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Sunday May 30
Monday May 1

This fight was made possible through the generosity of a sponsor who wanted to see AMBER tested sexually by our most veteran sexfighter, JOSLYN. We all owe this sponsor our gratitude because this turned out to be a wonderful fight. However, the title, "FRUSTRATION", was chosen because BOTH women wound up frustrated but for different reasons. Still, it is entertaining to watch the cocky newcomer, AMBER, in action.

"C'mon, give me your best!" challenged AMBER. This is how the sexfight started and JOSLYN never backed down. "Spread your legs, Bitch!" ordered JOSLYN as she started the clitfight she's made so famous.

As JOSLYN mashed her clit against AMBER'S clit and started to grind I heard both pussies moisten. "You're such a whore!" said AMBER. "Yeah, a pussy whore!" JOSLYN began to grind her clit a little faster and said simply, "I am!"

"It's nice to meet somebody I have something in common with!" answered AMBER referring to her "pussy whore" comment to JOSLYN. Both women matched pussies and clits.

They deep-fingered each other making each other wet. Each woman worked her rival's clit trying to force the winning orgasm. Juicy sounds can be heard throughout this video along with plenty of trash talking. I am a big fan of deep-fingering and I love nothing more than watching fingers disappear deep in-between swollen pussylips.

JOSLYN asked, "Do you like to get your clit fucked?" "Yeah, I like having a dirty little whore on top of me!" answered AMBER. I will say this for AMBER, she has a trash-talking attitude, a sexy body and she knows how to escape probing fingers. Her defensive skills are better than her offensive ones. This is a good showing by both women and a lesson in sexfight control. JOSLYN remains my yardstick for evaluating a woman's ability to force orgasms.


Tuesday May 2

SCRIPTED OPENINGS: - On her lunch hour Joslyn was stretching in the Corporate Workout Room when she was joined by Gina, a Corporate Sexfighter she had never met. Joslyn took a long look at this sexy Italian beauty and declared, "I can out-fight you, out-fuck you, out-finger you and out-French kiss you!" Suddenly, the sexfight was on! END OF SCRIPTED OPENING.

Joslyn is a veteran of 8 previous sexfights, and for Gina this was only her second sexfight after her painful and humiliating loss to Faye in CF001. Pain and humiliation were on the top of Gina's list of things she wanted to teach Joslyn.

This turned out to be Joslyn's roughest, most painful fight to date. Gina hurt Joslyn at every opportunity with more hair pulling, ass spanking and solid face-slapping than she had ever felt. Gina whispered her threats at Joslyn throughout this painfully mean sexfight. They deep-fingered each other, pinched each other's pussy and tried to grind out an orgasm pussy-to-pussy. When their initial contest was over each wanted more. They returned after work and resumed their mutual punishment.

In Round 2 they fought on pussy-to-pussy, biting, slapping and spanking. The dirty trash talk continued as each woman fought sex against sex. Joslyn experienced the roughest trib of her veteran career and tried to give Gina back as much pain as she got. Gina loves pain and loves it rough and dirty and she really took the fight to Joslyn. For her part, Joslyn stepped up her game and matched Gina slap-for-slap.

The deep-fingering and pussy-pinching in this classic sexfight hurt both women. They squirmed and moaned and gritted their teeth as they endured the pain. Gina was determined to erase her one loss to Faye with a victory over Joslyn, but Joslyn wasn't going down easily. Gina employed hard pussy-spanking, a trick she used effectively against Faye. Every time Joslyn felt Gina's hand slap her pussy she felt more of her energy drain.

They pulled each other's nipples out and started to pinch and squeeze. More threats were exchanged as they twisted and pulled and punished each other relentlessly. Both women pulled hair and thrust their hands down each other's panties, fingers pinching clits and pussylips, torturing each other's cunthole, neither woman gaining a clear advantage. By this time each woman had forced an orgasm out of the other. They were both beginning to fade and each wanted to end it with the win.

The final showdown was nearing as both women continued to punish the other. This had been Joslyn's toughest sexual test to date and she had to draw on her considerable sexfighting experience to keep from losing to this Italian bitch. The two women finally locked up pussy-to-pussy in the scissor-trib position to grind out a win.

This fight was the first of three sexual competitions that Gina and Joslyn would eventually share. This is the fight that started it all between them and all three sexfights were dirty mean, dirty painful and dirty hard-fought. This is a classic sexfight.



MANDY traveled all the way down from Michigan to South Florida to wrest the SEXFIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE from JOSLYN. This CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE DEFENSE with "Anything Goes" rules perfectly suits her style and JOSLYN knows that MANDY fights dirty.

This turned out to be a battle of clits, deep-fingering and hard grinding trib with some 69 thrown in for good measure. JOSLYN quickly jumps out to a 3-0 lead simply by the stiffness if her considerably large, and hard, clit. In just over 60 seconds she forces MANDY to a series of multiple orgasms that that forced the blonde to escape into the safety of a 69 duel where she uses her talented mouth on JOSLYN'S sensitive clit.

They trade forced orgasms with insults, pain and pleasure. MANDY tries to get into JOSLYN'S head, all the time talking to her and calling her names, but JOSLYN has fought for years to claim the CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE and she ignored the banter and fought on with her clit, fingers and tongue.

Both women were hot for each other as evidenced by their frequent interludes of aggressive, deep, tongue kissing. By the end of the 60 minutes the outcome is in doubt as both women have tasted each other's cum and are drenched in sweat. There are 17 forced orgasms in total and the true SEXFIGHT CHAMPION emerges. All they can do when it was over was to trade insults and wait for their next opportunity to pleasure and punish each other again. A truly EPIC sexfight you will watch over and over.


