BELINDA vs RACHEL in a SEXFIGHT to the finish.

Belinda and Rachel removed the robes from their lithe, bikini clad bodies and slipped through the ropes into the ring. These two feisty vixens had come that afternoon to fight over me in my presence! I was already wild with excitement as the two foxy females rested against the ropes on opposite sides of the ring, glaring contemptuously at each other. This promised to be an excellent match. Belinda, her long blonde hair flowing down over her bare shoulders, her voluptuous body dressed in a red bikini, was a fiery young woman with a quick temper and a very passionate nature. This was not her first experience with fighting. In fact, when circumstances permitted, she wrestled other women as a prelude to sex; she enjoyed feeling her body wrapped up in combat with the fine body of an equally matched adversary, both for the physical stimulation which made her hot, and for the idea of competing and beating another woman for her mate.

Her opponent for this fight was an auburn haired beauty named Rachel. She had dressed in a white bikini for this fight. Rachel did not make a pastime of fighting as did Belinda but she had been in her share of scraps. More even tempered than her foe, she had, however, taken a strong liking to me and was very willing to face Belinda in a fair fight if it might result in her getting Belinda out of the picture and having me to herself. In her favor, Rachel was slightly larger and stronger than her blonde rival. When she did fight, her preferred style was to wrap her opponent in tight clinches and try to overpower her. Thus, this match promised to be very sexy and I was already rock hard with anticipation as I watched the two determined combatants mentally prepare themselves to clash in battle.

By mutual, though silent, agreement between the two women, the fight began. They moved quickly out of their corners to the center of the ring where they crouched and circled briefly before locking in the standard opening wrestling hold. Locked in the first hold of a potentially long and rough encounter, the two women looked hungrily at each other, like predators. After staggering around with each other for a few moments, they suddenly lunged forward and wrapped their arms around each other in a powerful mutual bear hug. With their long, shapely legs, they tried to trip each other to the mat. I could see they were hissing comments at each other which I couldn't overhear, but I bet they weren't complimentary!

I'm always fascinated to see two women begin a fight like this. Each enters battle knowing that it will probably get rough before it's over and one of them prevails. Nonetheless, the beginning moves are often sensual, like the bear hug they were giving each other now. But each woman knows that it will very likely escalate until they are tearing viciously at each other, and that one or both might sustain serious injuries. Between these two there was no hint of hesitation -- each wanted to fight the other no matter what the risk. Right now, they were still locked together, chests and bellies squeezed tightly, staggering around the ring.

Finally, they fell heavily to the mat whereupon Belinda immediately assumed the top position as the two fighting women ground their bodies sensually, yet aggressively, into each other. I could see Belinda whispering in Rachel's ear as they lay together on the mat. Rachel was apparently enraged by what Belinda was saying and she wildly bucked her body to throw her enemy off her. Not succeeding, she grasped Belinda's stunning blonde hair and pulled on it fiercely. Later, I learned that Belinda was taunting Rachel with how she was going to fuck me raw after the match. She was describing it in pretty vivid detail. Rachel's jealously was inflamed.

This exchange ushered in the first escalation of the match into greater violence. Both women used one hand to pull violently on the other's hair. Their voluptuous smooth skinned legs were wrapped around each other's so neither fighter could escape her opponent.

Rachel finally managed to roll their locked bodies over half a turn and now she was on top of Belinda glaring down into her rival's eyes. Belinda was not one to take kindly to being on the bottom (lovemaking sessions excepted!) First she ripped Rachel's bikini top strap apart and then she buried both hands deep in Rachel's lush hair and pulled wildly from side to side. Rachel grasped Belinda's body tighter than ever and grimaced from the pain. They rolled again so they were both on their sides. Their smooth muscular legs were still entwined so neither woman could move much. Rachel unlatched Belinda's top as she clasped the blonde to her. Since the two women were squeezed tightly together chest to chest, neither's top had actually fallen off yet. In frustration at the pain of Belinda's hair pulling, Rachel took one hand and clawed down Belinda's back from shoulder to waist where she dug her nails into Belinda's trim flesh. Belinda screamed at this outrage. Both girls then went for each other's faces and fortunately before any serious damage was done they quickly rolled apart and jumped to their feet.

