of the depths and pressed its length along the fully erect clit Jenny's lovely pussy carried. Without the ring present she felt comfortable applying considerable pressure as she slid the length of the brush sideways across the clit. It would be depressed and then spring back up each time the brush moved far enough to the side. "Yes! Fuck my clit with that thing." Jenny was aching for more. Rose turned the brush and pushed the bristles down firmly against Jenny's clit. "Wow! That feels good," Jenny exclaimed. As Rose began using the toothbrush in the same type of motion that one would use to brush their teeth, Jenny's breathing became erratic. She stuttered unintelligible grunts of delight. The little brush swept back and forth across the very tip of Jenny's clit, sending indescribable feelings to her brain. Rose never let go of Jenny's nipple this whole time, caressing it with her tongue and sucking it deeply into her mouth. In a flash Jenny rocked. Her orgasm rolled through her like the pulsing waves of the Jacuzzi. Rose removed the brush for fear of hurting her and used her finger for the final flourish of orgasm. Rose finally pulled her mouth away from Jenny's tit and grinned at Jenny as she watched the final paroxysms of the orgasm subside. Jenny took nearly three minutes to resume normal breathing. She looked at Rose and leaned over to give her a big quick kiss on the lips. Both women smiled at each other in their newfound carnal way.

Rose spoke up, "You sure can have a lot of fun with a toothbrush, with a little imagination. Thanks!"

"Yeah. You're right. I don't think I'll ever forget to take mine when I go on trips."

"You know, just because we gave each other a little loving here doesn't mean that I don't fully intend to beat your ass tomorrow when we hook up for the tournament," Rose reminded Jenny.

Jenny quickly confirmed by saying, "I know that. Don't expect me to be anything less than fully committed to winning this tournament for myself. I won't have Sue, Lynn, or you standing in my way. Fair?"

"You got it. That's fair for me, because I feel the same way."

For the next half-hour the two just relaxed in the hot tub and enjoyed the relaxation. The women left the tub and got dressed casually in preparation for going out for dinner. This time they planned to go to a more casual restaurant than Monday. They had heard that Dill's had excellent food and was quite reasonably priced. When Sue and Lynn returned by early evening they made final preparations and headed out together. Leaving in Jenny's car they arrived at Dill's downtown and had a wonderful meal. They agreed with the hotel clerk who suggested the place that it was great food. During dinner Sue kept noticing that a young man bussing tables kept stealing little glances at the women. Of itself, this wouldn't have been much cause for concern. These women were all used to men (and boys) glancing at them (staring at them might be a better word), but something about this boy seemed odd. After he cleared the third table in their area of the restaurant, Sue mentioned him to the others. Only Rose could see him without turning her head and she took a good look at him. In an instant she felt her face flush crimson. She gasped and forgetting their discretion Lynn and Jenny jerked their heads around to take a look for themselves. As the boy glanced up towards their table again it was his turn to blush crimson. He saw all four beauties staring at him. He immediately dropped his eyes and resumed work without another glance. Rose was the only one who recognized him and when he left with the dirty dishes she told the others that she would recognize that boy anywhere, even with his clothes on! "Oh! Shit!" exclaimed Sue, "He's the boy from the beach!"

"Yes! I wonder what he thinks of us?" remarked Jenny.

Lynn wondered aloud, "What do you think his name is? You know, we never had a proper introduction, thanks to Jenny's novel way of luring him over to us."

"We'll have to ask him when he comes back to bus the next table," said Sue.

"Yeah, if he dares to keep working," chimed in Jenny with a giggle.

They all ordered dessert and halfway through, sure enough, the boy returned to clear a nearby table. Sue called him over to their table. With eyes cast downward, he shyly approached them. "What is your name? You seem to be doing an excellent job with these tables." He didn't answer at first, but when Sue insisted he finally said just one word, "Bobby." Sue continued the conversation, if you could call it that, "You look very nice Bobby. You also look familiar to me. Have we ever met before?" If it was even possible, his face turned an even more brilliant crimson red and he just shook his head. "Well, Bobby, I think you are a very handsome young man and you sure do an excellent job here. I think I'd like to give you a tip. Maybe you'll be able to give me a 'tip' some time?" She reached for her purse and pulled out a $100 bill and leaned over to hand it to Bobby. Not to be outdone, each of the other three women followed Sue's lead and produced $100 bills of their own. Bobby was staring at more money than he usually made in three weeks bussing tables. The waitresses and waiters did share tips with him occasionally, but never anything like this. He looked at each of them and finally spoke more than one word. "Thank you, I really appreciate it." He went back to clearing the other table as the women went back to their rich desserts. When they finally left they giggled all the way about their encounter with Bobby.

Arriving back at the hotel at a still reasonable 9:00 they went to bed refreshed and recharged for the next day. Saturday would be the finale for their little tournament. Each felt fully ready and prepared for the rigors of the upcoming battles, whatever they would be. Four sexy women went to sleep dreaming of victory.