Wednesday May 3

This REMATCH was LONG OVERDUE. JOSLYN, convinced that TAYLOR was avoiding her, demanded another shot. Their first encounter was a MARATHON 90 minutes to a SINGLE ORGASM. This time it would be different. The rules called for a 2 out of 3 FORCED ORGASM format (it goes ALL three!)

Joslyn said, "I didn't go down easy last time! It took you nearly 90 minutes to beat me!" Taylor replied, "This time I'm going to beat you over and over again!" Taylor added, "We'll open up for each other! No defense whatsoever! You give me access to your sex and I'll give you access to mine!"

Those of you that own CF007 know that these women are extremely competitive. In this video they rarely disconnect. Joslyn has had many sexfights since she and Taylor first fought. She has learned many techniques. But, Taylor is a natural sexfighter and is very STRONG willed.

They started off pussy-to-pussy but quickly got into the same position where their FIRST sexfight ended. Side by side, each searching for the other's "G-spot!" They made each other squirm, as you will witness their hips quivering, and the sounds of their probing fingers invading deep into the "wetness" is evident throughout.

Those of you who have been wanting to see kissing will LOVE it. It is also for those fans who crave DEEP FINGERING. Each woman locates her rival's "G-spot" and attacks. Two extremely competitive, beautiful and sexy women take each other on and do their best to force each other to orgasm against her will.

Both women manipulate the other's most vulnerable "spot" and you will witness THREE FORCED ORGASMS. This is one of our most incredible sexfights and one of my favorites. Experienced and mature SEXFIGHTERS making each other squirm, cum and moan with pleasure and frustration, as only ONE woman can be the WINNER.


Thursday May 4

This video was first talked about when MISHELL was crowned the FIRST Sexfight Champion of my website. At that time JOSLYN called me and stated that ROXY had not given MISHELL a true test because she didn't deep-finger MISHELL during their Championship match. JOSLYN felt that a TRUE CHAMPIONSHIP SEXFIGHT had to include deep-fingering because it is such a devastating weapon in any woman's sexfighting arsenal. I couldn't have agreed more with what JOSLYN was telling me, so JOSLYN'S challenge to MISHELL was issued and she eagerly accepted. The next CHAMPIONSHIP SEXFIGHT WAS ON!

Once they started MISHELL grabbed JOSLYN'S nipple as both women searched for the other's clit. It didn't take long before pussyholes were invaded as each explored her opponent's wetness. JOSLYN rolls MISHELL onto her back and climbs on top and begins a combination of sixty-nine and deep-fingering. "I can take you from below!" states MISHELL.

Determined to defend her Championship Title, MISHELL jams her finger deeper into JOSLYN'S hole. This really gets the juices flowing. "I'm going to find your weak spots and take you down, bitch!" claims MISHELL.

MISHELL probes her fingers even deeper into JOSLYN'S hole and presses her thumb on JOSLYN'S clit. "You're starting right off the bat, aren't you?" asks JOSLYN. "Why not? Gotta' get a head start!" answers MISHELL. JOSLYN moans when MISHELL plunges her fingers even deeper.

"Go ahead. Ride my fingers! Yeah, how's that feel, bitch?" asks MISHELL. JOSLYN moves into a sixty-nine and begins to suck MISHELL'S clit as she deep-fingers the Champion. MISHELL moans in response to JOSLYN'S dual attack. "I'm only moaning because I like the taste of your pussy in my mouth!" is MISHELL'S reply.

The women deep-finger each other almost exclusively although they take short time-outs to clitfight and trib. But the majority of the fight is deep-fingering and it is very deep and thorough. "Oh! Guess what?" asks MISHELL. "What?" JOSLYN replies. "THREE slipped in!" says MISHELL proudly. "FUCKIN' BITCH!" is JOSLYN'S only retort!

This fight was a war and even included the double-dildo. However, the main action is deep-fingering and it is wonderful to watch as the Champion and the Veteran Challenger have at it for our viewing pleasure.

Friday May 5
Saturday May 6

Gina and Joslyn first locked sex in CF018. It ended in a draw when each woman forced two orgasms from the other. This time they would meet and settle once and for all who had the stronger sex. This fight begins with a long stand-up sequence where pushing, shoving, spanking, hair-pulling, crotch-grabbing and face slapping set the tone. Gina loves hurting women and in this meeting Joslyn is her target.

"You think you can make me cum?" asked Joslyn, "I just don't think you're woman enough to do it!" Gina replies, "You're the #1 whore!" Both women whisper threats and engage in serious titfighting. If you love fingering and titfighting, especially tit-squeezing, grinding tits and nipples then this video is perfect for you.

This fight features 18 competitive forced orgasms, most of them obtained by fingering. Gina and Joslyn stab their hands between each other's thighs then grab and squeeze a handful of tender flesh. "What do you say we take this down to the mat?" offers Joslyn. "Spread your fuckin' legs!" The thin fabric connecting them is wet with anticipation. Four of the orgasms in this video are forced as the result of trib.

Gina grinds Joslyn hard, pussy-to-pussy, pausing, briefly, to collect the wetness from in between her pussylips and offering it up to her competitor. Joslyn quickly returns the favor. Then it's back to full-on intimate sexual combat between two sexually confident women who aren't afraid to trade pain along with pleasure. "I'll bet I can fuck you better," states Joslyn, "better than any woman has fucked you before!"

Fingers disappear underneath panties and a new round of deep-fingering begins. The orgasms forced were beginning to drain each woman. Joslyn asks Gina, "Do you want it, bitch?" Gina asks, "Still wet?" "You're dripping..." snaps Joslyn, "your panties are all wet, soaking right through!" Bras are then removed and breast fighting fans are treated to several competitive exchanges.

