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CFC157 - PART 2 of the Submission Sexfight Rematch between Joslyn and Amber is not ready for release. There was an I/O issue with the 4TB external drive where the CFC157 raw footage is stored. I had CFC157 finished a month ago but upon playback the video would jerk and freeze. I first thought it was adobe premiere but after 3+ hours with adobe tech support we discovered the I/O error.

A week ago I purchased software that did a recovery on the external drive. It took almost 70 hours non-stop for the software to check each sector of the 4TB drive and list the 770 files that I am recovering over to a different drive. Once all 770 files have been recovered I will be able to reformat the 4TB drive and continue to use it.

The finished CFC157 was on that 4TB drive and I'm hoping I won't have to start the edit all over again. Adobe tech support tells me I won't have to. I hope they are right. I am estimating that the recovery will take a month, at least, because this recovery software moves 1 sector at a time. Its extremely slow. I am sorry but this was not something I had planned.

Welcome to the new template. There are movies (videos) being added constantly. Even while I am asleep one is being uploaded. I am adding the shorter videoclips now, plus you can find many at my Clips4Sale store #475.

Probably the #1 question I'm getting is about usernames and passwords. Unfortunately, this new template was created by a different (and much better) company than before, but none of the information from the old template was able to port over to this new one. Everyone, including me, has to register all over again. You only need to do it once, but be sure to write your username and password down. I can find your username in my database by searching your email address but ALL PASSWORDS ARE ENCRYPTED. I CANNOT TELL YOU YOUR PASSWORD.

As many of you know there were 600 Erotic Stories on the old template and I'm moving them over one by one. I can't offer a 1 page full of links, but, this new template automatically arranges the stories alphabetically. I like this since some stories had many chapters that were spread out all over the single page. instead of grouped together. This shouldn't happen within this new template.

VISA and Mastercard are now accepted.

It could take many months for me to reinstall everything. The art, won-loss section, sponsorship, etc. I was granted access to this template on February 8th 2017 very late in the evening. I'm learning the procedures and am getting quicker with repetition. For now I'm concentrating on the smaller length parts for download-to-own.

One of the advantages to this template is that it offers some choices as far as screen sizes so that you have some options for viewing on tablets, smart phones and whatever silicon valley invents.

If any of you have questions or comments please email me at avidmike2008@gmail.com and I'll respond as quickly as I can.

Thanks for your support and your patience, Michael

As you navigate the new template you can be of great help to me and Tech Support by reporting any bugs you might encounter. Just email me at avidmike2008@gmail.com and tell me of any problems or suggestions.

Thanks for your patience and support. Michael

Register (if you haven't already) and log-in. Click on the GREEN BUY button for CFC155 or any other movie. Once CCBILL has completed your transaction there will now be a BLUE PURCHASED button attached to the movie. Underneath that button is a DOWNLOAD drop down menu. Select the size you desire and a box will say DOWNLOAD THIS FILE. RIGHT CLICK the link at the bottom and select SAVE AS to download.

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