They faced each other glaring at each other darkly, now truly bare topped and furious. Both girls had similarly built chests -- beautiful medium-sized soft mounds jutted out enticingly. Their nipples were now red and large from the intense stimulation they had received. As the two fighters warily circled each other, I saw the scratch marks down Belinda's back where Rachel had put her mark. The fight had indeed gotten rough quickly!

Belinda pretended to back away but then lunged at her enemy and the bodies of the two females smacked together. Belinda wrapped her arm around Rachel's neck in a head lock but immediately Rachel began punching Belinda's beautiful body around the kidney area. Belinda let go, and while stepping back drove a fist hard into Rachel's fine left breast.

Rachel gasped but she wasn't seriously hurt. Without pause, the two women smacked together again, this time chest to chest, each grabbing the other's hands. They pressed forward with their legs and engaged in a test of strength as their upper bodies ground together sexily. They staggered around a bit and then suddenly Rachel swept her leg hard across Belinda's feet. The blonde went down and Rachel followed right on top of her. Now there was a mad scramble as the women flailed their bodies around the mat trying to get good grips on each other. This drove me near to cumming as the sexy fighters rolled and thrashed and whipped their limbs about each other, all the while being as close as lovers.

The thrashing about was resolved when the two fighters emerged facing each other but top to bottom. Each had her thighs wrapped tightly around her adversary's waist. They were on their sides and each combatant proceeded to pump and squeeze her opponent for all she was worth. There was almost no movement in this stage of the fight, but the exertion was tremendous. Each woman's face began to turn red and they gasped and moaned as each punished her adversary mercilessly. Rachel's legs were slightly more powerful than Belinda's but Belinda made up for it in sheer aggressiveness -- despite tremendous mutual suffering, neither woman was gaining an advantage. Finally, when each had started clawing her opponent's butt, the women released each other and rolled apart again. But this time Rachel was quick and before Belinda could even get to her knees, she attacked the blonde and clasped onto her from behind, grabbing Belinda's fine breasts and then quickly securing a full nelson on her surprised and enraged opponent.

Unquestionably Belinda was a very sexy woman, but her temper and anger were frightening. I could sense her rage right then as I watched the intense struggle going on before me and I was sure Rachel could as well, being clamped to the back of the blonde Amazon. Belinda was desperate to break Rachel's hold and she thrashed wildly in the brunette's embrace so that she bounced both their entwined bodies energetically around the mat. They ended up on the side of the mat right by my seat and I could smell the scent of the two powerful fighters as they battled near me. They had ended up with Belinda on top and both facing the ceiling. Belinda now concentrated on straining her arms downward to break Rachel's hold. Slowly, she was succeeding and Rachel's arms began to part. After about a minute's struggle the hold was broken!

Then Belinda retaliated. She brought her elbow down hard into Rachel's midriff. The trapped Brunette gasped and would have doubled up if her blonde foe's body hadn't been weighing her down. Giving Rachel no rest, Belinda flipped her body over, remaining on top of the brunette so now the two women were front to front again but Belinda had Rachel around the neck and was doing her best to choke her. Their thighs, bellies and nipples were touching erotically as Belinda bore down and tried to finish off Rachel. A look of angry determination was on the blonde's pretty face as she glared down at her enemy. Rachel fought back, clawing Belinda's arms savagely with
her nails. Only when she went for Belinda's face did the blonde let go and fling herself off of Rachel.

Now both women lay on the mat several feet apart and rested, being too spent to continue fighting just yet. They had turned out to be more evenly matched than expected. Usually when either of these women fought, the match didn't last long because of the intensity of the battle. Yet, here they had been going at it for about 15 minutes, each was bruised and near exhaustion and neither was any closer to winning than when the fight began.