These are two sexually confident women competing for bragging rights. Gina says, "You're so wet!" as they explore each other in the 69 position. Joslyn fingers and licks her tormentor answering, "You're wet, bitch!" Their first sexfight ended in a dead-heat, but this encounter ends with a clear winner. This was an extremely hard-fought sexual fight and it sets the scene for their third and final match in CF023. Dirty, painful sexfighting over 60 minutes.


Sunday May 7

VERONIKA called me on the phone one day and told me that she had just done a girl/girl video for another Producer and that she and the other girl had INCREDIBLE chemistry together. She also said that she just HAD to sexfight this girl because the script they were following from the OTHER Producer didn't allow them to REALLY get at each other the way she wanted to. VERONIKA told me the girl's name was ALYSSA and asked me if she could please PLEASE PLEASE!!! sexfight her?

I am so glad that I agreed to place ALYSSA up for sponsorship because these two women are HOT together. ALYSSA is a Latina who really knows how to trib. She has a sexy ass and beautiful natural breasts. These two women were so hungry for each other that they couldn't stop kissing. They sucked and kissed each other's breasts and nipples and licked pussy until both were wet with anticipation. When they finally brought their clits and pussylips together neither one knew who was the wettest. I think they BOTH were dripping with fluids.

This video is a Trib Lovers dream as there are 5 forced orgasms and 4 of them are forced from trib. ALYSSA grinds HARD, as you will see, and she grinds DEEP. VERONIKA loves to trib, too, and she matches pussies and clits with the beautiful Latina as both women pound pubic mounds from above and below. Listen to their moans and groans.

They start out kissing and fondling in the Make-up Room and quickly move into the Studio where they undress each other before taking to the mattress. VERONIKA is a happy, playful girl and that makes this video perfect for couples who want to watch two women make hungry love. Both women are athletic and so is their sex.

ALYSSA meets VERONIKA clit-to-clit and pussy-to-pussy. Using a variation of Missionary Trib on VERONIKA she grinds her pussy at a 45 degree angle to VERONIKA'S body, swirling her hips in a circular motion driving her blonde opponent WILD. ALYSSA'S gorgeous ass is on display as she grinds away at VERONIKA'S tender pussy meat.

This is an excellent video and it showcases one of the sexiest newcomers I've seen in a long time. ALYSSA took VERONIKA through the grind of her LIFE. This video is sexy, athletic, competitive and FUN as VERONIKA can't believe that this young woman can turn her on so much. You'll be laughing with a hard-on as VERONIKA tries to escape ALYSSA'S powerful thrusts. Don't miss this one.


Monday May 8

Q: What do you get when you put 4 women on 1 bed? A: You get 3 complete sexfights and more alliances formed and broken than on your favorite "Reality Show!"


In this video we have FAYE and JADE "interviewing" new applicants CANDY and NAKITA. First JADE sexfights NAKITA, then CANDY attempts to sexually conquer FAYE. Finally, with only 1 job and 2 prospects, CANDY sexfights NAKITA to determine which woman gets hired.

JADE is a crafty veteran of many sexfights, but what NAKITA lacks in sexfight experience she more than makes up for with energy and aggression. It's not long before JADE begins to wonder if she has bitten off more than she can chew in this all out SEXFIGHT.

NAKITA is a woman filled with raw energy. JADE is a formidable sexfighter who has beaten both FAYE and JOSLYN. In fact JADE holds the record for the quickest victory over FAYE in CF003. Since then no other woman has defeated FAYE as quickly as has JADE. This fact alone should attest to JADE'S sexfighting prowess. NAKITA is wild and strong and determined not to be beaten. She was not afraid to pull hair and grab pussy, as JADE found out all too quickly.

FAYE rarely loses to ANY woman. On this day, however, she tangled with CANDY, a sexually confident woman who hates to lose as much as FAYE. CANDY has "The Touch" and quickly makes FAYE wet beyond belief. FAYE is in trouble from the start and wonders where this newcomer gained all of her sexfight experience? FAYE challenges CANDY to pinch, pull and finger pussies ONE-ON-ONE and CANDY eagerly agrees. CANDY proved to be so adept at fingering FAYE that we wondered if FAYE had finally found her equal?

CANDY was relentless and FAYE is not used to being in trouble so fast in a fight. Could the crafty veteran find enough WILLPOWER to withstand this sexual onslaught and turn defeat into victory? When two women who are so sexually confident are fighting to prove which has the stronger sex it means that one woman must lose. The loser of this fight has vowed revenge.

CANDY and NAKITA still wanted more so the lone available job was offered to the applicant who could force the other to orgasm against her will. This was another rough fight with lots of pussy-to-pussy contact. NAKITA would not go down easy and TURNED TO DIRTY TACTICS when she pulled CANDY'S nipples HARD. The hair pulling really hurt and both women grabbed at will.

Both CANDY and NAKITA want to sexfight again. Next fight the ending might be different.

Tuesday May 9

A SCRIPTED OPENING: Faye is looking for an intern and she has two worthy applicants. Sasha, in the black dress, is a young and sensuous Costa Rican who LOVES sex. Monique, in the burgundy, is a young Hispanic woman who LOVES sex, too. Both young women are given the opportunity to fight for the job. At first, the format was best 2 out of 3 forced orgasms. But once they locked up in a series of passionate kisses the score became less important as the fight became a contest of SEXUAL ENDURANCE.

