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1. How do I download a movie?

"Register (if you haven't already) and log-in. Click on the GREEN BUY button for CFC153 or any other movie. Once CCBILL has completed your transaction there will now be a BLUE PURCHASED button attached to the movie. Underneath that button is a DOWNLOAD drop down menu. Select the size you desire and a box will say DOWNLOAD THIS FILE. RIGHT CLICK the link at the bottom and select SAVE AS to download."

2. How do I get back to the HOME page?

"If you want to return to the HOME page just click on the SENSUAL STRUGGLE LOGO located top left. Give it a try."

3. If a woman wanted to participate in one of your videos what should she do?

"First, she should either call me at (239)303-9142 or email me at avidmike2008@gmail.com with any questions and concerns. I am located in Lehigh Acres, FL 33972. It is important that she understand what I produce and that nothing is faked.  I offer an appearance fee of up to $600, providing she signs a Release Form and provides me with 2 forms of picture identification and a current STD/HIV Certificate.  It is guaranteed to be athletic eroticism and can be quite lucrative, too, especially if she becomes popular."

4. Are your videos scripted or faked in any way?

"Rules are chosen by the sponsors. The women know and must agree to these rules even before they show up. We DO sometimes script the introductory opening sequence to introduce the women but once they hit the mats I keep my mouth shut and leave the rest to them, so from that point on there is no script nor predetermined outcome. The uncertainty of it, the REALNESS of it, is WHY I started producing my own videos in the first place."

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