I was thinking about calling the match a draw and actually started to get up and open my mouth, but both women looked at me with drawn, angry faces and clearly indicated I should not interfere. They appeared determined to fight to a conclusion and were just taking a short break. They didn't seem to care that quite possibly neither would be in any condition to enjoy the spoils of victory after the match.

As I contemplated their beautiful if bedraggled forms sprawled on their backs several feet apart, legs splayed and very alluring, I wondered if the two women had become erotically involved with each other during the course of this fight -- they fought almost entirely at close range clasped on to one another's body. They entwined their bodies tightly together whenever possible and rarely did any boxing and they seemed to do more entwining of limbs as might be called for from a purely fighting standpoint.

The next stage of the fight was no exception. After resting for about a minute Belinda quickly got to her hands and knees and rushed towards Rachel. She took the auburn haired beauty by surprise and flopped her body on top of her surprised rival. But Rachel was not so surprised that she didn't fight back and the two almost nude women tore into each other viciously as the second phase of the fight began. In fact, Rachel brought her legs up and wrapped them tightly around Belinda's waist. As she squeezed, Belinda buried her hands in Rachel's lush hair and banged her head repeatedly on the mat. Fortunately for Rachel, the mat was soft enough, but it still hurt. She grabbed Belinda's blonde hair and twisted her body so the clinched fighters rolled on to their sides. Then slowly they continued to roll.

I've always found it incredibly sexy when two locked women roll over and over with each other in battle.

They got to the edge of the ring and continued to roll! Fortunately for them, the ring was only a foot or so above the floor so when they fell to the floor, still locked tightly together, they didn't get hurt. But neither did the fall break their clutching hold on each other and they continued to fight on the hard floor. They thrashed and rolled and crashed into chairs. They were seemingly oblivious to anything but fighting each other. Now I started to worry about their getting hurt and tried to think of a way to get them back in the ring. But they didn't leave me much of an opening. Rachel still had Belinda tightly clasped around the waist with her thighs, her ankles hooked together to maintain her hold, and Belinda was grasping Rachel tightly around the neck and by the hair. At least they had stopped rolling and were pressed tightly together, punishing each other where they lay on their sides.

I finally got a chance to intervene when they again went for each other's faces. Probably fearing permanent damage, they released each other and rolled apart. They got to their feet and were about to charge each other again when I, perhaps foolishly, stepped between them and held them apart. At first they glared at me as they strained towards each other, but then, as if for the first time, they noticed that they were outside the ring. They calmed down slightly and I suggested they take a break from the fight for a few minutes. They reluctantly agreed but I think each was grateful for the break because they had really been going at it hard and were tired and sore.

They went back to their respective corners and sat, wiping the sweat from their bodies with towels. Both women looked bedraggled but still very sexy, especially due to their spirit and feistiness, being willing to fight each other so vigorously and so long. Even after half an hour of fighting, neither woman wanted to call it quits. I'm sure that it was not just that I was so worth fighting for -- it was now at least partly a matter of pride and competition. Neither woman wanted to suffer defeat at the hands of her rival.

As the two women rested in their corners, I went into the ring to check on the women and see close up how they were weathering the battle. I went first to Rachel who smiled wearily up at me. As I said some encouraging words to her I could see Belinda glaring daggers at us from the other side of the ring. I went over to the blonde and as I talked with her, she reached up and pulled my head down to hers and passionately kissed me on the mouth. I bet this was largely for Rachel's benefit and it worked!

Rachel let out some unladylike curses and charged over towards us. She pulled me away and unhesitatingly attacked Belinda, punching the blonde in the face as she tried to rise to meet her adversary. The pretty blonde fell back and tripped on her chair, landing on her back, half entangled in the ropes. Rachel grabbed her feet and pulled her enemy into the ring, still enraged at Belinda's "unfair" playing up to me. Belinda attempted to escape by turning over on her stomach and crawling away but Rachel dropped Belinda's legs and jumped astride her back. Wasting no time, she grabbed Belinda's soft blonde hair and pulled viciously backwards, pulling Belinda's head back sharply. It looked bad for the blonde. She reached back and grabbed Rachel's wrists, digging her nails in as hard as she could. Both women were yelling and screaming at this point and it was indeed a fearsome struggle.