I am usually not a person who gets too excited during the videotaping. I save my excitement for the editing process. But when I realized that I had witnessed 3 orgasms in less than 10 minutes...! WELL! There are 5 parts to this video and there are 3 forced orgasms in Part 1. There are 5 forced orgasms in Part 2. Part 3 contains 7 forced orgasms of which 2 were a simultaneous tie. In Part 4 I witnessed 5 more forced orgasms. And in Part 5 we saw 6 more which included another simultaneous tie. 26 FORCED ORGASMS in ALL! You will TREASURE this video.

As you can see by the pictures there is something for everyone. A passionate kissing contest, lots of trib action with naked pussies grinding together. This is our first NUDE video and we didn't plan it... it just happened.

Fans of DEEP FINGERING will be in heaven. The women sucked each others' assholes and TONGUE-FUCKED each others' wide open pussy. The fingering was more like FINGER-BANGING because they slammed one, two, three and sometimes FOUR fingers as hard and as deep as they could. It is an AMAZING sight to watch.

There was also nipple pinching, pulling and sucking and lots of hot 69 action, too. Both young women sucked the HOT LOVE JUICES from each others' pussy. I watched in awe as they kept forcing orgasms from each other. These girls KNEW how to make another woman orgasm and each girl wanted to force ONE MORE ORGASM than her rival.

You can see just how hard and stiff their nipples were. What you can't see from these pictures is their hunger for each other. You can keep a score card yourself and find out who you think is the winner. Personally, I feel that WE are the real winners because we can watch this video over and over and over.


Wednesday May 10

After a three year absence GINA returned for her first NUDE sexfight. Her opponent, Rachel, was chosen because both women are the same in age and experience. Their meeting proved to be full of fireworks as Gina took up where she left off - Hard spanks! The women pulled hair and squeezed boobs, kissing with deeply passionate kisses. I was worried about Rachel getting hurt because I'd seen Gina sexfight Faye and Joslyn years ago. In those four sexfights Gina concentrated on hurting her opponents as much as possible and here she was trying to hurt Rachel in the same fashion.

It didn't take long for the two women to strip down and engage pussy-to-pussy. Their pussylips opened and their clits stiffened. This was turning out to be very athletic as Gina slammed her pussy into Rachel's. But Rachel wouldn't back down and she gave Gina as good as she got. Once they finished their pussyfight they locked into a deep kiss. There is more kissing in this video than any other video in my collection.

After the kissing ended the hair pulling began again. Rachel wrestled with Gina until both women had had enough. They removed their panties and began to deep-finger each other. Both women probed and poked bringing wetness and stiff clits to attention. Gina cursed Rachel and probed her deeply, all the while spanking Rachel's butt to a reddish glow. Rachel, to her credit, endured the pain and probed Gina even deeper.

Then the sexfight got even more erotic as they locked mouth-to-pussy in a juicy sixty-nine. Rachel's ass was red and burning like fire as Gina licked and deep-fingered her. Gina worked her over good and both women moaned as they brought each other closer and closer to orgasm. Gina moved on top of Rachel and began a hard, wet grind clit-against-clit. They pinched nipples and squeezed breasts as their pussies slurped, slapped and fought. Their moans told the story as their clits pounded away smacking mound against mound.

Whenever they weren't sexfighting they were locked mouth-to-mouth kissing deeply. Then they would lock up again and begin another hard grind. Gina and Rachel, both in their 40's, showed what two sexually confident women could do to each other. They traded orgasms trying to wear each other down. After 45 minutes they began to tire but neither woman wanted to quit. They were bathed in sweat and each other's juices, but fought on and on.

They placed their fingers in each other's mouth so they could taste their juices. Then they kissed and licked each other before resuming their fight. It took all their willpower to hold their orgasms in as they attacked and counter-attacked. The trib in this video is possibly the roughest I've seen. Gina likes it rough and Rachel never backed down.


Thursday May 11

A SCRIPTED OPENING: When SHANNON shows up late for her interview with NAKITA she didn't think it was such a big deal. After all, she used to hold Nakita's job on the West Coast. SHANNON is a top recruiter of female sexfighting talent and she was not too impressed with NAKITA, her interviewer. When the two women compare their assets the sparks really begin to fly!

Soon both women were at each other's throat (literally) and a trip to the Corporate Workout Room followed. Once they hit the mats they wasted little time. They began to strip each other nude and attack each other's sex. First one woman and then the other would dominate. NAKITA was learning just how "talented" her new Recruiter was.

To say that both women sexfight "dirty" would be an understatement as fingers and tongues invaded private places. It appeared to me that neither woman liked the other enough to fight fair. There was much deep fingering, nipple twisting and pussy pulling as each woman tried to dominate the other. The "sloshie" sounds of wetness can be heard throughout this video.

SHANNON held on and gave as good as she got until she was able to pin NAKITA beneath her. Even then NAKITA resumed her attack from below. It appeared to me that these two women were nearly equal as they continued to sexfight around the mats. I knew NAKITA'S stamina was good but I knew nothing about SHANNON'S.

When they maneuvered into a sixty-nine position it seemed that SHANNON had the edge in that department. It appeared that NAKITA was falling victim to a superior tongue. Both women knew how to TRIB as they took turns on top. First SHANNON and then NAKITA engaged pussy-to-pussy. Each woman tried her best to out-grind her rival into submission. When they weren't locked up crotch-to-crotch they deep-fingered.

This sexfight features some of the best and longest TRIB action to date. There is also passionate kissing, deep-deep fingering and MORE. This is possibly our hardest fought sexfight so far. Neither woman wanted to lose on this day and there is only ONE forced orgasm. I can't recommend this video enough. You won't be disappointed.


Friday May 12

JOSLYN thought a lot about her loss to VERONIKA in CF044 during her 12 month lay-off. Another chance to sexfight with the beautiful blonde could even the score. VERONIKA faced JOSLYN on the mattress prepared to match her pussy to pussy and clit to clit. She asked JOSLYN if she was after revenge.

