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I don't produce catfight videos, only sexfights. The women will clitfight, grab hair for control but not for pulling.  No face slaps but I've seen them slap breasts. Fingering, deep-fingering, double-dildo, breast-to-breast, butt-to-butt, sixty-nine, kissing, cuntbusting and all forms of trib are common.  The sponsor suggests the rules and the women will approve those rules they favor. The women agree on rules and follow those rules (usually) in a free form style within a time limit of 60 minutes or to a No Time Limit Submission.  We don't fake sexfights.

In the last year sponsors have requested Submission Only Sexfights with no time limit but the 2 or 3 we have done have lasted around 2 hours, give or take several minutes.

The cost to sponsor is $600 to each woman for a total of
$1200 for a 60 minute sexfight. If a double-dildo is requested it is $700 each for a total of $1400 for a 60 minute sexfight.

No time limit sexfights are $1400 per hour. So far, as I said, they have lasted around 2 hours for a total cost of
$2800 for a Submission Only sexfight.

The added PERK for SPONSORS is if a sponsor spends $1200 to sponsor then I will put that same amount into a Virtual Wallet for that sponsor to use to purchase videoclips.

$1200 sponsorship receives $1200 in Virtual Dollars.

$1400 sponsorship receives $1400 in Virtual Dollars.

$2800 sponsorship receives $2800 in Virtual Dollars.

SEPTEMBER UPDATE : Sponsor still needed for MISSY vs JOSLYN




PART 1 - 11 MINUTES - $11

PART 2 - 13 MINUTES - $13

PART 3 - 11 MINUTES - $11

PART 4 - 11 MINUTES - $11

PART 5 - 13 MINUTES - $13

PART 6 -   9 MINUTES -   $9

MORE SMALLER CLIPS TO BE ADDED (as time allows) @ $1 per minute


JOSLYN - (32-24-10)

JOSLYN - (1-1)

AMBER - (15-11-3)

MANDY - (5-5-2)



Never forget 9-11-2001

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