Rachel lost her balance and fell off Belinda to the side. Belinda reached out frantically to try to get a hold of her adversary and within seconds the two fighters were lying on their sides face to face and clawing each other's front. Their followed a flurry of slaps as breasts and faces were the target and then Belinda wriggled herself forward and again managed to mount her rival, pushing her onto her back. The women locked legs and grabbed hair as usual but then they briefly lay still and suddenly Belinda moved her head down and began kissing Rachel fiercely on the lips! She rode the brunette under her and appeared like she was trying to fuck her. But Rachel responded similarly and to my amazement, the two voluptuous females began a spirited "contest" of lovemaking!

They lay undulating in each others arms, aggressively kissing each other, their hands roaming all over each other's bodies. They rolled to their sides, reached down with their hands and slipped fingers under their brief bikini bottoms. They moaned and undulated as they stimulated each other and, apparently being primed from all the physical stimulation they had received so far in their match, they approached orgasm. It wasn't long before Rachel began to moan loudly and she writhed her body furiously as orgasm shook her. Belinda again pushed on top of the other woman and rode her while she climaxed several times. Then Belinda spread her legs wide giving Rachel better access. Rachel took advantage of it and rubbed her hand hard between Belinda's legs as the blonde climaxed violently.

That very surprising but arousing part of the "match" over, Belinda pushed herself off of Rachel's body and rolled several feet away and for several minutes, both women just lay there, recovering from the surprise turn their fight had taken. Their intense physical encounter with its incessant stimulation and the sexual reason for their battle must have triggered this overpowering sexual response and their fighting abruptly turned to sex. The women didn't look at each other as they lay but I could still tell that they weren't done fighting. This had been a small diversion and each woman still wanted to finish off her rival.

The flush and sex sweat began to leave their bodies and I could see on their faces that soon they would be ready to resume their fight. Rachel didn't want to be surprised again so she slowly got to her feet and stepped back to the ropes, leaning against them while eyeing Belinda suspiciously. Belinda moved slowly to a kneeling position, setting back on her haunches, she glared at Rachel. It was very clear that their intense bout of lovemaking hadn't altered their basic feelings toward one another and that they would again shortly resume their battle.

Belinda got to her feet and gingerly walked around a bit. Then she faced Rachel and gave her the finger. Rachel blushed but quickly moved off the ropes and the two combatants circled each other in a low crouch, hands in front, almost a snarl on their faces, eyes fixed on each other. They were cautious this time and stayed apart for about half a minute. Being able to stand it no longer, they sprang at each other and grabbed each other around the neck with one arm. Their legs were spread wide, their hips apart, but the tops of their bodies pressed together. Each fighter had one hand free and with it she made a fist and began to drive it every few seconds into the stomach of her rival. This had turned into the most brutal stage of the fight and I thought it couldn't go on much longer -- each woman groaned as she was hit and each was hit repeatedly. It became a battle of attrition to see who could take the most punishment to her midsection. Their legs began to buckle and they leaned on each other for support as they continued to try to pull each other down by the head and pummel each other's belly into defeat.

It was terrible yet unbelievably exciting to watch as the two sexy women staggered around slowly with each other, now doing more leaning and less hitting. But still every few seconds one or the other would bring her arm back and drive her fist into her enemy's middle. The struck woman would moan and sag slightly but often as not, she would be the one to strike the next blow. The two inseparably locked battlers appeared almost unaware of what they were doing by now -- they seemed to be moving by plain instinct for survival.

Then Rachel managed to strike a particularly hard blow right to Belinda's diaphragm and the blonde started to sink down. Rachel pushed forward into her and the blonde went down on her back with Rachel right on top. Rachel moved sluggishly over Belinda's body to secure a pin on her foe but by then Belinda had passed out. Seeing the winner flush on top of the loser I lost all control and I came involuntarily and violently. This had definitely been the most exciting and passionate battle I had ever seen between two females.