"Revenge?" replied JOSLYN, "Yeah, I'm gonna get revenge! So, let's see who is the better woman!" JOSLYN and VERONIKA reached for each other's pussy. As VERONIKA felt for JOSLYN'S clit she said, "It's been awhile but I remember where it is!" Referring to her victory over JOSLYN in their first sexfight over a year ago (CF044).

Like in their last fight VERONIKA is crafty and is the first to touch pussy, beating JOSLYN every time. "You are a sneaky little bitch, aren't you?" says JOSLYN as she sticks her finger deep into VERONIKA'S pussyhole making her squirm. "Oh, did I find your little spot?" asks JOSLYN feigning innocence. VERONIKA tries to get away but JOSLYN is sitting on her leg. "No, you're not gonna get away this time, I got you!" JOSLYN says. VERONIKA is trapped and her only hope of escape is to out-finger JOSLYN. Not an easy task.

The two sexfighters battle pussy-to-pussy every chance they get and their wet sounds can be heard clearly throughout. VERONIKA has her hands full with the crafty veteran sexfighter. There is constant chatter between the two adversaries especially from VERONIKA who loves to trash-talk. JOSLYN is no slouch and joins VERONIKA in a trash-talking verbal battle.

There is a good deal of clitfighting, scissor trib and rodeo trib as the women take turns scraping their clits together. If you watch closely you can see their clits swell from the constant grinding. At times JOSLYN has the larger clit and at other times it is VERONIKA whose clit looks superior.

This is one of the most competitive sexfights I've ever released and it features two of the most beautiful and sexual fighters in the world. These two complement each other perfectly. Each woman continues to improve her skills and techniques and you will see some moves in this video that illustrate how much they've both learned. I give this my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION.


Saturday May 13

After Rachel's loss to Joslyn in CF045 she called me and wanted another sexfight, right away. I asked Rachel if she had another woman in mind and she said, "Mishell or Alexis because I want to learn from the best and both are undefeated." I reminded Rachel there was a reason they were undefeated but she didn't care. This video documents the erotic fight between two very competitive women. It is a friendly competition but hard-fought. Rachel was determined to force Mishell do what few other women had... orgasm over and over.

The women began their "feeling out phase" with fingering, thumbing, scissor trib and clit manipulation. Mishell said, "Oh, something's working, you're getting nice and wet!" Rachel laughed a knowing laugh. Mishell added, "I'm gonna grind you real good!" "Oh yeah!" responded Rachel. From that point on the room was filled with heavy breathing and soft moans along with the delicious sound that sticky clits and pussylips make when they rub and grind together. Rachel surprised Mishell by making her orgasm first and quickly gained the lead.

Both women opened wide and offered no defense. Each woman made a point to spread her lips open. There are some great close-ups of their pussylips sticking and clinging together. Mishell rallies and ties the match with each woman now at 1 forced orgasm each. Mishell is not used to giving up the first orgasm in her sexfights. Rachel is a beautiful and sexy woman who knows how to please other women. Mishell moaned more than she had in any of her previous sexfights against Jessie, Dakota and Joslyn.

Both women started fingering each other - doggie-style - and it went back and forth. Mishell often devastates her opponent with deep, deep fingering. She's used this tactic against every woman she's faced - and WON! Mishell is my best sexfighter. (What do you think, Alexis?) Rachel is no quitter and after forty-three minutes the score was tied 2 - 2. I will tell you that the final score was 4-3 and it was competitive all the way. This is my prediction... that Rachel will be a FORCE to be reckoned with from this point on. She gave Mishell all she could handle and learned a lot about erotic competition.

Mishell moved Rachel into the sixty-nine position. Both women licked deeply. But Mishell proved better and said, "I think you just came all over my face!" Rachel answered, "That's what you get!" "Now we're back even, huh?" replied Mishell, "I got you back, bitch! Bring that pussy over here!" They mashed their wet pussies together. Rachel said, "I'm not done with you yet!" Mishell broke away and stuck her thumb into Rachel's wet hole. Rachel returned the favor. "Fuck that thumb!" said Rachel. The next 2 orgasms were forced through deep-fingering. This video is for those of you who ask to see a smaller woman take on a larger, heavier woman. Lots of action and hard-fought forced orgasms.


Sunday May 14

Gina and Joslyn first locked sex in CF018. It ended in a draw. Each woman forced two orgasms from the other. They tangled again in CF021 and Joslyn won that fight. Gina wanted revenge, just one more shot at proving to Joslyn that her sex was equal or better. Joslyn was only happy to oblige her longtime rival. Fingering each other, they quickly became damp from the intimate contact.

Gina asked, "Have you been thinking about me?" "I have...," answered Joslyn, "...thinking about making your pussy cum." The mutual fingering continued punctuated by pussy spanking and wedgies. "Dirty little whore!" exclaims Joslyn. "I'm going to stick my fingers in your fucking pussy!" The first two orgasms in this sexfight were the result of deep fingering. This fight also includes face slapping and dueling wedgies.

After Gina is forced to orgasm for the third time Joslyn states, "You must have been pretty horny...or I'm just really good!" Gina replies, "I know you want to cum." She slides her fingers beneath Joslyn's white panties. "Oh, you're wet!" "Spread for me!" "Your cunt is so wet!"

Gina deep fingers Joslyn. "Take it!" she orders. "How about three, bitch?" Gina pulls out her fingers and licks off the juice from deep within Joslyn's pussy. "You're a nasty little bitch!" claims Joslyn. Gina finally forces Joslyn to orgasm. Joslyn replies, "I still believe your pussy is wetter than mine..." "...I can feel it drenching your panties!"

Gina asks Joslyn, "You want more, don't you?" "I always want more, I can't get enough!" responds Joslyn. Gina painfully slaps Joslyn's pussy! Joslyn responds, "Fuck you, bitch!" Then Joslyn slips her right hand beneath Gina's panties. "Your clit is all swollen!" she says. Gina traps Joslyn's hands above her head and begins to work on Joslyn's pussy. Joslyn is able to free her right arm as she reaches for Gina's crotch. "Give me your pussy, you fucking cunt! Give it to me!"

They trade slaps to the face and whisper threats. Joslyn throws Gina to the mats and mounts her in a rodeo trib. They try to out-fuck each other pussy-to-pussy. "Do you like it when I grind my pussy on yours?" asks Joslyn. This is the third and final meeting between these two fighters. Like the other two sexfights it is a battle of painful attrition and there is a clear winner.


Monday May 15

I was excited to produce this video because both women were veteran sexfighters and both women own large breasts. Big boobs aside, I knew this would be a war because Dakota and Rachel are extremely competitive women. They didn't disappoint as right off the bat they mashed their breasts together in a test of strength. After several minutes of spirited boob-bashing the women finally got down to the purpose of their meeting... to test their sexual prowess against each other.

Rachel is a student of technique and tries anything she can to gain an advantage over Dakota. Rachel finds a weakness when she sucks on Dakota's toes and observes the instant effect. Dakota moans and nearly swoons each time Rachel attacks in this way. Each woman pulls hair as a means to force her opponent into position. Twelve minutes into the contest Rachel fingers the first forced orgasm out of her veteran adversary and before Dakota can recover from her powerful orgasm Rachel grabs her by the hair and forces Dakota to worship her more than ample breasts. Less than two minutes later Dakota counterattacks and fingers Rachel into her first forced orgasm. She evens up the score at 1-1.

Both women try to excite the other by sucking each other's toes before moving on to some fiercely competitive Rodeo Trib. This fight features some very passionate kissing by both women. With the score tied at 2-2 the women align themselves into a Scissor Trib position. They grind their wet clits together deep and hard trying to force another orgasm from the other. "Fuck me, bitch!" commands Rachel. Dakota responds quickly by mounting Rachel, Cowgirl Style, and grinds powerfully deep into the redhead's pussylips. Rachel gives back as good as she takes and forces Dakota backwards puss-to-puss until she regains the Scissor Trib alignment. Now, on equal ground again, both women grind and slap their pussies against each other. They trade moans and squeals, some from pleasure and some from the pain.

The women separate and use their toes on each other's clit. Rachel reaches down and grabs Dakota's foot and brings it up to her nose. "I smell pussy all over your toes!" she tells Dakota. Spent from her third forced orgasm Dakota lays back as Rachel licks her feet. Not wanting to fall under Rachel's spell Dakota attacks the depth of Rachel's wet pussy as she plunges her finger deep. Rachel continues to lick Dakota's toes and even spreads her legs open wider inviting Dakota to finger her wet pussy even deeper. Dripping with sweat Rachel mounts Dakota for some more punishing Rodeo Trib. She tries her best to force another orgasm from Dakota but, as hard as she tries, she can't get it done.

Rachel breaks away and retreats toward the opposite end of the mattress but Dakota follows and grabs Rachel by the hair. Dakota positions herself behind Rachel and attacks her swollen wet pussy with her fingers, still holding Rachel in place by her hair. In response, Rachel reaches behind her back and counterattacks Dakota's swollen pussy with her fingers. Both women reposition on their hands and knees. Facing opposite directions they begin to deep-finger each other. The look on Rachel's face betrayed just how deeply Dakota was impaling her. Side by side they fought on deeply fingering each other's swollen sexhole. Almost forty-five minutes into the fight the women share a rare Mutual Orgasm from the Rodeo Trib position. The direction now changes as veteran catfighter, Dakota, becomes frustrated at being just one point behind and she begins pulling Rachel's hair and pinching her nipples. The women trade pain and you can read just how much by the looks in their faces and hear it through their groans. When they finally let go Rachel grabs her own chest and cradles her nipples. "Did it hurt?" asks Dakota sarcastically. "No, I liked it!" Rachel answers just as sarcastically.

Rachel now presses her pussy deeply into Dakota's grinding clit against clit. Dakota grabs and pinches both nipples as Rachel winces from the pain. She endures the discomfort as best she can and fully mounts Dakota to try and grind her into sexual submission. But Dakota increases her pinching with a pull and Rachel is pulled off and forced to lose her dominate position. She falls to her side and counters by pinching and pulling Dakota's nipples in retaliation. Both women wince from the mutual pain. Dakota rolls on top of Rachel and begins to pound pubic mounds. "Fucker!" yells Rachel. "That's the whole point," answers Dakota, "FUCK HER!" This video has lots of breast fighting in it showcasing the determination, willpower and amazing pain tolerance by two beautiful and competitive sexfighters.


Tuesday May 16

My Assistant at the time, Nakita, arranged this fight after witnessing these two women shoving each other at the Strip Club where she worked. Hope is a "biker chick" and knows how to streetfight. Jessie is younger, lighter, taller and has never been in a streetfight. However, she is experienced in sexfighting and on this day she needed that advantage. Hope and Jessie both dance at the same Adult Club with Nakita. Both Hope and Jessie had an interest in the same "regular" customer and were arguing about which of them he "belonged to." Rather than risk visible injuries in a catfight Jessie challenged Hope to sexfight in front of their friends, who would accompany them, as seconds, as well as in front of our cameras. Nakita operated one camera and I took care of the rest.

After some finger pointing and name calling they started yanking panties. I've never seen such painful wedgies in any other video from any company. These wedgies were meant to inflict as much pain as possible. Each woman grabbed both front and back and began to "saw" the panties deeply in between her rival's pussylips. It was extremely painful to their clits. This video is NOT for everyone. There is nothing gentle or friendly about it.

When they decided to find out who had the stronger sex they assumed the trib position. But there was no slow and sensuous grinding, instead they roughly slammed their crotches together. Every action caused pain on purpose. Their deep fingering often became deep pounding. Each forced orgasm was as painful as it was humiliating.

This was a sexfight over a male customer and the loser would have to submit to the winner and relinquish her claim to this man. It features some of the dirtiest sexfighting since GINA vs FAYE. Their orgasms were forced through pain instead of pleasure. As you can imagine, there was much trash talking and name calling. Each woman was determined to humiliate the other as much as possible in front of her friends. Both women showed a lot of skill and confidence sexually.

Something I had never seen before was how one woman, after weakening her rival and forcing her to orgasm, would continue to humiliate and abuse her as her friends stood helplessly listening from the hallway. Women can be extremely cruel beyond belief. You'll witness Hope and Jessie inflicting pain on each other. This video features crude language and vengeful women.

As a fan of competitive sexfighting I was amazed to witness one of the greatest turnarounds I could ever have imagined. One of these two was dominating the sh*t out of the other when suddenly a deeply inserted finger catches her tormentor off guard. The huntress suddenly became the hunted!

The whole affair left me feeling very bad for the loser who was left in tears on the mat while friends of both women were about to face off in my living room. It was all Nakita and I could do to rush them out the door and into my driveway. The winner left bragging and celebrating with her friends. The loser spent many minutes slowly composing herself until she was finally able to stand and get dressed with the help of Nakita. The whole affair left a bad taste in my mouth and, in hindsight, I wish it had never taken place. This is my least favorite video.

Wednesday May 17

I have had more requests for this rematch than any other in memory. In their first sexfight (CF020) SASHA and MONIQUE stripped each other NUDE IN SECONDS and traded FORCED ORGASMS back and forth for 53 minutes to a DRAW. This time I convinced them to leave their clothes on a little longer and asked them to pick up where they left off, but I wanted them to continue their sexfight until one of them could ORGASM NO MORE and had to submit.

Well, that is exactly what you will find on this video. Everything you loved so much about their first fight is back again, crotch-to-crotch, deep fingering and even deeper kissing. Both are young and full of energy and have ORGASM after ORGASM after FORCED ORGASM until the winner forces her opponent to say, "I can't cum anymore!"

The most amazing aspect of this video, to me, is how one woman gains an advantage over the other and then loses that advantage almost immediately. They tried keeping their own score but they lost count after awhile. You try keeping track of YOUR multiple orgasms and see how easy it is.

This sexfight was non-stop action packed and showcases two beautiful young women who are extremely sexual with energy to spare. Their technique for FORCING ORGASMS is as frenzied as it is relentless.

You will see swollen pussylips and VERY COMPETITIVE SEXFIGHTING from two women who were HUNGRY FOR EACH OTHER! This is one of those rare cases where the sequel might be better than the original.

The looks on their faces show the determination and willpower of two beautiful and competitive sexfighters. Many of you have asked if the running SCORE could be posted. I have included it throughout this video. One of my favorite videos.


Thursday May 18

I know I said that my video CF038 was my best but I think I was wrong. I knew that both Alissa and Joslyn were 5'7" tall, leggy, beautiful and very sexy, but I didn't expect them to be as competitive as they turned out to be. Joslyn said, "By the end of this match you WILL be my little slut-slave!" Alissa replied, "Not if I don't allow it!" Then they locked up pussy-to-pussy in a scissor trib and just 3 minutes and 30 seconds later one of the women erupted in orgasm.

From the scissor trib they repositioned clit-to-clit. Joslyn had discovered in her sexfight against Mishell how effective a clitfight could be and she was eager to teach Alissa the same lesson. Both women stabbed each other with their clits and ground them hard together. "I think I feel a little bit of juice down there, is that mine or is that yours?" asked Alissa. Joslyn replied, "We won't know until we see who cums first!" About 7 minutes into the sexfight and we have our second forced orgasm.

The women locked up over and over again pussy-to-pussy. Joslyn said, "I'm gonna fuck that little pussy!" Alissa shot back, "You fuck me... I'll fuck you back!" The trash talking continued as each woman took her turn atop the other. "Smack them together!" ordered Alissa. "Grind that pussy!" replied Joslyn. They positioned themselves butt-to-butt and pushed their clits into each other and fucked each other double doggie-style.

There is so much trib in this fight it is hard to decide which part is my favorite but I guess my favorite trib is a clit-to-clit fight. Watching both women scrape and grind their clits hard will make your heart race. They spread themselves open wide so that they can make maximum contact. The result of this clitfight causes a shattering orgasm by one woman and then less than 30 seconds later a mutual orgasm by BOTH women.

I didn't expect Alissa to be as dominate as she turned out to be, and I knew that Joslyn would try every trick she had learned to try and tame Alissa. The women forced orgasm after orgasm from each other until one woman opened up a lead, but then the other woman began to catch up, forcing 2 straight orgasms from her tormentor. I didn't know who was going to win!? There were a total of 14 forced orgasms in this sexfight and all but 2 of them come from pussy-to-pussy or clit-to-clit fighting. I made sure there was much better lighting than in the last video and it was a good thing because the fight moved at a more frantic pace.

There is a clear winner in this fight but you probably won't care because these two women battled sex against sex and battled hard. This is a clitfight-fuckfight battle that will become one of your favorites. Competitive trib fans will think they've died and gone to heaven. Trash-talking by beautiful, long-legged women with great bodies and insatiable sexual appetites, this has it ALL. I have become a HUGE fan of clitfighting because of this fight. I'll bet you will, too.


Friday May 19

SCRIPTED OPENING: This was a first-time meeting for SATIN and JOSLYN. SATIN was given the task to inventory all of the sexfight videos. She perused the different titles and wondered what many of them meant. SATIN had never heard of sexfighting before. She knew what fighting was and she obviously knew what sex was, but sexfighting? SATIN has a curious mind and a young, sexy body and an interest in all things sexual!

SATIN asked JOSLYN, "What is sexfighting all about?" JOSLYN was only too eager to show her. Both women took to the mats in their tight blue jeans and heels. SATIN immediately met JOSLYN crotch-to-crotch and JOSLYN rolled her over and returned the favor giving SATIN a pussy grinding she would remember for a long time.

Both women took turns grinding pussies from on top until it was determined that their tight blue jeans and heels were preventing them from a more intimate contact. Once the women had removed their jeans they continued to grind crotch-to-crotch keeping their pussies as close and tight as possible until the wetness gathered between their swollen lips.

For a "first-time" sexfighter SATIN proved to be a quick study. She learned that what JOSLYN couldn't reach JOSLYN couldn't touch. She frustrated the veteran sexfighter again and again. When the two women DID lock up it was JOSLYN who showed her experience. She kept the younger woman wet and near orgasm, but SATIN had a few tricks of her own.

The women ripped open each other's top and lay side-by-side fingering pussy and instantly JOSLYN took control and gave SATIN a lesson, showing her experience and skill. But SATIN quickly realized she was at a disadvantage and she flipped the veteran sexfighter over onto her back and she began grinding her OWN lesson home.

JOSLYN loves to suck pussy and SATIN was an easy target as JOSLYN used her considerable "talent" to gain the advantage and retake control over her younger adversary. But when they met pussy-to-pussy on equal terms the younger and less experienced SATIN showed her natural ability as a SEXFIGHTER.


Saturday May 20

On the date this sexfight took place Becky and Alissa were still "GIRLFRIENDS." They were taking a break from dating men and had been spending time together. But they had never taken the time to see which one of them had the stronger sex drive until now. They began their erotic encounter by checking each other out. Squeezing breasts and butts, slipping fingers, knees and thighs between each other's legs.

Alissa loves to trib and she wasted little time. She matched her clit against Becky's and they began to scrape their clits together. It didn't take long before both pussies became wet and their lips to stick and pull at each other. Alissa calls it, "Pussy Kissing" and it is an accurate description. Becky proved to be quite good at this maneuver and she traded "kisses" eagerly with her girlfriend. There is a lot more struggle to this fight than usual and wrestling fans will appreciate it. It seems "girlfriends" HATE to lose to each other. For us, this is a good thing.

The match was more competitive than I had imagined it would be. There was very little trash talking, if any, but their fight was hard-fought. The trib, and there is much, reveals how turned on they were. Their breathing and squeals tell the story well. When they clit-fight it is delicious seeing them grind together. Both Becky and Alissa used their "weapons" to edge each other closer to orgasm. Out of the eight orgasms forced during this sexfight HALF of them are the result of TRIB.

Speaking of delicious, there are a couple of scrumptious sixty-nine competitions. It is obvious that these two "know" each other well because their licking is fast and furious. Becky tongue fucks Alissa hard and deep and Alissa does her best to return as good and deep as she can. Their breathing tells the story as both women give their all. Deeply probing tongues disappear between tender, swollen lips in search of the PRIZE. All of this stimulation engorges their clits for what is to CUM next.

Becky shows her skill at Rodeo Trib and Straddle Trib when she eagerly mounts her girlfriend. She has mastered the Art of Trib and forces Alissa to THREE straight orgasms! At this point I thought there was NO WAY that Alissa could recover. In fact, Becky is so good at trib that I would love to match her against Alexis or Joslyn. Alissa had all she could handle pussy-to-pussy from Becky. Alissa's strengths were fingering and sixty-nine, but she was determined to beat her girlfriend at trib.

Alissa had a plan. She convinced her girlfriend to a slight change of rules. No defense from now on. Each woman opened up wide to the other and granted her opponent full access to her swollen clit. It had the desired effect as Alissa slowly evened the score. But Becky wasn't going down easily and she fought back hard with her sex. Alissa learned a lot about her girlfriend and I'm sure they continued their war when they got home. There is a winner. Is it the newcomer or the veteran? You'll have a "hard" time finding out.


Sunday May 21

We assembled in a hotel room. SASHA and DAKOTA had never met. SASHA was late. Very late. This video starts shortly after Sasha walked into the room. Two hours LATE!!! The format is most forced orgasms with a 60 minute time limit to determine a winner.

This sexfight has it all. Youth versus Experience. Two DETERMINED sexfighters. One woman who ends up totally NUDE while the other woman ends up TOPLESS.

It didn't take long at all for BOTH women to start DEEP fingering. There is plenty of kissing and pussy-to-pussy grinding. Neither woman wanted to lose. The younger woman thought it would be an easy win. The older woman was determined to win and teach the younger woman a lesson for being so late. Who wanted the win more?

It is 60 minutes FULL of ORGASMS. I was surprised at the outcome of this sexfight. Neither woman put up a defense. Their legs remained wide apart through most of the fight.

Whenever they brought their pussies into contact it didn't take long for an orgasm to emerge. They traded orgasms and each one took a toll. There is even a mutual orgasm shared by these two sex-warriors.

Fans who are into kissing will love this video. Those of you who prefer deep-fingering will be VERY pleased.


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